“O So Citrusy” and “K is for Kiwi”

“O So Citrusy” and “K is for Kiwi” - student project

“O So Citrusy” and “K is for Kiwi” - image 1 - student project

Drew up this letter “K” to coordinate with the previous “O” (see below)

Not sure the two of them will match as well as I would like, but I do really love this “K”! I think the lines look a lot cleaner in this one, I found that it was much easier to lay the ink prior to painting. The 3mm micron pen I have been using did not like being put on top of the watercolor and would not flow easily on the first project. I will be completing the monstera leaf by itself to add to the mix soon and digitizing to create a single composition. 



I drew up a little citrus inspired letter “O”, and did a little painting while watching the citrus portion of the class. I used watercolor, and ink for this project. I first colored it with the watercolors and went back in with a felt tip pen and fine liner. I tried to incorporate the white space while creating heavy contrast with the dark outlines. Really enjoyed watching the class. Lots of great pointers!
“O So Citrusy” and “K is for Kiwi” - image 2 - student project