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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      My Process


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      Why & What


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      Poses & Expressions


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      Traditional VS Digital


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      Comic Time


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      Overview & Closing


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About This Class

Welcome to my class about turning YOURSELF into an incredible COMIC character! I cant wait to get started! 

If you are interested in seeing more art for inspiration, check out my sites! -

My Instagram

My Website

Here is what Ill be going over in this class:

1. My own process. How I turned my character in to what she is now.

2. WHY and WHAT! Why do you want to make a character, and what do you want it to look like/say?

3. INSPIRATION! Find 3-6 artists you love!

4. COPYING! Copy these characters and build up muscle memory.

5. POSES and EXPRESSIONS! Find great reference online, and draw your character in these poses!

6.The difference between TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL!

7. Make a COMIC! First thumbnails, and then final!

8. Reviewing the assignments and closing!

Feel free to post any part of the assignment, and ask any questions at all! Im happy to help! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ramona MacLean

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator

Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: So first you're gonna protect your handy dandy worksheets. We're gonna go over. Why and what do you want to make it here? What? We're gonna look at inspiration. We're gonna find 36 artists that we or characters of the draw that we love. We're going Teoh, put them into a Pinterest board or to save them on your So is iets find some interesting expressions composes that we're gonna make. Your assignment is to draw a short comic of something that happened to you this week that if you want to get crazy with it, you could make that comment character into, you know. 2. My Process: Hi and Ramana McLean and I am an illustrator. Thank you for joining this past. Super cited You take this process with you your human self wash it into so person. I wanted to show you my process. Teoh, make my It was definitely not an easy process. So victims feel for you. Don't worry about it. Takes my character definitely did not look like it does now. At the beginning, so pretty years I wanted Teoh make my own character have little comics Every time I go to do it, it just I didn't like it was ugly. It wasn't it didn't feel like it was me in character trying Teoh show what I wanted to show silly fun. But everything I drew was too detailed. Worse So I wrote out a pencil and you said yes. But it wasn't until I started copying other people's Get a feel of it. Understand how, with me that myself actually started to get better. A few years ago, I attended in a bank called Dan. Yeah, and that's when a bunch of artists like me So their artwork and yeah, I saw this one boot. It was so good. I have named Zoe sees I will like everything in the information. But her drawings were so silly, so dirty. I felt immediately above it when I got home and I said to drying a bunch of her dry and so I could understand how to draw them. And so at first you feel a little bit like you're just copying them. And then you get worried Revolution stealing all herself. And then I can't do that. And she's gonna hate me because the soldier said, Don't worry, he give. But first I started carving hers. Then I started copying someone. Venture Time, Cem Month. It's other characters that I saw on Instagram that I really liked. So I'm building up sort of a library in my brain for how to draw these characters. Different eyes didn't honest faces and shapes, just trying things that then, after that, I put everything away. Only adventure time. Although Zoe sees cartoons, everything and then just use my own imagination. At first it had a sect. Uh, they were not the best drawings, but I knew that I was closer than I wasn't passed. So get going now. During this time, I wasn't really enjoying my story boarding work because I wanted to make my own stuff so and use the comics is sort of an l it to get rid of my frustration. So I dropped super weird poses and me most of time, just being like I don't want to be here. But help is that it took me out of my comfort zone and they started playing the shapes and the characters started looking super funny. And it actually helps Help me, Edward, how we deal with Struggle being at work. But I didn't want to be. Ever as the months went on, my hair for started to change her eyes got a little bit different. Hoses got different shape, got different. Everything sort of tightened up into the way. I wanted it to work in a way that would show my emotions better. Then I started to play with realize ridges cartoon sta. So I take a picture of a background. Whether it was like something really small were like normal size, and then I would draw my character on my I've had. On top of that backer when this did was the Brock magic and hunting to my everyday life and that sort of when I was home, and after that, I just threw that character on everything. Those some days my character would start to look really stiff and boring, and I would always draw the same pose. So to get out of that, I take my sketchbook and that opened it up. Now draw just one page full of my character, and it would have to fit into every little spot. So forced me to get out of my comfort zone. Drop her really were closes. So now that you've learned about my process, gets ready to learn about goals. 