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YouTube Analytics and SEO: Masterclass On Tagging & Ranking Keywords

teacher avatar Peter BVCCO, Video Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why you should take this YouTube SEO Course?


    • 2.

      Overview of YouTube 101


    • 3.

      Everything You NEED To Know about the YouTube Basics


    • 4.

      Introduction to YouTube SEO: A Paradigm Shift


    • 5.

      Analyzing YouTube SEO at the MACRO Level


    • 6.

      Two IMPORTANT Types of Content You Need to Know!


    • 7.

      The SECRET TOOLS (No YouTuber Will EVER Tell You..)


    • 8.

      Why YOU Need to Worry About Tags and Titles?


    • 9.

      THIS Will Change The Way You Make Content!


    • 10.

      Tag - You're It! Every thing You Must Know about the YouTube Algorithm


    • 11.

      LIVE: How to Actually Implement YouTube SEO (With COMMENTARY)


    • 12.

      YouTube is ALWAYS Changing - Stay Updated!


    • 13.



    • 14.

      Key Points to Take Away


    • 15.

      My Final Words for YOUR Success on YouTube


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About This Class

YouTube Analytics and SEO: How to Rank YouTube videos with Keywords Properly

In this course I will explain YouTube SEO and Video SEO in order to get your videos seen on both YouTube and google.

How do I grow a channel from 0 views and 0 subscribers without experience? Well guess what? YouTube SEO is one of the core foundations of how YOU can substantially increase not only your views on your videos but also BUILD your personal brand/company/online presence

When it comes to YouTube - it’s always changing but these are the KEY SECRETS on how you RANK on YouTube nowadays - why do I know this?

As a content creator for other brands and myself - YouTube SEO has been my strength from years of testing and experimenting; I have been able to condense all those skills and knowledge FOR YOUR benefit so that you don't have to go through the hurdles of testing and trying to figure things out on YouTube.

In this course you will learn all the things I WISH I KNEW when I first started out on YouTube without the years of experience through trial and error.

I will show you my own analytics as a reference  - and how you can grow your traffic on YouTube organically. 

I haven’t told ANYONE this and this is my gift to you; sharing all the SEO Secrets I know so that YOU can succeed above the noise on YouTube.

I will make SURE you will learn: 

  1. What is YouTUBE SEO and Why does it Matter? 
  2. Why YOU need to know the difference in SEO Strategies?
  3. What are the PRACTICAL strategies to properly tag every single one of your YouTube videos?
  4. What does YouTube look for?
  5. How these YouTUBE SEO strategies will help YOUR brand?

Most YouTube SEO Courses are outdated (and unnecessarily long..) as YouTube themselves are CONSTANTLY CHANGING their algorithms but with my knowledge and secrets - these tips and tactics will assist you in STANDING OUT so that YOU can apply them and grow your OWN brand/business/channel. 

p.s. I will make sure you have the knowledge and tools at your hands so that you can learn YouTube SEO  and be way ahead of the crowded YouTube market through my own failures and success so that YOU can succeed in creating your brand.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Video Content Strategist


Hi there! My name is Peter and I have been making online content and videos since I was young. I am currently a full time content creator and want to share my expertise with you. I have had several years of experience in creating online content for not only my personal brand but for professional companies and organizations to meet their video needs.

I am extremely passionate about videos and storytelling. I want to inspire other like-minded individuals to push and grow themselves as a creative in whatever their endeavors may be!

I'm all about being great and focusing on your strengths. Don't settle for average because you CAN'T win with just average. 

