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Turn your Doodle Sketches into Digital Artworks

teacher avatar Ashish Mishra, Artist, Designer & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Importing your sketch into Photoshop


    • 3.

      Refining the Outlines


    • 4.

      Filling in the Colors


    • 5.

      Adding Shadows and Highlights


    • 6.

      Adding effects


    • 7.

      Final Image Output


    • 8.

      Closing Thoughts


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About This Class

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

A huge number of aspiring artists stops drawing because they think, I'm not good enough, or my art is not perfect in comparison to popular artists on social media.

What we forget is how we developed the love for art in the first place, we forget all the doodles we used to make on the last page of our school notebooks. and how we felt proud of ourselves when someone appreciated our artworks.

But later on, we get too busy learning all the fundamentals of art, studying all the tips and techniques definitely helps us but it takes away the most important thing, the "fun of drawing", drawing just for the sake of drawing nothing else.

In this class, I'll teach you how to digitally paint your doodle sketches, the one that you scribble down on your sketchbook when you get an awesome idea, or when something inspires you but you just leave them and never work upon it.

I'll guide you through all the steps and all the tips and techniques involved while refining and painting your sketches, using Photoshop.

Thank you :)

Link to my class outline-

My Skillshare Class Outline - "Turn your Doodle Sketches into Digital Artworks"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashish Mishra

Artist, Designer & Educator


Hello, Namaste!!!

I am Ashish Mishra and welcome to mishrAshish Academy on SkillShare.

I'm an Artist, Designer & Teacher, based in India.


I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. 

A strong love for visual arts has led me to delve deeply into the CG industry.

I completed my Bachelor's in VFX & Animation from Mahatma Gandhi University.

I worked as a Graphic & 3D teacher and later on as a designer.

Working as a teacher helped me to learn and diversify my skillset and effectively solve the problem faced by new creative aspirants.


Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my classes! and learn a thing or two.

