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Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Open Broadcaster Software(OBS)

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction To Course


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      OBS Interface


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      OBS Basic Settings


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About This Class

Hello there, Nick Nyxson here.

In this course, you will learn how to start using  Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) even if you have no idea where to start.

In this course You Will Learn:

  • Which version of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) You need to use;

  • How to download OBS;

  • Settings Walkthrough;

  • Sources and Scenes;

  • Audio setup;

  • Effects;

  • and Many More!

This course is made for the complete beginner of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). For more advanced users other courses will be available.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction To Course: Hello and welcome to our open broadcaster. Softer or B s. Course. My name is Nick Nickson, and I will be your instructor for this course. So in this course, we will learn everything that the beginner needs to learn about open broadcaster, softer or or bs in order to use it for their needs will be a recording or streaming for both. This course will be made for complete Beginners for the people have no idea how o. B. S works over. They have heard about O. B s and have no idea how to use it. So when this course what we're going to do, we're going to learn. I'm going to give you all the knowledge needed in order to start using O. B s as fast as possible. We're not going to go through the options and settings that you are probably not going to use as a beginner. So we're going to go as fast as possible in order to get you recording and streaming within a few electors as fast as possible, because this is what we need to do. Because 80% 80% off work he's done by this small amount of settings and the other settings are just are not as essential for you to know. And this will be for more advanced courses. And for the more advanced people, I will give you all the knowledge that you are required in order to get you up and running with O B s, including which versions to get how to stream what to sort are scenes where sources how to record. In addition to that, after we will know already how to do that, we're going to give you I'm going to give you and, ah, information about effects, additional tools and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Well, overall, this course will get you up and running with O. B s in no time as fast as possible. I hope you will enjoy this course because I'm very excited about this course, and I'll hope to see you in the first lecture. So I'm going to see their take care 2. Installation: So hello and welcome to our first lecture about O. B s Open broadcasters software. So first things first, What is O BS? I'm just gonna go a little quick into explaining what obvious is because probably already know this, But I'm just gonna make a quick recap open broadcaster. Softer is a freep stopped where that allows you two or record and life stream. Whatever you have on screen or whatever you add to the season, it will be a camera will be your microphone or anything. Basically, it allows you to broadcast your content to whatever media you want will be just recording or a life dreaming that you're different platforms. So open broadcast, doctor or or Bs is completely free software. So if someone will ask you for the money for albeit just he's straight up scamming you because it is open. So it is absolutely free and is constantly being updated and available for Windows, Mac and the Lennox. So there different versions available for ah, the different platform. So, for example, at the moment of recording for the Windows and Lennox would have available that version 24 . But for the Mac, it's still, while version 23. So it's still getting constantly updated, and it's incredibly, incredibly great. Softer. Let me just show you on the screen, right here. Ah, okay. There we are. I'm going to just show you myself right here. So this is an official unofficial Weps website off all B s project dot com. So this is the official website off O. B. S, where you can actually download the O. B. S on your computer. It's a really simple. You're just gonna goto obvious product dot com right here where you can see and just go and find the version that you want to for windows. For Mac or for Lennox. There are actually two virgins off O. B. S available. One is discounted, but one is active. There's no B s classic, which is the older version of obvious, which is no longer supported, as far as I know, but you don't need and don't want. And second is O. B s studio, which is the newer version off obvious that we are actively using that I'm recording right now, which I'm recording right now at the moment. So these are two versions just discount obvious classic because it is not available anymore . It's way too old And use all B s studios off. Why? You should use obeah studio. Well, the students to do is based version off O B s at the moment off the recording and it has all the pace functions off the O. B s. So that is the base version based off her. But unlike Theo, be a studio there also available other versions off RBS, which are more more skinned. Version off O B s. We have different skins on them, which allows them to have additional functions, but they're still still based on obedience studio. This is the base version. So if you want as clean version as it can get in this fast version as it can get download just obeah studio. The second version that I want to talk. There are also other versions, but still the second version, the second most popular version off O. B. S is stream lapse or bs trim lap. So Bs is an OBE ess software, which is made with stream laps dot com. If you know what stream laptop come, stream laps is a application for ah streamer special Until I would you to have different alerts You to have a different goals you to have. Ah, the different labels on your screen. Different interfaces, etcetera, etcetera. This is Mawr made for gamers, but still it can be used for non gamers as well. If you want, Like, more interactivity on your O B. S like having chat on your screen, etcetera, etcetera is more often invent stuff that if you're a beginner, I do not suggest to use that because it's it can be a bit complicated if you don't know how to use the obi s first. There are obvious to deal that this one first. So if you have a choice on if you are more attacks, Evie and you could learn attack faster than you can try. Stream lap so bs. But it has far more functions, and it is far more complicated, even though it's not that difficult to learn. It is far more complicated than the irregular O. B. S. Dobie a studio. If you're a beginner, I suggested to download obesity first and learning. They're both three. They're both absolutely free. And you can use them however you want and you can even download both of them. But I still suggest you to learn with O B s studio first that we are going to do right here . We're not gonna learn obeah system up. So Bs in this course, this is for more cable before more advanced and gaming oriented a life streaming and recording. So we're going toe more focus on O. B s studio so you can go to your bs project dot com again here, right here and download the whatever version you have it. It goes from Windows seven upto Windows 10 at the moment of the recording, as well as for Mac and for the Olympics as well. So just go and download you can. George, you can just go to the download portion on just downloading Stoller right here. It's the simplest version. If you have a you know that you have a 30 bit you said they're determined version of the windows, then that load the 32 bit in store and do not that would just influenced. Or if you want to download with through the BitTorrent, then you can just use that or if we just want to go down, let us to file like a little bit smaller version. You can go and do that as well. But I suggest you unless you have a 32 bit windows you can just download in solar, and that's it is it is fast as the race. Or you could just change to whatever the version have afford Mac or Ford Lennox right here . So when it is a bit more complicated, but Windows is the simplest version possible. So this is how we can actually download the O Bs. And again, I suggest you to go for obeah studio. Do not go for strong lips. O. B s first, just get familiar with the obeah studio while you're after you're done with this course, you will be 100% familiar and you can just go then that will truly so bs and play with it. Or we're gonna have another course, probably for more advanced than more intermediate features for the old basis when you'll probably there now for the gaming oriented course as well. So this will be it for this lecture and the next lecture. We are going to learn all about old Bs interface, and for that we will have gonna have an obvious version 24. So you will not change for you even if you're watching this for really late versions for Bs . So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See there. 