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Web Content Writing Masterclass in 2023 - Part 1 of 5, Home Page Content Writing

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Content writing introduction


    • 2.

      Learning method


    • 3.

      Content research, writing, editing and marketing tools


    • 4.

      Basics of Content Writing


    • 5.

      An advice before writing content


    • 6.

      Become a world class creative writer


    • 7.

      Content writing with AI assistant


    • 8.

      Keyword Research, Grammar and punctuation rules


    • 9.

      Home Page Content Headline


    • 10.

      Sub Headline


    • 11.

      Include a Primary CTAs


    • 12.

      Include an Image


    • 13.

      Include a Lead Magnet


    • 14.

      Write the benefits


    • 15.

      Include Social Proof


    • 16.

      Secondary CTAs


    • 17.

      Include a blog or resource page


    • 18.



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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.


In this class, I give an Introduction to content writing and how it is different from copywriting.

Also, I provide some great tips with some examples as to what should be your focus while writing content on the web.

Then I show how to write content on the home page with examples from leading websites.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called headnorthdigital.com. This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Content writing introduction: Hey, welcome to this exciting journey to write content. Father wept. I'm Shoko McConnell. I am an entrepreneur, digital marketing trainer and a blogger. I am also a certified leadership coach from International Coaching Federation are icy If, in this course I walk you through step by step how I create content for a website you can watch every step I day Then follow the same strategies to create content for your own website. By the time you finish the scores, you'll have amazing content ready for your website. If you don't have a website right now, no issues. You can still create content by the time you have your website ready. What you'll have to do is jazz copy and pays the content into it. Now let's quickly see what I'm gonna cover in this course. This is a step by step Course I'll walk you through how I create content for every page off a website. Like what? The right on the home page. Ah Bartosz page on the block page content on the category and product pages and so on. Here's a metaphor. If your website is the body, the content on that website is a soul your content is great for S E O. It increases traffic, answers questions, establishes start leadership and authority, speaks to your leads and customers, encourages engagement, encourages gratification and loyalty, generates new leads and sales, adds value to your products and services and so on. Content writing is strategic. Not everyone can write. If you want the right content for a website, you need to understand that business well. The content on the website normally served the audience and customers, but also serve the employees. Let's see how the right content that attracts more audience on the one side and guides the employees on the other side the growth of business. So you're gonna learn the tools and strategies I used to create content, how I pick my brain and come up with new ideas to create best content. What are some of the best practices? I follow the create top quality content that is both user and search engine friendly and so on. As you may know, Web content differs from content on the printed books website visitors usually kim that kind. This means that writing style for website is significantly different from printed materials . So you learned the strategies I followed make the content easily. Browse, herbal and capable. We live in the information age long back Bill Gates. One set content is King that is still true and that it remain true forever. People want to see helpful information on the Web before making a decision toe by our subscribed or website. Because of this, the demand fi quality content will go up in the months and years to come. This is pretty easy to predict. As more and more countries are embracing digitization and lock, more people are accessing the Web via mobile, so the demand for high quality content writers is ever increasing. On the other hand, the content quality on the Web is alarmingly low. If you go beyond the first year pages of Google Search, you can see the quality of content is going down drastically. Thanks to Google, people see the top quality content on the first page so they don't go beyond it as you can imagine. Now, the demand for high quality content is on the rise. The supply side is not able to meet this demand, so the result is this. The content writing fee for high quality content writers is getting fatter and fatter, and this trend is expected to continue in the future as well. No, it is my word. The fee is getting fatter. Onley for high quality writers. You'll get low quality writers everywhere for true of a prices, but the content, the right will do more harm than good. Fart your website, considering the above said demand and supply situation. If you decide to become a content writer on the Web, you're clearly on the right track. But one caviar. You must aim to become a top quality content writer. This course is going to help you on that. You may be an entrepreneur who wants to write high quality content On your website. Are a free launch content writer who wants to write for others? Autumn Marketer, Our marketing student who wants to become a continent acting superstar. This course is going to help you. And if you're decided and draw, I have something special for you Recently have written an e book. It's not a normal e book. Like others, it's a book that contains 3000 plus power words that you can use in the content. You right, this has the power to truly transform you into a superstar content writer. I created this book for my personal use. I wanted to keep it as a secret weapon to kill even the mightiest in the market. Now, having created a course on content writing and compelled to add massive value to my storage , I've decided to give it away for free. The students off this course on Lee. You may read one or two pages of the book every day for inspiration. Then start writing the content using a few power words you read here and there. This is a decorate and beautify your content, and it will truly stand out from the crop. So what are you waiting for? A small investment with consistent action will give you massive returns in your life. You'll thank yourself later for your decision. So, pink action. Go ahead and roll into the scores. Very good to see you in my next listen 2. Learning method: Hey, first of all, thanks for enjoying into this course. Here's a quick dip on how to learn from this course. Our brains absorb things pretty fast when it happens to see things for the second time or third time. I mean, repetition is the mother of skill. It's an old saying, but it's very true. There are lessons in this court that requires you to absorb the fundamental concepts, and there are other lessons that requires you to work hands on, get your hands dirty and implement what you learn. So I strongly suggest you do this. You watch first, and you study next. Step one. Just watch all the lessons for once and understand everything from a bird's eye view. This will give you a holistic picture off what the subject matter is all about, how things work and what are all the tools you need and so on. So this is your watching time. Finish watching all the lessons in one sitting step to start from the beginning again and go through those lessons this time with full attention. You'll be in a study more. You'll see your absorption capacity is that it's speak because you know what to expect. You know what you'll see next you also implement by watching the step by step victorious. Believe me, it's were there. This is how I learned, and my absorption capacity multiplies when I learned the second time. Try this and you'll be amazed by the results and to increase their attention, go through the lessons as many times as possible. And that's how you nail those fundamentals into your brain. Okay, with that, let's get to the business now. 3. Content research, writing, editing and marketing tools: Hey, welcome back Riding requires discipline and relaxed mindset. There are many digital tools available in the market to facilitate creator writing. Trump. Of course, I've shown you the tools I use frequently while writing content, but there are many other tools are used occasionally, they're also very powerful once so, I thought, are creating a video that shows some