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Tips to Increase Wedding Planning Productivity

teacher avatar Jackie Kim, NZ-Based Creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Checklist: 12 Months to 8-10 Months


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      Checklist: 6-8 Months to 2-4 Months


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      Checklist: 4 Weeks to 2 Weeks


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      Checklist: 1 Week to 2-3 Days


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      Checklist: 1 Day & Wedding Day


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      Budgeter: Venues & Vendors


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      Budgeter: Attire, Stationery & Gifts


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      Wrap Up


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About This Class

For those of you planning your own wedding (CONGRATULATIONS!) but don’t know where to begin, I will share tips to increase your wedding planning productivity.

As you start planning for your wedding, you will feel the need for a wedding planner. But wedding planners on the market are quite pricey, so why not make one best suited for you? In this class, you will make Checklists and Budgeters and take the first steps into planning for your own (or maybe a friend’s) wedding.

If you are a bride-to-be and want to be on top of your financial game, this class is for you.

Course Materials:

  • A Notebook of your choice (I used my existing journal)
  • Any decorative stationary you want to use

I encourage you to use any tools you already have to put together your DIY planner.

This will help you to stay on top of your budget and make the planning process extra meaningful. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie Kim

NZ-Based Creative

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jackie Kim. I'm a bride to be based in Oakland. You feel it in this class, we will be making our own Dessalines. Wedding plans in our planner will be including things like checklists. Budget is and I'll share my tips based on my experience So you can consider these things while planning for your own wedding. There are alot of beautiful reading plan. It's on the market, but who knows you better than you, and it might be quite overwhelming to plan for your own reading. So in this class I'll be making planner with you side by side. So grab a notebook of your choice and pains you'd like to use and let's hear from planning . 2. Keys: so to start off, I'll just introduce some of the keys that I use when I am making this checklist. So I drew a little square for tasks and when I have finished that particular task, I will fill it in and there is a very little satisfaction that comes from It's a good feeling and if I have just started, but or if I'm halfway through, I will just color it halfway just to say that it's in progress and it will let me know that I have started. But then it will also tell me that I do have to finish it and I draw a little arrow inside the box to say that it's migrated to another time. If I am moving it to another time, I cross out the box to say that it's canceled. This you might see when you plan for something, but then you decide not to do it. You can cancel a little triangle for the schedule. If I make any notes just to a little dash and if there's anything that's urgent, I do a little star. So I see it straight away on the page and with that, let's move on to our wedding checklist 3. Checklist: 12 Months to 8-10 Months: first, we'll start off with the 12 months before the wedding. This is a time when you want to get the big things done and dusters, or you don't have to worry about it later. And the first thing you want to do with your groom to be your partner is to customize your wedding vision. It's so important to be on the same page in terms off sitting, realistic expectations and then, of course, sitting a realistic budget. Having said a realistic budget helps you to refer back to it when planning and ask, Is this the best option for us? And always negotiate with your partner and then moving on to choosing the wear and win? This means the city and the season. Do you want to be married in the summer and outdoor waiting or, in winter? A nice, cozy waiting. You want to know when that's going to take place? That's quite exciting and moving on to drafting a guest list. This is not compulsory, but I like to do this way in advance so you know, and you can picture who will be at your waiting and it helps to plan even the themes for the waiting, too. Next up, choosing the venue Because now you know, having drafted a guest list, you want to know how many people can fit into a particular venue, and it's called venue shopping. So take a look around. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and early on you want to get your photographer and videographer, especially if they are very famous and they have an amazing portfolio. Book them out before they are booked out for your wedding. It's so important to get these things done early, and this is This may seem a little early, but book your flight for your honeymoon and make sure your passports not expired. It gets very stressful when you need to German everything at the last minute, so get the stunt early so you can just check it off your list. I am moving on to the 8 10 months before the wedding, and this is the time when you'll be doing a lot of booking. So first up you want to have actually booked out your photographer and videographer if you are having up to a videographer. I believe photography is so important when it comes to weightings, because that's the thing you're gonna actually look back at and really see that emotion and that, that feeling you want to have that recorded perfectly. And this is the time when you can start looking for and even buying your wedding dress so exciting. Teoh. Just imagine yourself in that wedding dress, and