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UX Design Basics - Create a responsive prototype in Axure RP

teacher avatar Sofia Michili, UX l Product Management | Service Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is prototyping?


    • 2.

      Installing Axure RP


    • 3.

      Getting Started with Axure RP


    • 4.

      Mobile prototype design


    • 5.

      Tablet prototype design


    • 6.

      Desktop prototype design


    • 7.

      Publishing and sharing your prototype


    • 8.

      Class Project


    • 9.

      Next steps


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About This Class

Have you always wanted to communicate your ideas visually but do you think you need to have good drawing skills? Did you find yourself explaining one thing but getting something else developed instead?

By learning how to create interactive prototypes (also known as mockups or wireframes) , you can communicate your design ideas quickly and visually, at low cost and low effort. You don't need to be a designer to create a prototype, you just need to know how to do it. In this class, I'll teach you how to create an interactive and responsive prototype in less than an hour so that you can learn to create yourself prototypes quickly and easily. The tool we will use is Axure RP.

This class does NOT require any prior experience and can be followed by everyone. Explore the power of prototypes as a method of communicating your ideas and you will see how helpful it is for advancing in your work and getting fast feedback.

Extra resources

Axure documentation on Adaptive views for responsive design https://www.axure.com/support/reference/adaptive-views 

Other good prototyping tools



Topics related to this class

  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframes
  • User Experience
  • Interface Design

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sofia Michili

UX l Product Management | Service Design


My vision is to improve people's lives through technology and my passion is to create digital experiences that customers love. I'm currently developing my own tech product, aiming to bring more transparency in the use of personal data apps and websites have on users. 

