Whimsical Animals with Watercolors: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration II | Sova Huova | Skillshare

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Whimsical Animals with Watercolors: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration II

teacher avatar Sova Huova, illustrator, artist and creative

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Sketch Transfer


    • 5.

      Wet Effects with Inks


    • 6.

      Paiting Animals with Watercolors


    • 7.

      Painting your Final Illustration


    • 8.

      Inspiration and Final Thoughts


    • 9.

      Whale: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 10.

      Deer: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 11.

      Wolf: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 12.

      Owl: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 13.

      Tiger: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 14.

      Bear: Animal Inktober Bonus


    • 15.

      Giraffe: Animal Inktober Bonus


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About This Class

This class should help you mastering loose watercolor techniques combined with drier watercolor techniques. We are going to practice painting loose animals with watercolors and ink. The main concern of this class is finding a balance between wet and dry parts of our illustrations and trying to control uncontrollable.


  •  how to paint animals wet on wet and wet on dry
  •  how to create different effects with watercolors
  •  how to use ink and water to create interesting animal silhouettes or illustrations
  •  how to transfer your sketches on a watercolor paper without pain
  •  working with time to create more complex watercolor illustrations

This class is for beginners as well as for more skilled artists who usually work "wet on dry" with watercolors, and they would experiment with loose technique.

By the end of this class, you will have your own mini collection of watercolor animal illustrations!


Animal Inktober Video Bonus:

These videos are part of Animal Inktober drawing and painting challenge (2018) with a giveaway, and they show my art process. When this challenge is over, you are still invited to use these for learning, as well as the seven prompts that go with it. I will regularly check on your work here in the project gallery, as well as on Instagram if you tag me.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sova Huova

illustrator, artist and creative


You might have noticed the trend of participating in art challenges on social media. This class is all about sharing the experience with art challenges and creative commitments. I invited special guests to this class to talk about their projects, approaches, and experience.

I'm an illustrative artist and educator. You can find me online as @nestingspirits. I like to experiment and share the process along the way. I make illustrations for kids and dreamlike art. Currently, I focus on building an offline place for artists and creatives to meet and create in Prague, Czech Republic.
Here on Skillshare, I teach courses on traditional illustration techniques for beginners and other simple creative techniques for fun.