having done that early on is always good. I think all the cake you'd like look for some cake bakers and book out the wedding cake so it can be ready for that day. And having discussed the religious traditions you guys want to incorporate, you will have booked a officiant or a celebrant for your wedding. And you want to do this early on because sometimes they require you to take marriage courses. And so if you choose your person early on, you know that you have plenty of time to take that marriage course. This will also be a great time to make your wedding website, and this will help for when your friends or your guests can relate back to the swift site and gravel. The information there, and it's also the time to seem the save the dates. If you're having you're waiting at a very busy season. You need to let your guests know and way in advance to save their date for your special date. And while at it you want to start going around different places and registering for our guests. This is a good way to get that gift you want in mind. I find this is more helpful, and you can actually let your guests be apart off getting what you like for your future home. If you have any guests coming from way, way, way, way away, you want to book out their hotel. This is optional, though, and at the very end, I always like to add something about the honeymoon book, your honeymoon accommodation. If it's a very busy season for your honeymoon in terms of traveling, you wanna have done this early on as well, so that you can find that place with that amazing view. 4. Checklist: 6-8 Months to 2-4 Months: and moving on. You want to know plan for the 6 to 8 months before the wedding and some of the things here . It's very optional, but at the very top I will start off with choosing the Bridesmaidsdresses. It's customary full your bridesmaids to get there on dress, but I found that it was really nice for me as the bride to be the bride to pay for bridesmaid stresses as a gift. But if you have a gift in mind that you want to give them, that's completely up to you. And you can let your bridesmaids pay for their own dress if you need to. And this is also a good time to rent out or hire a groom's suit, because I like to do things in advanced, and it's important to do so. Renting out means gear for the groomsmen is also a good thing to do in Advanced and its way up top for me in the to do list and booking your Flores for the day. The florist plays such a big role in your wedding. They have so much things to do, they have to doing a bouquet, your bridesmaid's bouquet and the burden is, and you need to have your floors ready so you can talk to them and plan out everything you need for that day. And so get that early on, so you can be friend, your florist, and you can off them anything at any time. Also, this is a good time to start ordering and choosing your winning stationary. I'll mention in a later video and tell you what's included in awaiting stationary. But you want to get this done quite early in advance, so you know whether you want to do some DIY I Why, or making sure you have enough stock if you're ordering something. If you choose to do an outdoor wedding, you want to start booking those outdoor necessities like the lighting, the tables, the dancing stage and everything like that. You won't have that early on so that they can talk to you and draft out that layout. And they may even recommend some things for that venue. If you're deciding to have an indoor waiting, don't worry about this pot, and you can cross it off. No, if you're deciding that you want to get into your wedding in the limo or that Bente Skari you've seen in those magazines. This is a good time to arrange your transportacion. And if you are actually having a wedding at a very far away place from where most people are living, you want to get that bus rented out as well. And one thing to note. When you're signing those contracts, make sure everything that they've promised as on the contract so you won't have any problems later on. Make sure when it's gonna arrive and things like that have that all sorted out in the beginning and just referring back to the officiant, You'll probably now around about this time have booked the marriage course that you need to take, and it will be a time for you to actually take the marriage course between the 6 to 8 months. You don't want to do this at the last minute because you're probably already quite stressed , even though it's such an exciting day, so it's probably a good time to do it in the 6 to 8 months before get. And also you could think about your vows at this time. You can start brainstorming for that as well, and this is not compulsory, but I wrote this one anyway, Um, it's too dropped a day off timeline. So this means to write a timeline like a schedule for how your ceremony and reception will run. And by doing so, it's just a good way to see how things might run on the day. Just picturing yourself at the venue, picturing your guests at the venue and things you might want to add or take away. It's a good thing to do an advance that you can help yourself to plan, and like I do at the end, you want to stop booking your honeymoon advance things like going to theaters or going to museums or wherever you deciding to go book out those events so that you won't have to line up when you're actually there. It saves a lot of time to book those things in advance, and so now I will be moving on to the 4 to 6 months before the wedding, and I don't think I've mentioned this one before, but my venue waas a place where you could have the catering provided by the venue. But if you are bringing an outside catering company in 4 to 6 months. Gap is a good time for you to now confirm with that catering company what menu you'll have for your reception. He could have a buffet or plaited menu, and it's up to you. Depending on the guests you have and moving on. You want to now have booked any musicians or DJ's you'll have for the ceremony or the reception. In