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Watercolor on Journals - it’s easy, affordable and effective!

teacher avatar Patrizia Diana, Pro Weirdo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Benefits of watercoloring


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      Back to basics: color theory and more


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      Blending + backgrounds


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      Highlights and Shadows


    • 9.

      Your project!


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      Final thoughts


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About This Class

I Watercolor on journals it’s easy, affordable and effective!
I’m a bullet journalist and I can’t tell you how many times people asked me how can I watercolor on thin pages. The rule is “you need thicker paper to watercolor” but I didn’t want to give up and I did it anyway! I’m ready to share my secrets and techniques with you! 


I'm really sure everyone can watercolor, we only need to understand art is not just about having expensive supplies and spending days on a piece, we can do art everyday... everywhere! Watercoloring can be scaring but I'll show you how easy can be and how it can also help you coping with anxiety and stress!



My purpose is to show you how simple and easy is to create effective painting even not using expensive and watercolor-related supplies! I am going to show you:

-The basic rules of watercoloring on journals;

-The supplies you need to work like a PRO without spending too much;

-How to create effective backgrounds (like sunsets, galaxies ...);

-My tips and tricks about shadows and highlights;

-How to create a simple but effective painting on journals.


I look forward to show you how everyone can do that and can’t wait to see your projects!

In the meanwhile you can find me on IG where I post step-by-step tutorials and my watercolor pages on bullet journals @lifeinabujo ! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patrizia Diana

Pro Weirdo


Hello everyone!

I’m Patrizia and I’m an illustrator and a bullet journalist! 

I was going through an awful moment in my life and I’ve found shelter in the creative process. 

In three years I’ve became a stickers designer and I’m now working hard to extend my field to design. I love animals and kawaii art so everything I draw has the purpose to provoke cuteness overloads 🤪

I’ve always loved to teach and my purpose here is to entertain you and teach you what I’ve learned in the easiest way possible!

You can follow me on Instagram to be part of my loveliest community ;)