With more that 7 years of experience in tech companies creating tech products, I have gained expertise in UX, CX, Product Management and Agile. I am certified UX professional by the Nielsen Norman Group UX, and have obtained the Interaction Design Certification from UC California, at Coursera. Currently, I am improving the usability and conversion rates of the Proximus webshop using data, UX, CX and agile techniques, which has already lead to a significant increase in the online sales of mobile su... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. What is prototyping?: welcome to problem tapping basics. I'm Sophia Me. He really did stop the man. It's experienced in user experience design and his problem types has a medal of communication with customers to get people before development. What is the prototype? Protect is a simulation of how things brother will look like, and it's a commonly used message. User experience Design Wife Total Acting Useful brother type Helps clean development costs , makes communication with stakeholders and customers easier and helps to test medical ideas and concepts to understand their user friendly and desire. In this last, we're going to have to create a prototype of a business website in tablet, mobile and desktop. There's not being required for this last and no coding skills required by the end of this class and should be able to create your own prototypes and certainly with your colleagues and customers. Let's get started 2. Installing Axure RP: before we can get started with creating our first wife from, we need to have a broke down for this class. I'm going to use actual therapy as our Salter for creating boyfriends. We can download the stool from their website. Actually, this is my favorite prototyping tool. As it has many capabilities for teamwork, for publishing and for generating documentation. The tool is very easy to use just back and drop features from the left side of your screen . It has many different states, so, for example, we can change a screen based on different states. We can also create flow diagrams, for example, conditions. For example. We can validate forms we can and the directions on peak. We can change the U. S. You can see here as well. We can make the Colton dynamic. We can help different feeders, different drop down lists. It's very, very flexible. It's also very easy to share. This files the 15 members because you can publish me at the actual share drive on line. If you get that you are a link which you concerned come protect also be possible and basically recommendation. It's also good to because you can model user flows How the user should navigate the Web site. What are the next allowed states? When the users on specific article website and it was a possible general documentation meaning, for example, you can generate documentation in a ward with all the screens off markups you have made and then some explanation under have debates about what this page is supposed to, and this can be a very great way. Inform the developers how they have to be basically website. So it's especially useful if you're working with things and then last but not least, you can also generate HTML code, meaning If we create here this page, for example, we can generate marketing gates them and gold for it. So it's a very, very cold future if you want to create death websites and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. It's really great for collaboration and fast prototyping. And it's indeed the need to ST Leader like they say. So I invite you to go ahead and download the trial, so I'm now going to down. It's as well I'm going to install it. Get back to you with Don't start 3. Getting Started with Axure RP: have now in Seoul, Doctor, being my computer and I'm ready to start showing you how you can get prototypes. With the first time you open. Actually, being your computer, you're going to get this work on my sits. If you're using a trial, we will see that you have 30 days remaining so you can buy a license or end of the licence . Keep your problem all you can look into the personal account, but you don't do it for this demo and you can still use to try for 30 days without any problems. Basically, here you can create either knew five or you can open existing files. At the moment we don't have any fight, Skip, so we would go for you fight and you are also going to get this interactive step by step tutorial, which explains you, how gives actual abusive or you, If you decided, you say don't show up close. I'm going to click on a new five. So basically, now this Mr Disappeared and I can give yourself explanation about how you could use after So for example, on the top of the page we have to buy here we have hold actions on the fight. For example, Weekend 85. Adopt how we want our bait, which elements we want to see when we work with it. We can have some. Probably seen a sport sample were published in the online after cell, where we conserve the link to a heart attack with different users. We can generate the HTML files from that we can generate ward specification. These are more advanced actions for this demo. We don't need it, but you can definitely take it. We can also create the team. Five. We can create a team project basically, and we can work with my colleagues teammates on the same fight, and we can adopt these. This is also more opponents setting, which is out of scope this training. But you can also be looking to your account saved. Five. Open if I bring export basically all the standard settings off every software on the left side of the two, we haven't most important in the section pages we can edit, delete or duplicate. The wages were paid for. If I double click on a certain item, I could name So, for example, I can name this appears website. Frankly, commented. This is saved. Then I can rename also paid to sound. I can delete bait by taking event like you delete or just pressing the bottom. I can also all don't basis if I dug and drop them, or by taking divide peak and they're going to move out them. That's the same for indented babies. Basically, you've been talking to each paves the way you want to create the statue of your size. It's also possible to create a new base just by clicking this icon, you can either give the name. You can't be like this, all looking for, for example, regulating multi boot. What pages were specific section of the website weakened name, for example, thes our products and then we can drag multiple pages under it. So this way we can create