of the tools I use and radio stages off writing process. It's not a complete tutorial of these doors, but this video will introduce the tools and their features and benefits so and kick start you to use these touch. Once you start using them, you'll explore and learn more about these. George. I use these tools for research purposes. Writing content are for editing the content. They're not in any order of importance, but each of these dudes so a purpose in the content creation process. Just watch this video and full, and you'll be happy that you've learned about the functionalities off some of the amazing duels in the digital world. Some of them are free dudes, and some of them are paid once, but even the paid ones can be used using their free trial to learn and extract some valuable data. So try them out immediately as you go through this video so you don't forget about them. Once you get used to them, they'll make your life easy and make you feel very comfortable while creating content. So let's get started. Google Trends is a freeware analyzed and see the trending key watch. It gives an up to date insight on the trending stories worldwide, really helpful for researching topics and finding information for free. One of the top rated content research tools used widely worldwide. For example, check or how I compare the popularity interest off a few key words over time. Interest by sub region. Choosing here some of the most popular and related equities very handy toe to check the potential off, different keywords and the trending topics. When we talk about seo for the content, be right. We can't ignore as the English. It's like a Swiss army knife. For the entrepreneurs and CEOs, it's a big door, but here's a 30 day free trial for you. Just use this link in enjoy 30 days off, accessing the duels in his him brash for free at the end of these 30 days. You may cancel the subscription so you will not be charged. If you're an entrepreneur, are a business owner. The stool will help the boost your site issue in many ways. So you may want to continue. Even after these 30 days, for example, you can do competitive research. Cuba research PPC analysis If you use pay dads he was tracking and many more. If you are an s, your agency are an S e o freelancer. You may want to serve your customers using tools such in ECM brush. If you ask by to become an issue, you can join sites like upward dot com our fiber dot com, and start serving your customers using the tools and sm brush. For example, you may run detailed Matthew audits for a fee from your customers. You may want to do a competitive research for your customers. You may generate tons of key watch for them. You may also want to do ling building work and related research here and many other things related to is you all in all, a very powerful tool for content factors and issues. Once you join the free trial, you go to the home page and start your researchers and artists here, uber suggest, is another free and easy to use. Keyword New Patel and influencer in the CIA world has bodies stool and has improved its functionalities of luck. Just type in a keyword and hid search. Then handle this capture. You'll get to see metrics like search volume as CEO keyword, difficulty paid keyword difficulty, CPC in dollar value and a suggestion as to the likelihood off. You ranking for that keyword all for completely free, go down a little bit. You'll see more keyword ideas and who ranks on the search engines For that keyword, which is also called Soap stack, Click on keyword idea staff to Seymour related cured ideas. You can download them for using them on your content writing. Click on the soap, and Alison stopped to see which content ranks for this key work in search engine social shares for that content peas and that a later domain score, uber suggest, is a pretty good duel for free content and key. What research Keyword finder is an S U tool that shows the volume and cure difficulty off various key watch and the key word you want a rank for choose a region, our language and click find huge. The two will throughout the cure difficulty status off dark keyword, along with other later huge and their wall you and racking difficulty. Also, you can also see the top ranking sites for that chosen keywords. You can export the list for later use ultra again. It's a big door, but with a sign up, you can search for upto five keywords for free every day you've seen Google's or a complete right. I mean, when you search for something on Google, Google Auto complete the Senate and provides some suggestions. Q R two dot io extracts all these top related searches and provides those keywords to you normally for Google, but also for you do being surge Amazon, eBay and even for mobile APP stores. Let's type in a keyword. Now the duo has given 584 keywords additions for the sea keyword I typed in 1 39 question type search terms. In 295 propositions, you can filter results are excluded, negative keywords year and select the key what you want and then copied to the clipboard. Our export here you can't see the volume trend and CPC details in this free were Asian. But you can use Google keyword planner to see those details. Pretty useful tool to see keywords for different platforms like you do Amazon and so on. Evernote is like a digital bank. I would even say that it's your second brain. You can store your digital information here. A large number of writers are using its free wish in every day. You can create unlimited number of notes are notebooks Here You can write articles with images, create research, notch checklists and store all your ideas safely. Above all, you can publish it online. You can share the link and that is viewable by anybody from any place. It automatically syncs data from its mobile desktop and wraps, making it safe enough to keep your ideas. Now let's These are the features you can use it Rep. Clipper To save articles and block posts from the Web, simply install the Evan or chrome extension, then open the post you want to save for future reading. Now click on the Avenor icon. Choose option you want to use. Add a few tags to make easy to find it in the future and save it. Evernote sinks it on the cloud, and you can easily find it Ven, ever you wanted in any device like a nor pad are a mobile for Just think about it in the absence off Evernote. How you save it. Book marking copy piers the link and sitting on a note pad. If you do them all, you'll struggle a lot to find them back. Aren't you? May never find an article. Evernote makes it easy for you. So it's an amazing content. Curation tool. Not one jar signed up. You can create a note here. Give it a title. Copies. The content are right. Your content here. It can also form at the content the way you want using options here. This area is like a shocker. Do open your notes. Already created notebooks is kind of like a folder that all your notes are store Categorize . Your note. You can't create tax. This will allow you to create context. Let's trade official and first no, simply create too broad tax like this. Then create specific tags, Evan or works based on search function. It's very powerful, so even if you have thousands of notes within just one notebook with the help of tax search will find out and show you a specific note you're searching for. I can see that even without bags, with the help of key watch, Evernote can find your notes. But tags are really helpful if you can create them. So I have several nodes within my first notebook. If I want to find any of them, I can search with the tag. Now they have paid. Wasn't too. They have mobile abstract used on mobile phones, and that's very handy for frequent travelers to work on the go. If you want paid washing, it can choose to go with it. But for beginners, free washing can do all you want and more. There is a research study that shows that a moderate amount of Ambien eyes can get your creative juices flowing, and hence you can write better. This is why you experience those Ah ha moments when you take shower, our brush your teeth, check on the source of the research here. You don't have to go to a cafe, too, right? Continuity provides that and Weinmann for you. It changes your bag. John completely by its artificial but near realistic background lies. It's easily tricking your brain to be active and work better. For me, it's a different environment altogether. It generates cough, a background sound and gives my thinking a street leverage. So it works well for me. I don't feel sleepy and I can't write for a long time. In one city, you may want to give it a try. I use their free washer. However, for more options, you can have great the premium subscription by being just $9. How many of you face many issues while copy Pasting your content from your