7-days of sketchbook drawings

7-days of sketchbook drawings - student project

Day 7:

Something hairy. Do you remember the funny hairy guy from Addams Family? That was the first thing that came to my mind for this prompt.

Day 6:

Weird Animal: Sri Lankan Frogmouth
Smirking bird ;-)

Day 5:

Tree house. As I don't like heights I'd rather have my treehouse inside the trunk.

Day 4:

Something flying. Enjoyed drawing some seagulls in the wind!

Day 3:

Gardening icons! I had a lot of fun creating these. It involved a lot of looking at reference pictures and sketching on a separate paper, but I am quite pleased with the end result. And coloring in the background is so satisfying!

Day 2:

Actually I don't have any tattoos, but it was fun filling a random form with small drawings.

Day 1:

For this I needed to overcome some initial resistance, but it is definitely an exercise where you become more creative the more you practice! And after a while it became more fun and relaxed and then I went back and forth between the pages to add a few more details.

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