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Watercolor Galaxy Cake

teacher avatar Winny, Creative Baker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Chocolate Ganache


    • 3.

      Covering The Cake With Ganache


    • 4.

      Working With Fondant


    • 5.

      Covering The Cake With Fondant


    • 6.

      Painting Watercolor Galaxy


    • 7.

      Additional Decorations


    • 8.

      Student Project


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About This Class

Learn how to create watercolor GALAXY effect on fondant cake. You'll be introduced to a special watercolor technique to achieve the realistic look of galaxy (you won't believe how easy it is!). This class will also cover the basics of working with chocolate ganache and fondant.

Some of the things you'll need:

  • Offset spatula
  • Cake turn table
  • Flat brush
  • Rolling pin
  • Bench scraper
  • Cake layers or dummy cake 
  • ...

*No airbrush is required for this class, we will only use simple tools :-)

This beautiful cake is excellent for birthdays and even weddings. Join me in this class and impress your friends with your version of watercolor galaxy cakes!

Meet Your Teacher

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Creative Baker


Hi! I'm Winny.

I'm a baking and cake-decorating teacher from Indonesia. I have a background in hospitality management and I was formally trained in confectionary arts in Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, Toronto, Canada. After completing my diploma program, I returned to my hometown Jakarta, Indonesia, and started my own cake decorating business, Trésor Cakes, specializing in novelty and wedding cakes.

When I first started, I was faced with so many challenges. Especially because I was trained in Canada, where the climate is totally different from Indonesia. Working in a professional kitchen or school where the working environment is controlled very well is also different from our home kitchen. I will discuss these challenges as we... See full profile