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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my second class of the explored race of traditional illustration. Siri's. We will be painting whimsical animal demonstrations with water cores. This class will cover a short introduction to use materials. You will learn how to transfer your sketches from your sketchbook on a watercolor paper. I will show you how to paint what on wet and how to use this technique to create stuffed animal shapes, evil practice, working with time and creating various effects with watercolors. We are also going to learn how to create that effects based inks. I will show you how to paint more complex illustration like this one. We will be working badly with the sketches we have grated in the first part of the series. So if you want to learn something about the protests off obstruction, you can go back to the first part gold, Incan, cute animals and take exercises which can help you to create your own simple anymore. Sketches. There are hundreds of waste off painting animals with watercolors. I will show you just a few often, but I would be very happy if you day this class is an inspiration and try to find your own style and techniques for your future projects. So if you would like to learn how to greet whimsical illustrations of animals using water colors, clear the enroll button and let's start right now. 2. Project: at the end of this class, you should have several animal illustrations created with different techniques. This will be lose metrical animals. Animal silhouettes are illustrations created, risking and Volker NTR final piece created this bottle colors. 3. Materials: Here is a quick overview off materials used in this class. You can also download the list of materials in your project section we don't need Hunter killers will be using San Petersburg like nights which are very helping men for somebody's could be almost wiper. Everything depends on your days. You can use salt photo textures and I will be using algo for some effects to for our purpose. We will go for days big round brushes which can hold the water really well. I used in almost forever I will be using also decided and fresh for 30,000. Delegate lacks Thisted Benzer and didn't rebel band set I wrote this banana undergo usually is Please, Devon press a little brushes. I use them for a photo. The results are in the best, but they are really comfortable to use money. You were some papers from the most expensive one, which is usually considered the best to the cheapest option. I won't be using our shingles class, I'm afraid because I was painting within only a few times and I didn't practical ever enjoy . It takes ages to drive on layer, which could be great for some effects but I like to work quickly. Then we have here bamboo fiber paper from honey, which is kind of similar to ours in quality, but for some reason, I into a broken visit much if you have it at home. It's a good choice for that. Particular animals usually involved with this very common council for butter cars, Do people feel a little than its defense? But you can stretch it. Visit eight and I don't mind having smaller pools of water around from painting. When I wrote that, I enjoy dismiss effect. Last paper is check VeriChip paper, which is already strict. I suppose each country little has some local out there. It's very old, and I use it just whenever Britain dry for a day of paintings. If you'd like to know some details about this papers, you can check it out into PD answers. Their materials are described. If you are a beginner. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need anything too fancy to start. Just get something available. Every artist is you will start his career with the school pain. The only thing which I don't recommend to neglect is the brush, which would have been nice, sharp 4. Sketch Transfer: in this lesson, I will show you the process of transferring sketches on a voter color paper in the first class of the Syrians. Incan cute animals. He have learned how to create our original simple sketches. So if you are struggling with what should be the main shapes of your animal and how to keep it simple, you can check it out. Let's suppose that now you already had some sketches in your notebook or on a paper you like some of them, but not all of them, and is difficult to cope with them. Exactly individual you like. Since watercolor paper isn't exactly the cheapest, we probably don't want to make many mistakes so we can use this handed to to help us the light table. Gonna help you restaurants Ferenc your sketches, and it's not difficult to make one. I have learned how to make mine in one off the skill share classes and I'm leaving. Dealing for it in the references was a light table. You can have more layers off the paper and still see what's in the first layer. You can trace your original sketches on thicker paper, prepare mistakes and choose only the lines who really like. And if you're ruining your particular variation, you just go pay the sketch one more time on a new paper and staffed again. I'm using bottled color pencils for the animals because I want to sketch to vanish in depending Claytor. I have got some small four months exactly matching my animal sketches, since I want them to stay quite small. But you can also scale easily this life table. If you want to stay, trade a shilling, you can prepare your sketches on more sheets and then just moved a big particular paper around our make yourself Big Clyde stable if you have space for day. But you can also scale your sketches digitally and bring them on more sheets and then trace them on your life table one by one. If you don't want to create your own light stable, don't worry. Many illustrators are using a window to trace their sketches when they are beginning. The way to trace your sketches is very similar. You just need a son a day and more patients 5. Wet Effects with Inks: did you know that you can create your animal with just one stroke of a brush? In this lesson, we are going to paint animal civil. It's using water and ink. I will be using constant Bristol paper for illustration because it creates clean white background that you can use any Batticaloa baby you like. I have my sketches on the land books and an illustration paper. It's laid