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Two Phases Of Nature - Sunrise / Sunset Acrylic Painting

teacher avatar Mohini Sinha, Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials Required


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      Brush Techniques


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      Sunset Part1


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      Sunset Part 2


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      Sunset Part 3


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      Sunrise Part 1


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      Sunrise Part 2


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      Sunrise Part 3


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About This Class

Every sunrise - sunset gives us a new beginning and a new ending. Let this morning be a new beginning to a better relationship and end to the bad memories. It’s an opportunity to enjoy life, breathe freely, think, and love. Be grateful for this beautiful day.

Hello All, My name is Mohini Sinha, an acrylic artist.

This time I have brought something beautiful and priceless beauty of Nature -Sunset-Sunrise.

I have painted these two beauties in the acrylic medium, and the whole lesson is different parts.

So at the end of the class, you will be learning:

- How to blend the colors in acrylics

- Different brush techniques

- What all materials will be needed

- Finally vanishing the painting

Hope you will enjoy this class on Nature

Thank You

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover



My grandfather encouraged us to paint Goddess Laxmi on the wall during Diwali; this is my oldest memory of my creative self. I never dreamt of being an artist, but as a kid, I was always inclined toward painting and even participated in various school-level competitions. I'm from Patna, India, and almost every child goes for engineering or medical. I was no different. I completed my engineering in Information technology in Indore and moved to Pune to work as a software engineer. I worked in top IT companies for a decade, and suddenly, the forgotten love for art came back, searching for me. I started my journey as an artist in early 2019 and eventually became a full-time artist in 2022.


