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Writing Explainer Animations In After Effects

teacher avatar Dhaval Kalsariya, Designer, Youtuber & Founder , Geeks Lab Studios

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Writing Animation on Paper


    • 3.

      3. Drawing in illustrator


    • 4.

      4. Importing in After Effects


    • 5.

      5. Synchronization


    • 6.

      6. Quick Tip


    • 7.

      7. Conclusion


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About This Class

Learn how to uniformly execute an explainer animation from scratch. 

If you want to learn how motion explainer animation is created from scratch. You are on the right place. Even if you are beginner or intermediate, you'll get extremely useful tips and tricks. The process that is shared makes your animation work flow much more faster than ever.

Take Aways

  • Organising thoughts and scripts and animation ideas on paper
  • Properly Creating its vector graphics in illustrator
  • Bringing the ideas in After effects to animate
  • Keeping everything organised


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhaval Kalsariya

Designer, Youtuber & Founder , Geeks Lab Studios

Level: Intermediate

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1. 1. Introduction: Are you tired of your old boarding? Unorganized matters of creating an explainer animation. Are you fed up off all the unmanaged layers in after effects? And, illustrator, do you feel like giving up while creating which you're not so uniform matters stuff creating a motion graphics animation. See, you don't wanna be that do. Hi. My name is old and I have been doing moving graphics animation for last five years. And do they have gonna show you how I execute on explain animation from start to end? I'm gonna show you my whole process of executing it. I'm going to do everything that you might make a car, details everything. Not not the great Cardiges that that's not in this class. We're gonna cover things like riding animation on paper, writing script on illustrator, managing our boards off, elicited in Africa and finally sink arising are you decks And as it animation enough effects at the end of the class, you'll have unorganized matter off creating an explain animation perfectly. This glasses for everybody. Your father, your Mordor grow that everybody who uses after effects even if you're a beginner, you along so many tips and tricks that you can use anywhere. And you're gonna love this so much that you want to adopt me as your kid. And I'm not even kidding. Let's get started. That was 2. 2. Writing Animation on Paper : when it comes to reading the script, you either have scraped given by the planet. Are you create one by yourself. In my case, I already have the script in order. This is described that like you. So four thing I'm gonna do is that Divide the scrape into multiple sentences. Now it's time to get any mention inspiration for that. I go with them. You email is the best place to get inspiration for videos. I told her several reference animations, and once I'm inspired, I will start writing my own animation on paper. As you can see here for each sentence, I have drawn the imagine scene that you show up on the screen and on this side have described border so sentence seen an animation instructions. As you can see, I did this for all senators. I don't write this on a piece of paper, not in an app, because your art comes from the hand that she said never go into illustrator 3. 3. Drawing in illustrator: now here in Illustrator have created an art board for each sentence. On top of the art bore the sentence that represents a scene so that we have a clear idea what we're gonna make from here. It's time to create the exit for the scene. But I have already made the SS because I know I made I made it earlier. I made it earlier. Not a magic. It's on magic. It's hard work to keep things organized. Make sure that you keep all the assets from one particular scene in its individually. So that is easier for us to do things when we are, you know, doing things, terrible things, that exporting and all. 4. 4. Importing in After Effects: once we're creating asset as you know, what element is going to be animated in seen as for our animation description will export the SS from Richard and import them in after effects in their own individual. For so you can see each polar has elements for its seen. In my case, I have eliminated elements which are some for Lord. Does anyone have animals as they have already been? Including that we've seen folders and they're going to use them. That's what I needed at the end import ive seen as a J pic file to use it as a base while friends while animating enough effects and then import your audio and music for the experience was done importing and organizing elements. Enough effects. It's time to do the maintain synchronization. Yet in the end game now 5. 5. Synchronization: Plus, we'll get skipped only that we have an important in the composition we want. You need to enemy the things what they want. So what What are you used to do is that I have to press commanders crore. Just hear what more is more sentence so that I could animate them, you know, very precisely. But that was annoying. So now what I do instead is on the audio area. There's a property called via phone to expend that you can see the or E V, a form that can easily observed away form of particular board. And these little spaces clearly show that Brennan and wears pause in descendants now open. The only watches will just the wire from images in the composition. But what if you could see the scraping off effects? Here comes a compulsion. Marco, using the market, began literally right descendants on the market, and it will show up on the top of the timeline. And we can even a lord start time in addition to it. Once done for all the sentences, you can clearly see that how all these Marco's make the for the forces of creating an emission really easy and smooth. We are perfect model should be really happy to see her son is organized. Now we have a clear idea about a seven starts and ends, so we'll just the relative elements on top of the wire frame image and cut it from start to end as the land of descendants. After doing this, for all his energies, now we have a canvas for all the sentences, and we can animate our elements. Move before each canvas by thinking differently. We've created a paradigm shift that has revolutionized the financial industry, in fact, are accessible. Platform consistently generates more sales growth and consistent conversion rates than ever before. Today we have two major financial categories. Manual trading and money management. The platform has opened up semi automatic trading, which means that by default and user trading will be fully automated. In addition, it allows users to send risk levels, stop trading or trade manually on the flight. Our marketplace is accessible in the application build of automatic traded funds like E T EFS, but Onley allows you to buy them in the application marketplace. A T F also lets you generate TFC indices and portfolios, complete with unique products, branding customized strategies and established financial instruments, the true beauty of which is how easy it is to buy financial assets on very complex markets such as crypto forex portfolio management or hedge funds. A white label program available in both Google play and the APP store, this broker management system allows the to mix of pre defined assets and strategies, provides push notifications to the promotion management system, fully integrates with PSP and empty four managers, and is backed by 24 7 technical service and support. Request your demo and get started today. Now you're the after effects monster. I leave it up to you, You hear your own magic and yeah and I'll see you in the Flemish Bloc. 6. 6. Quick Tip: before we conclude, I want to give you a great deal that would make you won't flow much more faster. Sometimes I have to modify one end of earlier or a particular trips position, but it is very confusing among so many of them. So what I do is that I press shift, and at the same time I moved a timeline, which constantly snaps at the nearest important element of the whole composition. For example, if I want to reach at the beginning off once or then here, among many other lives, it saves right away. And if I want to end, it won t frame from many. It would keep snapping, and you could easily modify. 7. 7. Conclusion: thank you guys for taking this class. The main goal of this class Forced to give you the heart to give it idea how I make accurate animations to show you my crossed trading it and give you a little tips and tricks to create. There's very smoothly. You get very organized and your book flow becomes very smooth. Exit. I hope you learned something. And if you really dear, let me know in the comment section below, like Chariots of Strength. Well, that's a different website. That's what she said. Anyway, I'll see you in the full liberty blob really center anyway provided See you in next guest.