In my classes I will condens... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Why you should take this YouTube SEO Course? : So you wanna rank on the first page of YouTube for every search term and every search result? Well, my name is Peter. And for the past 2 to 3 years, I've invested my own time and learning how tips and all things I failed that when it comes to search engine optimization and one comes to YouTube, I'm gonna show you in this course how you rank your videos on the first page of YouTube. I know there's a lot, Of course, is out there that promise. This is how you break number 12 and three. But I'm gonna show you everything from why do you want to rank on the first page of YouTube ? How important is to rank? And I'm gonna show you the tips and tactics on a live play by play action on how I actually rank and keyword every single one of my videos, from the titles to the descriptions as well as the keywords and key takes and constantly get ongoing organic traffic. And if this is what you want, this is the course for you. And I hope it provides the value and the tips and tax that you want to news for your YouTube channel and personal brands. 2. Overview of YouTube 101 : So in the first part, I'm gonna talk about the overview of what exactly is search engine optimization specifically for YouTube? Some of these rules also apply for Google in itself because of the art related. But in this video, I'm not talking about exactly what is search engine optimization as well as why do you want to be first on the first page of YouTube? Search results? Because when it comes to searching for a specific product or niche, you want to be on the first page. The first page essentially gets the most views. Whoever is the first when you search up, for example, camera, that is the person that people are gonna wash that video. In other words, it is another way to generate organic traffic. And although you don't want to, like appear on the very first for every single search in a perfect ideal world, that is when you be but appeared on the first page is much more likely if you consider a lot of different things, which I'm going to talk about in this first part 3. Everything You NEED To Know about the YouTube Basics : My name is Peter and you're watching up broke Visionary Productions. And if you enrolled into this course, I will literally show you everything. How you want about ranking on s CEO? Why do you actually want to rank on YouTube and the very important of search optimization? So when it comes to YouTube, you have to think about back to basics. What is search engine optimization and why is it so important to you and your YouTube channel and your personal brand? Why is it important for you to why do you need to know S e o? How would affect your YouTube channel? And why the hell are you even taking this course? Because when I started my first YouTube channel, the first thing I understood was S E O. This is why, as you can see here, all of the traffic that I've literally gained from two years of creating content on YouTube is that I've understand organic traffic. As you can see here, these are really my own statistics of my past two days in the last 48 hours, and you can see here 63 1000 people coming in tow watch my channel as well as within the last 60 minutes. A duke. You see a spike here of having 1200 views and within the last hour, 470 unique visitors to my channel and my content. And guess what? All of this is not paid paid media. This is all through organic. Organic traffic is my specialty. All of this is organic and this can also this effect can also work for your channel and your Brent if you do it the right way. One of the court things of why you want to have s e o. Is that you want to constantly be building a community when you're asleep. In other words, you put a video up and a video that you made two years ago. As you can see down here, December 1st 2015 still gets ah, 140 people toe watch, even though it's three years ago, almost because the whole point of S e. O is to constantly having incoming traffic to your YouTube channel, which also acts as a funnel for whatever that your brand is a product. You're trying to sell a service and overall, build up your own personal brand without you even being there if you properly. No. YouTube sc Oh, you can have ongoing traffic for a long time if you put in the right steps that I'm going to show you. In this course, traffic equals more leads. And subscribers, the more traffic organic traffic. Yet it means more people are gonna watch your videos more people to your brand as well as what's your goal? Right, To have constant traffic to your videos on an indefinite basis without you even being there even if you don't upload videos and weeks and months, you still get on coming traffic. And this is why I s C. O is so important to learn specifically on YouTube and it helps you really stand out. I will show you everything I know because ah, lot of people think on YouTube. You know of you just happen by accident and you just keep on getting literally views if you just put a video out there. But especially today, like I constantly say, you need to know. YouTube CEO 4. Introduction to YouTube SEO: A Paradigm Shift : So in the second part, you will understand why is do you actually want to rank for every single one of your videos ? Because in a perfect world, you would want every single video that you made to rank be number one as well as rank on the first page. But there is a very key difference on what you want to rank on. For example, a trending topic that also has a lot of traffic and Austin just dies off. Or do you want to rank on a search term that has constant? Every green traffic, in other words, has constantly traffic organic traffic, people researching this up on a consistent basis versus on a what's trending mentality. 