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Zbrush : Game Character Making Part 03 - Sculpting For Beginners

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Zbrush Interface Overview


    • 3.

      Navigating the Canvas


    • 4.

      Sculpting Basics


    • 5.

      Masking for sculpting


    • 6.

      Show and Hide polygons


    • 7.

      Importing OBJ Files Into Zbrush


    • 8.

      Head Blocking Sculpting


    • 9.

      Blocking the Nose and Lip


    • 10.

      Refining the Eyes


    • 11.

      Sculpting the Hand


    • 12.

      Refining the Hand Sculpting


    • 13.

      Sculpting the Leg


    • 14.

      Sculpting Ear


    • 15.

      Refining the Face


    • 16.

      More Refining on the Face


    • 17.

      Lip Surface Detailing


    • 18.

      Finger Detailing


    • 19.

      Skin Detailing


    • 20.

      Using polygroups to split Meshes


    • 21.

      Using Dynamesh to Close Holes


    • 22.

      Projecting Details back


    • 23.

      Projecting Details Back into Pant


    • 24.

      Refining Folds on T shirt


    • 25.

      Making Sleave holes


    • 26.

      Masking for sleves


    • 27.

      Creating Seam Line Using Group Loops


    • 28.

      Projecting Details Back to the Mesh


    • 29.

      Pant Basic Forms


    • 30.

      Pant Front Folds


    • 31.

      Extracting Pockets


    • 32.

      Pocket Refining


    • 33.

      Creating Pocket Seam Lines


    • 34.

      Creating Pocket Folds


    • 35.

      Creating Pocket Wrinkles


    • 36.

      Creating Pant Back Folds


    • 37.

      Creating Pant Botton Using IMM Brush


    • 38.

      Creating Pant Center Seam


    • 39.

      Creating Pant Bottom Seam


    • 40.

      Mirroring the Shoe


    • 41.

      Adjusting Shoe laces


    • 42.

      Seam Line Mark


    • 43.

      Creating lace holes


    • 44.

      Shoe Lace Detailing


    • 45.

      Shoe Lace Knot Detailing


    • 46.

      Shoe Lace Impact Detailing


    • 47.

      Adding Stich Details


    • 48.

      Creating Texture for Sole


    • 49.

      Creating Sole Details


    • 50.

      Extracting Socks Base


    • 51.

      Socks Detailing


    • 52.

      Basic Forms of Cap


    • 53.

      Layering Details on Cap


    • 54.

      Adding Stiching to Cap


    • 55.

      Adding Memory Folds


    • 56.

      Strap Detailing


    • 57.

      Adjusting the locket


    • 58.

      Making Hair Base


    • 59.

      Hair detailing


    • 60.

      Adding Secondary hair clumps


    • 61.

      96 Modeling Hair band


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About This Class

In this 6 hours of course Game artist Nalini Kanta Jena will teach you, how to use Zbrush to model your character.

He describes every steps he takes, so even if you are a totally beginner, you can easily follow him.This course not only shows you step by step guide but also shows you an up to date production pipeline.

The goal of this course is to teach you the entire process of character sculpting.

The course will cover these topics r

  • Zbrush Basics
  • Character sculpting methods in Zbrush
  • Cloth sculpting in Zbrush
  • Shoe detailing in Zbrush
  • Many Zbrush powerful tools and methods
  • Many tips and tricks in every lecture

After completing this course you can model game characters with more confident and with clear knowledge of the pipeline. so if you want to be a Game artist then enroll to this class now and start learning today.