over them. You can see lines off my sketches under the paper, but I'm not going to trace them with a pencil. In this case, I'm going toe cover the shape with water. I tried to be very precise. - Now I did my brush into the ink. I'm using Windsor and Newton Indian. I keep the brushes I use for Opus X separately from those that are useful voter colors, and I also use cheaper brushes for inking are. Sometimes I used my old vertical or brushes for inking. I put small groups off pink into the water. Now it depends how dark you want your animal silhouette to be. If you want to create some shading there, it is moving around in the water and creates amazing smoke like effects when you at too much Off Inc. Everything turns there. So be careful and continue slowly, but not too slowly because you don't want your animal to drive too quickly. You have to check which parts are already dry and which are not. You make big smoky effect in the wet parts of your illustration, and you created details under Dr Parts. You continue painting. Clyde is you can choose if you want to make just a silhouette on more complex animal illustrations in details. - Once it is dried, you can enter details with wild jelly World Band for quash. Are you prepared to play at your own? Set off any more nations? I hope so. Way, Way, - uh , way. 6. Paiting Animals with Watercolors: Let's start with a wet on dry because it's easier to control what's happening on the finger . I always start with making a color ballot that I'm going to use if you are a beginner. I highly recommend using a limited color ballot two or three colors. The result will be more balanced for the swimming bear I used to colors and blank. I tried to mix them together. I want to see how colors react together and if I like. Once I catch my sketch with a wet brush with color, the line disappears because I have used watercolor pencils. That's the reason why I have to plan in advance while painting. I have my original sketch nearby to check if everything is where it should be. I start with basic brown body car. I live out everything I don't want to be. In shades of brown India. I used photo references for all this illustration, so I took my photo reference and look for shadows. I'm fading. Shadows was black and dark brown, which I have great mixing black and brown. Adding shadows in the body is spending what on went. I avoid places which I want to stay alive in the end, especially the nose. When the light about around the nose is dry, I campaign. The Muslim is blank. I find the water while the body is still wet because I want to connect them and created effect off reflection life, please. - You can see that I have decided to change the shape of the nose. In the end, This correction made me to vote in the right part off the body. Once again. Probably the most difficult thing about this class is working this time properly. When something is completely drive, it's difficult to change it. But these big round brushes are merciful and they give you more time to get back to your painting and change something. I wait until my painting is completely dry and I paint the eyes with small brush and thick black paint. In case off this bird, I have decided to create a background first. I have created a color palette in advance, and now I'm covering the background using two shades of blue. I was going for the impression that it's snowing. My small brush was dipped in alcohol and I'm taking some color of A to create snowflakes. I'm using a big brush and dab boom to create more textures and shadows and a big around here. I'm adding salt to get textured background. This is how it lives when it's dry eye color the bird with one color, and I quit lighter and darker spaces as I like. You can see that bit of color has run off the bird. So I repeat, this mistake was a paper neck. I m shadows and darker tones while taking off for the reference, and I also paint Fedders details of the feathers using alcohol again, color disappears. Everything rise and bend. Alexis with a thick black I have painted some details off the feathers and the shadow on the birds back. It was important to paint on dried surface if I wanted peace lines to stay sharp, and Chris Last Touch is heading wide dot as the I. I have used Flash for this purpose. I wanted to create that background in this illustration, and I wanted my kid to have huge, fluffy tail. You can use this technique of fluffy nous on the other animals to you can paint this fluffy blobs and finish them as different animals. Using some details, I have prepared my gets catch a little bit more than the others. I used watercolor pencil for places where I felt that it could be difficult to connect them with the rest of the body. I start with the background. This should be all about it. I avoid the cat and lower part off the tail for this. I have used the masking tape to fix the paper. Otherwise, the paper would 12 a lot. I paint the background in a similar way, as in the previous case. Then I paint detail in David background. It shouldn't be floating just that enough to create the fluffy effect. Once I'm finished, I used a hair dryer to dry everything. But you can fail until it drags itself and I start painting my cat. But on dry, I try to work with time to queer Cheetos around the legs. Everything is quite right this time I paint. The red parts are when I want to color to be connected, and I paint near dry guards. When I want to create the liner, you might need a bit of breakfast business one last time I will paint, but on dry bare. I start is brown again, and I create lighter spaces where I want to face to be. I avoid the spaces which I want to be alive for At the end, - the post are created this much lighter shade of brown and connect with the rest only in the upper part, a great darker shade in the middle of the body. It makes wonderful soft that effects which I love. I plan to face impose with black entirely. Brush Montes Everything described. I have decided to create some details of differ in this case. - Your task now is to use the bed effects to create certain part of your animal and then finish it . Or you can start visit by paper and make fact effects inside your animal. The results will be more predictable and need. 7. Painting your Final Illustration: If you feel that you have practiced enough, you