Watercolor and Glitter Magic in Procreate - Combine Paint and Photo Texture | Floortje Visser | Skillshare

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Watercolor and Glitter Magic in Procreate - Combine Paint and Photo Texture

teacher avatar Floortje Visser, Digital art tutorials for Procreate

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What you need


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      Setting up the canvas


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      Watercolor layer


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      Adjusting linework


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      Add gold glitter


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      Your project


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About This Class

Learn how to combine watercolor and golden glitter in Procreate in this super easy Art with Flo class. During this Procreate class you'll learn how to spice up your painting using photo texture and a layer mask! This Procreate class comes with color swatches, working files and a brushset for easy brush picking.

During this Procreate class I will show you how you can combine painting techniques with photo textures in the app Procreate. This class is totally suitable for beginners and is very easy to follow. You can either draw your own animal for the class project, or download one of my working files with line art. For the class project we'll use some special Flo brushes, which you can download when joining the class.

The tools I use in this video:

  • 2020 iPad Pro 12.9
  • Apple Pencil 2
  • Procreate 5
  • Art with Flo Procreate Brushes: Wet Paper Base, Round Watery, Fineliner

After following this Procreate class, you will know exactly how you can add photo textures to spice up your Procreate paintings.

Your Procreate Teacher

I'm Flo and I create Procreate video tutorials for all skill levels. You might know me from my easy to follow You Can Draw This video tutorials on my YouTube channel: Art with Flo But I also share in depth video tutorials with the biggest Procreate community on Patreon. You can find all of my resources on my website: https://artwithflo.com

Be sure to also check my other classes here at Skillshare:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Floortje Visser

Digital art tutorials for Procreate


 I'm Flo! And I love creating art in the app Procreate! But what I love even more is sharing everything I know about drawing and painting in Procreate. In my classes I will take your hand and guide you through my process. I'm sure we'll make some lovely things together!

Perhaps you already know me from YouTube or Instagram, where I share my Procreate artwork and tutorials. Here at Skillshare I publish longer and more in depth video tutorials. Easy to follow and step by step, just like my YouTube tutorials for beginners.


I'm looking forward to talking to you here at Skillshare! Be sure to give me a follow if you don't want to miss any of my new classes! Or check out the Art with Flo website for even more content.

