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Watercolor Basics: Easy Dramatic Sky using Wet on Dry Blending Technique

teacher avatar Artjourneywithme Heidi, ARTIST AND FACILITATOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      The Introduction


    • 2.

      The Supplies


    • 3.

      How to Blend your Watercolors:  Wet on Dry Technique


    • 4.

      What You Can Do With the Wet on Dry


    • 5.

      Let's Blend an Easy Dramatic Sky


    • 6.

      Adding the Stars (My secret Technique)


    • 7.

      Adding the Final Details to Our Piece


    • 8.

      Let's Peel the Washitape (Satisfying Video)


    • 9.

      Your Class Project


    • 10.

      A Word for You


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About This Class

Welcome to Watercolor Basics: Easy Dramatic Sky using Wet on Dry Blending Technique with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn the second technique to blend with watercolor Wet on Dry technique and you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art that expresses itself better than words, at the end of this class you will understand much better your fabulous chosen medium,  Watercolor.

Watercolor can seem intimidating and for that reason, I created this very easy to follow class to take it to step by step and be willing to dive in and to know this amazing medium better.

This class is designed for beginners level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

Please take my first class because it will be really helpful for the future classes I will be teaching: CREATE YOUR OWN WATERCOLOR CHART 

The supplies you will need:

This class we are going to need these supplies, and please don’t worry use what you have that is similar to what I have:

  • Marker Paper and Watercolor paper, best if you have a 140 - 300 grs cold press 
  • A glass with clean water.
  • Paper or a clean towel.
  • A Brush
  • Color mixing pan or a ceramic plate.
  • Washi tape or masking tape
  • White pen
  • Bamboo stick
  • An old Flat brush
  • Watercolors: Grab the watercolor you have in your studio/desk/house because we are going to have fun without fear of messing up. I am using Holbein professional watercolors in tube format.


It is best if you take pictures of your process to share in your project. Walking through your process and reflecting on it is good for you as an artist, and great for the community to be inspired by. 

The first action to take: Gather all the material, take a picture of them and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and leaves comments.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Wet on Dry technique
  • What you can do with this technique?
  • How I use this technique
  • How you can use this technique.

I will share many examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own pieces. 

You’ll be creating:

  • Your Own Watercolor Blending piece using the Wet on Dry technique. 

Follow along with me and let’s make art!