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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction : Hi, guys. I'm Fabrizia, a k a Life in Abuja. You can find me own instagram. I'm a bullet journalists. Since the three years now and today I'm gonna show you that everyone can water car. You don't need the expensive supplies or the best techniques to water cooler. You need the holy to be creative and embrace yourself with the concept behind this class is that everyone can recall er and that What color is easier than you think. So many people keep asking me, How can I work on her own journals? Because the thinner paper. And today I'm going to show you that it is completely possible. If you try before to work on journal with watercolor and you haven't had the best results. It is because the classic techniques don't work on journals as they do on take a paper being creative. And so in this case, what a calorie can be an amazing way to come up with President society. What a coloring Literally changed my life. So I'm so happy and proud to be here today and talk with you about my technique sent. Share them with you this glass case for students off every level, so don't feel left behind. You're in the right place and today you're gonna learn out of work are in a very simple way . At the end of this class, you will no out of work or with easy techniques, affordable supplies and effective results. I really hope you will enjoy my class and you will enjoy to do my project. So I incorrect you to share projects and practice, practice, practice Every day off your life. You can share your project with the me, the community, your friends, your family Well, whoever you want. I literally can't wait to start. So go on with the videos and let's do this. 2. Benefits of watercoloring: What are the benefits off water coloring on journals? What a coloring when journals means that you can personalize your journals, agendas or bulla journals. But also express yourself your feelings, your emotions in a different way, and not only through words. Creativity can be an amazing way to cop with stress in a society, because true creativity we get in touch with our in a child. And it doesn't matter if we want to draw a landscape or princess. We will feel peaceful during the process. When I started this journey, I was the breast and I had no money to buy work on paper. That's why I had to break the rules and found a way toe watercolor immobile. A journal. Many people may think that this is not like what color on taker paper, and in fact, it's not. It's just another way toe water call, Pablo Picasso said. Learned roles like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. So let's break the rules 3. Essentials: So now I'm gonna show you what you need to watercolor on journals and the products I like, the more in the last three years because of the quality price ratio. But that starts from the basis. First of all, we can find different types of watercolors. The watercolor pants, the tube so and the pencils. What about the water color pants? You can find them incense or buy only the colors you want. They need water for being activated. You can use the brushes or simply as spry bottle with water. But that means that they need more water. And that's why they breed. Ah, lot in journals. The advantage off what color pants is that you can control better the amount of what color you need in your painting. Watercolor tubes has the water color pass. You can find them in sets or by the color you want. They don't necessity really need water to be activated. They have different capacity that makes them more versatile, and the fact that they don't need so much water, it means that they bleed less true pages. The advantages off watercolor tubes for the same price, you have bigger quantity off colors than pence. And, of course, with more quantity of color, you can cover larger parts, or you can mix all the color you want more than you can do with pass watercolor pensees, in my opinion, there very underrated, but actually they're very good for starters, and they don't win team pages Today. We can find different types off watercolor places like the classic ones or the roadless ones that are eco friendly Anyway. They don't need so much water, and also we have more control with weather core Pence's. That's why I say they're perfect. For starters, let's talk about the brushes. We can use different types of brushes, and during the years I've bought many off them. And what can I say? Brushes are really hard to be good and cheap at the same time, but I can say that the best I tried that are also cheap. Are the DaVinci wants this once. Also, I can say that the perfect rashes forward color are rounded and in different size. But if I have to be honest, the best brushes I've have a tried and I always use them are the water brush pants. They contain water so it's easy and faster to use them. As you can see, I have many of them, but the best they've tried are from Earth Hamza. They are my favorite because they have a section to push so you don't ruin the plastic, as in the other water brush pants I've tried so far. Other supplies. You absolutely need appellate overall if you have the water colored troops, but the bullet is perfect for mixing colors from pants as well. Then you need to jars one for dirty water and one for clean water dishes. You absolutely need to have a tissue around while your were calorie, because it's perfect to clean your brush when you took to color. 