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Time management. 10 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Daily Life Organized

teacher avatar Marina Selezneva, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tip 1. Planning & Setting Priorities


    • 3.

      Tip2. WorkSpace Organization


    • 4.

      Tip 3. Financial Plan


    • 5.

      Tip 4. Content Plan


    • 6.

      Tip 5. Menu Planning


    • 7.

      Tip 6. Home space management & House cleaning Schedule


    • 8.

      Tip 7. Girly Stuff. Beauty Calendar


    • 9.

      Tip 8. Self-Education Planning


    • 10.

      Tip 9. Physical Activity & Healthy Lifestyle Planning


    • 11.

      Tip 10. Routines Automation & Useful Applications


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      Class Project


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About This Class

Do you think about starting freelance career? Or you work as a freelancer, but think your time management needs to be improved?

In this class I will show you all my freelance tips & tricks which help me to organize my day and work the best way. 

 By the way, if you're not a freelancer, welcome anyway. Some tips may be useful for you too.

Join the class.

And let's make life easier.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marina Selezneva



Hey guys!

My name is Marina. I'm an artist and illustrator from Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Mostly I adore painting postcards, coloring books and folk Russian painting. 

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me.

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1. Intro: do you think about starting freelance career or you work as a freelancer, but think your time management needs to be improved. Hi, my name is Marina. I'm an illustrator from Russia. I book as a freelancer for two years. No. And in this class, I will show you in details all my tips and tricks which helped me to organize my day and my work the best way, by the way, even if you are not a freelancer anyway, some tips may be useful for you to so during the class and let's make life easier. 2. Tip 1. Planning & Setting Priorities: deep. One planning and setting priorities When you start to work as a freelancer or even only think about it, the first thing you should do is to make a plan, because now you are your own boss. If you don't know the destination, your weight will be too long or you can go off the road, so it's much better to make a plan before start doing something. Seat confidently. Relax anything. How would you like to see yourself in a month? In a year in five years? What kind of progress would be important to you? How would look your picture off? Absolute happiness, right? These old down, by the way, always ride down all ideas and thoughts you ever have. It's really great habit. You can't keep everything in your head after you finished. You may noticed that you have plenty off ideas and pants you would like to have in your life, so this is the time to make second step Seddon priorities. You may have lots of dreams, but that tours thes. You can't achieve great success in many different spheres immediately and simultaneously, so especially at the beginning, you should choose what is your main goal. For example, you would like to illustrate books, decide board kind of book you would like to illustrate. Oh, you'd like to be botanical illustrator. Excellent. Start known more about this fear. Oh, you would love to be a vector artists and work for stocks. Great. Just be honest with yourself. Here, listen to heart and think What would you do anyway if you never get paid for this and this will be your really patient but at the same time, remember, working as a freelancer means never put all your eggs in one basket. You should have any kind of financial stability. Choose one main activity and one or two additional. For example, you can illustrate books and her for your own at the shop. Oh, you can look for clients and additionally, be an artist working for the stocks, speaking off planning methods and techniques. Nowadays, there are plenty of him. I would say my favourites up GDD method or getting things done. Bullet journal. Eisenhower method. You can choose any comfortable for you when ahead is great, but also don't forget about Daily Planet. It's essential as well, or you will never come close to your month and year pants. And finally, you will waste your time for spreading if you don't control the results. So don't forget about this. For me, the best way to do this is to make very reports at the end of a day and write down all the task I did today. Yes, I know you should be really disciplined. Course you do for his self and no one controls you. But honestly, it is one of the best way to see the progress. Just try and you will love. 3. Tip2. WorkSpace Organization: deep, too. Workspace organization. How long does your desktop look like? Is it a disaster? Do you feel comfortable walking there? Or you always feel like it? Like to run away from this place as soon as possible. But you know that condition off your workspace affects your productivity. No over. If you work from home, you should think off workspace organization more carefully because when you're so for and if rich is always around you, your chances to procrastinate increase infinitely. Some tips to improve the station here to have special room or at least special rugs on in the room perfectly. Also, if you can have special zones for each kind of activity, for example, known computer activity such as Filmon Zone Paint in zone. If you work with Spain's this'll way, you can spend less time for preparation. Don't hold everything on your desk. Use storage boxes to open issue desk accessories. By the way, at some companies, there is clean desk policy. You must clean your disk at the end of each workday before I leave the office. Mostly, they do it to reduce the risk of information. Sift, but anyway, I advise you to search more about this system. Find what you like about it adopted for your purposes and start to use. I'm sure you will notice how it's pleasant to start walking morning with clean table. 