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Vintage Typography - Name design on recycled timber

teacher avatar Joe McMenamin, Artist - Illustrator - Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Vintage typography intro


    • 2.

      Preparing the timber


    • 3.

      First colour layer


    • 4.

      Second colour layer


    • 5.

      The final sand


    • 6.

      Choosing your font


    • 7.

      Adding the typography


    • 8.

      Painting the letters


    • 9.

      Final touches


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About This Class

In this class your will learn how to create a name design in a vintage style using a recycled piece of timber. We will look at how to prepare the timber, make layers of paint and sand them back to get a vintage look. We will then choose a good font to use for the name design and transfer it onto the timber. We will then paint the typography and sand it back again to get the desired finish.

The finished painting will be perfect as a personalised gift, who is that special someone you would make this for?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joe McMenamin

Artist - Illustrator - Teacher


I am an artist, a teacher, a dad and creativity is something I apply to all of those things. For 14 years I was known as Mr Mac the art teacher, getting teenagers amped up about making and learning from them as much as they learnt from me.

Then in 2017 I did something I had dreamt of in those ‘what if?’ moments we all have. I stepped away from being a secondary school teacher and I put on my artist hat full time. I have pursued my love of organic, flowing patterns, diving into painting, drawing, making a beautiful mess with dyes and printmaking.