4. Journals : Now that we have talked about the essentials, I know you're asking yourself what about the journals? I know in this class I talk about using tenor paper, but I never say the Penis paper. So you can't use printer paper, for example. That's two things off course you need At least a 110 G s. M paper have tried different, not books. And I can say that the best that tried so far is wrongs. Grable's that matter. Even though I am currently using a ding butts and it's not bad, I can also say that the large store very famous in the bullet journal world, it's not good for water coloring at all off course that are more expensive, not books with thicker paper. But I still haven't tried them, so I read it, Speak about something I actually tried only 5. Back to basics: color theory and more: because I've decided to teach you out to create backgrounds illustrations. Today, I'm going to show you a very, very basic color theory. Off course. If you want one more detail class about color theory, I'm here asked me, and you will be done. So the color theory. We all know that we have primary, secondary and territory colors. Primary colors are named this way because we can obtain all the other colors by mixing them together. They are the red, the blue and the yellow. By mixing them in equal parts. We have the purple, orange and green, and then we have the tertiary colors. Also, you may know that we have complementary colors. Complimentary means that when they're close, they bride each other. But if you mix them, they neutralize each other. The most famous complementary colors are the red than green, the blue and orange and the purple and yellow. But that not happen. Hold the time, and I tell you why. Maybe some of you noticed that hive used only warm colors in this page, and I have to tell you that you may have primary cool colors. In fact, colors can be warm or cool knowing when the caller are warm or cool. Help us when we have to mix colors. So if we makes a warm color with a cold color, we may have a very Maddie color. As you can see when I use cool caller with cool color, we have pure colors, clean and bright. The same happens when I used warm caller with warm colors. So if it's hard to recognize if your color is warm or cool, I suggest to use a color wheel. You can go on Google and digit color wheel, and you will have a lot of column meals. Using color wheels is also helpful because you will instantly see if, for example, you're powerful is a purple complementary to a yellow or if it is a part of complementary to a green, I could talk about color theory forever, so let's go home. The most basic theory off water coloring that it's not so basic for people is the use of water. The water is so important you need to practice a lot to understand how to those water so we can have a lot of shades off one color Onley without using the white in fact the next. The basic theory is that you need to save the white. You can't use masks and widest precious, so try to leave white areas instead of using the white color. 6. Sketching: before starting our project. I want to share my keeps about the sketch in part. At first I do a pencil sketch so I can put on paper my idea. I don't have big recommendation. Accept the fact that it is better to keep it as clean as possible with the fine Bligh's. When the sketches ready, I dress the lines with a black pen. He has to be waterproof or your senior traces going away. Why were coloring? And that's not what we want, right? I highly recommend the state lor pigment liner. They're the best and the cheapest. My favorite size for journals is the whole point tree. Be sure to wear raised the pencil sketch before you start water coloring. 7. Blending + backgrounds: my proposed today is to teach you the basics to create a good illustration without big efforts, and that means you need effective backgrounds. The first step is to set up our color palette. Quick tip. Always dues watches off your water colors, knowing your color palette. Always you to choose appropriate colors. And thanks to the color theory and the color wheel, you can avoid to mix and obtain muddy colors. The easiest way to create effective backgrounds when we are start us is using cars that are next to each other in the color wheel, for example, pink, purple and blue or using one color only. Once you set up your color palette, I recommend to create many leader boxes to practice the most important technique for backgrounds. Branding. Now I'm going to show you what's the effect of blending with the different supplies I showed you before? So maybe you can choose your favorite. Blending on journals is completely different than using work on paper. If timing in water coloring it's important on journal seats fundamental. So let's start with watercolor tubes. I choose my color palette. I choose cool shades off cars, and I'm ready to start. Usually we should use colors from the brightest to the darkest, but in this case it's almost the same. In case I chose colors from yellow to red, I would start with yellow, so it's even. He's here to keep the brush plane I'm blending. It's really important to be quick, and we need a tissue to deal quickly with access of water or color. So it's all about put the coral reliance too quick sequel Our movements to blend and had another color and repeat until we have the corner we want every time we have too much color on the brush or too much water. That's when we need to go to the T shirt and quickly go back to the painting. - As you can see at the end, we have vibrant colors in the cloudy effect. Now I'm going to use the pounds and the same colors as you can see. We have a more the fine result. The problem is that using more water, it cost a lot through pages. In the third box I'm using the watercolor paints is, as you can see, it's the easiest way, and it doesn't need a currency or procedure. That's why you say what color pencils are good for starters. Also, it doesn't bleeder ghost at all. Now I can give you a weekly view on using a one color technique off blending. It's pretty easy, and there's no risk to mess up with colors. Then I show you a galaxy. Galaxies and nebulas are easier to draw than we think I always start with. The center causes the brightest part, and then I had some later touches off colors here and there. - Then I out the second color. And then it's all about making the corner darker and blending the other parts, - eventually removing some colors to create bite zones. I will need how old cross about galaxy. But I just wanted to show you how easy can be doing something effective with a few colors in a few minutes. - If you feel like you're not ready to draw subjects, you can always create a sound set. Andrew only black figures like I'm doing here and now I show you very