can try more complicated illustration when I've always bought a colors. I like to create kind of tilt shift effect, as you may know it from photography. I paint blurry background, and I give the blood of the image happen. So that's what I'm going to show you here. You have already learned basics at the beginning. There's always a sketch and thinking what parts of your image are going to be blurry and which will be sharp before we start. You can check how my workspace for bigger illustration looks like my original sketch in my bullet is prepared nearby and also my phone with a photo reference. I always start with the border. I cover all the paper visit. You can use a huge brush or sponge for this. I usually fix the paper visit masking tape, but sometimes I just put the paper in a sink and let it go to run over it. It depends on your intention I have raised in my background, but it's just one idea. You can paint something completely different there. It could be glass clouds, folks. I'm curious about your ideas Montiel. Big round is fly. You can paint some details. - Theo . I paid the boy with thick paint and watercolor pencils. I want this part to stay very sharp indeed. Motivate This picture is inspired by a check favorite tail. And the boy is called Morning Check before you take. It's a boy, coolest wizard year. And this deal protects him from being kidnapped by evil fairies. - Did I just spend it exactly the same way as the bears and get in our previous lesson? Theo, - I took some cooler away from it. Stays with a paper napkin. - When did you has finished? I bend a little boned. I started with water again. And then I was getting pigment. I decided to change the shape of a bond a little. I wanted the plans to be growing from the boned. If you make these changes, be sure that your pain is still that advice. It would be visible after Brian painted a reflection of the deer in divorce. Now, when everything is dry, here comes the final part. The antlers. I've decided to use what thinking technique for days so that we can use everything we have learned in this class. I have felt Ian Flores with water, and then I added some rubs off ink into them. Theo. I waited until the end rice and my last touch was spending over it and creating a thin layer miss golden butter color from shrinking. Because the antlers of the deer in the favorite tales should be golden, I ended some garden that is also in the other parts of the painting. It usually looks better than you repeat some color or element into picture more times, the illustration of a little Marco here. And so this is it. The second picture is the bare bones made in very similar bay, but the composition of it it's a little bit more interesting guy thing. Dissipating took me around two hours to finish, including the drying time. I hope that you feel inspired and that you want to try something like this on your own, because now it's your turn. 8. Inspiration and Final Thoughts: before we finish this class. Well, Streeter's Judum here as an inspiration for you, their life told Jake jostle Vacation illustrators and desire basically books from my childhood, so you probably don't find this very often on the rest. And I think in the Bring something, you geo stat, maybe yes. Oh, thank you for taking classes. Let's have a look. Medical Hanak was visibly inspired by the Asian art calligraphy. This is an amazing school book for biology from Sixties Way Oh, Thing is a book of nursery rams from 1955 illustrated by Beauty Drink. I was an icon of checked illustration. He was also famous animator. You can see red effects almost on all these illustrations. Here is another book called Study Chick, but in this book, more illustrations are done with lions, and only some of them are larger colors. But I still think that it can be pretty inspirational. We owe you can see the same deal as I have made here. It's a Children, a threat to famous dear. Here's the last book from Drinker. I just wanted to show you his version off painting commit about a color better last published in 1954 Hosts illustrated by Diana Check another check. Iconic painter. You can see that the mood is quite different, despite the fact that the illustrations are painted with but about a close to fucking this vet particle effects. It's about controlling, uncontrollable and finding the right balance, though, So don't be disappointed if your first pictures don't work exactly the way you have imagined. Once you practice a little, you will get interesting results, that's for sure. If you have enjoyed these illustrations, you can google these names and see more wonderful things. Thes guys have created another thing. You can check before you start painting on my Pinterest boards with animal illustrations and other illustrations. But don't forget to start with real life or for the references. As I told you in my previous class, I hope you enjoyed this class, and I'm curious about your protects. I will definitely try to comment on all off them and give you some feedback. I also encourage you to comment on your classmates project because we can learn from each other and that foot sculptures about 9. Whale: Animal Inktober Bonus: Welcome to the first video off animal in October, where you can watch starts off my painting process when completing seven prompts for making animal illustrations. If you want to learn more about it, you can see the post with the prompts in my instagram feet. I think I will be finishing the problems with my favorite technique, which is thinking, but on what you can share your projects for anymore in October on instagram and taking nothing spirits. Or if you watch this video on skill share, you can upload your project into the project gallery. Also, those of you evolved rules will become eligible for Give A You can get a book inking animals and art supplies for inking, which I got from my favorite store. This art supplies in BRAC. So I hope that's the great moderation to paint or draw some beautiful animal illustrations and showed them to revolt. So for the first illustration would Will's death. Seriously, guys, can you hear dead? Hey, excuse me. I would like to come for you for the first illustration actuals to paint a humpback whale with a calf. I was going through the whale species and I found out that not only these are as big as a