terms of musicians, it's good to have a good browse and see what sort of vibe they play. When you booking them. Make sure you ask, How many gigs have they done? Do they know what is a good song? Ask them full good recommendations. And unless you are giving your group of musician friends a chance to former your wedding, make sure you choose a professional music team and a professional deejay that goes with the vibe of your wedding. If for any reason your venue isn't able to let you have the rehearsal at your wedding venue , you will want to know book your rehearsal venue, and you might do, though you might have the rehearsal dinner there, too. It's so important to have a good rehearsal of your wedding so that you know what will be happening. So you want to try to use a venue where you can imagine yourself, and it's also a perfect time for you to now contact that person you have in mind to do the M C. I asked a family member, but they needed a lot of time, and 4 to 6 months is a good time for them to prepare for what they should say, especially for it's their first time. Give them plenty of time to practice and think about what they should say. If you're inviting a professional, EMC also have a good talk with them. Tell them your stories so they will be able to create them atmosphere so that your guests will understand what they're talking about and not just think of them as a stranger that's leading the bidding. And if you decide that you are going to have any favors and little gifts for your wedding, a good time is about this time 4 to 6 months so you can order it if you're ordering it online or even start making things. Favors are generally under $5 per person, so don't feel too burdened about wedding favors and gets and wedding rings. I will not say much about wedding rings. You will choose the best one for you and your room. It's completely up to you guys. If you feel the need, it's a good time to ensure the rings Also, so do that. If you feel the need, you may have started this one before, but around about this time, you will now want to book your hair and makeup person, that artist, that here, makeup stylist and book that time also to have a trial. You may even need one or two trials, depending on how it will turn out, so have them booked out. You don't have to worry about it later. Also, just check how your stationery is going. By this time, you probably have received that package package that you've ordered for the stationary. So if you don't like it, haven't returned and change it as soon as you can. If you are making your stationery, let's hope that it's on its way and speed up if you need to, or slow down if you need to and write those thank you notes. This is a good time frame for you to work So this is why I wrote the check stationary list over here. But it's completely up to you, but always chick how things are going. Refer back to the checklist. I hope it helped you. And with that, we are now on to the 2 to 4 months before the reading. Make any changes if you need to. So 2 to 4 months before the wedding around about this time, you'll start collecting for guests. Details for the R S V P. If you are just sending them an email invitation, it doesn't matter. But if you are sending them a personal postal invitation, this is when you this is why you need to collect their details. So you're going to send your invitation around about this time and things are getting riel you might be. He must be so excited, like I'm so excited just thinking about it, too. And once those are SVP's start to come back, you'll be able to finalize the guest list and finalizing the guest list. You can picture who's coming, and you can even try dropped the seating plan around about this time, you will want to check up on your vendor and see if everything is going according to your plan. I asked him if there has been any changes to the venue or to the menu and make some changes if you need to. Also, you will have your hair makeup trial around this time. Don't be afraid to ask them for specific things you wanting. Show them an example of what you like and have fun. 5. Checklist: 4 Weeks to 2 Weeks: the first category will start off with is the full weeks before your wedding. Now this is this was a surprise to me, but there are a lot more things to cover in the month off the waiting than the year off planning for the wedding. So brace yourself. The very first thing will want to do is get our emerged license. On average, most people do this a week or two weeks in advance. But I like to get the official things done and out of the way, so I don't have to worry about it. Also, this is a time when you will be dropped in your seating plan. Now you know all the guests who are coming, So group the people you want to group and separate people you need to separate so everyone can have the best time at your wedding. And having contacted your vendors before you now know if there have bean any changes that they made, and so you'll need to make these adjustments with your vendors. This is a very important thing to do because you don't want to be surprised on your day off your wedding. And so make sure these changes have been confirmed, and make sure you're all on the same page and full weeks before you're waiting. This is probably when you will get your final fitting done for your wedding dress, you and your bride's mates. And it's probably the ideal time because it's just a month before your wedding, and so your body will be in a similar shape, the most ready shape for your wedding. So that's when you'll get it done. See if you feel comfortable, see if you look beautiful. I know you probably will and contact any last guests that haven't got back to you or if they got back to you with a I'm not sure if I can. I might be busy contact those lost guests, especially if you really need them to be there and onto the two weeks before. So two weeks before this is when you will do the final ratings and vows with your officiant , it is quite an intimate