4. Tip 3. Financial Plan: deep sweep financial plan. When you work as a freelance, it's even more important to have any kind of financial stability because no one can promise you a regular income. And here I have some tips for you. As I said before, don't put all eggs in one basket. Try to make an emergency fund. If you still go ahead, find the ways off passive income, even if they're no big control. Your impulse spending make oh, by the cash book and write down all expenses you have every day. By the way, it's really useful thing, because when you know how much money you need for leaving, oh won't have. You can decide how much you're walking, our costs and how many hours you need to walk. These months, this way, you can decide prices for the projects you do 5. Tip 4. Content Plan: deep full content plan. Nowadays we live at the Internet century, and if you work for yourself, it's necessary to promote your name or your brand. You can't leave without social media. You want to be part of interesting projects here. Good plan again can bring good results for your career. Good content at social media, a loss you do not lost at the Internet. See off identical contents. The best way to do it is to have a content plans. This way you can save your time for making content, and you will never feel stressed because you don't know what to publish to be. By the way, there are lots of application for planning content, such as later. Oh, hoot suite. Oh, you know, and you can choose any like most and then content for the social media. Right for, um, youthful. It's really comfortable because you can plan content whenever you are. And also you can see General blew off your social media page before publishing. Its may be important for Instagram, for example, And the best advice. Don't try to chase trends, be yourself be unique and people love your honesty. 6. Tip 5. Menu Planning: deep. Five Many of planning. Would you like to spend less money for food safe time in the kitchen, but still eat well? It's easy with the menu plan. I know this feeling when it just started to work for yourself and think Now it is the time I finally do. Ever seen the way I like. I will spend more time for rest and for good cooking. But in some months you find yourself walking day and night without brakes and can even forget to eat it all. But is this you become a freelancer for Remember, you need lots of energy to be your own boss. And for this you should eat well and regularly if you ask me like home food but do not like to spend much time in the kitchen. Many a plan in system is definitely for you. What benefits you will get. He will spend less time for cooking. You will save money because you will buy it food, but to really need for cooking and won't be wasteful. You won't feel stress about cooking cause you're water situation when all your family want to eat. But you have empty fridge and need to order a pizza or around to the food store. Finally, you stop eating junk food. By the way, don't forget about useful instruments, which can help you to save time and my cooking life easier, such as making shop in the East and chosen shopping day. Keeping recipes in one place like recipes. Book Keeping That new journal It's a good way to remember things you used to go and to know the amount off food you need for each person. Chicken, what's on sale and using special equipment such as multi cooker or student. 7. Tip 6. Home space management & House cleaning Schedule: deep. Six. Home space management and house cleaning skill. You, As I said before, condition off your workspace. Offense your productivity as far as he walked from home. Condition off your home space in general. Offense your productivity to every time you walk along your house during the walk breaks. You shouldn't feel disappointed to see dirty dishes or just on the floor. Course you will think about it after your break. Finished instead of concentrating on work, what can help you here? Of course, planning again. My life and my home space absolutely changed. After I met and started use. Marie called a method. You can read a book, the life changing magic off. Tiding up the Japanese art over the cluttering and organizing insured. This is a system which can help you to get rid of Raj and at necessary things at your home and keep on Lee. What you really need. This stuff means less clutter. Another system. I would recommend you to pay your attention. At is friendly. The system do no more. You can also visit website fly lady dot net Oh, read a book by Marla Cilley. Sink Reflections. This system can help you to make and follow clean and Chevy and always have clean house, spending less time for clean 8. Tip 7. Girly Stuff. Beauty Calendar: deep. Seven girly stuff beauty calendar this deep. It's mostly for girls, but if you're a boy, you can watch it anyway, cause first deep may be helpful for you to and about second you can tell to your girlfriend , for example. So when he walked in the office, you always follow dress code and try to look perfect. But when it starts to work from home, you start to think, Okay, I'm here alone and no one see me. I can walk even in my pajama and all the troubles begin from this moment. First thing when you're in drama, you here are not brushed. Your face isn't cleaned. You have relaxed mood, and it's difficult to think about work. So I would advise you to change your home look before start World honestly just dried, and you will feel the difference. You shouldn't wear suit, but something more official than your home look. Secondly, when you don't care about your hair nails skiing for a long time, it can show, you know, the best looking later. It's much easier to spend 10 to 15 minutes Karen for Luke every day, then spend some days preparing to important meetings And what can help you here again? Off course planning. Try to make your own beautiful inter. It's easy to do. Just write down all the procedures you usually do like hair crowd, nail care, etcetera Right down also how often you do it and then just put it to your Collender. This is it. And finally, don't forget to follow it. Of course, remember, good luck a Piermont. 