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Vegan Cooking: Sushi | Asian Food | Japanese Sushi | Plant Based Recipe

teacher avatar Maja Dück, Save lifes. Eat fries.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Maki Sushi


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      Inside Our Rolls


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About This Class

In this class I will show you how substitute salmon, tuna and mayo for a plant based sushi.

It is helpful if you have a bamboo mat to roll the sushi. 

As always you can use the veggetables you like. I just show what I like and what I think fits in this dish.

This class is for every cooking level, even as a beginner you can learn step by step how to make sushi.

Meet Your Teacher

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Maja Dück

Save lifes. Eat fries.


Hello hello, and welcome to my page :)


My name is Maja (26) and I want to share my favorite vegan recipes with you.

I´m a political scientist, fulltime filmmaker (check out "Bitesandtickles" and "Enframe Eternity" if you´re interested in photography and filmmaking), doglover, traveller and passionate vegan from Germany.

I love to try new things especially in my kitchen and I hope same goes for you.

I´m definitely not a sustainability role model - but i try my best :)


Follow my channel so you will never miss a new class.

Feel free to check out my Instagram page as well for cooking inspiration.

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1. Intro: Hello, hello and welcome to today's cooking class. My name is Maya and today I'm going to teach you how to make plant-based sushi. When I became V and I was afraid of having to give up special culture of food. And I am an absolute sushi lover. But if you try these themes, sushi by yourself, you are hopefully also convinced that you can easily do without salmon tuna or my niece. You can download the recipe and please leave a review after you recollect the stage, I will be very happy to see an image of your result or probably help you with your issues. So leave a question or a comment down on the Discussion tab. And I just want to make clear that this recipe contains absolutely 0 animal products, so it is suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans. And the same goes for my other foot crosses. Make sure to check them out here on Skillshare. Okay. Now, on to the recipe. 2. Ingredients: These are our ingredients for three different types of sushi. We need nori, algae lives, two teaspoons, sugar like, unlike season to sprinkle. Three tablespoons, rice, vinegar, soy sauce for the pin. Sushi rice, a cucumber, the mango, a carrot, an advocator so big and my niece and smoke tofu. 3. Preparations: You take a small cup of the sushi rice and washing with cold water in the sea or in the pot and exchange the washer until it is no longer cloudy. The dusk and access starch are rinsed off so that the rice does not become too sticky later. This should also be done with each rise in other dishes. As soon as the water's clear, we take twice the amount of water. So here two cups and bring the rise to boil. Next we dissolve the sugar and salt and the rise of indigo. If the rise is allowed to cool for two minutes without a lid. Afterwards, it is covered and remains on the switched off hope so that it can absorb the remaining water and does not become too mushy. But everything in our rise and let it cool down completely on a plate because we don't want to eat hot sushi. So that this process is accelerated and make a few small coals in the rice. As always, the first thing we do is carefully wash our vegetables. I could have both ends of the cucumber and perhaps more elongated stretched to. The proceeds are not used for the sushi. Consult them or use them in a salad or something similar. Also with the kids, I removed the carrot family. I also use the Peano to get in thin slices of caribou needs me to table. Again. We also cut the smoke tofu into elongated pieces. Let's appeal the logo. Then. I cut off around the core and cut an ungated pieces as well as possible. Next, we cut the advocator. And no Al-Qaeda's are not the most sustainable alternative to my nice. But I think it is a good substitute for watcher are similar. And for the first time if you are just starting to cook V-in, and I think it also fits very well in this dish. I helped them half and get the pieces out later with a spoon. 4. Maki Sushi: Now we place a bamboo mat in front of us and place the non relief on the smooth side down even without fish, sushi gets delicious fishy taste from the LG leaves from takes a handful of them completely cooled rise and distribute it evenly on the NAEP at the top and bottom, you can leave half a centimeter free. Then we come to all selling the creaminess. We take some of the avocado pieces and place them elongated in the middle. Next, I put the tofu, the carrot stripes, and the cucumber was also eliminated in the middle. Right? Rolling may take some practice, but it gets a little better every time I promised to row, lift the Met on the side facing you with both hands and role, the role of forward. Now you press the row together. We're going to sleep with your hands. If the road and not stick properly. You can apply some water to the free areas of the algae leaf. Finished roll into six to eight even row is a tip off to each piece. You can wipe the knife on what kitchen towel. So but no rice sticks to the knife and you can cut the sushi pieces cleanly. I do the same again in sweet variant without an keto and tofu, but this time with mangle. 5. Inside Our Rolls: Last we have the inside out sushi rolls. Instead of the N400 leaf. We covered the member who's cling film whenever we distribute the rise. If you recall again, I put the Nazarene leaf on it and brush it, put the vegan, my niece in another video showing you how to make it yourself. But I thought this one. You should now, as usual comes all feeling everything as before. And you write the row into 2.5 colonnade, a Koons work surface, which seem more around housing. Hey, us to get to sprinkle the second half of the black season. And that's all. I recommend, eating the sushi fresh and selling it. Because soy sauce and for lobby, enjoy. And let me know what you think byline. That. Smile. Hi. 6. Outro: Thank you for watching this class. If you have any questions or vegan alternatives, let me know. I would like to help you with your issues. If you try to click this big and recipe, leaving a common down in the discussion tab, probably with a photo of your own cooking creation. If you like this video and find it helpful, please drop a review same able to produce more videos you like. You can also download the audio and a PDF if you like. Make sure to follow my Instagram account, be gossipy for more cooking inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next week and cooking class.