2020 SMART art goal

2020 SMART art goal - student project

S.M.A.R.T. goal:

I want to be a better spontaneous artist so that I can enjoy creating things without worry of if I have the right materials, or right skills to create art.

Specific: Creating art has become an important form of therapy for me to recover from cancer treatments. The act of physically doing something with my hands and using my mind to create something has helped me heal. Letting go of imperfections and just enjoying the process and enjoying the outcome is a new outlook for me in art and in life.

Measurable: I no longer feel guilty for taking long luxurious hours in creating art on the weekends. I do not set any time limits on the weekends for creativity. I look forward to the weekends and I am confident that I will create something each weekend.

Achievable: I have come to learn that art and creating things does not have to cost a lot of money and can also be done in either quick, short sittings or in long, fun hours. I have been learning to use what I already own to save money and this also provides a fun learning challenge.

Relevant: It has been a long time since I have awoken and been excited to face the day. When I have an art project that has been drying overnight – I find it very exciting to get up the next day – and get all my chores done first – and then go and see the outcome of my art.

Deadlines: I have no deadlines at the moment. This year is just to have fun creating things and to heal and to enjoy life again.