Get in touch with me on my Instagram: Artjourneywithme 

Meet Your Teacher

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Artjourneywithme Heidi


Level: Beginner

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1. The Introduction: I did it. Welcome to discuss and I am so excited to check this one in this class. We're going to land the technique wet on dry. And this will allow you to create magnificent by different effects in your final piece. I hope you're doing for your final project for do Aspirated doing mediated to create a five piece Brent East. I hope you are excited as I am. This is very useful way allowed you to be a few people pieces so excited. I am very excited he saw Please go have coffee, tea, water or wherever you like, because we are going to have so much fun with that to do so please, just under for this glass. Endless mining help doing the next. 2. The Supplies : Hi and welcome to this class. I am so super happy you're here, my lovely. For this class, we're going to need these materials. And please don't worry. Use whatever you have that is similar to what I have here. We will need watercolor paper. It is Miss, if you have 100 42 300 grams called press one with a color paper that are a variety off good quarter color paper brands in the market. In this class, all would be using corporate counsel paper and royal talent mixes media both in 300 grams. You can use water Randhawa a glass with clean water. This is to clean the brush and toe. Help to dilute the watercolors paper or eight ling tower to change the color on the brunch and to remove excess off water if needed. I do prefer to use the clean predicting tower a barrage which, ever to have at hand, will do color mixing fans or a ceramic plates so you can go to your kitchen and take one plate and use it for mixing the colors, masking tape or worship tape to fix at the paper toe. A super surface and Finally, watercolors get up all kind of what recorders do have injuries to your desk or house because we're going to have fun without fear off messing up to create a final predict, we're going to need some extra supplies, like white paint like markers or gel pens or wash or am water cooler in white. We're going to need a bamboo stick and I all flat brush an answer. To create the pieces, we will need to go over a surface. I normally use their back off my empty weather color and blacks or not books. And I used these us my surface to keep my desk clean. Your first action to take these, gather all the materials, take a picture of them and please create a project to chair them with me. I will check all the products and leave nice comments to do See you in the next video 3. How to Blend your Watercolors:  Wet on Dry Technique: hello and welcome to discuss In my past class, I teach just you about the technique called wet on Wet. In this class, we're learning the technique called wet on dry. The exercise is said to show you how this were winning water, green water, a brush paper and two colors off watercolors. Off your choice. Let's fix the paper on a sore face so the paper doesn't move When you a star toe, apply the Kohler's on the paper I am using or she tapes for that, and I am fixing the paper. Only on the edge is the first step. Do need to take is wet your brush? Inkling water but slyly. Don't overdo with the water. We just need a little bit and then pick up the first color. Do you want to try? When the color singer brush applied the cooler, slightly injured the lie paper. Notice that the paper is completely, completely dry. In this technique, the paper is the right on lee. The brush is wet with clean water. Now let's do the same with another cooler with the cooler jello that it's more drive. Look how bright, vibrant the color already looks, looks it doesn't move freely, you can control it more, and the color will stay Bible and when it dries and you will see at the end of the exercise when when I showed you how the cooler looks when dry and he and I have don't this exercises ? But the Kamata didn't didn't record my exercises, and now I am doing it again so you can see the process. I an applied in the same as we did at the beginning, fears with the darkest color. And I want to do the Blanding's using this technique with or paper dry, and you will see how these react how these behave. I have my brush, ah, wet with water with clean water. And then I am picking the corners and adding to the other Kohler and see how he's behaving , How this look and just you can see the color is more controllable. It's more. It's not so free. Ah, wavy or something. Now I will let this to dry completely and to show you how this looks when dies, let's recap the wet on dry technique Fit's fixed your paper using washi tape or masking tape. This will prevent the paper from moving when you are applied in the colors. Second wet the brush so lively with the brush with clean water fit. Pick up the cooler with your brush. Pick up the color to apply on the dry paper and forth. Apply the cooler. You send your brush gently apply the color on the dry paper. So easy to do is this technique. It's more controllable in the vibrancy is phenomenon. The exit sizes Repeat, add dry. Now look how vibrant color looks like and the blends are more controllable. They're not so free and looks pretty amazing. See you in the next video. 