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VEGAN Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (garlic & oil) - Cooking With Friends Show

teacher avatar Francesco Samarelli, TEDx Speaker | Author | Father

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About This Class

Join host Francesco and his best friend Dominick as they share their version of this classic Italian staple. This recipe was inspired by many generations. Ironically, it is a vegan dish in it's most traditional form. Students of this video will have the benefit of learning both the non-vegan and vegan options. Keep an eye out for our upcoming courses as we aim to demonstrate classic dishes in both their traditional recipes and with an alternative vegan option.

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Francesco Samarelli

TEDx Speaker | Author | Father



Simply passionate.

As a TEDx speaker & TEDx speaker coach, author and entrepreneur my goal is to humbly share with others what has helped me get so far. 

As the founder of and becoming a father, I quickly realized that we need to be the best versions of ourselves in order to guide others. And that is why I am here, to show our growing community that we have the strength within to follow our dreams. 

What am I passionate about teaching?

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1. Intro: Welcome to cooking with friends. Course where today we're gonna be doing a tank classic. My best friend, Dominic. I feel you, Dominic. How you feeling? I'm good. I'm good. Thank you for your bring us together. I appreciate it. I'm excited for this. It isn't a time classic. We got all the, uh the necessary ingredients. He ever You want to come in and look at him. We'll go through everything here, but I really want to say most important thing is fresh and garlic. Nothing from a jar. Nothing refrigerated. Nothing. None of that minced in the jar stuff. It just It's not bad. It's just its its different. So what we're doing today is making it as authentic as possible. We wanted to come join this course because it is going to be worth it. We've learned from our parents, which they learn from their parents, which all from Italy. So here is the breakdown for the ingredients and come and join our course. 2. Ingredients: Like I said before, the first thing we're gonna start with is obviously the garlic. It's in the title. For those of you that don't know your value is garlic and oil. I use some some some interesting utensils to chop and peel the garlic. You can see it here. I'm using this roller that my wife got. It's really good. Keep the garlic stink off your hands. If you don't have that, you can use this other method where you just kind of grabbed a garlic from each end. Squeeze hard and you'll see here how the skin peels to slice the garlic. I use this. It's really cool. Little looks like so that my wife got. I works great. You can see and hear how it slices everything so thin. All you need to do is just throw the garlic and couple pieces at a time and slice away. If you don't have that, here are some simple ways. Some really professional ways on how you slice. I didn't do this myself. I kind of man. Justin was a trained chef, showed us how to slice this so you can see him here, how he does it. It's really simple, you know? Just keep your fingers back. Don't cut them off. Here's a little club method. He has his finger behind the garlic to push it through, and it works really well. So, Dominic, how much garlic are we using today for this delicious meal? Rule of thumb for me, depending on the size of the clothes between two and three pieces per person that I'm serving Spread quarter pound, Really? So if I'm a pound of pasta upon the spaghetti just like this, that's what a standard boxes comes in a pound. So today we're using the whole pound. I'm gonna go with somewhere between 8 to 10. This is about 10 close 10 close so that that makes sense that you can't. You could have too little, but you can never have too much in a way to make this delicious meal correct. You know, that's really all that matters. It's it's really two main ingredients is good olive oil and good garlic. So you mentioned the olive oil. Let's get into it. What is so special about someone? Um, so olive oil for those you that don't know, there's, ah, a lot of controversy with extra virgin olive oil, especially some experts estimate about 70 to 80% of olive oil in the world is fake. Counterfeit. There's a bunch of tests you can do. You can google them and find it. So where can someone find really good extra virgin? It's It's not that easy. Honestly, I'm a little tough. Do some some Internet search and see what people are saying because other people have run tests all the time on that stuff. The brand that I love, which was always really good before I was using this California olive branch really good brand. They sell it everywhere. It's a little more pricey, but for me it was always worth worth the money California all over. So we went over the garlic and we went over the alibi. What else is going to be a major part of this delicious taste? As far as the traditional ingredients are concerned, we have solved. I prefer sea salt, fine ground. But you know any soul to really work Crushed black pepper. My grinder broke. So I'm just using regular black pepper Today, Uh, I didn't have a chance to get out of the line, get fresh parsley. So I'm using dry parsley, preferably used fresh parsley. Just chop that up Really simple. Just get the water out of it when you feel it. And I'm sure you can see some videos online and how to do that. Just get it off the stand, Chop it up clean and you try to get all the water out. But I will using dry partly for today. Crush red pepper, super foreign ingredient. And then my little twist on a lawyer is I like to add a little bit of chicken billions powder so you can buy the cube where you can buy the powder just a little bit like a teaspoon. And it just adds a little bit of heartedness, and it kind of brings a dish together. Before today, we're actually gonna be using because we have my vegan friend here. We're gonna be using vegetables. William Cubes. The final ingredient, which goes in all the way at the end, is a little bit of great apartments on cheese. Not everybody uses grated Parmesan cheese. Most people, not most, but a lot of people like to be traditionalists about it and keep it to just the you know the oil and the garlic, but it's very common to use a greater Parmesan cheese. And obviously again, because we have my vegan friend here. We're gonna do a little bit of a substitute. I'm gonna show you how that works when we get to that point. 