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TikTok Masterclass - Complete Guide to Using Tik Tok

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Trailer - Tik Tok Masterclass


    • 2.

      Signing Up


    • 3.

      Home Tab


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Inbox Tab


    • 6.

      Discover Tab


    • 7.



    • 8.



    • 9.

      Privacy & Settings


    • 10.

      Sound Profile Page


    • 11.

      Accessing Sounds


    • 12.

      Sound Length


    • 13.

      Finding Sounds


    • 14.

      Sound Selection Page


    • 15.

      Trimming Sounds


    • 16.

      What is a Trend?


    • 17.

      What is a Hashtag?


    • 18.

      Hashtag Profile Page


    • 19.

      Finding Hashtags


    • 20.

      Recording a Tik Tok Part 1


    • 21.

      Recording a Tik Tok Part 2


    • 22.

      Uploading Clips


    • 23.

      Adjust Clips


    • 24.



    • 25.



    • 26.

      Beauty Mode


    • 27.



    • 28.



    • 29.



    • 30.



    • 31.

      Post Effects


    • 32.

      Voice Effects


    • 33.

      Split Effect


    • 34.

      Transitions Part 1


    • 35.

      Transitions Part 2


    • 36.



    • 37.

      Big Head


    • 38.

      Time Warp


    • 39.

      Freeze Frame


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About This Class

This course is a complete guide to all that is Tik Tok in 2020. This course is design to walk you through every step of the app no matter if you just got the app or you have hundreds of tik toks. There is something in this course for everyone. Tik Tok can be very intimidating at first. The tik tok creator in the app is not that straight forward, you can be making tik toks for months and still not know how to fully use the app. That's where this course comes in. You can learn about everything this app has to offer. You can skip around to the lessons of the topics you want to learn more about, or every lesson if you are brand new to the app.

I won't just be talking, I will actually show you on the app by mirroring my screen every step of how to do things. We will make countless Tik Toks on this app so you can see every feature, effect, and tool this app has to offer. There isn't another course anywhere that teaches you everything you will learn in this course.

We will use the Top used effects every popular tik toker and trend is using. We will talk about tricks that help make the app easier to use. You will learn about things no one is talking about. Once you take this course, you will be teaching experienced Tik Tokers new tricks, and people will be coming to you asking you how to do certain things.

This is the best Tik Tok Course out there! This is a real Tik Tok Masterclass! See you guys in the course! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow

Level: All Levels

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1. Trailer - Tik Tok Masterclass: Welcome to my tic tac masterclass. My name is Angel, and in this class I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know about using Tick Tuck. We're going to go over five sections and in each section you're gonna learn Mawr mawr about using ticktock. We're going to start off by introducing the APP and learning how to use every function of the after. This section is for those that are brand new to using tic tac. It won't teach you how to create tech talkto Just show you how to maneuver through the app If you're already familiar with using tic tac and you can move on to the further sections in the next section, we're gonna be talking about sounds Were we talking about all the complexities of using a sound from trimming the sound to finding sounds and everything in between the next section ? We're gonna be talking about trends and hash tax. We're gonna talk about the importance of using a trend and how to use the appropriate hash tax to be able to show your tick talks to the world. Then in the following section, we're gonna be talking about creating tick tux. We're going to look at all the features at the tic Tac pass in order for you to coo eight tick tux. And then in the last section, we're gonna be talking about effects all the cool effects that pass so that you can create some cool looking techniques. So sign up for this class and I'll see you guys there. 2. Signing Up: okay. And this lecture, we're gonna sign up for a tic tac account to be a brand new to tech talk, and you open it up for the first time, you're gonna have the option to sign up for ticktock. The reason you might want to sign up for a tic tac ace because allowed you to follow other accounts, make your own videos, have favorites and all the other stuff. If you don't have a tic tac account, all you can do is watch some videos on the for you page. But the real fun comes when you served making tick talks and liking them and so on. That's what the whole courses about. So the first thing you want to do a sign up for tic tac. So when you first sign up for tech talk, you have several options. You can use your phone or email. You can use your Facebook account Google, Twitter or apple. Now, when you use Facebook, Um, what ends up happening is that, um, it's gonna link link it to your Facebook account in the sense that you need to log into your Facebook account on that device in order to log in to your account. The good thing about that is that it makes signing up easy because it already has your information. And it's not like you don't have to go through a whole confirmation thing, and it's not that hard to sign up. If you use like your email stuff, then it's different. But using Facebook, the Khan of that is that if you you log in on another device, then you have to log in to Facebook in order to do that. And if that device is not yours, then you have to log in log log out of two things as supposed to one. Um, just tic tac. If you're on another device, so and then if you have any problems with your Facebook account, then you're gonna have problems with your TIC TAC account. So it's better to, I believe, not use your Facebook account because things could happen with Facebook, you can lose your account, and they're gonna have to struggle. Getting your ticked on account. Um, Gmail are using Google is my, uh, what I like to do best. Um, so I am going to use that option. You can use your phone or a mother is actually the easiest. The reason I'm not gonna do it here is because I've already used it for my account. So I'm gonna create another account using another Gmail. So I'm gonna click where it says, uh, continue with Google. And then it says tic TAC wants to use school that come to sign inside. Click continue. And then I'm gonna put ah email address once I log in to my Gmail is gonna ask me to create a user name. So on here, you can do, uh, any user name you want, but it has to be available that somebody else was in half. So I'm going to create something like Teoh A tuck. Masterclass isn't available, Tuck. And then suggestions usually show up on the bottom of similar user names that you can use similar to the one that you typed in that are available. So tick tock, master classes taken. We have masterclass. 12348 Just for the heck of it. So we got tic tac masterclass one here is your profile page. Okay, um, I personally recommend him Better user name than tic tac masterclass one. But that is the one we have, um it grabbed my name from the email address. I can adjust that. So let's go through everything. You can adjust when you first set up your kept. So the first thing is, we're gonna go to the where assess added profile right there in the center, edit profile, going to click on that, and then we're gonna change our name. So we're gonna Our name was gonna be tick talk, masterclass safe, those their name. Um, Then we have bile, which we'll get to in a second. Then we have links to Instagram and YouTube. You can link your instagram and YouTube account on there. So, um, where it says instagram, we clicked there. Then you log into instagram, and then it would be linked on there or YouTube and you log in to you too. What that would do is, um we'll give you a button on there for people to follow you on instagram or follow you on YouTube and subscribe to your YouTube channel. So that's a really cool feature that it has on here on the next thing is bio. So we're gonna click at a bio to your profile. We're gonna click on that and for bio. My recommendation is to make sure you have two things. First thing is something about yourself. So you would write something like, uh, I make, uh, creator of the tic tac master class. So a simple one line describing, um, who you are, you could say I'm a photographer. I am a 24 year old college student. I am a dancer. I am a chef. Whatever. Something that says who you are is my recommendation. The second line. The second sentence of one sentence saying who you are Just one sentence and then the second sentence where you wanna at is what are your videos about? So I would say I make funny videos. You can write something that says, I make dance videos. I make trendy videos. I make videos about cooking, whatever type of videos that you make, um, you would write on there and then you could say something like, Follow me if you have any space left, you only have 80 characters on here to write. Your bile is very short, so keep it short and sweet. Something about yourself. What type of videos you have. Any of you have space, right? Follow me. Um, so that's it, then I'm a click save. Then you have on option to add a photo or a video. Ask your profile picture. Now, if you add a photo, um, let me show you what that looks like. So we click change photo, and then we can take a picture, upload a photo or view photos. I'm just gonna take a picture real quick. So there is my picture for my profile picture click safe. And then when I go back, that's how my account looks like. Tic tac masterclass on the top. So we got our name here in the top. Our user name, Creator, TIC tac masterclass. I make funny videos. Follow me. Um, and then a profile picture if we click at a profile and we click change video when we do a video. Okay. If I had this video on here only at six seconds of the video. So we direct to six seconds and we like, and we leave the 1st 6 seconds click save. And then now we have the video. There we go back. You'll see the video as the profile picture. Okay, So you do a video, the video will be what is shown. If you do a profile picture, perfect picture would be what is shown. If you don't want the video to be shown, then we go toe at a profile. Change video, Remove video. Now it's just a profile picture, and now the profile pictures was shown there on the top. No, Once you're here, I'll say here, tapped to create a new video. That's where you make tick talks. Throughout this whole course, you're gonna learn how to make tick talks. So tune into future lecture so you can learn how to make Tic Tac's. And the last thing I want to go over about creating your account is going here and push notifications. So when we click on push notifications right now, push notifications aren't off. If I had it on on, then my phone will show notifications. Every time something happens on the APP, you can have notifications for likes comments, new follows mentions direct messages, videos from accounts. You follow video suggestions and life streams from accounts you follow. If you really want to be up to date, what everything is going on and you don't mind being bothered by all these notifications and turn this on. I personally have it off, and I just get on the app whenever I want to see my notifications likes and comments and stuff. So that's it when it comes to setting up on account is very simple. And now we're gonna move on to the next election. 3. Home Tab: So now we're going to look at the home page. The home page. You can see here on the bottom left. Is that tab there? So when we click on that, I married. Okay, Broke. Go say hi. Okay. We'll say I have no problem until we're going to walk right back and sit down because we're not scared at home. We're just sitting. That's what we want. Just do it. Roll. Okay, so that right there is the home pitch. So the home page has, ah, lot a stream of videos that Tic TAC believes you like. And the way that tic TAC figures out what kind of videos you like is based on you watching videos, liking videos, adding videos to your favorite, um, clicking on people's pages and checking out their videos. So as you watch videos, they starts to learn what kind of videos you like. Now you just swipe right through a video. It's not gonna figure that you liked that video on Lee. When you watch it all the way through this that I assume that you like that type of video. So a view are just starting out is best to skip all the videos that you don't like and watch the videos and completion that you do like by just looking at the first few seconds of a video. You can tell if you like this type of video or not, and then you can watch it through and then decide if you want to keep seeing those types of videos on your home page. Not the way the home page is broken down is in two categories you have for you, which is what we're on right now. And following the difference between for you and following is that for you will show you a mix of videos created by people that you're following and people that you're not following just anything that it believes you want to see. And then, if you click on following, it's going to show you videos off people there strictly on your following tab. So anybody that you're following it will show on there. Now let's talk about following people. So, for example, right now this video that's on here is by this person called Hey Berg at Hebert. So I am currently following this person. But if I go to the next video, this one. This one's at Caleb Jackson. This person I'm not following and I can tell I'm not following, because on the right side there's a little plus on it. That plus means that I can follow that person. If we go back to the late Obama. It doesn't have the plus sign because I am following this person. I go back here now in order to pause the video. I just tap on the screen when I tap on the screen and pause it when I tap on a tap it again . It pauses it so you can pause and play any video at any moment. So there is no button to reset the video, though, So if you want to watch it from the beginning, you have to wait for it to play all the way through. And then it's gonna loop again and start from the beginning. So these videos are gonna play in a loop so you don't have to do anything to have a restart . You just have to wait for it to restart. Now to see this guy's profile, I have two options. I can slide to the left, so I put my finger on the screen and then slide it to the left. It's gonna do this. You see them sliding to the left. It's gonna take me to his profile. Also, if I click on Hiss Icon here, that is that picture right there. It's like Blue thing on top with a little plus thing. Just click on the icon. It's like profile picture. That's would be What is profile Picture is I click there. It takes me to his page. Not if I click a little bit beneath that. At the plus sign, it turns into a check mark. That means I'm now following this person. I don't want to follow this person. So I click on his profile picture and then you see messages Message. The one next to it shows that I'm following this person. If I click on that, it unfollowed that person. You can Onley message people that you're following. You can message someone you're not following Once you're on the profile, there's a lot of different things you can do, and we'll talk about that later on. But we're gonna go back to this page here now. Once you're on here, the next thing you can do is there's a little heart and there's this bubble with three dots . Um, the heart. When you click on that, you like that video. This shows how Maney likes this video house. This doesn't show how many views it has. If you want to see how many views that has, you have to scroll left and then right there. That first video shows it has 443.0 K That means 543,000 k means thousands. So has 543,000 views. When I'm watching the video, it shows how many hearts that has. Those two numbers are very important because you want to keep track if you're really into tic Tac, how many views you're getting and how Maney likes you're getting. And that way you can see your growth by how Maney views your tick talks are getting and how many Lex you're getting, which Tick Tuck that you made are more popular than others. So this one has 43,000 likes and 546,000 views. Now the next thing is this. Three dots 728. That's how many comments this video has So if I click on that, I can see all the comments. Okay, we'll talk about comments in the next section, and then the next thing is sharing. This has 28,000 0.1 28.1000 shares. That's how many times people clicked on this and shared it with somebody else. Okay, this includes when they saved a video to their phones. So this is how many times that has happened, which is a lot. So having more shares means more people will see it, which means you get more heart, more views and so on. Now, under his name, you'll see the caption that every tic tac has a caption. Some a little description, you could say of the video. This one says Carol Baskins. And then it has his hashtag dot hashtag f y p hashtag for you, Page has tag Savage Tiger King Quarantine Carol Baskins. Now each of these hashtags are in bold, which means you can click on any of the hashtag. So if I click on Savage, it'll take me to that hashtag and I could see all the videos associate id with that hashtag and we will talk more about Hashtags later on. In this course, every cc translation it's gonna translate this, um, to English. But that's assuming that it was in another language. So if somebody wrote this in Spanish or what? Whatever other language you can click, see translation and translated to the language that you've chosen for your app. Now, beneath sea translation is the sound that it was used or the song. All right, we're going to hear this. We're gonna watch this tic tac and then hear the sound killed her husband. Wacked convince me that it didn't happen, that I'm tigers, they snack in What's happened? Carol Basket. Okay, so that's the son that was used for this. If I click on the sound is gonna send me to Savage Tiger King Edition, It is a someone recreated the song That Savage, which is a popular song and tic tac and made it into this Tiger King Edition. That was the original video, which is why it has so many views. And then all these videos underneath are the ones that other people have created. We'll talk about that later on as well, when we get to talking about sounds so on the bottom right. This'll killed her. You click on that. It also takes you to the sound so you can click on this sound on the bottom left or on the bottom. Right. And it's gonna take you to the sound. So that is all the stuff you can click on when you're watching a video to watch the next video You have to scroll down. I mean, up when you squirrel up, I'll take you to the next one. Hey, if I scroll back down and takes you to the one you saw before Okay, Okay. So next is following. If I click on following on the top left on the top, the centers. As for you, that's highlighted. If I click on following takes is going to show me videos of people that I'm following Scroll down to the disappearing finger trick. That's the next video of somebody else that I'm following. So if you're not liking the videos on the four you page, you can switch to following and just watch videos of people that you're following. But, um is oh, I always recommend to watch videos that are on the for you section because these are videos . They're designed to be stuff that you like. And you'll discover new tech talk users that you might want to start following and grow the number of tick talks they accounts that you're following so that your for you page and you're following becomes more geared towards what you like. So that's that when it comes to the home page, we're gonna go more into detail in the next few lectures. 