Watercolor Bicycle: Easy and Fun Watercolor Project | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

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Watercolor Bicycle: Easy and Fun Watercolor Project

teacher avatar Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Painting a Bicycle


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      Adding finishing Details


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      Thank you!


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About This Class

Watercolor Bicycle is the first class in the series of fun and short summer classes. This series of short summer classes are meant to keep you inspired while allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying the  beautiful sunny days. Can't wait to see your summer artwork. Happy painting, x Irina.

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Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Irina Trzaskos. I'm an artist and illustrator. Welcome to my Skillshare channel. I'm so excited to announce that this class we're starting a series of fun and short summer classes. Today, we'll be painting a bouquet flower basket. So let's get started. 2. Supplies: Today, we will be using greedily fuel supplies. What you'll need is paper, paint, watercolor, any kind you have, pellet water, your favorite brushes. I'm using mostly a small brush, we can have a medium one too, a pencil, and a paper towel. If you want to painter a sketchbook, you can have a sketchbook instead of paper. That's it. Let's get started. 3. Painting a Bicycle: I want to draw a full drawing of a bicycle but I'll have some lines to help me paint it. You can feel free to draw entire bicycle before you paint it. What I'm doing is just two circles, for the wheels. This is the middle of the wheel and this is the circle. The distance between two wheels is going to be like a little bit of a half of a wheel. Somewhere here we'll have the second wheel. Again, it's a more like sketched style paintings. It's okay if it's not perfect. After that we'll have another circle right here on the same line. This is all the construction I 'm going to draw with pencil and everything else I'm going to draw with watercolor. Let's mix some blue with cadmium orange. What we'll do first we'll draw with really white lines. I think I need the smaller brush because it's a pretty small circle here. We'll just paint this little circle and we'll connect it with the middle of the wheel, like this. Next touch we'll do, we'll take some sip here, with a little bit of blue and create such a dark, dark gray. We'll paint on the wheels or the small brush again. Put a dot for the middle of the wheel here. Now let's decide on the color of our actual bicycles. It's going to be green, with a little bit of blue. A cooler shade of green. What we'll do next, we need to have a triangle right here. We'll draw a line. I'm not touching the wheel because the paint is still wet. I'm leaving a little gap here. I can always fill it after, but I don't think I will. Another line to connect this triangle, like this. Next what we have to do is make a line from here and one right here. Now let's connect all these parts together. I need one line here and a second line, that's it. Now I need a seat, so I'll take some sip here, we have a little bit of raw sienna, and seat is just a triangle. I'll do some more of this gray with water and I'll paint this steering like this. Later we'll add some handles after it dries. After we'll take some cadmium red with water and I will do this part. While everything else is drying, we can start working on our flower basket. It's going to be here and I'll do it like this with the regular brush strokes and leaving wide gaps. Then I'll take some sienna and I'll add some shadows to the texture, like this. With dark brown we can paint the handles or any color you like. Also with green we need to add another line here, I almost forgot about it. Now comes the fun part. We can add flowers to the basket, also I want to have a loaf of bread, a French bread right here and then with green we can add some foliage. Just be careful if your paint is still wet like mine. It may all bleed in and sometimes it's a good thing. Here's our foliage and we think we can add some flowers just to the shapes.I was picturing there are tulips here, so my flowers look like crops. Now I have to let everything dry and then we'll add in our final details on a dry drawing. 4. Adding finishing Details: Now, when our painting gets a little dry, we can start adding the details like the lines on the wheels. The details will bring your painting to life and will bring more character to it too. So don't be afraid to be. If it's not perfect, it's great. It doesn't matter if it's not enough lines on the wheels. Just have fun with it, until as many as you want. Now with black, I'm going to add some lines here to connect on this part of the line here and a line here. You probably notice that I mostly worked with a small brush in this painting because the painting itself is pretty small and we have a lot of details. Now is the time when we will add some shadows on the brade, some darker leaves to the flowers. We're adding more in depth to our painting. Few shadows on the bicycle. You could leave it flat if you want. Don't get an option. Mix again some blue to make the shadows cooler and a little bit of shadow on the seat. That's a quick summary drawing illustrated. 5. Thank you!: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you had the chance to paint with me. I can't wait to see your beautiful projects. See you in my next class.