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Unlock your Creative Potential with AI: ChatGPT for Content Creators

teacher avatar Jesper Dramsch, PhD, Scientist for Machine Learning

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to AI Writing with ChatGPT


    • 2.

      Class Project


    • 3.

      Playful Exploration of AI writing


    • 4.

      What’s under the hood of chatGPT?


    • 5.

      Unlimited Content Ideas


    • 6.

      Tour of AI Writing Assistants


    • 7.

      Find your voice with chatGPT


    • 8.

      ChatGPT for Content Co-Creation


    • 9.

      chatGPT: Your AI Research Assistant


    • 10.

      The Future of AI & Content Creation


    • 11.

      What to learn next!


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About This Class

Are you a content creator looking to take your creativity to the next level?

Do you want to harness the power of generative AI to never run out of ideas again?

Look no further!

In this Skillshare course, led by AI expert Jesper Dramsch, you'll dive into the world of generative AI and learn how to harness the power of ChatGPT to revolutionize your content creation process.

Whether you're a writer, blogger, social media influencer, or content creator of any kind, this course is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to never run out of ideas again. Explore the inner workings of ChatGPT, unlock its full potential, and find your unique voice in the world of AI-assisted writing.

Throughout the course, you'll uncover the secrets of large language models, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning. Gain insights into how ChatGPT generates creative and coherent responses, and learn to leverage its capabilities to generate unlimited content ideas.

But it doesn't stop there! You'll also delve into the ethical implications of generative AI and gain a deeper understanding of the technology behind ChatGPT. Jesper will guide you through practical exercises and provide expert tips to help you make the most out of this powerful AI writing tool.

As a bonus, you'll receive Jesper's ebook, "chatGPT for Creatives and Content Creators", which serves as a valuable resource to reinforce what you've learned in the course.

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential and take your content creation to new heights?

Join the course today and become a master of AI-assisted writing with ChatGPT.

Bonus below!


Introducing the game-changer for all creatives and content creators: the bonus ebook, "ChatGPT for Creatives and Content Creators"!

Are you ready to unlock the true power of AI in your writing journey?

This extraordinary resource is your secret weapon to take your creativity to soaring new heights. Dive into the captivating world of AI writing with ChatGPT as your trusted companion, guiding you through innovative techniques and strategies tailored specifically for content creators like you.

Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your content creation process, from brainstorming brilliant ideas to crafting captivating narratives. Unleash your imagination and witness the fusion of human creativity with the limitless possibilities of AI.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to transform your writing game and become a trailblazer in the age of AI-assisted content creation.

Get your hands on "ChatGPT for Creatives and Content Creators" today and embrace the future of writing!


Here's what you'll learn:

Playful Exploration of AI Writing

Let's tap into our creative potential and explore ChatGPT as a playful tool to spark new ideas. We'll discover how chatGPT differs from traditional search engines and why it's an invaluable resource for generating content ideas. I'll guide you through interactive sessions using chat.openai.com, where you can explore your own niche alongside me, learning by doing.

What's Under the Hood of ChatGPT?

Ever wondered how ChatGPT generates such creative and coherent responses? In this module, we'll delve into the inner workings of ChatGPT and demystify the technology behind it. We'll discuss large language models, machine learning, and natural language processing, unravelling the secrets that make ChatGPT such a powerful AI writing tool.

Unlimited Content Ideas with ChatGPT

Prepare to unlock a world of endless inspiration as we explore how ChatGPT can generate unlimited content ideas. Discover the versatility of ChatGPT in analyzing vast amounts of text data, allowing you to tap into unique insights and perspectives on any subject matter you can imagine. Whether you're a travel blogger, a writer, or a social media manager, ChatGPT will become your go-to tool for fresh and engaging content ideas.

A tour of AI Writing assistants

This module takes you on a fascinating tour of the AI landscape, exploring various AI writing assistants and their potential to enhance the creative process. From versatile tools like ChatGPT and HuggingChat that offer interactive dialogues and creative input to Notion with its AI-powered grammar and style suggestions and Bing AI, a widely accessible search assistant, you'll discover a range of options tailored to different writing needs and platforms.

Find your voice with ChatGPT

Learn how ChatGPT can assist you in honing your unique style and tone as a content creator. By leveraging role-playing prompts and the RTF framework (Role, Task, Format), you can prompt ChatGPT to respond like an expert in your niche, providing specific and tailored information. Additionally, incorporating style instructions and interacting with ChatGPT for further suggestions can help you develop a distinct voice that resonates with your audience.

Content Co-Creation with ChatGPT

Explore the concept of co-creating content with ChatGPT through interactive conversations. By engaging in dynamic discussions, content creators can overcome creative blocks, refine ideas, and receive real-time feedback from ChatGPT. Whether you're brainstorming plot twists for a video or fine-tuning the messaging of your content, the iterative process of content co-creation with ChatGPT opens up new possibilities for collaboration and creativity.

chatGPT: Your AI Research Assistant

Experience the potential of ChatGPT as a valuable research assistant. While cautioning about the limitations of AI in handling facts and figures, the module suggests responsible strategies to employ ChatGPT for research purposes. By seeking lists of facts, cross-referencing information with trusted sources, and using interactive conversation to dive deeper into complex concepts, ChatGPT can support knowledge acquisition and understanding while emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and verification.