this. That's what we want toe having more easy to you. And if we have multiple pages, what we can also do is they use the search function. So for some people would have 100 pages here. I could do dailies and find market based by typing. It searches us girls. So this is how we can monitor pages underpaid section. You will find the sexual libraries. Libraries are collection elements. There are a lot of different libraries Who's actually has it? Stephen was basically we have our shapes would have Goldman shapes. It's placeholders for images. Just it's I can create placeholders, placeholder through a place. Stay stable on the page but we can replace it. We have bottoms way have looks. We have headings. We have our ups of alliance labors dynamic bombers that monetise if you which can be adopted business. So, for example, people This is that so this is some sort. Of course we can have in life. We have text areas. Next. This is basically this down there don't actually provides. Do you like one of excuses? Options, for example, integrates with a different se schools or other types of websites. You could dominate this libraries important and you can use doors. And basically what topics? We would have the bottoms in this time. Wait six. You can do that. But this is more advanced. I won't need for Scots. But you are different. You do with James Library. You see, he that disturbs change again. The styling Basically these are all with Dutch elements used but you could flow diagrams so engaged. The latter is not only do that for a wife ring for websites, so I would like to to be at this. The last one is library, which is I don't This is also started library camps. Still at this one offers with some Eichel's. So, for example, if you want to have a bit more sophisticated for my friend and stick justice basic shapes, let's see Ahmadi according born for custom of the new customers explanation. So this is the way that you can do this. Excellent touch. Five years. You hear their multiple shapes to speak, to use the way you like. Go ahead, expect under the library section of the masters. Monsters, very components generic can be reasoned market. So basically, by creating master your element which can every website it me for something I would like to have a place. It's a great website. The local always comes with left worksite. Keep standing right, Austin. So I would say your local and basically I can select place anywhere that means that I can or I can look master location that it stays in the same location every time I give. So if I would do that, I have now a master. This is master. You go to different fates and to stay in the state place. So this is a great way to have some local partners. Have you had food or other things that don't change sides? If you create the most masters in the middle section, we have our main workplace. Here we can see the pages that we have open. We can click through them to change the view we can close pages of. We don't need open and as you can see here, there some numbers on the left and the horizontal top off base. Basically, what the's are is they show you how many pixels the elements you are creating. Take. That would mean that my logo takes about a bit more than 150 Pick, since I can see exactly how many picks is. This is if I click on an element. For example, if I click on this bottom, I can see in this section, but the width this 140 pixels. The height is 42 pictures. This is very helpful because when you're creative, responsive websites mobile and tablet use. You need to know what are the break bones were, for example, what is the maximum weight and height you can use when you make a wife. So in order to help you for that, you can do all these guides by clicking Hugh have been Dragon Doping a guide. This is basically a practical line that is going to help you identify. What are you believe? It's the same you can do by clicking on the top here, Bates and dropping it until here. So this would help your when you're creating a wire frame to know what is the maximum space and this way or not exceeding it. Last but not least of the right side of your page. We have the styling elements you can see here. Three tubs, properties, notes and style in the property. Stop. We cannot interactions, so basically, interactions are every action that will happen based on a certain trigger. Let's say, for example, that every time you click on the logo you want to navigate to the home page. This would basically happen. Be an interaction. Okay, this is a master, but I will use another image from this demonstration. So when you click on it, you can say on click. And then here in this list, you can see all the possible actions that you can program. Basically, there's a huge least everything is possible, so play around with it and see what fits your needs. But one of the most youths who wants is to open a link, and we can truth open in a current window in the new tub or in a pop up or a parent window for this demo. I'm going to use New window and I will say here, I won't never get to home so basically can link to an existing page on my wife frame. And then I can also linger, extending. Now I'm going to choose the home, and I'm gonna click. OK, so what will that do if I preview by clicking at five? So basically, if I would click on this, I would need to go to the home. But so take a look here. I'm now in this page. If I click on this option, it's taking me in a new tab like I told it to the home base. Okay, The home page is empty at the moment, so that's why it looks empty. But it does what it's supposed to do. So this was about the interactions, and you can see here in the least more events. There are many, many conditions that you can use. For example, when you click on the page or when you scroll up or down, or when you changed the mouths of the key that you are pressing on the keyboard. There are many events and you can basically learn. This is the best one. You play around with it in the note, stop weaken our documentation. So, for example, if I would want to document this bloke, I would say, Oh, this is a place holder for any much, for example. Then if I would again preview this and I would go to the specific page, then basically fold. Look here in the notes You could see here that this is a placeholder for name it. So this is some kind of documentation that you cannot. So when you're setting the prototype of multiple people that they have an idea what this is about, and then the styling section of weekend are really call us a