-Ashish Mishra ( mishrAshish Academy... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Mr. Welcome to my class. When you do the sketches into these, tell artworks in this class I teach you how competitively paint your sketches. I'm going to take you through a few different stages of my process. Important your sketching to photo shop, refining the outlines, filling in the colors, bringing some contracts to the drawing by adding shadows and highlights and finalizing our artwork. Fired in some effects, discussed grateful, bigger artist and provide you with knowledge and skill to improve your list a lot. I'll be using a welcome graphic tablet and hoping for the Shop CC, although any other distant venting application will do just fine. And if you are not familiar for the shop, no need to worry. I guarded through all the steps I'll be sharing all the different techniques I use and help you solve. The problems that we encountered in the process by the discourse will have complete step by step process to make digital art off those sketches. This is gonna be a really fun course, and I think you guys will enjoy it. So let's start with the lessons 2. Importing your sketch into Photoshop: Hello and welcome to the first lesson of this class. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to import your sketching to photo shop. But before we begin, I would like you to make a new folder and rename it to Project Folder and make to morsel folders for our photo selfies and the assets will be using. I will copy the Photograph of Europe sketch that I took from a camera and paste it into the SS folder. The idea with making the Project Fuller is to manage all your fights and assets within the same location. When we're done with the folders, I'll open for the shop and make a new file. Give it a name, said the document Type two international paper, and choose a full set the resolution to 300 leave all other settings as it is and click on OK, so we are in photo shop now. The white space that we can see on the center off our workspace is the canvas. We have the layers panel on the right side and the tool bars on the left from the file menu . I'll go to save as and save the file that we just created into our Project folder to change the orientation of our Gamba's Goto image me new image rotation and choose the option 90 degree clockwise. Now we will place our sketch image from the Project folder into the canvas. I will human to see the sketches. Clearly, I made four variations off muskets, and I'll work up on this one. It is smiling office. Select the sketch layer and using the rectangular market, you'll make a selection around the area off your interest. Go to layer menu new and choose layer higher copy. This will copy the solitary reason into a new earlier Now using the move toe. I'll move the new earlier aside and hide the sketch here from the agent menu. I'll select free transform option and skin the image by clicking and dragging the color bonds. I'll also move it little bit to the center of the canvas and press enter toe. Commit the transformation we just met. Now I will slightly decrease the opacity of slayer from the layer spending. This will help us while we make the our clients in the next lesson, select both layers by holding down the control key and cooked them clicking on the Create a new group pattern in the layers panel. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Control D renamed the layer. Lock it, and we are all set for the next listen. 3. Refining the Outlines: in this, Liz, um, even refine our off sketch and make complete outlines using the press to First of all, make a nuclear and from the window menu, select the option verses. The brushes panel will appear. I'll docket to the truth panel. Now from the truth panel, Select the Brush Tool Breath story is one of the most of our stag during for the shop. There's a huge number of things that we can do it. It, though we will only look into some of his features that will be useful for us. In making the outlines. I'll select software us from the default general processes that comes fit for the shop. We can change the blast site from the brushes panel or by right clicking in the press stool mode and using the size slider or by using the keyboard shortcut. Apart from the process. Another important setting is the press capacity. We will enable the option by clicking on the bottom. Always used pressure for rapacity. By enabling this option, we can control the opacity of Cyprus, but pressure We can also enable always use present for site option to control the weight off the outlines. Bipin pressure in neighbouring. Both options will give us lines that have different stroke, food and different capacity. But for making the outlines, I would recommend a hard brush with only the pressure for size option enabled. I have provided the breast set. You sail into resources sex, and you can use the power clambers from the set to make your outlines. Minimize the press panel, lead this layer and hide the skits group and make a newly. Now I will start making the outlines. Try to make clear and confident strokes you can always undo. If you don't like it, keep the process consistent. Sometimes you can change it back for the news. I used a Tina line are really useful. Tool is the rotate future. Feel free to rotate the campus as needed and find the most comfortable angle of approach for the line. We will also use laser tool whenever required, and it is unwanted parts. We all make mistakes. And isn't it amazing that we can fix it so easily for parts of the drawing that a symmetrical like the years copied in press control T toe get into the free transform mode. After that right click and select the option. Flip horizontal. You will get a mirror object, and you can move and place it at the proper spot. Later on, you can most a couple player to the original one areas where the strokes will overlap. Feel free to make a nuclear. Make your lying with confidence in his own wanted parts. And when you're done more still ears. One more thing to keep in mind while making the outlines is that Try to connect the organs . Don't leave a gap for the lines meet This simple thing will save massive amount of time. When we color the drawing, I'll tell you how in the next listen for making difficult parts like the hands. Check for references. The best reference are your own hands, pictures by yourself or us, someone to take them for you. Another tool that can come handy has difference is the Ellipse stool. You can make an Alex using the stool and use it as a reference to make your elliptical line . You can make the outlines using the paint tool as well. To do that, we have to make apart using the mental, then in Pento mode, right click and choose the option stroke part, set brush in the two section and check the simulate pressure option hit. Okay, he will get a line that follows the part. The street is useful to make difficult guidelines as villas offer police straight lines. I'll just give ER or more happier expression, and with that, we had done without lines. 4. Filling in the Colors: Hello there. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to fill colors in your artwork. We finished making the our clients in the last listen. As you can see, I have added some design on the shirt. Don't hesitate toe can to remove a thing. Keep experimenting before we talk about colors. I will quickly renamed Misleader to outline and lock it so that I don't paint on this layer accidentally. Our sketch is a fairly simple one, and if we divided according Toa, what colors each area would have, you will have around six different parts skin hair, the chair behind the character cock, the shirt and the design on the shirt. I have made another document and placed some images that I keep taking from my smartphone to think of color is a very difficult task. It involves lots of stories and observation and practice. But don't let all the color theories stop you from making your next artwork. Study them. But more importantly, look around yourself. You can see beautiful colors all around you. If you see something good, take a picture off it. Use it with the colors from it him I will make a selection area. And by using the eyedropper tool, I'll pick a light in color for the skin from this flower image. Next already spawned color from the background of this image. For the shirt, I'll pick a blue color that will contrast with the colors of the skin and here, also for the chair and the cup. I will choose colors that are more or less think, and finally, a bright yellow for their design on the shirt that would contrast the blue. Most beginners make the mistake of choosing a whole lot of colors, but don't do that. Big colors that are related and few colors to complement them. Try to keep a balance between the colors. I will copy the color swatches and paste it into our project. Rename this layer toe base colors and keep it below our our clear. I would