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Video Content Marketing To Grow Your Brand

teacher avatar Tranae Harris, Paper Crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro To Video Content Marketing


    • 2.

      No. 1 | What is video content marketing?


    • 3.

      No. 2 | What do you know about your audience?


    • 4.

      No.3 | The Pillars of Good Content


    • 5.

      No. 4 | What is your end game?


    • 6.

      No. 5 | DIY Videos |


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      No. 6 | Consistency in Video Content Marketing


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About This Class

In this course, you'll learn about video content marketing and create a strategic editorial calendar focused on building your brand. This class will walk you through the steps of content production, publication, promotion, and audience engagement. This course is geared towards beginners who have limited experience in producing videos.

Meet Your Teacher

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Tranae Harris

Paper Crafter


Hi, I'm Tranae, an Atlanta-based paper crafter and the founder of Becoming Fab. Becoming Fab is a creative lifestyle company with a focus on helping women cultivate joy through crafting.

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1. Intro To Video Content Marketing: Hello, my name, Mr Ney. And this is my skill share course on how to create a video content marketing strategy to grow your brand and this course you will learn what is video content marketing How to select top. It's for your videos. Three Easy D i Y myth. It's for recording your content and the importance of consistency and video publishing for the class project. You will create your own editorial calendar for your videos. I created this course with a beginner in mind, someone who does not have a lot of money to hire out and also does not have the it says to high end video and audio equipment. So if this sounds like you, then go ahead and hit and roll and let's start creating together today. 2. No. 1 | What is video content marketing?: Hello and welcome to Video one. What is content marketing? So we're going to jump right in and talk about what you will learn in this video. First, we're gonna talk about what video content marketing is the five must have and successful video content marketing. And last, we're gonna talk about the value of videos in branding. So if you are a social media user and more than likely you are, you've probably been it's supposed to be a content marketing and didn't even realize it because it happens really smooth, and sometimes you just don't notice it. I'll give you an example. I needed to apply some makeup. I'm not degraded makeup, you guys, I'll be 100% honest, and I wanted to know how to do this look. So I googled it, and a video popped up on how to do. Ah, subtle, smoky eye. And the video was on the urban decay's YouTube, and the makeup artists actually want you through each step of created in his look. However, the marketing came in that they were using wanted it brought up. Now during this video, the makeup artists never said go bodies product ever. She kept her focus on how to create the local with the colors from this palette. However, after watching the video and see how she did it, I wanted that product I was like That would make it so easy for me to create is Look, I know exactly what to do. I have a video that shows me step by step. All I need to do is go get the product and I went and purchased the product. It was the naked Patrick and I spent my money almost 40 $50 on the product, and I never had anyone say Go buy this product. However, they use video toe at value into my life, and as a result, I started to like that brand. I, uh, got to know the brand, and I got to trust Bryant, and I went out and gave them on money. So that's how video content marketing looks in everyday life. So let's talk about exactly what video content marketing is. So video content marketing is a strategy would have focused on attracting and retaining a targeted audience by consistently creating and distributing videos with valuable content in an effort to drive profitable customer action. That's the plain and simple definition. Now let's talk about why videos are so valuable. So think about the one thing that most people have on them at all times. That's constantly in their hand that they're looking at cell phones, right? Especially me. I have a problem. I know I need to put my phone down a little bit more than what I should, but, um, I don't and that's why videos are really awesome. You, too, says that video consumption increases 100% every year. That's a crazy amount of growth, with people using their mobile devices to watch videos. So why not, as a brand use that time to market to those individuals using their phones? And if that doesn't move you, then how about the Fed that 90% of online shoppers say that videos are helpful in buying decisions now for me years, years and years ago when Zappos first came out, one of the things that I loved about them was that you could see ah model actually walk in the shoes that they were selling. Now I like to see how stuff looks really time. I like to see more than a picture to see if the lighting is a little bit different when they're targeting. Put another way, you all have been there before. You purchase something on lie, you get it. You're like, Yeah, well, videos can sometimes help with that just because ah customer can see how maybe address flows. Or they can see how a shoe looks when you're walking on a FISA shoot is probably gonna flop up and down in the back or something like that. They also see, like take zero tar and long wars went like I don't even cut grass. And I saw a video, um, with a guy like making like willies in a long war And I was like, Man, I won't want to does And my husband was like, Why? It was like, I don't know, I just won't