writing? Dual toe a. Seamus. It's not uncommon. I face the issues like changing of formatting alignment and so on. It's really frustrating to reform it and realign the post again within your CMAs. That's where work the clean Heskey Emma comes into the picture. Simply copy and paste your article within the stool and click on one word. The Clean Hess GMO. It removes unwanted coding and spaces to make it clean. Has GMO that copy the head GMO vision and based in the same to the Hasty Emma editor in your CMAs. It eliminates formatting issues while transferring your content from docks to Hess Deimel. And it helps to save Die and Seaview from all those frustrating reality course schedules. Headline Analyzer is one of the most used Friedel's Online, which analyzes headlines and scores them according to its ability to rank on social networks and search engine. You can read you your headline and make changes according to its results. They also suggest using four different types of words, like common, uncommon emotional in power, which in a balanced manner within the content to improve the score, they show the headline Score here. Usually 70 and above are a sign of Go ahead. Inward Balaj What type of headline it is usually list types and how low dives do well in search engines. Headline length Analysis First and last part of the headline Because Kim Merced usually read only the first and last portions of the headlines headline Cinnamon. A Google Search preview in the lake. I usually aim for headlines above the score off 70. Till I get it, I keep treating their headline. Grandma Lee's editing and Plagiarism detection resource is checks for the audience to more than 250 grammar rules. That's a free extension that can be installed with browsers that automatically detects dramatically enters whenever you're right more work and gives suggestions on how to fix those letters. For example, I have the stool on screen. This is a Web app. You can download the desktop. Also, ride your headline here and the post here as you write. C The suggestions by Graham early and start correcting them if you use Emma's word right. Content Grammar. Lee hasn't aired on for Emma's work. Just install it. You start seeing suggestions within your Emma's work. After installing, simply click on Open Graham early within your word processor. The words with red underlines requires corrections. Simply click on the suggestions to correct them. If you're right, lot of articles go premium because that does a great job correcting advanced level enters. Also, a duel is also one of the most comprehensive flag jihadism checker online. It's so just pages for over eight billion on the Internet to compare your text calmly. Writer is another writing tool that provides distraction, free writing experience. Click on the local and goto preferences here you have a few cool options to choose from. Check out this focus more. This will blur out all the text except for the paragraph, your editing and target food screen to hide browser add ons to But Graham Early installed on my PC, I conduce paychecks and grammar corrections inside the stool. Sometimes you may want to create content in other languages of the world on that those circumstances Google translate can be very useful. Just type in Google. Translate on Google search engine and type in a sentence in English. Let's say good morning. Very you plan to go today. Now go ahead and cheese the language on the right side box. Let's say I changed to tumble. My mother turned. You have the translation and Tamela, you have an English version off that camel sentence here. If you have other language sentences, just copy and paste it here. Google automatically detects that language and translates in English, an awesome duel for those who write content in multiple languages in multicultural civics, this nifty little dual is a chrome extension and can do several types of screenshots, like capturing a visible spark. Select area, a local image, including those amazing full page screenshots. Check this out to see this yourself. It can also do screen video to carding goto options to choose the donor options in shock. It's let's see the easiest content image sourcing tools that saves yard time. We live in an era off visual culture All around. People like visualized, imagine, and the belief so images on block posts are any other content is a must. However, it's really time consuming to find the right image, which must be rioted free as well. This is so if you're not creating images by yourself, so save your time and energy. I'm gonna show you just three site where you came down lower CC zero or copyright free images. CC zero doesn't acquire attribution and you can use those images even for commercial purposes. If you're not able to find any suitable images from these sites, I'll show you how a search Google to find them. The sites that offer CC zero images are pick somebody dot com big cells dot com and unspool ash dot com. If you don't find the quiet images in these sides, let me show you how to search Google to find them. Just go to Google and type in a keyword Let's say I want to search images for the QR Forest . Google shows images for that keyword forest, but you can't use on of them because many of them are copyrighted. You face legal issues if you use them without the permission of the creator, so let's filter the images that are absolutely free to use. Click on settings. No advanced search. Come down to the bottom. Use the job down for usage, right? Use one of these. Do you can use other free images also, but if you want to use them for commercial purposes, use one of these two. Click Advanced Search. Now all these are from various free image sites on the Web. I can start using them. Click on the image, read the copyright information and usage guidelines, and please idea to them. Can watch is a designed toe. They have both free and paid options. Free option provides tons of features to use. You can actually create any type of design creative for your business, our personal use. For example, you can create almost any type of social media images here, documents for business purposes and for personal use for educational purposes, for marketing purposes. for special revenge for advertisement purposes. Andrew one. The other option is to go toe fine templates. Here. You can see all the options to choose from. Let's say I want to creating infographics. I would click on one of these templates, use this template, then personalize it to my niche. It's easy our click on the text elements to edit them. Gold elements search for elements here. Drag and drop. The new elements are. Just click on the existing elements and hit delete to remove them. Choose the bag drone here and again, dragon drunk. They offer tons of free options and many more paid elements as well. They're cheap, like $1 for element. The other alternative is you upload your own images here, pick on the elements and you'll see more editing options. If you wanna learn to design with can, we are just go to the home page. You'll see the design school learning it's really worth it can wise one of my favorite designed to in the entire Web very easy and free to use. And the options are endless. 4. Basics of Content Writing: Hey, welcome back In this lesson, you learn a few basic terms off contact writing. First of all, let's see what does conduct Victoria defines content is the information in experiences that are directed towards an end user. Our audience, in other words, content is something that is to be expressed through some medium as speech writing. Our any of various ours content can be delivered via many different media, including Internet television, audio CDs, videos, books and magazines, and light events such as conferences and stage performances. Now let's see what content writing is and how it is different from copulating content. Writing is a professional writing to produce engaging content for use online content writers are Internet savvy people who create articles, block posts and other farms off the material content. Marketing is a popular word in the marketing circles. Let's see the meaning of that content. Marketing means creating and shad ing valuable free content. C. M. I R Content Marketing Institute defines it as follows Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. Marketers do this with an intention to attract and convert prospects into customers and later on the customers into repeat buyers. Now let's see the meaning off. Copulating copulating is strategically delivering worse that get people to take some form of action that could include actions like making a purchase. Subscribing to your email list signing up to your content library are providing mawr personal information. So the difference is this. Content writing