3. OBS Interface: so hello. And welcome back to our second lecture about open broadcasters after or all B s. So when this lecture, we're going to learn all about the obvious interface that is needed for you in order to succeed. As you can see, you're seeing my face right here in the O Bs. After that, have live screen right here, which is recording like my lap camp webcam right here. I'm recording another school with another software, but it doesn't matter. How am I doing this? You're gonna learn it later, but you can see this is my O. B s 20.24 point 0.1 version, which is the 64 bit version for myself. We're gonna learn Ward are actually all these things happening on this screen know that that you are going to have a bit different interface. What you're gonna have is something like this. Controls will be right here, and this transitions will. Right here. You're gonna have probably something like that. But for my own, um, usage. I used something like that. I can just change. Ah, deep, um, alignment off everything. But we're gonna learn this a bit later. First we're going to learn What are everything about what is basically what is all this interface? The first things first, What you're going to see is, of course, the preview window, which is which. Where you see me right now, this is me where everything you were happening in your recording or a life dreaming. You're going to see what's happening right here. In this preview window. You have another preview option, but we're going to learn just when we win, we'll go through the controls right here. There's the preview window. This is all the menu bar that you have, which contains files at it view profile since the action collection tools and helper. I want to go in all the options that you need one by one later. But still the know that this is your menu bar right here, which which, which is very, extremely important thing to understand very well what they do. Ah, but this is it is not the things that you were going to use actively during recording or life dreaming what you're going to use actively during recording or life streaming. Is everything right here on the bottom part off your screen first thing you're going to see is cease this season. Sources you're going to have regularly however I have right here since are basically the collection off the sources. So ah, what? Our sources are actually what you're going to see in the preview. Like in this case, I have Onley my web cameras. You can see when I said like this, it's only my webcam If I will have a text. So what? Somewhere right here. This will be another short with tech source. If I will have a I'm gonna show it just right here. This is three. This is another thing. This is basically capturing the screen itself because that's why it's X capture within a capture within the capture. This is all this capture and basically what is happening on my screen right here. And you can see this is my webcam, the camera where I am and this is the screen itself. I can control this by changing over. If I will make this long like that, you're going to know you are not going to see these stores, which is the screen stores. If I'm gonna press on a webcam, you're not going to see my my face. That's it. This is what basically since, and sources are sources are everything every single detail off your preview off your recording or end or your stream and seize on collections off that. So, in my case, I have the separate scene for just my face right here, which you see right now. And I have separate seats for the display. Plus my face, I'm just gonna make my face visible right here again. Hello. So this is ah, what our sources and scenes are sources are every single detail in a preview and since under collections, off your sources. So, uh, well, in my case, again, once thing for me is all in just webcam and the second scene is screened plus webcam. So I may have 1/3 scene where you have where I have in my face and my chat, right? She's somewhere or I have some donations right here, or I have website opened on behalf of my screen. I can just show you I can just take my face like that. I can move it right here, just like that. Uh, you're going to learn everything right here. How do you do. I'm doing every single detail. Just gonna crop it a bit right here and just make like that and imagine having something like that here and having only the black part. Right? Right, Right here. Have a website open. Something like that. You you understand what I mean by that? I'm just gonna make it again bigger and fill it entire screen. So this is sources and scenes. This when you burn, people are saying that you need to add source when I say wanting to add source. That means that you need to add something in this screen right here. When I say you need to add and create complete different scene. That means you need to create something right here but scenes, you know, to have something. I need sources inside of them. So this is what basically means. Like something like sources are files and scenes are folders. This is a simple is it can be explained since sorters are files and sources and since our folders, so both of them have the same amount of time buttons right here, the plus minus, which means add and delete it and remove. I'm just going to show you move up or move down four cents, it doesn't matter how you can tell. And then you can align that new however configuration you want. And for the resources you have the source options, of course. And for the sources on the the sources on top are more visible, the source on bottom. So, for example, if I have something like text on the bottom while having entire screen off my face, this text will not be visible because my face with my camera will cover everything. So I need to move the tax upfront. We're gonna go more in detail in the sources section or the sister store selection off the court of off this lecture off this course elector of this course. So the next important thing is the third important thing. I have the alignment. Well, I have aligned them by their importance. You're going to have this one on, probably on this side. But you can align them however you want is off course controls, thistles, the meaning a difference between Strewn lab. So Bs and RBS software of you'll be a studio because similar, so be it does not have it right here. It has somewhere right here. So this is But this makes it a bit easier by President. Start streaming, but you're basically starting a streaming for two water platform we have selected in the settings which will go through in the later lectures. Start recording. We're go, going, going to record whatever is happening in your O B. A softer or in previous. You know, we know studio mode is changing your preview window, which I'm going to show you are right now because it doesn't require the separate lecture settings is, well, settings and exit while basically closed the O BS. I'm gonna show you should be removed right now to understand. What does it mean? Oh, actually, I'm gonna show you said to your mode with the screen transition so you'd understand it more better with this studio movements. So first, let's go through audio mixer Order mixture is basically all of the audio sources you have at the moment off the recording or streaming so. But at the moment, have the webcam or your source, which has the microphone itself. I have the desktop audio Well, basically anything that is pulling on my desktop and I have microphone Well, basically, as you can see what I'm talking, the microphone moves. I can just ah mute them or on you. Temper. I can just change the volume. Mexican. See, I will not go for you now. But you can see because I'm recording indifference after it gets you like this. Alter the voice will be far more quieter rather than that. And every single thing has their own control as well. So we can just control your audio from right here. Last but not least is of course, ST transition. So it allows you to transit between your since smoothly like in a different waste. So in order to understand this well, like if I want to select this one is you can see just faded. He did not just appeared like I wanna put press like that. It did not appear just faded a bit. I can change this to the cut If I change to the cut, it just disappeared right away. The fade is like, much better. Or I could just add a slight Let's say add slide on. Okay, you can just play with that when a press display. Now you just slide it and I can change the time like for from 300 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds, so it should slide slower. Yes, like that, because it looks farm or smooth, and it looks far more professional. That's what seen transition basically does, like when you go from centrist and it just goes like trans transitions and mix or your recording, since streaming softer, more professional. This is not a very, very important option, by the way. This is very optional. But so I'm just gonna go did while doing interface because it does not require the separate lecture, in my opinion. So the studio mode is this. A completely separate thing comes complete, different things. When you press the studio more boom, you have two screens now available at the same time. What does this means is that the right screen is whatever your viewer or whatever you're recording is seeing. But your left screen is what only you can see. You can just add it everything on the fly, and then after that you can just choose the transitions. But press the cut and that's it. And it will just transition to whatever you have Pam transition. You press even press transition right there. It will just go and cut immediately. But because you go to slide And if you'll just You know what? Let's make slide with 800 milliseconds and I'm gonna go to display and press light. Boom. This is how it's gonna happen. This is what basically the transitions does. It is not as important option for the beginners, so just remember that it is there, but we're going to go pro. Probably more intermediate stuff. Eso just realize that studio mode is basically this so and just press the studio mode again should just go to the regular options. This is the interface off O. B s. It's not that complicated when you realize what everything does like mawr like active things are happening on the bottom. The preview, whatever is happening is happening on the center, and everything else is happening right there. So this is this is what basically this is so in the next lecture, we are going to go through sources so you would understand what sources are because this is a very important lecture. So what highly suggested to pay really, really good attention to it because this actually actually explains everything that you need to know about sources and how you can use them for your obvious recording or streaming . So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See there. 