Meet Your Teacher

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A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome you to game character sculpting for beginners. Course. In this 10 hours off course, I'll take you through the entire process off character. Morning. Forget discourse has been divided into 96 and the first and second Texans. You'll be learning base miscreants and in mild at the end of this two sections, we're going to know a lot of Morley techniques in My Tarts X and his club modeling in Mambas. Susanna, if you don't know Marbella designer is a very powerful close in lesson subject in the 46 and covered zebras basics this sex and is for them who doesn't have dust in the fifth. Sex and I have sculpted the character body by the end of this sex, and we're going to know a lot of character sculpting techniques inside Jupiter's six. Exxon is clock sculpting Engibous by the end of this sex, and you're going to know a lot of wrinkle sculpting techniques on seem. Techniques on how to use protection in seven sex on have done so sculpting by the end of this sex, and you're going to know a lot of but cool techniques to create their less and create your soul details by unfair techniques on texture techniques. A six and is all about the cap sculpting on in the Final Nine. Sex on You'll be learning, have sculpting matters. After completing this course, we can easily create your own characters for game using this three powerful subjects so that being said gets enrolled in this course and start learning the step by step process of creating gag mortal for game using Meyer zebras on Marber's design thesis, not Gardena. I can kill, toe and roll into the course, and I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. Zbrush Interface Overview: Hello. Welcome to this first video of this sex an on in this video, we're going to learn diverse interface. So this is what do you get when you that zeroes for the first time. So let me first on off this lightbox, these things you see here you can just turn off by clicking on the light box. So light boxes a kind off full, a structure inside jealousy where you can put your files are you can see those full this category there so we don't have to worry about right now. Just click here or you can press. Come on, Kyoto. Dawn of time. There you can see the Ziva's has a very different own styles to it. You can see some bright colors and it's totally different layout. Then we used to those sub dress These are in scullers amends. Those options are right. No selector on this. You can see there are some great out things because you don't have anything in the scene. Let's start from the center area. This area is called come with us. So we spend most of the time in the city A. We scald in the city and you can see the right side. It's a slot where you can put any ballot from the men. We we call these things palette. Right now we have the tool palette. Right now, if you click on this icon, the little cool on you can bring any palate here by this to going to the menu and by clicking on this Upson so you can put multiple palette as well. For example, I can put stroke on tool both there. And if I want to minimize its one thing, just click on the name I didn't see. I can minimize by that way, Or I can again just click on that toe, get rid up that ballot. If you don't use that ballot, you can just click here, toe this glass, that ballot thing there. You have also got the left palette. Here you can list click to expand it on. You can see you have medical ballot here again. You can bring any ballot here. For example, if you've changed a lot of things and you want to go back to the by default layout, you can go to those difference here on again three store so you can stuff down anyway. Again, you get all those back. Any time you feel like you have changed a lot and you want to go back, you can like that. Then you get a bottom slaughtered there again. You can pull some process here, Cem absence. He actually. But I'm not gonna do that right now. I'll tell you letter. Okay, So this is the campus deserve the valid Sexton on in the interface it here, you can see this whole left side six and this is the bras Is the breast stroke is the alpha where we choose different Alfa From here is the texture. Again we choose some textures on is the material on this The color on this? The color switcher on the top video. See some I'm bottom here with just a light box squeaks, case projects and master. You don't have to worry about all these things right now on these areas. Very useful, which hides in each draw move scale rooted on some broth absences his Grougi self with gene density and it's kind of like G r means when you sculpt, it will pull York object on points and disarmament. It will push those points inside on. This is the intensity of pulling and pushing. You just click toe, select one or other. You cannot select both or either you two yard orgies off. You don't have toe. Come here. We have ah different circles for that on Dhere. The Imagine Biagiotti things and four concept draw size this the process ice thing here. Okay, on the tough. You got the menus off balance. If you don't want, the menus are visible here. You can just click on this man walks in here, don off a mineral because on if you don't want this things when you've called you If you don't want these things, you want to hide these things. You can just hit tab on your keyboard, toe hide and again have to bring those. It's a very quick soccer toe. Get more skin place. Okay, If you say collapse it. And if I collapse all these tools by hitting the Dev I get the full screen on. If I don't mean use the main ones you like and hide that so good being in back. Okay, then If you want to increase your campus size sometimes if you have a big screen or something. If you want to increase the converse size of the works best size you go to document on there. You choose this area. We just talk about size. You can see it's a very right now, just 1980 by 6 30 you can just click on double on Dismisses will come here, decides that yes, and we'll get the big it more almost double of the previous size, so it may go back. Okay, let's go back to the half. Then let's see some absence over the staff here. You can just click on the quick safe toe. Save your object or tool inside the lightbox. Kwik, save here in this category in this folder. If you want to this quickly safe in a random name, you can do that by just a click. Onda, obviously against say that through the toolbox and tools ballot and kicking by. Here you can also save your file Atagi Tool, which is the zebras to fight for my Then we have some here. See true. We can just put that all the way and weaken. You can see it's totally transparent right now. It helps us to like if you have a background, the maids and you want to match with the model. You can just put it half the way where you can see the diverse file on the background in a juice can see my interface that my deck stop eso. It's very helpful toe like put the background image behind the jeepers on, just make it hap transparent so that we can just Jake your model, whether it fits with the referential Medzamor. Although there different words to bring images to Jim Buss. It's one of the West, And this this Upson is very interesting with transistor interface color. If you just click here, it cycles between different in the first colors. As you can see, the bottom colors has been chance here Just click, click, click to cycle and choose whether we want you like this. Little go back here. This one is the biting for on this Upson is for the layout. If you click here, you get different layers. So as you can see in this loud, I got like brussel off mate rials in the bottom of the sex in here on its bay, useful for sculpting as well, because you don't have to go now again and again to the cross and choose your breasts. You have all those frequently used breath here so you can you can click to go it differently else. So let me go back to my fight for loud here. Okay? If you have changed again anything and you want to go back to the bite If all just go to free friends config on go every stroke standard anyway, if you want to save your you, I customize you where you can also do that by going there on just safe you I give it a name and save it and the good lord that you want anytime you want. Okay. And there's the just minimize, maximize and close But so this is all about getting the inter fess on in the next race and we're going to see how to navigate inside How? Toe import on model How to create a modern on. See you there 3. Navigating the Canvas: so in this lesson that you are going to learn ho toe, bring the tool into the canvas on. We'll see how to navigate around the campus by using some of the tools here. So let's first import your G two to import. Go to Lourdes Tool here and you can see there's somebody for D Tool, which comes with the deeper, essential lesson. So let's pick some model here. Let's take Z, the dog gentle when you import that doesn't import. Our Lord's, too, though can pass statically. You get that here as it's a a dizzy tool, and now the digital is active. You can see that here in the tool idea. So to actually create that little drag my holding the left mouse in discuss. I'm using a pen tablet, so I'm using my stylus on by dragging it. I get this. Now. If you brag again off you try to move it or rotated. You'll drag again. You'll get again dog there. So the groove off dunk. So what do you need to do is after once you drag your T tool, you need to activate it so that it allows you to wrote it just walk with the modern who click here now you have like, Forge dog I don't need to do is press control in to New York Amazon clear your canvas. Now you get the final dog. Yeah, so this to make make it have it off dragging. And then just don't on this marriage Or even just you can see the sort card that it's d So there, three absence to navigate here You can see those in this area as well. Move scale and brought it. Do you can also use these things? Just hold your lip monster pain here and you can see again Ban on, Move the view and again scale it by Skilling You're going June on June and Xue Mount basically Andi, by rotating again draw that your view to see from the different angle. You can do all those things by the sword course as well to RotaTeq and just holds the Ben of the audio stylists Andi conducted by that way too. But to panic can hold Ault and then you're left amounts of by pain or stylists you can ban on 2 June Into market is the most trickiest thing to do. Is my holding old, then hold the left mouse are Ben then released old and drag your mouse, Or so it's wholly old. Let my household really stalled, then drag a litmus once you get used to it, it's like feel normal to you, but at the first at the beginning, you may feel it's difficult way to do it, but just keep practicing to get it. Then when you would tell me where you can see if you go, just just rotated. L abate and hold. Saved begins. Go straight with views is Orta graphic front if you want. Oh, see the side just wrote it and hold Sift. You can see it snapped to the view like this I just wrote it first, then holds it Okay. If you want to frame you object quickly. You can press f or you can just click on the substance you didn't friend the selected tool with In this case we have just a single tool here, but a tool can have different sub tool in this area. So if you have different subtitle, then the selected subtle will befriend. In this case, we have just one tool. Let's see some of the off. Some here are the first of the new C is to render BP here. You can just click there on you can see it. It's rendered with the Cerro's and on here there's some up senses if you scroll actually up moving the cool Columbus. So it's not like you moving your view. It's moving the whole gamut, so just be aware of that. I don't use these things much. Just bring their back. Don't use June from here. Actually, what it does is if you June it, actually that it's against it. June doing to the canvas. Just think about it like like an e mails, and you're dooming to the image you can see the pig cells can see here. So it's not like you are actually zooming to the model it's doing to the combat so you can see so it's not the way actually use this scale on. So this plague on actual to go back to the actual can must sit. So don't use this June unless you want to like Juma's as an image. Then here's the actual and 1/2 a half is the hub off your document? If you plea here just you can see it's like swing down. What it does is it. See you size here and make it have so that your emails looks very crisp and clear and the last. So we use this when we want to say what a mess from G plus or something like that. You can say this image by going document on exported as a PST file, and you can just go to photos of one. You can save that in any format you want under there is the prospect of off soon as well. Sometimes it's very useful. If you start off this upset, you can see it's kind off. It true are terrific views right now. Like Maya, it doesn't have any perspective destruction to it. But most of the time I used perspective toe to see the rial that there these are. Some come past inhabitants and techniques. The next lesson. You are going to see a process off Deborah sculpting in a single lesson. We're going to see the overall process, so see you there 4. Sculpting Basics: okay in this. Listen, you're going to learn about the process off sculpting, so as a starting point, you need a basements or something. Any object you just start modifying and create a more so for that best mess. Either you use this primitives the desperate waves as ecstatic point all. You can use this pier or denim. It's all you can use any other through the application to create those basements, such as we did in this course We did the body and the clothes inside Marbles. Susanna on we exported those, you know, visit Forman so that we can actually important. So visit here to let me so you here. So if you use any other through the application toe, do those things. You need to go in Fort and choose your visa for March. Just browse and choose here. So let me. So here. Let's take actual visa Important. You can see it's now in the tool partisan. Drag it on. Just press editor T toe Goto Rittner even say, Now we have our own model. This is the way to bring your or visa on. Let me show you the primitive way Let's read the said Debra's. So in order to reset zebras to get rid off all the stools and anything you you have here toe go to the standoff. Jibril's unit Toe klik. Your preference, innit? Judah's and choose Yes. So this is the way to solicit the whole depressed to start. I didn't see everything has gone here again. Let me start with the primitive way is click here on against choose any of the primitives for this example like Joe Spear on Let's track on Go to edit more Now we were in air it more If you choose a primitive What you can do is you can go to in its allies here you need to go down You just put your mouse in the city You see this icon here? This Moscow's has changed to the second. Then just wrapped toe like justice Be area We can see the initialize here you can choose are modified the primitives Here You can do this only with this primitives. You cannot use this winter or visa import or visit. So once you have artists here, the primitive say we want in this case, it difference on the primitive selector. It's spear. So we had this absence. It might change with other primitives once you have changed these things. And the second thing is make it parliaments treaty. If you don't make it parliaments treaty you can It's called in it. See that right? Discard in it It saws me into a noble sculpting place. Convert this primitive So just make Bala Mr D. You had to do it only primitives. You don't need to do this with imported or visit because they're already polygon mess. So just make sure if you use primitives, makes you to use this make parliaments treaty then you can scold on it as you can see. No, I have a standard brush here on I have a gr fun son to it so that it pulls the point. If I choose G Sophea, it boosts the buoyant You can see there. Okay, now I don't see this very jagged because we don't have many polygons here. So in orderto smoke it, you go to the gym a tree sex in here and just click to expand it and you can see there's a divide button. Speak on that. It's like smooth inside. Meyer, this click on you can see different subdivision levels. I can go back to a division levels by dragging this Agam. Now it's called you get more details because we have more polygons. Here you can see at the active point is if I just school asked that you can see that the points of the scene is one of 30,000 something to another agency. That zebra's is very useful because we can go back to a division levels and scald bigger forms on we can go up to live is on level and we can we can create details the men. Interesting thing is you don't lose your work if you for example, if you have done smaller details in octaves and levels hide lives and levels, we can go back on, do the bigger forms without losing the higher details. So this is the beauty of jeepers And when you have in standard brass or anybody that this is the D. R a g saw. Also, you can do it by holding all too. Don't have toe sweets. Return this all the time. For example, you are in the yard but you want to g sough to just hold all you can see the car set there . If you let go out, then it will walk Z I on If you hold lord to Swiss that okay on the smooth objects who received and you can just The house just called a need to smooth and those details So again , full olds to pose if you have said are here on DSI tall and skulled too smooth a bit Obviously you need to change your brush happening to your need You have a lot of process here on if you go here and just type it like the first letter of the press. If, for example, there's a Brasco trim dynamic just first e and you can see it filled A writes the tea process here and I can choose progress here So So they're different kind of process in schools. We're going to launch some of them and on their comes the d intensity as well. Let me go back to this. A standard brought, stepped on The intensity works like the value of the strength of this pulling porcine. So let's man take me gene density to off and it Z artist under brust just skull. You can see the difference off the stroke there, so it's kind off on. It also depends on the press. Are you puttin in your pen tablet? If you can see it's 51 on, but I'm putting with less placer on dnep XT. I put a lot of hard friends that there can sit then the withdrawal size. So just from private toe into your broth size, you can also get all these things by the pressing space. But this whole space but and you get this draw size and most adults in the energy intensity G arse off used this. If you have, like you staff to hide and you need those things again, bring those things here. You can also use our for it. Your stand for us. You can use our fight with any of us. In this case, it's Tonder, so let's take an Alfa Goto Alpha and choose. Choose an Alfa Alfa is an image. See the sell for on now if ups called, you can see that that al fires being sculpted there, and if I choose the straw here to drag, what it does is it will drag this whole emails here as a single stroke like this. So this is the way we put smaller details or suffered details. Surface details to yours called like this again If you go and change the big forms you goto division levels lawyer on you choose to different tools like move on you change the broth size you scald the bigger forms on if you go back to the deficient high deficit level. You see, it was details still there to go back or to go offer go down to the division level so you can use D to go off and city to go down your division levels. You don't have to come to hear. You can minimize it and collapse it on. You can use this this article undated Off safety data down. Okay. And if you want to subdivided to get more polygons, you need to be at the highest level because I feel if you are in the little Italy, def isn't on. You try to divide. It doesn't allow you to do that. So because you have the next level. So just go to the last level and divide it there to divide it can use control D as well. You can see, I have known four different levels, so this is the basic process of sculpting. You bring the model whether you have done that inside my are something in OPC for magic, an imported or you can use the primitives, and this makes your you take that to make polymers treated before your sculpting. And once that said, then you can use brushes. Discard. You can use divisions, toe no get the divisions are polygons to sculpt on, use the broads and use this basic things like theology, salt, intensity, dross, eyes on the whole space. What to get all these things here on city D and control de to divide, lure and higher up down on. Once you have completed your sculpt, you need to save it from years. Just go to save us and save it in the tool for mart. This is very important. You you save it and say it's the tool because if you want to continue again with the work letter who need to have this former because if you save here, there are some different off, some to save like save document. It saves the emails as animates. It doesn't allow this division labels or something. Those things. So make sure you are seven g tool not here in document or hear them file. So it again to save as a project, so you don't need to save here as well. Make sure you're saving from here on in digital form art. So then you just lured that digital and start again. So that's it for this lesson. And in the next lesson, we're going to learn about masking isolating things on leading. 5. Masking for sculpting: in this lesson, you're going to see how to use the masking techniques inside Childress that first lorded default digital. In this case, I'm lowering the demo soldier here, Drug it on, go to edit more toe, edit it, then you can use if the friend, the whole object like this. Let's see how to use the masking. Let's say we want something a support. Mankind off symbol in his gesture area are maybe any kind of symbol here with this character. If you go to subdural, you can see there are a lot off. Subtitles inside here it's all these different parts are called sub tool, and if I want to select a subtle in the scene in the canvas, just whole Ault and click on it to select it, let's say we want something on the chest. So let's for select it. The objective want is called unit to select it. First, you can see the bright color on, but this is the indicators on off it. Selected Once you selected, the first thing you need to do is dividing it to get a lot off polygons there to divide, go to gym, a tree on click on divider. All you can use the salt cod, which is control d Let me divide it. You can always take this number, which is Just let me go. Loves this. We just don't Total poly count orb artist Martic skunk of this whole gun bus means the whole object. And, uh, this is the total point. And this is the active appointments Your selector object. Now it's a black 76 something. So make sure you have for a lot of politicians, they're just divided again. It defends how small details You want the mood. Small adults. You want the more polygons units. So just keep that in mind If you want less of details of big details, you don't have toe give so much off polygons there. As you can see, it's now 3.5 million. Maybe it's a little bit higher than I want, So let me just go back there. You can go back by just rubbing this. You can see here this this rectangle square, bright square and you can see the dark grace quest. This is the undue just hole and drag it. Police first mask it the savy want Let's say we want something like a triangle, right? So you can use an Imam Al Fatah mosque. What? You can manually mask it. Let's see First, monaural, Let's mask it. So now I have selected Bruce the Sunday over us Let's must to mask whole control on Bent. You can see this dark color. This is on the masking on masking. Basically it really is not assessed to sculpting right knife You must some media for example This is on a little Let go the control key And now I'm just sculpting it by dragging the pain You can see a notable to scald on that area. So it's very useful. Just let me undo. Okay? You can mask this by Manuel holding control and holding control and rack. But you can also use this Alfa here So there are so many absence yet they're bad default alphas or you can also import you stand costume all far by using If you have made that in for supper So, miles, because let's use something in the alpha slot whole control. When you were in the masking pain masked men brought us good Alfa. So right now I'm holding the control key code Alpha and choose you, Alpha. In this case, I'm using this Alpha five, which is the by default Alfa. Then to drag this under surface change the stroke toe rag. Correct. Then you can drag on this office like this. Still, I'm holding the control key you can see in the mosque. Okay, Now what I can do If, for example, I want to raise those areas up so I can invoice this mosque by this can hold control. And by this, by just clicking on this outside area, just hold control and click to involve us. It all you can do those in the masking minimum inside here. You can in votes it from here. Okay, Once you enforce, you can scald on it by using standard for us so that you can see against cult. But the better upsetting is just we call to the deformed mess in here deformities and tab on used this inflect ups and just drag this ups, um, to right side due in crystal value. You can see I'm kind of think in flooding that idea a little bit. What? I can move that idea as well. Okay, well, let's get rid of the mosque to get it up. The masters called control and drag outside. Thank you, no gun. See, we have this back. And because of that, because of the mask, so masking is a way to sculpt on gets. They will use pools. So I strongly recommend you to practice this by by so many ways. You can mask manually, or you can use all fuss at the mosque. Or you can. Sometimes we can use. Move square, rotate as well. Toe mask. For example. If I goto move to and if a control and drag from here from Galligan. See, it's masking through the belligerence. Loof. If you If you select Polly frame here sit F You can see the folly loops that there. So it's useful. Sometimes toe give a border 2/4 toe if you want to mask. We did. That is floor, and this is the best way to do it. If you'll see I'm in the move, tool whole control and just drag from the outside and see its discovering those flows of the polygons. So these are some useful dips. The next lesson we're going to see the isolating park lets you there 6. Show and Hide polygons: in this. Listen, you're going to learn how does so and hide part of your subtitle? This is the same soldiers upto here on Let's go to the subtitle Men here. You can see that there are so many subtitles here and I can hide. And so in It's up to if, for example, if I want to see only the body, which is non selector, If I want to see that subtitle only what I can do is just click on Iove. That's Abdul. Now that's selected. If I turn off this, I it will make all the subtitles stoned off on because it's elected is going to so here. If I select any subtle here, only that that subtle is going to visible here because we have hidden everything and the selector will be visible here. So in this case, I just select the body ongoing Teoh. The body is the only thing there. So let's see if, for example, let's say we don't want the leg, but we're just going to sculpt on the face so we don't I want to