The Future of AI & Content Creation

This module explores the exciting possibilities and potential challenges that lie ahead as AI continues to shape the landscape of content creation. It envisions a future where AI enables hyper-personalized experiences, allowing content creators to deliver tailored content that resonates deeply with individual users. However, it also emphasizes the ethical responsibility of content creators to resist low-effort content and use AI tools ethically. The module predicts that AI will serve as a catalyst for creativity and innovation, pushing boundaries and inspiring new perspectives while addressing ethical considerations and biases that arise from generative AI algorithms.

What to Learn Next

This module provides guidance on further areas to explore in order to enhance your AI writing skills. It suggests diving into natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gain a deeper understanding of how AI models like ChatGPT work. Exploring transfer learning and fine-tuning techniques can help you customize AI models for specific writing tasks. Additionally, learning about bias mitigation techniques in AI can enable you to create more inclusive and unbiased content. Finally, staying updated on the latest advancements in AI research and tools will ensure you stay at the forefront of AI-assisted content creation.


In this comprehensive training program on AI writing assistants, we have covered various modules that offer valuable insights into the capabilities and applications of AI in content creation. From discovering different AI writing assistants to co-creating content, finding your voice, and leveraging AI for research, these modules have provided a solid foundation for integrating AI tools into your writing process. By embracing AI, content creators can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and collaboration. However, it is important to remember that AI is a tool that should be used responsibly, with critical thinking and a mindful approach. As AI continues to evolve, there are endless opportunities for content creators to harness its potential while ensuring ethical and meaningful content creation in the digital age.


Who am I?

Join me, a scientist specializing in machine learning, as we embark on an exciting journey into the realm of AI and content creation.

Together with a vibrant community of over 7,000 fellow students, you'll delve into cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art methods that will revolutionize your understanding of AI.

Through immersive classes, we'll explore the intricacies of working with data, gaining invaluable insights through advanced modelling and captivating visualizations. Regardless of your skill level - be it a beginner, intermediate, or expert - these classes are designed to deepen your expertise in data science and AI.

With a background as a geophysicist who transitioned into data science and machine learning research, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Having created educational notebooks on Kaggle, a prominent machine learning contest website, I've garnered global recognition, with my top notebook amassing over 70,000 views. Furthermore, I've had the privilege of teaching Python, machine learning, and data science across various prestigious organizations, including Shell, the UK government, universities, and mid-sized companies. As a testament to my dedication, I completed the IBM Data Science certification in less than 48 hours, providing an extra boost in the challenging year of 2020.

Currently, I contribute to the coordinated organization ECMWF, where we utilize AI to enhance weather forecasting.

Join me on this extraordinary learning journey and unlock the limitless potential of AI in our data-driven world.


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My website & blog - https://dramsch.net
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/jesperdramsch
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Meet Your Teacher

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Jesper Dramsch, PhD

Scientist for Machine Learning



a top scientist in machine learning, educator, and content creator.

In my classes, you'll learn state-of-the-art methods to work with AI and gain insights from data, along with over 7,000 other students. This takes the form of exploring data and gaining insights with modelling and visualizations. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert, these classes will deepen your understanding of data science and AI.

I am trained as a geophysicist and shifted into data science and machine learning research, and Python programming during work towards a PhD. During that time, I created educational notebooks on the machine learning contest website Kaggle (part of Alphabet/Google) and reached rank 81 worldwide. My top notebook has been viewed... See full profile