time, just you, your partner and the officiant, and having that practice run through the readings and vows, you'll see how long things are, and you'll want to see how it rings if you want to make some changes. You might want to do that, and it's Ah, it's not the official practice run, but it's a good time for you and your officiant and your partner to see how it goes prior to the final rehearsal. Also, now that you know who will be coming to your wedding, give your final head count to your caterer. Let them know off any dietary requirements your guests might have. Someone might be allergic to something. Someone might be vegetarian or vegan. Let you cater, and no, and have them prepare accordingly to your guests and make sure everything is ready and served perfectly on your day. And I cannot stress this enough. And please bear with me when I say you need to be on the same page with everyone. And so as you finalize your day of timeline, we have we dropped it away before. But this is when you'll be finalizing a day of timeline. And once you do it, once you do this, you want to have that printed out and schedule form, and you're going to want to send that to the bridal party. I've been to weddings where the bridal party or the coordinator was not 100% aware off where things should have bean at a particular time, and there were incidents where people were all quite uncertain about what was supposed to happen. So getting that bridal party onto this wedding planning that you're doing all together is so helpful, and it's the best support you can get from your friends. Get everyone onto the same page, let them help you out, and I'm sure they will be very willing to help you out as well. This last time you're going to send the shot list the must have list to your photographer and videographer. I'm sure you chose them because you love this style and their style is probably amazing. But you might have those few shots that you really want to get, and so have that list of photos. Have those list of photos and send him off to the photographer. Send any length with amazing videos that you like and send it off to the videographer and so that they can edit it in the way you like. And so you'll be happy with the results you get. And this is slightly different from favors. But you want to get any last minute gifts for any bridesmaids or your parents or your groom's parents. Any last minute gifts you want to do at least two weeks before so you won't be rushed into it, looking forward at the last week or a few days before. This is also what time you want to finish shopping for your honeymoon. Now you might be scrolling through those online sites looking at the best sundresses or things like that, things that you need and want for your honeymoon. But it will take some time to get to you, so get their last minute shopping done for your honeymoon around the two weeks mark. 6. Checklist: 1 Week to 2-3 Days: things are getting riel now. This is a time when you are going to go and pick up your wedding dress and just gaze at it and admire it for the week to come and make sure it is in a clean place where no one will touch it. You don't want anything to get on that wedding dress. Have it in a safe place. Once you've picked it up, you could even choose to do this a date or two before. But I'm just doing quite a lot of things in advance. Do any final checkups with your vendors. Make sure everything is running to schedule and it is a little bit of a bottle like it's bothering them a little bit, but they need to be ready for your special day. It is your special day. After all. Just make sure everything's running according to plan. Have their final check with the photographer. Make sure they got that must have list. Same with the videographer, but I didn't write that down, but make sure everyone is onto it and ready, and this is very important. You'll want to delegate tasks to specific people. For example, picking up off to your things. You may be quite uncomfortable with your dress, and you don't want to be picking up everything for yourself. So delegate people to specific tasks, for example, picking off after your things. Or people who will sit at the welcome table. Things like that. People who will be in charge of specific things that will really help for you two. Enjoy your reading, not worry about if I've got everything ready. And if everything is going according to plan, if you're not gonna forget anything, things like that, having people with delegated tasks will relieve so much stress when it comes to your actual wedding day. So get that done, and we have sent the schedule to the bridal party, and now we want to confirm any details with the bridal party. Now that they have known the schedule, they might say, Oh, what if this is a bit of time? All that's a bit of time, or if you have little events that are in between, make sure they are aware off thes small details and make sure they know and make sure everyone's on the same page like ice, to say all the time. Also This is when you want to. Very important. Give you venue minute, manager the schedule for the set up and provide them with the contact details off other vendors that will be coming to the venue. For example, the cake baker. You want to have the cake really at a particular time at a particular place. And maybe if it's not coming in time, the venue manager might call the cake baker up and see how it's going and things like that . Make sure everyone is aware and connected and they don't have to go through you. It's so important that they don't go through you so you can just enjoy the wedding process , not pull the Hosley bust Lee things like that, and the last week you will want to get your packing finished for your honeymoon. Stop packing. If you haven't started packing it, pack for your honeymoon and just relax and just lip down things for the honeymoon and prepare yourself for the wedding. Now it is 2 to 3 days before you're reading. This will be the time you want to confirm the