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Transitions in After Effects - Volume 1

teacher avatar Reece Parker, Animation Director & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Learn smart, clean, and smooth 2D vector transitions in AE with Reece Parker. 

- Follow along on my exact uncut work flow.

- Insight on animation techniques. 

- Pick up AE tips and tricks.

- Have some fun, share some laughs. 

Prepare to get schooled. 

Find my work at:

Icon designs by the talented Jordan Wilson, Find his work at:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Reece Parker

Animation Director & Illustrator


I'm Reece Parker →  Freelance Animation Director & Illustrator. I work closely with clients & other creative teams from around the globe to solve problems big & small. 

Outside of work I love spending time with my wife & kids, riding skateboards, & wearing hats. 


Clients like → Amazon, Apple, Android, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix,  Youtube, & Uber to name a few.


STUDIO → I work in a converted shipping container studio, Check out more about it here.




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Level: Intermediate

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1. Promo: 2. Intro: you hear with Reese Parker, and we're gonna be learning transitions. Aftereffects? This is volume one. There is a slight chance you know me from Instagram, If that's the case. Welcome. Thank you for support. There's a bigger chance you don't know me at all. If that's the case, you can check out my website or my instagram. I see. So where you want? Basically, I'm gonna be recreating a video I did in collaboration with designer named Jordan Wilson, and he was kind enough to lend his icon designs for this class. And I attached those guys could use those if you want, or you can make your own. That was a total of five transitions. I don't want video to be too long, so I'm gonna be doing to transition's gonna live. Um, yeah, we're gonna have some fun. We're gonna do some gifts, hold the whole class. All right. So a little bit of context before jumping in, actually use plenty of difference. Plug ins in after effects. One main one I use is called motion to on. It's a lifesaver. And if you're really invested in after effects by it, I think it's $40. Um You don't have to have it for the class, but you're gonna be wasting time. If you don't, it's gonna be hard to follow alone. So if you like. I said if you use after fix a lot by it, it's worth it. Save your life. Also, I'm gonna be assuming you guys know how to use Illustrator, um and honestly, after effects, at least generals like you know the basics. You should probably get a pre competence. You should know how to key frame things. You don't have to know every effect in every like secret. You should have a basic knowledge will show you how I get my files from illustrated aftereffects but not gonna do anything. An illustrator like I said I attached to file So you guys can use the icons that I'm using and fall exactly long, or you can design your own and do your own thing. That would probably be best, but it's, you know, or do both. Follow me, then do your own thing. That's how you're gonna learn. And yeah, that's it was jumping 3. Labeling: wear now a illustrator. Like I said before, we're not gonna be doing all of these icons just because that you know this stuff. This is time consuming. So we're gonna be doing the flashlight into the fire and then back to flashlight to make a living gift. So what is my process for taking things into after a FEC's? Let's see. Well, typically, I will do things separately. So different assets. I'll take them in separately. And this helps for labelling once you get into after effects. Uh, which is really important. You really want to keep that in mind? So let's just start with enough fire. Go file. Then we're gonna go save as I got a document skill share. A, uh, illustrator. We're gonna get a student, and I'm gonna say that as fire. Okay, being bang. Boom. Now what you do. So this is gripped. Let's make sure it's centered. I sense centered. Let's check. That was okay. And then shift command. Jesus, community ship, come in. G was gonna take that and ungroomed fit into all of its different layers. We're gonna go over here to side reseal layers. Click this Go to release two layers sequence. Okay, It's important that you select sequence. Okay? Select all of those layers within layer one. And drag goes out, though. So now what do we have? What's the purpose of this? Well, in order to animate or in order for me to anime, I like everything separate. So this is now separate from this, which is gonna be good. We're gonna animate both of those Individually. This is now separate from this, which is gonna be good, you know? So on and so forth. Okay, cool. So we're gonna save that up. Save. I'm gonna go to the top at a new layer. God, be this flashlight. Go back to this layer, paste the flashlight, center the flashlight. Go and file. Save as skills. Share student flash light. There we go. Safe being bang. Boom. Okay, so remember, this is where your flashlight iss. So we're just gonna delete the rest of these layers because those are not needed anymore. Uh, we have a flashlights. We're getting a shift command Gene Shipman egy shift community, and we're gonna un group everything in there. And the reason I had it more than once, because often times I'll have like a group within a group? Um, I don't know. You know, most people probably don't do that, but I get all finicky with groups and stuff. Just make sure everything's out before you release to layer sequence, because if everything is not out, it's gonna mess it up. You're gonna have to restart its It's annoying if you don't do that right. It's a really clear sequence. We go select all your layers, dragon that again, being big, this last layer of the reason I deleted because nothing's on it anymore. That was the original air depleted. You do not need that anymore. So now we're going to say that up being Bang Bond, and we're ready to rock into after effects. All right, so here we are into after effects on what is the first thing I do? Once I get into after fix, will I go to command in for new composition and I'm going to name it Main meaning, the main composition. Um, I always do this. It's a weird habit. Or maybe it's a smart Have it I don't know. Um, the reason is because compositions can become very, very heavy. Uh, and what I mean by that is you know, if you have a big project, you're gonna have many, many compositions, or at least I typically dio. And so it's in my mind it helps with organization to have a one. That kind of everything is in one outside composition where I can adjust things, you know, from the very end. Or or mostly I can render out. Okay, so new cop called May, and we're gonna I'm gonna keep it at 1200 by 1224 in 15 seconds for now. That's fine. We probably won't use it, but I like to have it a little bit longer, just in case. Um, and yet the background color black. That's fine already. Let's do it. Now we have our main. Um, we're gonna leave that alone for now. We're gonna go to import start with fire. Okay. Options go to options. Don't Do not just press open options. Composition retained layer sizes. This is crucial. Import as composition retain layer sizes open. Boom fires in command. I import flashlight. Same thing. Options, footage, composition, retain their sites. There we go. All right. So we got her student and we got our fire. Sorry. Flashlight and fire. And our main for later? Actually, no. What? I'll go ahead and do. I'll just go and drag my assets in the main. So now, inside of Maine, which is gonna be helpful. Okay. Um, yeah, we go. Let's see, we got so we have a transparent elevator. I need that for now. Like we set that for black. But what we can do if that's in the wing, which oftentimes I get annoyed. You can go to command Kafer settings, composition settings, go over here and choose a color boat, which can change it to the dark gray. That, then, is the background for the icons. There we go. It's looking good. What you might want to do to scale it up doesn't a little bit small, so we're going to select both of them, go to s for scale. Well, to scale that up, maybe. Yeah, maybe something like for, you know? So you guys going to see it? Really? Well, maybe 1 80 eight's foreign, Probably on what we're gonna do is we're gonna go toe klik this little guy for rast. Arise continually. Rast, arise. Meaning? You know it's gonna help your image state crystal clear. Just gonna be good. That's exactly what you want. So remember to hit by asteroids if you're scaling things out of proportion, which in this case I was because it's 188% of its original state. Cool. Now we're gonna jump into labelling, right? This is the boring stuff, but it has to be done. So we got a little flashlight here first, what I'll do every single time. I don't care what anybody says. I'll create shapes from vector Layer and I'll go through and I'll just get rid of the illustrator follows. Oh, illustrator files are so annoying to work with. I cannot stress this enough when you can and not every project you know, there's some project you can you know, depend on the artwork. But when you can, this is simple. Shapes. Convert those things minute. They're more malleable. They're more manipulate herbal. That's probably not a word there. Mawr. You know that you can play with them where you could have a closer relationship with the artwork, and that is always a better fit. I have had clients where, um, you know, it was more of a collaborative after fixed project. And not to be rude, but you know that the creative director slash animator that was also working on the project with me preferred to keep things in illustrator layers, and he would get mad at me for changing the shape players. And I was like, Dude, you know, I'm trying to make a good animation here, you know, I don't want to make crap work, and this is what I do. Um, anyway, changing shape. Laters. Now we have a bunch of shape Blair's Well, what's this? Back later, We're gonna go here, just make things selected. Okay? I think this is the button. Oh, no. You know what? That one is on me. That's the background. You go ahead and do it. That goes, we do not need it with the command K. And I'm going to change it to black is fine at transparent on. That's a my bad again. I'm just jumbling around. Okay, So what is that? You know, I just named things What first comes into my head? I don't spend time on it as long as I can recognize what it is. So I'm gonna call this back handle. Right being being Boehm, I'm your changed. Or green. I usually do the things at the bottom of the list by color. Code them at the bottom of the colors. I don't know. It just makes sense to me. You do whatever you want. Obviously, this is the bottom of it, Right? Bottom. You know, maybe do this close. Let's do like a science, right? That's fine. It's different up. I just saved. I always save. So let's go to skill share documents. Skill share. We're going. Todo was saver right here. That's fine. We're gonna call this I called. Sure Position. Way to go. Okay, so we got our bottom. Now, let's just, you know, keep going up and up. Let's see. This is their top. Easy. Keep it easy. Keep it light. Keep the fun. This is the stripe. I call it a strike because it's essentially what it is. You know, You know, in the context of like a flashlight, you wouldn't call it a strike. Her say that does not spell striking. Fix that right, Yellow. I'd like to have, like, smaller assets. Be brighter because you can see them. Another little finicky thing and