line, change the forms, change the direction of the images and everything. So this is really depending on the type of which it you're having. For example, the options will be different. For example, the bottom we can change the feeling we cannot shadows. So we would click on the shadow. We can check this chick books and then our bottom would have extended shadow. So then it appears more like something clickable. We can also said, do how much we want the shadow toe be extended. So, for example, if I wouldn't increase these numbers to start would be bigger, I could even change the call of the shadow itself. We cannot afford different form to the bottom. We can rename the bottom here of named its of Mick bottom Generally good practices to name your elements because, as you can see here in the outline, which is a summary of everything, we have enough bait. The moment you start adding a lot of things, they keep the default name. So if you don't have a name for it, you cannot know what this is about. Basically, I mean, it gives good preview, but it's much more easy to scroll around these things once you give him a representative name, so we can also add the border around the books. So now the border has been added, or we can have more rounded rectum. Be by adopting the coordinator radios, for example. If I would enter here, then we would see that my bottom becomes more round. So this is a way actually you can style, although different elements. So this was a certain production. What actually escape a bluff? Without further ado? Let's clean up our desk up and start working on our first prototype. 4. Mobile prototype design: in this class, we're going to create and Responsive website in order to enable a responsive website in actual, we need to check this checkbooks Adaptive. This will enable adoptive used in our prototype in order to set the presets for our different adaptive use. We have to click on this bottom man as adoptive use and basically here we are going to be able to set different views that we want for tablets, website and mobile. I'm a fan of mobile first meaning we designed first for the most small screen and we gradually move upwards to tablet and website. You you will see that this metal has advantages as thinking about the most difficult and are you in the beginning helps you focus on the most important information that you have to put in your website. And you'll also see in the rest of this class of this approach basically helps us design faster, as we can reuse elements for the mobile version and just expand them toe include the tablet and website. You Okay, So, to start, we will select first the Port eight phone, which is basically the phone presets. So we see here that the name is Portrait Phone in the witness stand on 320 we're going to add another view, which should be the tablet fuel. As you can see here, actual has the standard presets for the other reviews, so we can just select them. Note also here. This field that has inherited from basically this means that when we create the tablet few this is going to copy what is there on the phone and you're going to see later how much this will help us. I will have the last few. Which is the desktop you. So we select large display and basically now I'm done with my adoptive use so I can click on OK, if you want to have more options for the adaptive fuse and check out access documentation on this topic on how to start a productive use. So now adaptive user set up and you can see here that we have three different tub sport it fall porter tablet and large display not excuse that. There's a practical line which is basically so you how much with you have, you know, good design and you can see how this extends for the tablet and for the desktop, so this is going to be really helpful. We do not need to draw. An additional order is on the line because their latest design trend is in tow. Have infinite scrolling. So basically we don't need toe set a maximum as most websites and Mobil's keep on scrolling as we go down. So for these course, I've inspired myself from a free template I found in the free seizes Templates website, which is this template. It's basically a business website with some basic information, but I like the clean design. So basically, we're going to inspire such from this and great an equivalent version in a wire frame. You can see how this adopts for tablet, and if I make my browser smaller, you can see how this behaves in the mobile. So basically this is a mobile view. I'm basing myself on this template. I'm going to start. I will first start with a header and footer. So for that I'm going to enter the logo of the company and I'm going to use a humble germinal. So hamburger Manu is basically these three lines which I used for navigation to make this one a bit bigger. And because I want to use this heather everywhere, I'm going to create the master from love. So to create a master, I'm going to click on these two items and I'm going to type convert to master. And I'm going to name this Heather and I will also select the option locked master location because I don't want this to move. Okay, so my master has now been created. The next thing I want to do is to out some images in order to have some carousel. So basically, I'm gonna drop this in much placeholder here, and I'm going to make this a dynamic Bonnel. Okay, so pay attention here at Dynamic Panel. We can create this by saying cover toe dynamic Parnham, and I'm going to name this dynamic barn and Carcelle. Okay, So what will this do? Basically, this can change view based on certain conditions. So that would mean if I swipe, for example, to the left or to the right. I can see it differently much so I can say here I can name the States. This is a much one, and I'm using this one. Okay, This is just a place holder, but I can duplicate these states. It's the fastest way. If you're just using images and let's say if I want to use two images or three, I can duplicate this in mustering. Okay? I don't want to use the 3rd 1 in fact, so maybe I will just delete it. I can also change The states give a different priority by swiped them. I'm gonna keep it. No, like before. And then on top of that, I won't blood some text. So I'm going to say like they say in the website. We are a minimum design agency. Okay, I want this to come into two lines. So I'm going Toe dragon. Probably around. I can online in the middle, be of this bottom king. And basically what? I can also do it if I want to customize the text. England. Aiken, take