Who I'm 

Hi, I'm Mohini Sinha, a self-taught acr... See full profile

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1. Introduction: two faces off Nature, Sunset and Sunrise are the most majestic spectacles that we can ever witness. They are the most powerful forces, which energizes, inspires, genuine and gives. It reminds us that time is moving ever forward, and that change is a constant off life. No matter how dark your life is right now, sunrise and sense it are awaiting on your personal horizons, Hell opens. My name is Morgan is Anna. I am an acrylic artist, and in this class we'll be learning two paintings that is sun's risin sunset techniques, off paintings blending off Carlos and finally warn ish ing to give a glassy effect. So let's start with it. 2. Materials Required: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So these are the two paintings which will be painting and our upcoming classes sold. One is sense. It and other is sunrise, the two beauties off nature. So we'll be completing into 3 to 4 lessons. So this you can see is horizontal, and one is what tickle. So this whole painting will be doing, and let's talk about the materials, which will be required. So these are the brushes, which will be needing for our two paintings, So the first brush you can see is the flat brush. This a size 10 which will be needed for background cover. This is defend Bristol brush, which will be required for making dresses. Then comes the round brush for making the clouds, and this is the Bristol round brush again for making the clouds. This is the more brush which is used for blending. It's it's very soft. It's a breast a bit. It's soft brush andan, the rigger brush or the liner brush for making the lines apart. From this real, be needing the masking tape and apart from this jar for water and the ballot on this is the paper, which I'll be using in the painting. So this is the acrylic artist paper. This is a four size 400 GS in, so it comes for 12 sheets and I'll be she using this on will be cutting into four parts on repainting and will be painting the to beauties off nature. So this is it. Apart from this will be needing tissue paper as well. So let's start with D painting. 3. Brush Techniques: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's talk about some techniques. So let's discuss about some fresh techniques that we'll be using. So let's start with the flat brush. This is sized in which I'm using and just using one color that is blue and applying on the surface in horizontal nano and white to it, and we'll start blending to give it a background touch. So this is how we create the background off any painting. So I'm just moving my brush horizontally and blending the whole hello. So you can see there are no lines in between coming. So this is the blending. But now let's use some fan brushes. So I just using my tip off the fan brush to create the dressy effect. So this is how be used Defend Rush. There has to be very less amount of water, then only that grassy effect will come. And the last most important brush, which will be using your is de sorry. Second loss is for making clouds. So this is the breast would brush and I'm just moving the brush in these so called motion toe create de want yours. So this is how we will be creating the clouds. Lettering the colors one on the other so dark, then lighter shade than again, darker shade. So this is all we'll create the clothes and last is the rigger brush, which will be using for making the tree leaves or the lines. So this is it. So these techniques, which will be using in our two paintings, so I hope you like it and let's start with deep paintings. 4. Sunset Part1: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with us and said painting. So these are the colors which will be required first color white, lemon, yellow, black raw, umber, crimson and cadmium orange. Andi brushes, which will be using year, are this is a round brush, then the linear brush. Then this is the fan brush gained the flat brush. This is depressed. A brush on bond. Again, this is the flat brush. This is the round brush on a flat brush so will not be was in all the brushes, but most off them. So water and tissue paper. So just let's start with it. So I have taken out the colors, and I have put the masking tape in middle. Also on the horizon. Line on, we'll be starting with white cadmium orange. Get lemon yellow, remember and crimson. So this is the flat brush, which I'll be using you. So let's start. So first I'll be taking lemon yellow Andi get member orange mix, and I'll take enough color in my brushes so that it is easy for me to blend it. So I'm just applying the mixed in the center because the center is having these sunlight. So the center I'm just applying cadmium orange and lemon yellow mix. So after that I'm adding some crimson and raw umber. Tow it too dark in the shed and applying at the edges and just and first applying the colors. And then we'll start with the mixing pot for just a raw amber and crimson at the lower part . I'm just blocking the colors. You can see I have mixed very little amount off water door. I'm just playing a tick court off color, so in the top, but also the same. Make sure, but draw Ambush would be more at the upper layer. After that will remove the excess amount off color, and we'll start blending. So here. What I have done is I have removed the color from my brush and used excess off white light color, and I have started blending the colors so water and light color make sure helps in blending the whole area. So whenever you are blending the color, make sure that your brush is not yet. It's not completely wet. It should have to be little drying, and if it has excess a water, just take it out from your tissue paper and then start blending the colors every time. I'm just using the color, and I'm just blending it, indeed, horizontal direction. So at the top most part, the color is dark, so I'm applying more off road number to it and just blending the whole area. The corners are also door dark, so I'm just applying a lighter version offered. So when you're blending the colors, the you don't have to press the brush very hard. It should be ready light. Then only you will be able to blend the whole colors, so just keep on applying the colors. Still it until you feel that this has blended completely. There should not be any lines in between the two color, so you can see a dissenter. It is more off yellowish and orange, so I'm applying war off yellow, do it and just keep on blending. So now I have applied little white tow it and I'm in, started blending the colors, as I said, water and light color. It blends very nicely to the Doc Okelo, so that apply darker color on the top and start moving downwards and again apply like the color in the middle and start moving downward, and then you're blending the colors. Make sure that the brush is very light. It's