4. OBS Basic Settings: so welcome to another lecture off our O s beginner course. But a zay said where we have we were going to go to the sources. But before we go to sources, I would like to briefly cover the settings because this is very important thing to cover this first because when you're done with that, you can just go and continue with sources and scenes in just prepare for your recording and streaming. So to go to settings, you have, like, two options. You can go and press Ah, right there with file settings right here. Or you can just go on price the settings button in the controls. When you just press the settings button and this is what you are going to see, I'm just gonna cover my face because in this moment my face is not that important. There are few taps that you're going to consider Is general stream output audio video hot keys in advance? What is gonna go really fat through them and stop at the important ones only so as language and theme music in this and is a simple thing to understand. Just have anything right here, you see, just have it as I say. I as I have, It's just you don't need to go through all of this. Just have anything that Ah, everything as I have it. Just be composed of the video and check whatever I have because thes things are not as important and as vital for your streaming and recording purposes. So just having copy whatever have right here and you'll be finding the general staff except off course, General. So no general language because you might not be speaks. Probably speak language, but you might prefer as a languages for yourself because, as you can see, there are a lot of different languages, like a lot, a lot of different languages you could choose from. You might find other, some other languages more useful for you as well as themes you confined, like other themes more useful for yourself. And you just play with that and see whatever is important for you. So other thing is again. Just check everything that I have checked right here. Okay. I'm just gonna go in 10. Ah, and that's it. This is it for the general, the next is streaming tap. So streaming tab is highly dependent on war. Where are you going to stream? So for the first thing right now, we're going to skip it and go to output first, because you need to first, like have stream settings and then go to the streaming That because this is basically is Ah , you're basically saying, oh, bs where you're going to streams. But first, let's go through the output You have, like two modes for output right here contributes to simple and to end of advance. First, I'm starting with simple. It's simple, as you can understand, is simple and have both streaming and recording options right here. So chilled you in the streaming option Children. What will be your video bit rate? Basically having giving you information? How much information per second your video you stream will contain. In my case, I have 3500. Ah, the high Internet upload raid you have, the higher you can increase its A kill bit per second. You wouldn't understand that it's not kilobytes per second. So you just compare your Internet provider speed with that. So 3500 is more or less enough for 10 80 p streaming so you can just play with that and see how the stream will look like and just do whatever you want. The next is in quarter. Basically, it gives you infer information. How you're a streaming is host Rubies basically transferred from your ah computer to the streaming service. Or, basically, how your computer is transforming whatever is happening on your screen or on your obese. Softer into the video oval format with which was transferred to your streaming service. There's three different services, so you can choose the most important star to first this X 264 and another one is and banks of Oneness software, and one is hardware. What she what is dim? Poor difference between these two. The software is using your CPU resources that we have beefy and powerful safe. You zebu used software and ed bank used and video. Ah, GPU So basically graphics card. I think you SV's does for aimed a video card. I'm not sure about that because I don't use it. I don't have I am the video card. I use only hardware and software right here. So we have a powerful and video graphics card. Oi highlights just using and bank because it just works faster and you're safe. You CPU load is just Ah, it's good getting lower right now. As you can see, I've selected HD Tattoo 64 because I'm not using outputs mode. Simple began, and it just before Cerak pleaded by default. Next is audio betrayed. It just gives you the same information as the video betrayed. But for audio, basically how clear and how detailed your only information is. Ah, you can go from 64 kilobytes, doctor. 320 kilobytes, as you can see like it gives me warning that it can, at their maximum betrayed for this current service, which is YouTube is 160 kilobytes per second. So it's not the problem on and it gives you different warnings about the CPU usage, etcetera, etcetera Just really read that. Ah, depending on whatever software you have for me, I just ignore that because I'm using Advanced out would not a simple one. Ah, here you have the recordings as well, recording path again. If you're using the obvious Well, you are probably the beginner. Just use the simple output mode first because you're not gonna get bombarded with a lot of options. but I'm still gonna explain the advanced as well. On before the recording, it showed you the recording path where you're recording for you according quality like high quality medium final size in my in my case Ah, the recording format at the corner again the same as before. You can have again with low CPU usage prisoners robot increases the file size. You can choose that Whatever works for you and the custom monster sightings. I've never used this one, so just ignore that for the beginning. Now let's go through the advanced output mode as well. As you can see, it has two separate for the streaming recording audio and replay buffer. So what is different? Right here? Replay Buffer is basically having a replay button for yourself, meaning that it is recording constantly, even if your streaming the last few seconds off your streaming And if, like, if your gaming or doing something or like something weird happened, you just play replay button in. Just did you replace the last few seconds? I'm never using this one, but you could just try it for yourself. As for here, it's just almost the same, but it gives you like more additional options for yourself. Like in quarter like that. Dr. Consists of 64 are again. I'm not using the regular Bs or just x dot x 264 Usually I'm using this one and bank nothing. You want this one? You can just use this one as well. But I'm using this one mainly, as gets he changed options because it has different. Both of them have different options because I've used in video, video card select and four streaming service encoder settings right here. And you can re scale output, Meaning that Ah, in my case, because I'm streaming a 10 80 p. I can change this output and just recorded 10. 80 p on my screen and just send the 7 20 p information to the streaming service. But I'm not using that. So I'm not going to select this one. Uh, right. Control dyslexia beer to be our streaming. The patriots selected what I would betrayed that you want Keep framing. Terrible, select zero. It will have it automatically preset. Ah, just choose whatever you want for your streaming purposes. You understand whatever this means, Max quality gives you bad, Best quality, but the lowest performance performance gives you Lois quality, but the highest performance and delay agency. You can choose between all of those, like whatever you want. Whatever the more important is for you the quality, performance or allegiance the latest it means that Ah, the delay between what is happening on your screen and what is happening on the stream itself. This is again we're going to streaming right now. Profile is high main baseline, meaning that like the priority off Ah, the streaming get my kids have high and whatever, This one's our never changing this 10 and two Whatever it is, just living however it is, you can change also the audio tracks. You can have multiple audio tracks playing own your O. B. S after, but you can select only or so that few. We can send only one audio track, and you could just choose which order truck you want to stream for. The recording is almost the same, like having quarters, but I like ah, the previous, um, streaming option. You can select multiple audio tracks at once like you have. You want to record the multiple audio tracks if you want, like your voice to recording separate audio track like the microphone of the embassy songs or something. I also recording separate audio truck games out on a separate audio tracks you can. You can do the same right here again. You can change the recording format, encoded or scale output and hear the same things as you did with streaming or that have, like, standard that you don't need the customer. Put, like have a standard right here. You don't need anything else here. Here you have a custom betrayed for the different tracks. You can change the naming of the tracks, and this is basically this gives you an information. Just try to copy whatever. I have this one and play with the betrayed here and play with the preset quality for the streaming and for the recording do the same right here, like usually for the recording can have far higher betrayed because you don't need to transfer information through the Internet in life so you can have ah, high betrays for the recording rather than streaming, and you will see how your CPU and GP will handle that and just adjust it accordingly. As for distribute, let's return for the streaming. You can choose the streamer services difference from services, but would be twitch YouTube, mixer, Facebook, live re stream, which is the really good. And we will cover probably in the different course Twitter slash periscope of the compressed jewel and just gives you like, a lot, a lot, a lot, A lot more streaming services like D