Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Aurora Pendant using Wire Wrapping Techniques | Gopi Dave | Skillshare

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Aurora Pendant using Wire Wrapping Techniques

teacher avatar Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Materials and Tools


    • 3.

      Weaving Technique : 3 x 2 Weave on 2 Base Wire


    • 4.

      Weaving Technique : 3 x 2 Bail Weave


    • 5.

      Weaving Technique : 2 x 2 Weave on 3 Base Wire


    • 6.

      Aurora Pendant : Part-1


    • 7.

      Aurora Pendant : Part-2


    • 8.

      Aurora Pendant : Part-3


    • 9.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Welcome to this Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making class. This class focuses on creating a strong foundation for beginners who are interested in learning wire wrapping. You will learn to weave, sculpt and transform the wire to create beautiful jewelry!!

What will we learn :

  • We will learn to handle the wires and different tools.
  • We will learn the techniques of weaving over multiple base wires.
  • We will learn to create the frame and the bail for the pendant.
  • With these few basic skills and techniques we will create the beautiful -- Aurora Pendant --

I am sure you will enjoy this class and learn lots of techniques..


  • Students will need the necessary Tools, Wires, Cabochon stone and Beads. Watch the lecture titled 'Materials & Tools' to get a list of supplies required.
  • You need a desire for learning to create unique jewelry and some time for practicing the skills.

This Class is perfect for you if :

  • You are an absolute beginner with no experience in jewelry making
  • Beginner wire wrapping artists who are looking to experiment with various new styles.
  • All of you who want to take their jewelry making skills to the next level.

If you are an absolute beginner then watch my 'Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Unique Pendant using Single Wire Wrapping Technique' to start with. 

Let us start learning to wire wrap!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gopi Dave

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker


Greetings, Wire Wrapping Wonderfolk!

Architect by trade, wire wrapper by passion—I'm Gopi, your guide through the enthralling world of wire artistry. With a foundation in architecture, my artistic journey took a whimsical turn six years ago when I discovered the enchanting realm of wire wrapping.

Ever since my teenage years, I've been crafting jewelry, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. However, it was during a blissful maternity break that the allure of wire wrapping captivated me. What started as a creative escape soon became a soul-soothing journey, dedicated to honing my skills and unraveling the limitless possibilities of wire.