is creating blocks, podcasts and email, auto responders and copulating is saying speeches, ads and direct mills. Two different animals, right? Well, not if you do it the right way. Good content. Vidar Copyrighting is a waste of content. There are many blog's out there that good content, but with only a few readers. Are you writing great articles that people would want to read? And what did that? You're not getting enough traffic? The problem could be ineffective copyrighting Just to give you the hint, it all starts with headlines. If the NR attractive enough, it doesn't give visitors any reason to click on it and read the rest of the content. Sometimes your headlines might be cute and clever. If this is the case, you're just showing how smart you are. You're not communicating any benefits to your readers. I writing boring, are clever headlines. You learn in the scores how to ride benefit rich magnetic headlines. Look, every product has to deliver a benefit to the buyer. Likewise, your content has to be revolting. Do the readers. Otherwise, readers won't come back to your website. Is your content building any rapper our trust? You can always get social media attention by being a Brad, but the attention may not translate into subscribers. Our customers have you leveraged any social proof to your block? It is tricky to show readers your block is a cool place to hang out when you don't have lots of readers. Yet in this course, I'll give you some tips to make it happen, and a Contra action lets people know what you want them to do. Next. You have clear specific calls traction. Not sure that's the issue. Much of the content on the Web faces. Let's sit right. The issue in this course remember this copyrighting is the art of convincing your reader to take a specific action. Thoughtful use of copulating techniques on your blawg get readers to subscribe to your content, often to your email list. Shadow great articles with other readers. And that's how you build a large, loyal audience. So is copyrighting everything with the effective use of copulating techniques make you popular automatically. Sadly, the answer is no. If you do a brilliant job of packaging and marketing a crap, do you know what you do your effectively getting the word out about how bad your crap is, so you're not likely to see the result you're looking for. Smart marketers need to keep. These principles are great content marketing in mind. Be generous and giving away your valuable content. Generosity is very sexy. When your content is so valuable that it makes you a little uncomfortable toe giveaway. You know you've got it right. Produce enjoyable content on Lee Admin like ads. If your content looks like an add, people that ignore it are Troy Torri make you act too valuable to trophy. How can you do it simply by wrapping it an amazingly beneficial, readable and engaging content? So here's what the best content does. Best content instantly builds rappel, deliver a sales message without feeling sale, see and gets potential customers to stick around. That's why top copywriters now favor a content nick approach. They combined great content that strategic copyrighting to get the best of both Waas. Let's learn the ins and outs of this approach in my upcoming listeners. In my next video, you learn some basic principles are writing great carted see there. 5. An advice before writing content: Meet Mr Dairy. David is a smart, creative and talented guy. He's come up with an idea to create an app that every small business owner should use to improve his or her business. He's decided to create a Web based app. The revenue model will be monthly in yearly subscriptions. He's totally excited about the project and throws himself into it completely. David hires a top notch developer. A negotiation is to get a functional website based APP developed for only $50,000. David then prepares a complete marketing plan. He spends the next one week riding them upside copy. It clearly explains all the benefits has software application has to offer? Finally, the site launches. To his surprise, nothing happens. In the next one week, he hears Onley crickets chirping. This is, after all, the hard work on pre marketing and public city work. He manages to strike a joint venture with a well known small business blogger. But the conversion rate is terrible and the blogger is disappointed. But in his mind, the product is great. So David things. The problem must be with this marketing efforts, he thought. It's got to be with getting the word out to more people. So he puts together a Google AdWords campaign and spends this last $5000 off credit on his car, the desert. Nothing happens. They would never recovers his investment. He's frustrated. He's desperate now and brings in a professional content marketer to rework the offer. He gets a bad news about ist riel issue. No one wants what David is selling. What is the real issue here? He started off with this product in mind, not his customers. That's the real issue. No, the market and the customers first, before you design your product as an old copyrighting adage that was a favorite one off copywriter Gaddy Helbert. What does it take to have a successful restaurant? Great location, No superior service, No good prices? No, not a doll ambience. Not even close. Amazing for actually not even that. To have a successful restaurant, you need a starring crowd. Everything else is a means to serve the crowd a little better to get their attention and give them what they want. Every business has its own version off starving crowd, which is why you don't create great content in order to have a bunch of great content. You create content to build an audience. Your greatest business asset isn't your website. It isn't your products. Our services. It isn't your email list either, at least on exactly your greatest business asset is your audience. It's the universe off people who are paying attention to what you have to say. Why do we create content? Because that's what the audience wants from us. They want interesting, informative things to read. Listen to our watch. They want something that makes them look smarter for chatting it, and they want to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. If our content supports those audience goals, it's a good conduct. If it doesn't, it's a lousy content. We won't hurt. That content is supposed to be relevant, are useful, but it's only relevant. Are useful in the audience, say's It's relevant, are useful. They decide not you. The world ships. When you put the audience first, you'll notice a few changes. When you start putting the audience needs first instead of your own. Your content will get much easier to read. You focus on things like farm, adding content, so it's incredibly reader friendly. You quit trying to sound like a giant business and start sounding like a smart, friendly human being who has the answers to important questions. In fact, you do this even if you're a giant company, your side. The sign will immediately improve. When you stop trying to make it impressive and start trying to make it clear and useful. You will probably answer the core basic questions more often, even if you personally find that kind of contents likely boring. It's not there to serve you. It's there to serve your audience. You quit using clever headlines and start using benefit reach ones. You start to see your search rankings improve as you create content that's actually being used. An actor on your sale cycle will become more efficient as prospects begin to know, like and trust you to solve their pressing problems. You start building aton ity, and that comes from your service. When you serve your audience honestly, consistently and well, your business will be rewarded 6. Become a world class creative writer: he will come back. Content writing and content Marketing is all about create duty. So my students asked me, How can you become a creative writer? My answer is this. Drop three steps to become ultra creative and writing number one. You gotta read a lot on that subject. For example, if you want to write about obesity and weight loss, you have to read a ton of things on that subject. The more you read, the more you know and that helps your brain to put together in a meaningful way all the important stuff your red, maybe in a story farm to entertain and easily digest and some examples to show the proof. So when you read a lot, you become naturally good at telling and writing stories and what you're red Number two analyzed me in reading mental help your brain to understand each of those concepts better and how they are related to each other. The more you analyze each line, your rare, the more you understand the subject matter. OK, so I suggest your first read off. Anything should be a