5. Analyzing YouTube SEO at the MACRO Level: If you put in any letter of the alphabet and t the YouTube search bar, YouTube will auto fill it for you. Same thing with Google. For example. If you put in how to rank in YouTube, as you can see here, it will also auto, complete from the most popular search to the most least popular search. So if I punch in how to rank on YouTube, it will say how to rank on. YouTube had to rank on YouTube, 20 1700 rank on you to the first page and these air different variations of people's actual searches showing up on YouTube. And if it shows up on YouTube, that is one of the popular searches that you shouldn't use for your channel or your title of your video, which I'll talk about in depth later on. So when it comes to YouTube, people often get it's related to Google, and Google is the most prominent search engine websites out there. And guess what? You should also treat YouTube in the same way of understanding s CEO. People don't only come to YouTube for silly videos, contrary to popular belief, but people come on YouTube to find a solution for entertainment or escapism, but especially value. Billions of videos are being uploaded. Every second on YouTube content is more saturated than ever, and, as you can see here like you do has a trending page. But most people, if you think about it, when was the last time you used YouTube? Besides for entertainment? Did you want to learn something? Did you want to learn a solution? Toe? How do I do this without this and this? Most people come to YouTube to find tutorials and such. And that is the one of the key things people often overlook. YouTube content is based on how searchable it is. Does it provide value if people watch it like, what do they get out of it? Is there a market? Do people want these types of videos? Is the content itself good? Because anyone, especially with the Internet now anyone can just upload a simple video to YouTube. But is anyone going toe watch it? It doesn't matter. I want to emphasize this. It doesn't matter. How s E O friendly your videos are. If they do not meet the requirements above, you will not do well. So understanding that YouTube S C O mixed in with content that provides value. It's searchable, There's a market for it, and you yourself believe that you're good enough. You mix that in with YouTube CEO, then you have a monster machine to begin with so recently, especially over the past 2 to 3 years you have. YouTube has recently prioritized watch time overall versus overall view count. In other words, if a video views don't matter as much on YouTube just because the video has more views, it doesn't not mean that it will rank better. Over the years, YouTube has prioritized that watch time is more important than the overall view count. What did this mean? You need to make content that matters to your audience? Your goal is to rank on the first page, and I have your target audience watched all the way through the end of the video. Here's an example. You search up hockey, you will see that there are two videos here, but this video on top actually ranks higher than the one on the bottom, even though the video in the bottom has 100 for 5000 views and the video above has 12,000 views, which in the last 12 hours why is that because of the YouTube algorithm and what YouTube actually recommends to you as well as watch time? As you can see, your video views have a certain degree when it comes to ranking. But it's not that much important nowadays. It's not all about the view things about the watch time accumulated on your channel as well as your session watch time. 6. Two IMPORTANT Types of Content You Need to Know! : When do you actually want to rank on YouTube? Because before I get into topic, I'm gonna say that there's a lot of people who guarantee and show you tips and tricks how you actually rank number one. But it's a lot harder, and I'll talk about a secret technique that I news. But it is nearly impossible to rank number one for every one of your single videos. What you want to do instead is have the mindset and mentally to try to rank all your videos on the first page instead of trying to rank number one because people will take S E O and try to keywords stuff and do a lot of things where instead of trying to rank on the first page that rank, they try to rank number one, and what usually ends up happening is there. Video doesn't do well in does Eamon rank, but I'll talk about that secret tip in the near the end of this course. But in this topic, I will show When do you actually want to rank on YouTube and the different mindset than strategies you wanna have. So first, when it comes to YouTube CEO, you need to understand every green vs trending. What strategy do you want? Every green verse trending where evergreen is traffic that constantly keeps coming to your channel and usually good examples of evergreen content is that look at how to uninstall this. This this. How do I clean my car? How do I change a tire? How do I tie a tie? These are called Evergreen Content is because there's always a market for them. There's always people that are going to search and watch these videos and then go to your brand and your channel or whatever product they're trying to sell or brand or service trending. Coptic is, on the other hand, is a pop culture or something in the news trending topic, where if you make a reaction video to these content or make some kind of rebuttal, then there's a huge influx of people that will search these topics and watch these videos. But just like and just like any other pop culture high influx than no one really cares about it. So then, in a perfect world, you want both, you want to make content that's always has, like this ongoing, slow, steady, growing snowball effect of evergreen content. But you always wanna have trending topics, because trending topics and content makes your reach on your channel organic reach much more wider. But if you don't know much about S E. O, I would say it's much more