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1. Introduction to AI Writing with ChatGPT: Content creators have a new powerful tool with generative AI and achy. Pt is currently the tool everyone uses to write content, create ideas, and brainstorm catchy titles. If you're here to catch up without cheap tricks, I promise you will not be disappointed. In this course, we'll embark on an exciting journey to explore the power of generative AI in unleashing your creative genius, whether you're a writer, blogger, social media influencer, or content creator of any kind. This course is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to supercharge your content creation process and never run out of ideas. Again, I'm Esporas, I'm a scientist for machine learning, improving global weather prediction. With AI, I hold a Phd in machine learning for geoscience. And I have worked with AI and machine learning for over seven years. Besides building these models, I taught in places from universities to the UK government and a Fortune five company, as well as a mook with thousands of students. I love making these topics accessible. But that's not all. I'm a contract water. I wrote my first blog over ten years ago. Like you, I'm trying to keep up with the social media Red race. I've been writing my newsletter for over 2.5 years and I'm a Youtube partner with a few thousand subscribers. I know what it means to grasp for ideas and try to find what resonates with people together. We'll dive deep into the world of Cha Chi PT, an advanced generative AI writing assistant developed by Open AI, which gives content creators of all facets an invaluable tool to survive in this modern, algorithmically driven world. Throughout this course, we'll uncover the inner workings of ChachiPT. Learn how to generate unlimited content ideas, find your unique voice, and even collaborate with AI for in case you have never taken any course of mine before. Of course, I'll talk about the ethical implications of generative AI. I am in the unique position to combine AI and content creation knowledge. And I want you to not only use char GPT, but also peek behind the curtain of modern AI height. After all, to master craft, you have to understand our tools here, we'll do both. As a bonus, you'll get my ebook, Char GPT, for creators and content creators that I normally sell in my shop as a valuable resource to quickly look up what you learn in this course. Without further ado, I can't wait to see you on the other side. 2. Class Project: Welcome to the course. In this lesson, we'll lay the foundation for our creative journey with Char PT. Imagine a scenario where you're a travel blogger who wants to write engaging articles about exotic destinations with ChachiPT. You'll be able to collaborate with an AI writing assistant that can suggest captivating introductions, create vivid descriptions, and even help you brainstorm new angles for your content. Scotia needs you to upload a project to finish this course, and I would very much enjoy seeing what you come up with as well. I already uploaded an example project for you, so please upload a glass project that showcase how you used chat GPT. I think the most straightforward project is to create a screen grab or copy and paste a prompt and a response you found particularly useful. But this is truly open to you if you end up creating a piece of content based on what you learned in this class, I'd be very happy to see that as well. Write a short description and yeah, the process it took for you to work on this, Keep the project in mind throughout this course and let's dive into our next lesson there. We'll start out with a playful exploration of AI writing To kick us off, and remember to pick up a copy of the book in the resource section down below. 3. Playful Exploration of AI writing: How do we tap into our creative potential and use chart GPT as a playful tool to spark new ideas? When we start out with exploring a chat bot, we are often limited by our imagination. We're used to Google search a thing and get a bunch of links to possible answers. Char PT works differently. We can have full conversations to refine our idea and drill down to the most valuable concepts interactively. Let's pretend we're creating a new media empire around AI writing For that, we'll go to Chat Openyi.com and explore interactively. When we navigate to this website, we can clearly see this is a minimal set up. We see the login, the sign up, the terms of use, and the privacy policy. At this point, be aware that data that you feed to ChargPT will be used as training data. So don't give it confidential information or anything personally identifiable that you wouldn't want accidentally shared with everyone else. Now we'll click on Sign Up. You can use your normal accounts or your E mail address. I'll do that off screen real quick and then I'll see you back in. Well, in Charter PT, now that we have our account, we see three columns, examples that we can click on. It quickly generates these examples for us. The capabilities, which is it remembers what a user said earlier in the conversation. It allows users to provide follow up and corrections, And it is trained to decline inappropriate requests. So it has safety features. However, it has some limitations. It may generate misinformation. It can occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content. We'll get into that later. And its knowledge is limited to 2021 and before. So with that being said, we will now dive into it. Well, we want to pretend to build a social media empire around AI writing. We put that into the chat box. Chat box, okay. I want to create a social media empire centered around AI writing. Please generate an initial strategy for me to follow it. Enter and you can see Chat PT is now generating this text for us. It is centered around AI writing. To get started, this is the strategy we can follow. Define a target audience, develop a unique value proposition, build a user friendly platform. It gives us a really nice list in this interface right here. What we can do up here is we can change this if we want to add additional information, we don't right now. We can copy this to our clipboard. We can say, oh, this is great, or this isn't great, which just helps training. And then we can follow up on these responses. We can also regenerate this response because every time chat PT gives an answer, it will be different. Let's actually have a look. It even does formatting for us this time. And you can see right here that we can go back to the version before. Okay, we got a nice answer here. Now we can actually follow up to this. Let's say 0.5 Can you elaborate on 0.5 It knows that this is about user generated content and how we leverage it to build credibility and trust with potential other users. And it gives us seven ideas right here to work with user generated content. I think you can already see some of the potential with this, so you can really drill down into these ideas. Yeah, each