keep all this parts. Let's say I just want to see the head idea. I don't want to see the whole body. So what you can do is just hold control and sit and then drug. You'll say this green rectangle on, and if you let go, then you can see the only. But is that the inside? The only body is that which is your head? Another gun. Just walk on. This is yeah, So it's It's going to improve your performance actual, because it's not gonna calculate those things now. So this could be one of the reason toe do this to, like, simplify or seen and to make a proper months better. Let's. And now you want to see the whole part again. So in order to do that, this whole control sit and click outside. So you get again the full body on. Let's say you want to inv or something. Well, control. Sit on drag toe. I saw this area will control sit and click to visible all the visible, but if you were controls it and rack outside, then it's going to involve us. This. You can also use this technique from asking, for example, if I, for example, if I just select the Syria on if you control, click outside, you'll get the mosque on. If I again control, sit and plead to get all the parts there. You can see that area is being masked right now. So again, this could be a reason off doing this. But there are two managers, and I used this technique for Is one of them is from getting Poly Group Poly Group is something If you go toe, go to the city of prison. Polyphony moored can see a character has many bulletproof. The head is a different color. The body is kind off different. Color the hands at different color by doing bully group can easily so this bad by just holding control sipped and click on it. You'll see that polic off. So this is one of the men reason to create Poly Group so again to create poorly group, you need to first select those area. One of the way to create Poly Group is just let's see. I want o create a polygraph for the hand, but I can do is just whole control sipped and drug sicheia No, it's only the selected park. Now go Poly Group Saxon, so you can see there's absolute called group physically. If you click on that, you get a bulletproof off according to this and this visible polygons. If you go back by holding control seed and click outside, you can see it's a different color. That means it's a different bulletproof. Once you have created bulletproof, it's very easy to just full control. Second click toe. So that group, only so again to create bulletproof you may use this mosque on this visible or so high technique on the other. Reason off. Doing this is if you want to hide something from its subtitle, for example, of character has a su and we don't want this port area anymore. So what you can do is just gonna hold control. Sit. If you're brag, it's going to be there. So in this case, I don't I want to hide this area. We can hold all with this and it don't spread. So that means if I let go now it's going toe Hyatt. And now what I can do is to actually delete those parts. Go to geometry on it can go toe the modified apology on you can see there's Epsom call deal it hidden. You can sleep there it's gonna ask you if there's some subdivision levels, you can see a subtitle mess while Louis subtitle level. So let me first go to the West subtypes and level on. Let's legal that again. Now you can see if I call control, sit and click it to bring those fired. It's not the animal. So this is one of the main reason I used this technique. Sometimes to delete some idea from the subtitle and just keep in mind, deleting is not like hiding. If you deal it, it's not gonna again come back if you under them, that's a different thing. But you gonna don't go there while, right? So make sure you one that if you when you do that, actually, then the reason was to carefully group. So this is it for this So on. He didn't listen 7. Importing OBJ Files Into Zbrush: in this lecture we're going to start the character sculpting, so I'll start from the importing or businesses. So if you remember, we did all those basements and my on marbles designer and then we exported in Opus here for months. So first, let me tell you how to import all the so busy, so to import those ove is a either you just goto the stool import apps in here all you can go to cheap blogging. Subtitle Master and you cannot been multiple there. So let me so you both So go to import here Click Find your destiny. Some wave up to save those files In this case, I have saved in my project folder or visit folder here So let's first select one of them I cannot important multiple business here. If you drive to select multiple it don't allow you You can just select Wando Visa Discuss. Let's see, Let's elect Garrett robes and open it Once you open, you will get that file here this as a tool on. Then you need to drag on the few a compass once you dragged and go toe it more so that we can edit it can trick it. As you can see, we have all this business, the gap body specs All are in a single Ove is a single subtitle. If you go toe subtle Saxon, you can see it's a single mess right now, so it's not gonna help us in sculpting. We need to separate them on because we just exported everything inside Meyer by selecting everything and just exported in a single visit. That's why would get this like I could have exported all this business separately, but I felt that's that's not necessary. We can split them here, so to split them, just go to the subtitle category and you can see it at ever displayed here. Click to expand that and we'll see again bonds off absence here. Out off all those absence, you can see there some absence related to split you can T groups played similar. Split two similar parts split two parts, So in this case, I'm going toe use this 16 split two parts, which actually they see if if they're different objects that not merging together now it's kind of combined, but they're not marching, so you can use this plate two parts so it's asking you to come from just okay? No even see that No different sub tools No can see Everything is in a different sub TEM like the gravis do friend Spake is different. Okay, then let's important this ardent band for that I'll saw you this technique Ziploc in Carnegie plugging and septal master multi happened Click on that. This is different than that happened. It allows you toe bring multiple Lovisa But one, it doesn't work for the first time. If you don't have anything in the canvas, it doesn't work so you need to import from here first. Then you can append multiple subtitles are busy here Let's go Project or busy On this time I can import multiple like plot and skateboard But in this case I don't wills called the skateboarding it a friend on divas file So let that let's bring cloth. Open it. Okay, so we have imported all those things and we learned how to sleet A single subtitle into different parts If they're not most and I do in the next lesson where we'll start sculpting affairs 8. Head Blocking Sculpting: in this lecture, I'm going to start sculpting the face on. I'll try to get the overall say, bond forms of the fest in the future. Listen, we're going to refine that a bit with that being said, Let's get started and the first thing you get notices. The right side, I looks, are on. It's kind of transfer, and we can see through it and we're seeing than inside faces there. It's a normal problem, and you can see that thing going on with the Sioux as well. So this is happening because often the way we duplicate it inside Meyer, we the sport minus x ah minus one day look that reverses the first normals there. It's very easy to fix here. The select the subtitle by holding old and click left. Click on the part on Goto. The display purport is here. We can see the took off some call flavor. If you click on DFLers, the normals there and you need to do this with the air. In every part which has reversed normals, so selects and flip. So then let's start sculpting the body for this for select the body world on glee and the first thing I'd do is dividing the body to get division labels are surfacing polygons, so go to the gym, a tree and divide. Do I have a few times like you can see the numbers here this divide to get more polygons, So I'm on. You can watch over the city as well. Fuck Click. Here it's to 62. Lack 60,000 right now on stupid again? A. Now it's two million, so I think that's enough. This proposed because it's not. No, we're not going to create very tiny skin wrinkles or something like that in his stylist character. So this value, anything is enough to let strapped sculpting the fares and try to get the proportion there . Let's fast I select the body only, So in order to do that you can find a solo apps on important to this line. But I cannot see that because my recording area, which is very small, the other ways to go sub tool and just just legal ni and selected soft tool a little don off everything and because it's select a little so that so the single mess. Okay, you can see another issue which is not actually any so but we cannot see through the head there. So what you can do, if you want to see, is Goto again display properties and this time, Cleveland double. So it's not necessary. We want to. You can do that. The first thing is you can see the overall fares it's not matching with the reference of meds are you can see the face has wider. It has some very pointed gene on very balls like sick baby full of logic. So let's try to do that and whatever toe do it in their separately s so that you can You don't want to use that. You can do little layer. You can just turn off the fact there it will be much easier toe no go back and just something so are definitely recommend using Lee s And obviously, just create the layer in the profitable click here to get a layer given name. In this case, uh, fez blocking or something we can just give with the name on start blocking. So in this case, when you do, bigger things are are just trying to create bigger forms. I recommend you do that in lower divisions So there's to go toe the Lord divisions or any of the Lord divisions on. Let's use the move tool. Click here on and go to this move to hear how you can use him to this and a filter so we can see if I just moved to here and just scald It's walking on one side, you know, do it Just got to both side at the time you need to add Activate the symmetry Absent Togo to transform on Donald Activites Symmetry of sun here by clicking on it and you can see you can see the access in this case exists Perfect. So now you can see the dot that side as well. So that's in the cousin off working name, Perfectly symmetrical. So let's whole s and you can if you place s and you can just the kids of inclusive process You can do that as well here, So let's just move it beat. And this is the undue area you can just racked. Oh, undo. Let me just try to get that and you can go off to a division level by pressing d. So always a list called the bigger phones first and go from bigger to smaller details is to practice that on a list. Do the bigger things in very lawyer divisions on as you go to smaller details go higher obviously going back and forth any time we want. Okay, So if you have a second monetary job actually very helpful toe like at the same time you see your friends Amazing. The second monitor on we lose called always tried toe who do it in different angles so that you actually get to move that three. The aspect off it, as you can see See as if very balls like chicken with the narrowed scene with small, narrow chin like this something like this You can use this Citro of sin agile if you put their images backside off the bras and just drag this see True Epsom So now the whole give us interfaces half transparent Let me chase this material here Click on here Andi, I'd like to use basic material but you can use any of them But I like basic material because it has no speculate things And although sometimes speculate it's good to know on details but I like to use most of the time this Onda elected sense materials in between the sculpting toe. See if it's working. So that's it. In this lesson, we learn how toe use the move tool toe, get the base accepts and we learned how to use layers to keep it in the lair in the next listener is still continuing, creating the best forms so I'll see you there. 9. Blocking the Nose and Lip: in this lecture, I'm going to refine the face a little bit more so by like finding the leap earlier than mosey a little bit. Andi over head save toe. Let's get started. So let's first hide everything wisest are hiding this ice electric subbed allies on Distract us into the nose looks very tiny, So let's give it to someone by using the clay built up tool So that state the stolen gives and William there just and it can use the in flight Brussels with this creek here and good and flat. So give it. Give the nostrils a little bit thicker skin there and let's take the move tool are moved a political tool. And it's true. I do try to get a based signal saved there. Whenever do features like things Jake them from both from file in front of you to get the proper idea, actually and use move toe. Bring the proportion use in flat toe. Get that a thickness Dentistry. Use clay Bill Joe for to get those nostrils there. That, and so I used clay build up a lot, actually, to get the volume or forms. It says it's like that and It's from in in the nose breeze a little bit so again against CM Northern doll flair. Right now, Andi, again, I'm kind off doing medium level forms. Andi always and always look at your reference, emits and tried. Instruct the safe so you can see the moves as a little bit Volume of center and the nostrils are very tight. So let's try to make that just again. You can use the move tool does just pull them to decide to get over volume. Okay, so now it looks better than before. Sport again, again. You sit and distract the smoothed 80 a little bit to get it up This breast strokes on. Let's bring some balloon to the leaf and this to define the leap line there. In this case, I'll use the danced under Bruce. So if you best d and just this danced under bras if you were old and used to dance tender, it will get the who leads to line typeset there like this and the bottom as we'll see something toe. Just get the idea that I got the idea that leave is there just can go back, go off any time just to, huh? So right now I'm just holding symptoms, smoothing that line a little bit because still were Norden look perfect safe there, But we got the basic. They're Philips disclosed the live there by using the in flat tool. If I this drug go down a bit, do I'm using safety to go down? That isn't liberal? No. If you If I It's called in between them against like in flood riding Flood dodges Cicely. Fooling Opposing those waters is in the normal direction, so it's quite helpful. Toe. Bring some volume to Tina areas on Let's use the move top political plus here to move the leaf, they're to close them. Yeah, I see the referendum. It's You can see the leaf as quite rid of volume there. So it's not like this levers with teen on. If you see the car off curve of the leave is very smooth Gulf. Try to get that. They're going to phone people holding sift. I see a very smoot, this kind off live on the bottom left is exactly like the same reverse believe. Okay, so it's quite looking good. And let's Stallman on the sea of them again. The next listen. We're going to refine the face a little bit more on, and let's issue there 10. Refining the Eyes: okay, in this lecture, we're going to continue the faced culture who didn't see It's better than before, but they're still near some forms of the face. So let's start from the clay bill job tune some jean wrongness here on, Just let me as you can see if you see this line here the Jeep Jean area live it from the site, kind off commuting. They will deaf ear to get this team media right now case, uh, then go to the side view on you can see the jawline is missing If you take the reference demands let's try to get dance again Just huge obras size intensity Your brain presser probably to get doll those you fake dance ist smoothing a bit These area now you can see it was stretchered to get that job deafness in there. God is the Lord divisions. Good up. Top view and use Move toe splice fried. Bring that back a little bit to get the skull roundness there on destroy. So I use move to get the safe of the forms, as you can see in a lower deficits level. Then I go off and use clay builds up toe for example, in this guess this dented like lines. There's issues clay build up to feel there a business it is not going to visible because the head of the deaths, we don't have to do details in this area. Let's boost the basic forms. I think this on the stone in the eyes a little bit you didn't see. There's a gaffe when you move this Jake area on the gap. Gap is that Let's move those idiot back wagon, the mast I. And if we can take the friends that I has a very slant looking bottom ideally line. So just removed this area. It's not perfectly straight. I like this and make the eyes a little bit bigger. Um, okay, good. Uh, Mikel, bring this back a little bit. Move them forward. A So you can see I'm changing the both sides. Quite a bridge. If I want to change the big area, I need to select a bigger breasts. My breasts said that's more like cannot select and move big area That makes sense on its move this area so that that's sitting and I there. Okay, Miss better the list on off thing. This is the danced under breast there to get the eyebrows there when I needed is east pointed looking, lying. I used down Stender holding old like this right? You can see the city is looking the gorgeous tlhis mood it which stick their friends. We needle off. I leads to the sport that there So it's even better than before. So the next listen, we're going toe block the body like the face and we'll see again. We'll come back to the face and refined the pace and the year A bit more letter. See you there. 11. Sculpting the Hand: in this. Listen, we're going to sculpt the body, so let's start from the neck. As I can see, the neck looks flatten like looks odd to me as compared to the reference evidence there. It's beautiful drown. Let's try to do that so straight. This labeled off Meraz and the first rightto hold Alton tried toe. Think this the city. Our just no g saw that idea, too. Make it a narrow from the front view angle. It's a girl, so let's make it in narrow around the die from neck They're just and hold sit down smooth that they did a bit. Looks better. Okay, just go to us the finger there, you know, you can see the fingers are perfectly round it. There. You can see from there so or controlled. Sit on drug toe. Just isolate that idea. Go to learn level and used in flood for us to get the volume there. So now you can see the fingers have straight, but in reality, in relax porches and the fingers turned to ban the loop, it try to get that by just masking and rotating things. Let's take the masking brassieres by holding control and you can see the masking process appears and goto this stroke India and choose less total here so they don't get drag on. Did select the mascot of freeform way on control Click to reverse the mosque Illustrate the protect tool and drug Here on this road it a bit do the same thing with all those fingers there and full drug the brutal tool frog it from here and destroyed it there these two fingers trained to bend a little bit more So try to get that on. The most urbane finger is the later finger that this so it Obviously we need to manually trick a little bit more and you can bring this second wound. Just rattle getting the Syria more. Sometimes the stool doesn't work. Unit toe. Drag it again. I don't know whites happen, but as you can see, let's keep happening with me. Yeah, like this on select the city again. Yeah. So is it going to do the same thing with all these fingers? And let's put the bonus features here. If you take your own hand, you can see the bony landmark there. Just studying at the is. Yeah, okay. This they're on the bone of this Tom here, knuckle. Just for that, I'm just trying to pull the indication of the Snapple's. Here's well, very rough. Just playing the guessing. Okay, so it looks much better. Obviously, we're going to refine it letter, but in this case, it's OK for now. So let's move on to the next lesson. Who keep We're finding the body, so see you there. 12. Refining the Hand Sculpting: in this lesson, we're going to refine their hand a little bit more. So let's try now. The hands looks a little bit blocking because we have not defined the fingers yet. There's more nails right now. Ah, no knuckles. The Senate of the bomb is very kind of lucky in right now. So let's start from the London is tryto collection reference before you actually scald so that you get the idea. Actually, toe do the muscles and the basic SEPs. So let's start from the underneath of the bomb media so that protect the build clay buildup Brust there on, and make sure you're reflects any stoned on because we want to do both boat and at the same time. So just if you find this point on the other side, then it's there. If you don't find in press extra Donald Adamson. So let's try to bring this this, uh, no kind off balls area. As I said, if you don't feel comfortable sculpting, you don't know how toe what to do, then find some reference. In essence, Jake, you hand and that's again in three D difference You've got in front of your eyes. Just look at your hand. Where is carved and we're not going to create very realistic and here because it's a cattle in character. So just try to get the real form. That would be enough for this case from my looks. Better let's do you find the tumble to bit because now it's look very, very out off safe there. So this gun also press control and sit on. Just isolate that idea and go to sub to don off the eyes of the selector body is subtitled so that everything except a selector object being hidden there. Okay, now let's create this knuckle city a little bit. Just bowls our those. Sorry if you hear my pen tablet strokes. So a lower likely. Let's just clear this strong seer on Let's are some knuckles there, you know, finger. We have to bone stairs or just two knuckles. The 1st 1 is a bit too from unit here. That's right. You can also go up to a division level by blessing deaky, or you can go just to go up so that you get a little bit more divisions toe walk with I just who's called two knuckles. It's a big round safe. So just move your mouse cursor in a circular motion to get that and then just created long stroke their service because it's the born there inside. To get that said, then we can also smooth tacked on the end. I mean, after it's called the serious the smooth that a little bit when you smooth. If you find it's smoothing a lot, lot more, don't try to just decrease the smooth, indented the whole sit and then go to the intensities. Decrease this value here so that it won't smooth that most off. Okay, so just we can see. Obviously, it's a little bit exaggerate it, But do I think what we want? We want that in. Gary gets off, got from me thing. But if you don't want just smooth, smooth a little bit more on this side, we need to pull some decline Lions. There is less chance this brush toe gansta underdressed there so Presti and choose the dance stronger bras. And let's put one deep line this bottom side of the knuckles just find the knuckle slender . So let's go to a division level high so that we get some details there, like this That is put and all those fingers. Let's put the 2nd 1 large. Well, there like this, Just okay, so we can all support toe one here on some. Maybe this idea can just souls saved under smooth a bit. You can also put one line here on a smaller it. Okay, not looks better. Now let's create this nearly s a just It will go back to the play builds up. And this idea that we go down to the gypsum level there, let me tell you the nail in one finger because George to take some time. So I'll do all those things in between this lesson. So So let's do this and nail. So to do this nail, you can just mask this area called control and just mosque the nail area. Just imagine. See, has weird some nail polish or something like that. Do that. And what we're gonna do is just make sure it's in the right place there, thinking which don't to the site. We'll get through mosque, then just control and click on the outside to reverse the mosque. Unless let's take the move tool here and move a little bit. That idea insight like this. Okay and little mask again. But this time just a little bit inside their on and in divorce it this time. Let's move outside. Dr. Remove this This idea. Loop it outside and tried toe. Keep that idea. They're so just like this. Obviously, we don't have much polygons there, so we have to divide it again. So let's divide it. Let's try to divide it thing. Switch to the choice of discernible. It's because actually have hidden some part of the body. So just we need toe hold control seat on Glicken. The outside idea to get those back, then divide it. I ain't saying it. Declare Mort are bacon or layers. Let's go. Blair and Vague Ola just lifts. Obey this order, then divided. Now get the details. We may need to smooth that. Add a little bit like that. Let's use the damn standard toe. Just define that idea. Still, you don't have that most belligerent. It's OK because he has enough in four million considered too much. Let's just subbed in a bit. So in. By this way we just do the nails and if every finger Andi, you just need to do these things with this hand because we're doing with the symmetries. I'll get this sign. This is it for this lesson. And in the next lesson, we're going to do the knee. Andi, this ankle area, obviously we don't have the foot, so you have to move and kind off fit that with that. So area. So see you there. And so let's do that in the next class. 13. Sculpting the Leg: Okay, let's do the knee and the ankle area. So this first stone on everything here. So just click on the I A gun here, let's take the clay build obras. So I kind of used this brush to block all those muscles and basic forms. But you can use clay and in some different Ross as well. So I like this Brussel. Let's tank that. Let me go to the mess There you can see it's exactly lined up with the band. Find that s O for the knee. Again, it's a video for the new uses again. This move your been in a circular motion to get us need wrong video there on its bring the car figure behind. So if you see the late from this angle side angle you see the gulf area and the partisan of the don't muscle there so you could go back to a different level and so that can individually block those safe. If you can take the image, you can see it's very thin leg on. Don't we have heavy live weight and yeah, kind of leg dances make it a little bit more dinner so real quick, Just try to get the name back area there and the cuff. Okay, so let's move this area down in the bitches by using the move tool, Alice, because the process so that we can smoothly dragged the whole idea there like this. Try to to get the pudding. And as you can see, there's a very big gap between the Sioux on the leg. So what we'll do is we'll give a take a part of the Sioux here in a in a part of the soup so it will cover that area. So that's fine for now. Illustrate global tough. Let's try to define it every more if you see it. Blake from the front angle, you can see this idea on the Born indicates in there. Well, it was a stone off the dress and that you can just focus this area. Probably. You know, we're getting there just sub to the city of bitch. And if you see the behind of the new, it's a two particle lying there on the very diff served there. Just we can just move this city a little bit so that it becomes a narrowed Westar ankle there. So again, just shake your reference images in between so that you make sure that you were going in the right direction. Just bring this city a little bit out a bit more inside. Okay, so from the side angle, if you check, we have the car figure here, which is not prominent right now in our models and just pull. This is deliberate outside. That's so by using the Communists and off move tool clay built off smooth, you get the overall form of the body. So okay, that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we're going to even come back to the face. We have to do the year radial a bit on the defining of the face in some like lessons. So let's do those in the next lesson. 