A rebellious perspective

A rebellious perspective - student project

Thanks, I enjoyed your class, this was fun! I had a little drink, flopped in my chair, was hearing audio from the next room of a Tai Chi instructor (my wife was doing it) and just doodled what he was saying in a rebellious way!

I'll rebel further, if I may, and say I think established rules and conventions, and any wild departures from them are not either/or states, just different positions on a steady continuum.

Having a set of so called 'ideal' proportions in your head is fine because it gives you somewhere to compare your departures from. Two of my favorite artists as a kid (and still now) were/are Charles M. Schulz (Charlie Brown) and Michelangelo (David something, mmm, not sure of his last name).

So I boldly suggest it's OK to learn from both!A rebellious perspective - image 1 - student project

Steve Worthington

Storyboard artist/illustrator/sculptor