want, Like, look at the video. And last but not least, video is work. 1.8 1,000,000 words. A picture on lower for thousands. So, as you can see, there is so much value in video, and it is up to us as marketers to find a way to make videos work for our brands. All right, so that's it for video one and video to We are going to define our targeted audience 3. No. 2 | What do you know about your audience?: Welcome to video to what do you know about your audience? In the last video, you learnt what video content marketing Waas and you learned about the five must have in successful video content marketing. One of those things included Heavy, a clearly defined and targeted audience. Therefore, in this video we'll talk about why knowing your audience is important and I'll give you 11 factors to consider when identifying your ideal viewer. So let's get started in my twenties. One of the most valuable lessons that I was taught was that it really wasn't all about me. I was not the center point of the universe upon which everything rotates around. People were not going to give me stuff simply because I felt I deserved it. And that is a lesson that you can carry on into branding. People are not going to buy your products just because you want them to. Your friends are not going to support your channel just because you want them to. Your family are not going to buy your product just because your family and you want them to to successfully grow our brands and businesses, we have to move beyond that place of entitlement and to really get strategic about who we are marketing to and not come from a place of your going to buy my product because you owe me because we're friends or because we're family, because the world doesn't work that way. Every now and then, I'll come across a post on Facebook that goes something like, if Onley, you supported your friends businesses like you supported Hershey's or like you support Jordan or like you support Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom, you can pick a brand, and you can plug it into that point. But if on Lee my friend, marketed their business in such a way as these companies now, I'm not gonna be naive and say that a one man show can have the same branding as a multi $1,000,000 business. I'm not crazy. However, a one man show, a one woman show, does have the potential to narrow down who their audience is and to target that audience, and that's what we are going to get into in this video. Now, if you have already developed an ideal client profile or, um, ideal customer avatar, sometimes people call it. I see a then you can go ahead and skip to the next video because you will probably know all of these things that were going to go over. However, if you haven't, you're in luck. Because next we're going to talk about 11 factors to consider went developing your I see A and why you should consider them the first fat Do you want to consider in identifying your ideal viewer or your ideal customer? Is there a judge age? Tell us so much. One. It tells us what language we should use. You wouldn't talk to a five year old the same way you would talk to a 35 year old or you do your videos a little bit different if is geared towards teenagers, then you would if his gear towards the parents of teenagers net she wanted. Think about the gender of the person. You're a marketing to women and men. We speak differently. It's just common knowledge. Uh, no matter how far we want to get away from it, I talk and communicate differently than what my husband does for him. When he wants to socialize, he goes on ready. I have seen read it before, and nothing about it brings me in, however, I can look at pinchers all day, and when he sees me on pinchers, he's like, What are you doing? So you have to kind of connect with the gender of the person. Now I'm not saying women are not already in men or not on pinchers, because that's not the case. However, you will find that your brand may speak to one gender more so than other next, you'll want to consider the occupation of your ideal customer occupation told us a lot about who the person may or may not be. For instance, if I am selling career counseling services to those that are going into second career options, then I might look at which occupations has the highest turnover rate. Because more than likely, I'm going to find someone who is not satisfied with your job. Another example on If I wanted to make a video about which still told work boots are the best, I wouldn't market that video to a group that is for administrative assistance because they probably don't need steel toe work boots. However, I might want to find a group of local construction workers, nor in the occupation of my ideal client also gives me a little bit of information about how much disposable income they may have, and that brings us right into the considering income, because we know those two things usually go together. If you have a high dollar product, like, if your marketing jet Runnels, you're not going to go to a teacher because more lightly, a teaching can't afford to rent a jet. They might not even be able to afford a room. A car? You're talking about a jet? Are you serious? So you have to think in terms of what I need. If I have a top dollar product, then I need someone who makes top dollar. However, if I am get during my product to those who need to save on the budget that I may go to someone who may have a lower income and that's part of their struggle, they're struggling to make ends meet, so I will market to them my generic brand of house cleaning products with the promise of it's just a good as the brand names. But you save nets. You'll want to consider any special interests and hobbies that your ideal customer has this is going to allow you to identify places that you may find them with me. For example, I post links to my videos and paper crafting groups on Facebook because I know the people in those groups are interested