this text. I can cut it with control and X, and I can place these inside the much so if I place this here is all going to be visible in one off the two states. And let's say in the second, the much I want to want something different was the text. So I'm adding, Here we are Are I would move is a bit more if I do control and up this move stand speaks else. If I just do down, it moves by one pixel going to move this as well. Okay, Bert. So now we have the two different images. Add it. The next thing I want to do is tow. Have some more information about the company. So in order to do that, I'm going toe add some trust. Look, because we don't want everything to be completely white. So I'm going to use these books, and this box will basically be used as a container toward some text. So here we can take another heading. We are a design agency in Australia. This again just basing myself on the example. And here. Ok, we cannot Some text at the moment. This is just a test paid. So I'm just going to take the paragraph. Okay, Maybe a bit more text, and then I will align this on the best way to feed the block. I can also just make the block smaller so I can just, like, make the smaller by just adjusting the size. So this way I Also, I didn't know some information about the Kobani. Okay, the next thing we can do is tow odd. Some of the services that we provide eventually so we can expand this block, basically and not some more sections. So if I would I can just copy paste the labels for faster. So I'm just copy basting with control C and control being. And I'm going to a different section here services we offer and I'm going toe odd here. Some other labels I'm going to Okay, I would like to have the same phone, so I'm going toe. See? OK, this is using a 14 point of this A 13. I'm going to use the 14 both. I'm going to align this a bit more, and I'm going to move this more down to have some clean space. So I'm going to add some somebody text. And is it done optimization, for example? So these are all of the services company offers, So we're done with the introduction of the company. Now we cannot. Some emerges as well to make it more visual. So what we can do is to drag and drop again. The placeholder 40 much is and then just that multi much is under each other. I would love for images what was going toe copy paste. This basically with control C control be going to leave a little bit of white space in between game looks the same. I'm basing this one as well. E and I'm almost done now. We also are going toe. Other quote. So basically, many companies sometimes quotes from clients that are satisfied from them and says we're building a business website. We can do it as well. And here's what some contrast we can use the darker color so we can go in the field section and we can choose a more darker shade of gray. Something like this, for example. And I'm going to drag and drop the text. So again I will drop MM label. Maybe I'm going toe. Or maybe the paragraph text. I'll make this smaller. I'll make the size of it bigger of the formed and for some more impact, I'm going toe put this in italics, going to move a bit of the text, and I'm also going to have the names, all the people I will make. Also the color white, the text color white. I would go here and I'm going to change the phone to the white collar and I'm going to have the name off the bear some that gave the quote. David Brown. Oh, do you axe director goalie, for example. This doesn't need to be in italics. I'm just going to adopt it. And basically another thing that we can do is to have multiple quotes. So in order to do that, we will use the Carcelle around thoughts so we can just select on the lips, make this bit smaller, weaken and up the sides here, Let's start 15 by 15. That looks OK so we can have multiple once when we want to see the next quote. I'm just going to remove the border so I can do that by clicking on this icon. The border is completely removed, and I'm just going to copy paste this three times it is. We have three quotes going to move this around the middle of the page, and let's say that this one is the middle one. So basically that would mean this is the active one, and the other ones need to be over different colors so that we can distinguish between which one is the active one. In which witness Not. So I'm going to use this type of gray, the same for the other one. So again, this copy, the colder perfect. A little bit more to recite. And I think this is pretty much of the meeting. Okay, the same for the other one. So Kansas, copy in the cooler. Perfect. A little bit more to the side. And I think this is pretty much of the media. Okay, The next thing will do this. What? Some social media information about the company. So we cannot Google Facebook and Twitter Icahn's. So I'm going to look for those in the icons here I can. Just searching dragon rope on Facebook. Tweeter. I'm going to restart them later. So no worries about that LinkedIn icon as well We need when enabled Google. Plus, here it is. I think this one is the latest local. I can just drop it. So we're going to make those a bit smaller again. I'll try. This is trial in Arab. Pretty much so you have to play around with the numbers. This one doesn't seem that great. Just like Dragon Dope it when you are satisfied with the shape and then the link thing as well. Let's make the Facebook of its smaller. Yeah, and let's move those ones. But 12 more aligned and weaken our Those were label on top of that saying social media presence, social media by social presence could make this a little bit bigger. And we can select this icons by clicking like this. We can select multiple once, and we can move them with control and down Arnold. So I'm just moving those a bit more law. And I'm also going to add information about the office location. I hope this location now then, here's some dust address now, say Regent Street, London. I'm not sure if this is the crags gold, but okay. And then we would also ideally need the contact section so that people can contact us. So then again, I'm going to copy this labels I will say here, conduct information goingto mind my address. I'm one phone. This is just the take home on. This would be basically everything we need. Let me just a dust, A bit spacing. I think that would do it. And eventually We can also add some copyright information. I don't deserve the rights for this, Okay? It's just and educational. Be doing any case something was going to make this copyrights involve a bit