Driven by an insatiable love for craft and art, I've seamlessly blended my architectural precision with the fluidity o... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm an architect, punctuality meek or least here in the magazines country India. I've been making jelly for last 16 years now and I absolutely loved to make jewelry. I still remember the first time I came across my adapting on Instagram, I fell in love with this technique of geology making a stinky. I started experimenting with liars and soon realized that I can create Morley thing and much more intricate designs using violent means. I can manipulate the buyer to create the designs that I imagine. Batter. Thank you, relaxes me and let me explore likely a deserted. Once I became a mom a few years back, I started making duality for anything. Have always enjoyed teaching. So I finally started teaching this beautiful technique of via API, which has endless opportunity to everyone who wants to explore their creativity. That effing lends me interact with students, drop out out double. And I absolutely enjoyed that mitosis. And do donors focused on creating a strong foundation by guiding the students towards that? I think that ONE studies require, I think this is a beginners class. Absolutely. Anyone can join this glass wit of a doubt knowing where everything you reject need can be applied later in the class. And you linger technique we learn in the class, you will be able to create a beautiful aurora. We will learn to Vive over2 beef vials. We will learn a bail we, which will be used to create the bail of dependent. And then we will learn to V13 Bayes vials. Using all these weaving techniques, we will create the Aurora pendant. If you're ready, then later start via that pain. 2. Materials and Tools: Let us now look at the materials and tools we will be using in this class. And lecture three, we will learn that rebuy to weaving technique on to melt wires. We will use a b engaged around their soft while Adobe's via and 28 gauge rounded soft Y0 as our weaving bio. But that doesn't mean six-inch long to be true, of beef vial. And a 24 inch long piece of reading while. And in lecture four, we will learn the building onto Bayes vials. Further, we will need eight inch long to be proof of. Meanwhile, and our 48 inch long piece of weaving vial. And Lecture five, we will learn the two-by-two on cremate viral. But we will need fixing Shillong creepy two of B file and a 36 inch long of leaving via dumb luck tools, we'll only need a king nose pliers or a flat nose pliers and a flush better. Let us now look at the materials and tools we will need to create the aurora pendant. Don't look while we will use API engaged around there, talked via Adobe's, while we'll need three pieces of the bench long, we will use 28 kJ rounded to acquire as over weaving while we will need 112 inch long piece and three pieces twentyfold and give long. I'm using copper wires for this clash with any other materials can be used. I'm using around graviton June of 18 m m diameter. It is a laboratory that I publish on for this particular project. But any tool can be used. Have you 213 MM copper beat, any beam can be used of your choice. In terms of tools, we will need a keynote flyers. We will need a fire mm, double bill making pliers. We will need a grand BMW or mandrill or anything cylindrical of this gamete. Or if you're ready to create the aurora pendant. 3. Weaving Technique : 3 x 2 Weave on 2 Base Wire: Let us now launch into three by two view on Dewey's wires. We need two pieces of 18 gauge around fixing flung meets Y0 and three feet long weaving vial of 20 gauge. To start, hold the weaving vial perpendicular to all formally. Start by leaving Google via 143 rotation. The filthy job, leaving via Twitter, beef vial. Advice to match, dead end and vivo war. Both wires for total patient tools. One, go down, come back up to our Van de rotation of weaving continued to view and familiar ways. So three rotations, one to rotation from one bio and do rotations or work for twice. 123 rotations, one via one, go down gama, one to do rotations on both YOU. Again, 123 rotations on via 1122 rotations one, both wires continue to view. Keep pressing the weaves together. After a few rotation. Glide the view down to do that pool via r1 and r2 in the opposite direction. The weaved together and continue to view, again rewritten studies with them and keep a gentle pressure on believing vial to get back a dessert. Because that'll pick a due process and try and get uniform viewed as much as possible. Make sure that the base YOU do not get deformed. At this point, we will cart be extra bio at the beginning. But God, using flushed cartels and dock it towards the back of the V. We will fly added further down before continuing to view. To do that, pull the virus up from the other side. Treat them to bio. Convenient to view. As many patients as we try to be as good as possible. Whenever n mingle view. And by leaving over one bio photo feudal rotations at the back. This rate of a wire and will be Figure out what three by two V over two bays virus is now DID except for MLA on both side, front and back. 4. Weaving Technique : 3 x 2 Bail Weave : Let us now along the baby over to base violence. We need two pieces of 18 gauge round beads, virus extension lamp, and a two feet of moving vital. To start all the 28 gauge weaving bio perpendicular to buy a van Lee's file for two rotation over via one to secure the weaving via database via. But as the weaves together, this can be done using applier. I'd via two. Now we will begin our weaving. Match them and pick the weaving wire down. Who the top of the profile. For you for one rotation over fire to bring the fire back up view for vine rotation or what both buyers will fall van rotation or word or by other fun lessons, fun rotation of weaving. So they will again go back up. How do you foreground quotation per via? Do. Go back to the outsider fire to do full rotation or both Tobias will for fun rotational or via phone. Via rotational or via do. One rotation or both buyers and rotation or via phone. Go down to the top of fire to feel for vine gravitational of I2. And we have four valid rotation over both Tobias. Keep pressing the weaves together all the bang and continue to view or as many views as needed. This fevers similar on both front and backside. But there's a very close view. So it is perfect for beams. We can spread the base vials about to make it easier to read. Dana steady dM by leaving to get the most uniform views possible. As this is a close view, its position cannot be shifted over to base violence. It nowadays. 