3. Why & What: All right, let's break this damp. So first you're gonna contact your handy dandy, Work shaped and, as you can see, has a purpose section right here. Going over. Why? And what? How do you want to make a character? What? What? What do you want To make people that you want make people right? Do you wanna bring intention to serious world issues? Do you want to have a way to cope for me everyday life like I did? Do you just want to make yourself What are you gonna post this? We're gonna keep it Chews up because if you're posting this, you'll want to be relatable. So where you going to do in the first column is you're gonna right? Why? And what? So why do you want to make this character? And what is it gonna be about? So you can write a few options, different things if you need more space signals, turnover for that and write some other. That's your right. As many ideas as you come up with. And then afterwards look back at it and see what seems the most true. Then you're in a circle. Answer that you favour for my Why is to it was to cope with work It waas have and l bet to make myself. I did end up posting it, and that was fun. And I liked getting good responses from people to make other people that. But essentially it was for me. My what? I wanted it to be silly, simple, so I could drive a 1,000,000 times a day. Um, just funny to look at and also easy to morph into different poses. I wanted it to be imaginative, so I made it so her arms could just grow with drinking. Be whatever position you wanted. Great job, guys. You finished your why and what? Join me in the next video, and we're going to look at inspiration. 4. Inspiration: now that you figured out why and what we're gonna look at inspiration. Oh, let's look on Instagram or Pinterest or Tumbler or some site to find artists that you like and have comic characters of themselves. Now, when you're choosing this, think about your wine wet. If you just have simple characters that are easy to drop, look for those. We're gonna find 36 artists that we the four characters of the draw that we love. We're going to put them into a Pinterest board or to save them on your computer chap again . So desires you're going to write your artists here He was only five spaces. So you're here, Keenan. Just add another space Now that you found your super inspiring inspiration, Join me in the next video and we're going to learn about copying them. 5. Copying: you found from 3 to 6 artists. Good up, so proud of you. But we're going to either put them onto iPad or put them out so we can coffee or trace them and doing multiple times. Do it like even the same dry, like five times, so you really get it into your heads. Now let's talk about copying versus stealing. So coffee ing is something that, literally every single person in the world does people trying to sell you different. But it's not true. This is actually a great book by Austin Clean on. It talks about feeling like an artist goes over the difference between stealing and passing something. Office room. That's the difference. Copying something and you're getting inspiration from their stuff. But you're changing in your mushing multiple styles into one that's copy. Stealing or fraud is to take something that is exactly the same put out on the Internet or wherever and say that you did. You read it so you're posting something that is very similar to the artist you are taking it from. Always always credit them and say that this waas and exercise that you were copying it. Yes, so they here. Hold of that. But don't be afraid, Teoh. Copy other people's stuff for a learning experience. That's the difference. Learning or telling people you made it yourself once you were dead in copying all the drawings, you were going to put the boy toxin. Then throw him away and you're going to use your imagination and start making your own character. What did you like about some of the drugs? Did you like? He eyes from one of them? Did you like the body shape for another? Did you get another idea from yourself while you're doing that? That was similar. So just fill a page with drones. Even if you draw something you think isn't right weight, it's always best to keep Trump because you never know. There might be something 10 times better than that for Sadio. You said running up. Then you'll love seeing her MCA. Look at all your driving. Find where you like. You keep playing around with shapes and you have something that you know you're gonna want a job. Is it? You have If you're not overly ecstatic about how it looks, no word. Just keep going. He drawing my character, Choose your favorite one and go from them. That's what I did. So my first drawings, I was like, Oh, yeah, this is great But it wasn't quite what I wanted. So as I kept drawing, it just changed in change. And that will probably happen regardless. Great job copying, but not stealing other people's work. Join me in the next video, and we will draw that character in different poses and expressions. 