quickly way to have highlights and shadows to your basis 8. Highlights and Shadows: I didn't want to had this part because I would like to explain You spark better in another class, but I can't show you a little demonstration in case you needed. Highlight and shadow give dimensions to your illustrations. And if you feel like he's out of your comfort zone, don't worry. There's a easy way to do that. Let's take this random. Bonnie, this is my trick. After a first layer off watercolor, I do another layer creating the shadow and then I accent, Wait the shadows with regular pensees when there's not a specific light, but only a background. I only had the shadows on the edges off my subject. The bombing. In this case, remember that with Pence's you need to work with players, so never push to match your Benazir's about do more layers off color. The highlights are often our signature, and with a simple white man, I'm using a tunable signal you cannot details and highlights. They give personality and lie to your illustration. Look how this clouds become magical with the white man. It's amazing what we can do using only a white man 9. Your project! : now we really form the project for your project. I've decided to choose something effective, and he's is So you can instantly practice what you've learned today. Practice is really important. And I totally encourage you to do this project because practicing right after we learn something helps our memory Remembering those infants for longer, we're now ready to stop. First of all, masks are not good on journals. So I'm gonna use what she tapes to create a define the frame. If the war she is to sticking. Use it before on your clothes are on the issue so it won't take away your pages. After my friend is ready, we can proceed with a pencil sketch. I've thought about making a sensitive you because that although says to just row black figures so we don't need great drawing skills. After a quick sketch off, son, I can go on drawing Fleming us. But Fif free to choose the subject. You prefer his son. Sets can be beautiful. Even some bombs or whatever you want. Don't worry about feeling up the flamingo with the black pan because we're going to water cholera, it and not using the black pants For now, we only need a shape. Now. I'm choosing my color palette, and I'm going to take warm colors. I chose a yellow pay a gumbo Jha that it's yellow. We the point off orange. Now I ever lead a tiny point of a vermillion red. Then I have the Rosa, a violet and cobalt blue. Since I'm using watercolor troops, the brush need to be barely wet because I really love capacity. I prepare my tissue. That's my best friend. And then I start with a lighter color. So the sun you see, I will take off constantly the excess off color. And in this case, I'm going to do that to go on, then with the gum bush. At first I try to leave a little empty space between the yellow pain and the gamble judge. Then I mix of the gambled with a very tiny leader. Point off red, and I start painting with circular movements to blend. - When this part is done, I can blend the sun and everything together, and I'm ready to add the the rose color. Always with circular movements. Remember, always used just a later paid off color for time. It's better to create layers than ruin all with excess off colors. You can't take off your page now I add the purple. I'm betting these colors with straight lines because I need the first layer, and then I use the secret movements again to planned all together. After I reached the top, I go back with colors and blend them all. So purple rose and go on. No for the sea. I need to add a black to my palette to mix with the gum budge I used for the sky in the first layer. I used one only one shade off the same color, and I don't need to be operated. I only need to leave the center a leader brighter. Then I use an embossing phone because I need to do it quickly for you guys. But I usually prefer that what color dry naturally. So I avoid those awful bubbles. Now I'm ready to had reflections on the scene but not carrying about being symmetrical. I want every line to have a different shade off color, and don't worry about going above the flamingos. They'll be cholera in black. Later on the center, I add the gum Bush and then on the rest of the sea. At this point, I can get off with a clean tissue. They did appoint soft paper we made during the process so I can work again on the sky. I had the black toe, my blue, so I can give around with shade at the sky section until I have the effect I wanted. I don't want a smooth sky, so I'm trying to add colors randomly to create the cloudy, unrealistic sky. Remember, when you're painting your painting, your warned, so do what you want. As you can see, I do this cloudy affect with the movements, like drawing A lot of you were the brush. - Now I add a touch of white to the sun because it came out too dark. I paint my flamingos with black watercolor and not with Pansa because it looks better. In the end, they look like kissed by the sun. Now that my illustration is over, I add ide lights with a lemon yellow only on the edges that are touching by the sun. - Now be very gentle, peeling off your washing tapes, or you'll take off the paper off course. I chose a random quote, So feel free to add your favorite courts in these illustration. Now, my favorite part high glides on the sea as reflections and in the blue as stars I use my wide pen if you make mistakes. No, Wallace. What I like most about what a coloring and art in general is that everything can be fixed. Now the work is done and I really count Way to see your ven tions off my illustration. 10. Final thoughts: Hi, guys. The class is over and I really hope I've bean helpful and that I've been able to teach you something. I look forward to see your projects and I really hope you have fun doing them. And I'm really sure you will have benefits from war coloring. Of course, if you have any doubts or questions, you can find me here. Worry my social media. You can find me, answer life in Abuja. So have a lovely day. I'll give you a big hug and we'll see in the next class. Bye.