smaller. Okay, this may be too small, and I'm gonna drug and drop it here. And I think my mobile version was gone. So now, in order to preview might prototype, I go to the preview, all right, like a five. And this will open the browser. And I can see here how my mobile version of the website would look like. So if I keep most scrolling, I can see here that there's more elements before I'm start with the tablet. You I'm just going to make this quote carcelle meaning more so I will go back to my prototype and I will convert this when dynamic panel like like on everything that's included there I will say competitive dynamic panel. And I'm going to name this quotes. I'm going toe name this court toe because it is the 2nd 1 And I'm going to duplicate this twice so that I can get two more states and then gold name is quote one and then cool basically no put. Three should be the 1st 1 And then quote one will come after. So for Court Three basically, we will click double going to go inside. I'm going to change the name. I'm just going to change here. The names. I will invent something Day on. Basically, this is the 3rd 1 So they should be the white one. So I will just move this one here? No, the other one, Buck. So now I have it now for a cold one. I'm going to do the same. Wasn't 108 so I'm going to just type it. And this was a 138 and I'm going to change again. The name home. This person is going to be a digital monitor. How do you pay? So these are most grateful clients. This three and what I'm going to do is I'm going now. Go back in the home. I want to make this change the state. So another dynamic panel is ready. We're going to program it to play every five seconds, A different quote. In order to do that, we're going to go into the directions in the case and we're going to go into the witches and then side band of state. We're going to select the quotes dynamic panel and they were going to say select state next . Basically, this will just move the dynamic panel to the next state and we're going to see her up from last to first. That would mean that it repeats the next ones ultimately. And then we will say, Repeat every here. We're going to change this to five seconds and this will also trigger delay off five seconds when we first opened the website. So if I pick OK here and I previewed this, you will see that if I go into that section, this is going to start changing every five seconds. You see now it changed. So this is a great way to give some focus on some interactive elements on our website. We could perfectly do the same with very much is with this kind of images or anything as we like. So now that are mobile. Buis finished. Let's move on to a tablet version of the website 5. Tablet prototype design: Now that we're done with creating the mobile prototype, creating the tablet and the desktop version is a piece of cake. This is because we have set the adoptive use. So basically, our problem types have husband capital already into the different versions. As you can see here now, I'm in the tablet you and this is already cope it. The same goes for the desktop. You, as you can see here, this has been also corporate and we have the maximum breeze. It's defined. So basically the only thing we have to do is to extend these adaptive use to march our target You. So basically, I'm just going to click on the header. I'm going to say breakaway, So that would mean I would release the initial heather design. So this way I can move this. I'm just going to places to the left and basically I'm going to drag and drop the rest of the elements as well to create the tablet you. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to do inside the car cell and I'm going to adopt the see much come just going toe, drag it and place the text in the middle and I'm going to do exactly the same for the second. The much and you're going to see the same exactly here. So if I get now out of the bonding by clicking hero home, I see already that this has been expanded. The next thing we want to do is to expand our text. So we're going to expand this bloke and basically another thing could give. This is too much. I'm going to adopt This did not reach the maximum, but to have a little bit of white space. Okay, going back home again and then just adopting that sighs off this block toe, go through the whole wit and what we will also need to do is to move our elements upwards, going to leave a bit of white space here between. And I'm just going to drag and drop list elements basically, just by selecting them all together and de selecting the worst. I don't want with this as well. Upwards. Make this block a little bit smaller. Perfect. Let's aligned this a bit better, okay? And then basically the only single year we just have a few things left. We need toe make this image is a little bit bigger. So I'm just going toe grab this like this and this will basically expand the size. And I'm just I have two options. Either I can just do the same manual for the other two where I'm going to delete this three . And I'm just going to copy this 30 more times. I find out this is easier. Said I remember dimensions. So I'm just going to do this from this copy pasting them. I can even copy these two together, become lazy. So this way I cannot decide conceiving Pastor. So I already have 40 Much is okay. I see now that my block from behind husband he didn't what I can do because I remember where it was. I will right Click here and I will say select. All belong And what this does is select all elements under my cell. A great location. I'm going toe answer like this image, and I'm going to just move those with control and piled down Perfect. So now the appeared again, and I'm just going to drag this quote. Okay? It's a dynamic balance, or I can drag it. That means I have to go inside it, and I have to expand it in this way. I would also want to have some space, but I don't remember how it looks. So I will go again outside hair loss, my buba, that can reset it by going toe view. Is that you? Okay, now I have my Yeah. Okay. Perfect. It looks actually good. So I'm just going to go back in the panel. I can just copy these dimensions for the other images. Well, just drag and drop the text to expand the whole view. Move the text in between more love. There you have it. And then just let's make this rectangle a bit smaller. We don't need so much space. And let's do exactly the same one. So I'm just going to cope with these dimensions to the second block. The other one was 743 from mistaken. No book