feel the backroom Lear with a 50% gray color. It's easier to the eyes compared to the white background, and we can see the colors better in the last lesson. I actually connect the outlines and don't leave gaps. This would make our job easier. No, By using the Magic Oneto, we can select the areas from the outlines here to make multiple selection areas whole shift toe, add to selection but the color from the respective color swatch and fill the colors using the people. Shortcut all aspects in the base layer. But if we look closely, we even see that there are areas where the magic want. All couldn't make selection and there are no colors. Field. We can fix this easily, using the brush tool and paint over the areas. While impressed or more, you can use the all key to switch toe high drop. It'll temporarily. This would help you to pick colors from the canvas. I will speed up the video from here so you won't get bored watching withdraw every single stroke. The process to fill the colors goes like this. Make selection in the Oakland earlier, using the magic one tool, beat the color using the eyedropper. Fill the color in the base skull earlier. Paint over the areas using the breast to make sure that you feel the colors with hard around us. With 100% capacity, you can use the fill bra's from the process that is level in the project. The shores you can easily download it and double click on it and it will open up in for the shop, zoom into smaller areas and make sure you feel every part carefully. I'll end this. Listen here and see you in the next listen. 5. Adding Shadows and Highlights: in this lesson, we will add shadows and highlights to our base color earlier that we made in the last. Wisam. We will start by making a new earlier about the base skull earlier and you name it to shadows. Pick our heart, fill brush and enable pressure for capacity because we don't need 100% or big brush strokes for shadows and highlights, we need slight federation in the intensity. Pick the color from the base layer and open of the color picker panel. Now good. Just tracked down to a darker color. Changed the hue slider as well, since the color a little bit. Make selection using the magic one tool from the base layer and gently paint on the shadows . Leader. The videos under the neck will the news inside of the year near the eyes would have shadows and we will paint them accordingly. Right enable the pressure for opacity option for it is rs ville, and it is the areas where you don't need the brush marks. Using the soft brush, I will make the blushing cheeks and make the lips religion more vibrant for the Here I will pick up the base color and from the color picker panel. Choose our darker ship. I will also change the color to a more pink issue. Paint the sample color on the SWAT is made earlier to check how it looks and then making the selection around the here went with the brush strokes. Change the word of the stroke to give a feel off hair picture. Also try to be colors from the painted areas. This will make minute variations in the color and would look good. The process off making the shadows would remain seem for all different colors we have here . We will pick or darker shade of the color from the color picker and also change the color by using the few slider. Try the simple color on your swatches before actually pending on the shadows here. While painting used the pressure of the bras to make variations in opacity, apply more pressure to the areas where you think it needs to be more darker. Lights and shadows gives our flat two dimensional drawing a sense off gift. It keeps the sips three dimensional form like the real world like colors. The subject of flight is also vast, but again we can look around ourselves. Look how light interacts with objects how the shadows are formed when you switch on the light, how different color looks in different light. There's no easier way to learn about color in light, but it's so much easier to object the things around with different colors and in different lights. For the highlights, we will make a new layer. Rename it toe highlights Jews 100% white color from the color because make selection and paint on the area, we will see a white brush mark. But if we sick the blending more off the layer toe overly, it will light in the area where we will paint with white does, creating an illusion off light. We will make strong highlights on the cheeks and the lips. Areas were lights would reflect the most what ideas, like a short make the light softer. We are almost done with painting our does cage, and it's more off her digital pending. Now, Dana doodles get I will see you in the next lesson where we will air some effects to our artwork. 6. Adding effects: in this lesson, we will learn to add some effects to our digital artwork. Before we begin, I will select a basic color shadows and highlights layer and group them together, renamed the group Toe Color and Light Lock and hide it. I will also take the outlier, make a copy off it and group both the layers together. The first effect that I'm going to show you would be to change the color off the our place . I will select the copy of chocolate layer and Goto image menu adjustments and choose the option hue saturation. The hue saturation window will appear in this window. Make sure you check the colorize option. Increase the saturation and lightness later and we can see the changes in real time on our our plan. Earlier, there was initially black. If he moved a huge later, we will see our stroke color chance. I'll pick a British color as it will go well with the colors that we already have. Changing the outline Color balances the overall image as it montez well with other colors, and it's not as prominent as the black of glands. Next we will add some reflections to do that I will make a new layer. Rename it to reflections, renaming the layers. Help us to stay organized, so try to rename off whenever possible. I will move the reflection there. Bu our color and light to go with the press stool. I will paint colors roughly on this layer. Heat the surrounding colors using the eyedropper tool. As I move along from the breast state. Choose this much. Plus, it's a dedicated brush for the smudge tool. Gently smudged the roughly painted area and bring the colors. The blended colors give a feel off reflection. You can vary the blending amount while painting to create strong or blood reflections. We will also use the tool toe cleanup dependent areas. Lower the capacity a little bit the next two. We will put a small gift, and it's an easy one. Make a new layer from the precip, selling the smokeless set of white color at click once you will instantly get the smoke now from the filter menu, select the option goshi in blood and slightly increased the radios toe blur the smoke. It would look as if hot pepper is coming out from the cup. There are a huge number of free and paid process off all kinds available online for 40 shop download and tried him. It's fun now. Finally, we will add some glue if it we will start by making a new earlier and changing the layer blending mood toe color dodge. Choose a vibrant bright color and with a soft press selected click on the areas you want to make clue, try different colors and make the parts. We have almost completed our dieser printing in the next listen, we will add some finishing touches. 7. Final Image Output: so heavier. In the last listen of the goes, I will group the glow and smoke clear together, named the group Effects, said the swatches from the B skull earlier and separate them into their own lier and hide. Earlier, I will place the background image from the Project folder into our project and keep it below all the layers and groups. I had provided this background image in the resources six and download and use it as the background for your class project. From the file menu, go to savers Select GPT from the seventies type and click on Save in the Deputy Options Window. Choose the maximum quality and click OK, you're GPT image will be served and treated to be used for sharing online or printing. So with this we have come to an end off class. Thank you. 8. Closing Thoughts: congratulations for making it through this glass. Thank you so much, guys. For being a part of this, I hope you have learned and enjoyed watching the reasons. Hopefully you have been practicing along the way and you are comfortable with the concepts . Make sure proposed your politics in the class for you can I would love to see what you come up with, using what you have done. If you got any questions or suggestions place that we knew in the community section of the class and I will do my best to answer and help you out. If you like this class, appreciate it. Dear Friends and Healthy Group can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and keep track of my works. Okay, so that brings the speed you in the class to an end. I hope to see you again soon. Thanks a lot. Good bye.