Alan Shires Review and final Q's

Alan Shires Review and final Q's - student project

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this fab course, I believe I am getting there now at last!
Taking your offer up I thought I would share where I am at and get your input. 

My profile can be found here: 

Keen to get your input, I have done everything we discussed prior and everything I observed in the course. 

Here are the two questions:

1: On the demos, you can see in the bottom left corner small text saying what demo it is, but this is blurred by the audio bar! Any way around this?

2. On the video regarding requirements, are these subjective to gigs? I also don’t fully follow what is going on here as not familiar with the platform yet, but I got the vibe this comes into practice when your getting work?
Is there a template I can use for this area? The stuff you quoted sounded fairly generic.