point you can elaborate on these points, you can give it more context. Maybe you say, my expertise lies in beauty and media. How would you adjust this prompt To my expertise then? If we actually don't want anything anymore, we can also stop this. This is very useful then. This is a little glimpse in what I tend to ask it. You have the side bar where it tells you the different chats you had with it. Because within this chat, you can reference back to ideas you had before. Right here I was asking about the social media empire before. I can reference this back as well, I assist the creativity. This was the product that I uploaded to this class. To help you a little bit, I can reference back to like project three and actually have it elaborate on project three. If you want to get rid of one of these charts, you can delete it. For example, if I wanted to hide the fact that this isn't my first try, I can do it this way and you can see it's completely gone. There's no way to get it back. You can rename these as well. This would be my skill chair live demo. And then this is new. You can share these links with others. Chart PT is evolving quite quickly. There's always something new that's happening. And right here you can also upgrade. Right now it's $20 per month. What that gives you is a better model that we was trained on. More data, more elaborate, and yeah, a little bit more capable in creating believable texts. But I am on the free version and I'm quite happy with it right now. But yeah, that is for you to know. And of course, you can manage your account right here, and that's the interface. So let's hop back to the camera feed. This lesson has opened the doors to a world of endless inspiration. But remember, AI is a tool to enhance your creativity, not replace it. In our next lesson, we'll take a closer look under the hood of GPT and discover what makes it such a powerful AI writing tool. If you like, I want to invite you to try this with your own niche alongside, and learn by doing. 4. What’s under the hood of chatGPT?: Let's delve into the inner workings of char GPT and demystify the technology behind it. Have you ever wondered how Cha GPT can generate such creative and coherent responses? Well, let's find out. To understand ChachiPT, we need to explore these key concepts. Large language models, natural language processing, or NLP, machine learning, neural networks. Don't worry, I'll explain them in a way that's accessible and easy to grasp. First, let's talk about large language models. Chat PT is built on a large language model which is a complex AI system trained on vast amounts of text data. And by vast, I mean vast Chat PT is trained on half, 1 trillion sentences from all around the Internet. It learns to generate human like text by analyzing patterns, context, and the relationship between words and sentences. These so called Transformers, the GPT are very good at remembering which words appear in which context from these hundreds of billions of sentences. But in the end, these models are trained to predict text in a believable, human like manner. These models are not trained to understand the world, but to understand which words occur most commonly next to other words. Mind you with impressive results. But when we use Cha chip long enough, you'll see some cracks in the facade that may make it seem like it has an understanding of the world. As a silly example, Cha Chip has read the Wikipedia article about multiplication. Yet when we ask this powerful, generative AI running on one of the most powerful computers in the world, it gets the answer wrong. But in an interesting way, ask to multiply 12,345.65 432, and it gets the start and the end of the answer, right? Those are common patterns. We learn some of these in school. Like we know the ending digits of 2.5 result in a zero. Because two times five is ten. This is something our kids still learn to do by hand in high school. And this is AI with unlimited computer resource and it gets it confidently wrong. Anyways, just something to keep in mind. Back to the cool stuff. This sort of pattern recognition that fails for math problems is actually its advantage in writing. Chat PT is created with a process called machine learning. I have a full master class here on skillshare that teach data science and machine learning. So let's skip the details here, get to the gist. Machine learning learns general patterns in data. The more often something appears in the training data leads to Chat GPT giving weight to this sort of pattern. We can also easily see this in our math example from before. Let's shift the numbers a bit instead of 65432, We'll use 54321. Asking cha chi PT to multiply 135.543 to one gives the correct answer. Because it has seen this answer in many examples on the Internet and its training data because one to 345 is just 543 to one backwards and us know it love and easy pattern for online teaching examples. Somewhere in there, Chachi Pt has seen enough examples of this to reproduce the correct output from that machine learning pattern. Fascinating, isn't it? Chachi PT was trained with a lot of neat tricks to become an advanced generative writing AI. We already have models that were trained on half 1 trillion sentences years ago. The field of natural language processing is a field of AI that enables computers to process human text. There are different objectives in this exciting fields. For example, text summarization. So we can finally get ahead of our e mail inbox. What sets the training of ChartPT apart is its multi step training process. We know the Internet has a lot of misinformation and the smaller siblings of ChartPT were known to produce conspiracy theories and misinformation. When you train on data from the Internet, factual information from sources like Wikipedia is only a fraction of its data. There's a lot of both fictional and questionable text around. So that had to be addressed, which is where humans come in. I don't want to bore you with the details, so they're described in the book in more general detail. But essentially, open AI hired people to create high quality prompts and responses. And at a later stage, work in closed feedback loops with chat GPT to rate responses and improve their responses by providing a reward for good answers. Something called reinforcement learning. I feel at this stage I would also be remiss to not also mention that time broke the story that open AI paid Kenyan workers $2 to sift through parts of the most toxic and violent texts in the original data. A practice that was deemed highly unethical and morally questionable as the psychological burden of reading this kind of content is extremely high. The contribution these invisible workers made for up to $2 was essential in making chart CPT viable for the broad public and the success it is today. I think it's important to both be aware of the ethical implications behind these models as well as remembering that call this AI because it's cool. We want char GPT to be an