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1. Hello!: Hi, I'm Winnie. Welcome to Watercolor Galaxy, Kate. Class In this class we will learn how to work with chocolate ganache, cover our cakes with abundant and paint the galaxy with blue tell rings using a special watercolor technique. This class is suitable for bakers of all levels, including beginners. It is also a fun project to be done. Cates. We will only use simple tools. And airbrush is not a requirement to create the gas effect. Joining me now and I hope to see in class. 2. Chocolate Ganache: ganache is the rich mixture of chocolate and cream, and it can be used to make chocolate truffles cake feelings. I things with trust ings, etcetera. So first we want to weigh and chop our chocolate to make a nash and then prepare our cream and aim risk. Next, we want to hit the queen. At this point, you can add vanilla being old TV's. If you want to make flavor ganache, keep stirring until we see the first times of simmer. Theun immediately pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate. We will let its state for about 1 to 2 minutes so that a cream can melt the chocolate way. We want to start whisking it, starting from the middle of the bulls, and then whisk it in one direction until it comes together into a nice, silky smooth chocolate ganache. Reputable with pass a graph touching the ganache surface and let it sit in an air conditioned room for about 4 to 6 hours, until if we can't or you can double wrap doble right a label on it and then freeze it. You can keep it refrigerated for a month or more than two months, frozen thing is the you're a show that I usually use. Since I live in the tropics, I need more chocolate in my ganache. And this ratio is we're masking a K. So please don't use it for cake feelings. I use good quality compound chocolate for my ganache and why I don't use temperature chocolate is because if I use it that I would need even more covert your chocolate so it doesn't melt quickly and asked me, No, covert, your chocolate is quite expensive. Compound finish sets really well in warm places. Depending on where your and your preferences, you may want to experiment with the ratio. 3. Covering The Cake With Ganache: after about 4 to 6 hours offsetting organization an air conditioned room. It should be solved and spread oval, which means it is ready to use if it's still too runny. We have to wait longer until it is set, and if it is just taken out of the fridge or freezer, we can reheat it in the microwave. If you want to learn how to trim, feel and frost a cake, you can watch my other class. Modern textures, buttercream cake class. So basically, covering our cakes with ganache is almost the same with buttercream. We will use offset spatula and spread the ganache Oliver a cake. The difference here is that since ganache is mainly made out of chocolate, it would harden quite fast. So we have to work faster, especially if your cake is cold. When the ganache is hard route, it would be difficult to spread on the cake. As you can see, I was using Demi Kate here, so I didn't have to rush. So we just used the back off on offset spatula to spread the ganache. And then we will smooth thin it with a bench scraper while rotating turntable give enough pressure to the bench scraper in 90 degree angle so that we have a straight sided cake. Then just feel any gap with Morgan Osh and smooth in it again. You can deep your bench scraper and spatula into warm water and use it on a cake so it will soften and smoothing the chocolate even more after we're done. We want to set this cake in an air conditioned room overnight, not in the fridge. If you put this cake in the fridge when you take it out, it will have a lot of condensed Asian, and it will be a nightmare for refund int. 4. Working With Fondant: way play around with fondant, we're going to cover the basics about it. There are two kinds of fund int rolled fondant and pork fund int Poor fund int is less common, and we're going to work with the year old. Abundant rolled fondant icing is basically sugar dough that you can enroll cut in shape, and it has slightly stiffer texture compared to clay it. It's mostly used for decorations on the outside of baked goods. There are some essential things about fundament that we have to understand. San sugar is the main ingredient in abundant. We have to remember it's high gross Kobe characteristic. It means sugar tends to absorb moisture from the air, so humidity is the number one enemy of fund int. We also don't want to keep bond int or funding cakes in the fridge, especially in the summer, or if you're living in the tropics. When you take the cake out of the fridge, your cake will sweat so bad condensation will bring your cake. So to be safe, just Kip London cake in an air conditioned group, and you can keep any remaining fund int in ese block security with no air in drum temperature. I usually buy pre colored abundant, even though it's slightly more expensive. It does save me a lot of time, especially with bold colors such as black. But if there is a specific color you need, it's best to give color to your fund int with food coloring, gel or paste. As for petal dust or powder, it is great for painting, but not for coloring fund int. In my opinion, the best cake under mountain is butter cake for a more sturdy structure. If you're stuck in funding cake and you have heavy decorations, light sponge cakes would not be able to hold its shape and could become wonky. After seeing the process of making Kanosh, you can see why I specially loved to use ganache for my cakes. Ganache is so much better in structure and sturdy, and it has sharp edges. Meanwhile, buttercream cake must be kept in refrigerator, and ganache can be used both in hot and cold weather. Her food safety reason. We shouldn't use perishable filling in front and cake like lemon curd because it needs to be kept in the fridge, and we cannot keep front and cake in the fridge. So these are some failed funding cake examples. I'm not proud of them and actually quite embarrassed to show you. But anyway, on left was one of my early creations. I used butter cream instead of gosh, and the fondant decorations on top of the cake were quite heavy, and the buttercream inside was very soft compared to ganache. As the result, the bottom part was pushed down and the fund int become crinkled. I took the picture on the right when I still didn't have on a conditioner in my kitchen. And it was raining so badly outside. My kitchen was extremely humid at the time. And because of that, the fund don't absorb moisture from the air, and it became very wet and sticky. This might be the most important tip for painting the watercolor galaxy cake. We want to start with white fund int. Not black, not blue, not grey. Well, at first I was like, you know, galaxy is dark, so maybe I have to use dark bond int underneath. But no, it didn't work. And I was wrong. So clean White canvas is all we need 5. Covering The Cake With Fondant: These are the tools that we're gonna use to cover our cakes with funding, and I have listed everything you can read it on the pdf attachment, which also have all other details, such as funding bread that I use and troubleshooting, so make sure you read it. It's a gutter, and fund and met are optional. If you don't have a fundament, you can