casual re. To get an overview, you must read it the second time and this is analytical reading. This is when you analyze each line and think about questions. Like what? When, where, why, who and how off things you Rep. Number three is right. What you learn, the more you're right, the better you become at it to start bed. Like Johnny Mercer said, Right for the Ways basket. It doesn't matter what you write in those initial days, but you must try writing something within young Mitch. If you've done the 1st 2 steps right, you'll not struggle much year in this step. Over a period of time, writing comes effortlessly and spontaneously with the words flying out of your fingertips. You have tuned in the yard unique, wise, not when you're right. Make sure you apply the best practices, like telling stories, giving examples, showing pictures and so on. If you get some feedback, take that into consideration. When you write your next piece, always drive to get better at it. So practice these three steps about to become a creative writer. Go find the work of genius level copywriters in content writers. Examples could be that off. David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, J. Abraham, John Carlton Lester Wonder Man are John capers study their work observed carefully how they crab, their masterpieces and the psychology behind it. Don't just copy them, but treat them to your own needs. You'll notice that it works. When you keep doing this, you'll become used to that kind of style. You'll be surprised that you're able to right the way they wrote, and that's when you'll start seeing big offers coming your way. And here you go with a few more good practices for world class Contra writing. Always start with a big dream and a cold. It could be to change the life off your reader in some way. I mean, to transform their life that inspires to write well and right for the reader. It helps you to focus on the benefits off that reader. It helps you toe mover on that one goal rather than stray Avi. From that, make sure you execute that one big goal in small steps, but always started a big goal. It really helps you to guide you in the right direction. The next one is Della story. It may be your back story are your friends story, but tell your audience a story and meaningful story that helps you to reinforce your message. It'll help engage your audience, and they'll remember your content for a very long time, Right for the audience, right on, Bart, what they're interested in. Try solving their problems. Make sure everything you write helps your audience and some they are the other. This is so even when you write about yourself and your own backstory when you write, keep writing. As long as there is a flow, don't try to edit even is. You know your writing is not perfect. Even your writing is with a lot of mistakes. Editing comes later. You can edit out any mistakes that that confidence cheap writing him and you're right. Ask a question but never answered it to the end. These questions are like hooks. When you ask a question to your readers, they crave for the answer. That's how human minds are wired. When you don't answer that question till the end, they'll wait and go until the end to know the answer. This is a genius trick used by fiction writers but does equally works in the online world. Try this out. The next one is asking for a feedback and don't be afraid, anxious ISMs, because without that, you can sharpen your writing skills. Joined writers for eternity on Facebook, are any other social channel and ask for help validating your work and consider criticisms on Lee from authentic People. Just ignore criticisms from other quarters, including from anyone in your family, because they are most likely to be biased off favor in some way or the other and stick around and keep working on the writing with good practices. Anyone can string words together, but imbuing those words with the power toe touch a heart in change alive that takes work, talent and skill and, most of all, for civilians and persistence. So keep riding and finally ended out all the fluff in your writing. There are tools, and there are people who can do this. Use both of them. Writing is a solo work, but editing requires help from others. It takes many eyes before it gets to that near perfection. So take help in the end before you hit Publish, make sure you love your final work, so those are my $1,000,000 tips. But hey, they were only when you practice them consistently, so start now 7. Content writing with AI assistant: Hey, welcome back. In the upcoming lessons, you'll learn a lot about some of the powerful techniques you can use the right world-class content. By the time you complete this course, you will have all these techniques at your fingertips. Now just imagine how it would be like if you can use your AI assistant to write a powerful content with all these techniques included in the content, I'm in training your AI assistant to write for you the way you want. That's what you'll learn in this video. Let's go for it. By this time, most of you know that prompts are the key to unlock the potential of AI assistance. If you know how to write prompts the right way, you know, you'll get fantastic output from your AI assistant. Now, let me write a prompt here that'll generate a blog post that we want. First step is generating a title. I will open a new chat window and ask, hey Chad GBD, imagine yourself as an expert, a blog title generator. My blog post topic is how to conduct keyword research. Write a short title for me that is very intriguing and will receive tons of traffic and conversions. There you go. I got the title. Now, I will open a new chat window and say, hey Chad GBD. Imagine yourself as a world-class content writer. I want you to write a blog post on the topic. I insert the data here. I've given below all the rules that must be adhere to while writing the content. The rules are like ensure that blog post length is approximately thousand 500 words. Use H1 tags for heading, has geotags for subheadings. Keep sentences short and concise. The length of the sentence may not exceed ten to 12 words. Use active wise in sentences, incorporate a lot of engaging phrases like, Hey buddy, you'll be blown away and you'll have an aha moment within the pause to keep it casual and friendly. Keep the paragraphs shot with each paragraph containing three are fewer sentences. For Wired. An example for every suggestion or advice given, provide ample white space between paragraphs and the like. Based on this, chat GBD will write the content. Now, don't worry, you'll learn about all these rules and much more in the upcoming lessons. Here I'm showing them to give you an idea. Now you go. The posters written by Chad GBD, the way I wanted. If I find something is not done properly, I would check with the bark to ensure that that part is rewritten by the model 8. Keyword Research, Grammar and punctuation rules: Hey, you will come back Here we go with a few quick temps before the start. Writing content Never start writing before doing your cure research if it don't know how to do it. I've included a mini course on how to conduct keyword research. Step by step within the bonus section off this course, please take a look. It's actually part of my s your course since cure research is relevant to contact riding also, I'm included this within the bonus section. Likewise, grammar and punctuation is very important for content writing. I use 10 different rules while writing content. I shall those routes within this document you see on the screen here I've explained each rule with a clear example like how to use quotation marks. Parentis is hyphenation Capitalization and Schwan. I'm shouting this document within the resource section off this video, feel free to downloaded and start following those rules while writing content 9. Home Page Content Headline: Hey, welcome back. What is important is that you learn the skill of writing great content quickly. That's possible on Lee by showing you how I create content on the screen. Once I have the content written, let me show you and explain to you how my content stands are from the rest. I mean, what are some of the great features off my content that makes it unique? I'm going to use my website or create and publish content at any point in time. You can find this content on Mayer upside, and this course is purely about concentration, not about website design our team. So let's go straight to create the contract. As an online course creator and a blogger on digital marketing, let me show you how I'll write and market via my website. Let me create home page content from my website. Now that are nine ingredients every home page of our website must have considering on of them. I've created my home page