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Vision Board // Envision and Achieve Your Goals

teacher avatar Lisa Olson, creative energy nerd

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Vision Boards


    • 2.

      Supplies You'll Need


    • 3.

      Demo on How To Create a Vision Board


    • 4.

      Vision Board Examples


    • 5.

      Wrap Uo


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About This Class

About Me
Hello Everyone! I'm Lisa and excited to share about Vision Boards.  They are fun to create and powerful tools to help visualize and achieve your goals.  I've consistently had a Vision Board (making a new one about once a year) for about 4 years now and really believe in the importance of images and visuals.  What do you want for life?  How do you see life, love, work, family, travel, fun, etc?  It's pretty wild, each time I endeavor to a new Vision Board I reflect on my past one.  It's amazing how much I've 'accomplished' towards my goals captured on my Board!

About This Class
This class will demonstrate how to create a Vision Board including everything needed to get started and some tips and tricks.

This class will cover:

  • Introduction to the idea of a Vision Board
  • Supplies needed
  • Ideas on how to layout images to create a vision board
  • Vision Board assembly 
  • Tips on where to put your Vision Board to keep your goals and dreams in front of you

It's important to keep goals in front of you, and the visuals of a vision board provide stellar motivation! 

The class project will be creating your own vision board and sharing with the class! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Olson

creative energy nerd


Defying stereotypes. Happily a host of contradictions.

Hi, I’m Lisa!  I am a blonde So Cal surfer girl and an Economist in the energy industry.  I love nerding out by day on market dynamics, data/numbers, and industry trends.  By night, I indulge my inner singer-songwriter.  Right brain, left brain.  Fashionable urban dweller and rugged mountain hiker.  A little bit of everything.

All of this is rolled up in my life mantra instilled by my Grammie at a very early age- leave things better than you found them.

Sharing a smile can change a person’s day.  Picking up litter can brighten a community.  And, inspired empowered people will change the world.  

Let's learn and grow together.