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm flow and I love to teach you everything about procreate. Perhaps you've already seen some of my classes here at skill share. Or you might know me from my easy to follow, you can draw this videos on YouTube or my in-depth classes on patriotism. During this class, I will show you a super easy way to enrich your watercolor paintings. In procreate, we will use special watercolor brushes, which you will get for free once you join this class. And we will be using goals and glittery photo texture to enrich our painting. For the class project, you will be painting one of the four Hannibal line artworks I will provide you with. Or you will create your own animal artwork with golden glittery effects or any effect that you like. Of course, once you have followed this class, you will have a new skillset to embellish your procreate creations. I can't wait to create a colorful and golden glittery animal with you. So let's get started. 2. What you need: Before we can get started with this class, there are a couple of things that you need since you click this class and decide to join, I'm guessing that you already have an iPad and perhaps also an Apple pencil, which I would highly recommend. But there are also some digital things that you'll need and you can download those and the projects and resources area, but do we wear it? You might need to download those through a browser instead of the skill share AP, because I'm not sure if you can download those. The sculpture app. So if things aren't working out, try using a browser. What I've got for you and the projects and resources area are a color palette which you can now load in case you want to use the exact same colors I'm using during this class. I have also made a special brush set, a watercolor brush set with all the brushes that I'll be using during this class in the projects and resources area, you will also find a link to the texture, to the photo texture that I'll be using during this glass. And finally, there are for a wine art files with four different animals. You can use those procreate files to get started super fast. You can get started with painting right away. But of course, you can also decide to throw your own animal if you want to draw your own animal, I would suggest making a sketch first and then I'll new layer, use the fine liner brush which you will find in a brush back in the projects and resources area and use the fine line or to make your line aren't on top. 3. Setting up the canvas: For this class, I will be using this owl as a base, as a starting point. And just like the other three animals, you can find this file in a projects and resources area. You can simply download it and import it into your procreate to get started right away, when you open the layer palette, the Layer menu by clicking the two squares here you can see one layer with, well, it's called owl and it has the line work on it. Now to get started, we'll make a new layer by clicking the plus, and we'll drag this one underneath her owl. This layer, we are going to create a watercolour paper base. And we'll do that by using this wet paper-based brush and brush set that I've added to the projects and resources. For the color, we will use this top color right here. It's a bit of a light greenish color. Brush opacity is set to a 100% and the size is pretty big, around seventy eight, seventy nine, eighty, somewhere around that number. Pretty big. And now with just one stroke, without lifting the pen, we are going to fill our background. Just go over the entire background to give it a watercolour paper texture ethical or at the same time. And what you need to do now is go to the Layer menu again and create a new layer on top of this one by clicking the plus. And now your canvas is ready to get started painting. 4. Watercolor layer: To create our water color painting, we are going to pick the round, watery brush, that's second brush here. And we are going to use it to create a watercolor look for are. Let's pick a color. Let's start with this. Dark blue is second color, inner color palette. But of course you can use any color you like for your animal. And I am just going to fill this with some watercolor dabs, watercolor strokes. And if you don't lift your pencil, then eventually your paint will run out just like with a real watercolor brush. If you lift your pencil, it'll recharge and it'll be, well, it's like magic. It has paint on it again. And you can make another stroke. So if you want your strokes to be a little bit transparent and don't lift your pencil. And that way you can slowly build up the color for your ELL. First, I'm just filling it with some flu. But I also want to add some of those lighter blue color. So I'll pick the lightest 1 first. Because with watercolor, you can make stuff darker, but it's hard to make it lighter again. So if you want light colors in your painting than I would suggest starting out with those. Since we want a watercolor look, it doesn't matter if you go outside of those lines a bit. We want it to be a bit messy, making the brush a little bit smaller, 30%. And you can just play around with that. You know, roughly in between the lines. Not worrying too much that i'm going outside of the lines a little bit. We can go a little bit smaller even for those folks, kind of like ears. I'm going 15%. Filling those little sloughs here with that bright color. And you can just decide for yourself how you want to arrange the colors for your or for your chameleon, your fish, or you're butterfly, or your own animal. Like I said, I'll work from light to dark, so on I'll pick a darker blue. So we can slowly build up those blue and you can play around with the size of your brush. And as I go, I'm blending the colors a bit. Just be sure that you don't continuously lift up your pen and try to make those transparent strokes more on its face. And I want to move to the darker colors. I'll pick this purple light color and create some dark areas like here on its chest wall to create a darker arrogant there. I'm here at the top side of its tail and make that a little bit purplish as well. Getting the bird some color variation. And let's also do it for the b. I's, I'll make the brush a bit smaller, seven-percent beat. And I'll make it bigger again, 40 eyes, 17%. Making those a little bit darker. Not lifting my pen. And if you want to blend this area a little bit more than you can pick that darker blue dots second color here. And we can go over this underside, lending