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Watercolour fun, paint loose bright dahlia flowers

teacher avatar Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This class will take you through a really simple technique using watercolour to create a highly desirable painting.  This is good for beginners and advanced watercolorist as i will show you how to paint these beautiful flowers in a loose and free style from start to finish.  You will look at inspiration for basic shapes and silhouettes that will provide the basis for the painting. Furthermore from the inspiration session you will pick out details that appeal to you that can then be added in to your painting. The choice is yours how you interpret the details, adding as much or as little as you prefer.  Once you have learnt this basic technique you can apply it to any manner of subject matter.

Please use the hashtag #michellekralskillshare if you would like to post on social media, so I can like and comment on your work.

here is a link to me on instagram

Meet Your Teacher

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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Level: Beginner

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, I'm Isha Crawl and I'm an artist in Illustrator in this class. And then Shankar Pizza Day is is lovely. See an enemy, ones that just a bit mad and crazy And go well, it's a place I'm going to show you my technique and process painting them, which is really fun and spontaneous. So come and join me in class. 2. SUPPLIES: Hi. First off, I'm going. Teoh just talk you through their supplies I'm going to use for this. Um, the paper I'm going to use is this Hannam, you watercolor paper. It's 100 £40 muff. Um, this has got quite manufacture text you on it. I think I don't particularly like it is quite good for doing this kind of painting because it's really thick. Paper on it comes in a gummed block, which means it's stuck around all sides, so you don't have to stretch. It will worry about the paper. Um, buckling. Um, the brush I'm going to use is this sable number 12. Just make sure you use any round brush with a really nice point on the end. You can use this synthetic one as well. He's a synthetic one with nice point. But isn't the point of it blunted on that one? Um, you also need some paper towels. Um, a jug of water. What about my speech? Juggle water. A mixing palette. I've got a plastic and the paints I'm gonna use. I've gone through my colors. I've picked out the colors that I think I'm going to use week as I'm going to paint pinky daily. It's on their solve a movie pink color saying, I've gone through. I've got a mixture of water colors, a mixture of different types. Um, my favorite is Windsor Newton artists one. I also like the Bankoff Nicholas here. I've got some mission ones as well, but I've just gone through and I've picked out Cem a mixture of pinky's colors I think I'm going to use, which is Quinter. Could own Rose, Rose madder zillion Cruz and bright up her permanent rose. And then I've also got some greens. Have got a sap green, the green gold. This is my favorite all time color. I love that color. Yeah, except Green and Van Dyke Green, which is the doctor in. And I've also got some ultra Marine here. You might not have to paints. You might have half pans, full pens or even a set like this. Just go through and just use the pinky reds, um, and then maybe moves in that on Ben the greens. And don't be too worried if you haven't got you the exact painter I've got. You also need a water soluble pencil. This is a coin or or two syllable pencil Doesn't matter. What make you've got any would do. I've sort of picked a purposely move color, which I think we look nice with this on also some sandpaper. This is quite rough sandpaper. I've also got a little square T bottle which is just filled with water and also some spray water, which is really good for activating a paint or even spraying onto your paper. Um, se that's the supplies you will need. 3. INSPIRATION: before doing a thing. I make sure I studied flower completely. I've got a Pinterest board here, which is really good for inspiration. And I've put the link in the description for your project. I've put lots of, um, nice pictures that I liked in here, and you can go from find your own on the best inspiration is looking at the rial flower, but because it's winter here, I don't have any. But just make sure you look at how the flower grows, how maney petals, how the buds look, what the leaves look like. Although we're not going to paint a botanical painting, which is a painting which looks exactly like the flower, we're going to paint something loose and which is representational off the flower. We want to create a feeling of the flower, so it does have to look similar to if but not exact. So just make sure you know what you're painting. What a day earlier is we're going to be looking at the they're called CNN Me Day is which ones with like this, with lots of like, spiky petals that go everywhere, they look like an enemy's. So just look through the inspiration I've put up on Pinterest. You can also look at my instagram account where I've got lots of paintings of water colors you can look at for inspiration a swell and see the way I paint and everything. So once you've had to look at all the