5. Weaving Technique : 2 x 2 Weave on 3 Base Wire: Let us now learn that two by two view on screen-based via 3B flyers of fixed range land and Grundy gauge weaving vial of three feet all the end together to get differential of weaving vial. Please, to fend off leaving bio a defender of the fourth beast via, called as via one. Now we will wrap for two rotations for row-by-row bind to secure the weaving bio. And via two. Now we will wrap for two rotations who go via one and to come back up from between the two vials ad via three. Now we will have 42 rotations over via 23 are lying on the ends together. For two rotation. Rotation go down to via, via. This flood of a one rotation of grieving, we will continue to view for as many rotations as needed. So V0 for two rotations, for one via 23. On second rotation, come down to wire one. We refer to rotations over via one and do. All of our rotations are counterclockwise in direction. Mu for two rotations or via 23 come back down or being two rotations. This is a repetitive process. Keep regular tension under weaving bio who get uniform view. Keep pressing them together. This is a view that looks similar from front and back bode phase. As we are practicing, We can continue for as many rotations as C-like. Maintain a steady rhythm to get a uniform view. And Linda view, we've got a few rotations over anything go viral. So we're weaving or via photo few rotation. Look like you can compress it together. Extra weaving bio and tighten the end at the back, the chin nose pliers to V1, the other side, we are going to rotate the beef wires. And now we will remove the initial view which we did on via one. Bring the weaving via back to divide three, which is now our bottom bio. To start weaving view for two rotations for via 32. Come back up from the fended off via 23 will for two rotations or via 2N1 go back down to via the beat and similar vein. So two rotations over via three and come back up and view for two rotations over via two end points to end up leaving, again, view photo few rotations or via so that both sides are symmetrical. It can be used in various ways as we will learn further. So I'm grieving over via three for a few rotation to the weaving bio capex, trabajo, anti tender and using chain of our two-by-two view over create files is now DID 6. Aurora Pendant : Part-1: Using all the techniques we have learned so far, we will create the Aurora pendent. In this lecture, we'll create the frame for dependent tank through the beam beaming for the main. To make a refinement, we will use KP engaged around Y0 Adobe's while 20 gauge round while leaving vial, which is around Gabby shot off laboratory good iTunes, API and MM and nanometer. And this is a couple bead of three m m diameter. This is all we needed. Let us begin. Big three pieces of 18 gauge me flyers of eighth entry flank, streaking on virus, pig dwell inch piece of going deep each file and find the center. Lee All tree-based buyers paddlers to each other, match the end and mark this angle at 40 inches. We will now do the two-by-two view on tree-based virus from the Mark Frankel. To start weaving V42 rotations Google via one. The buyers do, we'll put do rotation through 12, come back up from different of two bios ad via three. Reaffirmed do rotations over via to and make sure that defenders of all buyers are aligned. Continue to view for three complete rotations on this side. Keep pressing the views together. To anger weaving beef or via three photo few rotations. By texture bio and the anger, the back using chain nose pliers. Now rotate the vials, the bees wires. We are going to measure our views. We keep two rotation from bio one. Now we will view for two rotations over vial. One name to come back up from the center of Fire1 and Du Bu for two rotations or via 23. The first one rotation, u4, three complete rotation on this site. To end the weaving vivo via 34 rotations. Our beef flyers are now ready. Make sure that via three is at the bottom and the front side is facing. You. Got the extra bio. At the back sides. Titan, which gene or flyers. So the system base layer from which we will create the frame of our pangolin to fill the backside, which we'll touch digit don't via three should be at the bottom. Take a 20 MM novel and call the base virus around the DaVinci to form a semi circular shape. The shape has to match the cobalt, our stone, Exactly. So pleased to stone and adjust by hand if needed. Once the coal is adjusted within coldest tune and base vials in one tank and press picked up fires together to get the tear drop shape. The fifth world, it looks like from the back side, the Via dei intersecting each other at a distance of about 1.25 inches mosfet distance on both top buyers. We will be folding all three vials from this Mach point holder, three vials on the right with Jane nose pliers jointly for divides up. The wires are now perpendicular to the bottom comb. Now take the left side buyers and pull them with chain of pliers just below the mask. Find again, gently fold with hang to make survivors perpendicular. And just all the bios so that they are in the center of the bottom co keep adjusting till you are satisfied. And this is how the stone will sit in the frame. Make sure that all fixed flyers are aligned parallel to each other. Take 24 inch long weaving bio, place one via ng over the Sixth Battle wires. We will now review what all fixed buyers, three on each side. Make sure they are paddle. Start to view over all six wires for 12 complete rotation. Hold the frame with one end firmly and view with the other hand. Keep pressing the weaves together to secure the weaving via and view for few rotations or all fixed flyers. And then we will cover via three for a few rotation. So Pashto via between 23 and start weaving for a few rotations. The terrific yada vile properly to the maze while cortex SRA via API, via ng and Dick unafraid of the frame. We will now separate the bottom buyers on both sides. So that is the left Y0 and D0 died while pulled a virus back slightly. We will now do the main view which we did in previous sections on these two wires. Letters one rotation on left wire bundle additional rights via and bond rotation over both buyers. There will continue to view using the same vibing bio. View for one rotation over left while view for one rotation over right while you for one rotation over both buyers. The fifth above one rotation of weaving, we need overall 20 rotations of leaving. Continue to real wicked 30 the DOM to get uniform views gave me when pressure under weaving vial and give birth to guide dog. We will be creating BY using these viewed wire. That is a next step. In the next lecture, we will set the tone within the upstream complete making. 