in videos about paper crafting now. It wouldn't make sense for me to go post my links and groups that it's talking about politics because more than likely, they're not going to be interested now. Does that me? That my ideal customer can't be interested in both? Not at all. However, the go is to promote your brand and the place that it is most relevant. Next, you'll want to consider the education level of your ideal customer. For instance, if you are selling G E D prep courses, then you want to make sure you're not speaking on a college level because more than lightly , that's not where your ideal customer is going to be. If they can't understand your marketing, then they're going to say, you know what? I'm not gonna be able to understand and use their products. Nets. Think about the fears your ideal customer may have. Now I know that makes me sound like a villain. However, we as humans are greatly motivated by our fears because we want to prevent them from coming true. Think about it. If you were marketing a weight loss pill, you wouldn't market it to someone who eats whatever they want and naturally stays. Then you would market it to the person who's at the gym working out thinking about portion size, but yet they still can't get off those last £5. Next, you'll want to consider the values of your ideal customer because our values usually don't change over time. That's one thing that's pretty constant because it's not law, but is the principles of how we run our lives Now the next thing you'll want to consider is the relationship status of your ideal customer, because this girl that does know a lot about them. For instance, if you are marketing your jewelry shop with a video or how to choose to write engagement ring, then you probably don't want to post least to that video on tender. I don't even know if Tender has a place to post leads, but you get what I'm saying. Those people are not in the place where they are considering buying engagement rings so they wouldn't be your ideal viewer. And at last, on the list, you'll want to consider to spending habits of your ideal customer. Is she a penny pincher or is she loosey goosey where her money This will allow you to think about how much convincing this person is going to need in order to get them to buy your product? So there you have a 11 factors to consider when identifying your ideal customer. Now, these air, not the Onley. 11 factors to consider. It's basically a starting point to identifying who your ideal customer is. Now. If you need more help with this, they indefinitely check out the war sheet that is linked in the your project section of the classroom. And that is it for video to up nets, we're going to talk about the pillars of good content 4. No.3 | The Pillars of Good Content : hi and welcome to video three. The three pillars of content so far usually aren't what video content marketing is. You know, the five months has for successful video content marketing. You know why knowing your audience is essential and you have considered 11 factors to identifying your ideal viewer. In this video, you're going to learn the true purpose of your content. We'll talk about the three pillars of good content, and I'll introduce you to a goof proof way of producing content that your audience wants to hear. Last. We'll talk about five. Go to themes that could be applied to any business. So let's get started. Your content was served three main purposes. First, direct contact helps others get to know you. This is your way to introduce yourself and to let people know that you is this in the world . The second purpose of your content is to get others to like you. This is a time for you to build meaningful relationships with those who are interested and what you have to say. The cool thing is that when you first start out, they're not as many eyes on you. Therefore, you have time to be a little bit more personal with the people who follow you. For instance, on my YouTube channel, I have a small following and I have the opportunity to respond to people when they leave me . Comments. I can actually get to know some of the people who were following me through chatting and through messages. Now, compared to someone who may have a 1,000,000 followers, they don't have that opportunity to be one on one with their viewers. It's just not possible one person can't respond to that made people. Now course they can go out and hire people to respond for them. However, sometimes you lose that connection once you get to that point. So if you are just starting out and you're thinking I only have three people that follow me and one is my mama, don't worry about it. Focus on those who are there for you now and build a relationship with them. I guarantee you get a payoff in the end, and the final purpose of your content is to get others to trust you. When people trust us, they're more likely to opt into our list or to invest in something that we're selling. Next. Let's consider what makes good content good. The world is feel with B is content. You don't want to contribute to that. You want your content to be so good that when people see it, they actually want to view it. And I'll give you an example from my life. A couple of years ago, I was following this fan page on Facebook for this website that was geared toward providing women would like current events, facts and different fashion advice, beauty advice. It talks about politics and just women issues, and it was a great website. I loved it, But as it continued to grow, um, they seemed like the writers got so focused on just producing constant every day that it turned into crap and it to me. In my opinion, I felt like they spent a lot of time on headlines so they can put it on their Facebook page toe link back to the Web site. But when you clicking on those links and viewed content, it was complete crap. As a result, I unsubscribed from their their page because it was a waste of my time, and