work on the table surface, but make sure it's very clean. Tap your finger on the ganache cake. That's how to check if it's ready to be covered with fund int. You can touch the surface with your finger, and it wants much. This is why we need just the right ratio off chuckled to cream because we want the ganache to set Now. It is safe for us to brush the surface with simple syrup, which is one part sugar and one part water to stick defunding to ganache cake, said the cake aside and with clean hands we want to weigh in. Need are funded int on a clean fundament until it comes together. Push the fund it down and fold repeat thes movements until it becomes softer and pliable. Remember what we have discussed in the previous chapter. Never need or work with fund int. Using damp or wet hands, you end up with taquito. Next, we want to bring the same or the ugly side to the middle and use a pin or needle to make a lot of holes for the air bubbles to escape. When we're older, fund int and then flip the fund INTs. So we have a smooth surface on top dust refunded Matt or working table with icing, sugar or corn starch, whichever your preference is, it's to prevent defendants sticking to the surface. We want to roll and then rotate the fund int again to prevent it from sticking. And then we're just going to repeat this process until we've got the preferred thickness and diameter. So how much fun don't do. We need to cover our cakes? Well, it depends on helping your cake is and the shape off the cake. You can find a lot of chart online from funding companies for your references for risque. I started with 500 crimes, but I ended up with some left over which I kept for a later use. While we're rolling our funding, it is natural for air bubbles to appear, and we want to pop them from the bottom side after fund INTs. - Don't let the fund and wait for too long and dry because it could crack immediately and carefully lift the fund int and place it on the center, then covered a cake. First thing first smoothed in the top using fund and smoother and then secure the top edges . Work on this very quickly. Otherwise, you're funding will be torn apart, especially if you have a cake with sharp edges. There are a lot of different ways off covering cakes with fund int, but this is how I usually do it. I will start stretching the pleats and then just gently erupt one side of the cake. Some people would go from the top going down while rotating the cake. I just do from one side to the other, and then I like to use a pizza cutter to remove the excess fund int. You can use a paring knife and keep the remaining fund int in a Ziploc with no air. You can definitely reuse It used a pairing life to trim defendant bit by bit, because my paring knife is quite blunt. If I drag it, it might tear defendant. Okay, Last but not least, you can sharpen the age by using a plastic and gently pushing it towards the top. I hope the video explains it better. Finally, our canvas is ready to paint. 6. Painting Watercolor Galaxy: as usual. Before painting, I will go to Pinterest or Google to get some inspirations of what kind of galaxy I want to paint using keywords such as Galaxy Nebula, Milky Way or constellations. It doesn't always have to be blue and purple. You can make it turkeys and even Britain. It's really up to you. So here are the tools that I used to paint. As I mentioned before. We don't need to use an airbrush what we're going to use instead of some sponges and food color brings of your choice. For this demonstration, I use black, purple, broil blue, yellow and pink in the form of liquid and paste, and I also used some gold luster dust and white food coloring. I just use water esten looter and didn't use any vodka. You can use vodka or ever clear, whichever you have on hand. I just use water and it tried. Just sign. Just don't use too much water. So how do we know how much water or vodka we need? There is no exact ratio, but you can start with some drops and then mix them with the food colorings. In the contest. The color on a piece of abundant that then you can cite whether you need more Earless, these air small sponges that I cut from a regular dishwashing sponge, and I cut and shape them into around it or kind of don't shake, just as I did here. I have previously tried using flat service Bunge, and it didn't give the texture that I wanted. This kind of shape will give a much greater texture for the galaxy, so use one small sponge for one color. At the beginning, I usually start on top, middle of the cake with yellow and then pink, purple, blue and black. At first it looked very bright, but keep sponging and you'll see more texture will appear and it will get darker. You don't want to sponge the whole service with colors. Make some space for the white part, which makes it look more realistic, and you want to sponge lately in some probes and more boldly in the other. I usually just sponge it freely, but if it's your first time and you're not quite sure, you can always refer to any galaxy picture and actually using glucose is very recommended. As you can see here I didn't use any globe, and it stayed my finger for a couple of days. As for the bottom card, you can use small brush to paint it. Not everybody do this, but I usually use a blush brush and give some cool touches on the blood pains while the paint is still wet. Wait a little bit for the paint to dry. Just like about 10 minutes, I would splatter some white foot colorings. I didn't use any Lueder, just a foot calorie. And then I will just retouch some parts with a sponge wherever I feel like I need to do it . So here it iss the finished watercolor galaxy cake. 7. Additional Decorations: after we have finished painting the cake, you can live it as it is. Forget at some decorations to it, depending on your cake theme and for what occasion K kiss and how you want the final cake to look. Here are some examples of what you can do I usually just add a gold topper to it, and I didn't once decorated with a dreamcatcher and feathers to create a boho look for a wedding. Begin as well decorated with out of space related decorations such as Star Wars stories, Bust like year or even makes up planets. And assure not or even speed ship from fundings or modeling chocolate. Let your imagination and creativity to have fun. 8. Student Project: If you're a more experienced baker, you can make this cake as your project. However, if you're not a baker, or if you feel like it's too much to make a whole cake, you could make this copy project. Instead. We can start by rulings and white fondant and then cut into circles or stars with cutters of your choice. Next way. Want to let the cut fund and try in an air conditioned room for a few hours or overnight? Can place them on a flat surface like baking sheets. After their fully dry, we can paint the border Carl Galaxy and let them try for another few hours or overnight. The pain is strike. We're gonna touch the painted bond int on top of the cupcakes. This project is very easy, and you can give your finished cupcakes to your friends. Families, orca leaks. Don't forget to upload your creations and leave some reviews for this class. You can also follow me on Instagram if you want to see my previous work, and I usually pose class at based on Instagram as well. So thank you very much for watching See you next time