4. Comments: in this section, we're gonna be looking at comments the comments section off a video or a tick tock. So we're back to this tic tac here, and when we click on these three little dots here on the corner, you will find the comments. And this one has 1168. Comments and comments are very important when you're making tick tugs to communicate with people that are following you and to give feedback to other people's tick talks that you're watching. We really like something. You can write something. You ask people questions. They might answer them, and you can go back and forth and communicate through the common section off a video or a technique. So let's look at some of the comments here so you can see what the comment box looks like in a video. So in here, um, the first comment on the top is this one by its Britney, and it says if this doesn't go viral, it was a plot by Carol, And then it says it was liked by creator. So the little hearts on the right side it's allows people to like comments if the creator of this tic tac clicks on that heart. Then it will post on that comment and something that says, like by creator. So this house, the person wrote the comment that the creator of the TIC Tac liked that comment. So if you want to get more feedback in your tech talked, a good idea is to like people's comments on your Tic Tac's By showing people that you're liking and by replying to people's comments, it tells people that you might like or reply back to future comments that they write, and then they'll give you more comments and you have more comments. You're the algorithm of TIC Tac will make your video more popular, and we'll show it to more people. So you want to have a lot of comments, and you want to start conversations like in people's comments on your Tic Tac's. Now, if I were to like a comment, I would just put a heart on it. So if I want to put a heart on that comment, I will click on the little Heart, and now it has 545 likes that comment alone. I can take it off by clicking on it again. It doesn't affect you whatsoever. Toe like a comment. It's not gonna show you anything, Um, in the future. With that, like, it just helps the Creator know how many likes he has. Unlike liking a video where you confined your likes later, like any comment doesn't do anything in this platform, the next thing is replies. You can view replies to comments. So in this comment, the 1st 1 there, Street replies. It says view, Reply Street. If I click on that, we can see the replies that people created to that comment. So three people have commented to that comment. So those are underneath that comment, and there's likes and hearts next to them. So people can like those comments as well. This is something similar that you might see on YouTube, uh, or Facebook. A new instagram like this whole commenting. Liking comments has been around for a while. So the other interesting thing about, um, this heart system is that the more hearts comment has, the higher it's going to show up. So they're not organized necessarily by when these comments were made. But they're organized by relevance and the best way to have a common be relevant and me and on the top is to have the most hearts. So, for example, if you're trying to be funny and you want your common to be seen by a lot of people, you write a really good comment. And if it gets a lot of hearts is gonna be one of the top comments and then people will reply to it. That will make it more relevant if his life by the creators becomes more relevant. And that will make that comment show up higher on the top on the list of comments here. That's for people who really care about the comments being seen. If you wrote a really funny comment and it has thousands of comments and you can't find your comment than it helps if you had hearts on it and such, you wanna show somebody else your comment on there, that's just how the comment system works. So let me show you. Ah, way. Okay, so if I click on that Ah, the comment was me tagging, Um, my sister who was in this video. So assuming this was somebody else's comment, I would click on it, and then I can reply to that comment. So if I were to write hey, it will show underneath it. It also says that I'm the creator. If I hold down on the comment that I wrote, you can only do this on the ones you wrote, not other people's comments. If you hold down on it, you can copy or delete it. So I'm gonna delete this and is gone. Now let's talk about tagging people. You contact people in the caption, but you contact people in the comments. So if you tax somebody, they'll get a notification saying that they were tagged on a comment. If you want somebody to see a tic tac and you're following them, which means you're kind of like friends with them on tic TAC, then you can tag them. And then they will get a notification saying that they were tagged in the comments. So by me tagging people, then it shows up. Um, they will get a notification. So to tax somebody, I will start a comment. So we're right on the bottom where it says, out of comment, I would click on that, and then you can type end the at sign or you can click up here. Where is he? Shows the at sign if I click here. All right, a little at sign symbol, and then it will show several people on here. These are people that I'm following. Okay, so if I want a tag their acute on this comment, then he would know that he was tagged on there. Now he probably gets a 1,000,000 notification, so he might never see this. But that's just how this works. Okay, so that's how you attack people. You also have these emojis that come with the app. So for one of right, that, uh, this was really funny, I can click on the little funny one. Send it, and I put a calm, incessant. That was really funny. If I heart this, it would say, like by creator. But I am the creator. It says not tell people that it was like by the creator because it creator wrote it. But that's how you, uh, work with the comments section. That basically is everything you need to know about the common section. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 5. Inbox Tab: Now we're gonna be looking at the inbox tab off Tick Tuck in the in box tab. We have basically all our notifications and we get all types of notifications. So we're gonna look through the different types of notifications that you might see. So you know what type of notifications to expect when you click on the inbox tap now on the inbox? The reason is called the inbox tab is because these are kind of like your messages. You also have messages on here if you're communicating with people. So you want a message, A user you want toe see the messages that he sent you. You will also click on the inbox tab Now on your phone. You can enable notifications or not for this. So the M boxed have all these notifications on here. You can enable it on your phone so that when the app it's close, your phone will get a notification every time something pops up on here or you can turn that off and we'll get to that when we talk about notifications in a future lecture, I have it off. So right now, it says to get notifications with people, interact with you open settings. I'm gonna press X on that, because I have it off. But I'm gonna show you how to turn it on and all the different notifications that you can have on there. But right now, we're gonna look at the in box step, so when people start following you, you'll get a notification. So I got a notification that this person here is following me, and then it has this button recess follow so I can follow them back if I click on their picture or in their name eight opens up their profile. So this is that girl's profile, and I can see her tic tac and follow her back. Now, if I go back here, someone likes my video. It will also show up on here. So I have here that Gillian Cartwright six light. Ah, A recent video that I posted. Another thing that it will give me notification for is from tic tac itself. Just giving me random messages. So tech Taga saying that no. Bella, nor is live. Um, and you can watch now, So when people go live, it shows you on there, um, that there live, and that's an important notification because in order, watch a light video. You have to watch a life. You can watch a live video later on. Unlike Instagram that it saves it for 24 hours or Facebook and tick talk. You have to watch it live, so they'll give you notification here when someone that you're following is live so that you can tune in and watch them now. Other things is when you get multiple people like in the same video, it will group them together. So in here, where it says five days ago, it shows 12 and two others like that video. So for people like that video, so group that all together into one. So it's not taking up space here on their notification. You get 100 or 1000 likes. You wouldn't want 1000 notifications on here of the state. Of all the people that liked it, l just beyond their altogether. Now, if I clicked on this, I can see all the likes that this got so actually got more than four likes, but it's just notifying me of the last four. But if I click on there, I can see all the likes that this tic tac that I created got no, it shows when someone liked my comment. So two people liked a comment that I wrote on somebody's tick tock. Another interesting thing is that the, uh, owner of this tic tac replied to my comment. So let me show you this tech talk. So you see what I'm talking about? So I thought this sick talk was really funny, and because of that, I went on his page and saw that he only had 288 followers. That and I figured this guy would have thousands or millions of followers so wrote on their comment that said, This is amazing. How do you not have thousands of followers? And it was liked by the creator, and the creator wrote Hot Thinks I just started five days ago. A. Well, So he commented on my comment, and then I can like that comment just for the heck of it. Um, and it's a way to, like communicate with other creators on TIC tac by comments. So I will reply to his comment saying, Keep it up, look forward to your radius. So I just replied to his comment, live on this course. So that's how you from my notifications, was able to find that and reply back to him. So it shows people that, uh, started following me, and then it says friends here because I'm following them. So when you're following somebody and they're following you, they are now considered friends. So me and Claressa here see note Lynn was a friend of mine, real life. I followed her. She followed me. So now it says that we're friends. If I click on that, I mean, I'm unfollowed ing her. If I follow her again now we're friends. So since we're friends, I can message her and we can have a conversation. But I'll show you that in a second. Um, so other people that, like my video, started following me, replying to my comments and so on. So now the next thing is, when you see a top where says all activity. If I click on that, I can just see likes, I can see comments I can see mentions I can see followers and then from tic tac. I have all activity here. So you want to just find certain notifications you can click on there and then pick the type of notification you want to see. The next thing is this message is on the top, right? So that little paper airplane iss your inbox for your messages? Well, you, even though we're in the inbox tab of your actual inbox is that paper airplane? So if I click on that, I have direct messages here. So here people that I'm friends with, I'm following them. They're following me, and I could say hi to them. So if I click on Claressa the 1st 1 I can write a message to her and then she can reply back to me and we can go back and forth and message each other. And then if we are messaging, if I click on the top three dots here the top right on these three dots, I can mute notifications. So anything when it comes messages from her, maybe this person's messaging me a lot and is bothering me. I can meet that by clicking here. I can pin to the top, which means that her messages would show up first above all the other messages I can report or block. So if I report somebody there being abusive or whatever that would tell. Um, take talk that this person's about person. And after enough reports they might delete that person's account or blocked them or something. Or I could just click block. And then that person cannot communicate with me whatsoever. Just like when you block somebody on instagram on Facebook on anything. It just your account doesn't show up on their When they search you, they can message you and so on. So that's how this messages work here. It's pretty easy and self explanatory. Um, and if I want to start a new message, I would click on the plus sign on the top rights, and then I can message people that are recent. So these are people that are following me, and I'm following them, or other people that I'm just following that are not necessarily following me. So I could message that guy that we were commenting back and forth and we can start a conversation through the message e messaging system on tic TAC. So that's a when it comes to the inbox tab off tic tac, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 6. Discover Tab: Okay, so now we're gonna be looking at the Discover page of the Tic Tac Pleasant on a Discover page. You're going to see these ads scrolling on the top here, and these ads are just they're related to ticked up. When you click on any of them, I'll take you to a hashtag and all these take tops associated with the hashtag. So let's talk about these hash sex for a second. As we scroll down, you see all these different hashtags you'll see one that says, Work it from home, Kill your vibe, cooking cookie what it costs. And there's a little hash tag next to it on the left side. So these air trending hash tax and what hash tags are is a way for take talk to group. All these tick talks together. So all the tick talks that used that hashtag in their caption when they posted on there. When you click on that, hashtag will take you to all those videos. They used that hashtag so these are trending hashtag that people are commonly using on their tick tux, and the point of using a trending hashtag is that it will be able to be found for any time . Somebody looks up that hashtag. So if these are the most trending hashtags, for example, WrestleMania entrance that 1st 1 If I click on that, it's going to show me all the videos that people created and use that hashtag in their caption. So if I click on any one of these Tic Tac's plus the 1st 1 theme, so they're using that hashtag in their caption, so is going to show up on this list Now. There is hundreds and thousands of videos on here, but you're more likely to be seen if you're using a trending hashtag, then if you're not, the algorithm of the application makes it so that people who are using these hashtags and somebody's clicking and watching those types of videos they'll know the your video is that type of video, and then, people, your video will show on the your there for you page. So you want to be using hashtags been relate to with your videos about but are also trending. So that's when we talk about following trends you want to be using, looking up these trends, seeing the hashtag associated with it and then making sure that when you post your video, you put that hashtag now is very important to plan this ahead of time because when you make your video and you forgot to put a specific hatch site where you misspelled it hashtag then later on, you can't added the video and add the hashtag later. You have to put it when you publish it. So sometimes when you can do to make the video, put it and draft and then when you make it into a draft you haven't publishes yet so that you can go research the perfect caption What trending hash tax are associated with the video you just created and then used those hashtags in your video. So we're gonna have a whole discussion on Hashtags later on. But right now I'm just going to show you what the Discover Page has, which is he's trending hashtag so you can look through them, see what is trending. Watch a couple of videos, see, even inspires any video that you might want to make, and then you can recreate it. So as we look through these, um, if you click on any of them, so I'm gonna click on this one here, Lets see. Uh, so lonely chair. I was looking at this the other day, so if I click on loan, each care that's a hash tag all together. So this is just videos of people using green screen, um, where they record something and then use that as their background, and then they sit on it So I'll show you a couple so you could see what I'm talking about, Molly. Only layer since killed in me. And I must confess that are still believes my only let Mal only layer since killing me. And I almost compressed that are still believes Dio Mal only Layer since killing me. My lonely now since killing me and I almost compared that are still believes Did Martin Maher lonely? So those first few were by the same user. If I scroll down a little bit more, um, you can see people recreated mal only layer since killing me, and I must confess that are still believes dio Now a lot of the times thes hashtags used the same sound. And why that's important to note is that the sound also is something that people follow so people will follow certain hash tax like the algorithm will show people who are watching those hash text and then the sound as well. So you match the hash tag and the sound together in your video. Then you're more likely to be shown by people who are watching those types of videos. Then if you just use the hash tag or we just used to sound so putting those together, we're really help. Your your hashtag your tick tops be seen more now. Later on, we go over how the green screen is used to create something like this. You will see that isn't that That's hard. It seems kind of hard, but it's is This APP is really cool with its effects and making still dealing this very easy to do. Now, whenever you click on a trending, Uh, hashtag will give you a description on their neat of what the hash tag is about. So you haven't been able to figure out by watching the videos. You can read about it here. So it says here that lonely chair more like lonely anything, make a chair out of everyday items, take a photo and use are green screen creative effect to take a seat so it tells you how to do it. And then you can also add any trending hashtag. As a favorite, you click. Add as a favorite. Then when you go to your favorites, which we'll talk about later on, you can find this hatch. Thank and watch the videos again, and it's really good to recreate videos. That's what everybody's doing on this platform. So here you can find a bunch of videos. If you just need to take top, find the trends that you like to find the videos that you like. And then when you go back to your home page, you'll see that those types of videos are showing up naturally. Okay, so that's what you see here. Undiscovered page. The other thing that you can do in the Discover Page is search accounts. So when you click on the top when you click on search, you can type in the name, uh, accounts. So if you know certain persons tic tac account, you can go out here and search for their name. So, for example, I like Davidow brick. I will type in his name and then the top user, which is Hiss will show up. I don't have to spell his account me correctly for his to show up because he's a celebrity , or so it will show up on their asked the top user, and then I can click on him and then see him and then follow him. So that's a way to find users also on the search. Far you can search sounds. So if I like a certain song by Ariana Grande E. That was the first thing that popped up when a type that A I have her as a user. So these are Hurtic talks, um, and then under sounds. I have songs by her. So here some of the songs and I could click on them, think users and with Tic Tac. And then if there's any hashtags associative, these are the hash sex with her name on them. Now on the what Every hashtag is going to show you this number 3.6 b merely meaning 1,000,000,003 0.7 a meaning 1,000,000 Does how many people have seen Tic Tac's with those hashtag The number is gonna be pretty big because every tech talk That's how many Tic Tacs were made with the hashtag. That's how many views all ticked up to meet with that harsh like have combined. So they show that number versus how many tech talks were used because this is a bigger number. But it shows which ones are more popular because they have the most views. So following trends and hashtags that have millions of views or billions of views are better for you than finding those that only have a couple of 1000. Because people are really searching for that are watching those videos. That's it. When it comes to discover page in the next section, we're gonna talk about tick codes and other things you can do on here. 7. Likes: okay, in this lecture we're gonna be talking about likes. So this includes liking videos, getting, like, senior likes and so on. So first thing we want to talk about is what is a like when you have a video like this one right here on my home page. Under for you, he sees is a little heart tear on the right side. That's how many likes this video has. If it has a K next to it, that means is in the thousands. So if it's eight k, that means as 8000 views likes if it has an m on it, it's millions. Uh, there it really isn't a video that has billions of likes. But if it did, it would have a be on it and then is rounded up. So this is rounded to 8.8 million likes. Okay, so why did likes matter? All the more likes a video has, the more likely is gonna be seen by people. Uh, Tic