better to have a core foundation of evergreen content. Once you understand evergreen content, then you can begin to experiment with trending topics eventually. If you do this correctly, your channel will have evergreen content unless that topic goes extinct. So you wanna be, think, really strategic up. What content can I provide in my niche to serve others that people costly want to know about and provide value? And unless that topic comes extinct and there's no more, consumers have the niche. Chances are evergreen content. There's so much other niches that you can think about that has everything content and which is why I'm against starting YouTube with trending topics first, because they come and go really quick. As you can see a lot of reaction channels on YouTube. They have like a 1,000,000 subscribers, but their videos and the most recent videos only get 100 to 200 views because in the past they made a reaction. Video two X Y said got them a lot of traffic, but no one really cares about anymore. No one searches them and they'd only have good session. Watch time on their YouTube channel. You want to build a solid base and understanding of evergreen content on your channel because guess why this video has so many views for so many years on ongoing basis, and this is a good prime example of evergreen content. This video has 32 million views and I live. We searched up how to tie a tie and this video ranked number one. And guess what? It was uploaded on July 28th 2010. That is eight years ago. Eight. Hate. Let me repeat eight years ago, and until his day it can get 700 unique visitors views per hour. That is a lot of organic traffic coming from a good understanding of S E O. And I can only imagine what, how much unique visitors this individual is pushing the brand product service or website because you could do a lot with eight, almost 800 organic traffic to your channel or brand or your content on a daily basis, and that is the most optimal. When it comes to YouTube s CEO and ranking 7. The SECRET TOOLS (No YouTuber Will EVER Tell You..) : So in part three of this video, I will show you how, exactly you tag on YouTube. What are the steps by steps and frameworks and processes that you need to know when it comes to YouTube S C. O. And this is one of the big differentiators when it comes to good YouTube ranking and horrible ranking and how a lot of people mess up on and it took me months, years of practice and child air. So I really hope you take notes for this part and you will learn a lot. It might be overwhelming, but the more you do it, the more likely you are to succeed on YouTube here, some secret tools that you, it's almost guaranteed. You must need to beat your competition as well as understand your own S CEO and other people's CEOs. So the to chrome plug ins or Internet plugging with Adam End is vin I Q or tube buddy for me, I'm not sponsored by these companies. It's just these two plug ins I recommend, and I use the free version. You don't have to pay for them. You don't have to like I don't pay for them. I knew the free versions. And essentially, what the's chrome extensions do is that they allow you to do more than what YouTube offers . YouTube lets you, you know, tag, but it isn't really a support when it comes to how do I properly rank a video? And as you can see here, these tools let you see tags that rank that trend and, more importantly, what things you shouldn't news for your titles on your takes. Why why do these tools? Matter is because you can see the competition tags and keywords, and you can see what they do so you can implement it to your own videos. You you want to see search term that rank, and you can go back and make your videos more S C o friendly. And as you can see here, video takes you Kenly go on any channel, and it will reveal all of your competitors thes videos that you're looking doing research on. What are they in using to rank on the first page of YouTube, for example, you can see here how to rank videos on you do powder rank videos 2017 YouTube S, C O. And you can sometimes if they leave their stats public. You can also see how much views that video is getting on a per hour basis. Another tool that I news a weapon. The in use when comes to YouTube S C ome is Google trends. Google trends is a free. You can just school at Google trends, and it's pretty much a platform owned by Google Seacon keyword and key word term research. It lets you see that. Is there not an audience that you're making a video about? You want to find a market? It tells you if you're on to something that doesn't have a lot of search volume or you're on something that, hey, wait a minute. There's a lot of people searching this. Maybe I should make a content geared around that topic. And, as you can see here, I just punched in YouTube S C O. And as you can see here, it also shows how much views it's getting organic search, as well as the top countries that it ranks in. And it also gives you search term relevance such as YouTube CEO, 2017. Another related terms to that specific thing that you wanted to search and as well as another topic that I don't want to go to nitty gritty into is Google Keyword Planner, which is also part of Google. Ads. Sense. If you don't have account, I recommend you sign up for Google ads, and the keyword planner lets you see whether or not there's high search volume. There's competition for it and what other related terms that you can use. For example, thinking about putting and just YouTube. Oh, according to the keyword planner, Google ranking ranks better, and there's less competition versus just the keyword YouTube. So one of my core things that I look for is look for the white space. What does that mean? It means don't make a video that is already so saturated a market that's already so saturated. In other words, there's a lot of competition. The more competition there is, it is much harder to rank of