6. Poses & Expressions: Yea, you created your own character so proud of you. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go back to Pinterest, back to Instagram, back to Tumbler. We're gonna find some interesting expressions and poses that we're gonna make our character . So it doesn't have to be from those artists that you chose. You could use real life pictures. You can use any sort of picture with oppose or expression that you like, And we're gonna take our character. We're going to drive in those poses. If you don't like in a first, that's OK. Just keep practicing. Maybe try different pose. Maybe draw like Aziz. Many as you can honestly more You drop, the better it's gonna get. But let's say 10 poses just really quick really easy. If you have a more detailed character in your love, it last name five. Um, but the idea here is to get your brain out of this sort of standard, like standing person pose and into and the weirdest poses. Hey, we're gonna go farther than you. Probably actually drive in your come the were the better. Well, you've done it. You practice your character. You know what poses to Do you know what expressions? So join me in the next video and we will talk about did you know versus traditional drying ? 7. Traditional VS Digital: So let's talk about the difference between traditional drives and digital joins. So ever since I got my I've had, I'm a big believer in appropriate. That is my favorite thing in the world. But there are pros and cons, so if you do it digitally, it's easier to make a high quality for a perfect image that you can tweak. Undo. Redo was many times your age. Now traditional is great for practice and forgiving. It's sort of a hand drawn all you look now that you know which medium you want to do it in , Join me in the next video for biggest Hyneman comic. 8. Comic Time: by now. You're probably thinking I love my character so much. Those that can't give them real light. They can't if you try. So your assignment is to draw a short comic of something that happened to you this week in your last section here. Comic ideas, right? Any little ideas? Uh, that's come into your head. Something I have in this week. Something relatable is nice or, you know, if you want to get out of the box and do something really serious than you could you can do that. And you're welcome. I'm giving you that permission. Yeah. Yeah. If you don't have enough space. Yeah, the whole Beth and I see you use it at everything else. So that's your fault. Once you have all your ideas, you're going to go through them and choose the best idea. Maybe choose a couple and do a couple rough sketches planning grinds that are really rough , really small. So you see the whole thing at once and you can see what it will look like in the end. Or a rough idea before you actually put off work. Let's do something nails. Now, if you want this to be a traditional medium that's late just dried onto paper. Use pencil first. Go over how a pen or leaving pencil with everyone. If you're doing digital, you could drive my hand first and then scan it in or take a picture and go over top of it in procreate. Or whatever thing you want to use, like pro shop, just bring the passive you down. You can do one layer a black over top and then go underneath and colored it while you're dryness. Think, um, poses. That will really convey what your friendship. 9. Overview & Closing: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God. Guys, look, you look at you. Give yourself a friend. Plus, you did it. You made a character and you drew it and you didn't copy anyone too much. And you put it into coming. Aren't you so proud of yourself? So saying, let's do an overview of the assignments. First we have the Y and wet see right down on your piece of paper. Why you want to do this and what you want it to be about? Slash the style. Secondly, we're gonna post are 3 to 6 artists that inspire us. Maybe choose a few of their pictures and put that in the post as well. There we have copying. So you're gonna post the pictures that you copied from the other artists. Feel free to add links to their camp so everybody can check the Mac. Fourth, we have positions. So you're going to add the drawings that you drew of different poses and expressions from other artists. And last we have our comics. So you're going to post your rough drawings with your finished that if you want to get crazy with it super crazy, you could make that comment character into some of it. You ever really intense personality. You could also make it into a fancy dog. This takes a little bit more work, but you know it's worth it here with you any time you want. So thank you so much, guys, for watching this class. And please, please, please post any part of the assignment. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to just leave a comment. I'm happy to answer them. Thank you so much for taking my class. And if you'd like to see more drawings by me, you can go to my instagram freckled page, wrinkled page. And you can go to my website www dot freckled fox designs dot com. And if you haven't checked out my first gil share class called journal all the things check it out. It goes through the process of combining all your journals into one. So you actually use them. Have a great day