TAC does a good job and sharing videos on the for you page that have a lot of likes on them. Also, when you go to things like sounds and hashtags, the videos that have the most likes will be seen on the top of those Ah, hashtags and sounds. So if I were to click on this sound, I can see on here that the top videos. So the one next to the original this one has 9.9 million views that one has to find. The next one is 8.8. Next one has 5,000,004 10.6 million more 0.6 million. So this song organizes their videos by likes. So having more likes means that your video will be seen more, which means you're getting more like so, like the saying the rich get richer. The ones with the most likes give more likes. So that's how the system set up. So getting Lexus is important. Um, if you're using a sound that's on the up and coming like it, just like we were just starting to use it, and you're one of the first ones to create a good video with and you have a lot of likes, then you were rise up a lot faster. Then, if you're using a sound that already has a lot of videos with millions of likes, chances are you might not be seen as much. So having less likes it's important your profile when you goto your profile. So, um, Charlie the millions. One of the biggest tick talkers on on the platform, she has 2.9 b, meaning 1,000,000,000 Likes and Toto in our her videos combined. Now she has hundreds of videos, and she has 46 million followers, so she has a lot of likes. Her videos air usually not number one in most of the sounds, so she has a lot of likes it. The two numbers that people look at when you talk about success on TIC Tac is how many followers and how many likes do you have? They don't really show in a profile of the number of views people have on all their videos , but it does show on the top how many followers and how Maney likes they have. So this one shows 2.9 billion likes on this profile. Here I have 153 likes, so if it shows in the media's receive a total 453 likes across all videos. Okay, now how do I see the likes I have on a certain video. So this very regular has 12 likes. In order to see how money who like my video, I will have to goto inbox, find that several likes so on. Here. I can see who liked my videos and this one. That was six days ago. I have 1234 on here. If I click on this issue, all the people who like the video now it's hard to see who liked your videos because, for example, that last one but that boy like on here if I go to inbox, I don't see it on here. So I can't really see who like my video, if I guess another like and then it shows a notification. I can click on that and see everyone who liked that video. But if it's not showing on here, and I don't know why isn't showing on here then, eh? I can't see how we liked it if I clicked on the one for two days ago. Gillian Car, right? Like that video. If I click on that, it takes me to the video, and that's simply because there's only one like on that video. There is multiple likes and I clicked on it. Then it will show me all the people who liked the video like the one for one week ago. I click on that, and it shows all the people who liked that video. So that's how you see who liked your video. No, there's no like trick to getting more likes over time. You are going to get more likes naturally, because as you post more content, people will start to see more your videos. The more videos you see, the more chances you get to get followers and likes and the more followers and likes. You're getting per video, the more your videos are being shown, and then you get more like that way. Another ways. Have you create a video that's really out there and viral and different and unique and funny and entertaining and all of that. Then you might get a lot of likes. So sometimes you will look at an account and it will show that one video like this guy here you will get like couple 100 views on his videos. But then that one video I liked has ah 100,000 views. And as 4000 likes when his latest video only has 13 likes. So sometimes you will create a video that's so funny that, uh, Tic Tac knows by the response is getting that is very funny, and it will share it more on the platform, which means you would get a lot of likes on that. So it's it's random, like there's no real strategy to create in a viral video. You just have to go with your instincts and hope for the best, so that summarizes likes on getting likes and seeing how your likes on a video. The next thing I want to talk about when it comes to likes is what happens. How can you see the videos that you liked? So once you like a video, you go to the meat tab and then right here you click on this little heart, this kind of great out. Um, you can see the videos that you liked, so I like this video. Then I go back here and now the videos are on here. I haven't like that money videos, but if I do start to like more videos than this list will get bigger, and then I confined videos that I thought were funny. You also have favorites, which is something that I use to separates the videos, that I like to see them later, share them or recreate them. But if you don't want to add to favorites, you find it easier to just like a video that you can like them. And then you have here list of all the video. So you liked. And that's when it comes to likes. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 8. TikCode: Now I'm going to show you how to use tick codes. You're probably not gonna use them. But if you do have a business or you have business cards your tick Tagus very professional . You want everybody to start following you? You want to share something on social media, you can use a tick coat. So to find your tick code, you go to the three little dots in the top, right? And then you click were assess tick coat, and this shows you your tick code. Now it will show you your bio on the bottom the name of your display name for your tic tac . And it's a symbol that when people scan using their tic tac app, it will take them straight to your profile. So this is what a tick code looks like. You can save this to your device save to device, and then you can share this on social media so people can start following you. The easier way to do to get people to follow you is to just share your profile account name . So that would be for me at in the media. So by just telling people at in the media when they type in in the media altogether on the Discover page, then they will find my profile. Now let's say you have somebody's tick coat. You saved it to your phone. You have a business card or you saw it on a wall somewhere billboard, something. I don't think we're there yet. We're gonna be finding them in billboards, but you never know where the future might hold. You go to the Discover section and you go to the top right next to the search bar. You click right here and then open up your camera and you can scan tick coat. Now you could also find your take code. Here you can click on the bottom where says that might take coat and they'll bring you back here or you go back and you click on photos and you've saved other people's tick codes. Let's say this one, then my clicking on it. It takes me straight to their page, and then I can follow them so it grabs that picture, scans a take coat and takes me straight to their page. So that's what tick coats are. Ah, if you grow your page big enough or you want to get more followers. You can share your tick code on your social media. People say that photo open up their page, click on their scanner and find year your account. Now, not a lot of people know how to do this. So might not be a good idea that we sharing your tick coat because people don't know how to find your picture, your account just using that tick code. But and down the line maybe becomes, ah, a feature that more people started using and then you already know how to use it or we find somebody to take code. You can, ah share that. Snapchat has a similar feature. Instagram has a similar feature, so it's not something that's brand new to take talk. So now you know how to take codes are and how to use them. Now we're gonna move on to the next section 9. Privacy & Settings: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about our privacy and settings and our ticktock page. So this is the main page. And if I click on the top right, those three little dots I will get to privacy and settings. And here there's a bunch of different settings that you can adjust to make any changes that you might want to make in your tech talk, and I'll go over each one. So you understand what I'm talking about. 1st 1 is called Manage my account. If I click on that, I can adjust my phone number, email, password, security, save log in information and switched to a pro account. We'll talk about Pro Consul later on. So when it comes to phone number, if I click on that, I get to add a phone number. Then they will send me a text message, and then I will put that text message code, and then my phone numbers saved under. The reason why we might want to save our phone number is if we we want to log in by just using our phone number. We can do that by having our phone number saved on here. Another reason is in case for security reasons. We for we look, get locked out of our account or something, and we want we get hacked. Wanna prove that this is our account than having our phone number saved might help us get our account back. So email is basically the same concept. If I click on email, I type in my email. They'll send me an email address on email with a code. I grab that code a copy it, and I paste it on here. And then that email will be linked to my accounts. I can link a phone number and an email to my account. The next step is password. If I click on that, it was first asked me to verify by phone number or email, so we need to verify her account. And then once we verify her account, we can change our passwords. So that's how you do that. You need to change your password. If you feel like somebody might know your password and you want to change it for security reasons, then you can go on there and change it. The next one is called security. If I click on that, then you get to this page here. So this shows several things. First thing I want to go over is security alerts. So if we click on that A shows that no unusual account activity detected in the last seven days your account secure, we click on done. If it found some weird activities on my account, something that might be weird would be if it saw that my account was locked in in China, I'm in the United States. But if somehow in China my account was logged in, then it might put on their security alert. You know, you someone logged into your account from China and then you would know on here that your accounts, not security, might want to change your password for something like that. So I found that no, um, no suspicious activity was found, So it tells you on here that everything's fine. It also shows your devices. So what does that mean when it says your devices? These are the devices that I have logged in on on my tech talk account. So I own an iPhone 11 pro Max. It says that this is this device I'm logged in right now. It also shows that I loved them on my iPad pro in February 17. I own both of these devices. I remember logging in on my iPad two tic tac. So I know that on Lee I have logged did to this account, and nobody else has logged in. So that's my devices here. If I click on your devices, I can remove one of them. And then if I click, if I click on this, little I dot where it says devices that you logged into. If you don't recognize any of these devices, removed the device and change your password to protect your account. Now why would you want to remove a device? Well, when you're logged in on a device, what ends up happening is that that a device does not need to plug in the password anymore to get into your account. So let's say you borrow your friend's phone and then you log into your tic tac account on your friend's phone to shoot a tick tock. For some reason, you left your phone at home, your phone's dead. You want to shoot a tic tac for your account. You get your friend's phone, you log in and they'll show on here. Let's say my friends phone was the iPad pro. So that second device was my friends phone. Well, now I haven't seen my friend in a week. He can still access my account because he's on this list, which means every time he opens tic tac, it logs him in directly into my account. Now, if I don't want that to happen anymore, he might not know my password, but he can still log into my account because it doesn't require password to log in. When you open the app, it loves you in right away. If you were last logged into an account, is gonna log you into that account every time. So for him not to log in anymore, I have to remove his device. So I click on the little trash can right there and then it says, Remove iPad pro. You'll be locked out of this device so that will log my friend out of the account. And then he will have to lug into his account to get back in. So that's what you do there under security. The next one is save log in info. You clicked If you enable this. It will lock you in right away. If you don't enable this, then you will probably have to put in your password every time you log in. Now we're gonna go back under here. We have privacy and safety, and we click on that. We have all these different options. So let's go through these real quick. You can make your account private or not. Would a private account Onley? Users you approve could follow you and view your videos and likes your existing followers won't be affected. So what that means is this. When people type in your account name on a discovery page or they scan your tick code or they see your video on the for you page and then they click on your account, they won't be able to see the rest of your profile in all your videos until you approve them as a follower. So it'll show the follow page. They'll show their page and SS that you could follow them and then, if you follow them and then that person will get a notification saying that you're trying to follow them when they approve your follow request. Then when you go back on there. Now you can see all their videos. Virtually nobody I know has a private account. But if you're making videos and for example, you're a teacher, something you don't want your students to see your tick talks because you're being goofy is not professional. You work in a professional environment. You don't want your coworkers or whatever to see your videos. You can make your account private. They'll follow you. You see, that is your coworker, your student, and you don't let them follow you, and then don't never see your videos. So that's why you might make your account private. Um, so the next one is suggesting account to others. So So there is this thing on TIC tac called suggestions. So let me show you what that looks like. If I follow this person Dr Plastic one. If I click on follow is going to suggest accounts down here, the's air accounts that are related to his accounts, that it tells me I might want to follow since I'm following him. Okay, I'm gonna unfollowed him and go back to my settings. So when you have this enabled, you might be a suggested account for people to follow. You want to have that enable of you're trying to build followers. So if somebody follows somebody who has a video similar to yours, or is your friend or something like that, then when they follow them, it might suggest you as someone that you might want to follow if you like this type of content. So if you have this enabled, you will show up on their If you have this disabled your not gonna show up next one is personalization and data. We click on that, you can have the ads. They show up there on Tick Tuck, be personalized to you. So ads show up as you're scrolling through your for you page from time to time, some ads will. The ads would be personalized to you based on stuff that you like to look at. It knows that you're a guy are female and knows that you like cat videos. And my show you an ad about cats. A view disabled is that the ads would be random. Okay, And then you can download tic tac data. You're never gonna use this, or we don't need to over use this. Okay, so the next thing is safety. These are like things you can disabled and enabled so that people could see your videos or do stuff which your videos etcetera. So the 1st 1 is allow your videos to be downloaded. So if we have that enabled people can download your videos later on, I'm gonna show you what downloading a video is like. And if you want people to be able to download your videos, you have enabled. If you don't want them to, you disable it. There's really no reason to disable that, in my opinion, because someone could just record their screen and then the video would be saved. But if you just really want to protect your videos a little bit more like, you don't want people copying, um, and putting your video somewhere because it's kind of personal or something. You can disable this, and then people can download your videos. The next one is who can send you direct messages. It says friends. If I click on here, I can write friends, everyone, No one. Okay, so if you have friends, then that means that on Lee, people that you're following and are following you back can message you have. You put everyone someone enable it to everyone than anyone can message me. And if you just don't want to have any messages through tech talk, you can put No. One. The next one is who can do it with your videos. I'll put everyone you can put friends. You can put No. One when we later are going to be talking about duets and react. But those are the settings to change, who can react and who can do it with you to your videos. Who can view You're like videos Onley me or everyone. Almost everyone has, like videos private. It defaults to private only me, so you don't have to worry about that. But if you don't care about sharing the stuff kind of stuff you like, you can make it, uh, available to everyone. The next thing is who can comment on your videos. Everyone friends. No. One common filters if you have it on ill high comments that maybe spam or offensive from your videos. So take Doc knows what type of videos are offensive or are like bullying or stuff like that . It will hide those comments. Um, you could also filter keywords so ill high comments with specific keywords on your videos. If I enable this, I can add a keyword. I could say I don't like the word, but what that means is if anybody writes the word, but on any of my video of my comments, it will hide the comments so nobody will see that comment. But I don't care about that, so I'm just gonna erase this. But if you have some sort of word that offends you, you don't like or something that you keep seeing in your comments. You can add that keyword and filter, so he hides those comments and then blocked accounts. When you click on that will show the list of accounts that you have blocked. And then when you clicked on any of them, you can unblock them if you want, so that's on on privacy and safety. The next one is called content Preference. We click on that. All we can really do here is at a language, so we click at language and you can pick your language, and then it will make sure that the videos are in your language because take takas worldwide. That could be tick talks in Spanish and Korean in any language and a wolf. My show up. But if you don't want those to show up, you could add a language. Most likely is not going to show up. But if you happen to getting videos of people, maybe you're traveling toe another country. You start watching those videos, but then you just don't want to see the videos. With that language, you can change it Next. One is balance. So there's this thing called coins. You can add coins by clicking recharge. You add coins by buying them here, and then you give those coins to people. There are live so you can see here the cost of different coins. And then when people collect those coins when they have enough coins and we'll talk about that later on, they can cash that out and get money out of it. The next thing is share profile, and we click on that. It's gonna open this up, and then we can find people to send our profile two on the top or on the bottom. We can share by text message, a message direct to somebody Facebook Messenger and so on. Take code worry Talked about that. Here's your tick code. Push notifications we're gonna be talking about Ah, that later on language. The app. Languages in English if you prefer another language is your native language. You can change it there. Dark mode switches the app from light to dark. Dark Makes everything black in the background on the tax white light. Makes a background white. And the texts uh, black. Okay, so now I'm gonna go back Next. Is digital well being? We click on that. Here you conduce screen time management. So we click on that. You can manage the screen. Time required that the when the time limit is reached, a pass code is required to keep using tech talk. You can also set a pass code to keep using tic tac or turn screen time management off in the future. So this is more for people who have kids that used to phones. Teoh, get a tic tac and the user for a long time. You can change it. 