inspiration and you're quite happy weekend to go up. 4. LOOSEN UP EXERCISE: okay before I stopped painting. I always like to warm up. Loosen up. Make sure you've got your inspiration. I've got this nice painting here. Ich painting photo here. It's going to base. My painting on Andi is it. Make sure you really study the flowers you want to paint and how they grow on what their leaves look like. How many petals that? Because sometimes it's quite important. Although we're not doing a botanical painting, we we want to get the feeling of the flower and say people looking and gave What is that? We want them to be supportive. Um, what is the word? Identifiable and no made up flower as such even though we will still be making it up. But people will. We want people to know sort of what the flour is, what we are actually painting once you've studied your flower and that is good to do some loosening up exercises. And also just to get to know the feel of your paper causal different paper reacts different differently to the paint you put on it, Onda. You'll get different results accordingly. And the way I paint is very loose. Very spontaneous. Andi, I used lots of water, Lots of pigment se. I've sky seed my colors out in my palette. They're in the order. I like you can put them in whatever order you like, or if you're just using pans, you don't need to. You can miss that bit out and just use them straight from that. I like to quit my them painted the bit of water just to get them going to bed. Or sometimes I even used one of these pet things to him. Just had water to the just let em and start with. I'm just going Teoh, pick up the color quite like and have a gay doing. Different Frustrates remembers for loose painting. I don't use hold brush at the very end because then you get a very controlled if you want to do really detailed bits and have lots of control and help the brush lower down. But for most my painting straits in this painting, there be loose and free strips like Just have a play around with all the brush strokes and get to know the colors that you're going to use. Have a play. This is a really bright opera pink. It's like luminous cover west and just see how the colors react with each other. Some colors push of the colors away. Some I drag them towards them. You'll be amazed. The difference. Each paint each color and reacts to another. And even the different makes of painting react totally different to the same color in the different make. That's why I like to use a whole range of different paints together. I am. It's my favorite color. I just Oh, they're just all totally different. And the papers, well, that you use makes a big difference. Displaying around mixing my colors together, I often mix the paint colors on the paper, a smell which you were funds. I don't often mix the colors. Oh, my palate, making some stems playing around to see what you can come up with on the colors you want to use. And if you can mix the colors up together, see which gives a good representation of what you want. You're painting to look like colors you want to use. You can get is really nice. Shapes just from the brush have to do much. Painting is such you just let the brush do what it wants to dio dropping it down. Heavy strokes, light strikes. I've got squirting some water in as well. You get these lovely wash backs. I use this technique a lot. We'll say you might be wondering why I need my water soluble pencil and some sandpaper. Um, I like Teoh. Use the pencil, Cray and just some lines and definition. I like the way it draws on the paper and also drags paint with it as well, and you get some really nice effects with that. But you could define certain shapes and draw with it. Direct the paint and also what I like to do with where you've got some damn paper. I like to sand some of the pencil to the paper and any stays where the papers damp and you get this lovely effects like this, and I use that a lot in my paintings were Sometimes it gives a lovely effective the pollen dropping on the petals. So once you're happy and had a good play around and seeing how your paints react and the colors you want to use, you might change your mind. You think I really need an extra color, but I think these colors here look really nice. 5. MAIN PAINTING OF DAHLIAS: I care. You ready? Stop painting if you're and I missed my paper. If you're a bit nervous about starting, you can draw. You're of composition on the paper before you start, if you like. If you do that, try and use the water soluble pencil and then it submerges in with the pain. But if you do like to use just a normal HB pencil, you can do that. But I don't really like the pencil marks to show 31 painting, so I tend just to go for it and just paint because this is quite a spontaneous painting. And I just like to just go. What? That's what I'm feeling like a the time say Just make sure you've got everything hand and your inspiration and, um, against stop on the way I paint. I do let the colors mix on the paper rather than on my palette. You'll find that I mainly just makes the greens on my palate because when they come out the tube quite garish. And I like to mix a bit of the pink or red or a color that I'm painting with English him, and it makes sort of more of a natural green color se. I'm just getting go in and, um, start painting. I