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Vertical Video Production with TikTok for Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, I create music videos and teach crypto!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Let's make vertical videos on TikTok for stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube


    • 2.

      Our class project is to share a screenshot of a video we made on TikTok


    • 3.

      Explore the User Interface in TikTok's Video Editor


    • 4.

      Filters and Timer in TikTok's Video Editor


    • 5.

      Add Effects for Maximum Engagement


    • 6.

      Choose a Sound and Film in Whole or Parts


    • 7.

      Include Text for Viewers Watching Without Sound on Instagram and Facebook


    • 8.

      Posting Videos, Choosing Hashtags, and Sharing to Instagram


    • 9.

      What to Watch Next?


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About This Class

Learn how to film vertical videos in TikTok for sharing to stories on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube today to empower your content marketing and video production skills to reach the next level with mobile first portrait format popular on all social media apps today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

I create music videos and teach crypto!


YouTuber, Twitch streamer, crypto investor (100% $ICP), music producer, father, husband, gamer, and yogi sober in AA since 2014 as seen at

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1. Let's make vertical videos on TikTok for stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: welcome to vertical video production with TIC Tac For stories on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You will find this course really helpful for showing you how to use Tic Tac to make mobile friendly vertical videos on your phone that can very easily be shared to Facebook, YouTube and instagram to give you the ability to share your message in the shortest amount of time with the most possible result. I love making stories on tick talk to share to YouTube, instagram and Facebook, and I've shown in this course exactly how you can produce videos very easily in tic tac and share them. If you would like to learn more about tic tac on skill share, please search for my course Tic Tac for beginners. Because that course goes through Tic Tac itself is an application. This course is strictly how to make videos within the tic tac app and then share them easily to Facebook, YouTube and instagram in the stories, which is the most engaging way currently to share content on Facebook, YouTube and instagram. Thank you very much for getting started with this class. I'm Jury Banfield. I mean your instructor and I'm so excited to share my experience here producing videos with you on tic tac 2. Our class project is to share a screenshot of a video we made on TikTok: for your class project on skill share where you please share a screenshot off a video that you've created using this process because we'd love to learn from what you've done and to get to know you as well go into the class project, put your screenshot of your video there, and then the more you can tell us about it, the better. I'm interested to learn more myself as a teacher about how you go about producing your videos. I'd love to know any specifics. For example, if you say I chose to cut at this point and then start at, say, three seconds and film in this room, I'd love to know your process that way. Not only does that help me, but that has the ability to help other students who are also learning how to make videos. And that makes this the best course. I appreciate you getting started with this class, and I'm excited to see your class project 3. Explore the User Interface in TikTok's Video Editor: Let's learn how to use the video editor to make awesome videos on tic tac. To get to it, All you need to do is hit that plus button anywhere in the ticktock app. Just hit that plus button, and this is what will come up. You'll get this screen right here that will have your face. Or if it doesn't have your face and your hit that flip button up on the top, you hit the flip button, and that will bring it around to the other camera. The interface for filming videos is pretty simple. Looking at it to get started with, however, the depth of features available is significant. We'll take a look at some of the basic ones in this first video, and then we'll go more in depth. You can film at different speed. If you go over to speed and click on speed, you can film fast or slow. You can also turn this beauty window on. I've shown you the two different when you hit this beauty icon. The picture are in the middle, does not have beauty on, and the picture on the other side on the far side does have the beauty filter turned on. From when I can tell, it basically fades out some of your freckles in my case and tries to make your face have a little more makeup. E appearance. That's not my idea of beauty, but that's the apse idea of beauty. Then you've got filters, which can give you different light effects. Same is on anywhere else. You've also got a timer, which is pretty cool. We'll cover that in a minute. MAWR. Then there's effects. The effects are where tic Tac really shines. Some of the effects can make your videos a lot more engaging. You can also choose down here on the bottom, right? Do you want to film for 60 seconds or 15 seconds? I've seen videos that are successful with both of these different formats and then the big red button. Obviously you hit that, and it records on the very top. My light has obscured it on