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Watercolor Winter Project : Create Beautiful Gift Tags !

teacher avatar Amandeen Art, Bodyart and Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Class Project


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Choosing Colors


    • 5.

      First Background : Blobs Style


    • 6.

      Second Background : Lines Style


    • 7.

      Other Backgrounds


    • 8.

      Tracing the Tags Outline


    • 9.

      Cutting the Tags


    • 10.

      Adding the Details


    • 11.

      Going Further


    • 12.

      Merci !


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About This Class

☆ Bonjour & Hello !

Wonder how to create amazing craft without being an expert in watercolour ? Well you are at the right place !

In this class you will learn how to create beautiful gift tags for any occasions from simple watercolour paintings.

I will show you easy going techniques and with small steps, you will be able to make stunning little tags and decorate them with cute white, black and gold details.

You do not need to be Picasso to enjoy the Love of Creating Art

This class is for all levels, even of you have never played with watercolour before. You do not need any drawing or painting skills, just follow the flow !

Here are the different steps of the class :

  • Choosing the colours
  • Painting the first watercolour background : Blobs style
  • Painting the second watercolour background : Lines style
  • Tracing the tags outline
  • Cutting the tags
  • Adding the details
  • Going further

This class is perfect to relax with a cup of your favourite drink ☕️ beside you, get yourself comfortable and let your creative flow rolling...

By the way, my name is Amandeen and I am a French body art and watercolour artist who loves playing with colours : in my art, my clothes and even my skin ! #tattoolover

If you want to follow me on social media, here is the link : @amandeenart or my website (in French) : http://www.amandeen.com

Merci ! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amandeen Art

Bodyart and Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Amandeen !

I am a French body art and watercolour artist : I have been doing henna and jagua temporary tattoos for more than 10 years, and painting or creating  since I can hold a brush or a pencil‍

My dream would be to lead art retreats in beautiful places around the world...but before achieving that, I just launched my first Skillshare class !!!

I am so proud of this achievement as I didn't expect this process to be so time consuming but also very fun 🤪 I am already thinking about the next one 🤣

The class is about creating beautiful gift tags from easy watercolour paintings and it's suitable for all levels. Have a look !
Can't wait to see you projects !!!