bus, but they're also very clever and they want to communicate. Okay, thanks for showing them. They want to communicate with humans, even show the newborn cows. They travel all around the world, and they make excellent jumps, sometimes only for fun. They are also known for their singing. It's believed they actually composed songs, creating the sound by blowing air around their bodies. Now would be the right time to show them. My dear, you can see that I am working with light books and I'm sharing my sketch loosely inks that by step over. A starve is a water layer, and I had ink into it. I add details with throwing pence. I work on Bristol paper, which is my favorite full, but thinking Take me for the background. Are you squash? I applied it in two layers. I finished it with white stars because I wanted my whales to swim in the night sky. This I think, at some more magic to depending Oh, he said that he hopes that you'll go and paint beautiful Wales in ink. You wouldn't want to disappoint him, right? 10. Deer: Animal Inktober Bonus: Welcome to the second video off Animal in October. Challenge. You can learn more about this challenge and to give way on my instagram or skill share page or my website. This is the sketch I made about a year ago. It's connected to some personal loss, and it took me all this time before I could get back to it and finish it. I read Drew this sketch digitally on my I pad to clean it and kind of figure out what I want to stay in my final based. I'm using my light books to transfer to sketch. I'm thinking wet on wet with India ink and for the color part off this illustration, I chose to grope with squash. - I was deciding between these two pellets one waas mainly grayscale with this sharp red color , and the 2nd 1 was still using grey shades. But there's also red and green, and I decided to add an okra tone into it because I thought that maybe since the topic, it's likely depressing. Maybe the colors don't have to be the same way. There is certainly sudden as depicted, but I also wanted to show hope. You can see someone's leading up from its body to space and there are symbolically showing . It's so leaving the body and the butterflies around are attracted by this lights or whatever it tastes. So there's some promise in it and hope for something new and beautiful. On a completely different note, if you ever wondered why I never leave the sound from my original videos and always make West overs, which can take a long time to edit True is that I never have enough time to finish something without kids. So sooner or later so but dozens of them in a villa. Yeah, and did you have to be a, you know, visit build blowhole. Yummy. No, this man is there among subtly not only she gave me these hair apps for our lunch, but he also put a flower crown on my head. So you had It's my pending whisk. It's now you probably understand. OK, I hope to see, uh, your projects, your new paintings of theirs in the skill share project galleries are on instagram using his shtick animal in October or history in kink animals. Probably taking me misting spirits. Andi Uh, okay. Have a great time inking 11. Wolf: Animal Inktober Bonus: Hey, guys, this is my CERT video created for Animal in October. In case you missed this challenge, check my INSTAGRAM profile on my website to learn how to participate and maybe even win my new book thinking animals and art supplies for thinking. And if you didn't start with animal indoor bree, it don't worry, because they're still time to get up. To be eligible for the way you can share on the three pictures from the prompt. So if you injure inking animals, go and make some art. This time, my process was different from the previous two paintings, while the 1st 2 paintings there filmed in my studio in practice, one was created in a barn in a little village in the middle of the boots. Very status my family last week. Therefore, the process is not so detailed, but I still tried to capture all the important moments of my painting. The second difference is in the technique. I'm using different paper, and it's called Breast ours for watercolor, and therefore I'm going for beautiful watercolor effects. My sketch was created with watercolor pencils and right after applying the first layer of water, I bent it wet on wet with several watercolors. I chose to work with Russian blue, transparent brown and natural taint, and I added a little bit of French vermillion. Later, with the first layer, I created a club, this guy at the top off. My circular painting and Wonder Start was dry. Rented, also took round and the mountain behind a wolf. I applied the second player of water so that I could continue with what on technique. So this was the background, and in the new layer I started using India ink. I created some definition in the mountain and darker tones on the ground around the world I layer doing to create different transparencies and marked some grasses under horizon. I painted the try tree in ink. My wolf is open. Did I think I left on lighter arrest there? But there was nothing particulary complicated on inking the wolf. Since the sketch was very nice, I drew the eye before within my com pen, and I left out little white space on the tape off its nose. Some space around relax, will. Still what when I inked, which created this effect of fluffy Lex, and I kind of like it even when it wasn't my intention are straight bird rice for a really long time. And I didn't have a hair dryer to help it. So my impatience is visible in the painting Good. 12. Owl: Animal Inktober Bonus: thing is an anymore inked over challenge to free to participate and get the possibility to win some interesting prices. Today I have some holds for you, and the media is going to show that not everything you do has to be a sexist for the first time. Take me lately I've been making one pending in four days, including sketch and video it think and uploading it. And guys, I must admit it can be quite a lot of pressure. And this video is about me dealing with spendings I don't love. I've been making demonstrations for Client for six years, and I often get deadlines and I have to create a certain amount of work in these deadlines . And to be honest, I absolutely hate we're making things, so it's part of my work. I writer start to can and create a new concept. This