one, but on the very top there's a button that says sounds. When you click on that, you can then put some music into your video. There's also button. You upload your own videos if you want to. You can totally skipped the Tic Tac editor and upload your own videos. The videos I've done that have performed the best have been filmed in the TIC Tac editor. There's also some photo templates, but I don't use those. If you just have pictures to me, why bother using Tic Tac? None of the videos I've seen that do well used pictures make an actual video instead of fooling around with pictures. This is the basics of how to use the Tic Tac video editor. Here is just to know your way around the interface. Then the easiest way to learn is simply to play around with different effects and see which ones you like. I'll give you next, some off the Maurin depth parts of the interface. 4. Filters and Timer in TikTok's Video Editor: Let's take a look. Now at two individual parts of the video editor, one is filters, and the other one is the timer. Filters are something you can apply and that is separate from effects. Filters mainly just act like they do on a camera app like Instagram, where you can alter the basic appearance through certain filters. Thes will not go as far as effects, and to me, I don't usually bother with filters because I don't find them that cool. I usually go for effects. However, there are a good amount of filters that you can choose from that you may prefer to add some color or take some color away in your videos, and you can get a basic idea of what they look like here. There's something like maybe 50 or so filters at the time in there now. You may also want to use the timer feature because this will help you do videos in mawr engaging formats, for example, where you might need to walk back from the camera a bit. And that way, if you're by yourself, you won't need someone to actually do it for you. If you're just alone in your dorm room or your house. You can just prop your phone up, start the countdown, go run to wherever you need to. And what's cool is you can actually mark a stop point. That way it won't film the entire video one off. The reasons people love tic tac and have so much fun on it is the quickly edited watch One second in this shot and then two seconds in that shot. The choppy edits and quick transitions are hallmarks of tic tac. Therefore, you probably do want to use the timer to a mark a stop point, especially if you, for example, need to put your phone up, run to the other side of the room, do a little dance or something, and then you might not want it to record for the entire length of the whole video. Therefore, you can just hit this red little bar and drag it to different points and hit start countdown. Once you hit start countdown, then you can have that much time before you film. It will go just for whatever length you've said it, too. Then you can repeat that process to make a video that you wouldn't have been able to make just holding your phone up and going like this and allow you to make much more fun videos. Therefore, the timer is a feature that you will see people using not directly, but you'll see on videos people have made that have gone viral. They've clearly used the timer to put it up, run over to the other side of the room, do a little dance and then it cuts to basically the same thing in several different positions. For example, one thing that's popular people goto, Walmart either have a friend, hold it or they put it on a shelf and hit the timer. Go do a little dance and hit that cuts and they do. The same thing may be in another spot, or it's just one particular video. That's how you use filters and the timer on the Tic Tac video editor 5. Add Effects for Maximum Engagement: what you will absolutely want to use in the Tic Tac video editor are the effects these you confined on the left side of the record button. These can help a lot with making mawr engaging fun and interactive videos. For example, on this effect that I've put on the left side of the screen, it has versions of you go pop up in the background. It's really fun, and I'm intending to use that on my next video. The one right here in the middle looks kind of like a bunch of tombstones. If you actually look at the effect as it looks in the place where you can choose all the effects, this effect puts your head against essentially kind of a chroma key background. And it has a scrolling version of your head that continues to roll bys. I've gotten lots of comments saying people love that particular effect. There's also a green screen photo type of effect where you can kind of do what I'm doing on camera. You can take this one. It looks like there's a TV with a green field behind it. Then you can put in any particular picture you want in the background, and it might even be impossible to do videos in it as well. As you can see on this picture background. I've just used whatever the default was on that then it used is kind of a chroma key to just put your face and then you can have it on any background. I've seen some videos go viral that have used this green screen effect with a picture in the background, and I'm very excited. I've gotten great feedback on the first of effect here in the middle, and I'm going to try this other pop up effect, especially when people are on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, where the threshold for story quality is often pretty low. People are generally not putting that much effort into story thoughts of times, just quickly sharing a photo on Facebook or instagram and putting that in is a story. When you pop some of these effects