not very hard. The brush has to be very light. You don't you don't have to press the brush very harshly. Otherwise, the colors may come out just applying white at the center and blending the colors. That line should not come when you work. When you are blending the colors, that line should not be visible, so you can see that every time. Whenever I makes color, I wash my brushes completely and then again start blending it. Then you're using a lighter color. Make sure you wash your brush and then again makes the color and then start blending the color. Now we'll create the sun di cento. I'm just using white color and I'm creating a round circle. The brush, which I'm using is the round brush, and I'm just creating small, small clouds that are counters just mixed ing same color I'm using, which I have uses for the background. And I'm just creating clouds and moving the brush in the circular direction 5. Sunset Part 2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with second part. So now we have done the background. No, we'll be creating the clouds. So here I am, using raw umber and crimson mixture, and I'm just applying on the top in the circular motion can see a moving the brush in the so clear motion. So you just have to take a little bit off color and just moved a brush in the so clo manner to create the contours. Now I'm using make sure off. Lemon yellow Andi cadmium orange on again, creating the same contours, adding a little bit off crimson to give it a contrast to the clouds, taking little yellow and just moving the brush in this locomotion. Here I am not using water. I'm just using the Carlos and making D clouds. You're the only thing I'm doing is the layering. The more you lead the colors, the more cloudy effect. Welcome. So you just need to do do the layer rings off the colors. You have just use rahmbo and create a D clouds. No, I'll use my small around brush that a synthetic brush and I'll take yellow and cadmium orange. The mix off to Daniel White and we just create small round shapes in irregular manner. Clouds basically don't have any shapes there just small, small come counters in different different directions. So I'm just creating small a round circular motions so you can see you don't have toe. Add any water to this. You just have to take the color and just apply it on your sheet. I'm just highlighting the edges off these son so that it looks more bright. I'm just adding water to yellow color on and I'm creating a nice shade round shade. Todo son can see the lighter shade which is coming out just giving the outline to work, creating more wonders because, as I told that, more you do lettering, the more realistic cloud it looks. No, we'll do the lower area that is. The water and same color will be using your as well. What we have used in the background foreground will be also steam, so lighter color will be on the middle part. On Darko version will be at the lower and at the edge where the background and foreground is meeting. So I've just applied a mixture off crimson and row amber and just coloring these sides at the center, there will be a lighter version off it, so I have left that area so you can see have added orange to it, and I'm just covering the middle area. It's orange and crimson. Mix on a little bit off lemon yellow to give it a reflection off these son, which is coming. Just blending the colors and I'll remove the center deep, which I have put to make the straight line. Please make sure that you remove it very carefully when you are using 400 GSM paper, because paper normally comes out when you use for energy is, um so you need to be very careful and soared. That part of the horizon part should be darker so that get distinguished. So I'm using more off raw number unless off crimson and just covering the area. Just creating these trade lane and just mixing the colors. Just make blending the colors nicely again. I'm using the Dark Award journal for Remember and the great the lines with the tip off the flat brush. I'm just using that tip and creating the lines off the lake, so you're I'm using black and I will first create the part joining to that lake with my flat brush can see. I've just covered that area of it black and they're now. I have mixed black and crimson to create the line, which should one trust and just creating small small lines to create the waves. I'm just using the tip off my brush toe, create at small lines. If you have any difficulty, and using this flat, you can use your rika brush or line a brush for creating the lines. So in the center, I'll be using lighter version off it. I'll add little bit off. White, crimson and lemon yellow on will be creating small small lines so you can see the contrast where the light is falling. It has lighter color and quit. It is the line. Villages adjoining the background and foreground should be dark. Suggest covering the whole area now again, abusing my round brush and create more shape dough. That son, I'm just adding more off white toward So now you can see I'm just using my black color on creating small, small lines. Just small, small lines and towards toe create a grassy effect. You can use your line a brush also your But here I am using my round brush, which is up size one. You can definitely use your rigger brush or liner brush for creating this effect. Take a little amount of water and just makes it with black. Make sure that you don't have extra amount off color on your brush. No, we'll be creating two palm trees, so I'm just making the tree trunk with my round brush. If you have a problem in drawing FREEHAND, you can draw it and then create the lines whatever is easy for you. 6. Sunset Part 3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with our last part off, depending. So here I am just taking my rigger brush and using my black color in liquid form, and I'll just create small, small lines for the leaves. So you're you can see I'm just creating very fine lines on day two lines, and I'm just joining it in the exact manner. So same thing you have to create in different directions and you have to blocking the whole area with black color so you can see I'm creating the same design in all the directions and same thing I'll be doing on the smaller tree as well. So if you're facing any issue while drawing but the brush you can all these user pencil. But make sure that the color the background color is completely trade. Then only you can do it with a pencil. So now I'll just make I'll just block in the color. So all the leaves, I'll just fill in bit black. Hello, So just enjoy the whole process. So now that tree is done. No, you do with the small tree. Same technique will apply in the small tree as well. I'm just creating the leaf branches, and I will just blocking it with black color. So whenever you were creating any fine detail lines you make, you have to be very careful on and have patience to create those