You can also check my web... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: My name is Amanda and I am a French watercolor and temporary tattoo artist. I've been traveling on my life and I got inspired by all these magical basis. My art is very colourful and I especially love golden y details. I also illustrated an oracle deck, especially for pregnant woman. Today, I want to show you how to create beautiful handmade gifts tags from symbol, watercolor backgrounds. This class is for all level, even if you never work with watercolor before. So join me today on this fun and easy going Project. C u. 2. Class Project: We have a new welcome to this class. So here's a quick overview of the class project we will create together. First, we will start by choosing the color palette you need. Then we will paint to different watercolor backgrounds. Don't worry, it's very easy and lose no skills required. Just have fun. Then I will show you some different backgrounds you can make. And when all your backgrounds are dried, we will trace the outlines of the tags, cut them into tags. And then the best path, we will add all the final details using black, marker, white and gold PAN. I can't wait to see what you've created. So please share your work in the class project, your color palette, and the backgrounds you've made, and your unique tags. Let's go ahead and get started with the first class about the material you need to see you. 3. Material: First we're going to need some water color paper thick enough to hold the water. So 300 and GSM is the best. And I'm going to use an A4 size for this project. Then we'll need some water coat of paint. You can find it in tubes like this one. Or in this big palette. This is quite cheap, but you have a lot of colors and it's perfect for the project. Or you can have more expensive watercolour paint in this kind of pans. We'll also need a brush around brush quite big. Size eight or ten. We'll need a water container, a ballot to mix the paint like this ceramic one. Or you can also use a plate you have at home like this one. Then we need a tissue paper or cloth, a ruler, an eraser, pen, and some scissors. Then we'll fire. We need some yarn or string. Also a hole puncher. If you don't have one, you can use also a big needle and a corner picture if you have to make nice corners, but otherwise you can just use your scissors. And finally, for the details, we need some pens like this gold gel pen or silver, this white gel pen. You can also use a postcard marker, but this one form from signal abroad is a very good brand and Blankfein liner. So here is a summary of the material we need. And I see you in the next video to choose our colors. 4. Choosing Colors: First I want to show you a little trick. I'm using a small spray bottle feed of water, and spray the water on to my let so it will reactivate the colors in a better way. Then I have everything ready. And I'm gonna choose my phi for every colors. The first one is kind of a dark red. So I take a little bit of paint and place it in my pilot with water. And I wash my brush between colors. My nice color is dark bubble. And then I'm going to mix two colors, the orange and the yellow, because the orange I have in my pet palette is a bit strong for me, so I like to lighten up with some yellow. So again, rinsing my brush between colors and put little bit of yellow in the orange, so it's softer. The false color is bright. Peak. I think I can say it's my favorite color. You can see there's not much left. It might ballot. And the last one is the bright yellow. So especially for light colors. Rinse your brush thoroughly between colors. Now it's time to test our five colors on a piece of scrap paper. So we will take all the cutters and faint Raph rectangle on the paper or circle as you like. Put them side-by-side to see you. They go well together. And the last one is the yellow. So you can see they get along quite well. We have one doc when vibrant and one light. And I just wanted to show you that the more water you use, the lighter the color will be. So first is the dock Color, and then I will add some water beat by beat, and you will see that it's getting lighter. Voila. I wanted to show you another combination of colors. We the same shade, blues and greens, but still we have one dark, one light N1 vibrant. As we are going to make different backgrounds, you can either choose the same combination for all or choose the different kinds of colors. So when you are done choosing your colors, we would create differs background in the next video. 5. First Background : Blobs Style: Okay, so we have our pellet, we the five colors we've chosen. Our paper though, what the container, the cloth and our bush. So pick up the first color you want and apply some medium-size blobs on the paper. Try to put them quite evenly. So all the tags will have most of the colors at the end when we can then try also to use quite a lot of water. So when we apply the other colours, they will touch each other and blend nicely. So after printing the first color, I'm taking my second color, the pink one, my favorite. And I apply it either next to another blob or in the blank in this space. So you can see this start to blend nicely together. And you continue like this with the other colors until you fill up the whole page. So I finished applying the five colors, and now I'm just fitting up the small space, the small leftover space with the rest of the the colors I have. And you can see that on the side of the paper, it swapping. So the excess water, we stay on the side. So to remove these, we'd just take tissue paper and press it on. The water exists and it will absorb it and making nicer. So I'm just taking the tissue and press it on the site. Ebola, our first splinting is ready. So now we can let it dry on the side and start to paint the second background in the next video. 6. Second Background : Lines Style: Okay, so let's create our second background. So I have my ballot with the five colors of the second combination, the blues and greens. And I'm going to paint a thick line on the paper. So you can see I'm using quite a lot of water. So when I rinse my brush, brush and tick the second color, I faint it close to the first one. And because of the water, they will blend nicely and make a nice effect. And I'm doing this with the five colors I have. When I'm done with the five colors, I take the first color again and continue in the same order. Or you can also shuffled the colors, change the order the way you like. And we continue like this until we fill up the whole page. Okay, we are done with our second background. We let it dry on the side. And in the next video, I will show you some other type of background so we can make. 7. Other Backgrounds: Okay, so we've created these blobs background. And you can do it also in another colour. And we, we've also created the lines one vertical or you can also make it horizontal. But you can also have fun and create some cute little shapes like these hearts. And you can use the tags for your loved ones. And finally, another type of background is this kind of Galaxy. And I'll show you how I made the little white dots on it. I have mixed up some white acrylic paint with the water. And then I'm tapping my brush on to another one on the paper. And it creates all these little tiny dots and it will look like a beautiful galaxy. Now see you on the next video to trace the tags. 8. Tracing the Tags Outline: Okay, so now that our paintings are dry, we are ready to cut them into tags. But before getting them, let's trace the lines to make the