content. Now let's go through all one by one Number one airline. You have just three seconds to impress your visitors. That's it. Within this time, your website must tell the visitors what it has to offer. So use this opportunity to make clear to your website visitors what your website is all about. Right? An impressive headline that delivers the message. How can you do it simple. Take a look at some of the examples online. Try to relate the headlines you see with the business off the website and its industry. Here you go with some examples. My first example is hops part dot com. Take a look at their headline. This is a company that sells an inbound marketing software headline is a bit wordy, as you can see, but it clearly shows all the benefits. If you buy their software, you generate leads, close deals and manage your pipeline with hops. Part growth stack. So it's a benefit rich headline. Now, second example is ECM rush dot com and have you go with their headline. It's a website based on software that helps to conduct competitive analysis, Cuba Research and, as CEO relatively a small headline but delivers and message that their software is an all in one marketing to look it again. The headline is a benefit driven headline. Now he has drifts dot com. This is the headline A Head Trips is a major competitors off ECM Rush Headline is a bit wordy but delivers a message that their software will help to improve your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche. Kiss metrics dot com This is the headline It's a customer behavior analytics, engagement and automation platform. They're blogging as well known in the marketing circles. The headline clearly staged the benefit. If you buy our software, you can get, keep and drill more customers in your business. These websites are in the digital marketing space, but even better is that I go to some of my direct, competent er's in a very tired way and find what they have in their home page. So let's go to Google and search for a industry key work. Let me type in digital marketing courses. Let's look at these three examples. Here we go. This is our 1st 1 Take a look at their headline. This website provides education in several disciplines. Digital marketing is just one of him, so the headline is very generate. Stay ahead with feet up, but it delivers a message that you'll stay ahead if you buy their courses the 2nd 1 Here's the headline digital marketing courses in Chennai by industry experts. So the benefit is that their courses are taught by industry experts. The third and final one. Here's the headline. Step into the Digital World of Opportunities. The headline delivers a message that is a bit generic. They call you the joint in the digital World for many new opportunities. Now you've seen some examples. You can easily relate the headlines to the business. Right now, based on all these examples, I'm gonna write my headline. So this is what I've written digital marketing courses to grow your business. To me, it's a simple headline that delivers a straightforward message. I'll go ahead and include this headline on my Home Beach. 10. Sub Headline: in your sub headline. Briefly describe what you offer. You may touch upon common pain point for your audience and how your offer can solve it. You simple, which avoid using Jagan's again. Let's see the examples. Here we go have sparred dot coms sub headline with top spots, marketing sales and CRM software. You can go like a company twice your size while connecting like a real human being, as you can notice, it gives a positive are pleasurable emotion that you can grow much faster if you start using their software at the same time. You can give that really human touch while you connect with your customers, not ECM brush dot coms sub headline. I instantly feel this can be better. It simply Saiz who? The target audiences. That's good again, as we have seen in Top Spark, It could have been framed better, so let's move on in hatred. Sub headline. Hey, headdress helps you to learn why your competitors are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them. Can you see that this kindles the emotion off fear in your mind? It's a zoo. Your competitors are ranking high. That's great way to make you buy that product. Now, if you buy their product, you can outrank your competitors. This creates emotional pleasure, so their product is a hero here. If you don't buy it, your competitors haven't edge over you. If you bite, you can outrank your competitors. Kiss metrics dot com sub headline. Understand what people are doing on your website and products and deliver behavior based email to engage them every step of the way again. This celebrates what headline Saiz. This is also a good approach. It's a benefit driven. Some headline. Now let's take a look at what my direct competitors have done on their own. Such having go, the 1st 1 trusted by 10,000 plus students. So they try to create trust and credibility in the minds off their visitors. Here's the 2nd 1 Build your expertise by and drooling the challenging program off study and research and digital marketing. With this sub headline. They create the emotion of excitement. Off course. Digital marketing is an exciting field. You develop expertise by learning, researching and implementing what you learn. So it's a good approach to create excitement in the minds of your leads. That we go the 3rd 1 Before you know it, all the organizations are going to be entirely digital. Do you think you are fit for the transformation? It induces fear in the minds of the visitors. They, in fact say Don't be lived behind. Join our courses and go digital to sustain the rays again. It's an emotion that works really well across the industries. Now I've seen some examples toe get some ideas to create a some headline. Now let me actually do the work off creating it. There we go. This is what I created. Warning. Don't be lived behind vigil Marketing is changing and growing big every day. Update yourself regularly. This creates the emotional fear in the minds of my customers. It delivers a message that the delay, their decision to end drawn into their courses they're gonna lose. This is how marketing works, but there's nothing wrong with that. All that matters is you add value to your customers. Video product. Don't disappoint them on that front. Listen, marketing is all about striking that emotional card. It can be with positive emotions like love, joy, etcetera on negative emotions like fear, pain. Answer one people buy things for emotional reasons. They justify that decision with logic. This is exactly what every successful company, an individual business man on the planet do. I advise you to do the same in your business. You'll be highly successful again. Your product should be awesome. That delivers massive value. If it's a crap, this marketing success will be shot live. So this looks good to me. I just how this place, if I'm not happy with its performance, I can always change it. So let me include this. Ask my sub betting on the home page of my website. 11. Include a Primary CTAs: Hey, welcome back. Do you know what the goal off your whole pages to compel your visitors to dig deeper into yard website and move them further down the funnel. That's the goal off. Ah, Home Beach called her actions. Make it possible for you. You can see this in the example of sites I've kept open. As of now, we'll focus on the about the fold primary called to action on Lee on the Hub Spot page, they say, Get started. Same button here at the top, right corner. When you click on it, you're taken to a page with main offer with a call to Action Button for Demo, then three more free offers with called reactions to capture leech. In the case of ECM, Rush, the button say's start. Now that is a log in button at the top right corner, and that is a get now button here to get their ranking factors. Study for 2000 and 17 you need to input a domain name. Keyword are your, um, you'll get to see the domain overview. If you want to see the full report, you need to upgrade. The pro membership hatreds has a call to action button that say's Start Your free trial that is a two week free trial. The offer. If you click on it, you'll be showing a box where you need to choose one of the two offers and giving your email. I d. Kiss metrics. Ask for yard domain name with a call to action button that say's Try kiss metrics. If you do, you'll be shown two options. You can either see a demo where you can instantly experience how their analytics offer reports are joined. Their free trial feet of website has a quick in quietly farm and a submit button. Otherwise, I don't see a call to action button below the headlines again. In this upside, I don't see a button below the headlines here. This andro now is intended for that purpose. I suppose, in the side, I don't see a call to action about the four. When I scroll down a little bit, I see a button that says Download course guide. So I've seen some examples. Now here's my strategy used to our three culture actions above the fold, our top portion off the whole page. These were direct people to different stages of buying cycle, not let me include my Calder actions. There we go, a button that say's dig courses. I have kept this just below the subheading. Then I have doom or cdn buttons to direct visitors to other important pages off my website to engage them heavy. Go with them. Take a look at my about US page and block pH. That's it. Just do our tree above the four primary called reaction buttons. That's enough to do the trick. 