this is button renamed. Button and bone Bone were making green like green. We're also gonna do in preparation for later on. I'm gonna go ahead and go to my square. I'm gonna make the fill. Whatever. Who cares? I'm gonna turn the stroke off, okay? And I am going to Matt this, And as long as you stay inside the general line of the outline, you'll be fine. Okay? Oh, man, I didn't even mention Sorry, guys. Motion to look how beautiful this is. I can't stress enough how much this helps me. This is anchor pointing. So how annoying is it to come up here and have the gym? I just That's what I just did. I just centered my point. And if I don't, you know, I think go grab that tool or whatever The shortcut. I even know the shortcut because I never use it. Why? And then try and find the center like you just kind of guess like there's probably waste from the exact center. I don't even know what they are because I just press center. I mean, how beautiful is that? Right. That's one of many, many reasons to have emotion too. So I'm sorry. I'm going a little bit fast to some of you guys. I was just centering it. All right, We're gonna rename this. We're gonna call it mask. Boom on masks typically make you know, whatever. Something that's different. So maybe orange. It's bright, but nothing is there. So I can recognize orange means mask, assuming I ever have to make another one. So button Alison that Oh, so what does that mean? What is Alfa Matt mean? Well, I just created a square that's essentially the same size as the handle, right? And so what that's going to do is help us anime anything. So if we want to make this rotate and look like three D, which we do want to do because it's very, very cool looking, it adds a you know, a nice little touch. It's easy. Easy. Is that honestly, now that we're matted, I'm just gonna go ahead and do not want that to be back where it waas. Uh, no. Well, I get that a lot. Yeah, out from that boom. So there we go. That's labeled Saved that up. Save often it's Please save. Often I urge you guys zoom in a little bit. What I'm tapping is this forward arrow key right here next to my Oh, I'm sorry. That's not your okay bracket key. But but but But but but it's easy is that you can also use you know, this little guy. Zoom in on that 400% go. There's, like, little present. It is his last different ways. So the same thing, guys, that's probably boring. But we're gonna have to do it. Create shapes from vector layer. That's fine. Don't listen to that. And what? I'm pressing to select things differently. So if I you know, most people think shift, but that's likes everything. So what I press has come in and on a Mac, I don't know, on a PC, I apologize. I hate BC. Uh, and that just select exactly what I want. I'm going to go ahead and leave those for now so we can figure out what they are. Uh, it looks like they are irrelevant. So go ahead and say, And that worked just fine. Cool. This is the background again. You get rid of that. I'm gonna go ahead and throw this on, and we're fine. This is transparency brother way. Sorry. This news just habits of mind. So what's this called Big Lane. And I'm gonna go ahead and put that out because flames a red This is a little flame rename Little lame. Oh, by the way to I always have a habit of locking things. Like what I've done just is another organization tool. Lots of organizing orange, cause little flames or orange. This is three name autumn. But come on. There you go. And what you know, what the heck? Just do brown locks of brown and Mrs All right, so we're running into kind of a thing here. All right, So I'm gonna do something over here in another plugging called explored shape layers, and I'm going to merge these two. So what I just did is I combined the fill in the outline. Um, and I emerged those together to become bottom log because we don't need those to be different or separate layers. And sometimes you have to do That's OK. And for those who don't have the plug in, I'm gonna go and consume. Most of you don't have that plug in. I will show you how to do that. here soon. Let's see, Cap. I thought it make that yellow caps home. This is top log top, actually. Know what? That won't matter. So okay, obviously that that See that the outline, The outline is separate from the Phil, and that's because we are grouped it. So that's fine. But we don't need that to be. Your diet would be one thing we wouldn't animate separately. Leafs in this scenario. So without having this little merge shapes button, which is also useful, uh, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna go into contents. I'm going to copy this group. I'm gonna go ahead and go into this layer, actually. Know what you just select contents and command V for paste line that up until it matches. Did you delete it? It looks funky right now because they're the group's Aaron. Wrong. The hierarchy of group within contents within top lock can get kind of confusing if you don't understand organizing it. So I apologize. We make that brown again because we know that that is a log. And this is the top cap. Who? All right, we made it. That was the boring stuff. All right. Was making yellow hopefully got through. That apologizes kind of dorking around a little bit of, um, you know, this is just organic. I run through this stuff every day, and so a lot of it isn't natural for me to just be explaining. So apologies for those of you that I went too fast, feel free to rewatch or to just quit watching forever. All right, I'll see in the next one. 4. Timing: we're gonna do a little bit more prep work, and I apologize for that. Um, we're gonna unlock our layers. I'm back in flashlight now. Um, and my prep work stuff is pretty easy, but we want to make sure that it's done. We don't have to prior to animating, but I like Teoh because, you know, it just helps things go smoother, in my opinion. So what do we have here? Have the stripe in the top. I'm gonna go ahead and parent strike to the top. And what does that mean? Well, the stripe is essentially part of the top. I wouldn't really be animating the stripe like throwing it around weird ways. Like if I'm gonna be animating, it's gonna be like a trim path or scaling it, you know, just to So it builds in. But once it's there, it's pretty much there. And I wanted to sort of follow whatever the top does. So now that it's parented, it follows the top. Okay, um, and there we go. That's it's a simple aside. I hope that that makes sense, OK? And I'm gonna go ahead and do the same thing with the bottom in the back handle for now. I mean, this may change later on, but for now, I'm assuming that I'm gonna go ahead and want the bottom to follow around the handle. And you might be thinking, Well, what's the point of parenting it? Like we already separated in different groups. So why would we know? Essentially, almost grouping together. I mean, it's it's almost grouping it. And I would say, because this is going to build in at some point, right? This is going to maybe bounce in or whatever, but we're gonna need that to come in separately than that, just to give a more dynamic movement to the animation on little things like that Help. So just follow along. So oh, the button about the button. I'm gonna go ahead and button to the hand as well, and that's going to be very helpful. Okay, we're gonna jump into the fire. That's a lot less layers. And if it's good, Okay, fire is kind of the same thing. So So you know, the cap bottom. We're gonna want the cap on him to be, you know, stay in line with the bottom log. Right? So if I mean that around. It's gonna stay with it in the top cap. I want to stay that running with the top log blah, blah, blah. Boring stuff. Save up. I'm always saving command s. Hopefully you know that. All right, So what we have now, guys, what do we have? We now have both of our assets in a main layer. We're gonna learn a little bit more about why a main layer is helpful. So So let's guess the timing. How long do I really work these icons to be? Well, just giving it sort of a feel 15 seconds is starting to feel obnoxious now. Right? So maybe five listed three. Honestly. So I'm gonna press in to go ahead and move my little marker here, my little time, ruler. I guess I don't. You know. You know what? That's cold actually really clicked back to Maine. I want to move that out. So now what do we have? We have this for three seconds. Essentially, what that means is this flashlight needs to build in and then transfer into or or began its preparatory animation to jump into, say, the fire all in three seconds time. Um and this is just going to keep it from from being boring. Like too long. Nobody wants to stare at this flashlight thing. Just sitting there for too long just doesn't make any sense. So I'm gonna go ahead and and say that six seconds. The whole video, six seconds to transitions is gonna be plenty. Uh huh. Sorry about that. Yes. So now we have just sort of a general timing of this and that and what we can go ahead and dio I'm not going to do it yet because this timing may adjust. We could get a right click and trim come to work area. And what that would do is now, this is only six seconds, so that's kind of helpful, but except in the case that, you know, the timing might adjust. I guess that were a little bit soon and a little bit all sorts there. So six seconds. I'll just keep my marker here for now. Three seconds. Okay. So what I'll usually do Now, keep in mind this when, when making a looping gif, I'll play that you didn't blue that. Okay, I'll play this and see that wherever you markers, that's gonna loop there. So this is This is a really good tool to understand if you're animation is feeling fluid, especially when it loops. Right. So picture this looping. What is this going to do? This fire is gonna be transitioning back. Ah, into the beginning of this flashlight. So what does that mean? That means at the beginning of this flashlight composition, there will be a building animation of the flashlight. But I don't know what that is yet. I haven't been to the end of this, right? I haven't started to to build out or break apart the fire in transition into the beginning of the flashlight, so it would be foolish for me to animate the beginning of this first. Okay, so I'm going to do the middle first a middle transition first, and that might be kind of confusing, but it really, really is helpful, because this is not tied to anything. This is only tied to itself. So this transition from this flashlight into this fire right in the middle here is on Lee tied to itself. This never has to go back, right? This doesn't have to go backwards here, so that means wherever you know this just has to start where this is what that means. It has to start exactly how this flashlight lies. So how are we keep everything fluid? Well, this flashlight has to stay the same in between. It's two animations. So it has an animation here transferring into the fire and has an animation here building into itself that has to stay consistently itself in between those things and then build into the fire. And it has to k state. The fire has to say consistently itself, right, the fires to state consistently itself here until it builds out again. And then we jump into the building. So that might have been a little bit too long of an explanation. Apologised for that floozy that don't know right here. I cut this bracket off. We could go ahead and zoom in our little mountain icons. We're gonna go ahead and zoom into the time on mm. And I just pressed option in back bracket, and then it always does a little bit of a weird thing. So then I distributed to right where it goes. So now what? We have in no