live. You can go for the life stream my life a Pandora TV for Korea set for steam for stream dot Live in saturates And we have far more options right here. I'm just going to select the YouTube words. You too. Right here. Ah, Then you can select a different server for YouTube. In my case, you can go for primary or the backup server. You just primaries more than enough American go for the backup and you can just insert the stream key, which is provided for by the YouTube itself, which was which will understand what you give the information to a. B s toe wear, which channel to stream to one. That this is going to just insert this one. This is different for every single service. So I'm not going to show you this one you. This is not concerning O B s. This is concerning something some different things of probably you understand this one by yourself Next is audio audio tab. You can go for the simple rates. Basically Hominy kilohertz. You can choose whatever you want. Right here. You can go for mono stereo 2.14 point zero for one wanted saturated up to 7.1 channels. For your audio, we can choose our your audio devices. You can have a to desktop audio devices and four auxiliary or your devices, including your microphone. So up to six tracks at the same time you can go for the meters. Basically meaning that this this one whatever is happening right here. Ah, and just choose whatever you want. This one example pick or true pick to pick is ah gives you high, higher CPU Use it. Just just go for the sambal pick Ah mahn turn device, whatever it is default and you can change for here The hot kisses. Walter, if you want to make the push to talk etcetera I don't have anything here so acted Soviet. I do not suggest for you as well. Now for the video, which is very, very important. Probably the most important. Probably that I should have started with this. First. This is showing, like to more important things. First base cannabis resolution means that what resolution? You're actually doing whatever you're doing. My signal. It is a resolution on your screen. Or what is the resolution off the preview window and the output resolution? Basically, what resolution is sent to, Ah, this streaming service always understand that that output resolution will be lower than the base resolution. This is basically means that you can downscale your lesson resolution. So if you want to a record your resolution in higher, let's say you want to record in the four K. You have a four K screen if you're recording four K, but you cannot stream more than 10 80 p. Probably your 10 80 p ah scale resolution will look better if it was the pace resolution. So but this distresses your computer, moving more mawr just But don't do that. If you don't have a beefy don't do a really high based resolution, unless you have a problem. Power computer. I have another screen with 30 40 by 40 40 screen if I would stream and I have based resolution with this run into stress, May Computer, Farm or on. That's why I'm string for from the another monitor or which is last resolution 10 80 p resolution on I'm not scaling down. Scaling. Get anything. As for downscale filter, you can just go and choose. Ah, whatever you want, like lack, lack latte sauce or chattering scale of 36 6 samples is the clearest of them all. But depending on however, your computer behavior can just decrease up to buy a linear, which is gives you a very fast, uh, responses on your stream and recording, but it will look far more blurry. So here is you. You choose here. Choose your or frame rate up to 60 FPs. Just use a common FPs values and just you can go from 10 to up to 60 FPs depending on your computer again if you, if you are are recording looks smooth. Video hire game came play video 60 FPs is the best if you If your computer can not retain this like go for 30 FPs, you're recording something more cinematic like more for movies, go for 24 or 25 FPs, but no more than 30 FPs Just choose whatever suits best for you. Here is the hot keys. Basically choosing different hot keys for your ah will be s like starts reaming start recording etcetera, etcetera whatever you want, just choose for yourself or if you have the buried better to use the keys you have, like, separate macro keyboard or something like that. And last but not least is advance. So whatever is happening right here outhouses justice copied from me and that's it. That that that's all you need. You don't need to go in the very high details about whatever is happening in this section. Well, this was it. I went through settings as fast as possible, so you would understand what you need. In my case, you have, like, something computer, something like mine, which is Ah, second generation I seven or 2600 k n ah, deep GTX 9 80 which is the two generations before whatever is right now, which is a pretty decent computer, but not very powerful. You have something like that, you could use the settings exactly like mine, and you will be just get to go. You have something really powerful. You can just go for higher resolutions and the high priorities and higher qualities. And you could just play with that however you wanted. You just make your stream and you're recording look far better. You just need to play with different options that I showed you in order to understand which one which setting suits best for you. So this will be it for basic settings. And again, in the next lecture, we will go through the sources and just you understand how our sources works. And after that, we're gonna go through these things as well. So thank you for your attention. I'm going to see in the next lecture there, there. 5. Sources: so hello and welcome back. So when this lecture will will be going through sources Finally, we are getting to the meat off it and going through the most important stuff in these core . So first things first, we're going to go through the sources. So it is as you remember from the previous lecture sources is located right here. You can change the position off this tab however you want until the name is written on the top. So first, we're going to go through sources in this lecture and the next lecture. We're going to go through the scenes, which is far more simple event sources. So in order to add source, you need to press the plus button right here first. As I mentioned in the previous lectures, you need to understand that more on top, the sources more on top. It will appear on the preview window and industry more recording wolf your videos. So basically, if you want your source to be visible at all times, it needs to be on the top. So first we're going to go through all of the sources and I will explain whatever they do everything. And then we're going to. We're going to get more details about that. You're gonna do. You're going to press plus button right here in order to add source. Um, I Personally? Yes, yes. Proper press plus button. And it shows you different sources that you can add. So we're going to go. I'm going to explain whatever they did you and or just gonna add, some of them so you would understand what they actually do First is audio input device basically is. You can add separate microphone. You have, like, another mark phone it appear in the audio mixer as a separate microphone. And you can just add it however you want. I'm never using this one because I just use a different order. Your source, which we're going to go through audio lecture and just add different audio source and just adjusted from there. That's it. I'm never using this one. The same was our audio output device, basically is the same as your speakers again. You can just added from the audio options as I showed you in the settings which we're going to go through in more details. I'm never using these two, but you can add if you want as a separate sources if you suits your needs, Next is very important browser, which is a complete browser inside the obeah. Sorta you just insert whatever you are all you want and just have it on your screen is complete separate brother without opening it in the other browsers on your computer what it is used for. It is used for a different information that can be shown our own Your screen above everything else, like an alerts of someone subscribed your channel as a chat source. You can just insert the chad your l with a transparent background and you're just gonna have a chat text. All right, Here, you can add just the probably gonna just subscriber counters you can timers, etcetera, etcetera that the unit you need to search for whatever you want it to show. You can just have YouTube video on the top right here and just play music. And if you don't want to be seen to be seen, which you can just pull it down in the sources and you just behind everything else, it cannot be seen. Eso He is very versatile, probably the most versatile source that you could use his browser and allows you to have a lot of different options. Next color source, which allows you to have just just like any color that you want on your screen what it is used for. It used. It is used for background. Mainly, they can have a different background and for the chroma keying. So if you have, if you want to use it at the different chroma keys and, like a have a green screen and just add any other thing on the top, you can use it for the color source for this option. It's extremely simple. I actually rarely used this one because I can use the crime making software inside my webcam so I don't use it. But for your purposes, it might be useful. As for the beginner, I don't think that it is very various before. Unless you're using is just for the background. That's it. Display capture is well, whatever it as it captures, your displayed captures it entirely. Basically, it showed you whatever is shown on your display, which is right now what you will see. I'm capturing a display where I have opened my O. B s studio this is this is what it is, captures everything on my display because if you have a multiple displays and you have want to be selected to capture on a single one, or do you want just change different, uh, this place and just have it in your seeing different