I just don't have that type of time and energy to waste on crept. So you want to make sure that your content is good because people will get to know you. They will get toe like you. They will start trusting you, a reading your content, and then you will produce something that's not so good. They may give you a chance, and then you do it again, and then they all subscribe. So all of this stuff really works together. So the first thing you want to do is to make sure that your content is valuable. Does it solve a problem in the person's life, and is it usable now? Value can be more than just educational value. It could be something as inspirational. It could be something that brings joy. It could bring something that brings humor and laughter. All of those things are emotions or things that we value. In addition, it could be something that helps with financial lease, um, saving money. Think about those websites that are geared toward helping people become coupon shoppers. That is value. So whatever you're producing, you're content on whatever top it. Make sure that it is valuable to your ideal reader or your ideal viewer, and this brings us to pillar number two. Is it relevant? Is it intended for your audience and does it reflect your brand? And I'll give you a goof proof way of making sure you produce relevant content that your audience will want to watch. And it's so simple is mind blowing. All you need to do is ask your audience as the votes who follow you. What do they want to see from you? I promise you, people will let you know what they like and dislike. The last thing is, you want to make sure your content is engaging, doesn't resonate with your intended audience, and is it personal? The worst thing you can sit through is something that is valuable in relevant but is boring as heck. Think about those old college lectures where you had a professor in the front of the room, just going through talking mono tone about something you don't really care about. You don't want that for your videos. Make sure that when you do your videos, that is something that people can connect to and that you let your personality shine and that you are being yourself. One other thing you want to consider when engaging with your content is to ask questions of your reader, make them think and then ask them to leave their responses In the comments section. Most video platforms have a place for the viewer to leave comments. If you don't have that option, consider using rhetorical questions. They allow the reader to engage with your content because as soon as we read questions or were asked questions, our mind wants to answer them. It's just the way we are hard wired as humans. So now we're gonna talk about five. Go to content themes that a new brand can use, and they are great when you're starting from zero and you have no following, and therefore you just need something to start with. So first up do a product overview or demo. I love seeing how something works before I actually purchase it. And if I see a video showing how to use the object and how is going to make my life easier , I'm more likely to purchase it. Nets is testimonials from people who have actually tried your product or service. Now the only thing about this is to make sure that you are being 100% transparent. There was a brand where someone tried this and they were just pulling pictures of folks off the Internet in writing up testimonies. And they got called out big time because someone saw their face and was late. No, no, no. I did not give permission to do that. So you want to make sure that you're being 100% honest and your testimonies? If you are giving your product to someone for their testimony, put that on there, be transparent about it so it don't come back to buy Gina, but later next, consider making videos about frequently s questions that relate to your brand or services is a reason why they are frequently, as people honestly don't know. Answer f accuse allows you to be seen as expert in your field. And it also clears up confusion about your product or service because a confused mind always says no. Oh, right. Another hot hat, hat piece of content is your about video. People don't really want to know what you do. We want to hear the story on why you're doing it. For example, every season I go through my home and I give any items that I'm not using to the Goodwill Now I chose the goodwill not because they will sell my items and get it out in my house, but because I read that they sell their products in order to help people get jobs and live sustainable lives. And that is important to me and last on the list. What I think is the Holy Grail, the how to video. I love how to videos. I love Producer had two videos and viewers love how to videos because the first thing we do when we need to know how to do something ourselves is with Google it. If you're like me, I don't want to sit through no pictorial. I don't want to just read about it. I want to see it. And if I can see the person actually walking me through the steps, I am hooked. So the how to video will provide you with lots of viewers. Not all of them will become like fans because sometimes we need to know how to do something one time and then that's it. However, how to videos is the content that will be evergreen and it will keep a study supply of people watching your videos. Thank you for watching this video up. Next, we're going to talk about profits and making sure that our marketing plan is profit driven . 