animation, but we do have the timing and That's how I go about, um, parenting a little bit. And, you know, the beginnings of timing my video. All right, I'll see you guys in the next two wars. 5. Paper: I typically will start on paper. Um, and that's true throughout. So whether you're designing your own icons, which is not in this class, there's plenty of places you can learn start on paper or you're designing. Maybe, you know, just your transitions or your general ideas of how can you know certain elements. You know, what are just some basic ideas of how certain elements could, you know, go into other elements on things like that. So after you've taken a look at your file and you understand the kind of different shapes, you have different layers. An illustrator jump to paper, I kind of figured out I'm gonna show you just sort of a quick layout that I did and then from there will jump in after effects. Take a look. So, as you see, we're gonna be going from the flashlight to the fire, back to the flashlight. So that's two transitions making a looping GIF so that I mean, this is super basic, super rough sketch. Um, you know, nothing complex and nothing has to be solid, but I think it's, um it's really, really helpful to just kind of say, you know, be able to look back and think, Oh, this is how I wanted this to work. And it doesn't always transfer, but it really, really I find it helps just with how long the project takes and, you know, being clear with your ideas than just kind of going from nowhere. Um, again, it doesn't always translate perfectly into after fix, but it's gonna be beautiful having just a quick like, hey, you know, start thinking about these things because it's not as easy or is straightforward. I think a lot of people get or a lot of people make the mistake of not thinking these things through. And that's why you work. Maybe doesn't looks polished or whatever could be many different things. Timing, whatever. But I think planning out Hey, what could look cool, right? Cause, for example, the flash I could just go straight down into it. I mean, these can be very, very basic transitions, but they're not gonna look. It's great, right? They're not gonna have the timing. They're not gonna be, you know, it's fun to watch, and that's the point of the whole thing. Um, so yeah, starting paper. All right, let's roll 6. Animation 1: All right, here we are. Animation time, fun times, Fun time for time for the Rockies. So? So, as I said, we're going to start here in the middle, and the way I have the file set up, we're going to go ahead and keep the layers inside of, uh, you know, their compositions and this could get a little bit tricky, but I think for files really, really big, it's very helpful. Um, the reason it can get tricky is because you have to You have to be careful where your marker is. And by marker, I'm just gonna go ahead. And this is what I mean by marker, this little blue thing we'll call this ruler or like bracket ruler or whatever, but marker, you're gonna have to You have to be very cautious of where that is. Right. So say, Oh, this animation is just about done in three seconds. And now I have to jump into here and be like, Well, where does three seconds start in this composition? Right, So where am I? Add, according to the last 1 may be right here. Maybe it was starting here, just, you know, just based on wherever I left off, and this is not very elaborated right now. This isn't very it don't make more sense when we get there. But just in terms of timing, like you're gonna have to line stuff up, you're gonna be smart about where things up, and it's not impossible. But it just sometimes gets a little bit, you know, like, I guess in the morning. But it also the president, it would be it helps keep everything really, really, uh, organized. And, you know, you know where everything is that once you jump out of these and go back to your main, you know everything so and you can watch things. You know, you don't have to be distracted by a bunch different layers in a bunch, different key frames. And you can kind of just study where you're at and figure things out from there. So let's jump in. Sorry. I've been so long. You know, I didn't even realize how long this stuff took before jumping in innovation, and so that's probably a bummer to a lot of guys. I'm sorry. Let's see. I'm gonna go ahead and yeah, we'll just start right here. So remember what I said the previous video. We're gonna go ahead and start on the middle transition. So that means this needs to be again transferring into in one of three seconds. So that's good. Keep that in mind. Needs to begin transferring into the flashlight. So whoever this leaves off, essentially, this needs to be the same frame wherever frame we leave off here. We need to start here in the same friend or something very similar so that it continues its continuity. It it keeps that sense of, you know, this is all one thing, so that can be tricky to what we'll get there when we get there. Where are way? Keep in mind we're not animating this in yet. We're just That's no I wanted. I thought that was locked in a lot of shit out of sorts here. So going back to our paper, you know, you're a little rough draft what we have outlined for this. What did we want this to look like? Well, according to what I see on mine, I'm gonna have it bounce. I'm gonna go ahead and have this thing bouncing to the fire. So how do I have this bounce? What What do we start? Okay, well, we're not it. And I'm gonna guys again. Anchor point. I just put it at the bottom because I want this thing to stretch a little bit. Right? So that's what I did, and I'm gonna go and do the same. Yeah, We're gonna do the same thing with that. And so we're going to start right? A little bit of time to do it. Not that much, because it's boring. You can adjust. Obviously, timing is always adjustable. Don't be too strict on it, you know? You know, work it, rework it. So here we go. Uh, I'm going to start with this. We're start with scale. Scale on this means the proportions will stay the same. So that's right. That looks stupid. I'm gonna go do that. And actually, I am doing the wrong one. I did not want to skills because that's where these parent did. Somebody Goddio the top. But I'm gonna go with position and we'll see how that works. I'm gonna do a long stretch out. Whoa. It might be a little bit much. Whoa, uh, typically, preparing for a bounce is more of a exaggerated movement. That's right. We're more of a drawn out. Who, who and I decided some east to that Guys in one second. Just boom. Right. This is my easing chart right here. Right. That's this. Like, if you don't have this, you waste time in order to use. If those that don't know what easy means. I'll take it off. We'll see. This is very linear. Very linear and boring and stupid. Right? So I'm gonna go and adds an easing, Meaning it's going a little bit slower at the beginning. It's going to speed up and go a little bit slower at the end just to mimic, you know, really life movement. Look at that. Look how much better for who? Yeah, because we parented are stripe right. It's following the movement, which is good. Whoa. Yeah. Okay, so that's not bad. Um, remember, we need this to bounce up, become round, partially round, and then this is following and miss turns kind of into the bottom, or this may be disappears and will have, like, a bottom piece come in. And we might do that over the fire in the button goes this way. That's it. So let's see what we got. We just gotta prep right now. I play my stuff a lot, too. I play it over and over just because, you know, how else can you know if if you're doing a good job back to the back handle now, little tip the back handle, We have things parented, right? So if I go to scale and I scale it down just like I should because why would I not scale that down is over here. Now we have overlapping, so I'm gonna need to scale this accordingly. If I scale this because of the things that air parented, it's looking funky, man. So I don't want to scale it. And also, scaling doesn't always give you the best. Look, look, things air. Now the line waiting is off because it's squishing it weird, and I don't want that either. So I'm gonna go ahead and go to contents grip and path. Gonna animate the path. I'm gonna go ahead, impress you to bring up the key friends in the top so that I can match my path animation with my positioning animation of the top. So here we go. Boom, boom, boom. A little bit too far. Just line that, you know, it's not too important. And then I'll go back over both of them, and I'll give him the same using guys in order to ease. You gotta go like shift F nine, and then you gotta jump into this and then you got it. And it's these little guys, like, see where I'm at right now. If I wanted to address that easing, I'm not even pro at doing custom. Might have to go like that, you know? And that's it makes it all weird. Make sure you're in edit speed graph. Yeah, otherwise it won't work. I mean, I could just suggested like this, So if you don't have the plug in again, you can make it whatever. But like, just look out. In a way, this is what a terrible like I want to see after fakes, dude, without plug ins. That's why plug ins that made people are smart, you know? And I make smart tools to help people that's dispense all that there is. Okay, so now that I see it, I'm thinking it's not enough. So I'm gonna go one more and then I'm gonna go one more because You know there's gonna be a bounce. I don't want to know. Little bunny hop. I'm trying Bounce up who? Whoa, whoa! Yeah, that looks good. Um, remember, Here's our end. This is it. That's all we have. We go past this, it will not be seen. That's three seconds, friends. This is three seconds. So if we go past this, it's not. It's it becomes irrelevant cause go back out. Where? Look, we're out. Both. So go back in and keep that in mind. That's very important to keep in mind while intimating Say that. OK, so here we are. What we gonna do? What? We're gonna jump up now, right and quick on a C 12 I'll do 2 to 3 key friends. That's it for jumps. And, you know, looking at this, we might have got a little bit eager. Maybe what? The Scoot everything back so we can have a little bit more of a timing, you know? Let's let's let's get where we were for now. 12 Let's try to Let's let's do it fast. Very gradual in and just a quick what? What? That's how it Yes, it is. I don't worry about it, and I'm gonna be doing this one. Maybe I'll go three for the handle, and I'll do the path animation sort of back to where it was and what needs to be longer. And it needs to be a little bit thinner. And I'll do it a position at this point to, um, you know, put there. No, jump that out. Um, I'm gonna re center that because that's not going to affect it in a negative way, because I want I want to rotate this a little bit and I don't want to rotate it from the bottom. Is that's gonna look funny. I want to rotate it from the center as it's going up just to get a little bit of a what? See that? I mean, starting to take shape. It's nothing beautifully at what? Well, well, it might be a little bit jagged, you know. You might want what? Okay, We have something you made initially said we're gonna need to go. Go To say sometimes I Really You see that? The head, uh, that's OK for now. Fix that later. As you mount to a lot, you know, different views. That's not looking too bad. Let's stretch these a little bit more key thing. That might be a little bit better, right? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, man, this stuff. STDs. Like I said, if we were doing five transitions. Yeah, right. Get out of town. Am I right? I mean, come on. Okay, Zoom back in. We're going to deal with this guy. Now, that's something funny is going on with that. Uh, I'll tell you what it is. That mask. I need it. I need a parent, the mask to the back handle. And then we're gonna be good. What? Okay, so I'm gonna put the button down because it looks funky. When it gets chipped, or when it gets cut off, something is gonna go ahead, do some sort of the same kind of a thing. And then as it goes out, it's over. It's don't see you later, Button. Forget you. Now you have a little bit of a curve here, and you don't want a curve. You want that to be straight, Otherwise it's looks terrible. So you're going to make that straight? Going to make that straight? They were gonna clear it out a little bit. Nothing crazy so just to see you later, you know, that doesn't look great, but I don't think that people are your folks. And again, I'm gonna make it all the same. Easing this is important so that things line up even though sometimes they don't. But it's just, you know, it's a good way to keep it. That might be a little bit asked. It's maybe no. And you know, I'll be, you know, here to just generally generally you want much faster than its descent or its crowd. She wanted to jump much faster. What? Whoa! Okay, so this is being a little bit weird. Maybe if I just it's a little bit, you know, Mike, cooperate a little bit better, but what? Okay, we got it was curved. Sorry, guys. You know, this is problem solving. Like I said, I'm not gonna pretend like I did everything right every time. And that's just foolish. You know, things happen when you just gotta be able to figure it out. That's why I said, there's you know, there's no magic secret codes like there's there's ways to do things, but and I was a little bit curvy, so we ended up with, like, a problem. Let's see that probably fixed it. Yeah, There you go. Now, it's just consistent. If you didn't notice what I was doing there, that's OK. The top was a little bit off, just timing wise. And I was like, What's going on, man? It should be the same because the easing is the same and the key friends are lined up. Meaning it should have the same timing, but a little bit. You know, I went into the path animation of this top layer, and there was some weird stuff going on, so I just corrected that Bought about a puma. Batta. That's not nothing. All right, so that button still a little bit fast, but people aren't gonna pay attention, Teoh. I'll maybe make it a little bit longer. Whoa, whoa. That might be slow now. Whoa. OK, here we go. We're really very, really getting into it now, huh? Yep. Yeah. Okay. I'm just gonna go ahead and do kind of Ah, cool little thing if you know what, I'm gonna go ahead. Rotate the back handle is like I said, I wanted this. Then I got you to see all key friends on that layer. Just press you and rotated are sorry. Keeping shortcuts you for rotate when it goes up. I wanted to give it a little bit of Ah, small little, you know. Yeah. Yeah, that might be a little bit. Maybe if I started a little bit later. It ended a little bit, you know? Later. Whoa. Okay, that felt weird. It might be a little bit harder shepherd of a Tween or ease my bed. Okay, we'll come back to that. Doesn't look great, but that's fine. Yeah, that might be to you. See, this guy's this stuff. Just got a get in and tweak it. That's just what it is. It's the name of the game. I'm really not enjoying that right now. I'm finicky. I am. You know, I care a lot, and I just, you know, read it. Really? Do it. Do it. Being is, um where are we at now? Let's see. This guy now needs to cruise along. So it's all about where we want to transfer. What would be easiest? Maybe if we you know. So what does that mean? Well, this has to go up and down, but you can't just go up and down because I look stupid. Right? So I'm gonna go down again, and we're going to see how stupid public's. Here's a curved, by the way. I'm gonna straighten that out because we don't want that. You could. That's not that doesn't look good. I mean that, right? I hope that, you know that that does not look good. Oh, no. Oh, no. Yeah. So we're not gonna do that. You jump it up, and then we're gonna float it another longer. One of a little bit. I'm gonna do, like, six taps. Okay, maybe more like 12 taps or something. Whoa. And then I'm gonna go ahead and throw this off of easy way. All right? See that? And then a little bit. Okay, let's see what we do. Let's just take it out. We're going. What we're going to do now is we're gonna transfer there. It seemed like a good place to transfer, so Whoa, whoa. So when we jump into our fire, it's going essentially be. The flame is a circle coming down. It's going to start its descent back to him. Well, what? Okay, I might even do like I might even get funky with it. Right? So what's trump into path like it's all about making it. You know exactly how you like it. I'm just gonna do what I like. Because that's the name of the game. This is the path of now intimating the top path because I want to feel a little bit squishier and understand. Uh, hey, Reese. I mean, flashlights are plastic or metal, and they don't squish into that. I say forget you do. I could squish anything you want, my brother, because it's gonna give it a little bit of a do. A little bit of it. That's a little bit exaggerated. Get one more in. Yeah, Does so much good. A little bit more subtle. Okay. You okay? And when she jumps up, I have to now make this a circle, right? So that's not always easy, so I'm just animating the path, right? I'm gonna try and make this as square as I can, and I'll explain to you why afterward. So that looks pretty good. And that looks pretty good. And I might even do a little bit of a custom Sort of. Ah, stretch. What? What? What? Okay. Let's spring that in inside these obnoxious Let's bring that in. Whoa. San effects and fix. Okay, area that used. Let's see, I look see how cool that's starting to look. I mean, doesn't work to do, but all right, it goes up stretches Now. The thing with path animating is it's more a little bit more traditional. So I mean by here, I definitely don't want it to be. I wanted to. That squished up to its regular self again. You know, that's that's a really quick only a couple of frames. Would it be stretched or else you're not doing right. Nazi. That's too long. That's too long. Maybe do I do? I'll have it like three frames. It still might be too long. Maybe one friend, you know? And that might be too much. Maybe we don't even need that, you know? But it's all experimenting. I'm not even following the exact, you know. I don't know what my other one looks like. That forget. But that's okay. All right, So now I was gonna actually No, let's deal with this strike. I don't even want this here anymore, right. We don't need that. So I'm gonna go ahead and make sure that it goes out by the time that it's up. So what does that mean? Well, uh, by there, I don't want it anymore. So it's gone. What did I just do? I just added a trim path. So if you go to this is on Lee, by the way, do not use a trim path on Phil's trim paths. Forward lines, you know? Generally, I guess there's some people that might do it. Whatever. Go, Teoh, open up your layer strike player ad trim path. And then I wanted to start it, you know, because it's still bending can still be there. And I wanted it to be going by there, and it's gone, you know? And it's a it's a little thing. Maybe it's a little bit fast, but nobody's going to see it. Um, because you have so much action going on here, so it's not gonna matter. Whoa, whoa, whoa. OK, yeah. I love that. Explain. Boom. All right, So what are we gonna do about this square back to our square? This is I'll probably have to break this up into more Sorry, guys. It's probably long we're gonna add around corners. That's the same place you find Trim pack. I'd seen princey find trim, fat round corners. It's right above it streamed past cousin and already you can see that it's rounding now. I don't want it to around you, So I'm gonna go ahead and put that it. Zero. The beauty of round corners is it doesn't Doesn't put like a warp on it, right? It actually rounds it like you were to go in and animate, you know, or or adjust the path. Except it's more exact, which is you know what we want, So whoa, whoa, that might be a little too quick. So right, Maybe it doesn't start to hear but but at the beginning and looked awkward cause you could still tell where it was going. If you can see things that maybe that's too quick too. If you conceal where things are going wrong up See that beauty guys beautiful. You know, it's still square. Then when it hits the top back to its original shape, we got a circle. I'm not out as much as I can. That looks like that's as much as you could go because of its Got some path here, which is fine. It doesn't look bad. Whoa. All right, so now we've gotten rid of a stripe. We bounced up, and we're getting ready. Oh, that's whoops. I write that. I intimated both. Like a moron. Let's go back in. It's jumped at zero. Because we don't want that 24. They also don't love that. Ah, whom I'm not been stoked to see. This is when this stuff gets fun. But you gotta like it. And I mean, this is long and it took a lot of preparation to get you, Probably more so than anyone would have expected. All right. That's like, Why are we doing that? Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna delay this a little bit. Now, bear with me here. I don't like how it overlaps. So what if I Okay, I guess maybe the button needs to be delayed as well. That's not the one. It's okay. Maybe just to start to friends. Three frames. That's right through too weird. So I'm gonna go back to two frames for years. That's that's better. It's a little bit the rotation. Is it kind of making me Maddy? Not really. But it doesn't look great. It has no bounce, right? It just It feels linear. And that's always a bad thing. We're not always, but in most scenarios. Whoa! Okay, that button is too long to there you go. Yeah, I second better. That's better. OK, you'll save often save often. Hope you guys know that. OK, so we're going to go and do the same thing. The rotation is still a little bit weird, but we're gonna figure that out as we go, we're gonna deal with this bottom. What do we want this bottom to do? Well, I probably wanted to go away on asleep because I was going to say we could transition that into the bottom of the We could transition this transition this into the bottom one of these caps, this cap in particular. But what that would do is is mess with our three D. Uh, and what I mean by three D is like our fake three D effect that we're gonna go ahead and be doing later on, because this is to de this isn't like a you know, three D. This is just a strike, right? Essentially. So to trance. You know, if I stretch this out and all sudden o dude. Cool. Like, obviously that didn't work. Oh, I got the three. D. It doesn't It won't work very well, because there's no illusion of three D. It's already there, you know, kind of just ruin things. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and pass that thing out of there. Or maybe I'll do like a stretch. And so this is where things can get weird if you want it. You know? Well, maybe I'll path that counts. Belts. Oh, it's gonna be weird on us. It's gonna get weird. Okay. So definitely trim path in it. You know, I was just how I had a bunch of different ideas in my head all at once for, like, what this thing could do. But none of them ended up working after its thinking it through. So I'm just trim passing it out, similar to what we did to the stripe on the top of the flashlight. Whoa, That's a little bit jagged. A little bit weird. Right? So maybe maybe I'll leave it up as it goes up. Maybe I'll move it up. It's so it doesn't look so stupid. Look, I don't like counts, John, get the end here. Get draws attention when it doesn't need to. Got to move it up with its body, and then it's just gonna draw away. That's gonna be great. It looks really, really bad. They're with me guys a little bit of, ah, rotation issue as well. Just trying to wind. Only because I throw in a rotation maybe too eagerly. Just make sure that's lined up to see how that it's probably bad, but the amount always get zoomed out. Look, just because you can get too attached to the close. See, that's not even bad. Look at that. Talk Doesn't talk. Make you happy. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So we're jumping up now. We've done some key framing, right? And if you've been following on, I hope I'm not going too fast. I'm really, really conscious. Are trying to be about how long this is. I mean, this is probably dragging out, but I guess that's kind of the reality of what this work is. Um, go ahead and add a rounded corners to this back handle as well. I'm and I don't want it to be round yet. And so let's see probably by, like, start here. I wanted to be round by, like, the time it gets up and what I mean by round. Well, we're gonna have to come in and adjust this eventually, That see, that's two round. What is it long look like? Maybe that Yeah, that looks good. Whoa, whoa. Now, see you. Look at what we got going on here. A little bit. Jacket E. That's a little bit bad. So I'm gonna go start one friend a little bit longer, rand out. Whoa, whoa. OK, and we haven't done that after animation, So this is a little bit It looks a little bit like jagged E, I guess. But that's okay. See, things come one step at a time. I really don't like how this bottom turned out, so I'm going to stop doing that. We're gonna take this off, and now we're back to where we were, where we should be. That was it, right. Sorry that I thought that that was a pack innovation. It wasn't intake trim path off. I'm going to go as far as to unparalled ticks. I don't want to follow that anymore And forget all these key frames its key frames A relevant I don't need a path key frame. I don't need a trip path. I don't need a position key frame either. I don't want that restarting and going to scale now or I could do path, I suppose. But I'm gonna go ahead with ST Scale from now. Now that Owen parented it doesn't follow anymore. It wasn't working, so I stopped that because it looked bad. So I'm not gonna do that anymore. And I'm gonna get a zero that looks bad to I don't like how it it makes the longer we wait a little bit weird. So that's I mean, this stuffs preference. Guys, you can go ahead and do how you like. If you like how it looks, do it. But it looks bad. And I'll tell you that right now, through ago, we're gonna go path his path, just it's custom Path is gonna get it to where it's about a year and then we're just gonna get rid of it. We're gonna cut the bracket because that's a seamless way to do. And it might seem Jaggi, look at that as already a little bit better. Yeah, we're getting rid of a little bit of a Yeah. Whoa, maybe longer just to give it, like another, like, similar dynamic. And then, by the time it's year, like, what was Cut it this option back bracket, that thing, You cut that out, and now it's gone. Um, maybe started later, actually. See if it makes you look better. Not worse. That's a little bit, Jaggi. So I'm not gonna do that. Go here. What? Well, if you're focusing on it, it probably looks funny because it kind of goes like from something to nothing pretty suddenly. But that's honestly, that's usually okay. Well, not usually it's in certain scenarios. That's okay. We might revisit that if it ends up being a problem. But for now, I think it's fine because I don't care. Honestly, they're gonna be focusing on this because that's what's cool. So forget that I don't want, you know, I don't need a waste a lot of time on that boom. We're bouncing now. We look good looking good. I'm not even I'm just gonna go ahead back here, Teoh, Where your friend There's the top. You. Where's my path? So this this is a little bit of, ah, stretched out. It's gonna go and stretch it more. It looks so cool. Whoa! Yeah. Okay. Okay. So where were yet? Well, now what are we looking at here? This is much longer, first of all, so we're gonna have to transition this into, like, the long law executive. All I'm missing a cap here. Third of all, I have a circle for a flame. Um, right. And the circle was a much easier transition into a flame. Say that A squares. So we're doing okay there on that end. That's a little bit joining. Think you start that earlier? No, not that. Whips. It's around corners. Is finding around corners on her handle. Let's start that sooner because I don't like how. Yeah, what? Good. Okay, a little bit of up. A little bit of up a little bit of up, and I'm going to end it there, and I'll probably do three parter because this is long and nobody wants to watch 100 minutes seeing the next 7. Animation 2: way are back again on we are getting ready to transition. Um, let's see. Cool. So I'm gonna jump in the fire. I'm just gonna kind of study what we have, so we need a cap to come in. Uh, we need our log to be a little bit longer. Um, we can We could do something with the circle. Let's see. So let's study the log for a second. Let's work on the log. Where's their path? That right here? You go ahead. I'm gonna drag this out. Going to make it longer. It's okay. Lets see. And I'm just, you know, going up and down up in there doesn't have to be perfect. That might be a little bit long. Yeah, it's probably a little bit long. That might make it look funny, Teoh, because comes up, But okay. All right. Going. Okay. That doesn't look great. If it what's not so cool. Let's move on. We just kind of have to move on. I'm spending too much time, but I want to help you guys, you know, get better. Get, you know, understand why my stuff looks like it does. Okay, that's good. A rotation That's a really take that a little bit more. Whoa! Yeah, that's not good zone. Okay, We'll keep like that for now. What we've got we're gonna do now is going to make a circle. I'm just follow along. Bear with me here. The fill should be the same color stroke should be the same color. So not as each other as I can't. That's not the same color. That's not the same width. But I don't have the code for now. So that's all right. Many seven. Probably looks scary. It's probably a bit big. We're learning that we're We're basically making a cap. Let's jump to Maine and let's see what co witnesses. One F one at 21 should have had that. But hey, this is how this goes. I want one too. Now we're rolling. Yeah. So it's already starting to look a little bit better jobs, even though I have not. Don't anything yet. I m so I'm gonna put this below are back handle. I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate or back. Handle. Put one below that. Remain this cap. I'm gonna change that. Maybe, uh, no. Brown again. I'm gonna have this back handle now. changed to gorge because this is a mask now. But I'm gonna al from that that back, um glide and then not work. And it's because so get out of there. Okay, Calm. And that didn't work, cause this has no Phil. Um, and that's a bummer, but, uh, you can't throw a fill on it. You don't just get confused. So not gonna have that be the mask. I'm just going to make my own Basque just falling. You don't need a stroke. Make sure it's a fill and just kind of follow the decision or does not have to be exact. As long as it's within outline of the, um, handle below. It's for and same thing. Let's call this cap mask, make it orange and alphabet and got a cap mask ago. It's working right? That looks really bad right there. But go ahead and parable for these two back handle, and I don't need them until about right. You're probably here, So I'm gonna back bracket or forward bracket. Yeah, and it's starting to take shape. I probably don't need to even one more One more. Okay. Are button got messed up somehow? I don't know. how that happened, right, Kendall? Uh, certain the masks and wacky happen. Okay. Listens to animate in because he just showed up. It's gonna local, stupid and don't. So how that kind of we can do like a whole thing. Oh, that is not good. I fix that mask. Does not look good, unfortunately, so it's going to fix that mask. It's just kind of how this goes. See, I actually know what we might have a path and made this mask just while it's the handle, uh, is changing around corners. I mean, let's see. Yeah, that's fine. No, that she That's okay. Uh, looks awkward. So core Maybe if I log now, let's go to you. It's good to path. Maybe if it acted more three big me. This is gonna be showing that way. Besides, should probably not be this long, right? It can be stopped. Maybe that half should be Oh, gonna go do a little bit more. It's save it open. We'll see. Oh, that looks cool. Okay, cool. Alright, guys. So here we are. I'm back out in Maine now. You know, I promise we're getting there. Um, this is sort of dragging on what I might have to do is, um here we are, guys, uh, I'm in flashlight right now. Let's just go ahead and play, or we have Oh, cool. That's, um, three D going on. Um, yes, we're getting there. Um, we are getting there. I think what I might have to do is maybe reduce the transitions and only show you guys one , um, is because this is taking so much longer than you know. I would have hoped. That's life. Um, project is still to transition. So you guys, I guess you're just gonna have to go and figure the rest of it out. But let's finish this up in suit rap. Okay, So I've decided that I think you'd be smartest to transition to the fire once we hit. Right. So we're gonna go up Whoa. And then we're gonna go down and right when we hit, we're going to go to the fire. So make sure we can always zoom out and make sure we're at three seconds still, right? Keep our little ruler our little workspace measurement at three seconds. Just so we know when we're gonna cut off when we get here. Right? So We got some time. You got some time. Okay, So what's next? Well, this is going up, and this is doing some cool three D stuff. And I like that, um it needs to fall, and this needs to also fall the fire. I mean, yeah, and then turn into fire. So how we gonna do that? So I'm gonna go back to flashlight, gonna zoom in, and I am gonna start doing it to it. Do it to it. So what I'm gonna do? What the, uh let's go up to the top. It's funder top. You are. We're actually gonna dio It's a little, like trick gonna tricks and people here. So Karen noticed that you can't get a full circle with rounded edges. That's because our squares and perfect. And it has points where, um uh, points kind of in the middle. And that's, you know, messing it up. So I'm going to trick us. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to lock everything. I'm gonna grab circle, gonna make the outline. Same color. No, Phil, I am going to draw a circle that that is a square. I'm gonna draw a circle around the general size. That looks a little bit big, but that's okay. I'm gonna center it guys again. If you don't have this, you have to go grab your anchor tool and figure that out. That is terrible. So, Quincy, I'm gonna shrink it up a little bit. I'm gonna go more, and I'm gonna cut off. Go to the top, and I'm gonna bracket that off command back bracket. I'm gonna press you to find the key frames. Where's our position? Keep friends right here. So I want that same position, key frame on this guy, Bo. And then I want to line it up here. It's gonna be going up a little bit. Right on, then. Have a little bit of it using to that. Let's see what we're Whoa, whoa, cats a little bit. Maybe what we can do is we can use it in a little bit more. Uh huh. Maybe even a little bit more, etc. Good back steps are guys, like I said, just tweaking. I mean, there's just in its salmon tweaking what I'm gonna do, and this is gonna We were gonna have to do this later anyways and zoom into this circle Super zoom. I'm gonna go grab add anchor point I'm gonna get It's close to this one as I can. I did not work, so I'm gonna go right here at sea. That did not work either. Somebody go back over here and zoom in even further Zuman, even through, OK? Going to get close as I can. There. That should do. Fine. It's close. Sick in both. Okay, zoom out and grab that other one. And what we're gonna do, Grab this room risking shift, pounded a little bit. This way isn't so much different. Whoa, whoa. Okay, maybe a little bit more. Here, Get up a little bit. I don't know if that's hoping. All right, let's see how that goes. I mean, it's not terrible. It's not great. It's a little bit obvious, I think. But again, this stuff is so easy to get caught up in. I'm pretty sure nobody would see that. Uh, boom, Yeah, it's almost too fast, even tell. But if I see it's good or top, that's good. Radius are rounded corners. And let's just make it round by here. You know, I'm sure you have another little secrets I'm gonna duplicate this. I'm gonna delete it right here. No, I'm gonna delete it right when it gets here. Some command back, Ari. Option back bracket in your option forward bracket. Now I have a separate one. What was the purpose of that? Well, I'm gonna go into path group. Klaus. I'm gonna take these out. I don't want him anymore. That's not going to affect my shape down here. That's gonna affect up here. Oh, look at how beautiful. Now we have something that meshes. Really? Really Well, let's see. Beauty, beauty, beauty. Right. Um, and the reason I didn't want to do it on the original top was because if I would have deleted those, it would have made this essentially a triangle shape because I wouldn't delete it. You know, its whole life, its whole life span, it would have deleted these two points. These two points are here, but I wanted to delete him so that it could round more. Right. Let's pull up. Anyways, I'm always just tweaking, you know? See, here, go back into path and I'm going to put that back up because now that we've adjusted it a little bit Wow. Um, it doesn't necessarily need to be. Not a perfect circle right here. But like I said, this is good for later as well. Skillet down this attack, beauty. All right, let's see. Um, an Yep, Yep. See? I mean, is there so many little steps going on here? There's so many little tweaks going on here. And I would like to say I practiced this before, like, I just jumped in to teach you guys, but that's unrealistic, you know? Like I said, Or at least I've been trying to say this whole time there's no secret mass. There's no secret path. There's no script. I didn't write a script. I'm just walking me through how I would do this if a client gave it to me, right? And said, Make this look good. I'd say, Okay, I can do that. And then I go and do it right, and it's like I'll take all the steps I need. I'll take all the tweaks I need. That's just how it's gonna go, OK, we're going to say I mean this circle, we're gonna throw out a yellow because yellow is right. Okay. Okay. So we got some time. Remember? Three secondmarket. We can always adjust where we're at. But I wanted to make sure we had a little bit of time before we hit that. So let's just do this right now. Let's just do our thing. So we're going up a little bit, then we want to go down a little bit, and then we want to drop. I'll get to friends. That is weird. I'm not sure why that was so jagged. Oops. Don't want me that. I can't say that out. Let's see. Oh, well, well, well. Probably cause we don't need this only right now. Who? Okay, What? I taught you guys about paths. Probably got some curve in here that we don't want. It's on that street as they can. You try and make it that straight as well. It's a little weird. There we go. OK, maybe. Will this have this to used matinees all around you guys? Whoa! OK, you're so resumed in. That isn't enough time. Yeah, that's timings looking good there. Whoa. Okay, let's go. Like I said into the path of what you can do. Guys is internal. This other stuff off that's bothering you, right? Or well, we'll mess up your mask, Turn your masks off and just quick solo. And you can solo What? This button right here? Well, solo the layer. Just in case you wanted to focus in or whatever, which is sometimes helpful. I don't often do that, but some people might enjoy doing that. Okay, let's go back to our path. We're on a path, this thing. So it's very fast right here, right? And like I said, we have this extra top extra middle points, so that's gonna give us a clean stretch. This is how I do it. I customized this stretching because I think that's the cleanest look. It's not always the cleanest way to do it. It's probably better ways I know. Especially working with Fills. There's better ways to do this, but I don't care. I'm doing how I do it. Right? Name of the game, friends. Oh, okay. It's on. So that saved that up. What you could do is you could send it out to lean it out a little bit. I actually know what that's gonna be tough because you forget that. Who and then what I'm gonna do, who is going to go back to three seconds which is right. Cute. Just about got arrested for me. We're gonna go check out. I'm gonna go compare. So if I just do this a little bit, I could see where we're at. It looks like if you can see that this is our circle now, okay? And this is where it needs to end up. So I'm gonna go down a little bit further and drop it down a little bit further. My positioning you for all your key frames. I'm just going to tap it and we'll see how that looks. Beauty. Beauty. All right, guys, starting to take shape, right? Where needs to be? Oh, you down. Save that up. Okay. And now it's two carat logger friend. The log here backhand is log you. 12345678 19 to irritate that thing all along, huh? By the time it goes to the ground, I wanted to Teoh hit over there, and then we should get out. This is not going to look great. - Okay ? Lets it loosen the ease on down a little bit. I think the rotations acting funny this whole time had trouble with this rotation. Oh, that's weird. Okay, let's take these off that Okay? I think this is to all just isn't working. It's not reading as well on the log. So that's already better take to ease off that as well. So I don't think it's something else. This is groups. Let's check. Well, right can revisit. We will revisit. Oh, okay. We're way off. That's good, because it wasn't looking good. So I'm gonna get back up. I just way overshot that thing. And that happens. That's fine. This does not need to be so low. And it doesn't need to be so rotated. Although I do want it to land like this way are straight. Let's see. Do you need the back to line up close? Still a little bit heavy, but that's gonna clean it so far. Ah, there might be problems with this, So I guys have a little bit of since there. Really? Okay. Yeah, that's looking not too bad. See? Whoa. I think maybe the rotation doesn't even need to be right here. I don't think there needs to be stopped right there. Maybe the path doesn't need to stop there either way out here, and then we can throw on something use on that seal that looks bad. Does no good to take it off position for now we go. Looks better like that just to recon. You know, you guys get the general idea, but it's like timing's important. So that's what I'm tweaking. Very notice, Um, telling stuff, Really not happy about the rotation of it. I don't think it looks scared at all. I don't like that at all. Sometimes the easing doesn't help particularly, Yeah, I mean, a rotated back to circling. And just the timing will be more in line with what we just did. Don't listen. It's be that dragged out. We're gonna do this. I don't I think that, you know, just freaking. Okay, Now, I was wrong again. Wrong again, my friend there? Yeah. - You do a little bit of path here in this. Well, she's falling, but But but But bottom about probably to do that with the mask. Do you see passing? She's looking a little bit dragged. She That mask looks terrible right now. That's unfortunate. And back very long. Jump in there and do your cap. I'll just stretch it. You know it. Be smarter to go in and add some more paths. But this is so quick that it's not as important you're gonna definitely want. I'm just copying command. See, community on those guys. Sorry. Like I said, habits probably stopped watching by now. And I would understand this is becoming tedious. Yeah. So it's really coming together now. Okay. I actually know what I don't. I believe I need this law to be straight. I think that I'm getting ahead of myself. I think I need to line it up as best I can. So I'm going to do that. I apologize again, guys. Tweet, tweet two tweet, tweet. Flotation. Soon I didn't for see that this is too sad rate and they still have. Yeah, I like that better. A little bit up, maybe a little bit longer. So are long is a little off. That's okay. That was expected. So but this is a little bit up, a little bit more up and then pass. I'm going to go back into where animated my path. That might just even copy and paste to this one. Now, we're doing a little bit funky over here, so I'm gonna go back and do that No reason it would be so diagnosed. That's likely. But it's so fast. It's probably okay. Yeah, okay. It's not perfect. This could take hours. You know, I want this to be really good, so you guys can make something really good, but justice becoming unrealistic, the more and more weight we move on, So positions a little off again. I'm gonna go up and I'm gonna rotate up. Chad. Important that we get that pretty close. I'll take that. Okay, We're just about ready. Just jump into the fire. The problem now that we ran into is that this log needs to become in. But so what we do is going to copy it. Bottom cap bottom. I'm going to copy those layers. I'm gonna go into here and I'm going to paces layers and just pressing Command C Command V and we have those layers from the throw. Then becoming my back cap needs to be on top. Obviously, it needs to kind of come in. Well, this one's coming down. Somebody cut these out. And obviously now we're running into Phil problems. We will deal with that as it comes. That's time, cause I'm upset. I'm signing because I know that people don't want to watch this at this point. That doesn't look great, but it's because you know it will. Don't worry. 