scenes? Or you could just do just that. This is game capture, which is mainly used for the capturing off the game itself just captured the game and nothing else. You can say that the specific Rudo. Whatever the full schooling window, you have eat ease mainly used for the gaming, but can be used for other applications mainly full screen applications as well, but mainly uses for gaming. If you have a game, you just load this game capture and to slow the game inside it. And this is it. I'm gonna show you probably later, how we can do that as well. Next. His image. It is one of this. Just have an image as a source just opened in a dead the source and just select the path to the image that you want to show, and this is that it will show you an image next image slideshow, basically, your selecting few images and just changes and images This can be used. For example, have a sponsor's. You can have an image like somewhere right here. And you just have the slight show, like changing the images like for a few seconds. And just use this for yourself, which is incredibly useful, or you get having to show off your album and just having highlights of the stream or whatever you want, just just have your imagination. Just use this feature for whatever option you have. You want Alexis until real sent through the camera green screen. You may not have this one. I have this one. So I'm I'm just going to skip this because this is not what you need to learn as the beginning of a Bs. So we're just gonna go to the media source. It is something like an image. But instead of symbol image, you can select the video or the song. You can just have your video playing right there. It is extremely simple thing to you. Just have a video playing, whatever, whatever party, water or the entire screen, or you can have a music playing. I mainly use this one for the music playing. I just select a song or in my case, a select entire I emerging time playlists and a few hour or your file and I just select it and it just plays a song for me Like all the damages. Put it on the behind going very button off the sources list and it cannot be seen chiropractic, Never. So you cannot see it, but you can hear it. And you can just regulate the music sound in the audio mixing, which is more important, you can create it in the way so the recording and the stream can hear it. But you cannot, so we could not distract you for anything. Uh, next, see which allowed you to paste entire seen as a source in another scene. It's something like see inception. So if you have, like another scene where you have, I don't know, like competitive, different sources, and you don't want to pasted one by one and just resize them one by one. But you want something like it is a small scene right here. You can just do just that. For example, I'm going to show we just as an example. I'm gonna select scene and for the sin, I'm going to select a display. That's it. Okay. As you can see, this is selected display, and I'm just gonna minimize it. As you can see, this is different. Scene completely different scene. This is this scene, basically. But within another scene, which is extremely, extremely good to have a good thing to do. Like if you want to have your game up and running, But you want your face to be bigger and you have, like, every single thing we chat and everything, and they're still running and you don't want to change everything. You can use this. It's extremely, extremely good thing to do. I'm gonna delete that because we don't need that, by the way, could just press delete to delete the scene. We're going to continue here. Next is the text. It allows you to have a simple text on the top or the bottom where you want to put it. Just put a simple tax like hello or whatever it is. Just just attacks. It's as simple as it is next video capture device, which is the thing that you're seeing right now, right? here like this preview is the video. It's seen the C 91 but this one is video capture device. Basically a video. Oh, anything that is transferring video, which in my case, is a camera. This can be a capture card as well. Like if you're using capture card and like using the O. P. S is the capture card for, for example, of police stations dream or whatever it is. Or you can use this for the go pro camera or anything else. Anything that is trance for transferring the video. Ah, forage to your or be a softer, softer. This is the video capture device, which is extremely good, extremely important. If you're using a webcam. Ah, last but not least as a source is the window capture. It's something like a game capture. But instead of capturing the full screen applications like games, it can capture any window. Basically, I could just do this not as a display capture, but there's a window capture. Or I could capture my chrome browser and just have the minimizes somewhere right here. Because I did with scene, which is extremely good. It's really important. These are all the sources that you need, and you can just play with them and just have experiment with them like experiment with their placement on the top on the bottom. The things that are had are covering full screen. You want to have on the bottom, because if you are having on the top, anything that is not covering the full screen will go underneath. You cannot be seen unless you want to hide it. If you have only audio source you them on the bottom and or you're certainly when the way bottom let's let's say you can have a media source for the music on the way bottom. The audio capture audio input devices on the way bottom. Anything that is full screen that's covering fortune. Look, this screen you need to have above that and anything that is covering on the partial part of screw up partial screens you need to have on the top. The thing that you see here is a group as well, but you re allowed it, have created groups off the sources, which allows you to put them in the once one thing that you have a webcam and the frame of the webcam you can go put a frame and the web came together. And if you want to hide them, you can just press one bottom, hide them together or delete them together. If you want this just for that and afforded for this one, you don't need this because it does the same thing as the text. Judy, I Plus this is all about the sources. It is simple to understand. What do you need to do with one? Did you do after that? It You turn on your create creativity, Just put it. Start playing with every single thing we have here. By the way, I'm just going to show you that you can actually resize your sources. In my case, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna create the color source. Ah, right here. Where is the color color? Shores? Just create a new color source, make it visible, and I'm gonna make its 1920 by tentative to cover entire screen. 10 80. I'm just gonna make select color. I'm just going toe so that the black You know what? Let's see what the red just like that. As you can see, because it's on the top. It's covering everything. Always. It's just wait. Right? But if I'm putting on the bottom because my face is now covering everything, the red screens cannot be seen. What I'm doing, what I can do is just gonna press and just just maybe my disorder and just have just like that. That's it. This is my screen minimized. Or I could just press again, just like that. But the red Oh, God. This thing is the difficult thing about that. I cannot see everything with you. Okay, You know what? I'm just gonna go like that and maximize this one somehow. Just like that. You're seeing this one. Our life there you can move them with a rose as well. You can see that the screen this. Ah, You see the this lines right here. This means that they're actually mawr things to see in my camera. My my C 9 20 KT can be Seymour things, but canvas is limited to whatever this is. So this is older. But as you can see, what I'm selling the color sources not showing that something is like, oh, after, like the camera. So that's why you're seeing this alliance means that it's this. There is something that cannot be seen because my camera has a wider Why the fuel of you then you can actually see. But this is This is not a problematic that you can play with that. I'm going, going delete the color source just like that they lead, and that's it. To enter the source settings, you could just press the code will. Right here. Just configure however you want. Like, every single thing has different configuration and just you can configure it however you wanted, however it sees you see it fit. It's all about your imagination and credit creativity. From now one about the sources, it's all about your needs on whatever you need to do in O. B s. So next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna go and just talk about sources in three weeks from the short because it seems because it will be extremely short. And it's extremely simple because sources are more important than disease themselves. So I'm going to see you e the next lecture. See, there 6. Scenes: so hello and welcome back. So in this lecture, we're going briefly covered. Everything that you need to know about this scene since are the collection basically the collection off your sources. So in my case, I have this scene which I can rename. I'm gonna press right, Right. Like this one. And green, rename this as a webcam. So would understand that this is actually webcam. And I'm going to rename the second screen, which is Webcam, um, display display plus Web camp starting to understand that this is displayed plus weapons. So what it does is it allows you to change between the different collection off the sources . It's like a folder for the sources off, which are the files Basically just gonna press and it's gonna change, as you can see, because I have selected this slide animation right here every time impressed this it is going to play this animation and it's extremely a good looking when you're doing this sliding. It's a screen transition animation. It allows you to be very, very professional looking like that, like you prefer this to let's say I'm gonna change this to to