4. What You Can Do With the Wet on Dry: hello and welcome to this glass in this class. We're going to see what we can do with this technique wet on Dr. And yes, we can do many things with this beautiful technique. I guess this technique most fully for dramatic effects for dramatic background for the dramatic skies, for giving vibrancy to a piece like in this gauge models them. I want the colors Toby vibrant and that the painting a pop up and that gift you a sense off vibrancy and vitality. I just mostly this technique to combined with the weather with technique, because when you use wet on dry, you can do highly eyes you can do you can you can draw on a existent piece off or paint, and this is very useful. I also used this technique for some other lettering works that I do, and that allows me to give more vitality or violence to the peace when I want to show up. Then I used this technique to give the the piece really, really vibrant colors for this class. I decided to paint with you a dramatic ni or sunset sky in the forest after Quincy and sees you in the next video 5. Let's Blend an Easy Dramatic Sky: welcome to this class. Now the fun part has a finally come to you. We're going to blend a dramatic sky using the wet on dry technique. Are you excited? I am ready. Started to told you how easy this technique works and how beautiful the effects are. If you're taken my other classes, Do you already know that the fear step toe Every piece I create is it to do the water cooler chat here? I did my own. And if you want to know how it goes pleased. Refer to my first class and skill chair about how to create your own water cooler And why I will put the link on the descriptions box in this class. So let's get a stop. I have already all my materials prepared. I fixed the paper, half my brush, my mixing pan with every cholera chooses. I am blending here $8 in total and you see that they get wet and dry. I will, starting from the darkest corner to the light of 1/4. So please keep that in mind. Because this is the way that you will have the really dramatic effect if you start with the darkest color do chooses. My darkest corner year is black. Please notice that I fix it my paper letting a small frame around the the whole paper with all the watch she tapes around the former off my paper. So when we feel they worship tape, we will have a frame and it is it looks more clear and more more beautiful. So here I am having the field's corner. This is black and using my brush in in which ever direction, you don't need to follow any direction here and just go with the flow, but do well in in one moment. They would need to making it look like a skiving. I do. I am little tortures and I use sickle, that myth, man. But it just don't need to waste less about there, right and way to move your brush. Just I think about how to see this guy form in the sky in the sky and try to do that in your painting. Now in an abbey, the second quarter say a sham blue. They look lay the same, but they are not. I assured you that they are not the same and the facts when when it's tried, looks a really, really ah, harmonious. I will be adding every caller that I choose is from the darkest to the light. And you will see how beautiful this all this color plans when you're applying the color Titley to let some white spots in your painting because these will help you toe half a more natural sky. Looking at the end, when we are having the stars, I will continue adding every color I shoes is and do. You wouldn't see that I will be cut up a little bit off water and with a little bit of water over the color. Or I will try my brush completely and then go through the Kohler's toe, pick up a little bit off the colors so I have white spaces have to concede the harmonious down the down in the corners, greats, shades, looks I m really m ceremonious is so to say, and this is what gives the effect the beautiful effects at the at the end, when we finished the piece, it doesn't matter what kind off color to choose is. The important is a all the colors are harmonious within them, so it doesn't they don't. They blend harmonious, they blend and smoothly and beautiful and you don't get more the colors or duty blends. That doesn't look really nice. So keep keep you aware off thes and you can answer do a monochromatic. It means using just one corner from the darkest A to the light life iter off the same color I did 1 a.m. and I went You do thes example in a free future class And but you can do it under if you know if you like to try that the type off blending with the same court after No, If you have taken my other classes this isn't really time. I don't speak up the BDs I want to show you really how these goes, how my work flows go how my a speed natural speed is m So you can know they're really deal and not just say speed up be via where do don't know how much time the steak or how I did behind the scenes and you didn't see that, So he had We're seeing my whole process into your time. See how I an ad in the last caller. This is a jello Very Bible in college and I just added a little bit. And then I just pick up water and blend that. Why a that jello cooler. So it is not that dark because I will be added another elements toe this piece. So if I left the Jell O to that, then they affect I wanted to create will not show up. Now we will let it dry completely to at this starts seed you in the next video. 