3. The Process: So there you have it. Are all the art readings are right here. And what do we get the next? So what we're gonna do next is you can hear the water whistling over here. So I had this water boiling and most important thing to remember about the water and you're going to see it here is I like to filter water. Well, like I said, we're doing a whole pound of pasta. You can't have too much water. You know, You want a possible have room in the pot to move around and because we're gonna be using pasta water in the dish, it's good to have a little extra. So you'll see here I put a little over half a pot, almost records of pot of water and you'll see I put a healthy amount of salt. I like the reason. My reasoning for the salt There's no exact science to it. I just like to see the cloud in the water. And you can see Here is I turn it. You know, you can start to see the water, get a little cloudy, and you could do a little taste here. And you know what? You get a little taste of the salt is good. You don't wanna go too much on the salt, because remember, the Bhuiyan that we're gonna be using has a lot of salt flavor in it. So, so loud is enough. But can you put too much salt in the well, of course. Of course. Salters. You know it. They can take over a dish so you don't. You know, you want to be careful, but you know you can taste it. It's water luckily, so if you taste it, it's always a little too salty. Take some water out for somewhere in and let it boil again. So we have some boiling water here. What we're gonna do now to start is we're gonna turn. I plan on to like a medium heat. This takes about 90 10 minutes to cook. I'm going to start it. You notice I don't have anything else in this pan yet? There's nothing in this plan. The reason for that is because the whole dish should take less than a time that this positive takes to make so quick and easy, quick and very quick and easy. Okay, so we're gonna start here, get your tongues. And for those of you that aren't practiced with spaghetti, the put in after about 30 seconds the part that's in the water will start to get soft, and you can just turn the rest in. How How can someone find out the perfect textures? Because I know you're going to mention about being out dented, which is important. Correct? What? What can you say to make sure that what is that? It's it's actually, it's funny you say about that, just having a little bit of a fight to the pasta and everybody has their own translation on it, but that's pretty much what it is. Um, this is a thin pasta, but if you were using a thicker pasta, you might even still see a little bit of white on the inside of it. Some people prefer that some don't, but the number from from all accounts the numbers on the box, especially Barilla. They're usually pretty accurate, so it's at 9 to 10 minutes. That's 9 to 10 minutes. It says you can trust it. So now the Pospisil submerged. We're good. And now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add some oil to the pan. What do you have? The olive oil in the squeeze bottle. Oh, great question. So the squeeze bottle, it's just an idea I got from. It was I saw it done from pizzerias. So originally, I started using a squeeze bottle for making pizzas because it's easier for a little, although in the end, and I just love it for everything else. So I put all my olive oil in the squeeze bottles. So now that oil is simmering, you can see it shining. It is, Yeah, it's not hot yet. You don't want to put the garlic into hot oil. You don't fry the garlic. Okay? You want to put the garlic, and I just I just put the oil and so I just want to put the garlic, and right now, see, just a little light city because the pans made on really just a light seeing right. That's what you hear. And that's what you're gonna get. So look for a light sear trying to fry. You don't want to fry it. Exactly. I want to fry it. Okay, so mix it around. You want to get it a little. You want the garlic? Could get to like, I don't want to say Golden Brown. I want to see a lighter than a golden brown color. But that's the idea, right? So if it if your garlic is brown, you've gone too far. Throwing out. Start over with some more garlic. Okay, It's gonna be it's gonna be bitter. It's gonna have a bitter taste. Chances are, your oil might even be too hot, depending on the oil you use. They all have different smoke points, so your oil, maybe you might have in your blue in that extra virgin olive oil has a depends, typically one of the lower smoke point somewhere around 320 degrees. So just to be safe, stick up, you know, use that 3 23 40 As a rule of thumb, keep the heat flow flow to medium, and you'll see I've had it on here for about three minutes now, and it's still not burn. You know, it's it's a good time, but it's it's cooking so you can see and cooking, but it's not burning. Would you say play safe and three safe? Three. Say some people just have low, medium high depends. Yeah, somewhere