video. People try to rank on a very hi competitive video, and if a channel has millions of subscribers and millions of views already, chances are that person ranks has a much higher snowball effect on the YouTube ranking an algorithm. Then you do where a channel with 10 views and zero or to subscribers You want to S e o rank and SDO optimize a video that has high search volume but very little competition. Let me repeat that high search volume, but very little competition. Those are the markets you want to go for, whether that your expertise in whether you're a makeup grew your beauty guru, you're a camera tech review person. You want to go for where the white spaces and at the same time, stay within your specialty. Talk about what you know about it will increase your chances of being ranked, because that chances are if you look for the white space competitors in that white base aren't doing YouTube s CEO, and this is how you can outrank them and have better optimized titles. Everyone promises This is how ironic Number one on YouTube but is much harder if everyone else is trying to do the same thing. You want to go to the white space, which is I emphasize this so much it goes back to your content finding a niche and analyzing how you can make your content s Seo friendly good headlines and good copyrighting in your titles and descriptions, as well as having high search volume for that topic as well as a little competition, because if there's very low search volume and a high competition, chances are you're not gonna rank in that video are in the first page. 8. Why YOU Need to Worry About Tags and Titles? : in this third part of this u two s e o course, I'm gonna show you the exact step by step play on how you actually record and your video from tagging to titling to description. How do you exactly rearrange which key? Worst in use, which tools you want to news for the title that you want Rankin as well as all the things that I wish I knew when I first started out YouTube because when I first did it, it was a lot of trial and error. But the more you do it, and the more things that I'm going to show you now in the specific section are gonna help you much along the way. 9. THIS Will Change The Way You Make Content!: in this order, you need to ensure consistency. In other words, the titles, mashed descriptions match and your tags match. Ah, lot of people on YouTube just uploaded video and don't do anything lazy. And what does that mean? Your video is not gonna get organic reach. You're not gonna build a community. And and already so saturated market, you're just gonna get drowned out by all the other people who don't understand YouTube S c O. The first part of your title is so important, it is more searchable than the end. In other words, if you title your video how to rank a YouTube video in 2017 that title itself is long. But how to rank YouTube videos, that is what the Google algorithm is going to look for is going to rank for how to rank a YouTube video versus in 2017 so forth and so forth. So what I'm trying to say here is that the first 3 to 5 words in your title needs to be a heavy emphasis on YouTube as your ranking, and then the other stuff at the end could be some kind of additional ranking words. But if you're trying to rank for how to rank YouTube's You want toe. Make sure those exact words are variations of those words or play. You can play off of those or within the 1st 1 to 5 first words in your title as well. Talking about the first title, Why that is so important. The first video take is so important as well at how, for my own experience, it affects the brink. So I'll talk about this deep on later, I was. But the overall view is that the first tag can essentially make or break When comes the ranking on the first page, and you want to make sure you have a similar title description and video take if all these air consistent, the more optimal your CEO is on YouTube. But remember, I want to emphasize this content is king on YouTube. Doesn't matter how you too friendly YouTube CEO friendly. Your content is if your content isn't good, that is where you fail. You need to make sure to find a niche final topic that you're very, very passionate about at the same time provides value. So you mix those two in and you throw in YouTube CEO. That is where you can build a thriving audience and have organic traffic. So let's talk about YouTube titles. Don't ever title the beginning of your videos, such as Blawg one. Today I'm going shopping that is not SDO friendly. The first, Like already, said the 1st 67 words are the most crucial to your YouTube S. C O. For a lot of people who are lazy. What their YouTube CEO don't put a description that video takes from my own research. I've seen videos rank because their video title is on point and their descriptions, even though they have no description or attacks. A good example of a good title is how to videos operations such as How do you do this and this? How do you do how to draw this and other variations of this of good title is best settings for DSL. Our camera on my camera channel, where I talk about tech reviews. How to edit videos. One of my most viewed videos, with 10,000 going on 10,000 views with a past couple months, is best setting for a DS all our camera and I found that just research as well as having There's a market already, so that is a good title toe. Have best things for DSLR camera, super specific super mish and you want us you want essentially title your videos where you already know there's people searching things up. Like already said, how to draw Rose. How to rank on YouTube. What is the best cheap camera to buy? What do all of these have in common? People are searching for them. Hence YouTube search engine optimization. These aren't random words. Random emojis. You want to make sure your video titles are? It's so crucial. It's the first thing that people see or read besides the