towards us. I took again. So I can just go in every block and the doctor correct wits and height because I don't remember it by heart. I just go to the first state. I think they're on the rectangle and then I can see here the heights of the wit. Perfect. So this is also now done. And the last thing is the contact details which I can just drag and drop impact here. There's not so much information. Second, just keep it out of these. But what I can also do is toe have this blocks for two meaning I can move this, contact the commission to the right and create this way Two columns about in the middle of the bait. Something like that. And I can move the social presence here and the all rights reserved signed to the right side, or eventually steal under the images. But I can do it like this. In this way, I can also save space and have a more adaptive you. So let's preview this and basically, we still see that the mobile vision is here. In order to the tabla view, we have to click here and then select adoptive you and select the correct one meaning portrait tablet. This will basically show us the tablet designed so we can see here that are design has been adopted. It looks indeed more like a tablet view. So it was girl. We're going to see the changes that we made and it looks pretty good and I can sell with the quotes is also moving. In the next video, we're going to continue with the same approach and build the desk of you. 6. Desktop prototype design: for the desktop design. We're going to work exactly the same way as we work for the tablet. You We're going to go in the adoptive you for the desperate dimensions large display. And basically he will see that are elements are stealing in the page. But the maximum dimensions have been increased to 1200 pixels. We're going to work the same way and expand this elements to take most of the page in a mobile phone and tablet you We used this hamburger, Manu for the navigation in the desktop. We can replace this hamburger Manu with a full navigation so we cannot really labels any links for our users in navigating the website. Therefore, we're going to delete this navigation. Manu, we're going to add real labels. I'm going to use the labours home so that the user can smoke. We go back to the home braids our services. Basically, I'm matching the content off the page with a navigation Manu. This is the most logical thing for the user navigate within the continent. The next thing would be our portfolio. If you see that this comes into line, it means that the wicked witch is not big enough. So just truck and hope it. Then we have our testimonials. So the quotes off the customers better rolling around under the page. We're going to move this things a bit more to the site and make them a bit smaller. Something like that. And I'm now going toe align the spacing better. I'm also going to have the link for the contacts. Basically, I want this to be us close to the end of the page as possible. Someone's been proved the spacing further, something like this. And now the next thing is toe, make this seem much maximum with Okay, let's do that. We have to go inside the dynamic family and basically use our guides here to use all of the space on the line. This in the middle the same way for the other one. What looks. So if we go back to the home Bates, we can see that this is now done. Okay, The image is a bit small, so what we can, in fact, also do is to make it bigger. Well, the practical space since we have the space on the disk up, places have been more down the high Tous Let's say we make it three hobbling For practical reasons we will do the same for the other one. So if we go back home But we should see that this one is indeed bigger now. Yeah, Okay, again, we have the same problem that there are elements from behind have come up up on our page weaken just to the same trick us before so selectable below. And then with control and down arrow, we can move these things down. Okay, so now I can to see again back my much. Now you have to update this text to take also the maximum of space. So we're gonna drag and drop this block to the maximum side and the text can also be expanded more. In fact, what we can do is we can keep this like that and we can put the services we offer exactly next to it. What we can also do is to input to improve the phones. So we should make the phones slightly bigger because the screen space is bigger. Okay, This text can be also Ingres in size. So now we have to improve the spacing between those elements Let's move them a bit more down, have a little little space between them. Let's do the same for our second column. Someone to increase again. Deformed. This other items is well, that's invisible. Displacing between them. No, that should be fine. The low can be also bits smaller. Okay, Perfect. And now we have already much is what we're not going to do is tow increase the symmetries and put actually to on its line. So we're going to make those off equal size, and I'm just going to delete those and basically just copy paste, as I did in the tablet and mobile view. Muchas They're done. I would copy again. So we have no six emerges and then the next thing to do is tow increase the size of the quotes have the maximum wit. So I'm going again to go inside the dynamic panel, and I'm going to make this used marksman wits. I only want to live 10 pixels, So this would be about the correct size. I'm going to place this a little bit more in the middle and make the one line take all of the space. Something like that. I will outlandish in the Magoo. I'm going to move these things. And this one, the name of the person was right in the middle. I'll do exactly the same for the second state and I'll come back to you. Okay, I'm back in. The quotes are now done. I also dont answer out some other elements of the website for optimum space. I'm going out to move this coats of it more up and the last thing I'm going to do is update the contact information to all come into one line. So I'm going to move this elements. Oh, here to be on the same side. Basically my website is done, so if you see this, it looks very good. So let's review it. Yeah, so we have our full navigation. Manu, we have already nuts. We have our description of the services. We have the portfolio examples. We have the course of them moving and we have our food. So basically, our website is complete as an optional step. You can populate this website with custom images or colors or phones and the website will look much more realistic. And as a real and result, I'm going to populate this website in the three different adaptive use with some pictures and phones, and I'm going to come back to you to show you the result. 