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Watercolor Winter Projects | Fun & Easy for Beginners

teacher avatar Suzanne Kurilla, Art with Suzanne

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Project 1 pt1 Mug


    • 3.

      Project 1 pt2 Mug


    • 4.

      Project 2 Mittens


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      Project 3 Penguin


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About This Class


In this class, I will cover all of the basics and how to get started with watercolors. I have set up 3 fun winter projects that I will be showing you how to create. You will learn how to be more comfortable with watercolors and different techniques. Also, you will learn how to create loose watercolors washes and ink details.  The 3 projects are a mug, mittens, and a fun penguin! You can choose just one project or you can do all 3.  Supplies needed are- watercolor paints, paper towel, water, brushes, & watercolor paper. If you want to make Christmas cards out of these projects use small 5x7 paper. 

What you will learn 

  • Increase your watercolor skills
  • practice loose watercolor techniques
  • experiment with ink 
  • be creative 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suzanne Kurilla

Art with Suzanne


Hello Everyone, I'm Suzanne and some areas I specialize in are Watercolor and Acrylic Painting. I have worked with students of various ages and artistic levels. I enjoy creating content and helping others on their creative journey.

*You can find my work on IG and YouTube- ArtwithSuzanne!

TikTok, mini tutorials, Artwithsuzanne.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: thank you so much for joining in and for today's class, I will be showing you how to create these three different winter projects. Or if you would just like to do one of them, that's absolutely fine, too. So we're just gonna jump right in and get started, and I'm going to start off with the cocoa mug first. 2. Project 1 pt1 Mug: first up, I'm going to be starting off with this Christmas log here and a couple candy canes. And this is really easy to draw, so you can go ahead and you could take a screenshot or just to a quick drawing. And I have the lion's dark enough so you should be able to see them. And then before I go ahead with the actual watercolor, I am going to be lightening up my lines a little bit. And for this first project, you're not gonna need very many colors. We're going to start off with, like, a nice break Christmas red for the mug. And of course, the candy canes air red and white And then, um, to show some of the whipped cream in Here you go. I'm gonna use like, a tiny bit of burnt sienna that's watered down, and you could mix it with some of like a golden yellow. And that's about it just to get started here. So very easy. Stop. And I'm just gonna put down some water. Were the Margo's for the wet on wet technique. And now, as you're gonna let your mug dry up a little bit, you can move on to the candy kids. And for this, I'm just gonna go ahead and paint the red. I don't want too much water. These are very, very tiny spaces on that. Candy came actually going to switch to a smaller brush. This one was a size eight. I'm gonna switch down to May 6. - And now for this top part, I think I just start off just like a light golden shade mixed a tiny bit of like a Rossi. And in there as well. So you can see I like this color right here by my thumb. You want a water it down, but you don't want it to be too strong. There we go. Just enough so you can see some shadow areas. Just a little bit of color, and then we're gonna white in it up after it dries with some white wash. Be careful not to get too close to your mug. If you're ready, is still a little wet. Be a little shadow of your underneath. The candy came. Okay. Now, once you get to this point, we're gonna let everything dry before we start the wash in a little bit of ink 3. Project 1 pt2 Mug: moving on for some of the details. When I'm using wash, I'm going to switch over to an old acrylic brush. I just use it tiny little bit here to break it up some of the white areas and make this cream look nice and fluffy. Little highlights here and there. You could feel free to do the whites of your candy cane. A swell if you wanted to. To the And next. We have some options to just so you can see them better. I am going to outline my candy canes with some black and care. This is optional, - okay ? And I have one little straight period that looks a little bit too light to me. So I'm just going a little bit more paint on that one and a tiny bit more red on my mug here because as it as it's drawing, I can see it's a little too light. Okay, and then that's it for Project number one. You can feel free to watch all of the projects or to just do one that's okay. And next up is going to be the mittens 4. Project 2 Mittens: and up next. Here we have Project number two. This is going to be the men's and I have a very easy drawing right here, so you can feel free to pass the video and then you can get your your quick sketch done, and then come right back before I get started. I'm going to lighten up my lines a little bit and for, um, for my buttons, I'm gonna use some different shades of blue. So a nice, like winter blue and, um maybe, like a nice, tight I effect. But there's many different things that you can do. You can use Christmas colors or if you're watching this video after December, you could make thm pink or whatever color you want. You can put snowflakes on them stripes. So again you can get really creative with your designs and for brushes. I have a size eight and a size six here. I'm gonna start off with my eight first money. You lose ultra marine blue and a deep birthday low blue and I'm gonna use for mine embodies the wet on wet technique because I do want to create that design and texture like a tight I pattern that I mentioned or something similar. See, I'm gonna go with the ultra Marine first. You see there great. - And this is they love. If you want years to be more blended, you can feel free to add some extra water and then just blend it together. I'm going to let the mittens dry up a little bit and I'm gonna work on the strength and I'm gonna switch to my size sex here. My six has a nice sharp point on it. And I think for me, I'm gonna go with the Ultra Marine And so there's a little bit more contrast. I'm gonna make it a little bit darker. - And now for the cuff part, I'm gonna make some simple crisscross designs here, so it looks a little extra fluffy. - I'm just gonna blend it a little bit with the water, and then you can feel free after everything is dry. You could at a little bit of white wash if you wanted to. And this is it for Project number two. Now we're gonna move right on to project number three, which is going to be the penguins 5. Project 3 Penguin : and lastly, up here for Project number three is a little penguin here with some snowballs, and we're gonna switch up the colors for this one. So of course we're gonna be using, like, black gray, a little bit of blue and a little bit of orange for the feet. I did this drawing a little bit darker, so you couldn't see it. So you can feel free to pause the video, do a quick sketch and come right back, and we'll jump right into the water color. I'm actually going to lighten up my lines a little bit before it gets started. Acerca with the black first imminently some tiny little bits there for snow. And I'm gonna make it really black up top towards the head here. And then it's gonna gradual is it comes down and then fade out to the great down here by the Weighing down here. A light gray for this one on the other side. A little bit of light Grey here on the phase. Gonna keep this portion up top white. - Make this a little bit darker around the feet for a shadow. You can rinse off your brush a little bit and then just use the water so you can blend everything. Just a couple little strokes up top here. I wanted this to be mainly white again. We're gonna blended. Nice. So you don't have any harsh lions? Just a teeny bit darker here, so you can see the arm Better little wing and the eyes going to black. We're gonna let the bottom here. Still that some that do the feet yet So So he doesn't look like he's floating. I put like a science lying here for the snow on the side and then a couple little snowballs . So we're gonna use some blue blue for shadows. I think I'm gonna have I have some ultra marine here. I'm just gonna water it down. So it's not so dark. There we go for some nice, nice little shadows, create some eyes. You could just blend it out with your water and that actually came out really, really bright. So I'm just gonna tap and suck up some of the paint. There we go. And even if you wanted to tone it down a little bit, you can just put in a touch of your gray and that way the feet won't be so right. And that is it for number three projects. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoy these quick fund winter projects and be sure to stay tuned for more.