assistant, but we have to stay conscious of the fact that these models were trained to predict believable human like text. As impressive as it may be. Now that we understand how it functions, it's time to harness its power to generate unlimited content ideas. That's on in the next list. 5. Unlimited Content Ideas: Cha PT can be a valuable tool for content creators in generating an abundance of fresh and engaging ideas. Are you ready to unlock your world of unlimited inspiration? Chachpt's ability to analyze vast amounts of text data makes it an excellent resource for content creators seeking inspiration. Whether you're a writer, a blogger, a social media manager, or a marketer, ChachPT can help spark your creativity and generate unique content ideas. One of the key advantages of ChachiPT is its versatility and exploring diverse topics. It can provide you with insights, information, and perspectives on virtually any subject matter you can imagine. Let's say you're travel blogger in need of new destination ideas. Simply ask ChachiPT about lesser known travel spots or hidden gems and it can suggest off the beaten path locations that you may not have considered before as long as they were in the training data. I gave you a couple of simple prompts to explore in the E book. This simple prompting technique asks for ChachiPT to create a list of ideas for your specific niche. If you're on social media following any of the new AI influences, they will give you a list of these prompts, but we can go deeper here. Chachipt can also be an excellent brainstorming partner. When you're facing a creative block or struggling to come up with innovative concepts, ChachiPT can offer a fresh perspective. Now we have learned about simple prompts, but this assumes that ChachiPT knows best what we need. It's a bit generic. The next technique is called priming. Here we feed ChachiPT with something that we already created. The seasoned content creators in this class know our audience love some ideas more than others, and it's often worth iterating on our most popular ideas. We can use the blog post or transcription of our video to provide context for Cha TBT to provide tailored solutions to our content needs. Simply start out with your prompt as before. Let me just show you with one of my most popular videos, please generate ten new and creative topic ideas. My audience will love for Youtube videos based on the following transcript of one of my videos. Then just copy and paste the transcript of your video. Incorporating AI generated ideas into your content creation process be a powerful way to add variety and freshness. However, it's important to remember that AI generator suggestions should always be evaluated and edited to ensure their quality, accuracy, and alignment with your creative vision. Something we'll explore further in the next lesson. Chat Pit is a valuable resource for content creators seeking unlimited content ideas. Its ability to analyze vast amounts of text data and generate insights makes it a valuable tool for sparking creativity and exploring diverse topics. Remember, while Chachipd can provide a wealth of ideas, it's important to infuse your unique perspective and expertise into the content you create. Chachiped is a tool to enhance your creativity, not a replacement for it. In the next lesson, I will show you different AI writing assistance available so you can make an informed choice between models and products. But right after that, we'll get right back into finding your own voice with AI assisted writing. 6. Tour of AI Writing Assistants: There are various AI writing assistant, let's explore how they can enhance your creative process. Get ready for a fascinating tour of the AI landscape and discover the best tools to amplify your writing abilities. Ai writing assistants are valuable tools that can streamline your writing process, provide suggestions, and help you generate high quality content. However, the landscape is ever changing and a new tool pops up every single day. Let's explore some of the most popular AR writing assistants available today, PT. As you've already experienced in this course, Chan PT, powered by Open AI is a versatile I writing assistant. It can generate human like text, answer questions, and assist with brainstorming ideas with its natural language processing capabilities. Cher GPD can be your creative companion throughout your content creation journey. Notion is a powerful all in one workplace that has integrated various features. Now it also includes an AI powered writing assistant. It offers grammar and style suggestions. Makes a writing more polished and professional, but can write entire outlines and even translate content Hugging Chat Hugging Chat is an open source AI language model that offers a range of conversational capabilities. It can engage in interactive dialogues, answer questions, and provide creative input. Hugging chat can be a helpful tool for refining ideas and getting instant feedback. Chat Chat is an AI powered search assistant. It generates knowledge based text based on your query and shows you sources for the answers. It is one of the longer established AI search assistants. Google Bard. Google Bard is a generative AI language model developed by Google. It is the direct competitor to Chat PT. Due to data protection legislation, it is not available in every country. However, Bing Bing AI, powered by Microsoft, is an AI powered search assistant based on ChachPT Bing. Ai is widely accessible and can be used across different platforms. As long as you run Microsoft Edge Grammar, Grammarly is a popular AI powered writing assistant that provides grammar, spelling and punctuation suggestions. It also offers style recommendations to enhance the overall quality of your writing. Grammarly integrates seamlessly with various writing tools, makes it a convenience choice for content creators. Recently, they introduced a new feature that allows simple prompting to modify your writing. With so many AI writing assistants to choose from, it's important to find the one that aligns with your specific needs, preferences and price point. I specifically chose examples here for different applications from generating text to search assistance to text improvement. Consider factors such as the type of continue create, the level of assistance required, and the integration capabilities with your preferred writing platform, AI. Writing assistance can be invaluable in enhancing your contiguation process. From Chachi PT to notion hugging, chat grammarly. Each tool offers unique features and capabilities. Take the time to explore and experiment with these AI writing assistants to find the ones that best suit your creative style and workflow. Either way, what you learn about improving your prompts in this course will be valuable in most of these products. In our next lesson, we'll explore our own unique voice in AI assisted writing. See there. 