on with TIC Tac, you will get a lot higher engagement with your stories on Facebook, YouTube and instagram. And when people watch mawr of your stories than interact with them or Facebook, YouTube and Instagram will put those stories towards the top of the feet. And since I've started using Tic Tac, I've been getting a lot of impressions on my stories on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, using the exact effects that I've just shown here, especially. And I've also done some videos without any effects that have done really well, especially by putting some text on them. Thus, once you've got some effects that you are ready to go to the next level No, I was gonna cut that. I felt I forgot one important thing. You're like, Yeah, I forgot one important thing, and I don't cut these just because it's just a lot more fun in real. That way, there's one more important thing. When you find in effect, you really like hit this little favorite button on it or this little bookmark button on it . That way you can find it again. This is one of the most annoying things I did. When I first used the app, I found a couple of effects I really liked, and then it took me a while to go find those ones again. That's when you find in effect, you really like, make sure to hit that bookmark button on it that way. When you film your next video, all you do once you hit the effects button and the left corner, then you just go hit this little bookmark button and you'll find all of your favorite effects right in that bookmark button. Instead of having the goal. Look through all of them again, especially since you're likely to find effects in the trending category. And different effects will trend from time to time. You want to make sure and save your favorite effects. That way, when you're you've got one minute to film a quick video, you just hop in, pop the effect on and go now done. 6. Choose a Sound and Film in Whole or Parts: Let's talk about Now sounds and the basics of recording videos on Tic Tac. When you click on Sounds, which is at the very top of the interface, you'll see all kinds of music you can use to put on your videos. For tic Tac, the music you can use on your videos on Tic Tac can be one of the biggest factors tell. Get your video viral If you make something that uses a popular or trending song that people really love and enjoy, I've seen probably the majority of the videos I've seen on the four You Page on Tic Tac are videos that have taken a popular trending song and made a great video to that. Lots of them can be lip synchs where the person is singing a song or certain songs will have certain types of dances that go with those songs or certain stunts. For example, the one I find so hilarious take a two liter of Coker Big Jug of Water and pour it all over the floor as it spills over a cup. With that one song, which I just listened to, it was actually really offensive, and I couldn't even hardly get through the first minute of it. I'm thinking, My God, this is this what people thought when I was listening to Eminem I must have been when I was listening. Teoh, the Marshall Mathers LP in high school, my dad sat me down on the couch. That must have been the wow. I'm totally in the opposite situation out anyways. Quick tenders. And that might be funny. Go through the sounds you can pick out sounds. Sounds can make a huge difference on your video. Now there's an interesting thing with copyright to the sounds when you pick out a sound on the TIC Tac marketplace. In theory, there should be no issues with copyright because these air sounds that the artists have put out there and made available. And currently there is not any direct monetization for users on Tic Tac. However, it does appear there are some problems. If you just take a sound that is copyrighted and it's not up here on the sound marketplace and use it yourself, I think that can get your video blocked or get you into some issues. Therefore, you can feel safe using the sounds directly that are available on here because I imagine Tic Tac has worked with artists to get thes specifically uploaded. And then you can have awesome background music for your video when you're actually ready to start filming the video. Then you just hit the big red record button over here on the middle of the interface, which you can't miss. Once you hit that big red record button, you can then stop it. And this is where tic Tac shines. As a video editor, you can put little 1234 2nd clips together and jump around in your video. If you are, then decide you've recorded part of it. You didn't like you just hit this little X button over here, and it'll dilly just that most recent part of the clip once you've got it filmed in a way you're satisfied with. Then you hit this red check mark and will take you on to the next screen. You've got all the tools now to film your own 15 2nd or 62nd video. Then Tic TAC also has some after filming effects like text that you can add on that we'll look at next 7. Include Text for Viewers Watching Without Sound on Instagram and Facebook: after you've got your video filmed, the most important post affect toe. Add in my opinion, is text. What you do is you just click on text after you filmed your video. You can't do this before, but you click on it after you've got your video filmed. Then you click on the text button and you can add your text. You can at it the text, either to just be plain text or you can change the fund, and you can also add a background to it, although you are limited to whatever color it makes you use and then the opposite. For example. On this, if I click purple on the color, it makes me