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Watercolor Affirmation Cards for Self-Care

teacher avatar Taryn Cates, Self-care is an act of love.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Overview of Affirmations


    • 3.

      Overview of Steps + Supplies Needed


    • 4.

      Creating Your Backgrounds


    • 5.

      Glue + Cut Out Your Cards


    • 6.

      Add Your Affirmations


    • 7.

      Using Your Affirmation Cards


    • 8.

      Share What You Create!


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to a mindful watercolor technique paired with step-by-step instructions to create your own deck of affirmation cards to support self-care:

In this class we will cover: 

  • Affirmation Cards - what they are and how to create them
  • Watercolor painting technique to promote mindfulness and creativity
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your own unique set of affirmation cards
  • This class is geared towards anyone interested in incorporating creativity and positive self-talk to promote their self-care.
  • Some art supplies are required and no prior knowledge is necessary!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Taryn Cates

Self-care is an act of love.


Hi, I'm Taryn! 

I teach and promote creative self-care through my company Love Sum. 

I believe that self-care is an act of love... and that it doesn't have to be so hard. 

My jam: creative self-care.


My course: Watercolor Affirmation Cards for Self-Care

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: in this class, you will learn how to create your own set of watercolor affirmation cards for self care. In this class will cover an overview of affirmation cards, what they are and how to create your own affirmations. I will show you how to create your own set of cards and also how to use them. 2. Overview of Affirmations: what are affirmation cards? Affirmation cards are just cards that include a positive statement about oneself. Some examples of affirmations are I am creative. I am loved and I deserve the respect of others. There are a number of ways you can go about creating your own affirmations. One suggestion is to think of an area in your life where you'd like to make a change. Think about this area of your life and think about the limiting belief that you might currently be holding on to take this statement and shift this statement into an affirmation . So, for example, if you're struggling with creativity, you might have the limiting belief that says, I'm not creative from here, you'll shift it to something that adds a little more possibility. For example, it's possible that I am creative. Using that statement. You'll create an affirmation. The affirmation in this case would be I am creative. You can do this with just about any statement or any limiting belief that you have in shifting it by adding a little possibility and then shifting it even further to an affirmation. Included in this class is a pdf that you can download, print out and use when we create our own affirmation cards. 3. Overview of Steps + Supplies Needed: to create your own set of affirmation cards, you will follow these simple steps to begin. We'll start by gathering your supplies, followed by creating the backgrounds. After that, you will glue and cut out your cards. And finally add your affirmation. The recommended supplies needed for this class include watercolor paper, watercolor paint, a paintbrush playing cards. Thes can be used or new rubber cement masking tape, a cup of water. An extra towel can be helpful. Glue stick scissors and the printed PdF of the love Some affirmations. You can also choose to create and write your own affirmations, either on a separate sheet of paper or directly onto your card. But for this class in particular, I will just be using the printed PdF of the affirmations provided. 4. Creating Your Backgrounds: Once you've gathered your supplies, your next step will be to create your backgrounds. This next video will show you one way that you can use watercolor paint to create your background. To begin, you'll start by prepping your area. I sometimes find it helpful to grab a little tape to place below my watercolor paper so that the paper stays in place. As I'm painting for this background technique, I'm going to use a wet on wet technique. All this is is just by taking some water on my paintbrush, first placing it on my paper so that I saturate the paper a little bit with water. And then, from there I will add the water color paint on top of the already wet surface. In doing so, this creates a more fluid pallet to work with, so that when you place the paint on top of it, it already has somewhere to move and flow. This really helps promote the mindful element of using water color for the background. It's a great way to just slow down and take time to just be curious to imagine where might this paint go? And just to be very present with the process. Another thing I enjoy doing when working on a watercolor background is to lift the page up and watch how the paint falls just around the page. So add in other colors and saturate different areas, and then just gently lift the page up and watch the paint move across the page. Once you have the majority of your background completed, it could be interesting to go back in with the same colors that you used and highlight over the areas that where you have edges or overlap. This just kind of enhances the natural organic flow that was created and also gives it a little more definition and vibrancy. As your background begins to feel finished, you can get to a stopping point and gently set your pieces side toe. Let it dry for the next step. 5. Glue + Cut Out Your Cards: The next step in creating your affirmation cards is to glue down the plane cards and cut out your cards. Okay, so once you've got your watercolor paper dry, we are going to take thes and I'd hear them toothy playing cards so you can get just a cold deck of cards. Um, and then I like to just choose some of my favorite numbers. Just do an assortment. It really doesn't matter, Mr There. So you can either choose to take the card and unfired interesting spots on your paper to trace or what I recommend. He's just kind of letting whatever happened happened. So I'm gonna use rubber cement, and I'm gonna wanna glue this part to the back of the paper. So I'm gonna do is to start by putting on a ton of rubber cement fall over because we're gonna just cover the whole page. So next you will move on to adding the glue to the cards. It could be really helpful to use your masking tape here by making a little roll of tape, sticking it to the number side and sticking it onto a piece of paper. In doing this, it won't be moving around while you're adding the rubber cement to the back. Once your background paper and your playing cards are covered in rubber cement, all you will do is attach them to one another. So you're just gonna carefully lay it down onto your paper and then gently pushed down along the edges to make sure they have a good seal in connection between the paper and the card. Before moving on to the next step. Just make sure all of your edges are fully pushed down. And then after that, we are going. Teoh, cut out the cards. Once you have all of your cards cut out, you are ready for the final step. 6. Add Your Affirmations: The final step is to add your affirmations to the cards you created. You can use the pdf that was included in this class that you can print out and cut out to have your affirmations already pre made. Or you could also create your own whether you use it in a word, doc or a Google doc, or you can actually just right on the cards directly. Whatever you choose is completely up to. If you're using the PdF provided in this class, read over the affirmations and intentions that are included and cut out the ones that resonate with you. Next, I like to lay out my painted cards just to see what I am working with. Your next step will be to pair the affirmations that you chose with each of the cards and then adhere the statement to the card with a glue stick. You over, Pete this step until you've completed your set of affirmation cards 7. Using Your Affirmation Cards: Now that you have your own set of affirmation cards, there are a number of things you can do with, um One thing you can do is place them around as reminders. You can put it in random spots in your home, like on your mirror or in a drawer in your desk drawer just anywhere that would be a little bit unexpected and just give you that little jolt of a reminder of thes positive words that you're saying to yourself. Another idea is to mail them to yourself. So what you do with this is take a self addressed, stamped envelope, put a card or two in there and then send that to somebody else. I like to ask a friend if they would be willing to mail this envelope back to me sometime in the next year but not give them a firm date. This could be really fun to surprise your future self with some positive words of affirmation. Finally, another idea would be to leave them around town toe, leave a little positivity wherever you go or also to leave them at work. I did this recently, and I put about 15 of these cards in the break room, and I added a little note that said, Take what you need and grab one for somebody else. And the next day, when I went back to the break room, all but 15 all. But I'm sorry. All but three had been taken, which was really awesome to see, because it meant that the message resonated with the people that I worked with and that they may have grabbed something for somebody else's well to continue to spread the love. 8. Share What You Create!: So now it is your turn to take what you learned and create your own set of watercolor affirmation cards. I would love to see what you create, so feel free to add it to the projects in this class. And if you are on social media, um, you can definitely find me over on instagram at the love some, and please go ahead and post a photo of some of your cards, tagged the love some and use the hash tag. Love some art. I cannot wait to see what you create.