7. Find your voice with chatGPT: Content creators. It's crucial to develop a distinct voice that resonates with your audience. There's a reason every news outlet from bus feed to The New York Times have a style guide. In this lesson, we'll explore how Cha GPT can assist you in honing your unique style and tone. Generating content ideas is just the beginning. Cha GPT can also assist you in refining and tailoring those ideas to suit your specific voice. In fact, you can even prompt chat GPT to role play, ask ChachiPT to respond like an expert in your niche, which immediately improves the quality and specificity of responses to your prompts. A popular framework around this role playing idea is the RTF framework. R stands for Role. The role specifies the perspective or position from which the response should be written. It helps adopt the appropriate stance or point of view to address the query effectively. For example, Chachipte can respond as a teacher, a Dr. or a machine learning expert, among other roles. The T stands for task. The task outlines the specific question or problem that needs to be addressed. It provides clarity on the objective of the response. This ensures that chart PT, stays focused on delivering relevant and accurate information. The F stands for Format. The format defines the structure or style of the response. It helps ChachiPT provide the desired format level of technicality, or any specific guidelines for the response by adhering to the specified format. Chachipete can then tailor the response to meet the needs of the task effectively. Then we can combine this into a template, pretend to be row and perform task in format. This could look like pretend to be a professional chef and explain a Julian as a haiku. Personally, I find adding style instructions to my promise very successful. Here are some ideas I tend to return to define the reading grade for the text. Give a general vibe like professional, creative, quirky, personable. Avoid jargon and be concise because chachipt sometimes babbles request a high word count to dit down the responses to my liking tailored to a target audience. And honestly, the inception moment is that you can ask Cha Chi PT for suggestions of more style instructions that might be useful, just try it out. This lesson has shown you how Cha Chi pet can be your ally in finding and amplifying your creative voice. But let's not stop there. And our next lesson will take collaboration to the next level as we explore content co creation with ChachiPT. 8. ChatGPT for Content Co-Creation: This lesson we'll explore the exciting concept of co creating content with ChatchiPT through interactive conversations. Get ready to unlock new levels of collaboration and creativity. As we dive into the world of content co creation, let's get started. One of the remarkable features of ChachiPT is its ability to engage in dynamic and interactive conversations. This opens up an incredible opportunity for content creators to collaborate with ChachiPT, brainstorm ideas, refine concepts, and polish their content through an iterative process of back and forth dialogue. Content creators often face creative blocks or struggle with finding the right words. Engaging in a conversation with Cha Chi PT can help overcome these hurdles by sharing your challenges and seeking guidance. Cha Chi PT can provide prompt suggestions and alternatives that ignite your creativity. Whether you're a writer searching for the perfect opening sentence, or a marketer crafting a persuasive call to action conversation is often a way to slowly chisel away the rough stone to get to your idea. Imagine your a content creator looking to develop a compelling storyline for a Youtube video. Engaging in a conversation with ChachiPT allows you to bounce ideas off each other, explore different plot, whiz, and receive real time feedback. As you exchange thoughts and concerts, ChachiPT can contribute fresh perspectives, suggest unique angles, and inspire you with ideas you might not have considered before. Mind your content. Co creation with ChachiPT goes beyond initial brainstorming. Through conversation, we can fine tune the tone and style and messaging that we create. You can iterate and explore different variations and reference previous responses to your prompt until you land on the most compelling and brand content. We can even take this a step further in terms of content co creation, just like a Google Doc, we can create a unique link to a chat history where we can collaborate with our team through ChachiPT and realize our collective vision of a project through the use of conversation with generative AI. In conclusion, content co creation with ChachiPT opens up new avenues of collaboration and creativity. By engaging in conversations. We, as content creators can brainstorm ideas, refine concepts, overcome creative blocks, and leverage Chachi PT to enhance our content. And as always, remember that ChachiPD can be a valuable co creator, but it's important to bring your own unique perspective and expertise to the table. Chachi Pt is a tool to augment your creativity, not a substitute for it. This lesson has introduced you to the exciting world of content co creation with Chat PT. But our journey doesn't end here. And our next lesson will explore how Chachi Pt can become your trusted AI research assistant. 9. chatGPT: Your AI Research Assistant: Let's get into how Cha GPT can serve as a valuable tool for research, providing insight, information, and support to enhance your knowledge and understanding in various fields. Get ready to unlock the power of ChachiPT As your AI research assistant, let's dive in, I have sat through a few, right, with AI seminars at this point where Chachi Pt was pitched as a great research assistant, but especially as contra creators, we have to be careful. Our writing our scripts, our videos, our tweets, our Instagram captions, they're all representations of our brand and the trust our audience puts in us, and our brand can be irrevocably damaged if we get caught in mistruths. Google got caught up in this when they announced their chat PT competitor Bard, and the announcement video had wrong information on a knowledge question. As a result, Google lost $100 billion in market share. But this isn't a Chachi. Pt is better than Bard situation, this is a large language models as they exist currently are bad with facts and figures. Just recently a lawyer in the US had been caught using Chachi PT as a research tool where Chachi PT completely fabricated case law with believably sounding names. Researchers have even seen fake citations and papers that ChachiPT cited as a source. This is also known as AI hallucination. The way I think about it, ChachiPT learns about topics based on vibes. Certain topics are often written about with other topics which ChachiPT ingests. It does not maintain a knowledge base, however. So how do we fix this? Well, it's difficult. I shared this flow chart in my newsletter. Basically, either you have to accept that you're writing fiction, which is perfectly valid