7. Publishing and sharing your prototype: have now at the colorful images to my prototype, and I'm ready to preview this. As you can see here, it looks like a real website. I've bothered images, so you could definitely show this to a client before you invest in here for them building a real website. We can also look a topless view so you can see these looks exactly the same. But it has the adoptive you tablet and the same goes for mobile phone. So you can see what a big difference the colorful you much is make. So basically, your website is ready. You can preview this to a customer and you can the customer and give you any adaptations that he wants. But the effort that you have to spend on changing this is a minimal. And this is a great way to really develop products from scratch in a very last time without having to spend additional money. And resource is on rework. Another great thing about actions that the reviews is that if you said this Toto, this is going to resize based on the size of the browser. So basically, as you see here, this became now the tablet few And then if I make it smaller, it's going toe shrink toe Botham above you. Here it is. You can see here the mobile of you. One of the most useful features that actually r p provides is the publishing and Syrian capabilities. Basically, if you are done with this problem happened, you want to share it with multiple people. There are multiple ways you can do it If the other person is also using actually be. You could export the RPI fire by saving. So basically, when you save this, you're going to get the actual file and it's going to be an RB file. This is one way the other ways to publish it effectively online. So you see here if you go to Publix, you have the option published corruption share. So what this basically does is if you get knocked down the noxious share, I'll show you how to do that. You go to actually share dot com. So basically, this is the line environment off actual that it gives you for free for a user to host your websites. I already have an account, but feel free to go and sign up if you don't It's very easy. So I'm gonna look in and you can see here I have my workspace and my projects. So basically, in these files, I can upload my prototypes and I can share them with his word with other people. So if I do the publish option here after a long green So I need to look in here again. You have now. I just opened it in the browser, so that's normal. So you just that use the same account you have, and then it's going to fetch basically all the folders that you have on your share so you can given name. You can set the configuration activity. Who visits the amend? You can set a password. This is also very useful in case you don't want anyone to be able to access it. And you can select one of the existing holders that you have. For example, me. I only have my projects holder, but I could perfectly make one folder for different projects that I work. So I'm just going to use this one. Okay, it selected it. So now I just click on publish and this is going toe uploaded to Mr Dive in it's going to give me this link, so this is going to be the link that I can share. And if you don't want to have this side bar on the left that you have, one is generated. You can select this option without sidebar. OK, it's done. I will cope it. So I'm just going toe based it here in the browser. And you can see here that this is accessible for everyone So I can say this with clients or with colleagues. I can bookmark it. It's real easy if you have already published the file and you just want to make adaptations or Newton republished again, you just go to publish published Doctor sir and then updating existing project. And then from this list, you can select the project you're working on. The last way you can publish is to generate HTML files, so this would basically generate the HTML cold. Let's do this. You have to select the folder that you want to use, and there are some additional options, for example, for which browsers that should work. Then, if you want to have the sidebar and then extra options like the adoptive use and then you could even select the pages that you want and some additional things by default, everything selected. But go ahead and customize is the way you want. So if I generate this, you sit here that the path is file Sophia documents. Or basically it's publishing this in my computer. So basically, I just navigate through this path. You consider the folder was created for HTML. But here's 15 and here you can see that I can open this. Okay, Perfect. So for my computer can open this. So basically, I can just give this to a developer. If I'm satisfied with his design. The developer contest. Integrate this uploads on a server on the Web site is really ready, so you can see that it's simple code is done. If you open this with a note, but or with another development tool, you see here that all the HTML code is generated. This is really, really, really useful because if you just want a simple website like this, there's no reason. Basically, toe bear developer toe make the works up from Scotch for you if you are satisfied with his designed yourself. So now that we know how to make a wire frame and publishes it online, let's move into the class project 8. Class Project: for the class project. The challenge is to create your own website use, actually being the techniques that we learned in this class to create a website of your choice, either to block a professional website, a Web shop or anything else you can come up with. You can make it responsive if you like, but it's not necessary. Just make sure you publish it and you share the link with us. In the class project section, you can find the class project section under the class in the section your project. Here, you can find more descriptions, and you can see some websites where you can take inspiration to create your own. So just post your project as well here with us. And I'm also going to upload the actual fired off the website that I created to help you get started. Good luck. 9. Next steps: thank you for investing time in this class. Now you can start creating your own brother types and impress your customers and colleagues . If you like this class, please like and share and follow me to get notified for new classes. Happy brother typing.