thumbnail. Decide whether or not they're gonna click on the video. If you can hit the right audience, your videos will rank you to put a preference in this order. Good title, Good description and good takes talking about descriptions. So many people just leave it out. They don't They just have their social media lengths, blah, blah, blah blah. But the first I would say the 1st 2 senses and your YouTube descriptions needs to be some sort of variation. But make sure you're not keyword stuffing. In other words, just throwing out a bunch of keywords you want. Make sure it matches your title or the first 22 sentences. Why? Because if you search up best cheap camera, not only do their titles match, but you can also see the bold ID portions in their descriptions. And that bold ID portion is also YouTube's algorithm and how S CEO ranks. So you want to make sure that is the first, the second sense. So make sure in your first sands, for example, best cheap cameras for YouTube. You also want to make sure that first sentence says, Hey, in this video, I talk about cheap cameras and cheap audio equipment for your YouTube needs. As you can see here, all these videos rank, but it also their descriptions are also being highlighted because it also ranks 10. Tag - You're It! Every thing You Must Know about the YouTube Algorithm : and this is the moment that you all been waiting for video takes and I've seen good video taste. And I've seen horrible video takes because there are channels out there who just have their uploaded default content on YouTube, where they just leave one or two words or is very generic. Video takes the have nothing to do with the video for video taking on YouTube. You want to understand and have a systematic approach of what you want to take, not just random words that don't have nothing to do with the video. Like I said, the first hag is the most important. My bid I Q. Example is that for one of my popular videos, if a that video best DSR settings, I made sure the first tag was related to the description and made it to the title. And if I took away that first tag essentially ruins all of the algorithm that YouTube brings. So if you have a video that ranks, you don't want to touch the tags, but if but it also works in the other way, if you have a video that doesn't do well, then you can touch the tags and see if I move this keyword term to the first to the front, will that make the other tags rank? And that's what you want to think of strategically, it will either make or break your video in terms of YouTube CEO ranking. Make sure that I personally news, but I Q. So you make want to make sure that there's a high search score and make sure your subsequent tags are similar to the First Hague and title with variations. You want to look at competition and see which one ranks and not ranks. If you want to be really cut throat, you can really news word by word of other people's tags. But I like to use variations. Yeah, what can I do at this? Competitors tags and make my tags better. Never news. One word tags unless it's super searchable and there's not a high audience competition for it. So you want to make sure you want to use phrases. Always use sir praise that this is a heavy emphasis, for example, how to rank versus rank, Or how do I shoot a video? How do I shoot a video in slow motion? How do I shoot a video with DSLR videos. How do I shoot videos with a Nikon? These are phrases that people are actually searching up versus just one word Rank Maikon d 5200. You want to think in that time you went to him? Think in S C O. And here's my real life example of good YouTube s CEO. And this is from my own channel broke, visionary, collective. And as you can see here, for example, newer If you punch in new were stabilizer. My video ranks within the top three results on the first page of a lot of these. And as you can see here, newer stabilizer is in my title. Also in my description as well in my tag. And as you can see here, my first tag is newer stabilizer with 44.6. So if using video, I Q. Your key goal is to have your first Hegg have some kind of score next to it. Not on YouTube, but through video. I Q. That's how I know that it is actual Arang Kable search term. Then after that first tag, I want to make second variations and third variations. So newer stabilizer nowhere stabilizer. Set up new or stabilizer tests. Newest able footage, and you just want to keep playing off of this, and you can see through competitors. You want to see what's being also feel that when you use Google trends, so there's a lot of work when it comes to YouTube S C O. But if you do it properly, you can have results just like mine on your YouTube channel if you pick the right Neech. And to this day, this video gets me a lot of leads and audience growth as well as also used affiliate links . And I actually sell ah lot of these through affiliate marketing through this organic traffic here. Does this sound complicated? Like I know you. If you don't understand YouTube S c O that portion it on its own, I suggest you might want to re watch it. It sounds complicated, but not a big deal. I will also do my own play by play commentary of how I video tag. There will be one example, so feel free to watch it and replay anything and take notes 11. LIVE: How to Actually Implement YouTube SEO (With COMMENTARY) : So this is a little free tape Tibet the not a lot of people know about. But if you have a video that ranks well, I like to know what I like to call the remix effect. So you make a part two to that video. So here's is a really live action play by play of how I take videos. So one my videos I actually rank for is best video settings for DSLR. So I decided to make a part two to this video. So you want to see what videos are actually having the same similares ranking. And as you can see here, best videos settings has a 36.6 score, so you can just look at your first field actually did well