time I created a sketch off any goal, and I liked it, but and I yanked it and two things happened, the first as much to a bit of color in the white space of my pending. I tried to get rid of it, and I have a technique to get rid of smudges using a knife, but this time it didn't work so well and some scratches stayed in. My orginal art broke, it was said. But then I realized, Hey, the spending wasn't me. Maybe I should go and make something different. So I decided to remain the whole concept. - I created a new digital sketch. I played the scaling scenery and composition because these are easy to change. When you broke digitally and I left my new creation and then my husband, a biologist, came and he said, I hope it's gonna be doubt because you know the old supplied twilight and I said that my references, their videos showing those flying doing today and telling how rare that is. And I wanted to make my illustration light bluish with spring winter sun. But I decided to change it to the moon and paint nights guy instead, and I created this first version off this painting, and I saw it like delight moot, I imagined to get so the next day I decided to do it differently. Instead of changing the colors, I decided to play a risky and to create the background of the spending with monotype technique and learned about this technique from an obstacle over with the skill share teacher based in Berlin, and I recommend her class the art off monotype. Create your first unique artwork in minutes this class and sparked me to play with this technique much more. You can create amazing things with monotypes, but results are very random. Sometimes they look like you imagined off. They turn into something completely different, and that's what I love about him. I used the light books to place my painting and painted the background with watercolors and quash. I did my best to create the scenery, which would follow the main lines off my sketch, and I left the space around the old blank. I was changing the scenery according to the new monotype, so I used my original sketch as a reference. I didn't waste details to my painting, but I moved him to create in United's composition, I nd only using what inking technique. The Inglis used only 40 details, trees, details of the house, fans, goats and you. I painted the rest of depending with squash and watercolors. In the end, I connected the blank surroundings of the old and really last some parts of this painting, especially those characteristic for the monotype technique, the tree pattern randomly created behind the house. But it was deserved remake off an oval 40 in October. I think if I've Aaron push to use ink because it's in October, I would pick a different medium instead for the old this time something soft like vertical a pencils. And then I remembered tape I saw from one artist on Instagram, and I'm so sorry that I didn't remember her name. But she said that when she is not happy with the car scheme, she repents the top of her painting with squash. So I tried to go with this, and I applied a thin layer off wash over my old, enlighten it with pinkish particle of pencils, and it worked nicely. The old wasn't such a contrast to the rest of the pending, and there are certain paintings I made, and I left more. My time for this is limited, and I will have to go with this one, by the way, and I was testing the monotype ballot, I created this cute little landscape from the original Swatch. I think I'm going to donate it to my daughter's kindergarden and maybe even create some printed Christmas cards from this month to create more artworks like this. Be sure to check on his class. So what can we learn from this? That not all your art burgs have to be perfect? You learn from the process. You sometimes have to deal with the option, which is not perfect and take it is good enough. How do you do with the art brooks you're not happy with? Do Ra make them, or do you just throw them away? Do you keep them to get back to them and examined them? Do sometimes find out that you can love your artwork after several weeks path or maybe even years, let me know in discussion or Indyk laments, Thank you and see you in the next video. 13. Tiger: Animal Inktober Bonus: I decided that this video for animal in double chillin shouldn't give a really a kalash my mezcal ashes in the style before you can even find to off them. In my book inking animals with the complete tutorial and I made one for Marine Oil Boom and her 14 days our challenge, which is a great class on skill, shared by the way. So if you're on school share, certainly check it out. My approach to Kalash changed about two years ago when I saw the first book Off Nature by Nikola Davies and Mark Harold. If you have kids, you might know this book. I decided that I want to create my own experimentation with this technique, what I like about collages that when I put pieces together to create artwork, I don't feel so much responsibility for the things I'm doing there, which raised me and leaves me space to experiment. I injured to make collages in illustration for Children, and when I make them, I like to collaborate with my daughter because there aren't so many occasions in my art where she can directly join me. Although she sometimes spends next to me, even I faint When I make illustrations for kids, I sometimes ask her about her opinion because I like when the art for kids It's really for kids in Chiquita when you come toe bookstore and you search for quality modern literature for Children, it's often illustrated in a very modern and designing way, and I love to watch and read these books. However, they are not designed for Children, and kids don't find them very interesting. I don't say illustration for Children should look like this need it at all. But I would like some compromise for Children's and adult aesthetics. I in the book I showed you before This is my sketch. It's not an actual sketch. It's only a dump nail drawing. Creating these ugly, simple dump nails off possible concepts are my favorite by together ideas and decide on the best you can see that I started by creating my textures. I got out my pieces in this case, the leaves and I just play wisdom and arranged in to create an impression off jungle. My under layer is pretty wild, and I decided to create my tigers cheap from