to this extremely fast just coming right away. It's far better and far nicer looking if you're gonna for Fayed disaster, while pretty useful And you could add more transition by pressing plus and like, faith to color, you could just go and do fate to color. Ah, yeah, whatever this is Boom. It's gonna fade to the black and just go back right there. I can just change these settings right here to the properties. I'm gonna go. So that color let's say something like a blue I'm gonna press blue. Ah, and okay, I'm gonna go like that. No, it didn't. Okay, for some reason. Didn't save. Oh, I didn't know I didn't select the black. Okay, Blue. And like this one. Okay. Okay. Boom. Yeah, it's You can do it however you want. Just just just do whatever you a safe it. And this transition works only for the scenes because you are not transitioning between your sources, your transition between your scenes and this is where studio mode is the most useful. So I suggest you with your not very familiar with, and you're not very good with a B s. At first you study a mode a lot because you want to check. Just job, double check that you are doing this right? Like what you see, like on there. We're really on the last side for you. It's on the left side is whatever I see at the moment if you you're you're seeing the screen capture of the obvious itself. But this is what I would see at the moment if I was recording this or what Toby s, I would say. But you would see whatever is on the right side of the screen until would press the transition like slider fatal. Whatever it is. Whatever I would choose, let's say she's fade. You would not see anything that's happening there and the same here. Right? Boom, slide this what you see and what what? You way? We're changing. On the left side, you don't have any transitions. You just do whatever it is just expresses as fast as possible. Uh, this is for the scenes that you want to do. Just select the different scenes for the different stuff, and you're basically good to go in the next lecture, we're going to discuss audio and how you can select different audio track and how to record basically with audio. I'm going to see you in next lecture 7. Audio: so hello and welcome back. So with this lecture, we will be discussing audio and how you can actually play with audio with the, uh oh Bs studio. So first things first you need to realize that all your mixer is the most important thing that you need to pay attention to while streaming recording. Ah, no bs. But first, Ah, before we'll get you. Ah, the live controlling off your audio. We're gonna go again through the settings in the audiotape presidency. In the devices right here. Whatever devices you were going to have to selected right here as an active like Oprah press this one and like you've selected whatever device each will show up in audio mixer. Right here. So in here I have selected my audio the main audio, without which I have, like, focus right. USB audio, which is my audio card makes basically and the USB audio four. The microphone is well, this is the new boss. Same devices saying device that it is doing a no out the audio recording at all. You're out putting at the same time for me. So this is the two devices I'm using. You have additional microphones you can add it right here. Like if you have, like, anything else that the fold McCrone, whatever. It is ended right here. But if you're not using it, just select disabled. Do not select the default. Select disabled. Try to not select default for desktop audio and microphone as well, because it might Shane. Sometimes, let's say Philip, Claudio and video drivers, it might select and a video high definition order drivers like, in this case, like thesis one, just want indeed in video, high definition audio. And it may not be your actually a source. So just selective. Whatever older your source you are using precisely so, as you can see again right here in an audio mixer, we have as seen 9 20 as well. This is happening because we have selected a video capture device as our source right here . One. You're doing this in this case video capture device has all you capture as well. And for that reason, it added it into an audio mixer as well, basically giving you a something like a mix off a video capture and audio input capture a to the same time. What you're seeing here is all your sound levels right here. Whatever it ISS playing in your device or in your stream eyes, you can see you can just total it right here. I have disabled C 9 20 I'm just not going to stand, but I'm just going to put the volume down all the way. And you have I have a desktop audio. I don't have it all the way up. So we could not just the last the my gaming sounds or whatever sounds recorder stream to my viewers. I mean, you can just turn it on and off and the same here for the microphone. I just want to turn it off, as you can see, just disabled, because I'm not recording it from this obvious studio right here. The the The order will not go away for this recording. If I turn it on and you can see the voice, Yes, the voice came back. So you concede audio levels. Try to have your audio levels within the green, sometimes within the yellow bars. If you want to have to be a more loud one, but do not have, like in the red one S o. B, because it's it's It's gonna distort in the red parts. Eso don't do that. You can just go into settings as well. Ah, rename high, then properties itself. Basically, you're just gonna choose whatever device it is and etcetera, etcetera. So this is extremely good thing for an audio mixer. Another thing, which is very important for the autumn except that you actually must use very often is a defense or your mixer for the older virgins off O B s. And by the way, the stream lap so bs it would have a co will right here. And you could select this run. But unfortunately for the new versions, it is not as appear apparent. So you need to hide an empty place. So right here and press now, right click of the mouse right here and select Advanced all your properties. This is very important tab right here. We're just gonna pull it down. This is a very important tab because it is going to give you the volume. Control it here. The number of volume control. It is going to change your voice from stereo to mano because I have a few microphones able to connect or to my audio interface if I would select If with our natural Dimona, you'd hear me only from one year, not from the other. It's that creates the stereo sound. Eso I have started mono, so you'd hear any microphone in both years. You can have a balance in right and left ear. Uh, so you if you want to if they have a morning microphone and you want to be heard on one side, you could do that as well. You can have a sink offset this role basically just offsetting the sink. That means that you would hear the my voice, whatever sound place, uh, earlier or later, depending on a harbor off said you'd select. I'm never using this run, but you might. Next is already monitoring. Basically, this is very important thing if you have an audio source like the media source of playing music or something like that, if you want to play it, but you don't want to hear it, like in my case, if I have a desktop audio that I don't want to hear, But I want my audience to hear I just going to select monitor and auto monitor only and or munter off basically I would not hear this, but my audience would hear that, or I can select the monitor. Only I would only hear that, but output would. That would be muted or just monitor and output at the same time. You cannot do actually with a desktop or your, but you can do this one with and audio sort. Let's say I have a music playing. I can make the music play for my audience with the monitor off or I can play the music. Play for both of us would monitor and output at the same time. Next days you can see light, which tracks it would be recorded. So I have a the in the in the in this instance because I'm not using obeah studio lot. Often I use extreme left so Bs because it's a bit more advanced. For my needs, you can select which tracks it will be recorded. For example, if you're using, I'm not using the C 9 20 Let's say I'm select everything right here. If I want to have a two audio tracks recorded recorded with my recording, I would select a let's, say, an audio in Track one and the microphone in track two. This will tell Active surf did make it to tracks. And I would like, mix and match however I want if you want them both at the same in the same track, you can select both. Like in the same track as well. This will do it. Something like that. Have a separate audio track four voice and microphone together and a separate audio track for the audio. When I just said I could do something like that against a one for one, que for two and three for both. And you have three audio tracks. One is for separate. The single one second is for the 2nd 1 the thirties for both of them. I don't know why you might use this one. I never you this one. But you might, in my case, because I'm using this May I'm really using this option. I'm a seller having I have this sport for the first track as well, plus, uh, different streaming. Not all streaming services are supporting the to track of streaming. So in many cases you have to track streaming while you're streaming e 23 more The first track and knew you it will not from the second track, So we don't have it. The muted And for example, you have a disco ball. Usual. Hey, here are destined audio, but not hear your voice through microphones. So I would suggest you select the one and that's it. This is it for advanced audio. This is all you need with an audio devices. Just be very, very careful with an audio. Just pay attention How the voice place before you stream, Just do a test dreaming on private streaming orders on or unlisted streaming or before you will record just record. Just sound check And to see how the sound, uh, voice works and you just adjusted After that, this is a very important thing. And from the days from now on, you care. You're almost you're practically ready for the recording and streaming. So the