6. Adding the Stars (My secret Technique): welcome to this class in this class I would teach you how I add the start toe my dramatic sky. But fears Look that when my painting this right, I take my brush and where they don't clean water and I go through the whole piece. So the cooler them Jos move around a little bit on those white space and the blending looks more natural. Does this wanted Do feel comfortable with them? Look off the Blanding's. My painting is completely the die. And now I will take my white paint and my bamboo stick in my flat brush and I will wet my flat brush a little bitting water. Don't don't overdo this because then you will have a very big IHS splashes and we won the smallest stars possible here. Then I bigger a little bit off the paint and I deluded on the lead off my paint. And I just do this movement and I noticed that I have a little bit too much border in my brush. Look how my how these big surgical off Why is on my paper? But don't worry. We will use that to or advantage. And you can see how I really solve that problem was I like the most from this technique that I invented, I think because everyone do, that's with with two brushes and life. I find that the technique to message is that a stick unsee? Only the pain get the white starts Not my best known My surface Just the paint and I love that. And this time, anything time Tennis stars are so cute Now look how I will air is off the problem with the big white and Sirica off paint. I just take my brush clean and dry and I pick up the white collar and I dilute them a little bit. They white on the sky and them I have this effect off Chinese stars on the sky. I will continue to a do some other pick up the cooler from the big circles, a wet sickle off paint And then I will let this dry completely and move on on the next part off this piece, which is I will pay in some minimal contains and some trees to give more more off a sunset feeding to this piece. See you in the next video 7. Adding the Final Details to Our Piece: welcome to this class here, and we're going to be adding the final details toe or pain. For that, I will be mixing 30 shades off brown and I will be painting some many mountains and some trees. You can follow me along because this is a really time the view so you can see everything. I I have a very fine Braasch. So I campaign a small trees and a small month pains. See, here we're using a game they wear. It's on Dr Technique because or paper or or paying. He's already drive, and we're adding some other elements to this piece. Fifth frito paint, whatever kind off other elements did you like? I am doing this because if I saw some pictures off a very beautiful sunset in Kenya and it just remember me off that this gel a wish color at the bottom off this paint and I just decided that on the way. But you can dio on Li Mon Tynes, or you can do water reflections or other kind off, please, or an animal or a couple get created. That's the most important part. Every time you're great in something just to let your intuition and you're creative energy to just flow and see what you create. What do are capable off without putting on the paper? I like how she's jello. Looks like the sun is shining. And when we finish this piece, you will see how beautiful and mesmerizing this piece he's see how easy it is to create this little threes. Uh, just a lid is the brush, touch the paper in the every direction and that just appear in your paper. I always find it so fascinating. How did movement with care gun create something so amazing and so simple? Beautiful in Yeah, I love this. I hope you had endured in this video in the glass, and I can't wait to see what you create at finally a diet and off course toe received your reviews is always a pleasure because I lend I learned so much from that, and I know how to be better and how to do next, for example, so feel free to contact me, or if you're following me on instagram, please the Emmy or maybe comments. I'd like to connect with people that see my art or enjoy what I and I normally follow those people because they are amazing us at least in as a person. Now I would do this small mountains in the back. So we give a little bit more off extraction to this piece. It is really easy to create an ambience. The 50. If you want a great effect that something on object is near you, then you use darker color. And if you want to create it that they are far away from you, then you use lighter cores. Thus is weighing what I am doing here with the mountains. No dad or pieces dry. So the new elements are Dr. I would be paint in some students starts on the sky to give more off a dramatic, beautiful effect. And please make I wish are to I would say do in the next beat you 8. Let's Peel the Washitape (Satisfying Video): welcome to this class in this class We are going to do something satisfying in that piece peeling They were she paid Do know how satisfy Ting with these is so let's do this. - Oh yes, This is so satisfied And this is our final piece. I hope you enjoy this class and I can't wait to see what you create. Did you like the Sydney? Please let me know. I will see you in the next class and I will. It planted you what your class parole is. Did you in the next video? 9. Your Class Project: come get relations. Did it way came to the most some part off recently Lens. And that is to match. Do you credit for this class? He's toe create you your own piece. You think that picnic you just let you gonna do the same? I think you're on vacation. I can't wait to see what you be. Eight. And I will take a look by myself and left you a nice, beautiful car you the next year. 10. A Word for You: Okay, So much for thinking my glass. I hope to endure as much as I leave teaching in telling it with you. And if you feel like you like this class, please leave a woman because these allows other people to see my glasses to take it to and live with me. I hope you have a match. Or if you have established your knowledge, please tell with me the common section off this glass I will be sold as to read them and to get in contact with you. And thank you for a taking the time with me. And I hope to see doing my next class in my next class. I did you how I get my Mimi friends Pain how in this beautiful, cute, many things that everyone loves on and I have to enjoy it. And I hope to see you. I wish you a nice day and keep please blend in creating by