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes. You're telling your kids you can only be a tic tac for an hour. You set this on you turn it on on the bottom And then you said a coded Only you know, as a parent than your kid won't be ableto have, uh, be able to use TIC tac passed an hour. So that's what this is for Restricted mode. We click this odd, we click on it and then we turn restricted. More odd that it wolf look for videos that might not be suitable for Children, and then it will filter that out So it doesn't show those types of videos, so you can turn this on if you have kids, young kids on your phone using take talk, you can return restriction on, and then you can protect them a little bit more. It's not perfect, but it does a good job to filter out adult content content that suitable for kids. Oh, now, another thing I want to talk about that is that any content that shouldn't be suitable for kids would like to graphic or sexual or whatever. It will automatically not be approved by tic tac. Anyone can report it, and then we deleted from tic tac. So if you find something like that, you can report it and then it would be the leader from Ticktock. So if people just know not to post that kind of stuff on tick tock, next thing is called accessibility. We'll click on that. We have animated thumb. Now you're just going to leave that on. Next one is called Data Saver. Data saver will reduce cellular data usage videos, maybe at a lower resolution and take longer to load. That won't apply when you're on WiFi. So this is for anyone who has limited data options on their phones and their not using WiFi . So if you're if you have a NA cellphone plan that gives you one gigabyte of data and you don't want to waste all your gigabyte by watching lots of tic Tac's, you can use data saver, and it is gonna give you a lower quality videos when you're not using WiFi. But it will save you data. Almost everybody, some WiFi or has a limited data. So this is not really something that people most people should have to worry about. Then we have reported problem. We click there, and then if we have any type of problem that you had with the APP, you just don't know what's going on. Something that deleted. Whatever. Um, then you can look for it here and see how to fix it. Or you can click on top right and create a ticket where you type what happened, Send it to them. And someone from TIC Tac would try to get back to you to fix the problem. Next thing is help center, which has, ah, lot of articles on how to use TIC Tac that you could read, but you already taking this course was kind of the same thing. Next is safety center. So the safety center has a lot of information on what you want to enable and disable in your privacy settings and how to be safe while using tic tac to avoid your information being shared and, uh, protecting the youth and stuff like that while using tech talk here. There's a lot of tools, and resource is that you can look through and read. So you know, they're using so, uh, tic tac safely. So we go back in. The next thing is terms of use. It's just the rules of using tech talk. You can read that community guidelines is just more rules of using TIC Tac privacy policies . More rules of stuff with TIC Tac copyright policy. More rules on copyright materials Join tic Tac testers. That's if you want to be someone who experiments with new TIC Tac applications and features . Uh, if you want to join the group that that gets to do that, that's where you would go to do that. Clear cash means that it saves some data on your phone off stuff that you've done before so that it loads faster by clearing this a war. Enter pages and fine things as if we're doing it for the first time. You never really have to worry about this, but some people who have low space my clear it because it's taking up space on their phone . But it usually takes a very little space, so you don't really have to worry about that. The last two are at account and log out. If I click add account, then I can log into another account, using any one of the waste you log in. And then what happens is that when you click right here in the top, it says in the media Tic Tac's, then you can see other accounts that you've have added on there. You can also add an account through that, and you can then switch back in fort between the accounts. And then that way, if you have two accounts, maybe a personal one and a business one, or like you and your kids once or whatever you made multiple tic tac accounts, you can switch through them, post on different ones, um, watch videos of both of them and so on, and then you can log out right here on the bottom. So that's it when it comes to privacy and settings, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 10. Sound Profile Page: So now we're gonna be talking about the sound profile page. So kind of like tick talks have their own profile page. Every tech talk user a sound also has his own profile page. But instead of the sound making his own tick talks, it actually shows videos off other people using that sound. So every time US sound is used, they show up. It shows up on the sounds profile page. So to access it sounds profile page. You just click on a sound it, we're on favorites, for example. We click on those three little lines, and then we access the sounds profile page. So this is the sound profile page for Savage. Let's go over what you see on here in detail so you know what to expect when you have access a profile page. So on the top, we have the title of the sound. Underneath it, we have the author off the sound, and then underneath. That is how many videos were created. Using that sound. This one has 12.1 million videos were made using that sound. It's a lot of videos. The next thing that you see here is a profile picture cover for that sound. If it's an actual song, it might be the album Artwork. If it's not in My Regis, something that Meghan T. Stallion put for that sound. It has a little play button. You can preview the sound booth. So there's a sound right there. No, this particular sound and a lot of sounds actually have dances associated with those sounds . So you're going to see a lot of these videos include dances and everybody just making, um, the same dance over and over again. So we're gonna watch a couple tick tux from the profile page from this sound, starting with the top one and then scrolling down by scrolling down is gonna take us to the next one and then scrolling down is gonna take us to the next one. So as you see in those videos, the dance from the first video was repeated and all the other videos. Now, let me talk about these dances for a second, and this is all part off trends. And another, uh, lecture or course I'm a make later on. But basically that first video right there is the creator up that dance. You can read that in the caption So I'm gonna click It says here, new dance alert. Avery use my dance tag. Tag me so I can see. And then it has, um, the date March tent. So this person created this dance on March tent, and then since then, everybody else has been using it. That doesn't mean that they everybody who uses the sound is making this dance. They can use the sound without the dance. Um, and I'm gonna show you actually a video right now of that. - So here is heard using the sound without the dance. Just another creative way to use a sound. So I just thought it was very interesting. I found this video and I thought it was really cool. Wanted to included in this course. So now let's go back to that sounds profile page. So now we're here. OK, so what I want you to note as well when you're looking at the sound profile? Page is at the first video. Has 1.2 million likes, Okay, The next one has 12.3 million. Likes the theme. Next one has 9.4 million likes next one has 7.97 point one 5.85 point five and they keep going down and down. And then so let me answer a few questions that you might have on your mind right now. First question is, is the top viewed or top liked video on the top? And that is correct. Whichever video has the most likes for that sound, it's going to show up on the top, and then it's gonna go in order. Going down from the video with the most likes down to the one with the least amount of Lex . So you have a 1,000,000 likes. You might be on the top of this. If you have 100 likes, you might not be able to find yours unless you scroll down infinitely for a really, really long time until you get to your video. But they're all there, you know. 12 million videos are there. You just have to scroll down to get to yours. I've never scrolled all the way down on a 12,000,001 to see the one with the least amount or to find my video. But theoretically, you could scroll down to you, find yours and see where you kind of getting the idea of how far down your rank anyway, Now, why is the 1st 1 not the one with the most likes? Well, they like to do this thing in tic tac, where they have original videos as the first video on there. So a lot of sounds, Ah, lot of, um, trends. A lot of hash tags have an original video, which is somebody who started the sound who started on the trend, and their video would be their first, and they'll have assembled Assess original. Now the person who made this sound doesn't have a tic tac associated with it. So they're not the original one, which means that wasn't the first tic tac toe ever use that sound. But it seems like they will still put something on as the first video. So my guess is that because everybody is following this trend, this dance, the person who created the dance is getting the recognition by having their video be the 1st 1 under the savage profile page. And what that does for this sound is that it allows people to see who made the sound first . I mean, who made that dance first? Give them credit and show people how the original dance was created. Because if you don't see the original, one person could make it a little bit different than another person makes it a little bit different. And then you don't know how the dance was originally meant to be made because you don't know which when the originalists so is very important to have an original one. So that video is assigned the original one, which means is the 1st 1 on there. And then every video afterwards is in order from the one with the most likes to the one with the least likes. Now. Have you noticed the first video has Charlie the Milio? The next one has Addison. The next one is Charlie, The next one. That's Addison. The next one is Charlie. The next one has Addison. The next one is Charlie. That's because these two tick talkers have millions of followers. So if I click Charlie, the millio has 46.7 million followers, so every time she posted video, it instantly gets millions of likes, and she's usually on top of the sounds. So you feel like you see the same people on the top of the sound profile page. That's because there is a group of tech talkers that have the most followers and they usually on the top. It's no big deal. It is what it is. But that's where you should expect. She's one of them and then thanks Addison with 31.9 million followers, it's another one. They're good friends and their videos air, usually on the top with the most trending solve sounds. So I just wanted to point that out to because of something very interesting that you'll see on. So as they make you know, five or six take talks with that sound. They're tick. Talks would be the ones on top, and they'll be like one after the other. And those are the ones you see. And then as you scroll down, you see some regular people, and they're they're tick talks, and that's it. Some of them could be using that dance. Some of them could be something completely different. So the next thing is, you can add two Favorite by clicking here. This one's already added two favorite and on the top right. You can share a few clicks share in a copy link that will send people to this profile page for the sound. You can send it to other TIC TAC users. You can, um, share it by message. That's a mess, messenger and so on. And you can get a tick code for the sound, which will send you straight to this profile page. And you can report a sound which I don't know what the sound needs to have for it to be reported because I've here heard every type of sound possible. But that's, um, how the sound profile page works. The next thing I wanted to show you is we goto our favorites here. The 2nd 1 Bottoms up. This one has a little bit more information. So if you see here, you see that it shows Nicki Minaj as the author of this sound. And Nicki Minaj is profile right here. If you click on that, it takes you the Nicki Minaj profile. Um, so whenever a sound is linked to a person, their profile will usually show up there if they're the artists and made the sound and so on, and they have a tic tac. If the artist who made the sound is an on tic tac. It won't show up on their. It really has to be like a famous person who's certified to show up under The Next Thing is a playful song song. You can play full song on iTunes by clicking here, and it says, Would you like to access Apple music? I'm a press, Um, okay, and then it says, Connect to Apple music and then I'll take you to Apple music where you can hear the sound. I don't have Apple music, but if you did have Apple music, you can hear the full song and you can buy it or downloaded and so on. So does she is something else that you might see on the song profile page. Over time, they might add more things on the song profile page, but you get the good idea of what a song profile page will have. So that said, when it comes to song profile patient, we're gonna move on to the next lecture 11. Accessing Sounds: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about sounds Now the first part is accessing sounds. There is multiple ways you can access a sound, and we're gonna talk about the different ways in this section. So one of the ways that you can access sounds ace to watching tech talks. So you goto if you want a green and then you're watching some of the videos and then you can see a sound that you like. That is one of the ways, as most recommended, because then you can watch them through videos. And then, if you like the sound, then you can decide that you want to use that sound in your tic tac. If you feel like that sound might have might be very popular and such, you might decide I want to use that sound or if it's an idea that you have or you want to recreate that tic tac so you want to use the same sound you do. It is by watching videos, and then you click on the bottom left here or the bottom right, and then you click on the sound. Now you have the sound selected, and then it's a simple as using this sound. Now, whenever you find a sound that you like, you want to add it to your favorites. So you click right here, it says at two favorites. And then once you've done that for enough sound. So let's say you start a collection of sounds that you like, So you just are watching videos, clicking on the sound. Click at two favorite, then you go back. And do you do this for click on the sound added to favorite. Then you can go to your favorites and then see all the sounds that you have favorite. So you click on me and then you click where it says favorite right there. Then you click on the sound section, and these are the sounds that you have under favorite. Now that you have all your sounds on favorite, you can click on a sound from here. Once you're here, there's three things you can do with a particular sound. You can preview the sound, and then you can add it to um, you can select the sound for a tic tac that you're gonna make. Or you can see all the videos that were made using that sound. Okay, so this is kind of like a profile page for the sound. In order to preview the sound, you have to press on the play button on the cover image of the sound. So we click on the play button, get a coke. Can I get Let me get a quick pause again, and that plays a sound. Now, you notice as soon as you play the sound on the right side You have a little check mark. If you click on the check mark, what ends up happening is, And now you've selected that sound to use on your tic tac. So I'm gonna play that sound that play the sound and then click the check mark and it instantly picks that sound for me to use on this tic tac video. So I'm gonna go back. Okay. So now I'm back here. And if I don't want to use the sound, I just want to see videos used with that sound. What we do is we click on those three lines on the right side. When you click on those two done those three lines, it takes you here. Okay. Now you might mess up and not click exactly where the three lines are, and the song will start playing. He had to stop the sound and then click on the three lines until you get to this part here Enough for this sound. You have a few things. Um, view came. See the videos underneath of people that made this sound. And then you can, um, see other information on the top. We'll talk about that. And when we get to the the next lecture, we're talking about profiles of sounds. But once you're here, you can click uses sound on the bottom. That's the second way that you can use sounds. You can go from the videos that you're watching. You can go from your favorite page, and then we're gonna talk about the third Way. You can access a sound. You click on the plus sign to create a tic tac, and then on the top words that sounds. You can click sounds and then you can find the sounds that you want. This page right here. The sound selection page is very interesting. There's so much information here. You have your favorites. You have discover which has all the different categories of sounds on the bottom. And then you have playlists