8. Animation 3 : - So let's do it. Log. Sorry, guys. Do our long we got risking Take it in. Um, it's kind of gonna kind of jump in. That's fine, because it's gonna be a second sort of a thing. Instead, instead of the main thing, they're gonna be watching this. We're going to watch the fire, and that's what we want. So let's see. Position being out. Oh, we're here. Be kind to see. It's kind of masked by that. I'm going to current. It's proven really quickly. I'm gonna put using on that. Well, well, see, that's pretty cool. What I'm gonna do with this guy is going to path it. Put the anchor point in the back up there, and I'm going to path it while I rotated. So I see. That's right to here. It's rotating. Lying up. What? It would look like Probably something like that. I suppose that What? Okay. Is that same amount of the knees? Consistent blood Keep the light. Obviously, that isn't lined up, so we're gonna need to line it up. So let's and go those layers out. Let's do this. So Teoh contents later outlines Greek path path, and then we're gonna don't forget our other one. So I bought a logger group path and path. And then we really clicked you for key frames. Here we go. I want this to be what ends up way. Want to adjust? So I'm just gonna kind do to get my way through this Real dirty your grass? Nothing crazy. Hugest, unsure. Get something that lines up a little bit. Such big good. Thank you for going, you know, do this all the way. It's kind of a lot of this girl's at least for me, because I don't I'm really afraid to get my hands too. A little bit. This is this is funky too. I hear a little bit more because kind of an arc that we're not paying attention to. Whoa! Uh, no mass. See? There's that. Okay, Go back to path. It makes you look scared. Line the dope. Yeah, you rotations off a bit too. So, Jerry, sort of not the best that we can grab your things. Finder up under, up. Rock and roll. Same thing, dude. Europe back this way protections a little bit off more than a guessing game there. So court looking good. Looking good looking good. Terrible. So good Need to I think maybe I messed up. That's all right. So I unpacked it a weird, funky time, and I messed up. So we're gonna do that. This is my welcome to my world. Walk into their four times that I have. You're right. So go. No, we're all a lot of sorts. So for just a just rotation of it, we confined our bearings here a little bit better. I mean, you know, the same person. Probably just scale this. That is the easy way out. But I would think it looks bad, so I don't do that custom. Plus, in custom costed. Not that this looks great right now either I will admit, all know, you know, more time you spend in, the better it looks just That's how the game is playing my friends. So I am trying to bust through this thing a little bit fast here. Oh, you know, it's just kind of out is yes. That's a little bit jagged, but I'm not gonna be angry at it. That's on show this year. Focus. Wow. So So I kind of just comes in. It's not great, but we needed we needed done by that. Basically, by the time that by this thing hits really right here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go unlock my layers. We're gonna go toe all you all Kiefer names you, do you? This is unorthodox and kind of sketchy, but this kind of how it lined up my timing on so like these. No, that's not true. You keep this selected. Drag him out until we had three. Uh, that's a little bit too soon, right? There's when we need it. I'm gonna cut these back because something went wrong. We're fine with that. IHS. Oh, here we go, Teoh. No, no, I want to On two. That's why this commutes get you guys, because there's a lot of moving elements here. All right? This is looking terrible. You don't do that. Als that moving. We'll put these back. You see if that fixed it did. We're gonna try that again. It's if weaken keeping those. Yeah, I was three key frames. Students work to kill the key things. 123123 It's essentially What I need do is 123 123123 Oh, forgetting our our circle of friends. The circle, which should be right here. 123 There we go. Figure it out. Right. I mean, that's not always the smartest thing to do, but we didn't really time it the best. So we're learning how to read time. I didn't really know where we were shooting. The best place was to transfer Everything okay? Looks weird because I didn't want to through people's backs that were being like, right there, you know, I'm not happy with it. So what I'm gonna do is I mean, if pretty calm, I could also know it. But I like cups. Just because it's simpler. It's more organized, in my opinion, was going to say a little log. Well, cut it. So it needs to be seen, which is exactly where I had it. Yeah, they're going Teoh. And from my anchor point in the middle of it, the position I was gonna do, like a cool or at least hopefully more of a cool little thing. Rockets up. It comes out from our very own, adds more She got occur. That could change. We go. It wasn't easy on that. Yeah, That's not bad. I'm gonna We have tell three members, so maybe it's a little bit obvious right now. So what I can do is look through it too. She's falling. Yeah, I'm just gonna keep it like that. Sorry, guys. This is turning out to not be great, like, you know, for you'll get the idea. Okay, so now we're gonna deal with the problem, which is the film that is going to be a bomber. So we need it, though, so we're gonna do it. All right. These air distracting me. Something that just fold compressed. These save. I'm going to figure out where I met. Have amassed great year, and my back knows this needing They fill back in that stretches until about here. And I don't need a stroke. I do need a feel. Grab a still from one F one F at 21 center that we throw that behind the back hand on parent to the candle. And hopefully it will be easy That cut it off right here because we don't need it until there's gonna be causing issues. I'm gonna call this and remember, I would just feel this shape, but you can't. Or at least I don't know how you can. There's probably a way around it. I've tried the fill effect. That doesn't seem to work either. But that's okay. Way having a little bit of back to my handle. I'm gonna drag this out of it. Maybe we're having It's, like, weird time getting to where I want it. I think it's because perhaps using that is too short. Who I just blue that. Okay, in a top. Good position. Using what is this so even lined up anymore? Somehow we got all out of swords. Then I need to make them the same. All right, we're gonna go with that. Whoa. Okay, so now what do we have? Essentially by the last frame, we have a very nice set up for our beginning frame of fire, and we're finally in the fire. I'm going to end it there. All right, we are in the fire now. We really get in there, and I'm only gonna do one, because this is becoming crazy. And I apologize. Uh, at the end of my lesson, I will not have a leaping gift. But at the end of your guys, this project you will. So look at what we got now. Squish. And then we're ready. So he's going straight up. Log needs to do a little bit of a bounce, and I'm gonna hand animate that. Although I don't have to you. But I will. For this one. I'm gonna use maker points. I wanted to become okay. That's not six. Okay, so the top look, irritation needs to be here. Maybe a little bit. You know what? Throw that over there. That's where I want to end up right up. Oh, that's a little bit exaggerated. Oh, good. The facts are a little bit longer than observe fast again. Oh, this was not all the way up again. Active zero. It's just tight knit because that's in a way. Oh, again, A little bit. Last may be negative one Teoh. Then that's probably pretty, right? So timings living off. But like we say, this stuff is adjustable. So let's get back in and make everything less. Didn't look great. Yes, it is a little bit. That's too much. Five. I'm gonna go a little bit less, and that's a little bit less on this. Okay? And then we have just a little bit of what I was trying to say. Like this is gonna add a Thanh to this. Okay, we have a little bit of overlap. Remember that. So let's go back in. And this really going to start to take shape here for you guys. All right? Something messed up. So we're gonna go back into flashlight, and we're gonna check out what we did wrong. Something is wrong since back Handle, this is cat. Best Cap. See what is going on? Looks like is there not lined up? See what we got there that could be over exaggerated? Make it a little bit jarring. Maybe You know what? I'm just gonna dio protection in position. Keep that. Were that's Ah, no, not gonna be. Now, move this back sedates to raking victim of a tweaking. I am a victim. I don't see. That's not even bad, but I don't like it. Um, but that's okay. That's my own weird thing. Uhm, I'm going Teoh, This is still too much for me. So let's say negative five for here. Negative for or negative three for here. And the negative ones. They're here, and it's just gonna be a little bit more subtle disputes, I thought is for the amount it fell. It didn't justify the means, I guess. Didn't just lie. There we go. Okay, so we have a little bit of a change in the in the other log, too. So I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna fix it up. This is just the name of the game, guys. I mean, it doesn't always have to be this complicated, but I think it's complicated. I guess sometimes when I don't necessarily need to not snow. You know, I wouldn't say that's on purpose, but this stuff there's not. There's not a secret code. And so, um, this is just sort of how I've found to do it, But like I said, it's not necessarily fastest. It's not necessarily the best mapped out. Um, I believe I did it a little bit differently last time when I made this video, and I believe I did it a little bit differently. You know, in other projects, I don't always keep them in their composition because it's easier tow line things up that way. You don't have to jump back and forth between comp, so I just want to show you. I often do it this way, especially with large files. So I never got something like that. Click Clarke, Hop Scotch. It's not perfect. I would tweak if I was not teaching you guys. That's just what I do. Let's see if we might be better. Yeah, that's perfect. Okay, so let's deal with our fire. Stay with our fire. It's good back in. Let's have some fun. Yes. You know, if you're still here, appreciate it. Yeah, they're awesome. If you're not, I totally get it. So as not being the funnest thing, that's not even a word. This has not been the most enjoyable. This has not been the fastest thing ever. K. We're gonna go in here. I'm just gonna do this because it's good. Squish. I'm going to go to my convert Vertex tool around it out and make it look circular. Because what we have we had a circle. Am I right? Guys? Come on now. Am I right? Guys? Come on now. Both Boeing but blowing OK, that doesn't have quite the effect we're gonna but we're gonna you know, tweaking time tour tweaked timeto arm. You're very fast. Way faster than that I might even do a little bit of ah, overstretch. So a copy of this friends, that's the original and go a little bit more down, back up, You know, copy and paste back to where we are and still see what our references. That doesn't look great. I think it's because we're on a path. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a little bit of scale innovation. And I know I mentioned that I don't always like skill, because does weird things came to go back? I just anchor pointed to bottom, obviously, because I wanted to jump from the bottoms If I could click. Well, I want that to be where I had up. And then there we go make that fast And you should, you know, the cool little thing I can press excite on my motion and I can get something. Obviously, that's exaggerated. But what I can dio is I could go into overshoot and press maybe four, right? And then we have something that is a little bit more exciting. You can adjust it as you need. And if you don't have that, you're gonna have to custom Lee animate that, just like I tried to show you. It wasn't as good, but it takes tweaking, takes time, and you just save time. If you don't be that, obviously we're gonna go ahead and squish that even more because we have the ability to do that. So I'll just do scale. And I threw it out because I wanted it to be already participating in its motion. Right? And you could be thinking, What is that? Well, if it's here, it starts here. But if it's over there, it already is going. Maybe I'll do a little bit of a cooler path like I'll stretch the path out while it's doing its Quashie thing. Whoa, Give it a little bit more. I think that probably looks good enough for the sake of the video. Do you see what we got going on here? Guys, you know, it's a little bit different than my last one, and you can check that out. It's in the promo video, but I'm starting to dig what we got. I'm pretty happy with what's going on. We ran into a lot of a lot of issues. Sorry about that, but look at what we got now, huh? I'm gonna do the same thing. Uh, and what I could do the first time. Just copy this. Put it under scale, select all of my scaling go there so it stays. What's that? Through it all down, wind it up and make sure stroke is saying thickness. And then on do that. You know, we're a little bit off Mrs Stroke upside, and that's not right. Oh, just see where we're at and this is gonna give us a little bit of that's a little bit exaggerated now, because I don't want to be, like a weird That's a little bit weird. So I'm gonna go back out of this and up, okay? We're just gonna act like this Circle was always there. Well, I could do is yeah. I'm gonna go ahead and change the timing of it a little bit because I don't want it to be exactly the same as it's a brother. Yes, It gives it more awesome getting their guys going flowing. Yeah, this is looking, seeing and good. I could even do. It's exaggerate that a little bit more. You've to bring a boy or key frames. Yeah. I mean, just mess with the time that I like. I really like how that felt. So I'm gonna keep that. Then I'm gonna add a wave warp on. I'm gonna do wave height too. Wait with something like, you know, nine wave direction zero. And that's a little bit, um, wacky. So I'm gonna stretch that out until it feels good. Maybe one. Probably one. And what's that gonna do that's gonna give us fire? My friends? It's really a simple is that I could speed that up to you. Maybe I wanted on 1.4 for five from now. I'm gonna take that third so that that's gonna mode for a city faster. That's a little bit ugly. Second half beauty, I'm going to do 1.6 for it's gonna throw me to to That's not too exaggerated. That's okay. I'm gonna copy that effect. Throw it on the little flame. Little flame doesn't not existing anymore. Sorry. Renamed Actual Little Flame. Always working it around, right? Always messing up. Throw it on a little plan. I'm gonna go toe one. I'm gonna make this speed different. Maybe 0.8. Oh, you don't make that three this wild like I'm more of a wild inner flame. Yeah, I know that's a little bit more extreme than I did in my other one, but that's all right with me. Okay? We're almost done. I'm just going to make, like, a cool little, uh, sort of. Ah, blame me. Effect. Okay, so I'm gonna do command in for Newcomb. I'm gonna say bubbles. We're gonna go ahead and make this 200 by 200 who cares? It does not matter. Were to make this black. 10 seconds is fine. Open it up. Here we go. We got a new com. When am I gonna do with this? Well, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna make a stroke. I'm gonna do yes to a stroke filled bone. Took a bone to double. Stroke is too thick. I think it was around seven. Should be good. I'm gonna center that. Going to say if I must say it out to duplicated throw over here duplicated. Throw in the middle, duplicated through dedicated her book. You get it duplicated. Duplicated. Okay, It's probably good then. I'm just gonna select guys at random, and I'm going to scale them down a little bit just gonna select Grandmother Woods, scale it down a bunch, like, maybe true, smaller. And this feeling manage small Mr Small there. This guy, Miss guy. This guy needs some water. Okay? I'm gonna pro TEM kind of more together. I don't wanna do weird stretching thing. Makes you kind of grab the middle of, um, there's just gonna be a little bit funky. Move them all towards, like a center. Supposed more bottom. I guess it's good. Go. All of them to position. Select position. You know, craziest needs to be pretty fast. Throw up and then go on. Just do kind of a customs. So this 1 may be is a higher This one, maybe is it? Went left and had a little bit of fun on the way up with a curve. This one baby is lower and out, right? And a cruise. This one coming at us is right in sort of a middle area, but it cures. You don't have to. I mean, there's an actual bubble. I get the effect you can do. But this helps. I think, with consistency. I mean, if you throw a bowl effect on everything, everything started. Still Look to say so I'm not afraid. Like I said to get my hands dirty meeting, I will customize my own things. Okay. I'm not here to do work around and make the same crap everyone else made. That's just not what I'm doing, you know? So if this seems like a waste of time, it's flying and waste your time. But I will happen, Lee waste to mine to get the best work I can. And I'm not angry at anybody. I'm just being, you know, being overdramatic just for the moment, for the fun of it. Okay, We got a little bit of a competent here, so I'm gonna go ahead and threw it out. A little bit of this isn't looking great. I mean, really, it's just all about what? What do you think? Looks good. Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop scoops. Here we go. Once again, this guy's annoying me. This guy's this guy. Go out further. This guy go further. This guy Scott here, I don't know. Whatever you could tweak all day long. It's what trying to say guys. Okay, Before I move stuff around gonna t for opacity. Steve rapacity you to line it up go back to t rapacity, which it was already lined up. And you line it up? Yeah. Zero to fade it out. I want to throw some using all of it. I like it. Sharpies. It's far in school. That's actually not bad. And I'll tell you back No wrong t Wrong Mary room. Okay, I'm gonna do it a little bit before. I don't want to line up. Exactly. OK, they've even a little bit. Okay, now go. Api for position on what happened to you guys? I don't know. My other position keys are actually That's weird. It's a chance that they're far away. Somehow they got far with I don't know what happened there. Fix that. So weird. Okay, just make it a random, right? I don't want every bubble. Doesn't do the same distance. Not every bubbles attract runner. Whoa, maybe all you know, throwing random at the beginning. Well, this whatever my help my my meanest takes to make it to you guys and thing is a tweak. Okay, that's a little bit weirdly waited. I mean, what I mean by that is like there's angles and some weird stuff, but for the sake of it. We're gonna keep it. I'm gonna get a project. I'm gonna grab my bubbles. I'm gonna throw it over the top, and I'm gonna shrink those up so big, and they do not need to be a good thing to be small. And I'm not gonna show them because I don't want them to be over my fire. And we're gonna put them up, and I'm gonna start them when they kind of start, you know, throw them back to where we bouncing? You really? Kind of. Okay. Like I said, Not great. Maybe I'll go take that out of it. Is that this kind of funky? You look great either. Tweet, tweet, tweet. You get you get the idea. Guess? And then we're gonna go to Maine. Okay. Uh, that's probably their big. I think they're big. These don't have to be obnoxious, right? Who wear okay? You know, I just got through lease together. I'm going. Teoh pre count both of us. I'm going to call it final, because I'm only doing this transition because this is taking away way, way too long, and I'm gonna trim it before it gets boring. Okay, I'm gonna take it back to you just for a second video. This is unnecessary. In fact, you guys, you have to. But I would suggest you continue on a full, full look. A gift. Right. My Mac battery is going to be Yeah. There we go. Press end to move your marker. This is off course. It would be off. Okay. I fired a little bit while it doesn't have to be that, but you guys will have that. Okay, That needs a lot of work. This little bubbles need a lot of work, but I'm not going to give it the attention. It needs rough and edges, my friends. Final step. Final bell of the ball. See what that did. It already made those look cool. Give me. And this is adjustable as well, so I mean, this is a little bit harsh media will make. This is six. What this is gonna is gonna make it a little bit fun. It's gonna make it a little bit rough. It's gonna help our bubbles. You don't have to put this on everything. Could just put it on your bubbles. You know, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back in my foot moves. You know, they're whining right there saying pay attention to me And I'm saying, Dude, I don't want a man this year boring, uh, repetitive. And then the bubbles they say they say, But, you know, we look terrible on We could look amazing. Say, Well, yes, you know, and they want And I'm hearing and any bubbles and talking like a weird of and because this is getting just starting the capacity on different time just because we have faded away, huh? Yeah, I like six. But if that's a little bit much, you guys can jump to maybe five or whatever. Really? It's It's up to you guys, um, doing a little bit of a funny sitting here, and it's because these are not filled in these long thing I felt then and what we can do is we can go back into fighter. You can lock bubbles, you can create circles, go here to win their old on animating. It's so in half. So you got a full with bad. A simple no stroke. You were gonna go to fiddle, and we're gonna go. Yes, I want to feel and it's already on this. The right color and I just pressed cap like instead of shift shift to make a perfect circle . Mind that up, however you like. It's fine. I always center it, but assuming you guys don't have the script, that's probably annoying. So you don't have to do that. Throw this over under, and there we go while being being one of them. Throw it under cap bottom, move it back over to my friends, See where this has little lines, guys, this is where I was making that kind of a funny It was blending that together. Ruffin edges often has a nice little blend. Teoh and Wala That's solved. Although I got to eager and I'm gonna go back in. I'm gonna parent this to miss Parentless to this. You're now not going to have any issues. Go back in the main, not a little bit, giving a little bit of breathing space. And there we have it. Guys, this does not loop. I apologize. This takes forever. It's a little bit chopping my screen recording. I'm not sure Yeah sometimes just plays a little bit for me. I'm fixing on weird stuff right now, but, hey, I hope you had fun. I'll be learned a little bit about timing a little bit about animation. I'm happy without it turned up in apologize, from which I tweak. I will see you guys in the next one. 9. Conclusion: All right. So here we are, finished up class. You should. Now, if you followed alone, have a looping GIFs of transitioning I fonts. Um and it should be really, really good. I'm depending on you guys to really kill this thing. You know, hopefully learned something, had find it a little bit of dancing, right? This stuff's fun get really good looking forward to I really want to see what you guys made . I really, really want to see, you know, people that follow along and then went off and did their own thing. Yeah, guys, Thanks for thanks to support again. Thanks for following along. Check out Jordan. Ah link. His website also linked my website. If you want to check out any other work Yeah, something like something later.