time. The arrival time with the transportation company. If you do decide if you did decide to have a limo or that vintage car or any buses that you have arranged for your wedding, Get that arrival time confirmed. Make sure they know when they need to be there and make sure everything is arranged. And you want to start sorting out any payments. Get this ready before your wedding day and it will help you, I promise. And this is also when you are going to now pick up the rentals for your menswear 2 to 3 days. Make sure you have the person delegated. I'm sure you've done this before, but when you're delegating tasks, make sure you have a person that's going to return the menswear and other rental gear as well. But if you haven't done so, I made a Chiklis just for this. Have a rental returning person. This person will be responsible for returning you gear so you don't have to wear worry about it on your day, and it will be just a burden lifted off your back. So delegate this role to this person and make sure they return it and you'll be OK, and at this stage, you want to probably chick and finalize your seating plan. Now that you've had that final check with your vendors, you now know what will be your prepared and who's going to be eating what make sure they're sitting in the right place. And so this is that final seating plan. This is what that's talking about. You probably have the seating chart ready and the school cuts ready and the menu and things like that already that's succeeding plan that's finalizing the seating plan. That can also mean checking the layout as well. And now that that's all done, you can relax and go get your nails and spa treatment and pamper up before your wedding. You can do this a day before, but I just said 2 to 3 days before so you can have that relaxing time before the one day before you're waiting because we have a lot to do. Even on the day before 7. Checklist: 1 Day & Wedding Day: So on the day before you're willing, you still have some things to do. So the first thing you want to do is drop off your wedding stationary to the site manager. You're winning stationary being the menus, the programs, the escort cards and things like that. If your site manager is able to sit these things up for you, you'll want to do this the day before. So they considered up for you. And if you chose a venue where you have to sit it up yourself, you still want to get that done one day in advanced. Some places may require you to do this in the evening because they have another team having their wedding. But this is when you want to do it just the day before your wedding. Also, while you're there, provide the emergency phone numbers to the I'm site manager so they won't have to call you up. When something comes up, give them someone like your bridal party or your appearance, one of your parents who will be who can be responsible for something that happens just to someone give them a number off someone that is aware off the things that will happen, and you'll probably want to check up on how the cake is going. Give them a cool and see if the cake will arrive on time if it's being made, and it's good to check up on how fresh the cake is. Checking up on them is hustling them a little bit. But you wanted to be ready for you, and you're going to know a team, your hustle and might be rehearsal dinner, too. And so at your Hessel. Enjoy rehearsing with your bridal party and see how things go. Have a good love, and if you feel that you could make some things better, you could do that on your special day and give any gifts, like maybe necklaces or accessories. Any accessories or things like that. You want your bridal party to actually wear on the day. Give it to them if it's necessary at the rehearsal dinner and it is finally the day we have all be waiting for the wedding day. Your wedding day. Well, maybe your friend's wedding day. But this day I will section off into two sections. One will be before during the reading, and one will be after the wedding thes things you may not have considered until you are actually preparing for your wedding. Something's probably too obvious that you might forget, but let's start off with getting you ready for your wedding. You'll get your hair and makeup done. You may go to the stylist or they may come to you, and you will be all pretty and ready to know. Dress up for your wedding, get into your wedding dress and fuel that exhilaration. Also, you will need to remember to gift to the best man the envelope for the efficient. So that's the fee for the officiant. You'll want to pass it on to your baseman. Don't be confused. You're pausing the envelope to your basement to give to the officiant and if you haven't already done so around about this time, so before the ceremony introduced the site manager to your coordinator. If you have a separate coordinator, if you don't have a planner on site or a coordinator, let them know let your site manager and know who to talk to when there is an emergency, or if something comes up because that you don't want to be disturbed during your special day And if you haven't already done so, introduce someone to help with the photographer to point out your important family members like appearance. Or maybe your grand parents and people like that. You want to have those special people included in your photography, and you want to have these people all in your photos, so make sure they know not to miss anything. And it's your moment you walked on that ill and you say I do and you are married. Congratulations. And during your reception, don't forget to greet everyone and enjoy your reading. It's very important that these air your guests that you have invited the people that love you and careful you remember to say thank you and just have so much fun. And now on to after the wedding you will have one. You will have someone collect your wedding certificate. And if you haven't done so, if you don't have that person collect your wedding certificate, you'll need to go