lines. Otherwise, whenever you are doing it in a hurry, there may be chances that it can destroy oh painting. So it's better whenever you were painting anything painted very patiently, so I'm applying the same technique, which I have used in my larger tree. So now I'll use, Ah, my liner brush, and I'll just create small, small, fine lines on the edges off that leave. So you can see I'm just creating very fine lines so that the tree texture comes out very well. So same technique. You have to apply on all the leaves, Betty flame lanes, so you can see how nicely the picture is coming up off the leaves. This is different type off palm tree. I have another class on bomb tree as well. You can see that that is different, kind off palm tree, and this is a different type off balm tree. So same thing I'm doing on the smaller one just fine lanes So whenever you are creating any fine lines, you make sure that the color is not take. It should have to be ready in a liquid form, so you have to apply more water. Then we apply it in the background part. I am just creating small small dots on lines to create a grassy texture, especially on the edges off the part here. I'm using the same line of brush. Now Let no wash off your brush and remove. It is a water and just take lemon yellow and white and give a nice border. Do that, son, and just fill in another layer on the sun, more off lemon yellow. So I'm taking the same color, which I have created for my background. And I'm just creating a small cloud, which is on the job off his son with my same liner brush on. This is it. So let's take out a masking tape and see how it looks. So whenever you are taking your masking tape, I would make sure that you take it very slowly. Otherwise, there are chances off paper coming out, especially with 400 GSM, so take out that masking tape very nicely and see how nicely the borders are coming up. And painting looks completely different when you take out that masking tape. So this is D complete painting. Andi, Let's start with the next painting that is thes sunrise one. 7. Sunrise Part 1: Hello, friends. Welcome back, Seoul. Let's start with a second painting that a sunrise. So these are the materials, which will be required so first as lemon yellow cadmium orange. Danyon Whyte, Black gree. If you don't have great, you can makes black and white together. That's a blue and cadmium yellow. So these other colors Now let's discuss about the pressures. So these are the brushes, which which will be using. So this is the more brush, and this is the flat brush off different size. This is again. Another flat brush, which is larger size, was the fan brush, then Bristol brush that is flat brush, and these are two liner brush or rigger brush. You can say so now let's start with a pending have basted it the horizontal direction, and I have mixed your white gray on Ben's, a lemon venza blue in a very little amount, and I'm just lying on the background. So you're there is more off gray and white and just a attend off wins. A blue have just added a little white and starting to blend Piccolo's. Just remove the excess cutter and again Jake white and lemon white and cadmium yellow and just makes it will and apply in thes son area. You can see I have drawn it in a circle. Just fill that spot an ad cadmium orange and give it a nice round shape dough, that son, adding a little bit more off white to it, just filling the whole area, adding more off orange on lemon yellow so you can see the sights will be darker. And as we go towards the sun, it will be lighter. So at the corners, which will be using more off orange and lemon yellow and at the center will be using more off white, lemon yellow and God me Mierlo So that d brighter. Look off the sun comes up and I'm just blending the whole color. Now you can see the line between the two colors, which I'll be removing by mixing wins. The blue Cray on Dwight, the job of yours in the first background, and I just started blending the colors so that this line does not come up. I'm just removing excess off water and taking a lighter color and just moving to entro on, blending the whole background. It takes a little bit off time to blend the colors. You have to be very patient when you are blending the whole background until and unless you are satisfied with it. Keep on blending but lighter and darker version off shade. You can see I have added more off white, and I'm just blending it. Make sure that when you're blending the colors, you have enough color on the palate because if you will take less amount off color, you'll not be able to blend T background. So dick a. Take amount off color and less of water, and when you're blending, apply water. Just water. Just remove the excess amount of water from the tissue paper and then start blending the color by blending the color. Don't use the dark aversion off color on the lighter version. Make sure you remove the excess color and then start blending the lighter version off it. I'm applying your cadmium yellow on. I'm just giving the shaped over on just blending these sites whenever you are doing any landscape painting. Blending the background is the most important part. This is the area from the painting. Actual painting starts. We start making the bag grown sky, which looks realistic when we blended as much as possible so you can see your just trying to blend the actual colors. - You can see that the line which was separating the two colors, little bit invisible. I'm just adding more off white toe, that son area so that it looks more brighter and just mixing the whole color. - Here , you can see I'm just washing off my brush. Andi Removing excess water and just blending the whole take have left the lower area 40 land, but you have drawn. Or do you? I have just makes little orange and applying at dick ornaments, because the corners are more Darko than the center part, mixing little bit off cadmium, yellow and white. And I'm just giving the shape. Now you can see it's almost done. I will do the second part. 8. Sunrise Part 2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with the foreground. Your I'm using black Hello and I'm using my flat brush to block in the foreground have just used a little bit of water. And I'm just creating these shape off teapot and I'll just block in the area, just filling the area that black color have left thesis Enter part because that part, I'll mix little bit off cadmium orange to look it to look more brighter. So I'm just covering the two sides and leaving the middle part. So now I'm just using little orange on Dwight mix and just apply on the middle area. You can see the color is lighter soil. Add more off black, tow it, and on top off it, I'll add little bit off cadmium orange. And now I'll be using my more brush to create the SoCal area. Just taking white on lemon yellow, mix more off white and just attend off lemon yellow and just applying at the center part