and recommends and all that. We're gonna talk about the sound discover of page in the next lecture. But I wanted to show you that this is another place you can access. Sounds once you find a sound that you like, So you, the same way you click on the preview, then you click on the check mark. Now, the fort way to add a sound is like this. We get rid of this sound, we start the video creating a tic tac. I'm gonna do it to, um, just this video next. And then after shot the pick tight latest tic tac of After I shot the tech talk, I can add the sound at the end. So let's say you have videos recorded on your phone that you want to turn into tick tucks. You add the video on the platform on the TIC tac Creator. Then you add the sound at the end, or you're shooting a tic tac and is maybe someone dancing or whatever. You can shoot the clip and then decide. Oh, I want to add a sound. Then you add the sound at the end. Now, once you remember, you can only add one sound per tic tac. So you have to choose wisely, Which sound you're gonna use. Okay, so I have this video clip here. Now I click on sounds, and then I have recommend the sounds. We have more, and then we have volume tab here. So winning click where it says more. And that takes us back to this sound selection page. Then we're gonna click this one, for example. And then I added on there and now the sound of their way good. With, uh, that sound actually kind of goes good with this video, but that's the four ways you had to sound. You can add a sound by watching a video, clicking on the sound and the using the sound. You can go to your favorites. You can go to create a tic tac click on sounds on the top and go to the sound selection page and then click on a sound or you can create a tic tac and at the end, add the sound. Those are the ways to add sounds to a tic tac. And now we're gonna move on to the next election 12. Sound Length: in this lecture want to talk about song lengths? So each song has a different length of time. That the song was created for the sound was created for now. Obviously, a song is like minutes long, but the sound assigned for ticktock comes in different links. Now, most sounds you're gonna find ar 15 seconds long. And the reason for that is because the ideal length for a tic tac is 15 seconds. And the reason for that is because Tic tac was meant to be used as a platform where you scroll down and watch short videos. And even though you can record up to a minute a minute is a long time for somebody to watch a video. They figure that people's attention span is very small, so they want people to use create 15 seconds. So tick talks. So they made the default time for sounds and in the tic tac creating platform 15 seconds. Now we're gonna talk about different lengths that thes sounds come in and how it could affect you making a video. So when you're looking through these sounds, you can see the length of that sound underneath the video. So savage on the top. Here is 15 seconds, while bottoms up is 51 and then the next one is seven seconds. So those three have different ways in which you will record the video. There is how you would record if at seven seconds, 15 and 51 I'll talk about the difference between the three. Okay, So the first thing you need to know is how are you adding the sound? Are you adding the sound before you create the video or after you create the video, and that's gonna determine very different effect in how the sound is used. So if you use a sound that it's less than 15 seconds and you record a tic tac, that's 15 seconds long was gonna happen is that the sound is gonna take up on Lee the amount of time that the sound is four and the rest is just gonna not have any sound on it. Whatever sound you recorded on top of it, a view record a 15 2nd tic tac and you add a 15 2nd sound. The sound is gonna be all over the ticktock if you record a 15 2nd tic tac and you add a 51 2nd sound. Then on Lee, the 1st 15 seconds of that sound are going to show up on the ticktock. So I'm going to record a 15 2nd tic tac and then add these three sounds so you can see the difference. Okay, So Okay, I'm on here. And now I'm going to record a 15 2nd tick tuck so you can see what happens when I add a seven second song, a set, 15 2nd sound, and then the other Sound this over 15 seconds. So I'm gonna click record here, and I'm just gonna talk for 15 seconds. And then afterwards, I'm gonna add the sound, And then after this video, I'm going to create a We're gonna add the sounds before so you can see the difference. Okay, I'm gonna click record here, and I'm just gonna talk for 15 seconds. So I'm gonna add the volume of the original sound. Your original sound being my voice to zero added sounds is sounds from this that we're gonna add right now and then we can raise and lower the volume for that. Once we've added a sound. So we're gonna click added sound click on more click on favorites and at Savage, which is 15 seconds long. So you beg you back Classy. Okay, so I've added the sound. And what ended up happening is that it played throughout the whole video, and then a cycle back to the beginning, repeating over with the video. So the video restarted and the sound restarted. So now I'm going to switch the sound to that seven second sound, and I'm going to raise the volume of me talking so you can see what happens when we go to favorites. And I'm at the 3rd 1 which is only seven seconds long record here. And I'm gonna talk for 15 seconds and then work. I'm gonna And then after this video, I'm going to create a We're gonna add the sounds before so you can see the difference. Okay, I'm gonna click record here, and I'm gonna talk for 15 seconds and then work. I'm gonna And then after this video, I'm going to create a uh I'm gonna Okay, So as you saw there, what ended up happening is that it only played the sound for those seven seconds and then aid stop the sound but me talking kept going for the 15 seconds that it was. So now I'm gonna add a sound. There's longer than 15 seconds, and then you're gonna see what happens. So we go to favorites and we click on bottoms up, which I'm gonna preview to you right now. Get get, get, get any. Could I get that mother? Me? That one of my head. I get around that, remember entree like Trey. Thank you. Get by me. Okay, Let's get yet. Okay. So you can hear That is really long, So I'm gonna add it right now. Way. How can I get so what ended up happening? As you saw. It doesn't play the full sound. It stops at 15 seconds the 1st 15 seconds. Okay, So what that means is that 15 seconds if you record a 15 2nd tic tac or 12th tic tac or 22nd tic tac, the rules are the same. So where you want to do is this. You want to look at the sound that you're gonna use. Figure out how long it ISS and the decide. If you want to use the whole sound. If you want to use part of the sound. Um and then, if so, which part of it um, if it's so, we'll talk about that in a second. So let's go back here to this clip. Confirmed. And now what we're gonna do is we're gonna switch this and add the sound now. So when we go here, if we add the sound beforehand, it doesn't think completely different than when we add the sound afterwards. If we had the sound beforehand, what ends up happening is that the amount of time we can record now matches the sound. So if I add the first sound, which of 15 seconds so you beg Okay, so you I can record 15 seconds. OK, now check this out. If I switch this to the seven second sound, it says shoots up to seven seconds. So what that means is that once they hit seven seconds, even though I have on the bottom 15 seconds, asked the option or if we shoots 60 seconds, it doesn't matter. Is choosing is only going to shoot the 1st 7 seconds. So let me show you what that looks like. So what ended up happening is that it stopped the video at seven seconds. When you choose a sound first, it makes this sound priority. Doesn't matter how long you wanted the video to be. It makes the sound on Lee. Seven. Made the video recording Onley seven seconds. So this was something that you have to keep in mind when you're shooting videos. So you're not working really hard to shoot a video, and then you're like, Why is that video so short? And that's because sound that you picked before the video was really short, sometimes the best to shoot the video, see how long it ISS and then find a sound. There's at least that long that long or longer. So if you're shooting your friends goofing around for 20 seconds and you want to sound overall 20 seconds, then you have to find a sound this 20 seconds or longer. Or you have to trim the video down to 15 seconds to match one of those common 15 seconds sounds. So that's something to keep in mind when using sounds. Now, if we go and pick the longer sound and click, start over, then we go to sounds, and then we click on. I'm not gonna get Collect that 51 2nd one. I'm gonna click. Um, this 26 2nd one. Hold what? Explain your sneeze, and this shoots up to 26 seconds. So this is what's interesting. Says this was 26 seconds on the bottom. I have to have the 62nd 1 enabled. If I don't have the 62nd enabled that it's not gonna be able to record all 26 seconds. If I search this to 15 then is not going to record all 26 seconds. It's going to record on Lee 15 hold, Explain your sneeze. I'm sorry. Do you have allergies? No. Is there too much pepper on your salad? I don't put Peppone Silence. I've heard enough. Sit over there. Hold. Explain your So we'll discard this. Go to 60 seconds. Now we record it again. Hold. Explain your sneeze. I'm sorry. Do you have allergies? No. Is there too much pepper on your salad? I don't put Peppone silence. I've heard enough. Sit over there. I don't want to sit by myself. That's what Typhoid Mary said, and clearly her friends buckled. Guys, help me! Sheldon, come on. That's just one sneeze here on your own. See you, buddy. Hold. So a lot of you guys might click on that sounds profile. Page watch videos here, 15 2nd tick talks and think that's the whole sound. But then you realize that the sound is actually longer than that. And when you switch the template on the bottom from 15 seconds to 60 now you can hear the whole sound and here that it's a lot longer. Now, you could make a video this longer than a typical 15 2nd video, which is what makes this very, very interesting. Okay, that's it when it comes to using sounds, Uh, when you're creating tick talks, so that's it when it comes to sound linked, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 13. Finding Sounds: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about finding specific sounds. So when we're looking for a sound for our videos, let's say we are professional dancers or we like a specific song or artists or whatever. We wanna have a sound by that artist or specific song. Where you want to do to find it is you go to the Discover Page. Once you're in Discover Page, you go to the search bar on the top and you type in the sound that you want. So for this lecture, we're gonna look at Ariana Grande Days sounds. So we're gonna go to search and type in Ariana Grande and then on here we have top user's video sounds and hashtag X wing. A clicker says sounds, and then it says, sounds from Ariana Grande. And then we click on more sounds from this artist. So we click here, and then we have all the sounds from that artist. Now she doesn't necessarily have all these late does many songs. As you see here. A lot of these are repeated, and the reason they're repeated is because they're the same song, but in different parts of the song. So you like a certain song. But you like a different part of the song. You have to not just find the song, But you also have to preview it and see where in the song it iss and then see if that's the part that you like. And it's not the part that you like. You can click on the other one and hear different part. Okay, so let me show you an example of that we have here. Thank you. Next here. And thank you. Next down here, when you click on both of them, preview it and see if, um which parts of the songs they are in. So we click on the 1st 1 and then the next one here in the booth so you can see that they're both in different parts of the song. And the other interesting thing is that whether you pick this top one or the bottom one, they both also have different song profile pages. So when I click on it, the 1st 1 we have this one with these videos. This one has 300 videos and then this one out here with these videos right here. This one has 196 videos, completely different videos, completely different parts of the song. But this name of the song exactly the same, and the artists it's exactly the same. Now they're put in order from how Maney videos air created by the song, so the ones with the most are on the right side, here on the top, and then the ones with the least are on the bottom. You can see the number of videos over here, so the 1st 1 has 72,000 videos with this song. The next one has 53,000 videos with the song, So when you click on thank you next, the 1st 1 you have a profile page here with these videos, you click on the next one. You have profile page with these videos, so that's how you find a particular sound. We go back. We have hear other sounds that are not just from the artists but kind of like remixed with featuring either Ariana Grande or is Ariana Grande. They would another artist or remix, so those could also be found here when I typed in Ariana Grande. Ah, So there is all these different sounds with keywords Ariana Grande A on it. We scroll down a little bit more, it starts to disappear. And now we have, um, other sounds that are named Ariana Grande. But don't have Ariana Grande on them and so on. So you could type in the name of a song the name of an artist on the search bar and find it another thing. I wanted to talk about finding songs. ISS. If I click here and I click on Ariana Grande, I go to her page. And then I can also click here. If a certain artist has sounds or some pertinence and has sounds, they will show up right here and the you can see all the sounds by that person. So if you like an artist, you can either go to their profile and then click on sounds or you concerts that person. Ah, that profile on the Discover Page and then search for sounds linked to that person. So there, two ways that you can find specific sounds. So that's it when it comes to finding specific sounds on tic Tac, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 14. Sound Selection Page: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the sound selection page which looks like this In order to get to it, you can get to it before you shoot a tic tac or after you shot a tic tac and you're adding a sound as we've shown in the last lecture. So we're here and we're making a tic tac We click on Sounds on the top and that takes us to our sound selection page on here We have these ads on the top showing different sounds. We click on it, It takes us to that sound. Underneath we have two columns we have discover and favorites. If we click on favorites, we have all the sounds that we have favored before While we're looking through sounds and such and we click on discover it has this recommended section over here in the top If we click on all then it takes us toe All the recommend the sounds These are just sounds that a kind of trending that Tic Tac thinks it wants to push out for you to use on your tic tac next our playlists. So we have here the playlist section. If we click on all we can see all these different playlists from trending to WrestleMania, new releases, greatest hits featured and then different categories of sounds. Ah, lot of the same sounds are gonna be in this, then different playlists. So just cause you click on a different playlist doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna get completely new list of sounds that might be the same as the trending wants or the new release or whatever. I personally like going to the trending playlist and then using one of these sounds and what is a trending sound. So a trending sound is a sound that ah, lot of people are currently using on the platform. And why that's important is because the algorithm off Tic TAC is assigned to show people videos that are trending. And then if people like those video than to show those videos to those users more often. So if that song is trending, then he's gonna push it out to a lot of people. And then, as they watched those than more videos with those sounds are going to show be shown, so old songs are not gonna be shown as often. So think of it like the radio. When you listen to the radio, you hear basically the same songs over and over again. And on occasion you hear an old song. But he usually shows what's trending right now. Or the latest songs that just came up but usually was trending. That's the same here. Thes air was trending on tic Tac, so it's kind of like if Tic Tac was a radio station. These are the songs that you will hear on repeat over and over again. So it's kind of a good idea to use one of these sounds in your tic tac. But if none of these sounds match your tic tac, then you can go over here and just look at the other playlists. And chances are that those will also have success. And it's better than just searching up a sound that, like people aren't really looking up. Chances are it won't show up to that many people, so it's better to use one of these sounds from the sound selection page. Next, Even though we have these playlists here, Um, we have the playlists underneath here, So just like gaming, indecent country was here. We have it here. Gaming, indecent country. So this is just kind of like a different way to see the playlists. But with, um, the named and ah and ah, album covers for those sounds on there So you could scroll left and right here and see different sounds. And then you can preview any of them by just pressing the play button. So those air sounds, some of them are from actual songs. Some of them are from games, or some of these sounds could actually be voices of people that people have created. Our came from a cartoon or whatever. These sounds come from all over. Um, and you never know what you confined as a sound. So that is the sound selection page. The last thing I want to go over is if you want a favorite a sound, you can click on the little ribbon. So if I want a favorite savage here, I click on that little ribbon there, and that means has been added to favorites. So that's it when it comes to the sound selection page. Now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 15. Trimming Sounds: okay, In this section, we're gonna be talking about trimming sound. So trimming sound is something that almost most people are not going to know you can do. Don't care to do it. But it could come in handy when you're making certain type of tick talks or just to explore mawr off a sound. So let me show you what I mean. When you click on a sound, um, like savage. We've heard it a 1,000,000 times. And you it says 15 seconds on there, right? So I click on this and then we have a selected What people don't know is that a lot of these sounds, especially the popular song ones. There is actually 30 seconds of that sound available. But it on Lee really lets you record a 15 2nd tic tac with it. So what does that mean? That means that you have more of the sound available for you to choose from in those 15 seconds. And to access that, you have to trim the sound to trend the sound. You have to click right here. So we click, right? So that showed you the 1st 15 seconds