12. Include an Image: Hey, welcome back. Most people are visual to capture their attention, including image that's relevant to your offer even better into a shot video that tells your visitors clearly what your offers use an image are a video that captured the emotion and cost action. Let's see some examples. Now let's see your Army website. They use a large image with a clickable headline and a subhead. Next skill shares another online education platform. They have a G i. F. Kind of image that keeps playing to our three clips repeatedly. Again, Text on the images. Clickable. Here you go. I've included an image in the home page when you include a video as a background, make sure to upload your video to a site like YouTube and grab the link and use it in your sight toe. Play the video. Don't ever upload the video directly onto your side. It'll affect your website loading speech. Significantly. Make sure the headline and sub headline are in the text form, because by doing this way, it'll help your S E O. If you don't know how to make it happen, don't worry. I have given the court in the resource of section. Just copy and pays that core into your head. Html editor and play around with the court, tweaking a bit by and during your image Ural and by changing the text color batting, and she wants to suit your needs. 13. Include a Lead Magnet: Hey, welcome back. An email list is one of the most valuable assets in the online business. If you have a list with highly relevant leads, you have a potential to run a highly profitable business period. But you need a win win deal to collect emails. Your visitors may not be willing to given their email ideas for free, so you need to offer something valuable to them. You need a special content offer, which is otherwise called a lead magnet. It can be a valuable piece of content that your customers can tresses. Downloading. It can be a video listen or an e book are a simple one page checklist that adds value to your regular content. Let me show you what I'm gonna include. Here we go. It's a digital marketing strategy document. Those who don't know it can fill it in and use it to plan their goals, tools and digital marketing budgets. For the sake of your benefit, let me show you how I created this. I've shown this on the five sections. Number one van Are you of the moment number Do very wannabe in the future. Have a tree. How can you get there. Number four. What do you need to go there? I'll get there. And number five. What is your budget allocation? I did a deep research on the Internet on how to create a digital marketing strategy template. I found three templates on the Internet. I went through all three of them, picked up some good points from all tree, then created my own version. So this is my lead magnet. This is just an example. You can create any document that you feel will be very helpful to your audience. Use that as a lead magnet to capture the email addresses I use May Jim and email service provider and male much form off free plug in to deliver my lead manner. Here's a Shark Court from Mill Munch Include the farm. Having shown you this document, I know well that an introductory course on digital marketing would probably do better as a lead magnet for me. That would be more relevant to my side content in my offers. But it will take time for me to create one, but for sure create a course that's available for free to my students in exchange for their email ladies in addition to this generally lead magnet, I'm gonna include post specific content of Great. It's another former fleet magnet. It's very specific to the posts that I'm gonna create and publish within my blawg, and we'll talk about that when we talk about writing block content. 14. Write the benefits: Hey, welcome back. It's not only about what you offer. It's also about why you offer it. I mean the benefits off your offers. Prospects may want to know why they should buy from you here. You need to start with the r. U S b are unique selling proposition, then right? All the other benefits one by one, start with the most important one and end with the least important ones. Keep the copy lightweight and easy to read. And the most important thing is speak the language off your customers. Now let's see the examples help spark Website talks about the benefits of using their software on the home page. ECM Rash website List out the benefits of using their tools under four categories. S E o pain traffic, social media in content on PR Hey, history essays, various tools you get and what they do to benefit your business and how a dress will improve your marketing an issue. There you go. My local competitors also talk about why I joined them. See Feta talks about this again. Why the emcee and this website talks about how digital marketing benefits you in general. Let me show you how I do it on my home page. Why buy these courses? The courses I D char suggest our comprehension. Want this means on completion, you learn us killed. Totally guarantee prices are heavily discounted for the benefit of students. This means you get it, please 10 times the value for the price you pay. Have any questions on the lessons? Get answers on the course Q and a page and so on and so forth. So I've listed out all the major benefits mind students will get, and they buy courses from me as a part of explaining the benefits. Make sure that you answer the objections. For example. Some of the storage might feel that it's risky to invest in this course. Then you might probably include ah, word that say's Hey, buddy, the course is absolutely risk free because the offer at 30 day money back guarantee after buying the course. If you ever feel that the course is not for you, you can always come back to us and asked for 100% refund, absolutely, without asking any questions. We refund the money and you know what the percentage off people who are getting refunds it's below 1% but you won't believe the amount of people this kind of guarantee brings and is big, so it's absolutely water to include a money back guarantee on your offers. It works fantastic in the digital marketing industry, so make sure you answer the objections off your leech. This will improve your conversions in a big way. 15. Include Social Proof: Hey, welcome back. Social Proof is a powerful indicator of trust. Justin cured a few of the reviews in testimonials from your customers, adding the testimonials with a photo off other person will make it even more trustworthy. Zappos dot com is one website that publishers testimonials from their customers. They have over 10,000 plus testimonials. You can't read all of them if you want if you go to their home page. Otherwise, industry websites like hops, part publishers how they are popular by showing their connections. ECM Brush does the same thing with some of their well known times. Yes, you have stock about what they're capable off and who recommends their tool Kiss metrics talk about one of their customer experiences Now. My local competition also shows testimonies, as you can see here and here, but no photos in these testimonials. Here's a video testimonial. Let me show you how I do it on my home page. I'm included some of the answers I've given to my students questions and some reviews. In addition, I also included a line that say's more such reviews in there, bar a speech 16. Secondary CTAs: Hey, welcome back. Second recall interactions are included. Toe improved conversions. If your prospects may not want your primary, offer them a scroll down the page, then at the bottom of the page, they'll see your second recalled her actions. This is your next opportunity to engage them, so make full use off him. Many websites failed to understand the psychology off their liege. I believe Microsoft do it really well. If you go to their home page, you get to see this call to action, which is the primary contraction. And if the leads don't want toe click on this button would naturally scroll down the page, and they get to see their second recalled action. Here, meet