5. No. 4 | What is your end game? : way. Welcome back to video for what is your end game? So far, you've learned what video content marketing is. You know why you must know your audience and you know who you're see A is, and you know the keys to good content. In this video, we'll talk about the and goals of video content marketing. I'll introduce you to the three people your interact with during your cells process. I also go over with the head of sales. Final is and why you need it. And last but not least, I'll tell you the call you must make in order to be profitable. Whether you're just starting your business today or looking for new ways to market your brand, the ultimate ankle is growth. Let's be honest. No one want to be stagnant in their business. So today we're going to talk about growing your followers and growing your sales because in the end, if is not making money then is just a hobby. You may be wondering, How do I achieve this growth? And the answer to that question is all in your cells final. So what is a sales funnel? A. Cells funnel is basically your road map to get into your end goal. This is how I go from saying Hello. My name is true. Nay and I help women cultivate joined clarity in their lives through crafting to saying thank you for purchasing my e cores. The process contains three tiers, which is defined by three particular roles, and every farmer we began with leaves. Elite is anyone who becomes aware of your brand, and at this point in the sales process, your main objective is to introduce your brand. You basically want people to know you are here and to know what you do. One common mistake in this stage of the process is not knowing your audience. Therefore, you don't know where to look for lease. Think of it this way. You wouldn't try to sell designer handbags in the unemployment line because the leads that you will meet will not be at a point in their lives where they could afford to spend money on luxury items. I've been unemployed before. During that time, I was not trying to buy a Chanel bag or you know something like that. So if you make this mistake, you'll end up not being able to tear your leads into prospects. So what's the second step? You guessed it turn. It leads into prospects. So as you can see from the diagram, the amount of Lee's significantly decreases when you move into prospects. And that's OK because everyone isn't interested in what you have to sell. But for the few people who are, your first objective is to inform and to educate them. Let's take a example. If Kate decides to give you a few seconds of her time, then your duty as a content marketer is to teach or something. Now, you don't just want to teach our any old thing because, after all, you are marketing. But you want to educate her on something that adds value to her life. But it also has to be something that benefits you as the marketer. So if you are a spa owner, you might want to educate her on how to prepare for a massage. Not gonna lie. The first time I went to a massage parlor on that, it's sound kind of kind of gross Carlton in a massage parlor to the spot. The first time I went to this far, Um, I looked up what steps I needed to take to prepare. I honestly wanted to know if I had to take off all my clothes or if I could keep my honeys on. I look better. I googled it. And a content marketer provided me the answers to that question. Now, if your first obligation to your prospects is to educate them on something that naturally, the second step is to allow them to process the information that you have given them, that's why in this part of the sales process, we want to inform and educate and then allow the prospect to evaluate. This allows them to decide if they like us. Think about your own personal shopping experiences. You're not giving your money to people who you don't like or to branch that you don't like . I'll give you example from my life. My car needed some repairs, and I was at the mechanic and of course he was telling me what was wrong with the car. He didn't lie to me. He told me exactly what was wrong with the car and what needed to be fits. However, he was fast talking me. He didn't give me time to make my decision. He was being very pushy. So I was like, You know what? I wait. No, no, thank you. Now, eventually, I end up getting it. Is that same repairs that he recommended done to my car? However, I didn't use him because I didn't like him. Notice sells bad, but I didn't like the way he made me feel as a consumer. I was afraid that he was just trying to take advantage of me because he was fast talking me , and I just didn't like him. So I took my money somewhere else. Even though he gave me good content, the sales process and the way he made me feel was off. So I stay a prospect for him, and I went somewhere else and became a customer. As you've probably guessed, by now, the last step in the sales process is to turn prospects into customers. But this can't happen unless you the marketer, make a call to action. No way around it. You have to close the deal and ask your prospects to commit to becoming customers. You have to ask them to join your list. You have to ask them to buy your product. And if they trust you that they are more likely to fork over their money or their email address and investing you because we invest in the people that we know and that we like. And that brings us to a common estate in this part of the sales process. And that brings us to a common mistake in this part of the sales process which is violating the trust of our prospects and our customers. If you're selling a book and you tell me this books $5 I get to the register and all I have in my hand in this book and you say, OK, that will be $50. You have violated my trust. You have not been transparent with me. And honestly, I'm thinking that you were kind of shady. And I will say, you know what? You keep your book. This happens all the time or it could be a example where I buy your product, you tell me something is going to work and it doesn't and I come back and I say this product doesn't work for me, Um, or it just doesn't work at all. And you say what is your problem and you had, like, a money back guarantee and it's my problem and you don't want to give me a refund. Then you just you basically just stop that person from becoming a repeat customer. So is very important that we respect our customers and