for creatives like us, or you have to be able to verify its output and assume full responsibility for missed accuracies. Unfortunately, we humans have a bias to just believe computers and algorithms and we can get complacent very easily. Nevertheless, let's go through some strategies that we can use to employ chat PT as our research assistant responsibly. When we have open ended questions that we would like an answer to, we can get started by having ChachiPT provide us with a list of facts. These lists are easier for us to manually fat Chuck than a full text. After we get the list, we can return to Google. And the trick here is to try and disprove the claims with reputable sources. If, for example, we asked ChachiPT for the secret formula of Coca Cola, we'd get a list that includes carbonated water, fructus corn syrup, et cetera. We can now Google the opposite. Coca Cola does not contain HFCS. And the results would show that Coca Cola only contains HFCS in the US and Mexico. Other countries seem to often use beet or cane sugar. When we try to disprove these facts with Google, we get to relevant and correct answers easier than sifting through data that simply confirms possibly wrong statement from ChachiPT. Another strategy we can use is providing a text and asking a GPT questions about the text we provide. Here you can copy and paste your source and then ask, does this text support claim X, depending on the answer. We then follow up with show me the supporting passages in the text for your answer to get chat PT to reference the section and process to be relevant to your inquiry. That way, we already have a trusted source and we force Cha GPT to refer back to the paragraph of this trusted source closing the loop. I know this may seem like work still, but after all, it's about maintaining trust with our audience. Additionally, we have the added benefit of interactive conversation. Cha GPT can break down complex ideas into more accessible explanations, provide analogies and additional resources to deepen our understanding. This follow up can serve as a shortcut for a jumping off point into a deeper treatment of our explainers for a topic like, for example, Coca Cola. Now we can write about how there is actually a difference in the secret formula, apparently depending on country and those people that tasted a difference, they didn't make that up after all. In conclusion, ChachiPD can serve as a valuable AI research assistant supporting your knowledge acquisition, fact checking, and understanding of complex concepts. By engaging in interactive conversation, you can tap into its vast correlations from many text sources. Remember, while ChachiPT can provide valuable insights, it's crucial to evaluate and cross reference the information it provides. As with any research, critical thinking and verification of sources are essential to ensure accuracy and reliability. With great power comes great responsibility. In the next lesson, I'll discuss the future of AI and content creation. We'll explore the exciting possibilities and potential challenges that lie ahead in the realm of AI and its impact on content creation. Join me as we envision the future of AI and its role in shaping our creative landscape. 10. The Future of AI & Content Creation: This lesson will explore the exciting possibilities and potential challenges that lie ahead as AI continues to shape the landscape of configuration. Ai has already made significant strides in transforming the way we create content from automated content generation to personalized recommendations. Ai has proven its potential to enhance creativity, streamline workflows, and engage audiences. One of the most exciting prospects in this rise of hyper personalized experiences. As AI technologies advance, content creators will have the ability to deliver tailored content that precisely matches the preferences, interests, and needs of individual users. Imagine a world where every article, video, or advertisement even is customized to resonate deeply with its audience, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction. However, this is where the duality of AI and automation comes into play. These tools can be used for nefarious purposes such as propaganda or misinformation campaigns. It also means low effort content such as the robotic voices reading Reddit threads on Tiktok will be more commonplace as responsible creatives, content creators. It is on us to resist the siren call of producing unchecked low effort content and use these tools ethically. It is inevitable that AI power tools like GPT will continue to evolve. Assisting content creators throughout the creative process. Conversations with AI assistants will become more intuitive, enabling dynamic brainstorming, idea refinement, and even real time content generation. Content creators will have AI partners who can provide valuable insights, suggestions, and support to enhance their work. In my class on generative AI part, I opened bold statement that artists will not be replaced by AI, but by artists using AI. This will be equally true for content creators. Congratulations on taking this step towards understanding these tools and their opportunities and limitation. Personally, I think that generative AI will serve as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. We have this sudden access to computational power and massive amounts of data so that content creators will be able to explore new frontiers and push boundaries. Generative AI can generate novel ideas, uncover hidden patterns, and inspire unique perspectives tailored towards what our audience cares about. As generative AI becomes more integrated into content creation, it's crucial to address ethical considerations and biases. These generative AI algorithms learn from the data they are trained on. That means they inherit biases and misinformation from the straining data. The Internet contains many dark corners where inhumane viewpoints and dangerous information is openly celebrated. Even additionally, these models are often trained on mostly English speaking data, which limits the data to mostly Western and affluent viewpoints historically lacks diversity. Generative AI perpetuates and amplifies those biases in the content it generates. As responsible content creators, we must be mindful of this and actively work towards ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and transparency in the AI generated content we produce. We can actively work towards this by including more diverse voices in our teams and collaborations. But we can also use the prompting styles and have ChachiPeT draw from more of its training data, that is, for example, LGBTQIA friendly or racially equitable, or explicitly use examples that provide diverse viewpoints. The future of AI and content creation will involve collaboration with other fields such as psychology, sociology, and ethics. Content creators will need to understand the impact of AI on human behavior, address societal implications, and