in rankings, and you can see what keywords are searchable and not so search friendly. And as you can see in this right now, what I'm doing is that none of these are one word search video takes. You want to make sure. Like I said, that they are actually phrases, and to see how you can see best video settings for Nikon is that there's actually auto fills for which ones recommendations that you should use as your video takes. As you can see, this content creator ranks and does so well because a lot of his search terms as she ranks on the first page as what you would do next to see what of these keyword rankings or keyword search terms? Can you athlete news and take for your own video? Because your video is also related to it, and this is essentially you do S e o research. You just look on other channels and competitors, because why do you want to start from scratch where these other videos also rank and how you can also rank is do variations of them, as you can see here. Best dlr settings for video, best dlr settings and these are searchable s the old friendly phrases. And as you can see here, like YouTube, S. C. O. Is a lot of trial and error and looking at the competition, looking at what other people are doing because it's already works. And how can you apply it to your own videos and your own content strategy for some, you know, people might look over it, but if you want to gain organic traffic can understand how to probably take your videos. I would say this is what you need to do. And as you can see here, my video actually ranks second on that search term because I know what I'm doing. Instead of just keyword stuffing and putting up random tag, if you want to make sure that your first sends second pretty much your 1st 1st to third lines have it be somewhat as he oh, friendly. So for this description, I'm putting best video settings for DSLR specifically that Nikon D 52 53 5500 Siri's. So when it comes to a having YouTube SC Oh, it's both a combination of a having a catching good copyrighting in other words, a good title that makes people want to click on it. But the same time have. It's so specific that if you have something along the lines of best video settings for DSL , offering micro cameras that people are gonna watch that because that's what they want to learn, they want to learn what are the best settings for my camera? How can I provide value so they click on it because this about this video itself can give me value. So what I usually do for descriptions is like I said, first 1 to 2 lines. Make sure it's some Seo friendly and make sure it's a sentence. You don't put random words because you, too, will punish you for it, as well as a little overview of my video description. A summary in a paragraph. So what I did here was, I just want to make sure that to show the importance of how if you actually reset and put a different tag in the beginning, it will actually affect the ranking. So if you can see here, I put first, best video settings, and I flipped it around and put a Nikon D 5300. Then you can see there's a different score, so this is what you want you want to play with. If your video after you uploaded and you put it for like, a week and the videos don't rank, then you want to mess around with a title. You want to play around with the key words. You want to see whether or not you should put this video tag in the beginning or should put this video take. So that is pretty much how I video tag and do YouTube s c o. And as you can see here, my video best DSLR settings actually ranks for I would say not the best, but it has three out of the X amount of takes that I put in because you also need to understand just because a person knows YouTube sc Oh, you want to make sure that there's less competition. You want to make sure that the take that you go in, that you can ask you rank. And that is my how I rank videos. That topic itself is ah, high hard high competition ranking video. But through my own YouTube and S e o knowledge, I was able to rank because a it started accumulating views and snowballing effect. That's the one of the good important things of having YouTube CEO. Is that if you know YouTube CEO people watch it. The video itself provides value. People are gonna constantly watch it, which then will also affect that YouTube algorithm. YouTube will suggest that in a video on the side, and you're via will get more views on an ongoing basis. You can't do this for every topic. But you want to what the mentality in strategy was like If I make a video catered to the specific search term, which I'm passionate about, and it's my own nation market, that is how you make YouTube videos. That is the key trick of how a lot of people mess up on when they start. You don't make a random videos without much relevancy. You want to make videos that a provide value entertainment. But as well as people are looking for, there's a market for it, and if you're passionate about something and there's chances are there's a market for it. 12. YouTube is ALWAYS Changing - Stay Updated!: ranking can also be affected by the viewer. So YouTube. Now, if you notice this subscription button is not the first thing you see when you sign it to YouTube, whether that's on your phone or on your laptop or PC or Mac, it's affected by its recommended videos and search terms. So if you constantly watch a certain video, YouTube will, even if you start something, you too will recommend you a different video versus so one person's search term might differ from another person. Search term, which affects S C O. But S E O also still has a big, important role when it comes to getting organic traffic. Another thing I noticed with the YouTube algorithm is that newer uploads within the 24 hour , if they just uploaded it, gets a lot of views and traction and view velocity. In other words, Ah, lot of people are going to wash that video within the 1st 24 hours of that upload. It tends to rank first, the 123 days, and then you took figures where they're not to keep that on the first page. So be aware of that you want to focus on watch time and session. Watch time wash Time is whether or not you know a person watches all five minutes of a video than watches. Decides to watch more of that video on your channel, or that person clicks off your channel or closes YouTube or watches another person's YouTube channel. Then that is session. Watch time. You wanna have good times on both, so to sum. 13. Summary : YouTube S C O to this day 2018 2019 2020 Wherever this time and day is, YouTube S C O is crucial to organic reach. You want to be ableto understand YouTube and ranking, and getting organic reach is so important whether you're trying to build up a YouTube channel where you're trying to sell a product, whether or not you're trying to build a brand authority. YouTube organic reach is how you build and provide value and build your own audience. Treat YouTube like a big search engine. Find a target, niche your market, and that's how you get your audience and your leads. You wanna outrank the competition, but also look for the white space. Look for a market that there's not a lot of competition, but there's a high search volume those of the videos. But I can't say what markets those are because I don't know you. You need to be whether that, for example, you're a beauty guru, your ah camera tech reviewer go for something niche, for example, budget camera reviews where you only talk about you know what's the best cheap camera to buy whether best home studios where this in that instead of thinking of a broad generalization, make sure you use tools like Bid I Q and to Buddy these air so important. I recommend these to everyone. I'm not affiliated by these companies. News the free versions if you don't want to pay for them, but it lets you see under the covers and let you see what your competitors air ranking. What's ranking? It also lets you see you know what YouTube title is searchable and which ones you should not rank on. You want to make sure that your there's consistency in your title description and video takes. Ah, lot of people are lazy. If you don't want to take YouTube seriously, then, yeah, you know, don't focus on YouTube CEO. But if you want to be a content creator, some kind of brand authorities or company, whoever you want to make sure there's consistent, you want to make sure your titles match your descriptions. Match your video takes. You have those three pillars in your video and your content and it your contents really good and speaks to that target audience. That is how you get a subscribers. That's how you get leads and how that's how you convert your leads to revenue organic revenue. Make sure that these search terms people are looking for them. They're not just some random words and mo decent numbers. And if you wanna have random words and emojis and numbers things that aren't so rebel relevant, make sure those air at the very end of the title on the description. Don't use it as the first thing first portion of your title tag is much more important than the later once. So you want to make sure the highest search volume lowest competition are the first ranked and everything else kind of falls in popularity. In other words, after 14. Key Points to Take Away : now, you essentially No. All of the things that I wish I knew when I first started YouTube. So I started you to making content in 2014 and its 2018 and I've been doing this for a long time. It took me a lot of things of trial and error. And as you can see, here you do S CEO is one of the pillars of how you grow your audience. There's other pillars out there. But YouTube as CEO is a slow snowball effect where if you implement them trial and error, you will grow your organic audience without you being there if you lay the proper foundations of YouTube s CEO. Like I said, when I first started, I had to learn all these things by myself. It took me way longer than it needed to be. I learned through trial and error, and I hope it provides you a solid foundation to stand out every video you make. Think of it strategically. Is there a market out there? How do you rank these videos and someone outrank me because they have a bigger audience? How can I improve all my ranks? Titles and descriptions am I providing value? Does it cater to a specific audience? It versus some random V log or video without any relevance? Is it too crowded or chi dominate due to lack of competition? Is there constant market where people are always searching for it? Now you can once once you implement all these categories, you can redirect traffic, build your audience, sell your product and be the content career that you want to be through. YouTube s CEO 15. My Final Words for YOUR Success on YouTube : now you made it all the way to the end. Now you know all the tips, the tactics and the strategies that I do when it comes to making YouTube videos, whether that comes from titling your videos, descriptions and ensuring your metadata is on points, and then you can optimally show up on the first page of YouTube or number one and understanding when you really want to hold on on those s E o skills. And sometimes you need to lay back. And whether that is, you want to push organic traffic to your website, your personal brand, You're trying to sell something. YouTube S C. O is one of the key ways and how you stand out from the noise on YouTube because everyone wants to make YouTube videos. Everyone wants to, you know, make content on the Internet. But now it's getting so crowded. But for me personally, YouTube S C O is one of the most powerful things that you can do to stand out from the noise. So I really hope this course provided you value and shared all the insight that I wish I knew when I first started. And my name is Peter from broke vision our collective on. I hope this course provided you value