that we honored the trust that they are giving us and that we hold that as a sacred relationship. Now that you have a general understanding of sales finals, I'm going to walk you through my own personal funnel that I use for growing my brand. So I start off with my leads and I capture leased by posting projects to Facebook instagram pinchers. All of that good stuff. And what I do is when I post my pictures and stuff, I make sure that they have a link that goes back to my YouTube channel that if someone clicks that link, they can watch the full length video of how I made that particular project out. The watching videos, they may say, OK, I like her. Like the personality. I like what she makes. I'm going to go ahead and subscribe to her channel. Now they keep watching videos and then they see one of my videos where I offered them free weekly scrapbooking prompts delivered right to the mailbox how they had to do a sign up for my mailing lease. And that is where they have to make a commitment and decide whether they want to opt into my list. And this how my brand continues to grow. Now, if you're thinking will turn a, they subscribe to your YouTube channel, why do you want them on the list? That's because I don't own YouTube. At any given day, YouTube can say, We're kicking you off. We're closing your channel and I have no way to reach out to those folks. However, if YouTube decides that they no longer want me on their platform and they give me the boot , at least have all these melon lists where I can say, Hey, here's my Luke new location. You can watch my videos here, and that gives me a little bit of control. So that's why I consider my brain growth based on the numbers that I have on my melon lists , instead of the numbers that I have on my different social media platforms. They both are important. However, one gives me a little bit more control than other. Okay, so now let's look at a funnel that is geared toward sales growth. So just like the other final, I post a video with a preview to Instagram. Say my I see a K clips on the link. She watches my videos and she subscribes because she likes me. She wants to know a little bit more about me. Then case decided, Okay, I am going to opt into her milling lis. From there, Kate receives my weekly scrapbooking prompts. And then one day she receives my offer or my call to action to purchase my E course. She goes to myself. Hey, she likes the E course, and she buys it. That's how she went from becoming a Lee to a prospect to a customer. All right, so if you are too tight that don't have any particular products to sell, you probably are in this for personal branding. So let's take the good old example of applying for jobs because your professional and you need other people to see you as a professional. So what do you do? You go out and you send resumes and you apply for jobs, however, does not enough. Everybody does that right. When the your potential employees sees your resume, they're going to see a link that has your e folio. They're going to go to it, click it and guess what they're going to see. Awesome video. What you want it. So they're going to say this video is so awesome. I want to meet this person in my office. They call you in for an interview, your interview with them. They are blown away. However, they have the interview, other people, and they have to evaluate you against other people. However, they like you and then they decide to give you a job offer. The cool thing about cells funnels is that although we think of it as a business concept, it can be applied into so many different areas of our life. A lot of people don't think of just applying for a job as a process that needs a funnel. However, it is because you are selling your level of expertise to another individual. The same thing goes with some of your hobbies and interests. You're trying to sell other people on it, whether you're trying to get your wife to go fishing with you, and you're trying to say her on how much fun fishing is going to be or your China's sale your Children to eat in their vegetables. It is my hope that this video has shed some light about sales finals and that you have a better understanding of them that if you have a cells funnel already, then great, you're one step ahead. However, if you don't don't worry. When you get to the class project, you'll have the opportunity to create a sales funnel. So let's talk about what you've learned in this video. First, you know how to select the right in games for your marketing strategy. I have introduced you 2 to 3 people. You'll interact with wow marketing. You have a working knowledge of what a Selves funnel is, and you know how it fits into your video content marketing strategy. And last but not least, you understand why you must make a call to action and how they will impact your profit goals up. Nets were talking creating your videos. Hey, the entire reason you signed up for this course is going to be fun out. See, there 6. No. 5 | DIY Videos |: Hello and welcome to video four D i. Y videos. It's time to make the videos. Yo yea, In this video, we're going to talk about budget and show you some tools that met your personal budget. We're going to go over four formats for recording videos, and then we're going to talk about choosing the right platform for publishing, followed by the common misstates that are made when creating videos. All right, first up, let's start with a question that no one ever wants to answer. What is my budget? You have to consider it, whether your budget gets big or little zero or thousands of dollars. You need to come out with the honest answer on how much you could spend because this is going to determine what type of equipment you're going to use for creating your videos. So let's talk about the fun stuff, the equipment. We have a grid here that is going to give us different video, audio and lighting equipment dependent on the budget. First on the list for video