14. Sculpting Ear: Okay, so let's refined the year for Let me hide it. But everything else the body. So let's take the move tool, and let's bring this area. Loop it like this. Let me go for division level lawyer. Full results and bring this Lis. We don't need this state here. It should be going straight to this aids. So let me take the little build of tool there. Mr. I do smoothest very a bit. It's kind of it like this. And we need Vejic state. The move. Toolan just pulled this idea to get the safe on. We can just refined the city a little bit again. We're not going to do a realistic human year here because you can do if you want, but let's make it God, who needs less detail? Just the hint off, rials. Realism there, uh, like this. Okay, kind of like this. So the subprime this back side a little bit on, and it's just pull this out a little bit like this again. Always go back to refer instrument if you have any doubt because okay, knowledge looks better than before. So still again just improvised this idea a little bit, but it's moving and this idea destroy toe connect This idea of it, you can see we don't have properties floor there. So we're getting a were kind off raisel there so smaller than a bit more kind of this. So go off on smooth in the next Listen, we're going to refine the face a little bit more in the live video on Dean Area and the eyes Ariel orbits over everything. Just refine the first. So let's do that in the next lesson. 15. Refining the Face: in this lesson, we're going to refine the face a little bit more. So let's start from the live. So let's take the clay builder tool and try toe supposed this area a little bit to get this saved there like this, and it's jiggly. Um, is it a bit this idea? Just a bit more. Let's take the damn standard. Bruce and Stroke give it a stroke to the live, but you can also take the standard breast there, run, give it a rest, aligned, then do the same thing with the bottom. Live the leaf doesn't have a SAR flying. It's kind of least. Take lane. They let Arsene volume to the live by just taking the clay builder process. Anise art, someone limb there. There are some volume to live and by doing the same thing, this you live. We have to sex and under Pattison in the middle. So this remember that and this area. This area is kind of ball safe. You can see now it's looking good. I live in defined a little bit more. Then let's declares the chicken elevate fills like two months for two. Using their power, I feel the ticket is going a little bit two white. Then let's take the move tool, cool, deployed, visit level and just move. This is a libit. She has a wild fares, but not that like coming outside. Then Okay, I think we're going in the right direction. So let's just go to the eyes area, every dollar on everything so that you can see dies and we don't want to see the specs and the capsule. It's go and find the speaks. I can see no we having like lords of objects, it is side them and strike to get die Cadet. So let's take that a little bit. The realistic science. Just bring this area and you can you take any? I am is I didn't see this safe, this kind of safe here on its full, this little bit back now Eyes doesn't have itself, is there? It's very blobby and very smooth. So let's are that self is there? So for that, let's take the H police bus. If you press edge delegate, the breast is the soccer that that verse. So let's take their bills and just praise that at the border in a different angle. As you can see if I just pulled that in the age I'm getting a very self play engines there is that one Then Now it's a better defined Okay, now let's put a deer dark area there. So let's take a different sub tool so we don't have anything there. So it's up. It's up in the spear. As you can see, the spirit is too big to select the spear and goto reformism and just drag this size to the left to decrease this peer sites just degrees degrees. Okay, now let's move. It can move for it from here, but let's use this move Tool Onda struck line and big the central idea and drug again. Let's move it forward and let's because the size of a bit more decrease the size a little bit more. Um, finally, let's put that they're inside. Okay, Now let's called on that to scald on the spear. You need to change this to a poly mistreated by clicking in this second, which is make polymers treaty. So let's take the clay build up and Labbadia this city elegant Need that must. Right? So two meter this to the other side. You need toe go to hear deformation, and it's click on the meter. But before that, duplicate it from here's a sleek here to duplicate on, Go to the formation and take on the meter. But on straight the access in this guests, which is exit is correct. Slickened middle toe. Get this so good to go now. The face looks better on in the next. Listen, we're still going toe toe the face a little bit more in the news area and kind off. I feel need some more incense or less to that in the next lesson. 16. More Refining on the Face: in this little going to refine the face a little bit more on. We're going to check the body if we miss something, So let's start from the face. So still, I don't like the eyes. If you check their friends image, you can see the upper carve is a little bigger and the bottom is very, very close to straight. And there's angle. So let's try to get that. Let's take the move tool Increase the breast size and destroyed pulled this city a little bit downward. Let's go toe. The Lord is a level under smooth. This turn on symmetry by pressing x moved this a little bit downward. So get that straight line on that upper golf there. And if you go to the side view, it feels like it's going a little bit of back Where two. Let's move that. Go forward like this and make sure it's it doesn't intersect there. Just now, it's looking better than before. Sometimes I use move. Top political Burruss this press that now it's better Then let's go up to it is and level and you can see this Lawry part is not defined yet. Probably Celeste straight clear build off Freidel post this Adele a bit to get that dif. Okay, so now we get this angle. Okay? If you go off the reasonable and stricken sees very sopped We needed many hearts. Heart is there forestry? Take the its police my blessing edge and its plant in this city a little bit. Look at the angle of the eyelid there after using days police destro smoothing that ideally big toe Fix any blood Penis on there. No, Louis, shake your model from different angles and try to find bloodiness on if you find in the smooth and write off knows police them. OK, now it's looking better. It's looking much defined. No honest defined the nose area a little bit. Let's take the damn standard brush here and good stroke and Donald Lazy Mouse so that you get ID Miss mood stroke. So this you can see No, you can also just increase the radius There Logie radius. So di lasers and the leather stroke. So you get more smooth stroke on you get more control. The strong Like this? No. Who? No, it's defined there. Okay, Let's, uh let's hide everything except the body. You can see on the forehead There is a very old save going on right right here If you can see from the angle for us. Tried to smooth that. Thanks. Gold wedding in Lourdes division level. If you try to smooth sometimes it find a hard time Do smoothing that idea like this. So in this case, I'm not going to smooth. I take that spotless. All you can use trim, dynamic as well. So this to flatten those idea so you can see there. Is it dif lines? So hold Ault and use your dance turn. Use your dream dynamic, Russ on double that to flatten that idea. So I'm just using Kim Dynamic would hope, all holding. So it's making the holes office flat. Okay, so better than before. Here's the end of this lesson and in the next lesson, we're going toe create some skin. A smaller details were not going to use any alphas and the character because it's a stylus character. So you want to use You can use that, but in this case I'm not going to give her any skin roughness of rough details. So I'll just walk on the leaf and some fingers knuckles so we'll do those in the next lesson. 17. Lip Surface Detailing: in this lesson, I'm goingto bring some details into the lip by using them standard brawls and some man Willbros do that before I sculpt. Let's great layer so that again easily are just that opacity are. We can don't off that if you don't want that letter, so let's give it in them. Leave detail on its start sculpting Silent in the liberty or you see a lot off wrinkles. So let's first don't off the symmetry. I don't want symmetrical lines there, although you can use that. But the strike will do that. Asymmetrical. Let's choose the damn standard. Bruce. Let's give it the intensity. Schumer Sage. Just put some line here and there. I tried toe make it the on event on the very casual just and in the kernel. Lydia. The in transition idea. We can pull some angular lines toe create kind off diamond sable, crisscross wrinkles. These are found in this transits entity and most of the time, So just for, uh, I'm trying to do it very subtle. I don't want to give it in prison off dryer, cheap lips. So this try to get the video certain. Look, sports and crisscrossed line You can also put some lines on this area on if you feel it's like needing smoke that that element. So it's not that Defines assist. They said a look. Okay, now the lip looks a bit realistic and fulsome line here and there to get those crisscross effect. Okay, so is John. In the next lesson, we're going to do the same thing with the finger, so let's do that in the next lesson. 18. Finger Detailing: Okay, let's try to do the same thing with the finger knuckles. Okay, let's take the damn stranded again on and I try to create those wrinkles on the knuckles. Well, let's take a new layer. Try to put every different details in different layer separately so that you can add just that independently, Solis like this and name finger with the damn standard. Russ, just try to He had something like this and tryingto get something like this. And he has, well, one or two, maybe. And don't do it in a very symmetrical manner. You can say it's a kind of locking and years resettle. Yeah, do the same thing here. Struggle. You can see you is still you don't have documents off polygons. Yes. So once you put this deep lines, then the next thing is just straight The normal standard bras and right all in fled descent centrally as a little bridge. Just imagine, like the skin is getting a little bit volume there. This'll go back to the damn standard and okay into the scenting Here. Try to blend this idea little bit by adding wantedto the next listener going to are some very religion skin details to the first to see you. There 19. Skin Detailing: during this lesson, I'm going to. So you how toe do the skin details without using any Alfa, although you can use any Alfa but that Misoi, with some different manual techniques to create good looking skin details. So let's start that from creating a layer first. So there's click here to get the lead and after the layer has been created this big on the name of sin, there to give it a name. Solis the skin. So let's just start from the best skin details. So let me down off the some tools. Okay, so let's press choose the standard brush there. I don't want to say in the standard brush us, So let's go to Brussels and clone the bus. It's not necessary district, but if you don't want to change any press settings, let's take the standard dress and let's go toe goto, alfa and choose. You can choose any of the noise kind off alpha. So in this case, I'm like using this Alfa Jiro eight, and it's kind of a noisy Alfa unless gent is toe spray. So now exchange of breath sites Who knew drug? You can see the skin details. There you can also hold seat, and you can smooth that a little bit. Do get rid of that clear detail, so I can. You can use that with the symmetry less to back in the side as well consist. So it's kind off a best skin matting everywhere the base niceness of the skin. Obviously, the skin is not not the same everywhere. It has different regions, different details. So we can are those latter by just using some different Alphas are different techniques. It was just tried to feel this everywhere. Small, deliberate. Then we can do again. Then again, just stand the precise to a little bit bigger, and you can just change this, just the sub, and we can use that to create some pores can use, he saw. And let's take the breast. Bigger American drug here in these areas, you can see as you can see, it's like spreading all over the place. So let's change spray toe drag so that we can drag anywhere we want. That's so lived. More control. Most of the time, visited office has a little bit bigger pores are on the Nordea, so that's pretty glad that in this case way. Don't want so much rough skin like a man has just smooth Liberte Everything on there. Very subtle details. Sorry for the pain tablets sound just. And you can also use different alphas like this one. And you can just drag to get a mall here and there in the skin. But against change this tool drag spot again. Stint this and tends to d I begins this drag and drop dropping more someone the first. Okay, so with this, Listen, we completed the character body sculpting on in the next sex, and we're going to start with the cloth sculpting. So see you in the next sex and where we're going to sculpt the cloth. 20. Using polygroups to split Meshes: Hi. In this sex on, we're going toe sculpting the desert under band. In this lecture, I'm going to spread the tea set and the band into different subtitles. Now there they're both in a single subtitles. If we select them by holding old and click, you can see it's a single subdural here to split it. We need to go to split sex in here. Andi, we have some absence here in order to us plated properly. I need to first fully groove it so they have some called groups plate on. But what it does is it says the poly groups, and it divides are split according to those poly groups. So if you don't know what is a bully group, if you press it F, we'll see it color on. If you see a single color, that means it's a single bullet group. The polygraph is a continues its election off faces, so now I need toe make the tea, set up single polygraph on band, a different polic group, so that then we can use this stool. Ah, groups played Upson toe separate, split them as a different Saptari. So let's first make those different poly groups goto this polygraph sex in here, explain it, click on auto groups so it will. You don't see every parts, and it will make them a different poly groups. So now you can see the front of the third on the back of the sort of different police groups because they're not connected. Persist that different pieces. So when we import that from MD, which is Barbara Susanna? So these areas that the ceiling areas are not welded, so that's why it is front face, back face. All these pieces are just snaps there, but they're not welded there, so it's a different pieces. So after creating the auto groove Tulis Whole Control sit and click on any of the poly groups here like this. So we get this so it's control. Sit on Dr. Outside, Let's controlled, saved and click this one, This one, this one. So basically I'm hiding those objects. Now I have just a band. Let's group visible so it will just make it a single group of the proof visible. But so let's who will control sit and brother outside to switch to the different on. Then again do the same thing. Group writable Also, it can use your sort card with this control W to group visible. So let's hold control. Sit and click outside toe get whole mess. So now you can see the certain abandoned different Bali groups, but they're not yet different Subtitles So now still there a single subtitle but having a different poly groups. So now we can easily spread them using groups place So it will look the poly groups and split them into different parts for different subtitles For the Sligon here on it. It's asking about this confirmation because it's it's not an honorable a person toe. Make sure you got rightfully groups. Okay, on now we can see in are subtle palate. We have two different subtitles. So this is the way toe split your single subtitle into different parts by using poly groups . So in the next lesson, we're going toe dynamics it to feeling this holes in our mess 21. Using Dynamesh to Close Holes: Hi. In this Listen, you're going to learn how to close this holes this sort of sleeve holes. And if you hold sit and two sculpted thes areas, you can see these are not well there as well. So we're going toe close this holes and wielding this point. Let me under here. So let's first. Well, this points so too well this point. You need to go toe geometry. Sexton, Andi, Click here. More effect. Apology. You'll see an option called WellPoint's clicking here. It should will your snap points. If you're now, hold seat and skulled in these areas. You can see you suit, See actually, is a welded. So now those air well, that now let's close this holes Soto close This holds we need toe make this mess Intuit animus. Actually, I don't want that. I want to keep this mess as a separate place so that I don't lose any of those details. So let's duplicate it first. So go to subtle palate here on Glicken duplicate toe duplicate That mess you can see we have to mess is there. Then select the bottom one on and go toe geometry and Donald Dina miss here expand the view , and you can just click here to Dan emits. Make it anonymous. So when it gun, but you can see the holes are close to now. Every the neck and the sleeve holds the bottom holes. Absoluto close this because off baking we're going to make it locally and will beg it. So that time it's it will be very useful not to help those holes. So now it's denim. It's But there is a new problem, which is not having those details, right. So it's now very low Billy kind of things. And so, in order to get those details back into this mess, we need to protect those details here. So before I project, I want to make it it clean mess. Now you can see the loops are going everywhere in this area. As you can see, Andi, obviously we don't have a clean loops around the arms here. So before actually I present those back and details into this mess, which has no holes, we need to re mess it to get those proper loops so inner don't get those votes. Just goto Zama Tree and Goto the TV mess of category on you can sit here around one K or something. Then this Clegg's eerie Messa. It's to make your object very clean. Top Alozie. And you can see now we have very surrounded some collect apology. So now this basis Ready toe project. Back those details on in the next lesson. We're going to do that exactly. So see you there. 22. Projecting Details back: okay, in this lesson, we're going to project all those details back into this mess. So as you can see by Danna missing it and re missing it, we lost a lot of details. We have the original mess on top off the new Mexia on. What do you need to do? Is just inside the sub tool done off everything to select the bottom one, which is my new mess. The previous old original maces on top here. So just follow this medicine in here. So then don on this set. So we have the original one and new cleaned the apology one. So once you do you do this. Then let's go Project. So go to project category here inside sample ballot to expand this project on what you do is project every subdivision levels. So we have the single subdivision levels right now for our new mess will select the new mess selector Numerous first on go to geometry and divided first, So divide as you is Are you need So in this case let me divide this on when you divide, you can just look for this value here, Which is it says one like 60,000 something. Let's divided. It's a more flick. Maybe this one. So then, let's pro start presenting. So for a new project, project toe every suburbs on levels, it's very important that you project every divisions level so that it snaps properly. So first, go to the lowest divisions level and let's go to our subtle ballot. And could you project all to make sure the orginal Mrs So means it's not hidden? So let's project all right now. So it's so it's being sown and the selector mess is going to be protected. Get the possession. So let's click on Project All So now again, See? Okay, then let's go toe the next divisions level. You can also jump toe by oppressing D and actually, I'm going to do that. So this again go to present and use it all. Then again, goad on the press de toe go to the next level of history and then lose it all again. Okay, so let's make sure we have completely all those. Yeah, now if you hide our orginal mess now again, See, we got our way. We got our details back. But if you see closely, you'll see those little triangles there. It's not because if we have less Gemma Tree, we have lot of genital, actually. But this is because off the orginal miss Sips, because that method strangle steps so way just need toe. Actually, in order to smooth it, you can just hold seat and just you can smooth this way. But let me tell you a quick way to smooth the whole mess. So by going to performance and tab here on, let's police this one. Just increase this Polish value a little bit on religion mouse. It's a political mess. As you can see, just I need to make some more police Onigen. When you do this, you can also be in this lure division level so that it's help us toe. Let me actually go back. So let's go to a Blue Division levels before actually police geometry. Okay, let's go to four divisions level go toe deformities and and right again, police. This time it will affect more so you can see we got the details back. We make it. We play look closed. We close the holes there on. Now it's a mess, ready to sculpt, so let's do those same process with the band as well, and I'll meet you in the next lesson where we're going to start sculpting. 23. Projecting Details Back into Pant: hi in this. Listen, I'm actually going to do the scenting with this pant. As I said earlier at the end of the previous lesson, I'm going to start the sculpting, but I thought, and we're doing those lessons that I should. So you again, that process with the band so that you can and seed Poole says on and, you know, get more confidence by doing a advising those again with this band. So So let's try to wrap up the whole things in this single lesson. So I'm going. I'm going toe, do it a little faster, so let's see. And if you have any doubts, you can repeat the listen again. You can see the lesson economic, and so this track So first thing I'm going to do is welding. If you can remember, just goto, let's go to geometry, sex in here and go to more effective floozy Click on World points so that all those points are wilder. Then the second thing is, let's go to sub tool and duplicate this mess, duplicate it and select the bottom one. So let's make it the dynamics. So goto jim a tree and go to dynamics sex and click Anonymous. So we got the dynamics after Denham is Let's Dude, that he meant something to get the proper topology. So go toe Jerry Messa and change this. Where Lou From five to around, close to one so that we don't get him so much polygons there to click Angina mess. Andi use would get something like this. OK, it's good Richarlyson and good devolution. Then let's start projecting. So if I actually project when to subdivide it, subdivide sometimes like four fives, just make sure you have surfacing polygons here. Five. Black something now, and let's project back those details. So again, Donald Orginal mess on the original miss suit on top off the new Miss. Yeah, this is marginal MDMs. So then, when new project, make sure you have selected the new mess, which has a new top Alousi, Unless goto the project sex on inside subtle palate and let's goto the lowest divisions. First, I'm using sip deal. You can again use this later, so let's go toe present with the lowest subjects and first project. Also, I recommend you do the project for the lowest subjects, and first because I have seen a lot off errors when I try to project, um in in higher subjects and first. So just do that. And once you do that, then just go off by pressing D on and throws it all. President de Project All depicted till your last subdivisions levels. Andi. The process is going toe this slow when you go off to your lives and levels, so now it's projected. Then again, let's hide Arsenal mess this the new apology with the details, and you can see if I don't have the where friend again the same thing. It's Gordo strangle saves. So let's go toe deformities and on and on. Let's policy it. So this is the whole process of mine I used in my Berkson house. So to get all those details back, you can use this techniques with the dynamics as well. If you do something with Don Imus on, if you want to protect us into a new our new clean topology message, you can use this technical Gia after you do this absolute don't need all those orginal messes. So let's deal. It does select those, and it's delete from here. I did the start as well. Does not make sure you're deleting the original MDMs is deleted on. Now we have the sudden band which has very good topology which has big which has got those details from the MDMS on Ready Toby Sculptor. So in the next lesson, we're going toe start sculpting on the tea set, so see you there. 