tags. Even. For an A4 size paper, she like mine, you'll be able to make 12 tags. But the method we will use can be applied to any paper size. The size of the tags will be 4.5 centimeter times 10.5 centimeter. So this is the template you can find in the project resource and we will trace this lines on our paper. After tipping over your drive background. Take your ruler and your pencil and trace a line or horizontally in the middle of the page. So for me and the fAh sized paper, it's about 15 centimeter. And then I will trace another line in the middle, but vertically at 10.5 centimeter. So I'm addressing my guide points and then our interests align. So this one is at 15 centimeter and this one at 10.5 centimeter. Now starting from the middle line, I'm measuring a tree points, one at 13.5 centimeter, one at 9.5104. And I'm doing the same on the other side. So fopen 5.5913. And now I'm tracing the lines. Okay. We are done tracing the lines and just showing you on the side why we stopped here. Because when you tip over the painting, then we will avoid the white part on the side. Ebola. We are done with the tracing, so we can move on to the next video to get the tags. 9. Cutting the Tags: Okay, ready to get before the big ready lamp. So this part is quite easy. Just get along the lines and then we will see how the text looks like. Okay, I'm just removing the sides. Here are our tags. So unit. And the next step is to cut the corners to make them look like real tags. So first I'm just cutting the small white part on the top for each tag, so they look better. Then I'm cutting the corner, the top corners with scissors to make them like real tags. So we can get the top two corners. We can also use a rounded corner puncher, which look very nice. So I have three angles, but I'm taking the bigger one and price it onto the corners. And you can see it makes very round cute little corner. So here I'm doing the four corners. But you can only punched two corners opposite. And I think it looks nice too. And Leslie, what you can use is a small shape puncher to replace this small hole we're gonna make after to place the string. So use a small one and you just press it on the corner or in the middle. As you like, sometimes it's quite hard, especially with thick big pearlite this. So press hard to make the whole. Ok, Indeed it and I love the little star for the lift or so now we have our four different kind of tags. So we they're shaped hole to round corners for round corners and the angle, angle corners. And the final step is going to be missing the hole on top of the tags. So the best is to use these whole painter. But if you don't have, you can just use like a big needle and make a hoarder on top. And after we'll put the string in the next video. So here's the small Hall. And I'm gonna do the same for all the rest of the tags. Our tags are done. You can do the same with the other tags you have. And new we'll meet in the next video to put all the QT del details. 10. Adding the Details: Okay, so I've cut all my tags from the backgrounds I've shown you. So here's the tags from the blebs. Background. Here is the text from the lines but ground feed the green and blues and the tags from the galaxy background. And you can see all the small white dots. And the last one is the shaped heart-shaped background. So I've cut some tags and the loop next already. So further details, this is what we are going to use. I'm showing you again the black Fine Line marker. The gel pens. So this one is the white gel pen from signal broad. And in the same brand you have the Golden and the silver one. And for the white, you can also use whiskey brand, the postcard locker. And now I'm gonna show you some of the tags I've done already with the details. So I've used the black fine marker. We some gold fraud the galaxy. I just added some white stars and the little moon with the white gel pen. And you can also add some kind of flower crown with writings. The heart-shaped IN just highlighted the hearts with black marker. In again some flowers and the golden details. So you can add your own details and make it for any occasions, like birthday valid ID, Christmas, baby shower, anything, and just add your personnel touch. So I'm going to show you two tags. I'm going to decorate with you. Here. I'll do two tags we are going to decorate together now. For this first tag, I'm going to use the black Fine Line marker. I'm drawing a loose floral wrath. These leaves and swirls and dots. Very, no, a, no stress, very fen, and just do what you like. And if you don't have ideas on what to draw on your tags, I've included in the project resource a document with examples of little doodles and writings you can put on your, on your tags. And around the breath, I'm going to add some writings. So in my case, best wishes. But obviously you can write what you need for your occasion. And now comes the best part for me adding Legoland. So I'm taking my goal datapath and add some detailed send locks on the tags. So here I am just fitting up. This model leaves. And what we have done for the first time. You can see that it's shiny gold. Now let's take the second tank and we gonna add some white marks. I'm adding some white around the, the, the edge of the tag. So again, in the document you can find in the project resource, I've given you some ideas of what to draw on the edge of the tag. So here I'm drawing some very small lines, but you can draw a continuous line or dots or small circles. I'm also adding small French word. But I think in most languages, you probably understand it. It's messy and means, thank you. In French. I'm also adding some kind of white spots. This is my signature. Using them. Most of my watercolor paintings in white first and then policing other spots in gold. And I love the effect. Voila, our second tag is done. You can see the gold sparkling on it. In what you can do is also write something on the back. So if it's a gift and you want to write from whom and to whom it's given. You can write it on the back. Now we are done with decorating our tags. And the next step is to cut the string and protecting the small hole. So take your yarn or your string and cut a small piece about 15 centimeter long and folded into two. And place the loop side inside the small hole. And then open the loop and place the other side of the string inside. Envelope, our little tag is ready. And finally, I just wanted to show you how to attach the little tag on a gift and see how it looks like. So I'm just taking the tags in, place it around, places the string around this, the string of the gift or a new ribbon you can use. And after I'm making a not the top of the string to hold it in place. Everything is ready. You have your tag and your beautiful gift. It's perfect. 11. Going Further: I wanted to show you something else you can do with the background. So here are some bookmarks. So you just have to cut the paper differently in a longer size, but the width is about the same. And you also PSR hole on top and put the string and decorate them the way you like. Just have fun with the decoration. And they look so nice that I think they can even be a gift by themselves. 12. Merci !: Congrats for making it all the way to the end. I hope you enjoy the class and that you discover that you don't have to make very complicated artwork to make satanic craft. Now you can decorate your gift using your handmade give tags. If you want to follow me in my colorful art, here are my social media links. And if you share your work, please tag me so I can see them. Merci beaucoup and see you soon.