In my Feilding studio I follow a few different creative pathways. I might pick up an ink pen and let my mark making lead me to some intricate doodling. Native birds take flight – my pen imagines their song and nau... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Vintage typography intro: I enjoy being feeling New Zealand, and I'm gonna show you today how to create this vintage name design type off. This is on a piece of research excusing or gonna take you through everything of catching I created. Teach your backgrounds has a choose your former states of words on the back. I mean, saying back to create that really, really cool vintage people record. I made this one for my daughter Beat with joy on I really, really love this prison when I get to so a, uh, enjoy taking this class. 2. Preparing the timber: All right, So the first thing we've done has chosen our piece off scooting board. This could be any kind of old timber that you like to be a with a board or another piece of natural timber or even a piece of plywood. But I like a piece that has being painted but is quite rough. And it's kind of cracking and falling apart, and you'll see why when we want to get working on it. So basically, just roughly the size that you think you're vintage typography, word is gonna be Andi, and we're just gonna be using some talk. So we're gonna be using some sandpaper and a paint scraper. Indian A, uh, cloth here toe 50 we want to do is we just want toe scrape up the way. - The point is not to try and give it back to the would completely We want to try and leave some of these pieces of paint. Here is l aired like a vintage old fish and sort of withered Look at the end. Great. So now we finish with this scraper. What we want to do is get some sandpaper. Um, now I'm using 1 20 grit sandpaper here. But basically, let's get a little bit of paper quite rough, folded in half. And just stop smoothing this out. - The area is You can see, we now have l nice. The standard recycled piece of wood. Just check again, just to make sure none of this paint is gonna flake off on. And if you think that there are any pieces that might come off a bit later than you can just give another scrape. So there's a big piece on here which looks like it could easily flake off. Just give that another scraped man. Just give it a lot. Sand. Great. So that's all we need to do just to prepare the September. Just give it to a point where you can still see some of the paint, but you can start to see some of the wood grain showing through in places. All right, 3. First colour layer: Now for the next stage, we're going to be laying our first coat of paint on here. And what you want to do is have a think about the color that you want to use. Ever think about who or what word or what name you're gonna be using on your design. And so I'm gonna be making this name designed for my daughter beef. And one of her favorite color is purple. So I'm gonna be using purple. Is my eyes my paint here. So basically, I've just got a raise een lumber cider house paint, which is just gives it a little bit more thickness than in acrylic paint. And you wouldn't want to use an oil paint just because it wouldn't dry very quickly on dso just the water based acrylic and what I'm really doing. I'm just using a smaller brush and I'm gonna be brushing just lightly like sir. Now, we don't want a very thick layer for this coach because we want to be obscene through it and see the layers underneath. So you don't even really want full coverage. Owner. You just want toe get some paint going over, especially around the areas that have already got some paint on them. You want to get right into the ages because that will create a really nice little, um, just staging of paint. Well, steeping up of painters, we, as we seem to bet so we want to try and hide the brushstrokes if we can. So you want brushstrokes that quite smooth? That is just running the length all of your piece of wood and is your paint sort of runs out on the brush just lightly carry on brushing over. The other thing you can do is actually wipe off some of the pain. And that will help to smooth out the brush strokes as well. All right now, we don't need to paint the sides of the back or anything. We're just painting the front face. So just one other thing to be careful offers. Just be careful not to drop or drop the paint on the sides and try and keep your brush strokes just kind of flicking off the edge. Eso they don't scrape paint and then you get drips and things. So we just want a light coating like that. And that should only take about, say, 15 or 20 minutes to dry, Um, and then we'll come back into our on extending lower of top of that. 4. Second colour layer: great. So now that my paint is dry, I'm just going to give it a light seen. And some of you have a color. - You can see how, um the the paint kind of sits more into the areas where the wood waas and the bets that where the paint with was lift the dry paint was left on the wood. It actually shows up more because it stands down. You need to decide how much off this color you want to leave on. And then how much you want to take off? What I'm gonna do is I'm actually not. So the other thing that you need toe think about is whether you're going to be painting the lettering and a light color or a dark color. Now, you could do black or white, or you could choose another color. But it's important that there's a bit of contrast between the background in the foreground off the text. So I've decided that I'm gonna paint the lettering dark. So I wonder background to be quite life. This'll purple was to Duff really for what I want. So what I'm gonna do now, I'm gonna do it for my second coat of paint. I'm going to use this lovely like blue here. So what I'm gonna do is just grip some of this. What? Blue And just the same as before. It's gonna lightly painted on over the top. Okay, great. I'm gonna leave that like that and let it try and mean I'm gonna come back into a final send to just to get it to the level that I want it to look like. 5. The final sand: Okay, Now, I'm just going to give this a final send, and I don't want it to be too rough. Now, I basically I'm trying to get a kind of finished, um, surface on it. So what I'm gonna do is just really lightly stand it now, Theo on. I want to show some of the tips get through, but not too much. You can see why it's important to use a contrast in color. The light blue with the purple just means that it just popped out. But you can actually I mean, you could play around with lots of different combinations of color Theme. Let's move on to putting on our word. 6. Choosing your font: Now, the next thing we want to do is choose a really court font to use for our design. So we're gonna use a great website for this. It's called dot front, So I d a funt