9. Tip 8. Self-Education Planning: deep. Eight Self education planning at first sight this deep may looks like something not really important or even as a waste of time. But the truth is that no days there are loads off online and offline quarters. And if you don't have self education plan, you may just drawn in those variety and, as a result, feel stressed. So let's be organized in for Holik's. Do you remember the situation when you decided to loan Sampson new and useful? But finally, find yourself watching videos off kittens on YouTube. Here, my deeps for self education planning. First, you need study plans. Kidding. You're shooting overload yourself information, and you shouldn't have lots of courses at the same time because you are not be able to concentrate fully. Secondly, you should put all information into practice. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time. And finally, before I decided to start a new course, I think tries. If you really need thes new one, remember about setting priorities. By the way, If you want to be perfectly organized in for haulage, you might also prepare book to read least oh, plan, for example, what kind off, useful podcast you will listen to while you work 10. Tip 9. Physical Activity & Healthy Lifestyle Planning: deep done physical activity and healthy lifestyle planning. It doesn't matter if you work from home or in the office anyway. You should care about your health. But when they work from home, sometimes you're too lazy to go, old said. So you may spend day by day 80 home, and it's absolutely not good for your health, productivity and emotional state. So let's change the situation. My advice is here. Go for work every day. It's good if you have dark, for example, so you need to go outside anyway. Otherwise, if you don't have try to blend little scenes every day to spend outside at least half a Now , for example, go by and fresh bread. Do not forget about breaks between working hours. Sometimes. Sometimes you may think if I work for myself, I will work for morning till night to get better results. But finally, you'll find yourself stress and tied to control the brakes. Who can use special methods like the Commodore a technique, for example, What should you do? Decide on the task to be done. Set timer to 25 minutes and what Comptel time. Marines take 3 to 5 minutes break and said time and again. Uh huh. After four bomb adores, take a longer break 15 to 30 minutes. Oh, sometimes I use 4 to 5 feet in method when you set a timer on 45 minutes to war and then have fitted means for rest or to do any different activity. Often I use this break to do thumbs in from my cleaning home schedule. Another advice. Do not forget about drinking water. To control, Use Mumbai application or just bored. Jog a photo on your desk. Funny thing. Don't forget about physical activity perfectly if you have your own trained skill and followed even if all your exercises take 10 to 15 means anyway, short daily training by does nothing. Finally make up your own dips. Interests to move a load to your in the day, for example. Always get up speaking in from all make home routine during the breaks 11. Tip 10. Routines Automation & Useful Applications: deep done routines, automation and useful mobile applications. Our life is so fast nowadays, but at the same time it's great. Develop technologically. So is just a crime not to use achievement off more than technology and different mobile applications. Your life will become simpler if you don't do the same routines manually, over and over again. So use different kind of lists. We talked about improvements tips such as shopping these beautiful lenders mu pen, etcetera, used templates or automatic payments to pay for utility bills. For example, set up quick access bottoms and bookmark system on your computer, Set up male and as identification system. You really don't need to check your mail immediately, or even better if you make chicken male schedule. And also don't overlook to use a useful member applications here. Some of my favorites applications Once released, it's like a digital to do at least ever note. To fix all my energies, Be focused and forest to concentrate on work, be a school and snaps it to edit pictures right from phone interest to save pictures and references. Nowadays, you can even use different kind of payment systems, like people right from your phone dueling go too long. Languages. Okay, as they said before, later. And you know, to plan content my books to read books whenever I am. Different storage system like Google drive water ballons. Okay, Dr Different ups. And you will know what's comfortable for you. 12. Class Project: So now you know all my deeps and tricks to make free Lynn's life Much easier is a class project. I would advise you to choose and try and and keep you like the most all to write the deep you would like to feel in your life. But remember, don't be in a hurry. Don't try to use all types in your life immediately. Get any result at least with one deep first, then 10 unfinished results. As you know to form you have it. You need 21 day off daily repetition all three months off. Weekly repetition. By the way, if you would like to get to know about any deep in detail, don't hesitate to tell me about it. And I could make new class dedicated toe this specialty and final advises. Try to make a life as much easy as you can get rid of routine because you become a freelancer not to work more, but get more pleasure of life