a blob created accidentally in the wet part. So I draw and I next to it, I dry brush with the brush Ben and by dry brushing. I mean, it's seriously dry this time because I'm running out of cartridge here, and I decided to use it to create the texture similar to the one used for reliefs. A sketch lightly with Dr Brushing technique. And then I darken it after the water color layer when I made my light sketch with pink eye color tiger with water colors. And then I washed them away again because I found out that there won't be much contrast to relieves. So it left me with this light blue background. And then I was cutting, staking the pieces one next to each other. If you follow me here on skill share, you might know that I was teaching in school art lessons for kids. If you think that Tickle ash is a technique, perfect forgets it's not so obvious to me. They can be very creative and make amazing art. That's true, but the sticking part is very boring for them, especially when they make tons off little pieces to apply. And then they get impatient, like my daughter who left me after 10 minutes or so, and I had to finish the artwork myself. Good. - I used the cut of do great precise It is, and I framed the painting that add this one is not for sale. It looks brighter like an illustration for Children's book, but my total love it, so it's going to stay in her room. If you enter this video, feel free to join us in animal in October, challenge and create your own tigers and other every most, and you might win interesting prices if you publish your artwork before the end of October 2018. 14. Bear: Animal Inktober Bonus: this video is a part of animal in October challenge, and this time I'm making an illustration of a polar bear. I may do sketches Portis concept the first bumble showing an iceberg with the part below, which was a great idea. But unfortunately, in composition, it looked first in this sketch. Birdie, I start is floating in the white background. Also, I wanted to create an illustration for kids usable as a poster for Children's nurseries. And the Ellsberg below to see, seem to bring some anxiety to depending. And even when I often make some darkness with simplicity in my art, I try to keep the paintings for little ones positive if you sell me bending to dear illustration before you can recognize that this technique is similar in the eyes brought. Working wet on wet, I used attain ink pen to draw the details off my bearer and a brush Ben, which is a joy to work with. The thickness off the lines, varies depending on how much I push, and it created a delicate texture on my eyes back I was using watercolors on Jensen Bristol paper, which is always a bit risky because this paper definitely isn't primarily meant for protocols. As you can see, when you don't go crazy with the amount of water, it handles it very well. I makes India ink with watercolors and created a night sky. In the end, I used a gel pin to add stars to my painting. I think the overall impression from this illustration is soft and whimsical, which was my goal. I hope you will enjoy the rest off, depending process. And I just wanted to remind you that you still have several days to join Animal in October . Challenge and give way. I will choose nine people who followed not only the official instructions off the challenge , but also those who were engaged more than others. I will pick paintings of you where I saw some plunged breasts or since your interest in the topic. Because to be honest, if I had to choose the best Boeing's, it would drive me crazy. They are also good that I couldn't simply pick nine from them. It would be totally unfair and really amazed by your creations. Guys from the night off my choices you will walk for tree which will win a booking kink animals and art supplies from thinking the other six will at least get a small print off my artwork as a thank you for participating in the challenge. See you in my next video, which will be the last one for Animal in October. And I will be painting a giraffe for you, Good. 15. Giraffe: Animal Inktober Bonus: Hey, guys, this is the last process. Video off animal in October with the giraffe. I know. I want something pink ation light. I had an idea for a really surreal painting off giraffes, and I hope I will manage to create it soon. But I want to use different media for dead, so I'm keeping this idea for later. Instead, I would like to talk a little bit more about my creative process and intuitive decisions in my art. I divide my work into two parts. Declined work and personal book as many artists out there. I hope this too will become very close one day. I wish I can keep to my real creative process one day for you. You can imagine that when I have that precious time where I don't have to stick to a specific topic in my art. I usually don't plan what to paint it all. I play with Floyd mediums and they created textures. I read what's coming out from the textures and finish it. These pieces are usually those which I find best off my art books. Something comes to me. I see some shape into forest. Who reminds me of a troll and I paint it. I came to blend on debt. I can share the technique with you, but not the whole process. When I realized this, I told it I might try to finish the last painting for animal in October. More freely, almost as the play, I will get back to the collapse technique and work with India ink in watercolors. No planning. The only previously planting under spending is that my giraffe will be eating. Let's see if I can lose an empty process in front of you. I just wanted to say thank you for these two amazing colors that I got from my student Shiran. These are low because it the acrylic paints by tree art and chevron pink the color tones. I would never choose myself, but I used them for this picture and they were perfect. I'm pretty sure I'm not using them in a way development to be. So please don't think off my process as a tutorial. I'm just playing with the new medium in a way I would normally without a camera watching me . You definitely shouldn't oblige a color you know almost anything about with your fingers and now I'll leave you towards the rest of the process. I hope you will enjoy it. Next. Big people vote for the Venice off animal in October 2018 on instagram and skill share, so stay tuned.