24. Refining Folds on T shirt: in this lesson, I'm going to refine the wrinkles a little bit more. Pretty good wrinkles in the body area. But if you see this hands, they're still looking like Celinda. So although I don't want very wrinkly hand there, but I need some wrinkles or basic forms to look like it's hanging or something like that. Andi, if you see these areas, they are not looking good. We can see these have hanging on. We don't want that. So let's to correct those things created layer. First, I recommend you to use layers smartly, so let's create those in layers so that we can are just those latter. Or if I don't want those, I can just hide those layers so you'll get a lot off benefits from having layer. So let's create those details in and layer. So first, let's go to the highest subjects and level, and it's created layer inside that the land you create make sure and which subjects and level you're creating those layers. That's great. The layer Give it a name. Speak on this name. Media. Andi, That's right, Ringel. Okay, let's start sculpting. Let me go toe the glory division levels. Onda Let's take the big label obras. Let's start sculpting. So if you see these areas, the tension point should be here on the solar. From this point, the search sort hang a little bit in this area. There's no there's nothing toe hold the blood. So to be very kind of hanging from there. So what I can do is let's hold old and let's put a diff lane in this angles like this. Sure, coming downwards there like this and this whole saved and smooth that any of it. One side, you concedes now looking like it's hanging from there and it can do the same thing on the bottom exist like that with the same thing with the back again. The pencil point is here. It should have like this. So I'm kind off pushing and pulling those areas. Don't put drastic falls in these areas because the character is going to like in the normal position in the game. And okay, so now you can see from these angles it looks like hanging from the dog and also emphasized this idiot. If it more, you can do this details symmetrical by just Donald your ex symmetry on the Strat sculpting , but I didn't do that, so I need to do it manually. So let's do it. We knew skulled process. I recommend you to watch lot off, amazes and tryto observe the falls behavior. In this case, I'm getting the green calls. Most of the rings from India mess and there's a very realistic looking Okay, so this idea looks a little bit. Were again this solar idea little sub to this ideal bit. They're stone on the X symmetry by pressing X key. Or you can go toe transform yah on down on the excitement reactivates made for here on Let's do the same thing here. This is the Benton point. And just or be the fooling blinds list realism like this. Then again, let's stop those things a little bit. I don't want that months off the city is Looks are that's smoke back here. Okay, so now it's looking better on back side. You can see the city is like every storyline. That just Scott, this is a deliberate like this something a bit. Okay. The last thing I do like to do is correcting these things. Let's take the move tool. They move toe this move This inhabit award some smooth back subbed a bit. We'll do the scenting the front. It's a kind of hanging there. Pull this down a bit. These areas are little blood is in this called Tried to our this kind off blob Penis So most of the back lines doesn't happy with this kind of deterrence. So make sure your model is very clean on and for size. Lee Self on Smooth um, tryingto get rid of this blow Venous those backward a bit, as you can see now it's pretty good. Okay, and then it mean just isolate this up tool on. Let's flatten these areas a big toe care to self. It is back. So there's goto the dream dynamic or you can use its policies. Bless as well. So stick this and it's flatten these areas a little bit. Okay, kind of this. Then again, smooth house inside of it. You can also flat let me donut the symmetry and just put my blender. Okay, so it's better. So little down everything Okay, that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, I'm going to do the hello. These colors and the bottom area You can see it is a flat right now. So we need to move them to this inside of the slaves that a little bit inside so that we can We don't see this flatness here, so we'll do that in the next lesson. 25. Making Sleave holes: okay in this class, we're going to create a slave holes because we obviously don't want this flat ideas there. So let's first create a layer. It's click. You give it a name, something sleep holes. Okay, the let's mask on. Move these areas a little bit worse off. So storm makes your your symmetries on so that we just need to do one side. Then let's it must dizzy and mask those by using the master for local control. And you can see I'm just spending the mosque here. You don't have to be. Besides tryto meant in it. Same offset there on hold control and all. If you want to just something like that in this, let's invite this masked by holding control and click outside. So OK, good. Then it's, uh, refined this city a little bit, will control, and so it looks good. Then take the move tool and drag Here. The move. We can move inside there like this again. We don't want to move that till here. You just need to move still here because when you make the globally for the game, we'll make this desert go and then come with the hand So this will be fine. Like this? Oh, yes. The same can see the problem because we don't have a very symmetrical, symmetrical started beliefs. Assist makes your your mosque is perfect before you move. Actually, Solis. Yeah? Just unmask those area by control and old on Bright Nam. Nor do Jing symmetry. So you can see Syria has a little bit. Just makes your the in between is totally filled with black color. So right now I think we're ready to school control and click outside doing bird the mosque . Then take the move tour. Let's do it one by one again. I can use the symmetry there. Move it off. That must to you. Okay, So do the same thing with the neck and this bottom area. So I do those in between lessons. So in the next lesson, we're going to do with same lines. Same lines off slaves on the bottom for the color. So see you there 26. Masking for sleves: in this. Listen, I'm going toe Create the seams for the slaves Neg on the bottom here. The way you can do is you can use danced and Herb Russ, you can just puts lines. Can this on? If you do this way, let me saw you. If you're doing this process this, make sure you turn on the lazy mouse here on you. Just increase the lazy radios so that it delays the stroke. Onda strokes would be much, much smoother than you can use this technique and make sure you do this in a separate layer . Obviously, you can use this technique if you want. So let me tell you how to use this. If you go inside this age luv category, you can see there's a groups loop, so I'll tell you how to use this to get this kind of thing. So let's for that. Let's first duplicate our sock tool because we're going toe who loves those division levels . Otherwise it won't work. Duplicate this on the Dolph. I'm working on the top level. The tough subtitle there. Let's go gold with division levels and deal. It means we cannot use this group slopes when you have subdivision level, so makes your you diligently lawyer. And now it's saying you have layout stunned on, So let's first on again. If you have layouts in the recording more, you can cannot go laughed those upped also, so make sure you bake also that you get those details. You don't lose details. Just notice you don't actually delete the less if you delete, the less you lose the details inside that layer. So just big also that those details come to the surface on Let's Go to geometry, Andi Literally. So I'm working on the duplicate. It's up to write or marginal Subtitle is still there, so just make sure we don't have any subdivision levels and layers. Next thing I'll do is so let me don't off this orginal sort there. The next thing we're going to mask these idiots. So if I breast sit, if you can see we have a single bullet group, so we need polygrapher for this group looks Upson. So let's so I need to mask this sleep. Seem lines. So let's mask those down on that symmetry so that we can we're doing the boat sane, so then go to move and hold control and drag old control and drag to get the mosque on. No gun. See, we get the mask very quickly. According to those, it's lose their then just goto masking good Upali groups here on use this group by mask Absence Group must. So we'll get him bulletproof for the masking India you can see on. Let's do the same thing the site will control. And Robert, when you do this, just tried toe get the same thickness here. So control drag like this just makes you It's about the same thickness. Again, again, Just just again Click and this group mask. Also, you can just press control the blue for them. It will give you a nice Polly groups there. So now we have three Bali groups going on do the same thing with this color as well. So let's let's hide everything else that we can see probably do the same masking thing here . So restrict this move toe full control and drag. Sometimes it won't give you a proper wrestle because of his loops. We have so but most of the time it works. So this will be to try, Let me ask this Sadia monolith. Well, control and go do freehand! It said here on Let's don't on the lazy months here as well so that we have some like this began. Also usedto symmetry in symmetry may not work because off the symmetrical object we have this makes you this'll try to make make it same thickness all around the neck There. I just feel this area once You don't know this just on off this ledge Imo so that we can quickly just spend hold control And don't off this ledge, Mohs so that it won't delays the stroke toe feel this area just makes todo it nicely filled off. And now I can just press control w together Polygraphs out of the mosque. So do the same thing. I'll bottom there. Let's try to use the move mask. Absolutely hope it works this time here. So let's see an old control and drag from here. Just keep drugging. Keep drugging. Yes, yes, Just just give dragging until we get the same close to same thickness like this. Obviously at the back side, you can see it's not proper, so we need to make a bitch again. Go toe, hold control those. So we're control. Go to stroke on Donald Letterman's on, then hold all to just one mosque. Dizzy areas on. You may need Don off the symmetry as well as you can see this This is not symmetrical. Let's try toe. Get a nice mosque. Let's make sure your thicknesses all it on close to Sim there. Okay, so then press control W toe, get a mask out of that. Okay, So we were done with this masking. The next lesson. I'm going to actually Greer those same lines, So see you there. 27. Creating Seam Line Using Group Loops: Hi and this. Listen, we're going to create the same lines of the sleeves and the colors on the duplicated. Subtitle. Onda Next lesson. We're going to clears pre Prozac to those on back toe original mess. So let's get started. So as you can see, we have 2/3 on. And if I just I select this and if I had a friend sipped F, which is the sewing Polly goof, you can see the Bali groups on. We have done all these things last lesson. Solis. We start the process of creating same lines. What I'm going to do is, could the geometry saw palette expand That and go toe is love category here and Clinton groups low. Think about it and it should give us vitrines excimer between poly groups. Now, if you go in closer, you can see there's a different poly groups. Between this part on, we have we have that things all over the place means so we have that thing all over this area, like the color and whoever we just kept to Bali groups. We get a different group loops between them. So what you are going to do is the select that elite group on Mask that out. So just let me go closer here so that we can select that Polly Group on to select the polygraph full control. Sit and click on that. The centre back it's makes you just cold control seat and click on that part. So once you see like this, then control click outside to mask this whole Bali groups. And right now we got selected this idea and the neck and the other side of the hand on the bottom of the day, sir. So once remarks, then let's hold control. Sit and click outside to get back all those things on you can see. Now it's masked. If Isis stormed off the bulletproof, you can see this mosque on. We need to just increase this mosque a little bit by going to this masking. Supple it here and click on Grow Mask Do list to grow the mask a little bit, and you get this subject transients. And there. If you need some tightness, you can just click on the sapper mask here and again. See now the mask is elevate wider. No, let's who will control and click outside any blank area to reverse the mask while you can use in Valencia Now we have ready tothis in flooded inside So go toe go to deform essence of ballot here I'm just and select this in flat So let's put some minds inflated values so that it it puts us all the sport This is inward So let's put minus one here. Okay? Oh, you can just drag and check for the U What amount you like you need so in. This guy's minus one is working for me So let's see No again. See, I have got to see him here, here and in these areas I just selected this one but because the Poly Group waas same so governments elected everything. And now if you can see I just need toe smooth this area a little bit So let's go police this area a little bit And if I just if I control and drive outside I get rid of the mosque 1,000,000. See, I gotto master on. I can just smooth live it by this holding sit and dragging the mouth to get a smooth But when you do this makes you you have cemented for that side so now it's not. So let's don in the symmetry on its whole sieved on BRAC. Here you can see the mess is a little has a little blah venous here. So this. Use the move tool and excuse the move tool year for this, every element is back. And like that on, let's do the same thing with the neck whole Safety grounded Who? Andre stood the bottom part of the desert. I also could have done this by just putting it down Standard brush on my original mess. But with that technique, Dalton humanities is very hard to create a very smooth, continuous loop all around the mess like we have here. So that's why sometimes used this group loops technique and then ripped reject those details back into our main orginal mess. So that's it for this lesson on. In this lesson, we learned how to use this group loops technic inside. This is the category Onda. We learn how doe use that technique to create. Seems so in the next lesson, we're going to re project this details back into our marginal mess 28. Projecting Details Back to the Mesh: okay, in this lesson, we're going to re project this details back into the original miss. So let's tone on the orginal mess and this mess it now just plead in the eyes of the original mess. Make sure you have selected the there's no mess and you have sown the the maze, which which has the same lines and select those on this. We present those details. So when you re Prozac, when you project back Max Syria projecting every subdivision levels go back to the present levels right now have selected orginal mess, which doesn't have the same lines on I'm in the subdivision levels one. So let's re present that go to sub tool on Goto project. Get over here on make sure you have nothing else displayed just marginal maze and the same to mess on this project all on, and men take some time here as you can see getting projected. Then the next step is again. Go back and go to the next division levels on again, prosaic back to to good practice so that you get all the details back into every division levels. So now again go to jump to the awful level by hitting D or you can go there. So again, project all. So start from the front division levels then go off. Work again. Go off, Project all repeat this process till the end of the subjects and levels on. You can see it must slow process as you go higher and higher. Was it all? So as you can see now, it's taking a lot more time than the first citizen levels project. Because now no need to snap many vortices, so give it some time. And we had the subject on labels as well. So now we don't need this mess anymore, So just really that Okay, so you may need you may need to tweak a little bit here and there, but that's fine. So from the next lesson, we're going to start grading the band. So see you there, guys 29. Pant Basic Forms: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to start sculpting on the plant. The first thing I'm going to do is that's for us, Jake. The French images. Yeah, you can see the band, uh, comes under the needs. Andi on the band is a little waited in the leg, and it's kind of fluids, so we need to make the all those details by adjusting our skulled. So let's take the move tool and let's are just a band of it. Are you going to see before I tell you, Do you can see this rough details on the plant? So it's not because off low polygons we have on the parent, it's because of the process we did the projecting physics and process. We deal from the marble speeds on that. It's hard, this kind of details, even though our model have, you can see a lot of polygons here. Still, we called those details projected into on this mess, so in this case we need to smooth this bit and gun, do it manually, but by holding, sipped and smoothing the But you don't have to do it everywhere because you can see it's everywhere, so let me tell you a different way. Goto reformism Andi could a smooth slider on just right that the right side on. As you can see, it's like making them object a bit smoother. Just keep dragging. It are. You can use the Bullis ob sunny as well, so police does a little bit better than smooth this policy, and you can see now it's better. Let's take the move tool. It's created layer first on, then struck the move tool you see, like the move to lands drug and create those proportions struck this to the bottom of the needs. You can get the plus size bigger and distract to the bottom of the needs on. Make sure you are making it from the side angle. Odgen. Just move it off this aerial bit backward on this is a terrible forward, so kind off. We need to make it a little bit lose on. Let's bring this down, bring it down and just make it a little closer. Make sure you are taking from all angle there. Just keep on adjusting till you get the proper look. Basic, like the concept are, just move. Keep doing it to smooth this area a little bit so that that doesn't make the attack Chris Line school, this city there back wire. You know, you're almost there. Just we need to tweak a little bit more. Just makes you it looks good from every angle. Soul don't gripped doctorate, single angle. This makes your every from every angle. It's working. Andi, you can see you get rid of this triangle, say, on the bottom. Executed, small done ground Just moved over and made a little bit to get rid of this blob Penis on. We're almost there. And now it's close to the concept. Still a long way to go. We're going toe cleared. All those wrinkles on the pockets, of course. So I think that's you can see. That, he said, is like penetrating to the pants. Let's move this and just put this out. Onda stood the same thing with the back. Just bullet outside a bit. Yes. Okay, so that's it for this. Listen, in the next listen, we're going to start sculpting the wrinkles on the pant suit. There, guys 30. Pant Front Folds: So in this class, I'm going to start the falls. So let's first start there, creating from a lair. Give it the name called fold or something like that. I'll illustrate this leveled obr us and start scolding the false and look at the reference . Um, it's and here you can see the falter being beast to us, the center there and usually that's happened with the band. So let's create some falls in districts and Andi the center conduct the lake is the dense and idea which were like pulling the falls and creating those falls there. So that would be like a little bit narrower. And it goes to us, the leg and it being whiter, less intense. So it's do the same thing in the side. But let's tryto do a little asymmetrical. Don't exactly do it symmetrically, so try to make a bit asymmetrical by doing it manually on so you can see here. I'm just going back and forth to the reference image and just taking whether I'm going right detects on lock. So here you can see some obviously stress wrinkles that there that state area so you can expect those kind of details on. Let's put some details here, Jewel. So in this case, I'm using clay. Build up, began use almost any bras toe. Create the force also, as long as you know the falls or region where it's being pulling or where is the tents and area. So that's fine. So let's take those and live it smooth little bitch. Um, because you can see it's like getting out looking good. Let's make it the Syria smoother. It's since this brush toast under on Let me so you a different approach to create falls goto the death here on edge again. See here the gravity Upson, just bring this gravity up And what it does is when you make that when you put that value it rise toe, pull the waters this downward. So you get the more wet, like failing on your fault. That's very important. So right now we can see much effect because the values very low there just let's give increasing the value. Andi, you can see another falls that if you just right here, you can see the difference. It's being pulled to our store ground or towards bottom so it gets more sense off gravity or more sense off wet on your four. He's just essence alto look realistic, so it's a very good approach to create falls. Just put some smaller falls. Try to vary all those falls different week the different length and just avoid making all the folds look same like same length. Same with on same intensity. That's right, right? Oh, very. All those things. And sometimes big nets make a mistake off doing a full on a cylinder like body. So do falls, but at the same time make a mess a little bit. No, give it the bigger SEPs off different medicine. Let's try to here. I'm trying to just deformity a big on to create a big form. This done off this gravity and that and restrict the move tool and move a little bit to create those forms. I'm I was talking about this. Don't just put falls on a cylinder likes office, because you if you see a band from bottom, you can see bigger forms on Does will be there with the falls. Let's make this city as this hanging. It is a bit lose. Make it the best smolder. Let's move this aerial, but Let's take this. Moved a political brass on. Move it on with this. Plus, as you can see, it's move with the tough eulogy so it doesn't affect other side, which is very good in in this kind off situation. Let's move this inhabit. You can see it's getting to go there, but still it's not perfect. Yet. You need to give to again. Give off watching your friends amaze if you up some good realistic moments. Those those are very good to look at and effectively refined this ring. Girls are a bit basically folds or wrinkles is more intense from the origin, so or doubt being Chechnya, you can say the Ford can't be the same intensity from start Rafinha's. Put that and just put some stress kind off effect here. Yeah, just just to solve the stretch or pavements of the band there. Now it distracting to look better. So yeah, that's it. That's it for this lesson. And in the next listen, we're going to do some more fools in the backside and 31. Extracting Pockets: in this lesson, I'm going to do the pockets. So let's do those by masking on extracting to a different subject. So if you can see this Booker's these are the same rectal seps. So the idea off doing those is scum. Ask those and extract those two different subtitles. Let's first turn on the symmetry, so press eggs for that. Then let's just mask those safe this total control and select like this. Come ask it like this. Then go toes up to ballot here on inside that sub propeller. Go to extract. Explain that you can see here. There's an obstacle extract. Let's click on that no agency swing Republican. This It's gonna solve the thickness of that extracted. But still it's not yet extractor, so you can see this technique. See, appoint. General Boo is looks like a little bit too much to me, and C cause most of the clothes they're just nice job on the single storage, so less keep some lower value there. One general to Lexie or NGO one on this dry extract. No, I can see it's a little bit Law export 0.15 The mere value off when you're 211 extracted. Yeah. So now it's accepted. Who nuclear gonna set you? Actually? God, you get the He's a different sub Bolivia concede Extract the select that here, inside the subject. Balich then Logan. See, It's must. But except this is area is dead because unit toe smooth in the area. So goto the deform isn't gavea. And let's polis it like this to like give it of those lines The next step I want to do Let's undo it No, you see? It's if you take it his loose It's not that you sable So let's make it It's controlled drug outside to get rid of the mask. Let's go to geometry. I'm called the GV Messa. Let's dig this This get value falling until I get here toe say 0.5 or something on Glicken Geum s. So this is the polygon count it's gonna have. So if you put here bigger value, you will get a lot of polygons in your new Moez. So let's I don't want a lot of parliament against moved that. So as you can see, if you guard the then pocket but deal yet it looks like having a lot of Providence. So let's undo it. Let's put a low value points this time point to Gina Messa. Okay, now it's better, but you can see the little bloodiness there. So let's take the move tool quick and let's destroy. Do get rid of those bloodiness by adjusting those points by using the move. Tune on. We're ready to go there. So this is my way toe like duplicating somewhat as a different subtitle by this masking and extracting to a difference of Philip to that, I just used Easy Miss a tool to help me to be the good loops there so that it's get smooth properly and I got the proper saved there. So listen to the upper part of the pocket, the falling part here. So let's I can do the same thing there. Let down on this. Let's go back to the band here on external, this he's here and we can use again despite, but this time I'm going to just unmask this part. So let's go Cold control all this time to adjust. And this way, just because the first size and on musk DeSipio slim adults a little bit you don't have have to be so much precise in this point because you can always just smooth here, more extracted more than so, let's again extracted the same thing with the same Take Nexia llegan extract. As you can see here, I'm getting some like small polygons here. That means I have something here in mosque. So just to make sure whole controlled on Go here, go here and choose Dragon 10 Oregon twos, rectangle and now hold controlled. Then, Dr this idea makes sure you would like who don't have anything. Mast there. So click an extract on, then accept it as a different subject. Here we left do the same thing just on mask it by controlled writing outside and then go to geometry. DD messa pulled that same publican points point Jiro to, I believe Jerry Messa. Okay, let's start on that it all nice. And as you can see, it's again exactly matching with there. So we need to move that off Solar Select that. Let's take our move tool. Drag it on. Let's move it outside a bit. It's a little thicker than that's less. Then let's use the move or to draw and just the move. Move this. 80 instruments the pocket week there. Um, it saves it certain it should go. I there on If you have some kind off heaviness, that's totally fine for clothes. I think because it's gonna have some, it's not gonna be 100% straight. Exactly. So that's pie knitting. But it's who covered that. So this is for this lesson, and in the next lesson, we're going to refine the pocket a little bit more and I'll see you there. 32. Pocket Refining: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to refine the pockets a little bit more so let's straight in. Flat breasts. This I checking flat breasts this whole old and mega till the teen I don't want this intersecting. So smooth it a little bit of eso. Let's pick down on everything. Go to move. Okay, Now then, select this part on. Let's make this part as you can see, if you check the image, it's like thinner here. Tough on the top part here. It's like having the good. So let's do that. Makes your again to use symmetry like this. Select this part. This part will be on top of that pattern. It should go like this to connect here. That's morbid. First, this mosque, this idea, the move off dual from here. And let's move it. Yeah, we can also move on and choose the move tool and whole control and drag on this side. The mosque like this on and destroy a little more. They mosque still here? Then again, use that move tool this timeto legs move this unmasked area too late. Make it thine one like this, exchanging two free hands so that we can paint the mosque there just to like this. Can I refine these areas again? So let's move. These two parts control the to smoke it a few times. Andi, smooth it. 14 d. We can see this age is very hard there. So let's select it. Small it. But again, again, Just go there on did you message? Do you miss it? When one did a mess, you could deliver smolder Smooth it. Okay, so in the next lesson, we're going to do some fools on the pocket and the surrounding states periods. 