AHS's 14 days

AHS's 14 days - student project

AHS's 14 days - image 1 - student project

Texture of a very gnarly piece of bark. I think I got a sense of texture but I can't say that it's as accurate to the original as I would like. This one was hard!


AHS's 14 days - image 2 - student project

I mashed up the ideas of boxes from yesterday with the quick drawing and the colors from threads. I like the energy. 



AHS's 14 days - image 3 - student project




It's winter where I'm living and the leaves are all down so I've been looking at the structure of trees. I probably should have drawn these all without the leaves (just thought of that as I typed this) so I can better identify them. I also want, at some point, to learn trees from their bark.

Below is an older drawing, which served as a jumping off point for today's work. It's a bit fantastical but I think it's a lot cuter (however I might be a little surprised to see some of those shapes in the woods).   ; )AHS's 14 days - image 4 - student project



AHS's 14 days - image 5 - student project


I transformed the drawing that came out of the cloud exercise. Lots of black marker over the things I didn't like and a paper cut-out over another part of it and now, a tight crop, and now a whole new image. 

What I learned was that I was really bothered by the inconsistent proportions of the original. There was an enormous bird and a tiny bird and they just didn't work together. 

These drawing are  in a sketchbook that I have called the "blackout book" that in a way is much like this assignment. I can start with anything I want and then slowly cover it up with black until I have something I like. The rule is that the edges of the page have to be black. So I was ready to cover this up entirely if need be. Luckily, I didn't have to post an entirely black page.   : )


AHS's 14 days - image 6 - student project

So I did a before and after - the second with minimal detail added with ink. I think it could even benefit from some white highlights but I'm pretty happy with this version as is. Actually, I think I should draw spools of thread more often - such an opportunity to play with color!


AHS's 14 days - image 7 - student project

I love to sew so have lots of spools of thread. This was a fun one to draw. Done with a folded pen and ink.



AHS's 14 days - image 8 - student project

Flat. And yes, I organize my books by color.   : )




AHS's 14 days - image 9 - student project

Colors of my day with an outsized attention to cranberries, green patchwork, and a nighttime walk in the woods. 


it pains me a little to see that there is little cohesion in my work...so many styles.  It doesn’t look like one person made these. Kinda crazy.

AHS's 14 days - image 10 - student project 

The crowd full of creatures. So maybe not quite a crowd. 

 AHS's 14 days - image 11 - student project

Metamorphosis full page - done in procreate. Working on the ipad, I get to let my drawings go through metamorphosis themselves; or isn't any drawing really that process? From blank page to full. A metamorphosis. Typing it, it seems pretty obvious. 

AHS's 14 days - image 12 - student project

AHS's 14 days - image 13 - student project

Metamorphosis with negative space dine in Procreate


AHS's 14 days - image 14 - student project

Fast - Acrylic markers on an image form a glossy magazine makes the marker glide super fast. 


AHS's 14 days - image 15 - student project

This turned out to be a combination of slow and journey.   : ) dine in Procreate

 AHS's 14 days - image 16 - student project

Cloud done with a variety of water based and acrylic markers



AHS's 14 days - image 17 - student project

Journey done with a variety of water based and acrylic markers


Amy Sparks

A curious person armed with markers.