and covering the area. The advantage of using more piss. It gives a very nice round deck shoe, so that area, without giving any harsh lines so you're beginning giving little borders. Slight shadow toe those son here I have used very little mount off water and very little amount off color and more off water. And I have just blended the color because the center area has to be very shiny and bright. Just I'm giving a round shape toward again. I'm adding more off white at the center so that this son looks more catchy and appealing. Unjust makes T top part with the flat brush so that just I have just added ward good on just blending d color on a little bit off white and why it should be also on with my same flat brush I'm creating. The clouds in this have just added a little bit off. Black and orange and white mixture on have created the goats. It's better just wipe out excess off water and take yours ordinance and just add a bit off it. Just moving the tip off the brush toe, create small, small clothes. Just wash off a brush. Let's start with the next What 9. Sunrise Part 3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with our last part off, depending. So here I'm using my fan brush and just taking a little bit off liquid and cadmium orange on. I'm lying on the job, all steep, but I'm just using the tip off the brush and applying that cadmium orange, it looks as if those sun rays are falling on the ground on the ground, a shining bright. So I replied, the cadmium orange. Just use the tip off the brush and apply applied. And now I'm using black and just applying same technique on the edges so as to look the grassy effect. Just the top off the edge, part on a dissenter, little more off cadmium orange. No, I'll be using my flat brush here. You can also use your line a brush to draw the lines. This is a flat brush, which has very fine step, so it is easy for me to draw the lines. But if you don't have this type of pressure, you can use your liner brush or rigger brush to do draw the lines. So I'm just creating lines off different shapes, some are told, some assured for creating the tree. So at the center, I have left that white area for the sun and created the straight line. So all the lines are off different shapes and sizes. So now I am using my rigger brush and I'll be creating the three branches on all. The three branches should be in the upward direction. See all the three branches are on the upward direction, make very fine lines with different shapes and makes up branches also not necessary. You have to create same branches as I am doing. You can create your own just random shapes and size, but all indie up for direction. Okay, so you can see I have just left that area off the sun and creating the branches. Creating sign lines comes with practice. If you are not able to create fine lines, it's OK. You need. You have to do a little bit off practice than automatically that fine lines, Well, comma. So whenever you are creating the fine lines, make sure that you don't press the brush. Hardly. You have tow. You have to draw that lines off it a very soft brush. You if you press the brush heart that take lines will create. And if you press the brush very lightly, the fine lines will create. So this is our food and I'm just creating the little grasses on the ground in different directions. But now I'm using my breast would brush and I'm just creating the leaves. I'm just stopping the tip off the brush and creating the leads. Don't pressed the brush. Hardly. Otherwise, that leafy textual will won't come up. These breast stood brushes are very hard, so that tree tech show comes up very easily. I'm just giving the shape to the trees by creating those leaves so you can see that I'm just using the tip off the brush and pressing it very lightly so that the leave texture comes up and just giving these shape the brush rich. I'm using euros from Bruce Tro and this is normal flat brush. But it is a breast ill brush on the color is very take. It does not liquid form the colorism very take form. Then only you will be able to create those the free deck show just covering and highlighting that he born to media. So now I'll be creating some leaves with my black color. I'm using my liner brush and just creating the branches. More branches as I see dinners, few spaces which are still left. So I'm just creating more branches to the trees and just small small dots on the edge off the tree to give it a leafy look. Oh, so just small, small dots I'm creating this detailing part takes a lot of time when you do any bending. So just creating small, small dots in different F tried directions. I hope you are enjoying my classes, and I would love to see your projects off scented and sunrise painting and Jewish tag me on my instagram that is Morgan Yard Gallery. So this is stun the tree part. No, I'm just using my fan brush. Sorry, might more brush and just taking lemon yellow and mix off white and just applying it in the middle area, - taking more off white and applying another core door it so that area looks bright enough. I'm just making more branches near that son and covering that area with small, small darts. No, I'll use my fan brush and just clean brush. Totally so that does not red enough, and I've taken my cadmium yellow color, and I'm just highlighting that. Lure Aereo host iPod with cadmium orange. So just using my rigger brush and digging a little bit off cadmium origin, applying at the center off the sun, just giving a shape to it, applying a little white and just move it with the finger. So this is it. Our last painting on Let's Remove are masking tape. So ah, last spot is the warn ish ing off our paintings on. I hope you enjoyed both the paintings, so take it out very slowly and you can see a nice border that's do painting. So let's start with our last lesson. 10. Varnish: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with a bonus lesson. So this is depending on Dhere. I'm using liquid ticks, eight ounce varnish, which is satin varnish. And this is the form which I'll be using for applying the war. Nish on. This is the palette, which I've covered with the tissue paper. So let's do it. Have just taken out little bit. That is more than enough, and then I'll apply it on my foam brush and I will apply it in the horizontal direction. You can also apply it in the were tickle direction as well. Try to cover the whole area with this. It helps in protecting the pained from getting damaged so it's not necessary. You can use it if you are having it. It's up to you if you want to use it so you can see the glossy effect. Literacy again, little bit is left on the top, so make sure that the whole area is covered on. You'll see this close effect, which comes out after applying it. So same thing I'll be doing on my next painting and I hope a lot. Jules shared the project, works with me and thank you for watching my class. Have a nice day