33. Creating Pocket Seam Lines: in this lesson. Let's are some seem lines to the pockets, so let's select our mess on its check. If we have some pissant division levels now, it's suing 11,000 something. Anything? Yes, so let's are some more. So we'll divide it again. So it defends how much small details you want on this ban. But I think for if I would be fine, they're still find again. So I think this is surfacing. It's go and create a layer, but makes your you use layers Here It's Putin name called Seem lines. Okay on a list to does a strong off everything else. Let's take the damn standard brews here. Press de toe, fill the right. Stand stronger. Don't off the bullet from my He didn't save death. Foursome streets, land like this. I'm for this. It's Let's turn on the lazy. Most go to stroke here, Lady Mel's. It's already on the increase. This lady radius. So it the less the stroke. Let's put it like 40 or 50 something like that on Make shooter symmetries on on. Let's do that so you can see when I like Donald there delayed the stroke and it allows me to create a good night's stroke all around my we'll get there. So this makes you'd your hand is steady on now the lazy Mosses helping me for that. Okay, so we got that, Like this on lives are some line here as well. So missed again. Donna, Everything are the line here. So at the end of the day, you like we're getting this safe there swirled this idea liberated. Just make sure you're going with the same offset. Okay? Like this on. Just do the same thing in this city as well. So again, the small did a few times, then smooth it. I don't want it is here, I think Do that. And only Wonder top is it to go like this on here? It should look like it's stonings. Or now it's looking like a straight piece. So let's take a burst their clay build up money. And this whole all time Was this a little bit? Thank this. We'll go up. Andi, we're ready to do that. You can see this. A circle like this. So it's used that same brush. Damn strainer. Andi, hold all this time so that it, like, pulls out that is. So once we get that is going on there, that side as well. Order the highest. Live is a level create. He returned them off. See him? Unless hard. Those lines a school like this do the same thing. Yes, but just let's put a line here. Toe. No, Clean this area a little bit. As you can say. Now it looks like stoning there inside. And it's on double that. We look OK. Okay. So Okay, that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we're going to pull some force some small wrinkles here and there, so see you there. 34. Creating Pocket Folds: okay, in this lesson, let's put some falls on the bucket. So we have already created those same lines there. But as you can see, those are not for affected. So we can obviously go on exist in a little bit. So So let's down off this seem lane on, Let miss for you how benefit salad is If you have is Lee s on, you have the details in the layer. So let's start off the recurring mood here by clicking here on just right to the that recording upset. So let's done off the I could it a new layer on this time. It's for fold, but makes you you have done off that same line I on. The idea is when I fall a created those falls here on, then I don't on this. It's gonna automatic a lady project on top of those falls. So that's a very good up, son. If you have the same lines in a different layer, it's our some fooled. By using your standard, Russ, I'm go to a different division level, lower division level. Let's are some bigger falls. Kind of things like next. Excited, full like this. Andi, for this kind of thing standard is very good. It doesn't change your model just over Bullen post of spy inserts. You're still gonna get those converse if he used Clay build up or something like that. Those are sculpting ruses on. If you do that, it's gonna change the corner. So it makes you use you standard. Although you can do those use those things. So, like this, it makes your it's not like Hart's office because it's really hard surface. It can get false like this and you know it like this on again. This is a tick box so you don't get in a small with a small small wrinkles here. But you can accept this Big Falls like this. The market area. Okay, there's pull this a really, really inside it is. It's side as well. Does something like this try to find a good reference? Amazon follow that makes it Okay, So let's say this is my falls big false or Okay, so this is my fault. So if if I can go back to the division, offer division level on down on my it's smoother with don't on my same line, it's gunnery project automatically on top of those falls Askew can see. Let's take the move tool. And Iran is a little bit here on their list. Donald recurring more. So now you can see it's perfect. That means you can do these big falls and all those details after the same length theater. So OK, do the same thing here. We hear a tone of the same line by this rightly right side of that aan den Donath. The I fed a new Leah. Do it in them on. Do your phone by using standard or clay build off the school back to live is a level some makes you. You're getting silhouette details like you are not doing something which doesn't give you silhouette. Silhouette means this outside. SAfrican. See, It's not gonna spread. So this try to find this kind of create this kind of details on your model wherever you are . You have the opportunity because these things are going to call me locally, and these are going to look good. Don't just pulled falls with a very low on, but they don't give you that months off, still away. You sort of have always bigger silhouette with small Little's that smooth bit when it's called With Thunder Bus, it's gonna give you this the Steps Diver book. It just makes your us moving those by pressing septal like sculpting. On top of those all use clay build about clay toe like Pearson. Good wrinkles. You can see this area is very teen, so too taken up. Let's in fact, that by taking an clerk for us, you can use in progress for this pulls. Okay, so let's say it's fine. Let's start on that absent goto the upper level and dot on your Cymbeline now and say it's fine. You may need to drink Arabic by using love tool here and there. So obviously mine damn standard lines are not perfected. So that's because off, I don't have that much time to refine things on. If I would have done this for, like, products in, I might give more time for those things. Like when I draw this and the standard lane damn stranded lane, make sure you do those things perfect. It's in five this area. You can see off this area a little bit. Okay, So cool. So I'll see you in the next lesson. How I'm going to create the wrinkles on the plant on the pocket. Our cats area this at Australia, so see you there. 35. Creating Pocket Wrinkles: Hello. In this lesson, I'm going toe are some wrinkles to the pocket. No band into sex and area. Let's go to this book band sub tool excreta layer for this there always work with layers, sport different details to different layers. Let's say wrinkles. Let's go back down to a division level there on. We can use clay build up to this blood. The forces that we can use stunner under that. So see, can I smoke? This is Yeah. Usually this gun opens. Create wrinkles on the band like this are some big be good want here. Make sure you just are not just intersected pocket and labored there it should impact the, you know, band aid idea. Uh, uh huh. You can just in flat the side a little bit in cardinal then took create wrinkles. Another's on this beans kind of wrinkles tryto make it like it's wide of here on its painting here. So the width is less here and then he must really like creative being thin, kind off effect. Let's go up to it is a level on. Make sure you are working with symmetry. That's awesome. You can see now it looks a little believable that it are just with the bent on again. Don't put every wrinkles at the same intensity. Tryto varied my defendant hide length in density then of this. Okay, let's do the same thing in the okay. It itself Good. Book it and makes you book it. Yes. So let's create another layer. First. Goto the apple level always create the layers at the upper level. The highest level selects created earlier. Going to that It's a blossoming A now, innit? Widely line there as well because it looks like intersecting. So let's gave the damn stronger on in the door. Food line there on. This shouldn't look like intercepting the ball. It should be like like this mulching or defect under strode. Put the line all over the place. I think this late length okay, under narcissism is good to stander. I'm kind of this kind off wrinkle. So in visit is OK, so I think this is fine on the next. Listen, we're going to finish the pent, so sure, there 36. Creating Pant Back Folds: in this. Listen, I'm going toe work on the backside of the book bent because we have not not been. Look at that. So let's are some fools you again. Let's in the layer so that if I don't like letter, I can change and I can do little Eric and do it again. Something like that. Give it the name back fools you don't have do if you don't want to make less. But it's a good habit off creating different parts of the detail or different paper petals in different layers, so that if you want, just tell it that kind of details, we can do little there, so let's do don't go back unless you do. The big falls are big details in lower division levels, so let's go and clear build off. I like to block with clay, build up Andi, then elect to finance it. Let's put some fours here, eyes the backside again. This is still America, so let's change it in the boot. Smooth. They don't have much to do with the backsides. So kind of this just deformity and get some big falls. Make it not not look like a Celinda estate the danced under Pre's. I put the line at the center kind of this. So go ahead. And if you want to get back, OK, you can do that by the same with this mask and extracted a different piece like we do to decide pockets. So in this case, I'm not doing Boston's because you have seen the process. So that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, I'm I'm going to do a bottom for this pan, okay? 37. Creating Pant Botton Using IMM Brush: Hi. In this lesson, I'm going to show you the process off using I am impress Andi. By using this bus, you can add a bottom on. You can add some already mortal objects as a brush and you can drag on double feel, rejected, create so obviously can go ahead. And if you want to get a certain type of bottom, you can do that. But in this guise, I want to show you that. Go here. As you can see, I have always selected it. So go to the press on press I. So then you can see the old. I am empresses here, so I am has a lot of different objects in it. So in this case I'm selecting this one. So I am imparts slit that once you have selected here, then press am to juice from it. It has a lot off different pieces you can see. So now let's select this one. So now have a beautiful bottom. I can just drag and create on top, off on object or sub too. So in this case, let's like this band no rocket base here and if you try to create it, how it says It has layers so we don't want it. Don't want layer Solar. It's on. I don't want to get the last leader on this office. So let's go on Duplicate that doctor. So I duplicated here. Now let's big all those layers by baking. You begged all those details. Stick Object. Uh, let's go. No against it. Done back. So this click here the dawn of the polyp in here, then go and delete the de presents. Agile because it doesn't want any to Busan. Actually, food price, It says the leader feeds the subdivision levels. So let's do it. I don't want this piece. So they let that no in Kansas, created by driving straggled as your skill. Now I have the bottom. Now it that man has done mask so that you can display. Eat it. Now it's if you don't split here, it's gonna be the same base like this. Pardon? This party's going to be a single subtitle, and it would be difficult to skull this area, so it's better now. It's must automatically include do ex pleat on split master points. Just do that are split. Two parts can do that as it split mass points now, brother. Different. You got everything You go. The bottom is the defense, Abdullah. So I can again go back to that base we do. We just used to rat his Doesn't have any layer, makes you until it that but so I just duplicate that subtly Mrs Alito, create this bottom on top. But I have still stars elements which has layers and subdivision levels. Once I got it, Solis, we go to the layers Onda, we haven't recurring more, so that's fine. Or you can just go to four down on the recording more our lets you can see the intersex and your let's get out, get rid of attack. So I think this. So let's duplicate this ban pocket to the side. So, as you can see, we have just the bottom part of the okay, we need to duplicate this place. So select this Abdoun unless goto a list first duplicated for the sub tool and duplicate this back as a different subject duplicated once you duplicate them. Good for Mason on this critical meter. Make sure access is said to eggs. Thats function cannot be on it, saying it can't duplicate something which has subject and levels. So in this case, let's we have to sacrifice the subject level year. Or at least for the one side. So do flair. Now it says you cannot delete this Ah, subregional level when you have been a layer recording more big All the details Now go on, glitter the levels. No gun goto deferments and understand media it from there. Ok, but you can see Don't black again. Go back to subject on level. You can just turn off the polyp in here to the same thing. Stupid. Get it? Andi, go here. Goto for Messan on Made it okay for this is my process to meter one side to the other side . Although they had some different ways as well. Phyllis, do this center area this same lines in the next lesson. 38. Creating Pant Center Seam: in this. Listen, I'm going to put same lines to the center area, the front pant. So let's check. They remain celibate, so you can see we have a strict plane on do this t video. So let's select the subtitle here has good off the level and create a layer. Give it ever since just seem. And there's another reason to keep things in a layer. For example, if Glenn doesn't like something just he wants and he wants you to delete, that body can easily delete that you can easily deliver and even modify again. Do that. So that's why it just makes you you're putting too friendly built in there. So let's do that. So in this, because I don't want the symmetries of press extra don off on, Let's clear the same lane it makes you. You are in grand standard for us. Select the damn standard Russ. Then go toe stroke and Donald Lazy Mouse. It's already done them. So just increase this lazy radius so that it delays the stroke. Andi, like me, just hide everything who need one line to the center here, put on line unless port on. We obviously need a belt line here, but it's not gonna visible so that I'm not that concerned about that. So let's Are this so minutes of the kind of these, I think. Okay, I think No, I can just drag the seem line like this, but in the city of it's just a just not a lion, Actually, no band is leading here. This piece comes on top of this area so you can do one thing. Select this area. I mean, just to mask this area full, let area little forward so quickly mask it like this, control and click outside to inverse the mosque. This mask it properly here? No, I can use the routed to because I don't want thickness there, sister. Or did it? This site couldn't say like this. Or you can just use the move brush and just pull it out of it. Once he noted it, we could have just pulled this area bitch like this to this. Say this, uh, smooth. This idiot. Make sure you are. You have a clean line there in the next. Listen, let's do the same thing here. Just put some lines toe here, the bottom like border of the plant. So I'll see you there 39. Creating Pant Bottom Seam: okay, in this lesson I'm going to do, I'm going to put the same line to the bottom. It looks like in kind of flaring. Obviously, it's a scene, but And goto the layer. Okay, So vague earlier. Then then let's say a mask it and dispute that thickness. Okay. Solis Mosque first. So let's take move. Tool than this. Control and drag. Get the mosque according to the as loops. There you can see it doesn't give me a very even mask. Blessing. Let's do the same thing here. More stool. Let's press control and old, uh, clean your mosque like it has more right here in that. And worse it on goto the formation this time this golden flat and flooded a little bit like this. So that you go there step kind of thing. Do the same thing with this site. So mask it. You can obviously do it. Symmetrical you at the same time. But because of this pools, I was not able to do that. So make sure you have selected the same world there. Okay? Like this. So it's again do the same thing controlled. Try to fix the mosque. Okay, then again, inwards on in Flooded on again. Tried to do its same. Liston's Okay, So you got the same? Yeah, of course you can arts, um, wrinkles on that. Let me handsome. They stick the standard. We hadn't strong Nebraska. Shin's just try to have at it, as you can see at the end of this and making strays. I'm not. It was in the symmetry as much as I used to. So it's better toe pour some kind of asymmetrical litters. Okay, Support some details like this. We can put some wrinkle on this body worlds toe. So the the Nixon you cannot this good treatment all around the same see media. But I'm not going to do those this pull some bigger and there don't work too much. I added two months here, so I think we have finished with the band in the next lesson. We're going to start working on the soup. So to you, there 40. Mirroring the Shoe: Hi. In this class, we're going to start sculpting the Sioux. The first thing I'm going to do is deleting this side of the Sioux on. Then I'll connect some of this reverse normal of this side. You can see some of the less Item has reversed to normals. So then we're going to again meter those back to the same. So let's first deal it. Decide so select one by one in the school to sub tool on deleted from here always. Okay, so that it don't ask you again. So this quick until it the men Dejan off the leading is I want both of the side in a single subtitle by example the soul off the two sides of a single subtitle so that we can work on one side And you can use the media Robson to do the other side So I'm just posing the video When I delayed I will come back Ok, so here we are by deleting I accidentally really this side as well. So let's duplicate this one side of the less Here This is a thing selectors or duplicate it almost flavored thing. So goto media inside the deferments and Balick and choose meter. Move that Because deleting sub Tulis northern on Google a prism. Okay, fine. So I like this this letter. So first thing let's do is reverse this list. You can say this less normal to reverse, so you cannot see it properly. So go toe display here in this the properties INF leaf cool against you can flee here. So do that. It all the rivers parts. Yeah, if it Okay, so done. So let's again meter this back to this side. So But this time I weren't all this parts, like in a single sub tool so that I can work on one side by using the middle. It also Okay, so let's duplicate the subtitle on Go to the former Shoes Meter. Then let's go to some tool again. Understand? This most this too. So select this one the top on and go to Mars. Most town said it's going to market this one. So these two are gonna one single septum, so OK, so do this with this all this single pieces so that we can easily work on a single side on I can use eggs or the symmetry to work on the other side. Let me complete this on. I'll see you in the next lesson. 41. Adjusting Shoe laces: Okay. In the last lesson, I did middle. Everything every faces is identical in a single subtitle. So let's smoother listings on Start working on this Smoke this part. Wrest control d A few times so I'm not gonna Grady, with the smooth so smooth to work really wasn level so that some person enough to look smooth here. So then, as I need further according to the details, I may I miss move them again. So for now, this looks smooth as a basic So smooth Everybody here so don't want to see me by selecting everything and I'm smoothing. So let me come back when I smooth it. Okay, so here I have smoked everything. So now let's organize this less is a little bit because you can see these are not perfectly lying to the suit is a kind of floating here a solution. Do those basic things first. So select one of them as you can see nurse like a single subtitle Decide as well so you can use the meter make Syria. Miller is on this extra down on this. Let's go back to the lowest division level and are just this. Hold these flu moved that Beckwitt on issues The move. Russ. So this line, this probably the Sioux. I think the Sooners to come forward a little bit. Select the Sioux first. This part of the so, um, again makes your your middle East London this X. Now, let's move this part in a bit. His bars, I think that's fine. So let's select the less more than that. Right? I've believed this gap between these two parts are too high here. This gap is kind off. Correct. Solis Fraggle. I meant in that gap so that we don't have toe express the lessons there. So smooth these things. Okay, then let's come back to this just to Roberto going from off door down there. So it's just that just roughly have are just serve it, Inga. Just make it going down there so that it can come out from here. So just do this. It displaces move on. Bread, toe a line diseases on. I'll see you in next lesson. 42. Seam Line Mark: okay. And this. Listen, I'm going toe work on this part of the Sioux. So let our justice barter big, you concedes. Not properly aligned with this best there. So let's take the move tool, and make sure symmetries on this makes you. It's perfectly upset with that based the so go off to lives and level. I think it's still the same there. On as you can see in all this safe is not correct. This tried to our this kind of thing. It should be properly, same everywhere. Like are the border on the age go operatives and level so that you can see what's happening there just to make it look like Sam everywhere conserves opening. Don't that just makes you perfectly snap. Just do the same to meet this part. It's like floating there, but I don't think the Middle East Ronan there's undue s ex. Look at it from every angle. So let's arts, um, take miss here because it's you can see it's very teen here by using in flat. We can't do that. So just take the in flight press press. I've chosen flat. Okay, so let me down off everything except this one to list use, then flooded on. This is this. They can make sure middle he's on. So it was in fact Oh, bring the thickness back there. Okay, for some meant in the thickness all around there. I think it's fine. So everything Now let's put it down. Standard line to indicate that stating Lane, we're going to do here. So before you are the States Alpha, use the dance turn that good like pulls that idea a bit. So let's use Let's start off everything used to dance tender breasts on down on the lazy months. Go to stroke on Turn on Lady Mo's It's on. Just increase the radius. So 40 50 something like that. There you can create a very small plane there, just drug close to the is there. I try to do it way cleanly, so I tried to do it very cleanly, like Blair element and upset from this from the is there and when you really somewhere destroyed toe meant in the floor like this, I'm small, deadly, bit from the whole line. In a big you can see a grant. Do it here probably. Let's undo it. You may need to like, do it for twice a tries to get it right. So that's perfectly finder's for I go get that right by sing a little bit. Okay, So do the same thing in the sight on thin. The latter Oregon port steals lines in this area. So they're stone on everything. Yeah, we live to the same thing here on this base. So that's put It's good. That view look so clear. Let's take the move. Cried related. This kind of saved. They're just turn off everything sort of to the same thing here. Smooth it again. And you can also do this lines in a layer that before good for letter, like re working or something like that Support it'll name off, same line or something like that on Let's go down one or two level. Maybe he was the down stronger Excuse me lying there a loose damn standard walks based from the front kind of angle. And if you do something like from this angle, these area going to destroy, so make sure you're getting and between the lander. Okay, so let's or we can put these lines here. So this is it for this lesson in the next list. I'm not going to refine this. Solis is on. We're going to make some holes here and there. 