next lecture will go through recording. We went through through majority of these things through in the basic settings, but we're gonna go through it again. I'm just going to show you how we can actually record this, which is just pressing this up recording button. But still, I'm just kind of explained everything and the lecture After that, we're going to go through a streaming Maura details. And after that you're basically ready for recording and string. I'm going to see you eat at the next lecture, then, yeah. 8. Recording: so and here we are. We can already start recourse dink. So first thing, sort. Let's go through the settings and see if your settings are good enough court press settings right here and press output. And in our case, let's go to a simple out food. And for the recording, just pay attention that your recording path is whatever you want. Ah, you're recording. Quality is whatever you want. Ah, the higher I mean the same. A stream of high quality, indistinguishable quality large farther and the lost less qualities. It gives you the quality options and the file size as well. I would suggest you were go with high quality or indistinguishable quality unless you have really, really detailed recording that you want and just select the lost list. I don't suggest selecting lossless quality because it's going to the final size that are going to be tremendous like incredibly large sizes. So if you are like, really, really casual recorder, go for high quality and media file side sold more than enough for you. Eyes for recording format and before is more than enough for the majority of the cases, so that them before foreign holders, I will select the harder and bank if you want. If you will want to be like mawr CPU intensive. So that x 264 and this is it you could spend press OK, which I'm not going to do that. And you are basically done and all into due to start recording East Select start recording and it's going to start recording for whatever scene you have selected. Whatever sources are on right here and this is it just you just gotta go. One starts switch to different sources you can buy. By the way, start recording button is right here. Do not press starts to him unless you want to start dreaming this two buttons being so close to each other is not that good, but it is what it is at the moment. It might change in the future. I just started courting, and it's going to show you right here on the bottom of the recording, how long it's been or recording, and it's going to show you your CPU load and your F p s. So it's it's gonna continue recording, and you're gonna well have your video recording when you're done recording and you want to finish your just gonna press Stop recording right here and your video will be recorded. But just like that. And after that, it's all about your editing. It's extremely simple because we already went through everything that we need to go through . If you're recording. Is that simple? Is mine right here? All you need to do it, Have a webcam and that's it. You're up and running. Next is we're gonna go off through the streaming and you will be ready for streaming as well. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See there. 9. Streaming: So welcome back. And we are now ready for the streaming as well. So to start to me, you gonna press start dreaming button and life. The recording. Ah, screen right here. You can go when you go see the live screen alive. Counter right here. So you can actually do both through Ming as recording at the same time. So you can have You can do just that right now. We're gonna go before we're gonna do anything about trimming. We gotta go through the output. We're gonna switch the simple and to select the video betrayed again. This is highly dependent on whatever computer and Internet connection you have. Just select whatever suits you the best. Circling clearer in my case, I'm going to start and monkey for in video video card pretty powerful. And when video video card. So that this encoder or you have pretty powerful CPUs like this encoder. And for the audio betrayed set the maximum you can You can decrease this if you want. Like anything. Ah, above 1 60 is good enough. And 3 63 twenties. Just the best quality. You can get a bunch of different ah streaming services can support different or you betrayed so distracted maximum that you want you have. If you want. Teoh, just decrease the bend with and the load on your PC just decreased the betrayed. But the audio betrayed. It's not effect it a lot. Let's go again through the advanced as well. Because they have here, you can select the audio tracks as well that you want to stream. And by the way, you can select only one audio track. You have the canvas resolution, which was selected before in the standings. You have betrayed everything the same. Except when you switch to different ah encoders. It's going to show the different quality. But we play with a bit rate play with increased the betray. It start with 2500 or 30 103,000 kill bits per second. If your Internet can support that and just play with that, not not not Not that I'm just gonna press that play with that. Ah, and just see what I'm gonna be here. So you would see my talking head as we'll see whatever works for you the best, the higher betrayed, the better the quality before the 10 80 p 60 FPs. You rarely need more than 10 megabits per second long or 10,000 kilobits per second. You can reach 10 to 12 kilobits per second megabits per second. You don't need to go above. That just is you. You are not going to see as bigger quality change. If you're stripping off course in higher quality, you can go upto probably 40 or 50 megabits per second. So it's just scary if you computer and it, and it supports that by all these just go above and beyond. Just check different qualities with different streams or different recordings in this case doing different streams and see which is the maximum quality that your PC can handle and that your Internet connection can handle. Do that and that's it. You will be just done with streaming. Just I'm not. I'm not going to say this because I'm not using this. Just select. Start streaming and you're done. You're good to go. Congratulations. You know, basically everything now that you need to start streaming get recording now you only need to do is go through a imagination and just play with different things. By the way, in the next lecture, we're going. I'm going to teach you the different the facts. Like how we can resize and how we can corrupt. Ah, the source on at different effects and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So it will give you a basic understanding of what effects are you can use in this software . It will give you just basic understanding of what you could do with that on the next lecture. After that, we're gonna go through additional tools which will have right here, which is going toe go through this and just give you a basic understanding what o. B. S is providing you with, so thank you. I'm gonna I'm gonna see you the next lecture. See there. 10. Effects: so hello. And welcome back to the effects part where you can just play a bit with this sources. So in this lecture, we're gonna learn, actually, two things we're gonna learn first the transformation of the source. And second, we're gonna learn filtering the source. So in order to act to transform the source basically means that transform is changing the shape and position off the source. You're gonna press right the right click on the source and go to transform. You can just add it like a rotated flip. Ah, fit to screen. It's a fit to screen. It's already fitted, stretch and etcetera, etcetera. Just very, very simple thing to do. It's the same thing as like doing this and something like that. But if you just if you're just selecting and just dragon dropping like that, it's trying to not change the aspect ratio. So it just changes whatever it is. But if you want to crop this, if you want to cry. But see, I don't want to have this much space available on my left and right. I'm gonna press and select and hold old key. And I'm going to do just that as you can see it's cropping me. It's it's not changing entire size. Let's and only my face from left and from the right, I guess it is. I'm left with only their small, a small portion and a few If I wanted to just make it smaller. I'm just I'm not gonna press old and they're just gonna make it like that. You can see we're done right here. We're not press. I'm gonna try to return it back. Ah increased and created the size to the maximum again. Like, have it just like that. It I'm gonna select old and just go away all the way to the end like that all the way to the end. Just like that. I'm just gonna boom like that and increase the size because I'm just gonna press ah, transform and fit to screen. That's it. That this is incredible symbol. The transformation is incredibly simple. You could change the sizes and shapes and rotations off the different sources, which can be extremely useful for you. But there is another thing that can be added to spice up your sources even more. And this is filters. Director. The filters you need to right. Click your source and just select filters. Let's get C there. Two types of filters old EUR slash video filters. And if facts filters eso audio slash video filters is made for your or your sources. Just makes a distortion in your tour years I'm gonna press. I'm gonna show you what are available is compressed your audio expand. Give it gain inverted polarity, limiter and noise gate. It gives you different effects for your earlier just complaint. With that however you want go to distort your voice. And if you don't want your voice to be heard like how I or it is, you can just change it and delay in noise gate, etcetera, etcetera. In my case, I'm not doing that. I'm not using this source for myself. So I'm not going to show you that. Ah, but the facts filters is far more interesting When press year, you cab a lot of different things apply lots. Well, if you know what lots are, if you just apply lots for the life screen right here and have