of a sound. Now, when I click on trim and I click on the sound and I hold on it and I drag it to the left is going to say start from And that's where in the 30 seconds you're gonna start from and then it's gonna play till the end. So let me show you what I mean recorded. So now we have that extra clip that we've never heard of before. That wrapping part of this song we've never heard of in almost anybody's tic Tac because they're using the 1st 15 seconds of the song. You can use the last 15 seconds or you can use from 2nd 5 to second, um, 20. You know, 15 seconds of the song wherever you dragged a slighter else a start from that second, that's where in that clip that 30 seconds you wanted to start from and then it's gonna plate for 15 seconds. Then you click the check mark on the bottom, right, And that is the 15 seconds off the 32nd sound you've selected. No, that's what you use with the trimmer Um, when you have a 15 2nd Tic tac 15 2nd sound and there's more now, I'm not saying that every sound that's 15 seconds long has 30 seconds. Most of them that I seen dust. But it could be different. And if you just can't trim it, it won't let you trim it. You click trim and nothing will happen. So let me show you more examples. We go to favorites and we click on this one This seven seconds long. This one won't let me trim it because it's only seven seconds. There's no room to play with. It has to be longer than 15 seconds in order for me to trim it. So this is great out. If I click on it, nothing happens. It won't let me click on that. So that's for sounds are less than 15 seconds. So let's click on a sound. There's already longer than 15 seconds. So we go here favorites and we go to bottoms up. Okay, this one is 51 seconds long. So the favorites, 51 seconds. This 51 seconds long. Now, if you have 15 seconds enabled and this is before the video, remember when we talked about what happens when you added afterwards is only gonna play the 1st 15 seconds you can't trim it. But if you add this sound before you start recording and let's say you want to dance to it , but you want to dance to the last 15 seconds off that whole song, then you click on trend and you grab the slider and you drag it all the way to the left. So let me show you what that looks like. Okay, so now that I've checked that off is going to start playing from 36 seconds in the song. The white 36 with 36 plus 15 is 51 the song is 51 seconds long. So Dirty six is the last 15 seconds off the song, OK? And you can drag it to the middle of the song wherever you want, but have it play 15 seconds now. Why 15 seconds and not the whole thing. The reason this is even enabled The reason you can trim it to 15 seconds is because on the bottom we have 15 seconds selected when we have 15 seconds selected were telling Tic Tac that we want to record a 15 2nd or less video in order to get the full song. We gotta switch this to 60 seconds. And then this is what happens where we dragged us to 60 seconds. It says two shoots up to 51 seconds. And now we can trim this. Why can't we trim it? Because we're only shooting. We're shooting past of 15 seconds. And the song is not even 60 seconds long. So now you've got the whole song to play with it. But if you want to make a 15 2nd tic tac and you want a particular part of the song, you switch it to 15 seconds and you trim it to the part that you want. So that's how you work with the trimming effect of a sound on tic tac. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 16. What is a Trend?: and this lecture, we're gonna be talking about trends. The first question I want an answer is what is a trend? So a trend is something that everybody is doing on tick tock. And when a lot of people are doing it on tic TAC, then it becomes a trend and what I mean by something that people are doing on Tic Tac. What I mean is a style of video that people are recreating over and over and over again. These styles of videos could be anywhere from a comedy skit to a certain dance to a certain effect. There's so many ways that trends are created on tic tac. So if you're brand new to tic tac and you haven't figured out what's trends look like and what a trend ISS I'm gonna show you on here what a trend will look like. So you know that this is a trend, and sometimes you might not even know that something is a trend when you first see it. But then when you see it two or three times, you're like, wow, this this might be a trend. A lot of people might be doing this and then you quickly catch on. What kind of things are trends or not? And then I'm gonna show you guys tricks to figure out how to find these trends. So let me show you some trends. The best way to get a good idea of trends is to go to the Discover page. So when you go to discover page on here, you see all these trends, the's air trends that are associated a hash tags, and we'll talk about Hashtags and the next lecture. So we're gonna look at the first trend when I click on indoor workouts and these air trends of people making videos of indoor workouts. So we're gonna watch a couple e? Who needs to go to sleep when I call you next to me. You okay? Says you can see from those videos. This is a trend because people are doing work out from home. Um, with what's going on at the current time, when this course was released Corona virus. Everybody stuck indoors. So was trending right now is videos of people making in their workouts. So in the 15 to 60 seconds that they're making their tic tac, they're showing people some workout routines that they can do. And then they link it to the hashtag in their work out, which will talk about the next lecture when we talk about hash tax. So all these videos are all the same. Some of them are actual work out. Some of them are comedy bits making fun of people who do in their workouts or whatever, like the second video. So another trend could be something like this one called to see slide. And then when you play it will play a couple every day with it. I'm gonna show you how to get it. Go right foot. Right foot. Basically, I'm saying, either way, we buy can addition side. You know, I could dance I Michael jet so I could get you satisfied. You know, we are here every day with it. I'm gonna show you how to get it. Go right foot. Right foot. Basically, I'm saying, Either way, I'm gonna show you how to get it Go right. Basically, I'm saying either way, Okay, so there's a couple of videos there of this to see slide trend. That is a dance to the song they Lincoln with that hashtag And everybody is making a video , Um, using this sound right here. So how do you another thing you should know about trends? Like I said, they could be associate ID two types of videos. Um, sounds so a popular sound that has ah, trend is the sound savage? So when a type and savage and I go to the sound and I click on it, this sound right here has a dance associated to it, which is very specific. And then everybody is re creating this dance and has become a trend. So to follow this trend, somebody has to click on this sound, use the sound and do the dance than they're following the trend. Now, you can also follow the trend by just making fun of the dance not doing exactly the same way. Or they can create their own trend by creating a new dance or some other thing to do with that sound. So some people could say that using the sound is a trend. But more specifically, what is the trend? Is the dance so sometimes the sound is it the trend? But usually the dance associated with the sound or the action associated with sound, is the trend. So for this song was trending Is this dance? I'm gonna show it to you and then a couple other people doing the same one. So you that the Okay, So people doing this dance is a trend. The dance is the trend now, other things that could be trends are effects. So, for example, if we go to our effects and we do the, um, freeze frame, then when we look at this effect here, we see this, um, small person on the hand, that is a trend. So let me show you a couple people doing this trend. So that is a trend associated with that effect. Another popular one that I've seen recently a pope A lot that we've actually done ourselves . Is this one right here? So this big had one has ah, a trend. It is a sound with the big had you mounting the sound. So let me show you what I mean is a tapa. Wait a minute. 22 people feel. And then here's another one is a way 22. Yep. So there is ah lot of people following this trend and it's a popular one. Here's another one wait 22. There's, Ah, some people doing this trend. They call it the Pew Pew Pew Challenge or whatever. So that is another trend. The trends could be associate ID. What effects trends could be associate ID, too? Sounds hashtags and whatever. So that's a little introduction to what is trends, and now we're going to move on to the next lecture. 17. What is a Hashtag?: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about hash tags. So what is a hash tag? A hash tag is the little hash tags sign. And then a word next to it spelled out in one word. You can't put a space next to it or anything. Just one word spelled out completely. Service to words like indoor workout. You put it together. It's all in one word indoor workout. And what that means is when somebody captions their video. So in the caption sex, another video. When they're about to publish their video, they write what their videos about and then they add captions. So let me write a caption. They write hashtag So let me write a caption so you can see um what? Right in the hashtag Looks like you're like, brand new toe. Ever putting a hash tag on anything. Any post on any social media? So I have here. So I have here my video. I'm going to record this for a little bit. Okay, just me talking in a recorded this for a little bit. Okay? Just me talking. Okay? There's no sound. We click next and here writing this post. Describe your video This is where you would write your hashtag. So you were right ran the video and then you would do hashtag. Now, to do a hashtag, you could do one or two ways you can click on the bottom right of your keyboard. If you have an apple device on ah, android, it might be different, but on an apple device, you click in the bottom right here hashtag and then it pops up a lot of a lot of options for hash tags. Um, that you can write someone little, um, fires on them, some with check marks and some recently used and so on. But you would write something like savage. And then once you used that one, you click space, and then you could write another one, um, stuck at home that you could write another one, uh, board. Then you could write another one. Um, uh, tic tac tick tuck masterclass. Oh, tic tac masterclass as 828 views. That's pretty cool. Oh, actually, tic tac masters has one million. OK, so that's how you right hashtag x. But let's talk about what? Our hash tax and what did they do when you write them on a post and so on. Okay, so you making a post, you write a hashtag. So what do you actually doing to that video when you write a hashtag? So every hash tag groups all the videos that use that hashtag in their caption together. So when you click on that hashtag, whether you're watching a video or urine discover page and you type in on the hashtag, however, you way you access the hashtag profile page, which we'll talk about enough, another lecture. Once you get there, you can see all the videos that I've ever used at hashtag. So let's look at this hashtag here, which is indoor workout. She's the 1st 1 on the Discover page in here. We have all the videos. They use that hashtag now. In the previous lecture, we talked about trends. This is a trend. Indoor workout videos are a trend, so if people want to follow this trend, they make a video where they do in home workout. And then in their caption, they write hashtag indoor workout, and what that will do is a few things. First, a whoa group that video with all the other videos that involved in their workouts, which means on this page right here, your video will be on there and it will be grouped together where all the other ones. The second thing that it will do is it will let Tic Tac No. What type of video your video is because Tic Tac doesn't know it can't watch your video and know what your videos about. So you writing Hashtags tells Tic tac with your videos about. So why do you want to talk to know what your video is about? The reason you want to talk to know what your videos about is because Tic Tac will then send that video to people who like watching those types of videos. Ticktock knows, based on videos that people complete videos of people really watch videos of people like videos of people comment on and so on what types of videos people like. So there's somebody out there who loves and or workout videos and you post on end or workout video. There's a good chance that that person will bump into your video on his home page on his for you part of the home page. Your video could pop up But if you never wrote hashtag indoor workout and this person likes in their workout types videos, then your video might not might not show up on this for you Page. And then you might not get that view in my show up on somebody else's page. But not on Hiss. And the reason why it is important that the indoor workout guy watches your video versus a random person watching your video is because if the in their workout guy watches your video , he might complete the video. He might like the video. He might re watch the video and he my comment on the video and what that does to instinct to Tick Tuck is that it will cause your video to get a boost on the TIC Tac algorithm, which means more people will see your video. So as more people re watch it and watch your video and completion and like it and commented , the more Tic Tac's gonna push your video, do you want to make sure that the right people are watching your video in the best way for the right people? To wash your video is to add the hash tags to your video. We'll talk about picking the Hashtags for your video in another lecture. But that's why we add Hashtags to videos. So one is to group it with all the other videos, and two is to make sure that it is shown to the appropriate audience. So oh, another thing you should know about hashtag is hashtag could be any word or collection of words is usually one word or two words together. Sometimes it could be something like stuck at home, which is three words, but it's either a small phrase or ah, one word. It's not that long. Usually, um, is here some examples of some hashtag so we have indoor work out Blanket life. Passover to see slide Health heroes Texas helping Texans Freeze frame level up Book club WrestleMania. So those are some examples of hashtag you just you get better at thes over time. The more tick talks you make, the more hashtag to use. You'll end up realizing that some of the hash sex you used in the beginning weren't as good as someone the hash actually used later on. You can kind of see by the results of your videos when you use better hash sex. You get more views on your videos. So, uh, hashtag selection is very important. And one of the best tips is to use 3 to 5 hashtags in your captions. And I repeat this over and over again in this section, but used 3 to 5 hashtags in your caption. That is the ideal number we used too many. Then it's gonna be spread out too much, and it just won't reach the appropriate audience. You want to use less hashtags, but more than one is probably better. So 3 to 5 I've heard over and over again from all these people to talk about tic tac that that's the ideal number. So that's a when it comes to what is a hashtag. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 18. Hashtag Profile Page: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the hashtag profile page. So, like tic tac users have profile pages and sounds have profile pages. Hashtags also have profile pages. So ah, hashtag profile Page will show you all the videos of all the people that used that hashtag in that video when they wrote their caption. This is a new example. Ah, quick way to find a hashtag profile pace you can go to discover see common hashtags here. Click on one and I'll take you to that hashtags profile page. Now it is a very, very big hashtag that has a lot of views that's on the trending page. It might have a profile picture and it might have a description. So on here, under in their work out, you have 184.4 million views. So that's how many views all the people who have used that hashtag have in all their videos combined. Okay, now there's a profile picture there associated with indoor workout, and then there is a description off what this hash tag is about. So I read it to you assess here. Who needs to go to the gym when you can get fit at home whenever Whether you're working through a body weight routine or perfecting your yoga poses. Show us your hashtag in their workout so you can tell Tic tac created this whole profile page for this hashtag with the description and a picture. So they you know, um, that this types of videos people are watching you should create one like this and you'll get lots of views because a lot of people are watching these types of videos right now. So on here you'll see a lot of videos that people created of indoor workouts. Now, usually the ones on the tops have the most views. So when you click on the 1st 1 this'll one has 1.2 million likes. This one has 9000. This one has 14,000. Um, so very relevant. Popular ones are usually on the top. Um, unlike sounds, they don't organize them by likes. You can see that the 1st 1 has a 1,000,000 likes. The 2nd 1 only has 9000 likes, but they're kind of like trending videos at the moment. So even though you would think that the one with the most likes is the most trending. It could be kind of old, so take talks now, pushing it out as much So it keeps changing was trending for that hashtag, and this order of videos on this page will keep changing randomly. It's different on the sound profile page. Like I said, the top one stay on the top and they stay on the top. But what? Hashtags is different. It's a different system now. The other thing you could do here on ah hashtag profile page is at two favorite. So if I click at two favorite here and then I go to my favorites, I can goto hash tag and I can see the hashtags that are my favorites. So why would I want Ah hashtag to me? And my favorite is because I can then click on them and get to that profile page in case I forget. Where was that profile page? Where were that trend that I was following so that I could do it later on? Maybe I want to make an indoor workout video one day. I have this favorite so I can I know the right hashtag to use. I don't just put workouts or working out at home. That's not the correct hashtag I have to use indoor workout. So by saving at us a favorite, I know exactly what the spelling is, how the hash tag is so that I can use that hashtag when I make this video. And then the last thing you can do on the, uh, profile page is click on the top, right? This is a share button. You can copy a link to it, message it and send it to your friends. Now, if you click on the bottom, you have the little record. But what that will do is this. When you click on that and you record something, you stop it. Click OK, record something. And next, What ends up happening is that that hashtag will already be added on there for you. This is useful if for some reason you why do you you struggle to remember dispelling off of a hashtag some of these hashtags