43. Creating lace holes: again this. Listen, we're going to do this holes by using different sub tool for the bite Kendall things. So what? The supper ballot and click on upend here. I've been everything three d It's gonna come with big size. So let's select that and scale that the appropriate sides Take the scale tool and grab somewhere here on the skillet on this side. Traffic and spillage. Okay, So, scary toe the appropriate size There is a very small please have to frame it on again. Let's move it to the Lucas and state the move brush here Dr. Again there sort of a side if you'll just move here unless wrote it like this kind of this , that it matches with that angle of the soul, this witch and obviously we need to scale it down toe drug again. Skin. So I managed to scale acct a little bit more so you can see it's too smaller. No, just make it little picker and tried opposes on it and get the scale right or Porges, um, with the suit there kind off like this. Still, I'm not happy with that route. Is, um destroy headed. Okay. Finally on it seems like very things. So go toe do for MSM and in flooded from here to get a little thickness there. As you can see, one this much Sonars, judo, roller sport point. You don't do something like that. Were born three. Yeah, I like it. So let's move it a little bit so that in it intersects with that body hub and then duplicate it anodyne according to here. Forget it. Move it Here. Try to detriment in this gap here, we're going toe are just a soul less According to this, I'm not going to put this according to the Solis, because those are not even you. In its best there. Be aware of Tab just four days and even spacing. Then we're going to have just the Solis. So let me do this simple duplicate and move nothing else. And you might rotate a little bit toe like magic. That's our first there. Let me complete this and I'll come back to you in the next lesson where we're going. Toe work on the laces to imagine these things plus e there 44. Shoe Lace Detailing: hi. In this class, I'm going to work with the Laissus, so let's align them with these rings by using just a move to learn. Still, urban tell you want to Less is, and then I'll continue under others in between lessons and extracted. This 1st 1 Let's take the brush tool Moved. Russ Honest Move from here. Well, step into the ring. There. Just kind off just to get in person. It's going inside there like this aunt. I like to. I like toe make this lesson narrow here. If you see this will, I would like to make it like this so it will give you the impressing off like it's being be inst inside there. So don't give the weeds same Ellen door along the length on the height there. It'll do this that at the side on make sure you were working on X symmetry in discuss. I forgot the tournament. So let me tell you a different way to, like do the symmetry. That's I. So let me do this side first. First, quickly do that move first. Just aligning to that, then make it narrow. There. Make sure it's not like penetrating are intersecting with that ring, it would be cleanly going inside there. Make sure there's no loveliness on. It's to move it here to get this effect. So as you can see, it's wider here. But it's being like beans to a narrowing on going inside their unless bridal frustrated from the front angle so that it looks like in being let your state or this shake it from different angle. Like then I would like to go to upper level divided maybe twice when you divide a list of words this kind of pixel, our polygons, visible polygons or your model to be smoke. So the other thing I would like to do is just giving imprison off tightness on it, blot the kind of thing it's not hard suffer, so we can just pull some wrinkles kind of tenure. So I like to use the standard for us, or you can use the they build about. Jess Alerts used that unless I would like to do, it's kind of him Fresen to less smooth it, miss. Take the standard breast there, so I'd like to do this kind of effect, but make sure it's when you're using Standard press makes your ears. Also smoothing that line for the adjudicated, hopefully kind off effect. So I just disposed the center area here on. As you can see now it looks good and we can just do this, Do that with this whole line a little bit very low in density. Don't put the same intensity along that line small. It shouldn't be flat. It would be like this kind of like this. But try to look at it into, like, this kind of angle so that you can say this worldliness. Small boats. No, I have done it one less or a day said. I forgot to turn on the symmetry here so I can do one thing if I like. Do something like this and forget the symmetry again, this mask it on. As you can see, it's a single subdued. I can mask it. Decide, decide I have done it. Then goto deformation on goto. Smartly symmetry this up, sir. It's said to X squeak. Here it's a correct decide, as the most say, so just go to every division levels. I mean, just go to the first division levels and do this go to the upper second Subdivision levels and do this like I am in the second subdivision levels right now. Smartly symmetry, human it toe. Do it twice a tries, as you can see when it's tryingto get the points right. It's like kind of other things. So do it for two or three times toe properly, like resume trade. So go to again operable by placing D and then they can do this. So if you do like this, it will properly against see, it's getting this symmetrical details the next. Do not listen surgery. Okay, so now you can see we have successfully do that. But I as you can see, I have not got bit that ring yet, so I'll do those things in between lessons. So just do the same treatment with every less there it would look like. As you can see, it looked like less and do the same treatment with everything. Just moved them to the locus and a narrow make them narrow little bit with this area on. Give this. Give this kind off, impressing off dif line here so that it looks like it's got some kind of. So once I do all those things, I'll I'll see you in the next lesson. 45. Shoe Lace Knot Detailing: again this. Listen, I'm going to work with this, not less s it concede this hanging piece and this to kind of two parts off. Not so as you can see now those that like floating and there are gaps between them. So it's walking those things. The first thing I would like to do to correct these things. Let's first move this a little bit down because it's like going off on singing there. So it should come to this. This list would come from here on it to condone yah. Selectors going down there, this one it from them to that down. Lucas. Um, sometimes it won't work. Unit toe, Drag it again. This move tool. So then told from the center and drag sometimes a sleek And maybe you can use the previous move till there on select this less as well. Let's move down kind of this ballistic. The move this makes you or your similar free zone. Although I do need to again do those things like re symmetry if you have public than that. So let's first align them. Probably select unusual move for us Sometimes you can use move Topol musical This start to move Russ on. Moved A political works like one side off. It works like it's kind of a stop selection in Myer. Along the surface. Here means it only work with top political order, so it won't work with space, our screen space on just a global space. Distracted. It is when you were using moved Russ, you can also use Goto can go to this curve. Upson don't on a cougar. So what it does when you you have done done that, you can just hold one side, and you can drag to get this kind off pervasive if that abstinence off like it's by the foot off when you move again. See, it's don't give you that Garvey smooth girls there, So that's a very good up some for that small bit. It doesn't have to like being there. It's a classical come from here, a government of of the Sioux Thetis. It's sort of exactly lie on the suit there to do the same thing here. Often, as you can see, it's kind of a 90 degree angle. I just want to see the stop ineligible from the front side, so we need to rotate it a little bit, so just drag this and from the centre rooted it There's can see Now I can able to see the top it a little bit better. So let me show you the difference between move on move top Political bra's if you have mover movement for us on your trying to move this But unless here toe inaudible to do that it's kind off working in the world space area. So in this case, unit moved a political as you can see again, just remove this but because it moves the political order on this stop Alozie or this part of the amazes wear down there. So it's not gonna effect everything against would be beans to hear binging kind off effect . Just we did that It here with this Laissus So do the same treatment here. They're pinching here. They're not the same with here because obviously leads. Those are the very dense and Nigeria and do the same thing here. Actually, this not safe here. That should also be like pinching kind off effect. So let's first he was the stunned er to give these lines there try to hide different things because it doesn't work on didn't are invisible area like, If I want to put some line there like this, I can do that. We need toe, make those height. It should be narrowing here Solar's so that let's take the move or moved a political Doesn't matter here. Go down to a division level. Make it going off. It doesn't have to be like straight. It's a brown, a wrap of it, and some narrow here as well. So it's basically it's narrowing both side here on the white bodies yard center on the center so it gives the sense off being thing are being titled being No wind up that do the same thing with this part. Obviously, it's not that visible, but still again, no post. Is that a little bit good producing level bellum and being still Okay, so do the same treatment with this less is just into these areas and give it deep standard brothers there to create this kind of effects in these areas. So let me do those in between lessons, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 46. Shoe Lace Impact Detailing: in this. Listen, I'm going toe work on the inside part here. So now it's not interacting with the less let's see like this. But, um, we don't have too much Gemma to there. So let's divided Andi. Then let's go Is going create earlier. Okay? And we started. That was Drake. Okay, Standard is fine for this propose. It's just dig and pull out this in between less areas. This should be this turned toe like like this. Make sure it doesn't intersect with the less there. Try to this pullout these areas a little bit, so it will give you the impress ALOF. It's like died there and the lessons of pushing there a little bit so everything will be set. Settle there. So nothing looked like float of floating. This kind of small things makes it more believable. Let's give some thickness here and now. It's very teen over here. So let's take the in flight dress for that Chris I And whose in flat? Unless in front decision before that legal just hide everything as uninflected Syria to give the thickness Miss Chico imaginable. Let's do the same thing here. Let's give it the thickness. Don't off everything else given thickness. Make sure your symmetries don't on. Um, give it a good amount of thickness. Check it from every possible angle on. Okay, so let's do this kind of details inside, but and I'll see you in the next lesson I'm going to do the same lines are the actual seems we have already the same lines, but we're going to put seem details in these areas, so I'll say there. 47. Adding Stich Details: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to show you how to create states line for your soul. So we have already dented lines there, So just a damn standard lines. We need to put teachers, actually. So you start from this base and called the high subjects and label there my blessing D or just go to geometry and go to the top level. Now I have one lakh, 67,000. I think it's not enough to get those small details. So let me divide it one more time. Now I have some layers. So let's bagel there so that I can divide it. Divide. Now I have some more details that cleaner six like 72 on something. But get this straight. So in order to do that, goto your light books unless choose obras brusque called BRAC. So go to the drags full of here inside the breast said brusque Italy, I You can see that a lot of like many track process choose distract to out of this double clicking field right here. You can see the battle of this Alfa. This bus just are repeatedly Dulfer so let's undo it now I need to change this Alfa so I would different Alfa frustrating. So go toe fear. I'll file import our alpha here. So this ALF, I have access straight the project files so you can go ahead and take this all you can download any Alfa from Internet or you can make your own. So let's select this Al follow Just resell for PS. Stix affords off file and open it American. See if I hope about this is dull for I know I have said it to practice too. Now let's drag it now you can see I don't know too much needed believe in there. So I'm getting this kind off effect there. So let's divided once moved, Maybe this is the final dime from dividing it. Okay, Now you can see it's giving me getting the state's details. But the site is wrist Adolf. The Alpha sites, we can see it. So in order to fix that goto Alfa on and go to modify here will see Hobson called made value. Give 50 there. So this is the maid value. So I know the outside. Grady A has 50 value. So always when you make it in fortress off, give the on Wonder Rest area or outside area, 50 parts and gray. So that's how you end off a putting 50 years so that it will not affect anything who just 50 votes in Great. So now if you drive, you will only see the stitches. Okay, now let's goto the stroke on Let's darling Lizzie Mohs when this will help me to splay, give us clean stroke to go here and declare this latest. If so, it will make it more smoother on increased the Radius with so less ready. Lazy Stefan increased Reggie Radius a certain Lady radius. Then we can try fine notes. More smooth. Let's decrease their intensity a little bit. Um, obviously let's take a layer so that we can keep it in the layered separately. Given them called States stage. We can get that sticks of it. That's right. Before you do you do one more thing, which is done on this dynamic ups. Um, whole sipped and click here. Make sure it's white now it's turned off before it was stone on stone. On this what it does if it's on a list, the brush size stays the breath sized less stage with the object. The issue of the breast size always keeps. Give them if I like, Go Jamaat or something like that is always the same size. So make sure you told them that unless start doing this. Okay, so if you want biggest, you just start none just degrees the brush size there on. Let's do it. Okay, you can see I'm getting really good stitches there. Let's escorted him it. I think still, it's pretty small. It's go for maybe 12. Just says No, it's dynamic, So it doesn't matter how far looking it now you can see now it's the intensity is a little bit because the broth sizes picker rex decreased the intensity. So you need to like experimenting things. We just working. Okay, I know it's working. OK, less. Continue doing cool here. Okay, good. We can do a double Cymbeline as well. Double STIs line soldiers, art strike, lament and upset between those. See Simms? I tried to make it seem less here. Roger on you can see one more thing. No, it Right now it's like acting with my princess sensitive. If I accidentally put some more presser, I get various. And in stitching it shouldn't be like this. So let's let's see how to don off your basis sensitivity from your bus. For that Goto brust on you can see a tablet press eruption Here, go there. Do all of this global settings as long as it is on, I can adjust my own setting. So let's start off this, then go to size on here. You can see here because of this is gonna change. So it's very flat If I don't want any presser settings for this For the broth site on Let's go to Jeanne Densities debut as well this Click it again. I don't want any intensity videos and as my best stroke on that Bessa. So no, I don't have any present. If I put Presser, it doesn't matter. It will give the same result. So that's no start doing the same thing now you don't see now gentle a bit, So go back to the intensity there on obviously the breast size. No, we are using a different setting, so I need to. It's a bizarre said it before actually do it. So yes, Marine Corps, seven age, maybe like this. Okay, As you can see, we're getting very good stitches there. So do this wherever you want, or here. Wherever you need it. I'll do those in between lessons. So I'll see you there once I completed. Thus putting those same lines. Yeah, so I'll see you there. 48. Creating Texture for Sole: in this class. I'm going to walk on the soul. So now we don't have any details here. So let's see how we can do how we can create some details here for that. I want TEM images. So I have downloaded some images here. As you can see, I have some images. You can download these kind of images by cooking the Steiff so soul design or something like that. And you can see here these air, These are the sole batons. I'm gonna use this one. So for this one, I need about what you ve So let's go here and select the soul. Okay, then goto the cemetery. Davia, go to the lawyers division levels now, as you can see, it has the details. But now it I don't want this. I want the second subject valuables because I'm getting a good flat idea till here. So let's go to the second subject level, Sandy Little where I don't want that First tubes and levels there. So this now, this is my new Lewis division level. No, let's take this. The reason level has just exported as a low vision. Let's egg export toe. And if you're fold up here. So best job is a said this? Yes. Okay. So once I expect the blandness, I'm going to sense the Viet Descend. Meyer. Then I'm going toe again. Bring this back to this treasonable. I can do that. Okay, so let's go to my alone on. Let's him for that model. Import that over. That's here. Inside zebras file. So Seoul based over is a okay. Imported. Okay, great. So now we have sold here on Let's correct the e v of this. So now we don't have in TV's. I believe if I go to e v very tight here, you can see we don't have anything here, So let's first select the bottom faces here. Goto fast. Mort. Feel you have working on life tablets or its syllabus. Lawyer. Good right view. Okay, select the bottom. Physicists like this. Just those. So, Lydia Okay, Now let's go to the UV plan. A mapping onda recited. Choose Y X is on down on the substance keeping measure. It had Rizu projected now to go on a project from why exes from top down on, we can see the Vizner. You let me down on the substance so that again is in the seat. Okay. And now, Grant select everything by remote and just but unfolded. Sit. Right Click unfolded has helped them a little bits straight Did that is scared them on early. Try to use this full area because we're going to get a good amount of police. A listen there. Okay, great. So now this is my TV. Let's take the snap. Sort of this Goto polygons TV snow outside on. Let's take the snaps up here. Okay, so let's take the snaps out here. This is Seoul UV snap. Anything like that. Okay. And now I'm going to do it. One k so one could texture. That's fine. Once you're due for and now it's in PNG format. That's fine. So let's spoke it. Okay. Now against Eades, read documents. I have some problem here, so it's because off I'm in TV more and I'm tryingto take There is no answer. So goto object more Toby Select like this object more while you're taking the snap sort. So make sure that so let's full you ve love. Now it's BNG. Let's okay, the everybody's done. Now I have to export this TV mess now it has TV. So let's export this model again to a visa does over Right on that. Tributes one export. Yes. Okay, Now let's goto givers on on this division level. Stray on this division level imported. It's gonna replace this division level. So you're gonna still get the highest levels that this the magic here So we can any time we can replace its particular division level are the base level. So select. Now, this is the new a visa, which as you this open it. No. Okay. It's gonna taking time here. Okay? Okay. Great. Now we have ive easier to proof that I can go here to to even map category, and you can click on month if it has See, it's it's small thing. Toe that TV Yousef. Okay, so great. Now we have you these. Now we need to say that Dexter in photos up according to that TV. So let's go to 40. Sophia on. Let's open on you snap. Certainly take from my so levi snap sort. Okay, here's the snap certain. Let's give it a background layer, so I can't see it properly. So let's give some regular so that we can see the reliance there just as good to see you. Okay, let's bring the texture as well. Means the soul image which we want to use here. Comport died as well. Okay, great. So now let's take this less Copy one one soul first competir drug here. You don't need it anymore. Polluted on here. You can see I can do one thing. It has white here, so against selected and change to multiply. So the white part is gone. Okay, great. Now let's selected on now. It's the matter of just no descended with this e v area. So you could do that by using control the on Skilling over Noval Scalea toe. Get the size there. Okay, on gun. See the deepest dressing here. The bottom is here, close to there, but I need with their solar school and straight a little bit. So that again just reach their overall. Okay, great. But still, the proposal of the Sioux is not matching with Davey. We can do one thing we can just rightly here in this transform area on Go to wrap a little get well, see this kind off lattice kind of thing on drag this burns to know. I suggest that you you may just there you can see I'm wrapping. The aim is to feed with the E V. Okay. Learning selected on in this area. This enter it. Took it out of the ref. Okay, select this area. That's the Syria by just using this more mark you tool on. Let's again place control D Andi, Right click and good draft. So we'll get the graph around here. Let's just kiss now. The basic point is you suit somehow make it seem less here. I'm just smasher. This TV lines stare. So I'm looking at this border black idea as a guide. So just you can see my angle is changing guard. Just make sure it's seamless. Here, Andi. Okay, seamless. There. Going outside a little bit. Okay, I'm done here. Andi. Now we just need to compete. So once I told with one piece, it's press control. It's easy to duplicate this layer and control de toe. Bring the transform on. Just choose right league. And this plea for isn't time. Then you can press sit and you go to this move tool, move it and said here as well your logic unsee. It's not exactly retching with this. You may need to rotate a little bit to imagine Deceive e. It's not exactly matching, but fine. I can just ancestral boot. Okay, I think it's fine. I've said this image as my texture or did a big sister to chipping. So Levi, so far. Okay, save it. Okay. Make sure you have kept apart stingray on the background. I think I have 50% gray. Yeah, you can see it's exactly what you put in. Just give 50 in back black area on. It's only it's a geo. Okay, here it's complete in their picture. So let's see in the next lesson how we can use the structure in Juba's as to create the soup so soul to see you there, guys. 49. Creating Sole Details: in this lesson. I'm going to use that al far toe create those soul designs. Okay, so let's go do Let's first take your division. They would. It should have surface and divisions are polygons to get those details. Now I have seven lack something, so I think it's gonna okay, but let's see. Let's first start the process from going here to the surface. Davia expend that on Goto this lightbox and noisemaker Choose this on Jews. You can choose any of any of these items here. I'm choosing this So that's double click this. So these are by default noise you can are to create textures. Okay, the start of this lightbox. Once it's there, you can see the Dexter here. Let's go toe every tear on DNO. Let's bring our takes every so go to hear this Alfa, you can see it's using a different Alfa. So click here being own Alfa. Click here again. Click here notes asking you to great that al far sort of school for distress in here. Open it, Logan. See, it's not using exactly the V's, so because it's now settle pretty for six and change it to UV protection here the speaker. So as you can see, except comes here like approach. It's off, down. I will get this toe luck. Press control being right. Click. Flip vertical. That's it. You need to do the Save it again. Back on top of documents. There's cause in bed. Over right there. Let's see. Thanks. Make a dollar off, then click here to again. Imported now, as you can see. So now let's give some. Bolivia makes the strength Solar's Put your point. Judo does something and in a very little death against drag ID. Okay, spends. Okay. Okay, great. Now, as you can see, we can see your decks A But before actually applied to this mess, I would like to turn off this temporarily on. Let's go to move to get store empty first for store this safe so that if we get some on the edges, you might get some mater in villages so we can fix it. Letters A store empty before you are play. Then goto surface again on this time down under nights on applied to this mess. If you have surface and polygons, then it's gonna find if you don't have like this because it's true. Much as you can see, souls undo it. Andi Donald denies. Go to it on this. Decrease this value Very slight. Sold here. Okay, very slight. I'll apply to mess. Okay, Great. Are there stairs the color again? Back to wait. Okay. FNC regard the Sioux details there. So soul on you can pull this design in a layer as well. Logic unsee just said this thing. You might get some error in the eggs idea in the projects and at the edges. So now we have must target. So let's use the morphed brust this time to get out of those details. So no more drug it is. And bringing the moth sit back there the whole say you can see so it's gonna help Full year . You can see these areas are a little dragon. Just use the whole more breasts to the Galleria. There makes your the symmetry, John not see images was not there. So you can see the whole A's is has this kind of utensil. Okay, so you use the more brush to get rid of those. Is this on? Make sure you have 100%. You can just being on the percentage Indian today on make a precise law. Okay, on. Just use your brother at the gonorrhea. Okay, so let me do this on in the next. Listen, we're going to do the socks for the Sioux, so I'll see you there. 