the live lot or chroma keying if you want to have a green screen color correction, which I'm going to show you right now. It just kinda press okay? And it's gonna add it like the source right here within the filters. You can change the gamma like that can change the contrast To conclude the brightness, a za concedes it's It's very, very good thing you can change the saturation to make him a color popping. Ah, you need to can change. I'm gonna degree this way you can jail the huge shift to make mawr shifted to purple or science. Or however you want to do that, you can change the opacity and you can change the overlay color. Just I'm just going to show you how we can change it to overly color. Like if you have a pink like that. Okay, It said it overlay pink on me so I don't want this run. I'm gonna delete this. So yeah, this is the things that you can do with colors. Plus, in addition to that, you can have the color king cropping right here. We can cope actually from this effect, so as well without pressing old and resizing, you can Maskell your image. Can Lewicki Michigan delay the renders You can ski change the scale in aspect ratio as well Scrolling, sharpening, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You can have any creative liberty that you want while playing with filters. And this is more more events, stuff I would have suggest to play with that when you are actually comfortable with playing . Ah, with a B s And it works the same in annual Bs and strong lapse as well. So I was just to do that on Lee after you're comfortable, you could use some options like, let's say, the keying Lycra chroma key. For if you have a website, uh, you see and you don't want the white background to be seen, just key out the white background and why? Because just becomes transparent and everything else will just be available on your screen . This is this will be basically it just go for play with the facts as well. Just do not break it. Yeah, and use that as responsibly as you can. Uh, this is basically it for the majority of the things that we need to learn when to know about streaming and recording Would O. B s studio as an additional thing? We're gonna go through additional tools as well to show you what? Actually additional tools you can use on your obvious sorter. I'm going to see you in the next lecture, and after that, we're gonna go going to conclude our core, so I'm going to see the next lecture. 11. Tools: Hello and welcome back to additional tooths, Elector. So when this lecture will go through additional tools off obi estimate that is provided by the default in O. B s studio. So to access this additional tools, you need to select the Children in a bar in the top so that that this is it. Ah, when I'm gonna go to all your configuration wizard because it's gonna configure it, we think by default, whatever it thinks that this is the best option. I'm not using it. You can try, but I'm not using it. Whatever we did, what we went through, all the settings, everything which will be enough for you. So I'm not going to use this a deck link output. I'm not using this because I don't have any deck links, So I'm not using this and we're going to go through all the the rest of them. Captions is experimental Future for Rubio Studio. It allow you to make captions while recording. It works for English and it uses I'm gonna show you. Basically it uses to your microphone to basically convert your speech into the tax. I'm not using this to be fair, because this still experimental feature in which would, when it come, a will come out the full version I'm used. I'm gonna use this on Lee after that. Automatic seen switcher is extremely, extremely, extremely useful. And I'm just gonna minimize making this a bit smaller so you would see my face a bit more. I know you have very lovely faced. So what does automatic since which does What does automatics we should do? Basically, So it allows you to switch. You're since automatically when certain things will happen. So in this case, what I'm what I'm using 84 is I'm using it for like, when I'm gaming. Let's say when I'm playing the game of streaming of the game and when my game is minimized or it crashes or I press something on the other. Ah, screen. It just switches to seen to to the other scene. Basically the my intermissions in basic my face. This is it. Like in my case, like I have this thing selected, like if I'm selecting a stream labs O B s seen, it will switch to the game place like that, I'm gonna press Plus this what it does. So it just showed us sweet to this scene. When this window is selected, which is extremely good thing, you can mix and match with this one to not just play all the time to press different buttons all the time. This allows you to automate some things in your recording if you prepare something to have a few windows open. And if you want just just on on a few different displays, you want to tear to record this windows in a different way, like you want your face to be down on one window. Exact the same for this one. You have your sub sect second scene that second. We know that you want to have your face up or you have you want to have the separate text on the other window. It will just switch it automatically without any problem or the function that I used most often right here. I'm just gonna delete this one. Is this one? Just switch to Webcam when no window matches, Whether I know what in the window that I there nothing there, it will just ornamental get switch to my web cam. This is it. It's extremely simple thing to do. Extremely simple and extremely powerful thing that you could. You just automate this one, just play with that and allows you to automate a lot of stuff. It makes your life and streaming and recording a bit easier. Next to is output timer, which basically what it is, what it is, it's it sounds. It is. What it sounded is either allows you to basically time you're recording and streaming. Let's say if you're doing a 24 hour stream and you just don't want to use it in a separate timer, you can use the timer for this like starts dreaming. And if you want to stop dreaming after one hour, you can press, start and just stop screaming after one hour. And this this is it, or you can do the same for the recording, if you will have, like something that you are not actively engaged in. Two. Let's say you have and use extreme. You just press the music streaming Just went away. Just want this to be off automatically in 24 hours. That said, you can automate this without any problem as well as a recording. You can do the same right here. This is very powerful toe which was actually the separate Add on for the O. B. S in the past. Last but not least, is scripts or what? You can load if you are. If you understand how script work, you can load this. Different scripts were right here. It gets Triple A little scripts. It has a python settings it it used the python set script. So if you understand how scripts work, you can add this one. But it is far more intense featuring for me. I don't need destroyers as well. Probably it was morning it before when, Obi, It did not have that many features. But for now, well, not that much. Probably for the really advanced reverse, Yes, but not for beginner to intermediate streamers. So this is basically it for the additional tools. And in the next lecture, we are going to conclude our course. I'm going to see you in the last lecture of scores. See, there 12. Conclusion: so hello. And welcome back to the last lecture off our course. It was a pretty good journey for me and help. It was a good journey for you as well. So we've learned basically everything that a beginner O B s dreamer or recorder needs to learn. This is a very basic knowledge, and you and you have all the tools available for you to start using O. B s do its fullest potential, even if you have no idea how we have had no idea how obvious worked before this course, I hope everything was clear. Enough s so I I was not mumbling. Ah lot. I hope you are disturbed everything. And if you did not, you have some questions to please Do not hesitate to ask me the questions. Then just throw it my way. If you could, uh, this I'm going to give you a bit of class project. So for for yourself, you could just go and create and recording of yourself on just or just take a screen shot off your O. B. S scenes and sources. This is it. I would understand that you're actually and you understood what I'm doing or you could just send me a little recording off yourself. The this will be it is understood that I will I will know that you understood whatever you're doing. And you actually started doing something creating something on O. B s. So again, this course was all about obeah studio stream of Sobieski something a bit different even though the basics are still the same. If you understand this and if you're comfortable with obeah studio, you can completely switch with certain apps or to stream of Serbia's. If you want the features that they provide again, you can check them out and see what they provide. If you think that the features that they provide is for you, you can switch to them. Full disclaimer here. I'm not I'm not toe. If you waited with the stream lapse for this course, Uh, and the one thing that you need to know the Stranglers RBS request a bit more resources than irregular or be a studio because they use mobile studio. And on top of that, they are using their features. So it's like two programs running at one. So it's a bit more researching the resource intensive, but not that much Eso we have like mad, powerful PC I I would say we have weak PC. I would not suggest going for stream lap so Bs and I would suggest you using a regular O. B s. So that was it for this course. Thank you for being all the way here. You are an actual winner because not everyone can go through the course from the very beginning to the very end. You are actual winner, and I'm I'm wishing you all of the best on and wish you all of the luck in your beginnings . Thank you for him being with me. I was Nick Nickson and I hope to see you in our future. Off courses take care and see you.