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Watercolour Fun - Handmade paper bunting - 3 ways

teacher avatar Denise Hughes, Illustrator, Designer, Tutor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction Paper Bunting 3 ways


    • 2.



    • 3.

      Choosing your palette


    • 4.

      Making your bunting shapes


    • 5.

      Floral Bunting


    • 6.

      Stripy Bunting


    • 7.

      Spotty Bunting


    • 8.

      Hanging your bunting and final thoughts


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to design and make your own unique hand crafted bunting decorated with your own watercolor design.

I'll be showing you three different ways you could make unique, personalised bunting to fit with your home decor, or for a special occasion.

We will be looking at color palettes and design. You will learn ways to choose the ideal palette for you and your decor. We will be decorating the bunting panels with floral icons, stripes and spots. 

Finally we'll be stringing our bunting together all ready to hang!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Denise Hughes

Illustrator, Designer, Tutor


Denise Hughes is a freelance illustrator, surface designer and obsessive doodler who lives and works in Hampshire, UK. Denise works from her studio at The Sorting Office in Hampshire which she shares with 8 other makers and designers.

Denise has worked as a freelance illustrator for 10 years and currently licenses her designs internationally.  She is represented by The Bright Group International.  Denise combines digital work, watercolor and drawing to create her beautiful, contemporary images. 

Running workshops and sharing my skills with others online is really rewarding.

I hope you enjoy my classes.  



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1. Introduction Paper Bunting 3 ways: I just love bunting makes me feel happy in the great departing a wedding or his past your everyday decoration in your home. You can buy bunting made out of fabric or pattern paper in the shops and a convict really cheerful, But I like him may, you know. Today, perhaps more than ever before, we've become disconnected, have things all night. That's what's so satisfying to hand clock something. And to know that you just couldn't right in this class will be making your very own have painted bunting in three different ways. Let's get started. 2. Materials: Okay, So here's what you're going to need some watercolor paper. Some water kind of paints the templates that you can download from the link for to kind of brushes. So live in tow. Hang up your bunting hole punch a pair of scissors or a knife, a pencil and arema That's it. 3. Choosing your palette: deciding on your color palette. I don't have a complicated. Just look around your house and find colors that you love. For that matchup. Bring day cold. We'll have a look through some interior magazines. Limit your color palette because too many colors will look muddled and I'm related. Four or five colors should do the trick. If you're finding choosing a panic really difficult, then this is a great website to help him called design seats, it's going to take a look so video now design seeds basically take photographs split down into their currents in swatches next to the protocol, you can search for the colors that you might like to use on by collection by color, we're going to buy collection on DCI's. One of these, let's say in nightshade, have been heavenly. He's go in what you find it. The picture is wanted to say with a pinkish light to it, but they've picked out each one off the colors that they could see in that in that vertical , obviously every kind of but a good broad range of them. Really nice summery colors. I think. Let's look at a different one that's do edible. These come re cover. So any one of these great on feel feel Bunty. And also you don't have to use all of these. Kind of you could just pick three full to make it simple. So that's something that you can try, but if it helps 4. Making your bunting shapes: So now it's time to start cutting out your bunting shapes. Use the link to the template shape in the project description, but he's out when you've done that. Lay them onto your water random and then cut them out. Cut out enough to make a nice known string of fun, but 5. Floral Bunting: So now it's time to get your brushes out. Such pains. The 1st 1 we're going to do is a floor, which is lovely for a garden party. The second is a strike from the third is a circle design. Right now we're going to paint three different pieces of floral bunting. Don't worry if you get stuff. There are two sheets in the project description you can download and have a really good look at. If you'd like a more detailed description about how to paint floors, then go straight to my class. Water color. There's lots of information on that. Don't worry about trying to emulate what I've done here. Just have a play with the water covers and come up with sexual designs that you like. This is all about having fun with pain and that Number one. Let's start number two. Try new some of the same shapes that he used in the first grunting that will make design hang consistently together. And here's number three you some of the same shapes. Some of the same little dots really finished things off 6. Stripy Bunting: So let's pain strikes. Remember that. Have your palate colors handy for when you're pointing it so ready that day to prepare your stars. Mexicanas When your water, then you're ready to go. They made the brush to be ready for a full stop. Hey, Pacifica stripes across on. Then start to drop in the other colors into the wet paint, but that the colors fade together and make sure the paint is doing most of the work. You don't want to overwork, but that's one flat hunting down simple and beat. 7. Spotty Bunting: it's time to paint spots. Mix up your paints first, and then when you're painting, make sure you've got a full brush. I'm just using two colors in this design orange and pink. I'm also making sure that I'm adding a little water into my pain because we're going to do the wet on wet technique. So I'm changing my color, and I'm painting a pink outline around each orange circle. Now I'm going to fill my brush again with pink. I'm gonna drop it into the wet orange. This is called the wet wet and there you have it. A simple is that? 8. Hanging your bunting and final thoughts: so make the holes using your whole punch and then take your weapon of choice and threatening through the holes. You can make him not to lose either end so that you have something to hang it. Hey, congratulations on creating your fancy. Not only is it handcrafted, its unique uses your chosen color palette and it is definitely not available jobs. I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of the finished grunting. So please post examples of your work in the project galleries. Thanks and happy making.