50. Extracting Socks Base: Hi. In this class, I'm going to do the socks. So, as you can say, we don't have a socks based messier. So I'm going to extract from this leg. So let's start that from fighting everything else except the body. And here, let's mask the Sioux socks area. So let's hope control. And 10 this to less or you can paint. So let let me mask this area but this Okay, Andi, let's go to extract ballot here on Donald Extract. But you can see we'd find you one thickness value. I'm getting a good thickness there, so I accept it. Are you many to experiment a little bit with the thickness value to get the proper tick nous? So let's stone on everything. Okay? Great. So now let's select it. De select mask on control. De smoked a little bit. As you can see, it doesn't have too much bulletins on the surface of you. Might need to divide it. Okay. Like this and smoothed it. Smooth this colors to get that around miss There. No. And right now I'm working on one side. Once I completely distorts. I can duplicate it to that side. So explain. Let's Oh, it's just more did, like this concedes land towards this side. So let's move that side of it. It was the day off on destroyed cleared that you can see these areas been trending with the Sousse. I smoked them in second bit. So now, as you can see, if you press it if Andi you can see the poly is luv is not proper here. So let's go toe remiss here. Assume s it was put one 141 k 1000 polygons on day three. Miss it. Okay, here is the new. If you may subject with us pretty low, it's not still very low caliber silicon. See the polygons, which has clean topology here on now, it doesn't have any division levels. It's a single politicians. So I do this alleged extracted basis because we knew extract my masking something you usually don't get proper loops. So this is my biplane. So now I can just divide it as my wishes. Okay, let's just divided to get a good amount of Mulligan. Okay, Now it's fine. It's close to one million. Okay, No, let's create some simple falls on a layer. So go to Leah create a layer there on give it the name called fools. Okay, on, Let's go back to some division level so that we can easily sculpt on school standard or global low. Cordoba. Just do something like let's take this thunder first. No, it doesn't look like this glove piece. Solis, post this area which, like these make sure you smooth after using the standard plus to sculpt. Usually it gives you probably kind off details. So just do that on here. I'm trying. Do give some videos on it, so don't look like a cylinder. Exactly. So I would love to give some Frink als here. As if it's like no resting on the soup part here. So very gun following include reference images for this kind of details. Okay, so good. It's simple. Yes. Prominent This fall here. Now it looks intersecting with here. Let's take the danced under birth. Give it down. Standard line here so that it should look like it has it round for file there. Okay, So this is our socks. Based in the next lesson. I'm going to are some details on the socks. So and say there 51. Socks Detailing: in this lesson. I'm going to give some details on the socks. Let's first just a proportion ability. It's a little small. Solis, take the move. Tool Onda stress a little bit. Maybe it will be fine. Ok, Okay. So we might need toe are some extra Who? False in there was always I like toe. Give this a daily fool. Okay, so after giving some fools here and there So let's create some details. Good diet. It isn't level there. Okay, let's take a move. Live there. Let's isolate this. So I'm going to mask on this. I want some line line details on lines detail. So let's take Master Freehand and gender stroke Donald Legend Moss. Okay, take this The steps orbit, But so I'm going to do this in the hole, So try torment in the gaffe. You can do this if you have Levi's all you can do an Alfa like we did with the Souza will. But here it doesn't matter. Just we can also quick mask line and in flooded. But if you want to create Cem by using displacement or I'll fight under that OK, fine. Good. I may need to sup on this a little bit and they're less okay. Then let's just hold control and click outside to inverts the mask. Let's go toe deformities and good in flat on. Decrease the value towards the leapt to, like postage off very little bit. Serve it like this. That first solo sports over live here. Sometimes it's hard to our existing. So let's put minus one. Yeah, walking. Let's just select everything. Yeah, as you can see, it's working good. Then let's are some extra small details. Let's get again a layer so that we cannot just independently Let's go Delaire On its this time, go to surface lightbox a NTU's this noise. Click it and close this fuzz again. See, we don't have any e v for this. So to use this properly, I have to have you these. So let's go on first on the TV here inside zebras, goto, deep logging Goto, even master and Glicken on draft. So before you click on here makes your you are on the lowest division levels. So right now I'm on the highest levels. Go back to the list. It would be very quick if you do that under Louis, up to the levels on the it Now, As you can see, it's a big week. Once it you have the use. You can now use that to make sure you have the U. V's know you ve on big on moth. It was like tens like this. Then you have Davies. So let's in turn off. But you don't have to click. Here are it's just to see how the UV looks. Let's go to surface. I'm can go toe edit here. Come closer to death so that Erdogan is receive What's going on there? So from here, this converted to E. V. Already you have seen all these things in the soul soul making. So here, that Stickley's the scale to get appropriate skill there. I think I need 0.34 like this on the strength. This gives some mind string there. I want very, very subtle souls. Okay, on this school to the top global Phil tree top level. Okay, just applied that gen discolor Do so it's going to see you. We have a socks, man with the smaller details. Now I need to amplify this falls a little bit soul at school to stand out again and and you can again to this new, different layer. So this welcome this things this keep in line as as if it's on the border on it looks like intersecting here. Their bid. So let's move this idea. I've done it Once I'd lists duplicated Goto the subtitle duplicate here. Okay, let's go to Jim a Tree and Dulic lawyer. You cannot delete the divisions level while you have layers. So this big all so is until it the go to the formation on meeting next year, you have said the proper access. In this case, it's X axis Mina with the Sox finish we have done with door and that so on in this hole. So sex and you learn how to do the souls by using Dexter's on how to Do. Splices and Hoddle do do steals lines and socks. So in the next listen, I'm going to work with the camp, so I'll see there 52. Basic Forms of Cap: hi in this. Listen, I'm going to start working on the gaffe by just giving its forms on base accepts. So let's see the images. Yeah, As you can see, it's not exactly a very moon straight BCS. You can t live golf. That means a little bit falls kind of thing here and there. Here, you can see. So let's try to do those. Let's divide it two fugitives levels and start sculpting the best. I was in a standard brush here. Donlan Secretary, uh, full stadia was this idea of it. Make sure you're smoothing it in betweens. Now I can see I'm getting that said there. That's just begged Oval save down a bit. Switch to like, Perfect. The safe is perfect because it's a cloth objected to formal object. And let's do the same thing with the front one. That's smooth it. So that's tried to break the formal a bit by doing these things, but makes you don't do two months, you just make they're awesome on this back site. I think it's about this kind of safe. If you take there was from the side emits concede so OK, so do this in the next lesson. I'm going to actually start doing the paneling things. So the next lesson I'm going to start doing those paneling things we'll see you there. 53. Layering Details on Cap: again this. Listen, I'm going to do this. Paneling things. As you can see in these images, these are different panels. You can see different pieces off clothes stitched together. So I'm going to do this by extracting from the business. As you can see, there are two side panel and front and back here there's a single one in the middle. So let's start from the side one. Let's just go to the side view, Okay? Whole control and 10 fistulas. Was Lexan here? Let's drag from the outside kind of off. You could also paint it. Okay like this on, Let's do the extract. Gotu suburb ality and an extract give you a prepared value. In this case, I'm giving point, usually eight, and just tried some value here. It's small value and click on extract to see whether it's working in this case, It fine on gonna accept it in a difference of door. So it's there. So let's do the 2nd 1 here so I can do that from the side angles of Goto Control does something like this. Okay, extract. Apply a subject study. Now, As you can see, it looks like a single piece but they're different. That looks like this because off this same exact amount of thickness, so that will find let's do the same thing behind here. But before you actually extract always makes you as you can see, it's a single pitch. Make sure your control dragging outside to get rid of the blast mosque. There that raises. It's gonna clear taken to Jim ITRI extract place, so make sure you do that. Then let's go and clear the back area. Andre toe. Make it as same as the front one extract except on LX. Scored the center one. The centre one lives from from the back or front view. Now I can use the symmetries. Fine. Just try to feed that idea like this on extracted except it. So now I have separated those business on dove off each other. Onda. Second thing I would like to do is the smooth The Bernard, a very brittle, gave it off this block Bloody Nesic and see here on this surface so it's automatically marks musts and accept the border here. So come on, symmetry ends. It can smooth starts more than let your city key. It's gonna smooth it properly. because Smooth doesn't work in this kind of surfaces, which doesn't have a particulars love system there. So So you are doing, like, whole sit on smooth a little bit, then release it and keep smoothing. Don't religion mouth no stylus spin. So so do this everything. Anything Great. No, again, just to move this idea a little bit inside like this, all you can do One thing that would be anything even better to state the standard. Russ Andi. Make sure symmetries symmetries on on Let's hold out and dispose that a little bit. So this is better so that it looked like this piece of club. It's just on double. Displace so and obviously we have toe clean this deliberate on their. So that's fine. Clear. As you can see, I think steak they measure. It's going underneath this one. So let's used again standard Russ the boost art inside a little bit. Great, Awesome. There who's kids should look like is going on in it there, like here, starting to get the safe, but still need some streak. Let's do the same thing with the back back piece selected, divided, whole saved starts moving, Then release the saved word don't release. Your mouse keeps moving. So this is a hidden smooth Epsom. So this one walks, Probably with this kind off jacket. Is this So today's and then like this one Stunned Herb Russ, this contractor built inside. Okay, it's fine. So in the next lesson, I'm going to give this deeds lines to this. 54. Adding Stiching to Cap: hi and this. Listen, I'm going to do the streets lines. But before that, let's first the message because, as you can see it, it doesn't have any good Top Alozie here because it's a it's an extractor base. So let's selected and goto geometry or you miss it. So always when I extract most of the time, I just worry message to get the proper loop. So let's give a low value there. Like maybe for this smallbiz, it's give point somewhere live maybe less than one care Dole to the Messa. Okay, As you can see, we get a good around the top. Alousi here. So who gets fine is divided to some division level so that we can get some good originals and their toe work on? Just divide it a few tens, Mary. Okay, so I'm going to our steeds years obviously need good vigilance and okay, it's fine. Then I'm gonna arts um good stays details. So let's goto the highest division levels and created layer. Give it to its Okay, So let's again use that. Technically used in suit took get justice lands off us. Let's go toe lightbox and guru drags here that will begin it on two strikes to Okay, now it it has all far. We need our own. Alphonse. Alors, go here sends it. Sousa streets, Alpha double click on it. Okay, Is there on? And if you drag No, you can see is getting it, But we're getting rest side, so that's cool and good. Well, far 200 modified GIF 50 Millville area. Okay, great. So then let's go to stroke. Donald. Lazy most to get a good, steady stroke. So because the steps here, our humanity is the lazy radius according to union. Now let's arts um Strangis. Um so I'm not going to do it Every is there. Okay, well, that's great. Let's are one here. Maybe as you can see him, it walks with the pain Presser. I don't want any pain process so you can go to brush and go toe tablet presser here. None of this global settings could of Sade's. I don't want any sight. Tens is everything to play, sir. To make it flat here, google the intensity and do the same thing here. I don't want any indented various. And so now if you would right, It doesn't know Affected by your presser so you'll get a consistent lying in spite off either perspective off your breast. So, okay, until do do this pissing with every piece. So I'm going to do in between lessons. The next lesson. I'm going to work on this place with adding some memory falls kind of things, so I'll see there. 55. Adding Memory Folds: okay. And this? Listen, I'm going to are some memory false? Because, as you can see, it's a club fees. It's so don't be, like so playing without any details stands on. There are some memory falls. So memory false had some very small wrinkles. So let's first great Delia and give it the name False A memory force wherever memory falls . Okay, but that you can use any kind of all five you have. But in this case, I'm going to use them standard breasts so LSD, and to stand stronger could do a lower division level. Maybe I'm thought of fourth level salutes. Are some wrinkles there? Absolutely. Conard, something like this. It doesn't have to be in a single way again. Just criss cross it like this. Go to high level. Just I've here and there. I'm smooth the exists there. Okay. Like this. Okay, now you can say it looks good. Kind of a little biz because the district went with every piece is here. So we're doing the cap back on in the next part. We're going to do the strap on this buckle here 56. Strap Detailing: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to walk on this trap. So for Dad, that's what I'm going to. Our denies our protection from the surface off that I need TV of this. So let's go to deep logging and unwrap it. Banjo on rab makes you to check Davey the Steven Malcolm morph. UV. So now you can see it's unwrapped, but now it sits in in an angle. I don't want that. I wanted to be straight so that I'll get straight noise details. So who existed? We need to go to the deep locking and make it flattened from you. Be master flat in it. Okay? Now you are anymore. You guinea at this this e v as a mess. So let's go tos. Got it. As you rotate your object is to the same thing here. Rotated on moving to the position. So once you've done, then go to JI. Plug in and click on flight in here. Okay. Now, as you can see, move modes. Treachery. So now less divided. To get some divisions to get no details, then go to surface and use lightbox and choose any off them. But let's use this one in this case, it's oclock piece. Okay, first thing, let's go to edit center this until this to evey here. I'm not just your strength, Franken skin que monde du scale of it. This I think the strength is too much. So this artisan in only layer so that we get adjusted so clear on a layer. And of course, office. Obviously you can also are just a no inside here the strength. But let me show you the layer process. Let's go and applied the mess. Okay, Once you are played, then you can use your layer. Opacity can use it from here. You know what to do. It's no one click here and we can give 0.5, but some less value. You can see now it can. Our sister later details. Okay, so then let's just move the strap. We're not going toe. Do any sculpting details here. Just make it smooth. That's fine. Yeah. I want to say one little thing here when I smooth. I got I lost my details. Right. So let's go back. I want this heart. It is so when you smooth, you can do one thing you can do all of this small capsule on, then do I full and divide once at least once a place, then you'll get some divisions without changing the world. Is this poor Jason? Then you can Donald smooth and divide to get good smoke less. But with the heart is, as you can see now compared to before it has now, a color is what it sob color is. Okay, So with that hood apart, with this gap here on in the next lesson, we're going to work in the locket piece that's inside the or did there under spec. 57. Adjusting the locket: Hi. In this last, I'm going to work on this page and the locket, Onda. As you can see, the locket is inside there. So let's start from this big. So in this big are not going to do anything. Just except the smoothing fillers smoothed it. So selected and divided. Okay, so I'm not going to smooth it two months because I don't have to, because I'm not going to do anything. So students for select this pardon? Smooth it. Maybe it once more. Okay, on as you can see, this penetrating a little bit here. So let's try to move this piece a little bit forward. I think. Let's move a little bit forward. Okay, Good. The same thing here with that handle. Selected mobility for art. When you move it, make sure you're holding Sipped the new move so that it constrained toe only that direction . Okay, fine. So that's for the speak. If you want to do something, you can put some scratches here and there. But my plan is to put those things in texting straight. So I'm not worried about those. Let's go to this locket here. Selected on a strict that he was in level two. Don't have anything that's cool. Choose the move. Top political breasts. Take a bigger breasts and move it. She was surface. Okay. Just here. The it floating makes years floating anywhere. Just I think it should go like this on if it's a symmetrical. That's fine. Then let's move the inside locket piece. So I need to hide this part. Goto, select this part, girls up tool and select another piece. Then hide that sort. No, it's like this one. Move it. What makes you or the that lists would go inside there probably behind it. But this unless divided a few times. Okay, great. Unlimited by this is your time. Crystal righted. Reboard the locket Divide too, right? Makes you it does is to that locket holding, but there. Okay, great. So let's see everything the strong enough and don't want to see everything. Yeah, there's this thing. So let's move to the next lesson where I'm going to start walking on the half 58. Making Hair Base: after in this class, I'm going to do the base of the hair. So let's see the miss first. As you can see, the Mids C has long hairs and I'm going toe do something like this. The head is going front on. You can see he's he has a lot off like single single comes off here on. These are the seconded here glance. So our first we need to make a best with s would be a big based big chunk off to Let's do that by extracting from the head. Let's elect our body here on day. Let's do select everything. Okay, Great. Let's mask It took a precise all control. You can just take that less a tool. Select something like this, said the basic Have said, hell skull safe here something like this. So once you mosque goto extract and this put Point Joe two year click extract. Just shake. If it's working anything, it's working years accepted. Then they select this mosque. Are this new object here on here? You can see it's like kind off Ahrar. The thickness is going and coming outside, so let's do select everything whole symmetry and smooth everything here. Space, especially. They can see this are safe on. Anyway, I'm going to convert it toe dan emus so that I can pull and create the whole save. So let's go to Jim. A tree and tens it unanimous. Big and enemas. That's good. Okay, so smooth. Let's see the body. Okay. Grid on. As you can see, the hair clothes clumping here and coming outside Coming front Still something like that. Move it. Okay, Lives controlled rack, toe like every create Polident. Magnanimous. I think I have toe interest this originalists and a little bit more so that when a drug I'll get a good amount off polygons Then let's see. Let's down on everything you see the whole but justice Take this clay build off and stop creating that giving. Take Messier Okay? Here you can see I'm affecting. Decide as well. So goto press Good autumn asking are done on the back past mosque. So it's not gonna walk like affect the backside There you can see So let's control drag to redistribute, then escape dragging, moving. Let this and see. I want to take this a stone of the symmetry. I don't want to see what you anymore. So looked like this. You can use the snake who brought us. Place is and there's the broth called Snake Hook. This one. By using this against drug like this, it's gonna easily create that a stress stay like him. So if I'm working in this business best clump you can see let's keep our adjusting it. It's been thing off here because of this thing. And now it's like getting out and good in full control drag to redistribute on for painting gun off effect that let's take that in fled broths. Andi use here where we won that being sinking in whole controlled rather outside to redistribute. Okay, Good. Then use this to that glove aan den. Stay the move. You don't have to be like this. Exactly. Perfect what? I'm trying to do that. So let's see, for this kind of curvy looking thing you can you cannot just move on and create that you have to, like, go to the move to LA absence here on. Let's goto this a cool move inside. The cough is at work, are so by using that when you move, it's going to give you that arc just a bitch like this. I can leave create these things out of this safe. But let's see. Let's do those in a different lesson here. We need some volume. The rest on off. Goto leveled off gifts on volume. Mia, keep Harding those half probes like this. Okay, so this is our best on on top of these bears were going to do this little little different , like love affairs on obviously some details on the base as well. So let's see you in the next lesson on where we're going to refine this base a little bit more. 59. Hair detailing: Hi guys in this Listen, I'm going to work on this hair so let's start before that. As you can see have painted a little bit that they said on the band In between the lesson If you want to paint like this to select the object and to whatever color you want to paint and this guzzler select I don't cook color you can see it turns black everything. Don't worry, just goto color on feel object because this hair is selected conceived from you on. If you go to color and feel object, it's going to fill the and discolor to this subject And then once a change this from here again the nets gonna tends everything else Except that because it's filled now so you can do this again. If you want pain some color, then you can choose your color. For example, this color on down off g R Are you gonna bend food? This Jen's it sculler And let's finish this hair here scored us up to old daughter Everything. You can take the verse you can take the clay, build up gross and just are some stroke toe. Get this kind of layering effect schools are some strokes Roughly now I want to change this True from dynamics to a simple object. Goto Jim a tree and down Afghan Imus. Still, it's a very dense mess. You can see we don't have any division levels. Okay? And now, like in Goto label is here on down on K polis, too. Paul is a little bit. Let's go toe glowed with level claim polis. When you're clear, politican say it's going to give those hard. Is this this go and create a layer and exports, um, lines so would have danced under Take a dust under breath to the arson lanes like this Who are some random lines to solve the pinching effect off here with the floor like this. Something kind off on here. Let's some lines picked on on everything else. Okay. Well, then let's go to play. Build off. Purse three Clay, Polis it. So now we have some details. So in the next listen, I'm going to are some secondary hair plums 60. Adding Secondary hair clumps: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to are some smaller chunks. Small secondary heads you can take any primitives on. You can create those in this case, I'm going to use a brush us this I took. Get those I remember asses on Select this one. This character I am on now if you best him Do you get this men? So that is it. Thin arm Upson year. So choose stack so on. And now we can dragon object. But this object has subdivision level, so don't work If you tried to drag its it will So you it has a bizarre level Solar's duplicate it on delete all those subdivision levels on that. So marginal, my sister, This is the duplicate one on Let's go to Jim a tree on Dili So now it doesn't have any subjects and levels. No, it's striker Dragon Double that. So now if you drag get a mess And now it's going to mars it it that's upto so I don't want that I want this piece is totally separate one So let's goto subtle palate and split here on split mass points because this body is now must is going toe separated. So let's select here. Spirit must points now. As you can see, it's become a different new subtitle, and now you can delete this subtitle. Don't want that animal, but still let's keep it. We might need to drag to create other chunks, so let's keep that for now. Select this one. Andi Start. Let's start pushes sending and dried up here this steps. So let's let's take the move tool. Poison it unless rotated from the center from the center. Like this. Like this consist. It has wholesalers to wanting goto geometry and convert this toe. Dina Mus So it's converted when you convert somethingto Dina miss on def. That part holes, it's gonna close it. Um, let's go to draw on move. No, I'm gonna move it. I try to create that safe. So when you move, go to Brussels and Donna quick off inside this car, Hobson. So I could golf does a very good thing. Like if you move, it's gonna give very carville looking sieve. Sometimes I need that. Sometimes I don't. So I I need to give back on for the Tom off this. Let's move the whole chunks. So now let's clear something like this. Draw, move. I don't make it smooth and I don't cook off. And I need to think. And this is a deliberate Soldiers go in flat because I in front. I think this supported of it. I think it should come from here. So export, isn't that Okay, Great. So let's go on. Move it, Despont. It is personal gold. Will you go stunner for golf on? Let's used I'm flat Tokyo and give some thickness here. OK, do something like this on. Be friendly. Give some more regionalism. Increase it and controlled rightto region it that prisons here Smooth leverage. Let's let's give this same color to here. So this click and drag to here to pick the color and drag from here to here. Then goto color, fill, object. Okay, good. We cannot Some division lines, their allegiance Winners go on. Artem danced on a stroke. You can also hold old on drug to get away Self line effect sometimes in stray less character or cattle character will do. Do give some lines as well. Like for example, Insee something like this. If you were old and dr will get a very soft looking serve looking even. Consider this profile, man. Okay, that's great. So let's duplicate this. Some told duplicated, Let's take move. I don't have to be exactly like the exactly like the concept there, but still, I'm trying to do the are awfully to mass that concept soldiers. So dig this move. No, I have a quick off. So yes to So there's in junks like this. You can do these things and that's duplicated again. The board something here, move it on its rooted it. So Dr like this said Vodacom, dissenter like this Just here. What this increased up and this region listen controlled rack smooth it, then go to dance standard again. Let's pull some clients there. Maybe some are surf line the next Listen, I'm going to do that have been And that would be the final lesson of this course. We'll see you there 61. 96 Modeling Hair band: Vince, Final class. I'm going to do the headband, and we're going to wrap up this intercourse. I would like to thank you to take this course, So let's start doing that in this case again. You can do it by normally taking an implement tips all. You can do that inside my and being here. So in this case, I'm going to try to reuse some intimate tree we have already. So let's go to brush and press. I toe remember us on choose this bottom like ups in here and then pressed him to see all the subtitles in last offer Here again. See something like this. You can take any of this on drink them. So in this case, I'm taking this one. Um, let's drug in a bar some tool. And again, don't forget to split. It's split mashed point. So that that will be a separate. Let's rotate it, Gordo. I wrote a tool and that's sorted it. Move it just right. Poor Jason and scale properly according to our head there, Move to the locus. And okay, so great on Let's move like the move tool and squeeze a little bit. Let's go toe dynamics and physically, someone like Richard. Listen here, then drive to get there is a listen, Okay, Something. This is the average. Make it kind of flower legs. It okay is a listen. Then again, drag. Okay, great. So then again, duplicate it on and I can post just a second layer kind of thing. Or did it drink this? So as you can see, if we could reuse some parts, it's very time saving. Think of a list. Right toe. What? To use existing Jim O. T. She blesses offering you. So let's move it. Of course you can. If you want to do some specific thing, you can create Jewel. Okay, small this. Do some secondary thanked. Select the 1st 1 Get some. Listen there, drug. Feel free to make your own design. If you want to course under like this, we can always smoothie to get more reticent. Something like this. These are not going to visible. So I'm not that concerned about this. Okay, way have completed the character. But I'm not going to do the skateboard sculpting because I want you guys to do that so that I can see how you are using this all these techniques, tools I have talked about in the scores. I would like to see that model when you saw Mitt that please toe that mortal actually with this so that I can take your knowledge again. Thank you very much for enrolling toe this scores.