and return your rental guests or the menswear or any gear. If it is the rental companies picking up job, then make sure that's all done and nothing is left behind. Finish off any outstanding payments so that you don't have to worry about it later on. Seemed you think, he notes, If you didn't if you decided to send it after the wedding. Some people choose to do this during the wedding while having the reception. But doing this after the wedding will give you a lot of time to write all those thank you notes. If you have promised any vendors that you will write a review, this will be the time to do so after the wedding, right? Some good reviews off the vendors so that other brides can refer to it, and it will be a time off. Patients wait for your photos and videos to come. It will take approximately three months. Some might come earlier, some a little later. But contact your photographers and videographers if they are taking too long and have fun on your honeymoon. And that was the overview and checklist off what will be happening for preparing for your wedding and I wish you all the best, and we do have the budgeting tips coming right up 8. Budgeter: Venues & Vendors: So just before we begin, I would like to share a tip of mine when I make hitters. I like to use wrapping paper when I want to cover certain part. Has you just saw a leaking page or something like that? It's a good cover, and it looks pretty as well. In terms of budgeting, I will section off the gut, budgeting into five different sections, but the first to being the venue and the vendors. But even before that, let's sit off the total budget, the 1st 1 being the ideal budget, something that you would like to spend ideally something low. But as you do some research and you talk to vendors, you may find some things are more expensive than others. So have an estimate budget, and after everything is done, you will be able to know right the actual cost, the actual budget it cost for the whole wedding. And it's good to see the differences so you can tell and help other people plan for the weightings to, and you can always refer back to read and see just full memory reasons. As I mentioned, the very first section will be talking about is the venue budget in category and I'll be introducing the form main venues. The 1st 1 is the ceremony venue. The ceremony venue like the names A's is where you have the wedding ceremony where you walk down the aisle, say I do and you become a bride and groom, husband and wife. The sickened venue is the reception venue. It's the place where you have your meals. Sometimes you can choose to have the ceremony and the reception in one place. But please do note that some reception venues required to pay an extra amount, so make sure you know that before you sign up, the rehearsal venue is applicable for people who will be having their rehearsal somewhere up, then the reception venue. And this might be strange. A photo venue. This is for people who who want to take pre waiting photos at a very popular destination. So some places require you to have paid full. You have to pay that venue to take photos there. But not all places are like that. So you could do some research and see if the place you had in mind needs to be paid, and second section we will be covering the vendors when it comes to vendors, there are quite a lot of things involved. You may only think of, maybe the cater and the kink, Baker. But I will just write down everything that I included into this vendors category. The 1st 1 of course, being the caterer. And this is probably the biggest portion off your budget as it is catering to all your guests. It is all the food involved, and I've written beverages as a separate section because you may choose to have beverages or some people might choose not to have beverages, and there is actually a very large amount that is added to this budget. That's that the cake baker that is paying for the cake. Some wedding cake prices are based on how many people are eating the cake. So have a research, depending on how many guests you will have. Still, you can choose the most ideal wedding cake for you. The florist has so much to do in there so many categories. Under it. It is covering the wedding bouquet, the bride's bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets, which are generally smaller than the brides bright. But you will need probably three or five to painting on how many bridesmaids you have. Also the Boutin ears for your groomsmen. This also is the florists job and what comes under what you will need to pay for the foot. Pay the florist. Also, you might have corsages for your parents or and your groom's parents. Even some relatives as well that will also be included. The centerpiece and the decor. Those things are all included in what you'll be paying the florist. Sometimes the floors can help you with the decor, so negotiate and brainstorm together with your florist. Also, a very important part is the photographer. If you are like me and you really want to have your wedding captured in the most beautiful way, the photographer will be on the higher side. On average, they will charge up to 10-K if they are an amazing photographer. But starting around four K is average. And if you're asking your friend Austin for mates rates, if you decide to have an album, that will be an extra cost. If you decide to have a videographer, they will also charge more. So ask them in advance and negotiate. Never be afraid to negotiate and ask questions. When you decide on your efficient, you may decide to pay them a feet or pay a donation to the church or wherever you're holding your ceremony, and that is up to you. And another important part is the musicians and booking out the musicians. This is also quite a big part, so make sure you have a good negotiation time with your with these musicians or DJs that you will want to be hiring out. Ask them for how many gigs have done and see if they're Vibe is what you are looking for and any rental gear in terms off outdoor weddings or even some sit ups for indoor weddings that you'll need to consider. Never be afraid to ask your friends or your even your neighbours. You'll be surprised to find that there they actually have a lot of things you need for your wedding. So ask around and be friendly, and they will be willing to help you, as you are planning right on the left side. I'm going to section off these two as well, right on the left side. The estimate amount. How much you thought it would be approximately and then after everything's done compared right down the actual amount that was spent. And if you find that this is something you need to review with your vendor or your venue, do so and that's really important. 