7. Aurora Pendant : Part-2: In this lecture, we will set this stone within the frame and complete making. Now reverse the so that the back is facing you. We will now take the chain looks old via three, just about the weaving and fold to create a dent in the vial. As such. This then will create the base for the storm to split, dictate and create the date for the other side. We will only open one of the dank and insert the stone Jang Delhi into the flame. Bolded, I went back in place. Tighten that your hand so that to store listing go. I'd just factors fate. Now we will pull the front liars who were two stones to using your fingers, slightly pull bio fund so that it lies about the tune. We can even pledged adopt gap of the teardrop with our hands. The stone is now secure. It should not fall from it. Plays. Keep adjusting. Now take a five MM novel, male making pliers. Place it behind the weaving. At the cento. We will now called the VFD fire down to create bail for dependent. The Darwin's will give herself proposed coal. At the same time, we want to bring the vial and out to the front. So we want to bring the buyer and up to different part stem from the gap about the stone. Push them from behind and bring them to make sure you do not deform the goal. Once they're two different, pick the left side vial and go to the left, I think the right third vial and curving to the right. Press both side virus down over the edge, just tacos still satisfy them down from the site. And we will tie them to the maze via using chain nose, pliers dot PNG around these wires to deplete the process. For the other fade file. Guard, a little bit of extra vial of debt is I mean, big king of flyers for survival or war. And pass it to the gap between 23 vials. Item using the pliers. This will secure our beam to the assignment frames. Could be extra weaving Maya on the beam can be via toward the inability height. Now using your fingers press to build slightly at the bottom, at just the position so that it straight. In the next lecture, given, add more details to the pendant, we will add a few more weaving and small bead. 8. Aurora Pendant : Part-3: In this lecture, we will add more details to dependent. We will add a few more weaving and small bead. Reveal nouns, separator to left side wires to the left and the right side wires to the right. Arranged them so that they are batter to each order and call them slightly to the front. This is how they should be positioned right now. We will now do the three by two view on both these pairs of wires. Straight down the virus. This is R3 by to view the previews on single vial and moving over both wires. So take a 24 inch long leaving via a, we will start by viewing on the left side to violence. We really do three views on the outer rail and to reuse code go twice. The base of the beam, inferred the weaving viral. Dived by rotating over the outdoor Ohio for clinical patient UB04. Two rotations over both wired. Continue to vehicle 14, complete rotation. Maintainer fated to them as a leaf. Got to be extra bio at the beginning of the weaving the ANC toward the inner triangle of the bead. Or be indoor Bayesians are complete and we ended the weavings by veering over the outdoor bio, but three rotation. Now, we have to do the same thing over there, right? Great barrel flyer. Make sure there's good reviews I've done over the outdoor via. Dark. Mark them off the beam. Insert that new piece of leaving via and view for three rotations or where the ultraviolet do rotations over both wires. So this is our one rotation of the medulla again view for 14 computer patients. Get prepping the leave together and the veering by weaving or Webby outdoor bio for three rotations. Our Viewed Files, and nowadays we will now be coding P5 down. So it collects trade Vieux, go down towards the outer level. I am so pleased about the existing coal under storm. Go derive trade wires in the same manner. Bring it to the output side and please say double the existing go. Understood. At GSK the goes to lower satisfied and press the top of the coals such that the virus, all four wires are parallel to each other. Always apply gentle pressure or device that will be then. Now we will fold both side virus or what to do. Claim side would formally and for divisors down over the side of the stone, keep adjusting P3 Kingo position. And this is what our bag per look like. We really got the extra weaving BioCyc. This point, as we do not need any extra views. Cargo boat site, AnkG divider and on the inner side of the view pliers. Now we want to call up toward the bottom of the left, fade wired up toward the outer left and derived out toward pee out. Make sure they remain parallel to each other. And give pickles. Now, got the extra vials or both sides leaving only enough to tie over the lashed via bottom bio of the frame. The chain nose pliers and tie it at this point, ponder lashed claim bio device down, stem in-between from the via three gap between liar tree and do. But as using chain nose pliers. Tighten the folds with no slides properly so that the wires are secured. Similarly for the left side wires down over to the top of the frame and stem from the gap between the second third vial. Identity, no flowers. At this point. Now given the fourth trial slightly again over the stone with pliers, judicial, both sides. Reverse dependent and we will, even at just 30 banks can pay back. I just don't enters because n all default. Now take the pliers and a good contain cocaine. Good point. I'm using appliance to tie them via 23 to work in not height. Now, flipping the sign of 22 gauge file, folded over. Goal one, trade via end towards the inner side of the beam. Bring it out from the other side. Will be either fed via formally with the hand, right then using the player's position that made properly in the center of the main goal over the beam, called the divider toward the other side. Guards both side extra buyers, leaving only enough to die over to the back side of the brain. Using fliers on the height of the beam. So don't abandon, is now ready. 9. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed creating the adorable Aurora pendant. Edited, detailed, yet delicate and eye-catching pendant. And does design comes out really night every time? By wrapping is all about manipulating devices. It is important to learn to view properly, to give proper calls and proper shaped lift design Peter, to basic techniques of wire wrapping and via weaving. For actors will make your guilt mode refined and you need patients while working. My wrapping is one of the oldest techniques of making 23. If you want to develop your skills and via wrapping and loan, not more techniques then visit some of my other courses. If you are an absolute beginner and new to via wrapping, Ben visit Mind Beginners classes to learn the basics of wire wrapping. Make sure you follow me on Twitter share to get regular updates about any new class that I post. You can also visit my website to purchase advanced level PDF tutorials. You can even follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to have a look at some of my other book. I'm sure you will love at a pain that is a very rewarding hobby and a perfect creative outlet for you. I hope to see you soon and some of my other glasses then then keep practicing and creating.