equipment is your cell phone or your tablet Smart phones. Oh my gosh, cameras. Very good. That wasn't even a complete sentence, but she has get the juice under the right lighting. You can get very nice video. What gesture? Smartphone or your tablet? So start there and see if you like what you see. Now, if you're thinking about spending a little money, you may want to consider high definition Webcams or a point and shoot camera that has good video capabilities and in our last category, considered a DSLR cameras, cam quarters and the GoPro's. Now these typically start somewhere around $400 can go up until the $10,000 range. All right, so, Nets, let's talk about audio and what you can do in the first category considered the built in audio of the device that you're using for video. If that doesn't work, use headphones with a built in. Might the apple here but the mic on networks pretty good, especially if you're just starting now or publishing content for a social media platforms such as Facebook, live or periscope. So in I'll go category, we have lava Lear lapel mites and the blue snowball mate. Now the lapel might start at about $13 they go up from there. I mostly used my lapel Mike, if I'm doing a live video with my iPhone, and I need a richer audio now, the blue snowball might, on the other hand, is a great USB mic. It plugs directly into the computer, and I mostly use it for voice overs. Now, if you're willing to spend a little bit more money and you're using a DSLR camera, you can grab a shotgun like these are Mike's that plug directly into your camera and they started about $100 they do provide really good audio. Another option is stand alone audio recorders. The's can capture like top match audio, but for me, I feel like they are not very user friendly because out the recording audio, you have to try to match it to the video to make sure that the sound in the movement of your lips are in sync. All right, so let's talk about some lighting options on your first lighting option that is not going to cost you a penny is good old fashioned daylight. Pull your desk bright up in front of the window if you're doing a demo or sit across from a window. If you're recording your face so that that natural light shines right on your skin. Make sure you turn off any lamps that have warm light bulbs, because that's going to throw off the lighting. And speaking of light bulbs, that brings us to our second price point, which is lamps with daylight bulbs. One easy way to make sure that your light bulbs are daylight books is toe. Look on the box on the back. There will be a scale that has light appearance on one side of, say, warm on the opposite. It's a cool. You want to make sure the light books that you select has a rating of at least 5000 K The case stands for Kevin. 5000 K is probably going to be the highest temperature that you can get at a hardware store or at a grocery store without having to get actual photography equipment. And in our last category, we have softball lights and devouring lights, thes arm or so professional videography and photography lights the soft about lights. You can get a kid at about $80 for the Devery in light, if you get the brand names gonna cost you about 2 to $300 No matter what your budget is remember is all about resourcefulness. Not necessarily. Resource is you can have someone who have all the video equipment that is top dollar, but they don't have the drive to make anything, so they don't do anything with it. If you are a college student, find out if your university will allow you to borrow audio in video equipment. Ah, lot of them do. And if you're looking for a professional look, but you don't have the professional money to go along with it, consider reaching out to college students who may be in school for videography or set design. Who would love to shoot your video just to build up their portfolio? So now that you know your budget and you are aware of some equipment that you can use, let's talk about a couple of different setups for recording your videos. All right. Our first example is talking head. As you remember, I used this and my intro video. These are more personable because they give a face to face feel. One thing to keep in mind when doing this type of video is that you have to plan your set, so I'm gonna show you my is that set up for my talking head? So with this type of format, the first thing you want is surroundings that are pleasing to the eyes. Of course you need a camera. As you can see, I have a iPhone set up on a tripod. And if you don't have a tripod and you could stack up books on a table or chair to get your desire height for your phone and it will work just the same, I have done it before. Also, you see, I have my light source, which is the window that is on one side, and my lamp is on the other side, and I am using Mr Teddy Bear to serve as a representation or where I would sit next up. We have demonstrations. I used these on my YouTube channel about 90% of time. They do require a special type of tripod if you want a direct overhit look. However, if you're not too concerned with it being directly overhead, you can always use a tripod on a table and angle it at the side. So here's an example of my set up for demonstrations. So for my overhead demonstrations, I have a lamp that is on the left hand side that focuses on the top left hand corner. Also, if you can look, you will see that I am directly in front of a window. And on the right hand side, I have another lamp. Now these are table lamps with those books that I told you about earlier. As you can see, I'm using my DSLR camera and I love this one because the monitor flips and I can see exactly what I'm recording next. That we have screen cast or screen recordings is basically recording the screen of your computer, your tablet or your phone. These are great if you are showcasing a demo on how to do something that involves technology like, for instance, how