use a lot of pigment, and I use a lot of water. So this gives the my strong, bold looking painting. I don't like wishy washy colors where people have used enough pigment. Um, and I'm just gonna get just start painting. Don't be worried. Just little splash everywhere. These see an enemy daily is so easy to paint because you just make a script early mess, and it's really simple. Just as long as you get the basic shape. It doesn't have to be exact because we're not painting a botanical painting. We just want to capture or feeling off the flower. Um, as you're painting, drop in all different colors. Don't stick to one color. Um, in real life, that petals aren't all this exactly the same color, and you get variations dark and light. So I just drop in color as and when you feel like, um all right to drop in lots of water as I'm painting and pick up other colors. I like to start off with the and main, that sort of focal points. And I was sort of paint it as kind of diagonal. You can say it's just a but and I'm going to use a green. I'm gonna mix up a dog green because the green on these daily is quite dark and they go sickle, quite ready, pinky color in them. It's gonna have a little bit of blue. I don't mind the way it all flows in when it's wet and white painting. You can control it a bit by tilting your paper if you want, but it doesn't bother me too much, and it's gonna stop painting, adding some stems to these slitting it will run into each other. You can hear a snuff lee noise science. My dog is making his bed next to me, boy still And hey, we're gonna paint in bucks. Make sure you've looked how the plant grows and what the buds look like. And the leaves had some leaves in here because we wanted to look distinguishable like Oh yes, that is a daily A. Even though it's not botanical is act painting off it. It's nice for it to look similar to a flower, but and I'm gonna use Might square to bottle where it's sort starting to dry. I'm dropping in the water to encourage these wash backs and things you can't get carried away with this. Also, I'm gonna blot out Cem areas for the highlights of the butts because it's quite a lot of paint there. I'm just gonna add a little bit of pink to the end of this. It looks like the petals is starting to butt out, and I'm just gonna mix up a darker pink here. Purple color Just Teoh gives definition to centres. Remember when, um paint in mortar color to paint from light to dark. You can add the docks in later because you can't paint light over dark so you try not to lose the highlights in a painting. Sometimes it's difficult today, but once you start adding white towards color, it sort of loses all its brilliance and shine because it's nice to use the white of the paper that shines through the translucent paint. And once you start adding like I pay quite to it, it sort of ends up being dull and we want to keep it. Is Brighton CI areas possible? I'm quite happy with that. That's off. Composition is quite simple on. I don't think I'm gonna add anything else. No. So going the same way I might add another. I don't know. I think I might leave that My blood coming up here encourage it. Flow. I'm trying not to overcomplicate it. I don't know if you splash over it either. Because sometimes that adds to the painting. And here I'm just using my water soluble pencil on. I'm gonna drag the pain and also draw with it a bit. Just defined some shapes, not get too carried away like this. And also, I'm going to use the sandpaper and just in areas sandal bit texture. Try not to get too carried away. And I think I think I'm quite happy with that. I'm going to leave it to dry. Naturally, I'm not going to use a hair dryer on it because I like to let the water, like flow into the paint. And for those wash backs, too. Appear because I love the look of them in the finished painting. So let your painting dry completely and we come back to it when it is dry. 6. END THOUGHTS: Hi. I hope you enjoyed the class should have any nice painting, which you can do with what you like. This is really fabulous classes or cleaning up your artwork. Cuban scanning it in and clearly up on freight. A shocking that and making patterns out. There is no point going into that bit from bit. You can. Once it's dry, you can come in and into the painting and add some extra bits if you want to. But I was quite happy with mine and how it turned out. Andi also, I'm quite happy to return way play bit turned out, and all the lovely textures in the fix that just water and paint in your brush made, um, I hope for your one and paint and some more flowers in that sort of style. I've also got a puppy class on here as well that you can take, which is painting in a very much a similar style. If you'd like to, um, keep up with what I do, I'm always posting most days on Instagram. It's fat Michelle Cross. I'll put the link in the class description in that if you're watching upon and I think or iPad attack that you can get to the documents in that on it if you're on the app But from the main page you can. So I'm also at the photos of my finished paintings on my play bit on any other details so that your project as well to create a lovely painting of Cem alias you Can you do the pink ones or you can paint anyone's you like? Really? So I hope you really enjoyed it on and hope to see you soon. Bye.