that purple with the lighter blue a bit. And she's continue until you have filled your entire animal and it doesn't matter if you leave some parts a little bit wide, a little bit messy because that adds to that water color look. 5. Adjusting linework: For the next step, we are going to work on the line art. I think it's standing out a little bit too much this way. So we are going to create a new layer. On top of the layers, we'll click the owl First. Let me create a new layer. And then we'll go back to that outer layer and clicking Select, Select. And I, we have a selection. It's like an automatic selection of all those lines on the line art layer. And how we can turn it off by clicking that checkmark. And now we can go to that new layer that we just created and make new line art there. But this time we're going to make it water color. For the color, we will pick this dark color over here. It's, it's an almost black blue. And we'll stick with that brown water we brush. I'll zoom out a little bit, make it a brush big. Let's say 75%. And I'll just go over the line work and make it darker. Now, like I said, if you don't lift your pen, your paint will run out. Every time you lift it, you will charge your pen or your brush. This time I will be lifting it often and making these divs to make short at my paint, gets darker. But still I want some variation in the opacity of the strokes and give it a watercolor touch. And now when you turn off the selection by clicking that S shaped ribbon, you can see the result of our new line work. Let's see that difference. This is a lot darker than I've new line work that we have here. 6. Add gold glitter: And now it's time to add that gold glittery magic by using photo texture. It's a super easy process and it will really spice up our painting. We want our gold glittery layer to beat underneath that line work. We don't want to cover the lines. So make sure that you select a layer that is well, either dot painting layer or the old line work layer. Click that. And then we'll go to the wrench. Go to Add, and then select, insert a photo. Just navigate to your photo texture and color ticket to insert it into your procreate Canvas. And how did it's on top of our L, We want to make sure that it's covering the entire owl. So you'll want to pinch outward and covered the entire Ali can move it a bit. You can even rotate it, put it upside down, whatever you want. Just be sure that the entire owl is covered and they can just click the arrow to get out of the menu. Of course, this is not the local we're going for. We want to add little golden accents to r l. So we want to get rid of oldest Gold now, and we'll do that by clicking that layer with the gold and clicking mask. Now there's a Layer Mask added to our gold layer. And right now it's completely white. And that means that everything on this layer will shine through. Nothing is masked. But once we fill it with black, everything will be mass. So let's go to the color menu double tab here at the bottom to select pure black. And now we can just drag in the Black onto the layer mass and voila, everything's gone. Well, actually it's not really gone. It's just masked. And we can make it reappear by painting honest Layer Mask with white. So for our colour, we will go too wide and we can just double-tap in this corner to select pure white brush, we will use the fine liner brush. And the opacity is set to a 100% and the size is at 10%. But you can really play around with that. Now with this fine liner brush set too wide, we can add little golden touches to our L. Let's get started on its face. For instance, let's make it speak. Well, just make it golden. So we'll just color it in. And slowly that golden photo texture becomes visible. We can do the same for its eyes. Let's make this goal than just making circular motions here. Uncovering that golden texture. And right now, for this painting, we're working with a golden glittery texture. But you can really do this with any type of photo texture. You can also make multiple layers, multiple layer masks to add multiple photo textures to your paintings. Have incase. You are messing up in a spot where you accidentally do something like this. And you don't want that, they could always switch to black and paint over that again to mask it again. So you can switch back and forth between black and white to either uncover that golden texture or to cover it again. So now let's just continue uncovering some golden parts for OWL and create an interesting golden effect for our little creature here. I'll move down to this tail and add little goal accents here. And like I said, you can just switch to black in case you need to tidy up some parts. And of course, I did a leave that branch unfilled for nothing. Let's uncover the goal there as well. I'll just go over the entire branch with wide to uncover that golden layer underneath. Now finally, I want to add little Golem details to the eyes of the L. We can make these short strokes going outwards of the, I. Can make these little strokes going outwards to the outer edge of the eye. But perhaps you have some ideas for some other crazy patterns. Other ways to add accents to either this owl or to the other animals setup added into projects and resources area. But of course, I'm also looking forward to seeing your own animal creations. Although of course, it doesn't have to be an animal. You can create anything with these golden touches, this combination of glittery gold and watercolor, appropriate. And there you have a pretty little watercolor with golden glittery accents. 7. Your project: And now you have learned about this easy way to add photo texture to your watercolor paintings. I'm looking forward to your project. In a project area, you can upload your own creation. You can either use one of the four Animal line artworks I have shared or you can create your own artwork, of course, using this technique. Don't forget that you can download the brushes that I've used during this tutorial. And you can also download the color palette and the animal line are Burke's, Of course. These are the creations I made, the other animals. So have fun. And if you have enjoyed this class and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review and tell me about your experience with this class and if you want to check out my other classes or if you don't want to miss the next class, then be sure to check out my profile page and giving you follow there. Thank you for following this class and I will see you for the next one.