dot com now, this is ah is that we can go and choose from a whole range of free flights. You can download them and use the money computer just as you do your normal folks. It's great. A great website to have a look around and keep some really cool fonts. Now, there are lots of different ones we can use. Um, for example, some cool calligraphy ones and all you want to do is if you find a really cool foreign. So this lovely home, this looks really cool. Um, you just click download, and it just drops the file down into downloads, and you just double click on it and it will save it into your fonts folder. The other cool thing you can do is you can type in the word you want to use here. Um, and you can click on lodge. Okay, click, submit. And then we'll show you the word you want to use in the false, so you can just scroll down and see exactly what it's gonna look like. And the fault that you want to choose. Now you can search as well eso if you're talking vintage up here, um, it will give you any any fun with vintage in the night and you can see here it's taken it from the fancy category old school. Just quote that out and said this is probably quite a few vintage flaunting here. Now, I've already gone through and chosen the front I want to use, and that one is the Goldsmith vintage. Um, So what I'm gonna do, just click on download and I'm going to solve that front of my computer, and I'm gonna jump over the floater shop. Now If you don't have Photoshopped, you can use, um, bucks of word or pages or whatever it is that you want to use. So if you just go here and download your font and then size it, how you want it and then printed out and we'll move on to the next stage 7. Adding the typography: All right, so I printed out my word. Now, what I've decided here is that because beef is quite a short name, if I was gonna put this on the timber here would have quite a lot of space beside it because of the longer the long piece of wood that have used. So I've decided to use my daughter's middle name as well and put joy in there because I think it's, you know, add something to it. And the composition works better. Feels more balance like that. So what I've done, I've just printed out my fault that I downloaded on the computer, and I've just made sure that it's the right size. There's a little get above and below, and I'm just gonna Teoh try and seem to rest and doesn't want to be a bit o c d. I'm never just measure from the age that it's just about six centimeters, and sex of that actually is perfect. I mean, I'm just going to use, um, low tech tape here, and I'm just gonna type the stem. Okay. Now I'm gonna be using carbon paper to trace the image on carbon paper is available from you know, stationary shops, someone to have to bite in a picket. But it's really good. Basically, you get toe, you put it on the black side down you draw through the image, and it just traces the image onto your wood. So I'm just gonna use this, like, nurse now. Cabin paper. You can reuse lots of times, but it seems to get a little bit wrapped as well. So, um, just gonna get there and then just using a ballpoint pen, I'm just going to trace around the image, and I'm just gonna cheek tonight, show that it was coming for yes. Good. Coming during. Now it will be quite rough and textures, but that's okay. The good thing about choosing a phone like this, um, is that it's no perfect for, So it doesn't matter if you know exactly on the lines. Now, I don't need to draw all these little inside bets because I'm gonna be painting it and then sending it back a little bit at the end. So that will give me that sort of texture that I'm looking for. And when you trace through, this comes through, uh, almost like a pizza line under me. Um, you can actually rub it out as well with an eraser. So that's that's quite good. If you do make a mistake in, just rub it out where you can waste Sanders back as well, if you make it terrible mistake. Alright, looking grace, take it off. Great. And we have a word now on the wood. All right, on to the next stage. 8. Painting the letters: So now I'm going Teoh use a darker purple for the literature on. But I think that contrast nicely with the light blue that I've got on top here and I'm gonna be using three different brushes. The basic principle with the brushes is that you want to use the largest brush you can use while still keeping control of what you're doing. So you don't want to have a tiny little point brush that you just kind of toiling away with , and you don't want a really large brush that you can't control. So, um, I've got these three, which will give me some options. Eso Basically what we're just trying to do here is we're using a game. We're using the krill itch house paint, and I'm just gonna go try and go slightly over the line, um, off the the outline so you can't seeing out only once it's finished. That makes scenes. Now, because of the nature of this, this form, it's not like a perfect each. I don't need to be too careful about trying to get it Exactly perfect. If you've used a really straight formed, then you need to be a lot more careful when you're doing the painting off the leader. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and paint Cruz to this. Okay? So what I want to do now that I've painted, it's just to go back over it and just smooth out any of the larger brushstrokes that I can see. All right, Now, I just need to, um just wait about 15 or 20 minutes and just let it right in that we can do the final send on, we'll be all done. 9. Final touches: right. So now the paint is Dr All we want to do to finish it up. There's just give a very light send to try and just make the text look a bit more kind of vintage as well. So we're just gonna really like saying this might have pieces like this ridge here that sort of come through the word of it. Try and keep your standing in a horizontal motion like this thing makes it look at that idea in your lists. Crazy. If you don't kind of round like that, it's gonna look but out of control. Be careful, you see, have taken up quite a bit of people in there. I might actually just put a tiny bit more people into this. Thank God it's looking great this payroll, cause I just think it loses a bit of the antique really? Of the letter, if you seem to match what off? Yeah, that's nice. You see that? But they look slice so you can add more paint on and then sanded off and just kick kind of working two or two and throw to get that sort of vintage look that you're going for. Great. So he has that finished piece. I'm really happy with house tuned out. Um, I'm just going Teoh basically put some hanging string on the back s so that I can hang it on the wall for her, or you could just use a little clips on here, but otherwise think that's a really nice little gift for my daughter.