10 Loose Watercolour Flowers

10 Loose Watercolour Flowers - student project


Hello Olga,

Really great to continue your class. All of these subjects are very new to me and these are all first attempts, so a long way to go, but I am truly enjoying the learning. 

I used different paper to get a feel for each one and used Fuummui 10 and 12 round sable, plus Cotman 2 and a Chinese brush 1. I really need to practice the movements of the wrist and brush. I also find that being left handed I need to mirror really what I see. I still struggle with the very basic shapes but will continue to practice! I find using the 2 brushes very helpful and also today I applied your tips from your other video on controlling water. Definitely helping me understand many of the fundamentals.

I also had a go at the Transparent Tulip. What amazing practice. Again very first attempt and I am learning to draw as well as watercolour so, the learning curve is steep, the result really messy, but really enjoying it!








Hello Olga,

thank you for your class. It is really good and I am now practicing daily.

I am an absolute beginner and I am learning the very basics.

Below is the first attempt at the Lavander. 
I used different colours because I am testing some new ones. I used Frisk 300/100% Cotton/ Cold Press. For brushes I used a Fuumuui round sable 10 and a Cotman round 8.

I really enjoyed painting the lavender.

I attempted the Cherry Blossom several times but I cannot get the shape. This will need a lot of practice for me.

The first poppy is also on the same page. I will return to these tomorrow

Absolute beginner, loving watercolour!