the new surface pro with Learn more contracts in button they use across a Lara sliding screen with another called reaction button for office 3 65 as well. And if you scroll down a little bit, they have a second recall direction that say's shop Now button below Microsoft Store headline. So those who may not want their primary offers will want to check their secondary offer and check out this door hops Part has a learn more button that every benefit they talk about. ECM Brush has a separate page on offer for enterprise clients. This is their secondary called Reaction as well. Yeah, trips has a slightly different approach. There included a lot of video tutorials at the bottom. Also, some links to block page, so visitors will get engaged as well. My local competition also included secondary call to action buttons at the bottom, for example, this feet outside Say's Mawr testimonials. DMC has a different courses, Mr Dark that no more and view all courses buttons, e search advices dot com has a course calendar for 2017 18 and if you go down further, you'll find success Story yourself alumni. Now let me show you how I do it on my home page that you go after primary call to actions are bother. Fold. I have included my secondary called Action Below the Full 17. Include a blog or resource page: Hey, welcome back. Most of your website visitors may not be ready to buy your products, so create a resource page are a blocked page where they can learn more. This would establish your credibility as a thought leader in your industry and all the example of sites I've shown have a blocked page ECM Russia. As an academy page, they provide a free online certificate. If you passed that exam and sheriffs do have an academy, they paused free videos to engage their leach. Take a look. I'll have a separate section of the scores, then show how to create block posts. In addition to that, I also have an academy section that I'll be posting free videos to my students. That's it. But this they're done with their contents of a home page. What have suggested over here is purely based on some best practices in the industry. If you follow this, you'll be able to see better conversions on yard pages. So let's quickly recap what you have seen so far. Fluster fall on the home page. We started off with headline and a sub headline than a primary called to Action Button on All These are to be placed on an image, then a lead magnet has to be included within your home page. You'll diab with an email service provider, and with the help of that, you'll deliver this league magnet in exchange for the email ideas off your leech. Then we write the benefits off offers. They endured a bunch of social proof, then below the for Do you include your second recall the action buttons. Then finally, make sure that you link your block. Page our resource page from your home page. Once you finish writing your content before publishing it proof, read your copy with tools like Hemingway App. This app makes your content user friendly. Just copy and paste the text the two will guide you on the corrections needed. Then I use a DU car Graham early to remove any dramatic a letters copy and pays the text in tow. Graham early. The two will tell you what needs to be corrected. I'll cover all these topics in detail in my lessons on creating block posts, Doc posts are huge with 2000 plus words, so you learn a lot there, so keep your fingers crossed. Now have you noticed one thing so far I have not said anything of our s e o. I'm in search engine optimization, but that's with the reason I did not want you to write your copy Far search engines. I want you to write it for really human beings. Then finally optimize it for search engines. Follow the same approach. Whenever you write your content for the Web while optimizing their content for S e O, I would ensure keywords are included in my Ural taIking meta description and within the contract. But remember this never, ever stuff huge. I mean, don't ever use key what, Several times just for the sake of doing it. Google search engine is intelligent enough to find us. You'll be penalized if you do it. Use Onley if it makes inch. Also, don't use the same key. Watch again and again. You synonyms of the watch are used. Ls ir relay turkey Watch an example of l A size easier AdWords seo email, marketing and blogging. These words are related to digital marketing. If I use these words in my content, Google will know that I'm writing things related to digital marketing. So I Sprinkle these words suitably at the end if I had not already used them while writing my content I use a plug in car Yost S E O. This will guide me through the implementation off cured usage that you go how my primary key were included in the title description and within the content. See here I'm done with my content. ASIO ready to publish now. So finally I'm done with my home page. This is what my final output looks like. Have you started writing your content? If not start now, You don't need a website to write their content. You can write their content immediately. Once you make your website ready, you can include this into it. And I would love to see what you're right. Probably I can offer some of my suggestions to make it stand out. But don't wait. It's completely up to you to take it or leave it. Ultimately, you're the expert. When it comes to creating content for your business in the scores, you're learning some timeless principles, best practices and some dudes to create best content based on this, you have to spend some time and put in some effort to create it. I am always available to you to offer my views and suggestions. So in my next video, I'll show you how to outsource some of the website work, including content creation to freelancers. 18. Outsourcing: If you ever feel overwhelmed by content creation, Don't worry, I can fully understand that. Let me show you how to outsource some of your work at a low-cost. Go to upwork.com. It's a freelancers place. You can find them for almost every need of yours while doing a business or working on a job. You can't do everything on your own. You can't do the best job in every area, like writing, proofreading, creating images, creating videos, are designing or developing a website. It's always wise to focus on what you're good at and leave the rest of the experts. That's where freelancers, websites come into the picture. There are expert freelancers available here with a little bit of digging, you can find the best talent and best rates. Let me show you how I would do it. Sign up with a username and password. I do have an account with them already. So let me just log in. Now, go to jobs and post a job. Are just click, post a new job. Choose a category and subcategory. For the sake of this example, let me pull in one of the previous job postings I placed. I chose a suitable category and subcategory. Then I gave a name for the job posting. I describe the work in detail. I gave an example also, the mic expectations very clear. If you have any project files to upload, you can do that here. You're freelancer can simply follow those files. Then I chose the project type. For me, it was just onetime project and I chose the number of freelancers I need. I entered the skill required from the freelancer. Entered, then I wanted the work to start. I chose a contract as a fixer price one, the other option is paid by the hour. Then I entered my budget. I chose the experience level of freelancer. Entered my preference as to who can find and apply for this job. If you already know of freelancer and want to invite him or her, Enter the name here, otherwise, leave it blank. If you want. You can also add required qualification screening questions and the cover letter. That's it. Preview and post a job. Once you pause the job, go to freelancers at the top and find freelancers. Then type in a talent you want. Then choose filters. This is very important. This is where you can find the best talent and low-cost. Let me show you what I would normally go for. $1,000 plus earned 90% and up. I would give a yes to rising talent. $10 and below. Any hours build. Choose a suitable category depending upon the job I post, conversational. Any freelance or type active within two weeks. I normally choose India, are Philippines as location. And leave others like tests and other languages, etc. Open that ego, a list of freelancers that come within my filter. If you don't find any relaxed your conditions within the filter and a bit. Once you find suitable persons in White them to accept your job in upward.com. Payments are via escrow. This means you deposit agreed amount with the escrow. Once the job is completed to your satisfaction, you release the amount for payment to the higher. I find it as safe way to operate.