like around three. This nose Amazing. This powerful. Yeah, you could You could really feel that it's not burning. It's actually taking out the flavor absorbing in the you know, the pasta. You don't want to get stuck together. Start a couple of minutes. Just give it a stair, pull it apart a little bit in case decides to stick together. No oil in the pasta. I don't care what anybody tells you. No oil in the possible water. So why do you recommend not putting olive oil in the pasta water? Okay, so the idea is you want the pasta, hold the sauce and you coat it with them. But, you know, you put a coating of oil on it. Just not gonna hold yourself to be sliding off. So you'll see. Now have you come in here? The color it is garlic is starting to get you see like that right there, like that's the color you want. Yes, exactly. You know, it's a little lighter than Golden Brown. Let's add a little bit more oil with distinction really cannot. So much oil, and that's part here now. We didn't mention this in the original ingredients, but it's very important with this dish, especially if you're going to use the bully on you. Want to take a later possible water when it's at least half or 3/4 cooked weight? Because you get that starch and that's all from it. One little now and one made a later. A couple ladles later. One ladle. Now, just because we want toe, cook down the bullion on. And also this is a good way to make sure you're not making the garlic burn or get to cook. Would you say that to get a kind of stunt? The growth about the cooking of the garlic, which the garlic right now is close to where we want it to be? So this is a cube, so it just makes that in there at this point black pepper and even a textures. There is a difference in the consistency from before. Correct, correct. So now you'll struggle, see kind of picking up a little bit right? So that's what we want. And also if anybody's wondering why we're using both Black pepper and crushed red pepper is just two different flavors, like the black pepper for me, just getting more flavor than the king Crushed red pepper is gonna give you more than you think of this. As far as amounts go, it's really just to taste. So I'm gonna add a little bit of fun. The course remember here. Not too much. Just a little bit. That's actually I have on the amount. So that so This is audio independent Children. So this is a bomb. And because we like our heat, um, not because it's, you know, treated. You don't have to use it. So now we're gonna add We're seeing a drive a little bit, so we're gonna add a little bit. Another ladle, a possible water, maybe another to see how it looks. I'm getting ready to dump the pasta now to drain it and the colanders. So I'm just going to save some extra water here. So why are you saving weather? Okay, so the reason I'm saying the waters with at the end of the dish once I add the pasta to it , if I I know, I might end up adding a little too much sheens and my dried up too much. So just to be safe, I like people. Pasta, water on the side in case, it gets a little too dry. So are you gonna shock? Typically, I don't just cause I feel like it's not really worth the trouble, because with this dish were kind of ready to go. I condone this right in the pot. Now, let's take a little taste to make sure we don't need an assault or anything. Have you noticed I didn't have any salt for the billions? Should be pretty salty already. So young. And also the salt in the pasta. We wanna be way. Keep it on the side here. The reason I do it this way and I don't just dump all the pasta in is because, um, I might not want all the possible. I might want to give it a nice coat. Okay, so we're just gonna you know, we might end up having a little bit of pasta left over. Let's go with that for now. Put a little bit of time, and if you feel you have enough of the oil, you're able Teoh mix, it is correct at this point. Is where we are going to tell you. Got a little bit for you are vegan friend. Normally, you know I would put cheese right in the pop up for him. It's gonna put a little bit of breadcrumbs. This is plain breadcrumbs were using unseasoned, plain breadcrumbs. And this is the vegan. Friendly, Correct. Correct. So you're just gonna, you know, start that up. Let it soak up the dish a little bit. Just gonna add a little bit of Parmesan cheese. Not too much. Just a little bit. You can add some after later, too, if you want some more. So just let it soak up those flavors. Also, another good thing to remember is for those of you out there that, like a little bit of a sharper cheese taste, you can go with the Macarena. 4. The Wrap-Up: wait a little bit of the olive oil on top and the last thing I wish I had the fresh party. I don't We're gonna hit it with a little shop. Of course, you can mix it in the plate. You could mix it in the pot when it's hot. Doesn't really matter either way because the pasta is still hot, obviously, but just a little bit of parsley on top. If I had the fresh parsley, it would be bigger leaves and you'd see it more so. Unfortunately, don't get to see that with this one. But it's the same idea would you ever used Based on this basil number one, it's going to kind of do the same thing that I mentioned before about the cheese. It's gonna end assault. It's gonna just overtake the flavor of the dish. You don't want to have the parsley's good. It's a good garnish in just a milder flavour. So, you know I prefer the parsley. It's what you would see more often. So we're going to do now. Uhm, now we're gonna eat, we're gonna eat, we're gonna enjoy this and you know, we're gonna kind of critique it ourselves. and see what we think. Thank you for joining Cooking with friends. Dominic has shared the classic. Hi, Leo. You hiss style does this time e Thank you for joining us. Thank you.