9. Budgeter: Attire, Stationery & Gifts: and the last three sections we will be talking about in terms of the budget. The 1st 1 of the three will be the attire and anything to do with the garments everything that you will wear, starting from dresses and suits to even the makeup and your rings. So the very first thing you'll want to consider is the wedding dress. This will be a very big portion if you have a very specific brand and dress in mind. But if you are under a budget, don't be afraid to ask around even your friends. This may be a weird thing to do, but they've only won it once. Don't be afraid to ask around, and you'll be quite surprised to see that some dresses look amazing on you and you might even forget. Then it was a warm by someone. And having chosen your wedding dress, you'll want to choose your headpiece and the veil. This you could even ask your winning boutique. If you're getting in a wood reading boutique, ask if they can give you a discount. If you do this together and other things you need to consider while getting address. Arthuis. Extra garments This might be the undergarments and the under necessities. Also, you'll need to get some of those accessories like earrings or necklaces. Necklaces aren't a very big part off the wedding outfit, so you can take that into consideration. We're looking for your accessories. Shoes are quite important to some people, but in most cases they are hidden underneath your dress. So some people were in need shoes. You'll need to consider the groom suit. You can either buy or rent out the grim Sirte and Grooms accessories. You can choose to have bow ties or hankies or anything like that. Those will be under the groom's accessories section and the groom's shoes. I feel like it's an investment investment to buy a decent pair off formal shoes that he can wear any time. And every time he wears them, he can be reminded off the wedding day, and it's a good investment, and renting out the means were that is also quite a big pot. The bride's Ring and Grooms ring. I have sectioned off separately because the prices might be quite different, and the last part think you'll want to think off is hair and makeup. A tip for you. If you want to save a lot of money, you can ask your friends to do your hair and make up for you. If you have that makeup guru framed, you can also try even do your own hand practice doing your own hair, and that can save so much money. And next off, as I promised in the previous few videos, The stationary These are the things included unwitting stationary. So first off, the very first things that you'll be sending off to your guests are the Save the date cards . This is not compulsory, but if you and especially if you're under a budget, you can choose not to have thes and just send invitations. But save the dates are the ones you send off early, like eight months in advance, so that you can just how your guests when your wedding data's so they can save it onto the calendar. Invitations are the most formal things. Our SVP cods come with the invitations, and you will need envelopes with that as well. You also need to create program cards off the ceremony and maybe the reception in the menu and seating and escort cards. Escort cons. of the name tanks and where people are sitting. When I first heard the word escort cars, I was a bit confused. But as the name, it's escorting the people to the rifle list, their seeding kinds. And to think, he notes, that might be something you can even D i y if you'd love to d I y. But you can also choose to just have cod's and anything related to that any postage you might need to consider as well. And finally, the last section is the gift section. Now this. You don't have to feel that this is compulsory, but some people like to do these things. The 1st 1 is the bridesmaid skiffs you can give them accessories or what I did was I gave them the brides maid dresses. And so, before we chose the bridesmaids dresses, I shopped around with my friends and they chose what they wanted. And so that was That was the perfect gift for him. Also, if you decide to have wedding favors, that is also included in gifts. But as I've mentioned the average favors, gifts are under $5 so you don't have to feel any burden if you are under a tight budget, you can choose to DIY I. Why some things, for example, the invitations or it's court kinds of thank you notes. These are some things that you can make for yourself, and it will save you a little bit of money. It may even feel extra personal, so that's good. It's a win win. So just remember, when you are sitting your budget, you talk with your partner and get on the same page. You may have expectations, but your budget might not allow it. So have a good talk with your partner and get onto the same page and get to an agreement so you can both sit that realistic budget together. 10. Wrap Up: and that is it for sitting up the checklists and budget is for your wedding planner. This is just the starting stamps, but having started with the's, you'll be able to get a rough idea about what to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. So I hope you had fun. I hope it helped do and leave any reviews and share your little projects in little snippets , and I hope you have fun planning.