could be tricky and you don't know if there's a if it is working out at home workouts from home indoor, work out or just work out. You want to get it just right so you can click on the hash tag. Click on the record button on the bottom. And then when you record your video, you know that at the end is gonna have the hashtag on the caption already on there saved and ready for you to use. And then you can add more hash tags on top of that. But that is one way to secure that. You use that hashtag in that video. Okay, So besides your favorite and the Discover Page, how else can you get to a profile page of a hashtag? Well, you can go on here and search and type in a hash tag. Yes, I will type in savage type in Hashtags, and then I can type click on the 1st 1 which is Hashtags Savage. And now I'm on the profile page for the Hashtag Savage, which I've shown before the profile page for the sound Savage. But that's different than the profile page for the hashtag Savage. This one has completely different profile picture completely different description, which doesn't make any sense to me, and the videos air different too. And the reason is because these air different videos air trending using the hashtag savage , which might or might not have the sound savage on there, but they savages Ah, hashtag that you can use to signify anything that you find to be savage doesn't have to have the sound or not So typing in on the search bar ah, hashtag and clicking on it will take you to a profile page going to favorites and clicking on the hashtag texture to profile page and going to the Discover Page takes you to profile page. The last way to get to a Hashtags profile page is if you're watching a video and that hashtag is under raindrops took this photo on snap So here is a video of cute instagrams. So here is a video on the home page that I found This one has hashtag fast cars Hashtag f y p has Stagg f y page. So if I click on the hashtag fast cars which is already bold ID, um, it will take me to the profile page for the hashtag fast cars. So I'm gonna click on there right now and now I'm in the profile page for the hashtag fast cars which showed me it has 204 million views for that. Ah hashtag which all the videos combined half. And then I can add it to favorites. Or I can use it in a video. So those of the multiple ways that you can get to a hashtags profile page now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 19. Finding Hashtags: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about finding Hashtags. So what I mean by finding hashtags is how toe fine the hashtag that you should be using when you're making a tic tac how to find hashtags associated with trends. How defined which hashtag has the most views. When I'm posting a video how to find hashtag that you use before a bunch of other questions that involves finding hash tax. So the first thing I want to show you is that on the Discover page we have trending hash sex. It's simple enough to just go on here and looked through the list of trending hashtags in final hash tag that has a video that you might want to make. This might inspire ideas for videos or, um, you have a video that you have in your head and you confined here hashtagged that maybe you could link to your video that you're going to make. But that might not be enough, because if you do an indoor workout video, that might just be one hashtag and the goal is to put 3 to 5 hashtags in your video. So what other hashtags would you put if you do on indoor workout video. So here is a couple of ideas on ways that you can find Hashtags to use which your videos. One thing is you can look at the videos and see what hashtag people are using with those videos. So let's go on here and look at some of the videos and see what hashtags they use. So we'll go to the 1st 1 and they use hashtag Pallotti's hashtag fitness hash tag. Let day hashtag favorite fit and so on. We have a couple hash tags here that we can use, and if you want, you can click on some of them like, let's say we click on the 1st 1 We see this one has 151 million views. We click on the next one Fitness. This one has 18 billion views, so that's probably a really good one. We click on Leg Day that has 1.4 billion views, which is really good. We click on Favorite Fit that has 2.1 billion views, so favorite fit is now one that you would commonly think of So this person might have seen this hashtag a lot has a 1,000,000,000 views was probably very popular hashtag and decided to make a video with that. So she's combining Favorite Fit, which has a lot of use, and the trending hash tag, which is, um, this one right here in their workout and death. Put it together. So the next one that we have here is ah, Jim Challenge, which has a 1,000,000,000 views, and here is a couple hashtags that we can use would endure workout. Now we go back. Here we click on the next one. This one has in their work out as the only one homework out. Now, As you see here, some of these don't have the hashtag in their workout. And that's because, uh, tick talk as went out of their way to create this a trending hashtag and made this a trend . And when this is a trend, what they do is that they find other hashtag associated with in their workouts and put them all on here. That's not the case when a hashtag isn't a trend or that big. Then you would have to write that hashtag in order to be on the profile page. But for this hashtag because is on the Discover page, and it's a trend not all of them that have that hashtag will show up on here. You could also not have the hashtag, but as long as it is an indoor workout video, it will show up on this page. But it still doesn't change the fact that we're looking for other hashtags. So we're on here. We click on this one. That one just says in the workout. I mean, this one says, Happy at home Today's workout. So this one has home workouts in home workouts, home workouts at home workouts, just a bunch of hat Hashtags would work out on them. So, for example, the 1st 1 had leg day because they're working out the legs. So being more specific than endure workouts by talking about which body parts were working out could be a good idea to for people. They're looking for that type of workouts so that it just want to end our work out there once, once for the legs or arms or biceps and so on. By putting the body part that you're working out in as a hashtag could be another good idea , and you could do that for any type of, um, video that you make be more specific and make that into a hashtag. It's another way to find a hash tag. It's unless they were doing in the workout one. We loaded a search bar on the top and we were typing workout. We'll click search and then we will click on Hashtags and then we have anything that has the word workout in it. Um, and you can see different hashtags that are very popular that involved a word workout in them. So the word workout alone has 7.8 billion views, so that's a good one. Another one is Workout Challenge, which has 357 million views. Now, another thing to note here is that when you use challenge usually is linked toe a trendy, um hashtag And why you want to use a trendy hashtag is because you might get other people, um, Teoh do similar videos which you when you include challenge on it. Um, so they might be recreated mawr, Um, exactly to how your video is, which will cause your video to be seen more, and it will cost people toe. Wanna watch the video more and I believed to be seen more if you were use a word challenge because challenge, it's associated with trends. So that's just something to keep in mind. So you can go here workout. Find the five that you want to use. So you might use, uh, workout challenge workout street workout or work out from home, which is different than street workouts and then workout routine. And just use those five. And then you found five hashtags. Um, another thing is, when you're making your videos, right, So go on here. Okay, So I have here in video. This is the mask she used for. So this is the mask she used for. Okay, So I have here a video that I've uploaded on here so I can show you hashtag sits just my roommate with a face mask. Um, because she is, um, we're making another video with that face mask. So we click next, we go to describe your video, and then we click hashtag, and then when it's going to show is ah, several things on here. So, um, you have here a couple popular hashtags and then hashtags that I've used in the past. So to find these Hashtags. All I had to do is go on here, start writing the caption, right? Ah, hash tag symbol. And then it's gonna show up on here Some suggestions for hashtag X. Now, if I start typing in a hashtag So if I type in mask, it's going to do the same thing it did when we did the search bar. It found me all the hashtags associate ID wit. Um, that word so would mask. I have mask, which has 1.1 billion views. Facial mask, mask off, masked challenge, masked mask, army and so on So I could do mask I could do Ah, masked challenge. I could say, uh, Corona virus. We have Corona virus Corona virus. Put this one. We can dio Corona virus a mask. Let's see if that's one that is one with a 1,000,000 views. We have de ah, what d i y Corona virus mask. It's kind of good, cause this was a do it yourself growing arise, master, someone made and so on. So that's how I would put together some hash tags. So that's a when it comes to finding Hashtags. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 20. Recording a Tik Tok Part 1: Okay, you guys, I want to welcome you guys to the creating tic tac portion off this master class for anybody who is still too. Then, thank you guys for checking it out in these next few lectures. And in the next section, we're gonna be just creating Tic tac's. We're gonna show you everything that has to do with creating tech talks. You already heard about sounds and hashtags and how to use TIC Tac. But now we're gonna be talking about strictly how to create tech talks. So the first thing I want to talk about is the types of tick talks that you can create. So basically, there's really two main types of tick tocks. There's tick talks that have clips on them. And then there's tick talks there, recorded straight through one clip. Now, the easiest types of tick socks who create are the single clip one where you just click record, do the tic tac until the sound is over and you're done. The harder ones and we will be making both types throughout this course are the ones that involved multiple clips. So this lecture is gonna go over both of those options just the basics. And then later on, we're gonna go into more advanced features off, take talk, to adjust clips and to record and add effects and all these cool stuff. So the easiest thing to do is you add a sound. So to add a sound, you click right here recess sound and then you're in the sound selection page. You click on a sound. So let's say savage. Okay, so you beg. And once it selected, the easiest way to start. And this is how most people, in my opinion, make tech talks, is you just click the record one, that red button right there. Click this button. It's going to start recording. You do your little dance or whatever you're gonna do until to sound this over, which is 15 seconds. Okay, so let's just try it out to make our first you beg So you beg you back, Reggie. Okay, so that is a simple tic tac. That's how most people make their tick talks to just click record. They do the things they go back. If they like it, they keep it. If they don't like it, they move on. If it records all the way through is gonna take you to a page Where is previewing the tick tock? And then, if you like that, you could complete and then you can publish it. Okay, if you record it less than the 15 seconds. So the bar on top here shows how much you could record. Since this sound is 15 seconds long is only gonna let you record 15 seconds. And this blue marker here shows how much of the tick tock of the 15 seconds was recorded. This is all filled up. That means the whole thing was recorded. If I recorded lesson 15 seconds, then I would still be on this page, not the preview page, but this shooting page where I can keep shooting more clips. Okay, baby didn't click. Stop. It's gonna play till the end and then take you to the preview page so I and then I can go back to the shooting page. So I went back, and I'm here in this bar is filled up to go back to the premier page. I click on this check mark here saying I am done shooting. So if I click on that Okay, so you beg here this is the preview page. This shows that tic tac in a loop playing over and over again. This is the part where you review. Would you just shop and decided, if you like it or not, Are you want to do it again and so on? You don't like it, you will click right here on the top left, Where is the backbone? And then you go back and shoot it again. If you do like it, you click on the bottom right where it says next and you move on and publish it. Okay, I'm a click. Next for a second. I'll take you here. And this is where you would write a caption. And then you were ad who convert you this video. You go from public, you have friends or private private means that it will be on your page, but no one can see the TIC tac. Uh, I can't think of any reason why you might do private. Some people say that they will put it on private and then making public leader on. But the best way to do that is just to save it as a draft. We'll talk about that in a second friends. If you want only certain people to see your ticked up, meaning your friends, people that you are following that are following you, then you click on friends. Public means everybody, and that's where most of the tic tacs are going to go, so you probably always leave it on public. If you want to save it as a draft, you click where it says, Draft on the bottom left and then you will have all your videos saved on there. All the videos that are drafted draft means it's kind of like a vault off all the tick talks that you're not ready to publish. The reason why you might want to save a video in your draft is less that you've made five pick talks in a row. You don't want everybody to see all of them. You want to give each one enough attention. You want people enjoy a tic tac for a day, and then the next day you want to publish the next one or in a couple hours to want to publish the next one. So you're saving mall in your draft and then later on, you can haven't be published so then you go back to your drafts and you find the video and you publish it. We'll look at that in a second. You can have comments be allowed to. People can write comments. You always always leave that on allowed duets. Later on, I'll show you what a do it looks like. But in the most part you want to allow duets so that people can do a duet with you, and then more people will find your video, and then you will get more viewers. The next one is saved to device. You almost always want this enabled. What this will do is that it will grab that tic tac and download it and put it on your phone so that you could watch it later. Just a tic tac without having to get on the tic tac up. And then you can grab that video and share it on social media. You can always save it to device later on, but if you just want to do it right away, when you're done publishing, you would have that checked off on. So I always have everything checked out a lot. Comments. A lot. Duet safety device in public on the bottom. You can have share post videos too different platforms. So if you have your instagram length Snapchat, whatever, you can have it be shared on those media's social media's after you are done publishing. 21. Recording a Tik Tok Part 2: So now that we're here, if you don't like this clip, you want to get rid of it, you can press acts on the top left, and then you can write. Start over, or you can click Exit, right? I'm a click. Start over. Okay, so now we're back here in the beginning. So let's let's do this in two ticks. Okay? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click record, so you beg, stop recorded, And then I'm a click record again. And stop recording did not have it in two ticks. Okay, Now, you see here that this was the first take, and this was a second take, okay? And then this little part right here shows how much of the song I still have left to record . And you're not forced to record till this is full. You could stop right here and click on the little check mark, and that would be your video right there. Okay. So you can make it all 15 seconds or 14. Or 10 or five seconds. Whatever. Your tic tac could be assured as you want, and then up to 60 seconds. Okay, So we have that figured out now to get rid of a clip. So let's say I want to get rid of this clip right here. You would click right here at this button right there, this little x with, uh, pointing back, we'll get rid of your last clip. So I will click on that. And it says this card the last clip I'm a click confirm. And now the last clip is gone, and I can record it again. I'm gonna do three clips. I know you beg and I went back. So now I have three clips. They're separated right here. If I want to give her the last one, I will click right there. Now, next thing I'm going to show you guys is what happens if I want to re record just this one , okay? Or this one to record the last one. All I have to do is erase it, and I can re record this one. But what if I want to record record this one, this one, or have 10 clips and I want to re record the second clip? What I do. So what you do is this you click on the little check mark right there. Okay, so you beg and then you click where it says adjust clips. So you see right there, assess, adjust clips, you click on that. And then you click on the clip. You want every record. So on the bottom you have all three clips. I click on the middle one and there is a middle one. This is what the backlit looks like in a loop. Just that. Then what I do is that click words has start over. Click on that. And now you'll see here that the first clippers and blue this last clips of blue And now on Lee the middle is available, which means I can record Onley in this area right here of the song. I can record this two clips or Aiken recorded in one long clip and now I just click record right there and it's going to record. And now we have that clip at it we couldn't done thanking. Now is showing me what that clip looks like. If I like it, I clicked the check mark on the bottom, right, Stupid. And now I have all three clips the way I want it. Okay, The next thing I want to show you guys is if I want to not have to click record and walk back and do that. Okay, so we go back here, I'm going to get rid of everything when you start over, and then we're gonna click were assess. Timer Timer allows us to give us time From the moment we click record to the moment it starts recording. Okay, so I'm a click where it says timer E. So you beg you e u Okay. When I click timer on top, right, you'll see. Three seconds and 10 seconds, you can set three seconds or 10 seconds. And what that will do is it will give you a three second or a 12th timer. From the moment you click record to win a start recording, it will count down on the screen. And then when it hits, zero is going to start recording you do your thing, and then you could come back and click. Stop. Okay, so let's do this. Hey, So you beg. I sent my count out to 10 seconds. I come back here. Wait when his zero is gonna start recording. So you beg says I stopped recording there Okay, