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Your Trello Beginner's Guide: Quick Start

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, YouTuber & Tool Finder

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Trello | Trailer


    • 2.

      The Basics of Trello Boards & The Kanban Methodology


    • 3.

      Managing Team and Work Projects in Trello


    • 4.

      Creating Personal Projects in Trello


    • 5.

      Customising & Optimising Trello


    • 6.

      Course Summary & Thank You


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About This Class

Calling all Trello newbies. This course is focused on taking your from zero to Trello hero. 

Trello is one of the most flexible project management tools that millions around the globe use every single day to conquer their own personal goals and team projects. Trello makes things easier by allowing us to manage all of those challenges. You can start with a simple board and expand out your use with time. 

This course focuses on: 

  • An Introduction to Trello's basic features
  • Using Trello for personal goals and projects 
  • Managing Work Projects with Trello 
  • The Best Practices to Mastering Trello 

Discover more about Trello on the Keep Productive YouTube channel, subscribe today

You can enjoy other courses on Skillshare here including Notion, Things 3 and Bear. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Francesco D'Alessio

YouTuber & Tool Finder


My name is Francesco.

I help people find the best productivity software, apps & tools.

We're on a mission with Tool Finder to help you find that gem of a productivity tool for work & life.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Trello | Trailer: hello over and welcome to this school share class. My name's Francesco D'Alessio on. I'm going to be your host for this course or amount trail. Oh, now this class is going to be dedicated, giving you the basics off trail. Oh, understanding the tool on the resource as well as giving you and providing you with templates that been created by the trailer community to go away on applying to different situations and scenarios. So we'll be taking you fruits. Some example. Boards to give you an outline of how to use them in everyday practice, as well as giving you a good idea of how to navigate trail. Oh, and take it away for your own personal and team use. Now, for those who don't know, Trailer is a visual collaboration toe that is used for personal projects on team collaboration to for managing lots of different activities and resources. Millions of people use travel on a daily basis, and it's a very exciting application. If this classes for you or whether it's not for you, it be great. Have us describe over on the keep productive YouTube channel. We do regular videos, all about productivity software and reviewing the best out there. So, guys, I'm really excited to have your role here on this trailer class. I will be taking you through all of the lessons. I'm very excited. I hope you are. And I'll see you guys in this class. Cheers. 2. The Basics of Trello Boards & The Kanban Methodology: so, guys, it is so great to have you enroll here in this class. So what is travel? That's a great question. Trailer is essentially a visual collaboration tool, and it uses a method called the Cambon Method. Essentially can ban is a process that you can use, which essentially takes thestreet age of a task. So, for example, you could have to do doing dumb, and you could drank the project or activity that you're working on in between these stages to given outline of where you are with different stages. Applying that to lots of different tasks and activities and you have a visual cam ban board in front of you, and it's a great way to plan and coordinate your activity. This is something that actually originated from Japan and actually has become a very successful method for coordinating and managing your time. Now I'll give you a bit more information in that in the resources below, because I think learning about it will help you to serve. Broaden your horizons with trailer. No trailer can be used in all in any different situations. There are millions of people using it for different things. Some people using it for managing. They garden some people for using it to coordinate their new kitchen, which they're planning, and lots and lots of people use it for work. And even students use it for managing deadlines and coordinating their assignment. So there's so many different situations that you can use trailer it. So I think the best way to kick things off is to tell you a little bit of more about the basic elements of trail. Oh, and then dive over to the laptop to show you how you can get started with creating your first board. So there are three basic elements inside of trail. Oh, the first of those elements is aboard aboard is essentially your work space, and you can assign it to different types of projects you're working on or the projects themselves. Now board essentially is a place for you to solve all of your cards and leszcz and all of the ideas that you have, and it's essentially if you think about it like a page. To some extent now, the second element inside of your board is a list. A list essentially aisles you to coordinate your cards, given indication to what your cards mean in terms of whether it's a progress of the card or an outline off the list itself, and that we very helpful when you're using your trailer account and the P and L A Resistance. The card. The card is used to coordinate a tongue, details or project details and could be opened up on even more details. To be attitude, which is amazing. A card is really your power play inside off trail. Oh, so this is the perfect point to divert a laptop and show you some of the basic features, as well as how to create your first board inside of travel. So guys just dive over there. So here are some off the basics off your trail account. You can download Trela on IOS, Android Mac, or you can access it through the Web so it's pretty accessible on most platforms, so the first thing you can do is create a board. Now a board could be created in the top right hand corner just by kicking. Create board aboard is a workspace for creating things inside of trail. Oh, and you can collaborate and coordinate all of your activities there, So let's go ahead and create a board giving it a title. You can also assign it to a group as well as give other people access. You can give it a quick background and click create board. Once you created boards, you enter into this space. If I just tap away the menu, you can see here that you can create things called lists lesser await for you to coordinate your tasks. So, for example, if I put to do this would be a list for all of my to do items. If I was going to use the can ban method, I might put doing and at a final, less cool done. Now, if I go to the cards you can, and cards below can't allow you to add certain activities or tasks to that list, and it provides you with a way to get started. So let's say I need toe water, all the plants so you can see here that I've created something called a card. A card is movable between lists, and that's what makes it adhere to the can ban method. So, for example, if I was currently watering the plants and I had finished the plants. I'd move it across the list, so a board is a place for you to work in. A list is a way for you to coordinate the types of tasks you'll be doing on a card will essentially be your task. Just a little bit more information about the card you can click in and add a lot more details, like description, comments, even at members, labels, checklists, due dates, attachment on interact with card using move copy, watch on archive. There's a few more sharing settings to, so hopefully that gives you a nice introduction to the board. The list on the card inside of trailers. 3. Managing Team and Work Projects in Trello: So here we are with trail Oh, and in the school share class, we're going to be demonstrating with trailer for Max so you can actually download that one . It is available through IOS and Android as well as the majority people Use it through the Web access, which is accessible as well. Now cello is free. And as you can imagine, you can create an account, get started on, get rolling in. In this demonstration, we're going to be demonstrating how you can use it for workplace situations. We're gonna be showing you three core boards that you can use, and you can actually copy them and actually apply them to your account. From this video we have to do is go to the notes area and find all the boards that we reference here. Now the first ball we're gonna touch on is content calendar content. Calendar became used for either work or personal situations to some extent, but in this case, you could use it for an editorial calendar. You could use it for newsletters coming up or even your own YouTube channel. It's totally up to you on how you use it. The great thing about the content calendar. It is a visual way for you and your team to collaborate on what's coming next in your articles or your pieces that you'll release in now. As you can see here, it's broken down in this demonstration into a whole host of lists, and this is a list fright here. Now you can have ideas all the way to researching on hold writing, editing, scheduled promotion ready to publish. And naturally, you can create your own list titles. Onda How you want to go through those protests is now. This is a really simple one because, for example, let's say you take this idea could be an article for unlimited tabs. All you have to do is drag it over to research, and that means it's in the research phase of things, so you could be actually looking into it. But if I were to, for example, move the how destruction editorial calendar over to writing, it means that I'm actually working on it right now, and that goes all the way down to ready to publish, and it's a great way to visually coordinate things. Now the great thing inside of this is well is you've got labels. Labels are a great way to coordinate categories. And also you've got these lovely thumbnails. So we're gonna be demonstrating from scratch how to create a content calendar now and then we're going to move on to sales pipeline. So to create a new board, all you have to do is go to the top Randall Corner and click create board. So you can see here that that lovely image appears and also your menu on the right hand side. I'm just gonna total that one away and is a simple starting point. Let's add a few less titles. In this case, I chose a demonstration off my own YouTube channel. Any ideas that come in go here? Scripts are marking on will go here. Filming will be appearing here on editing. He finally are probably a promotion because I do need to push these out now. Ones you have this simple list loud organized and ready. You're pretty comfortable with it. The next thing to do is hit at a card. Now you can add a bunch off new ideas to this area. So there we are, abandoned a few ideas to this area and as you can imagine when you're going through the stages. So, for example, let's take this one how to create notion templates. If I were to be in the scripting stage, I've dreaded to hear. If I were to be in the filming stage, I'd add it here and etcetera, etcetera, with editing and promotion. The great thing is, is a visual way to coordinate the status or phase off a task that you have in hand. Now, As I mentioned, I wanted to demonstrate the labels function. If you click into a card, you can get obviously access to description on comments, checklists, adding more labels or adding labels from scratch members as well as attachments and due dates. It's a great place to visually organize stuff. So if I hit labels, for example, this piece actually covers notion. So I'm gonna type in notion as a label on actually give it the label of a dark color. Now, if I click, save and actually assign it to it, you can see from the outside of this task that I have the label notion on it, and if I click in, I can actually see the text to that. So That's a good way to actually organize categories. So let me categorize a few of these. Brilliant. I've added a few labels to this area, and now, naturally, I want to start moving them to the different stages. So I'm gonna put scripting for this one filming for that one editing for that one, and ideas states the same. Who can start to see the actual process and stage that I map. Now let's say I actually worked really hard and got this one ready. As you can imagine, it'll be ready for promotion. So what I can actually do is I can pick a thumbnail and drag it over the top, and this works for anything. We'll talk more about this in the mood board section, but you can actually add a lovely thumbnail to it, and it comes out for bleed ready for your team to access. And they could even download this and have it as an attachment to. So it's a great way to actually be a toe and even more context to a card. So let's take you to a full working example. This one I would take you to my video calendar that I use on a regular basis. I've been using this one for a year and you can start to see that it's a great way to coordinate everything. Have even invited lots of different people to edit this one to. You can see I've got a voting function here in description of actually link on the Jew date and also the actual picture. Then I used for this article and you can see it's worked for the last year is a great way to coordinate everything. Now moving on to the sales pipeline Sign of staff sales pipeline can be created inside off trail. Oh, really? Easily. As you can see here, this is a good worked example of this, and you can create it for your own. You can obviously copy this one if you'd like, but this is a great way if you want to invite team members to plan out any leads or meetings that you're coordinating in the moment, you can see here that these are the companies that actually our ideas at the moment, you can see that these are the people have been contacted on. These are the people who replied so far. Now you can also have meeting, arrange pitch, you know, one and actually who you need to contact again. But it's a great way to start dumping in ideas, and you can add as many cards as you like to these lists. And the good thing is, if you're not phone conversation. So, for example, let's hear. Contacted Laurent. I could add more details about the core here so I could say cool details. The chance went well with Laurent. And if I save that one, other people could read that and find more information. Now, if I wanted to speak with my colleague, I could then tag them and actually send them a few bits of information about the peace or how the conversation went. Now, if I wanted to, I could actually assign it to another member of the team and, for example, in this case, I'm gonna sign it to myself because I'm working on it. But it's a good way if you want on other people to your account. Now, if you need to be reminded of something, you can use the due date function to actually assign it to a date. So, for example, if I want to be reminded tomorrow at 12. That will remind me there, and that's a great way to actually coordinate and visualize people you need to contact on upcoming sales propositions. So if you and your team are looking at ways to improve your sales point mine, this is nice visual way. So the final piece of the puzzle let's dive into the project side of stuff. Project management can be a great way to actually coordinate efforts for any type of projects that I could be personal or work based projects. This one is a great example of a kitchen based projects you can see here that is a home renovation project here. On the actual template, you can see the ideas for the flooring, and then you have a to do list here. So it could be a really simple process, from ideas to done on to do an in process in between. But you could actually at attachments and also a great many checklists as well. So, for example, shut off water change, water pressure and etcetera, etcetera. Now this is a really nice visual way. If you and your family want to plan something or you and your colleagues want to plan something, you can create a really simple board. We're going to create a demonstration of what a project board could look like. So let's say you and a friend had an adventure business that you actually organized and coordinated trips to different places and you want to do use trail. Oh, as a way to project manage. This could be easily done. So you can see here that you need to actually go and view the venue for Costa trips on Speak to Sarah about forest tours. Now, I've created a simple list here of to do So. These are things on my to do list. These are the things on my doing less so. Things I'm doing today, for example, on done. And of course, you can add due dates, too. All of these now, if I wanted to. Somewhere inside of here, say, for example, view venue to coastal visits, you can have a checklist, said check. This could be called needs tohave, nice waves, friendly people, local coffee shops on a once a board waxing station for the surfboards. So you can see here that I've created a simple track list that could easily be interacted with. And as you can see here, the status off that appears, you can see one and four has been done. Now it's really cool, because you can manipulate this, however you like halfway through the project. If you wanted to change layouts or it got even more complicated, you can, of course, on another list or more cards, or even change the way you're doing stuff. And naturally, your team members could do the same. So hopefully that gave you a nice outline to some of the ways that you could use trailer in the workplace will be diving into a few more examples specifically for personal use. We're gonna be talking about goals and career tracking mood boards on assignment in the next feature. Then we're gonna be dining into tips so hopefully you'll find value in all of these. Anyway, guys, I'll see you in a minute. Cheers 4. Creating Personal Projects in Trello: So we're going to be diving into a few of the personal ways that you can use trail. Oh, in this section, we're going to talk about goals. Career mapping. It's a good way through visualizing all of your activities and also mood boards on assignments, and that's specifically for students. Or you can actually replicate the process for work or side projects that you have. But this hopefully should give you a nice outline of how to get started with your trailer boards. Now again, all of these are copy able or, you know you can actually take a couple of the actual template to your trailer account If you want to save a bit of time. Now, let's go ahead and create a new board. Let's call it Goals four career. So what I'm going to do is I'm actually gonna break this one up into a few different sections. I'm gonna call one personal because maybe have some personal goals, and I'm gonna have some social goals to and also some career goals as well. So I've got everything in one board now. I made me get a B building up this one, but if I wanted to, I could start adding some personal goals, lets out a few. So here I've created a few different goals, and as you can imagine, you can have lots of different labels to them. Okay, so I've added a few categories to them. As you can imagine, that helps to make it a bit more visual. Now, let's say I wanted to set some career goals with this as well. Maybe I want to be a bit more specific about the goals that I'm reaching for here. So here we are with a few career girls. As you can imagine, the great thing about Trillo Kant's is you can actually order them based on their priority if you wanted to. So, for example, if I want to do have win four contracts for Team at the top on also the secured a new job at Law firm I could easily do so I could even add a priority to it using labels. So, for example, if I wanted to have it, Priority one, or maybe we'll just call it an important and add that to it, then I could easily do that to both of these now if I wanted to. I could even add low importance as a label and added to both of the bottom ones. But as you can see, I've got a clear and defined area of. But as you can see, I've got a clear way to determine which of the most important career girls to go for now. If I wanted to, I could break this down a little more so actually could see contracts one on a checklist and actually create contract. One contract to contract three and four So you can see here that it's a good way. For example, if I was winning contracts, I could have a status bar of how far well I was doing and the same for the amount of money that you're saving. Or you could update yourself on the drop here. Now, naturally, if I wanted to set a goal for the end of next year to complete these that I could easily do So all I have to do is skip to the end of next year. Click Save and as you can see here, 31st December 2019 is the date for that one. So in front of me, I've got personal goals, social goals on also career goals all there and ready to jump into. Now, you're probably wondering, what is the mood board sign of snuff? Let's dive into one of the example mood boards that they have inside of this trail. Oh, account. You can see and copy this one if you want it available. But this is great for a little from people. Fashion lovers, people who use Etsy, Pinterest people hope, planning and visually coordinating stuff. If you wanted to, you can use this as your mood board. And as you can imagine, you can save lots of different images. Aunt. Have this visual collaboration and actually get a good idea of what you want. Something to look like. This could be handy for designers a lot of different situations and many people have found that using trailer for this move ball could be a great way. So we have to do is start by creating a board and then actually dumping these images on there. And it's really easy to get started with Now. Finally, let's great. A simple board for assignments assignments convey used in college or school to coordinate different study patterns or study effort that you're working on. So, for example, you add all of the modules that you have that you're working on right now. There we go, a good a few example with history, math, science and art, and you can start adding some of the projects that you're working on within them. So, as you can imagine, you can start adding some cards. And as we hear as we see here, we've got a few demonstration ones. If I wanted to, I could go into each of these pieces and start adding So, for example, if I wanted to, I could use a check this function to write, revise a revision check list all of the biggest things that are my big mass test, and I can add any relevant links up here now. If I wanted to, I could move these between the two, but in this case, I probably don't need to. I could start adding relevant links, progress and even a sign other pieces of work to my friends that are in my class. Now if I have these big tests coming up like the finals for chemistry and maths, then for example, if I were to go back to the regular dates that we're on now, I could say, OK, it's in November 23rd and over here I could say it's on this Monday so you can actually see and give a bit of a priority. Two days. You can even add a label, maybe a red label, to indicate the importance off it. Now the really cool thing that you can do is you can go to show menu power ups, and in this case, we don't actually have a power up assigned. So I'm actually going to go to and find Calendar inside of this one hit ad. And once I have this calendar available, all that have to do is go to calendar and then go to month view. And I can see here that my big mass test is coming up as well as my chemistry finals so you can see a nice view off the calendar off what is coming up. So, guys, hopefully that give your nice outline how you can use trailer for gold, tracking for mood boards and assignment these a great examples, and they're all available inside off the description. So, guys, we're going to dive into the tips and tricks on how to improve your trial account. 5. Customising & Optimising Trello : so there were many different ways that you can optimize trail. Oh, and once you get started with your account, it's a great way to really go a bit further than normal because one to learn trail. Oh, and you can start using the boards you want to save a little bit, too times here and there and use some of the features that are built in. So one of the first features I want to mention is home. This is now available on pretty much all devices, and it's a great way to actually organize and see all of your latest boards and all of your latest notifications. So, for example, it says up next, and this is a task area that you have inside and, as you can remember, actually assigned a task to myself. Lower on be to follow up on the sales pipeline. So if I click complete, it will actually complete that inside of the peace, and you can see any of your up next on the highlights that all of the trailer boards have. You can actually visit your most recently created boards and even add and create boards from this account. No, it's a great way to actually view everything, and it's almost like an activity log for all of your work. Now, one of the recommendations we have is actually downloading the IOS and Android Trail. Oh, APS. They look super similar, and they work in the same manner but allow you to coordinate all of your efforts on the go . Now. I particularly used the video calendar board toe actually plan some of my Nutri videos when I'm on the go, because I can then sink it online and be able to actually see everything that I did offline on my trailer account online. So it's actually very helpful as a way to travel and continue doing work. It's a good way to access all of that. Now. What I want to show you next is a cool way to use custom fields. Custom fields are a great way to actually plan on organize what is coming up next. Custom fields are a great way to add additional fields to your trailer account so you can go to the power up section on activated custom fields. That's really simple to do, and you can create custom fields for absolutely anything in this situation. We have it for focus keyword on an editorial calendar on draft you, but you're gonna have there for pretty much anything you'd like. So if you wanted to have maybe the assignment details or actually what category the assignment falls under or even when the draft is due and when the published day is do for that, it's a very helpful way to see all of the information you need to know. So another thing that you can do inside of your boards is sharing boards. Sharing boards is a great way to share boards with team members or toe actually share it with the public that you're working with on a project. So, for example, this is my trailer board for my video calendar. If I go to show menu, ongoing tomb or so as you can see, I can link to this board. And once people have their own trailer account, they can get access to it. No, If I go up here, I can see all of the board members that are currently active inside of this board. If I wanted to add more people or create a link for people to get off send by email. I can easily do that by pressing the plus button next to invite board. But it's a great way because if I'm using this board, for example, if I'm working on a video with someone, I can actually assign it to them. So, for example, if I sign this one toe Alice, she'd get that inside of her trailer account. This is one of my favorite features because a lot of the community start posting ideas, and it's a great way for us to collaborate together. So those are a few of the ways that you can optimize your trailer account. As you can imagine, there's tons more to do inside it down like power ups. But this was really a basic overview of the experience. Now it will be diving into a quick summary to finish things off. But it was a real pleasure teaching you here on this scale share class. If you do get a moment, please do review us or recommend us here on skill share or follow some of our other classes to be great, to have you in all of those as well, and it would guys I'll see in the next future. Cheers 6. Course Summary & Thank You: So, guys, hopefully you enjoyed this trailer class and it gave you a good outline How to use it for personal and business situations. As you can imagine, you can use it for wherever you want to. My recommendation is really to take your time with it, see where you use it, how you use it, and slowly grow that over time. Don't necessarily jump into the power ups or get scared by different advance setups. Just simplify it first and then on to it as you go on, like adding body bits to a skeleton just slowly over time. So hopefully that gave a good outline of everything. Let us know in the comments below how you found this course. Feel free to recommend it if you enjoyed it at that. Be fantastic feedback. But guys, if there is more insightful stuff, I'll be adding it more to this class. So feel free to keep checking in on as we go. Anyway. Guys, a big thank you for coming onto the sculpture class are a big thank you from me. Make sure to check out my other skill shit classes to I do 11 big one on how to choose your perfect to do list application on also a little ones on, for example, Bear notes things three on Awesome notion, which is very popular application a moment. I'm also over on the key, productive YouTube channel on YouTube. On it is free to subscribe, of course, and you can get regular videos over there all about productivity software on what we do is review it on a regular basis. So guys, really great to have you such an honor. Feel free to leave some feedback on day. Enjoy your travel camp. Cheers, guys.