to Google something you know who wants each and I last video format is the slide show. Think PowerPoint or keynote. You've probably already made one of these for a presentation. They are really easy to make. That is what I've been using throughout this class. One of the cool things about PowerPoint slides is that you can buy templates that will make your presentation a little bit more engaging. Also, you should consider putting a picture of yourself somewhere in that presentation so that it feels a little bit more personal and that the person can actually get a visual representation of the person that is talking to them. Now let's focus our attention to some of the publishing platforms that are available for it . Your videos first up, the widely used YouTube. It is great because it's easy to use and it's free. They do provide great training for their content creators. Also, they provide some good resource is like free royalty free music that you can use. A great thing about YouTube videos is that you can bet them on your website very easily next that we have video. This website is really easy to use for uploaded videos. However, not all of the packages are free, and the good stuff is really within the pay packages. You know you pay. What you get for this platform is great because it puts you in complete control over who has access to your videos. Let's but we have the king of social media Facebook, and they have two options. Option one is there life feature, and this allows you to interact in real time with your viewers. The second option is to simply upload a pre recorded video, and this way, people who have light your fan page can see the video. Just keep in mind. We're marketing on Facebook. Nothing is free. The algorithms can really decrease the amount of people that can see that video unless you pay to boost it and similar to its parents company, Instagram has two options. You can upload videos on instagram stories, or you can simply upload a video to appear in your feet. Just keep in mind that the videos you post to instagram stories are time sensitive. Next we have Snapchat. This is the place where the young folks hang out is really cool because you're gonna use different filters for your videos. The main focus for Snapchat is to keep it light and to keep it fun. And last, we have periscope, which is a Twitter company. This platform is great for interacting with your audience in real time because it allows them to ask you questions and give comments. In order to be successful and producing your content. You have to remember that your go is progress in that perfection. The most common mistake you can make in producing videos or anything else. It's waiting into your perfect before you get started. So start small and keep it simple. Um, it's we have last video in this class, which is consistency and marketing, and will also be talking about the class project. 7. No. 6 | Consistency in Video Content Marketing : Hello and welcome to video number six Consistency in video content marketing and this video . We're going to talk about the importance of consistency and your marketing strategies. You'll also learn about a plant to keep you connected to your audience. Consistency is very important to video content marketing because it helps us to be approachable by audience. The more they engage with us and watch our videos, the more likely they are to leave comments or as questions and build a relationship with us . Also, consistency helps us build our brands style. Think about the consistency that you see in Target and Gap commercial. Their style is so consistent that you could identify their videos before you even see their logos. Nets. Consistency helps us to be credible within our feel. By consistently producing content on a similar subject, you show that you have a end up understanding of your field. Lastly, by having a consistent publishing schedule, you show that you are dependable because your audience can depend on you to publish win. You say you will publish. Think about TV shows. What if your favorite show came on at a different time every week? You probably would stop watching it because you can't depend on it to be there. Developing an editorial calendar is essential and making sure that you have a consistent publishing schedule to be successful. Your editorial calendar should include four areas. First content production content, publication content promotion in content. Engagement, including each of these areas in your calendar, promotes productivity and accountability. Now is time for the fun part the class project. You are going to use all the information you've learned in these last seven videos to create your own editorial calendar. The first step is to brainstorm ideas for a video. Siri's Keep in mind your growth goals while brainstorm and top. It's if you're feeling a little confused about your goals. Don't worry. Re watch a video number four. What is your in game net? She wanted to cite on the number of videos for your Siri's. I recommend starting somewhere between three and five videos. Just keep in mind. You don't want to overdo it. You want this to be fun and something that you can actually implement. Next, you're gonna outline your content using the content planner that I have provided for you in the project section of our classroom. The last up is to create a editorial calendar that maps out when you will produce, published, promote and engage with your audience. How do you finish your project? Be sure to share in the classroom using Google Drive. Make sharing your project very easy. Simply go to Google. Click on the drive dropped down at a new foul. Choose your foul from your menu and wait for your foul toe up blue out. Their foul has finished up loading. You can get a share a bowl link by clicking in the corner and clicking. Get terrible link. I can't wait to see your class project I just know is going to be awesome. Now go and get to work.