AV's meditation journal

AV's meditation journal - student project

Day 10

04/08/2019. Back to 5-minute morning meditation. And, thus, concludes this meditation journal.


Day 9

03/08/2019. Did not meditate this morning. Felt mentally disorganized, and sad. Knew that meditation would help. Did not meditate. Sometimes having the right tools does not mean you actually feel like using them to help yourself…. So what’s to be done about that?

Day 8 

Forgot to write down. Probably enlightenment achieved.


Day 7

- Date: 01/08/2019 (Thursday) - Time: 8:55-9:00am

-Location: Seated on edge of couch, good posture - Duration: 5 minutes - Highlights: The real progress has been in defeating the “I don’t have time for meditation today” mindset.

- Issues/questions: None. Still not very adept at meditation but realise haven’t been at it long.  


Day 6

- Date: 31/07/2019 (Wednesday)

- Time: ~7:50am-7:55am

-Location: sitting with good posture on couch arm

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: An instant emptying of the mind. Maybe I'm forming a habit. 

- Issues/questions: None. Felt like I did pretty well. Best session yet. Might stick with sitting with good posture for meditation from now on. 

Day 5

- Date: 30/07/2019 (Tuesday)

- Time: ~8:40am-8:45am

-Location: prone, on bed

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: None. 

- Issues/questions: Didn't feel like a good session. Perhaps the physical position is the culprit.

Day 4

- Date: 29/07/2019 (Monday)

- Time: ~12:40am-12:45am

-Location: prone, on bed

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Uneventful. 

- Issues/questions: No more successful than the previous times. Sort of still pumped after exercise, tired due to lateness of hour. Maybe helps that thought are fuzzier. Probably going to stick to morning meditation instead.


Day 3

- Date: 28/07/2019 (Sunday)

- Time: 8:49-8:54am

-Location: Cross-legged on floor.

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Maybe there were, 3 seconds at a time, a couple of times where I was focusing on breathing and nothing else. Maybe.

- Issues/questions: Am I doing it right? If I am, progress is slow. Cool loss of time sensation no longer happening :(

Day 2

- Date: 27/07/2019 (Saturday)

- Time: Approx. 8:20-8:25am

-Location: Lying on bed

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Again timer goes off much, much sooner than anticipated.

- Issues/questions: Quite relaxed so more muted thoughts than usual. Still not sure if meditating right, if making any progress.


Day 1

- Date: 26/07/2019 (Friday)

- Time: 7:56-8:01am

-Location: Lying on couch

- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Thought 5 minutes of meditation would be a boring slog. Felt like I’d only been at it 30 seconds before the timer went off—utterly bizarre. Kept breathing steadily throughout.

- Issues/questions: Thoughts did wander. Don’t know how to acknowledge them gently, rather just sort of shut down particular lines of thought whenever I realised. Changing the topic of distraction rather than refocusing, unfortunately. At some point focusing on breath became thoughts about singing, proper breathing...so was thinking about breath but only technically speaking. Will try seated with good posture next time, see if that suits me better.