navigate the ethical challenges that arise. Collaboration between experts in AI and other domains will help create a more holistic and responsible approach to AI driven content creation. In conclusion, the future of AI and content creation holds immense potential for hyper personalized experiences. Ai assisted collaboration enhance creativity and ethical considerations. As AI continues to evolve, content creators must embrace these advancements while being mindful of the responsibilities and the challenges they bring. Remember, AI is a tool that amplifies human creativity and capabilities. It should be used in harmony with human judgment and expertise rather than as a replacement. The future of AI and content creation is a collaborative partnership between humans and machine. Join me in the next lesson to get a roadmap of what to learn next. 11. What to learn next!: Welcome to our pen ultimate lesson, what to learn next. Let's explore the exciting possibilities and pathways for further learning and growth in the realm of AI and content creation. Before we dive in what to learn next, take a moment to reflect on your journey. So far you've gained insights into the power of AI, explored content creation with Chachi PT and learned about its applications in various domains. Now it's time to consider where you want to focus your learning efforts. Next, start by identifying areas of interest that resonate with you. Are you captivated by the possibilities of AI generated art? Intrigued by the potential of AI and storytelling, or perhaps fascinated by the ethical considerations surrounding AI, pinpointing your interests will help guide you towards the most rewarding learning experiences. I just so happen to have more skill share courses on these topics. In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and content creation, continuous learning is key. Embrace a growth mindset, and stay curious. Keep up with the latest developments, research papers, and industry trends. Engage in online communities, attend webinars, participate in workshops to expand your knowledge and connect with like minded individuals. Valuable sources of knowledge include newsletters, Youtube channels, which can accelerate your learning immensely. I have links you might enjoy in the resource section for all of these. To deepen your understanding of AI, explore the underlying technologies that power it, delve into the fundamentals of machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. A great place to dive in is the start up hugging face. They have lots of interactive ways to explore the natural language processing space. Machine learning is an applied discipline, so in my opinion, you get better by using the tools extensively, finance limitations, by using it on topics you have deep expertise in and meander to more styles, forms of content and topic areas. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are integral to growth and learning. Seek opportunities to collaborate with other content creators, AI experts. Researchers engage in online discussions, share your insights and exchange ideas. By collaborating, you can gain different perspectives, broaden your horizons, and accelerate your learning journey. Then to go above and beyond, you can sign up for the Chat GPT plug ins weight list, which enables you to connect Chat Pt to a myriad of different tools like Zapier or substack. Once you're ready, you can learn about Lang Chain, a tool that lets you compose different large language models into applications that pass information and tasks between each other. In conclusion, determining what to learn next involves reflection, identifying areas of interest, and engaging in continuous learning. Exploring AI technologies and tools, and fostering collaboration and knowledge. Sharing my book and the resources can be a guide for reflection on the content in this course. Learning is a dynamic and personal process. Embrace your unique interests and passions as you navigate the vast and ever evolving landscape of AI and content creation. And definitely let me know in your review what you would like to learn next. With that, I would like to invite you to the conclusion of this course in the next lesson. 12. Conclusion: Congratulations on completing the course. Throughout this journey, you've explored the power of AI and content creation, Discovered the capabilities of Chachi PT, and gained valuable insights into the possibilities and challenges of AI driven creativity. Let's recap the key takeaways from our course. Ai as a Creative Companion, AI such as Cha Chi PT can be a powerful tool for content creators assisting with idea generation, research, collaborations, and more ethical considerations. While AI offers exciting possibilities, it's essential to be mindful of biases, inclusivity, and transparency in AI generated content hyper personalization. The future of content creation lies in delivering personalized experiences that cater to individual preferences, interests, and needs. Collaboration with AI, content creators can leverage AI powered tools to enhance collaboration, idea refinement, and real time content generation. Continuous learning. Stay curious, Explore new AI technologies, engage in communities, and embrace a growth mindset to keep up with this evolving landscape. Take a moment to celebrate your achievements. You've completed this course, expanding your knowledge and skills in AI and content creation. Give yourself a round of applause for your dedication and commitment to learning. Remember to check out the resources for interesting links and the E book. You'll probably enjoy our weekly newsletter about AI and my inclusive AI community and the resources. You'll also find a complimentary copy of my E book, which gives you additional information about generative AI and the frameworks we explored here. As we conclude this course, let's look forward to the future of AI and conter creation. The possibilities are vast and exciting. Generated AI will continue to shape and transform the creative landscape, Opening up avenues for innovation, personalization, and collaboration. Now I want to invite you to submit a project to complete this course and legal review so others can find this course. If you end up creating something awesome, feel free to tag me. I love to see what you're up to. Before we wrap up, let's take a moment to celebrate your journey. You've acquired new knowledge, developed skills, and connected with fellow learners. You're now part of the community of creative individuals harnessing the power of AI to bring their visions to life. Thank you for joining me in this course. It has been a pleasure guiding you through this exploration of AI and Contac creation. Remember to keep embracing your creativity, Pushing boundaries, and making a positive impact with your work. Congratulations once again on your achievements, and I wish you all the best on your continued journey and the exciting world of generative AI and contact creation.