Fun facts- I lov... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Vision Boards: Hey, skill share, friends. My name is Lisa, and I'm very excited to be here today to walk you through the process of making a vision board. What's a vision board? Well, it's a great way to put together some images and visuals to keep in front of you the goals you've set for maybe the next six months to a year for anything from your career toe. Love to travel Teoh. Maybe a new home or really anything. Physical fitness goals is great, and as studies have shown, a really great waiting Keep your goals keep working towards your goals is to keep them in front of you. So I've been vision boarding for about four years and have definitely seen this as an effective tool in my life. I have had some really exciting career wins as a result of just keeping things in front of me. I've had some creative endeavors I have envisioned, and those have come to reality. So again, I'm excited to walk you through this process today and vision boards air great. There's really no hard and fast rules, so I'm gonna walk you through some tips and tricks and, um, ideas to get you started, but certainly take them and run with it as you will. So we're going to go over today in class, the materials you'll need to make or that you can start with to make a vision board and kind of build off that. And then we're going to go through some ideas of where to put your vision board and and how you can continue to make vision boarding a part of your life. So let's get started. 2. Supplies You'll Need: All right, let's get started. By talking about the supplies, you're gonna need to start your vision board. First off a stack of magazines. This is the fun part. Just look through these magazines and Tero pages of visuals that speak to you. That your leg? Yeah. I want some of that in my life. Fashion, athletics, maybe some food, maybe some travel. Yeah, greenery. So first, we're gonna rip out pages of visuals we like, and we'll end up with a stack like this of just pages. Doesn't have to be pretty, because then we're gonna take our scissors and kind of term down the visuals again. These were just tips, if you like. Sort of a tear. The Tauron. Look, go for that too. We need our friendly glue stick fan. And then, of course, we actually need posterboard. We're going to adhere everything to and there you have it. Simple thing. All the simple supplies you need for your vision board 3. Demo on How To Create a Vision Board: All right. So we've flipped through magazines. We've ripped out pages that we want and here we are with a stack of visuals. I did start cutting some things out, but as you can see, I just took my surfer girl some visuals I like. I always love cutting out some words green love. Maybe just some colors like that you like and graphics some healthy yoga. I'd love to do more yoga. I always love having some heart Soon Here, in fact, this one I thought was really clever. We could kind of cut along the lines here, put it in a little love section. So you don't really have to pull out visuals based on any specific team there. You certainly can. If you'd like to see more yoga in your life, perhaps you look for a lot of yoga visuals, toe sort of collect together and keep in front of you. But what I sort of like to do now is I just sort of pulled visuals out over the time that I like. Or over the time as I'm thinking about my next vision board and and then I look at what I have, so I seem to have a lot of some inspiring quotes over here. Do I think I was hoping my boyfriend and I might look like this one? We're cozy thinking about maybe what I want my interior to look like. There you go. Another Yogi yoga person. So again, you just sort of look at your visuals and okay, Cool. I could start laying out, baby. You want to make, like, a little spiral this time. And at Cem, I had some vision. Some words. Maybe you want to do it this way? Maybe you want to do it. Landscape. Maybe you want to do it for trick. It's all up to you. I have in the past sort of anchored my vision board with a central central fees. Um, I usually go with something that sort of represents me. So here I might choose a surfer girl. Even though I mean, I work in office. Job 95. This sort of encapsulates my essence. But then here I am in my business attire. I love my greenery in my outdoors. I also want to make sure keeping some love in my life. So my heart's like this. Maybe this up And then I start to seize sort of things growing out of here. And maybe I want toe make, like, a little a little pattern down here. Do something unexpected. Ooh, I like that. Do you something unexpected. So maybe like that off of my off of my design down here. Keep bone keeping on. Don't we all need to? So maybe a little. Do that over here. Keep me again. Keep on keeping on you. Look at that every morning and you go, Yeah, I gotta keep on keeping on. Here's some tea and some health. Well, I kind of liked this Jetsetter go get her shapeshifter style shaker when I'm not out in the ocean, That's what I want a room. That's what I want to think about every day I'm gonna put that next to my surfer girl and see where you can start to see a vision board taking shape. And again, you just sort of put together these these visuals and see what starts to come out 4. Vision Board Examples: So now that we've gone through some ideas and how to put together and pull out visuals you'd like to see on your vision board, I wanted to give you a few examples from past vision boards. This is when I put together, and as you can see, there's it's very structured. Not all vision boards have to be so linear, but I put together a sort of theme. Areas here is inspired strong. So for some strong women rar feel over here. Um, I'm a California girl in a surfer girl. So too cute against, um, vision in front of me of who I am and where I'm from. I have California bear and some surfing and some natural beauty women and, um, appear is my love corner. It was tryingto, uh, manifest love in my life which has worked out awesome and then some creativity and getting outside so you can see some of the things I put together in to show you the vision. Boarding doesn't have to always be women. We have a man amends vision board as well, and I highly encourage men to do this. Well, it seems like a creative endeavor, which it is men can be creative and certainly have visuals in front of them to keep them on track to. So here's a a vision board put together by a man, which is great to show you another layout of sort of like a bull's eye in the middle and then moving out towards the sides again. Some physical fitness over here and some confidence. Mindfulness. Just words to keep you pumped to every day. Maybe look at this in the morning and keep you up for your day. Um, in travel, some athleticism, some getting outside all good things. I love the words words air Great. In my book for vision boards, Teoh keep you focused on what's important. 5. Wrap Uo: congratulations. You are well on your way to making a vision board, and I am so excited for you. As I mentioned, vision boards have been a great part of keeping my goals in front of me and helping me achieve goals and dreams in my life. And I know it'll do the same for you as a little wrap up from what we've talked about. It's important to keep your goals in front of you. And so, as a note, I really think it's important to put your vision board in a place that you look every day and my preferences every day in the morning. So I put it, um, buying my dresser and just sort of take a few seconds with it every day and look over the words on the visuals so that it sticks with me throughout my day. So we also talked about what supplies you're gonna need to make your vision board. You're gonna need a stack of magazines or maybe some things printed from online scissors, a glue stick and your poster board. I also think this is a great thing to do with friends. Invite over. A group of friends asked him to bring some supplies and go to town, put on some music, maybe open a few beverages and start ripping out pages and putting things together. It's a really fun way to talk about. Talk about your hopes and dreams, and people can see the visuals that you're putting with it and, um, a great way for friends told each other accountable. In the same way, I also think this is a great thing for significant others to do together. As you look at life for the next six months to a year or down the road, it's really a nice way. Teoh. Look at the visuals and talking together about what your hopes and dreams are. So again, I'm so glad you've joined me for this vision board envisioning your goals and dreams class , and I can't wait to see your class projects. I hope that you'll make your vision board. Enjoy the process and go ahead and post post photos below of your vision board when you're done with your class project. Thanks for joining me. And don't hesitate with any questions in the class section. Thanks