use white text on that. Not a big deal, but it is worth noting. Then you can edit the text itself. You could drag it around and resize it. You could also set duration on the text. Text is critical for stories on Facebook and YouTube, and instagram and text can also be a big part of your video production. I've seen ah, lot of videos on Tic Tac, where it was pretty much someone standing there and pointing at different text for Facebook and YouTube and Instagram stories. You really want the text because, especially on Facebook and Instagram, people are not likely to be watching stories with sound on. Therefore, you want to have some text to explain what your video is talking about and encourage people by the text to actually get involved in watching your video and turn the sound on. You. Don't ask for people to turn the sound on, though, because then that will lower the quality of the video on Tic Tac, where most users are watching with sound on What I do is often just put the basic idea off my video into text. For example, in the video where I was asking for prayers for my mom, I put that on the top of the text. Right above my head is the favorite spot where I like to put my text, because then my beautiful faces out there in the open, you can see the shirt I'm wearing or what not, and then the text is kind of in that useless spot above my head. I put the text there, for example, prayers for my mom, Kathy, and that helped draw people into clicking on and listening to the whole story on Instagram and on Facebook and YouTube. Meanwhile, on Tic Tac, it helps people who do have sound on to instantly get kind of a title and an idea for the video with setting duration. You can also make the text change throughout the video. For example, you can tell a story just in text that can be understood silently in Facebook or Instagram stories especially. And this is a much more engaging on Facebook and Instagram than doing it a different way. Because this way, people without sound can experience the whole story without even turning sound on. And then those that want to may watch it again and turn the sound on to hear what you've said. I've found this consistently working in Facebook and Instagram and YouTube Stories toe have either text throughout the whole video that says the same thing or to have text for the 1st 2 or three seconds and then rotate the text to tell the whole story. What I've not had success with is trying to get people off of Facebook, YouTube, Tic tac and Instagram to go say, watch a video or go to 1/3 party platform with a link directly there. In that case, you can plan on, instead asking people to search for something like, for example, if you've got a Kickstarter project, just tell them the name of the project and go search on Kickstarter. There's no need to put a short link directly in here because most people on mobile and almost no one wants to sit there and type out the whole girl thought people do use APS, will goto websites, and thus you can just have some kind of called action like Go on Kickstarter in Search or you can try u R l and maybe a little work for you. It hasn't worked for Mia. You also in the after effects area. After the video's been filmed, you can do voice effects. You can apply additional filters, sounds and mawr effects and stickers. I get all of that stuff done except the voice effects. I don't haven't used those yet. I haven't seen many people doing the voice effects, either. Maybe there's an opportunity to do it. I apply every. I apply most of what I want during the filming itself. Stickers can also work like text, you can put an emoji on it. However, the main thing I've seen, people use successfully. I'm Tic Tac is text, and that's generally what I stick to myself. And if I want anything else is that part of the video generally put it on during the filming process. 8. Posting Videos, Choosing Hashtags, and Sharing to Instagram: after you finished any effects and text you want to add on the previous screen, you click on the red next button, and this will take you into the final place, where you can post your video on tic tac. I recommend. Make sure you've got your INSTAGRAM account connected and you've got that button selected. Share the post of video over to Instagram because as soon as you click post, it'll then put the video to TIC Tac, redirect you to Instagram. Then all you need to do is click the button in the lower left on Instagram to put it on your instagram and Facebook stories and then with just effort in making a video on Tic Tac , you've got a video on Tic Tac and stories on Instagram and Facebook. And then, if you've got YouTube, you can just uploaded to YouTube stories. You could put the video additionally on Twitter or anywhere else you wanted Teoh. The key to make it available outside of Tic Tac is toe have on the option to save toe album . This will add the video into your own photos on your phone. In that way, you can upload it anywhere else you want to. For example, when I do my stories, that goes out to my instagram profile and my Facebook page. Then I go put the story on Facebook on my profile, using the save video Safe to album. And then I uploaded to YouTube and my stories. And if I'm feeling like a real try hard, then I will also group put it in Twitter as a vertical video. Once you've got what I also recommend, allow duet and react on, allow comments and make the video public. I'm not sure why you got unchecked to allow do it and react on this screenshot, but make sure you've got that green. I've seen videos that have went viral on just reactions and duets. What a duet is it'll put you and essentially a square frame, where you'll be able to have your video right next to a video you're watching. You can also react to videos specifically using reactions. When you, uh, are ready to put your video up, you just need to describe your video. The threshold for doing a good job with this is currently pretty low. There's often people that will just put an emoji and say hashtag for you page. That can work, however, if you want the best results. Picking the right hashtags for your videos by going through and looking through the Discover Page on TIC Tac can help you find trending tash tags that are appropriate for your video. You want to put the hashtags that are appropriate for your video, because if tick talk shows your your video across the application to people who don't engage with it, then it just will seems to kill your video after that. And it won't put it out to anybody else, and this can happen very quickly. Therefore, you'll see if you click on the Hashtags button, you'll see some of the different tanks that they're trending. However, I have tested just putting whatever was trending on it, and I'm imagining a lot of other people do that as well. Therefore, that seems to have a lot of competition and also a lower likelihood of giving someone the exact right video they want to watch. Therefore, I'm not randomly just throwing any more trending hashtags on my video because that has not been working very well to give my videos the most appropriate audience. Ultimately, I want the right people to see my videos. I want people who will like my video and follow me and leave a comment and share my video to see it. And if that happens enough to get started with, then I will be able to get on the four You Paige after that. Anyway, if I mis categorized my video, I'm thinking that I'm actually reducing my chances of the potential of that video and also making it more generic, just hitting the discover and looking through the appropriate hashtag. For example, I do a lot of tutorial tic tac videos and therefore there's a trending hashtag, specifically four tutorial videos on Tic Tac. It's called That's how you Do It or something like that. Therefore, that is the exact hashtag I want to put on all my tutorial videos because that given I'm teaching something is the right hashtag for what my actual video is. I've seen some tic tac Earth take talkers who had some viral videos, and they just throw whatever is trending on their videos. However, I'm not doing that anymore. You can also take friends on videos if you want to. I haven't bothered with any of that. However, it seems some of the videos I've seen that I have got a lot of use have just tagged friends . They haven't even used Hashtags. That means that you can get a video viral without even putting any hashtags on it at all. That said, it seems, if you can pick the right Hashtags four video, that will do better. Finally, there's the cover four of video, which is just the image that you see on your profile. That means when you're brought, people are browsing through and looking at previous videos that covers on your profile. Since these actually come up in the news, feed is the main place. People see videos. The cover itself is not that important or worth obsessing over the way it is on some other platforms like, say, YouTube, where the click through image or the thumbnail does make a big difference. It doesn't make a big difference. It does not make a big difference on tic tac once you've got your video described, and if you can write the exact right text with your video and put the right hashtags and maybe tagged the right friends you can have the best results. For that said, it's all about doing quick videos. I tried toe have the highest result in the lowest amount of time. If therefore, it's important for me to discover Hashtags I consistently used and then show up on those hashtags over and over again instead of trying to do it perfect every time and then being devastated when my video gets 60 views and dies after that, I hope this has been helpful for you to learn how to use the tic tac video editor to get your videos actually finished. You are ready now to start publishing videos on Tic Tac and the key from here is just it aeration. Keep trying, keep learning, keep keep doing and that you will continue to get better and better at this and keep up with the changes and you will be on top of the TIC tac game 9. What to Watch Next?: thank you very much for finishing vertical video production with TIC TAC Four stories on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Here with Me, Jerry Banfield that your instructor on skill share I trusted you found this helpful. You'll take that extra second to leave a review because you'll feel good doing that by knowing that you're helping other people discover and benefit from this course as you have . I've got toe over 100 classes on skill share that I think you'll love and enjoy. If you haven't already watched Tic Tac for beginners, I highly recommend to go watch that next. And then you can just follow me on skill share to make sure you see my newest classes and updates. If you have not done so already, you also may love just going to my profile and seeing what my newest classes are to make sure you've watched those. I am a full time teacher online, and I am grateful for the chance to serve you on skill share Today. If you've got any questions, go ahead and put that class project in the class and or post in the community tab, and I'll be happy. Answer any questions for you. I love your awesome Thanks for being one of the very few. The watch, the entire class and I'll see you in the next class.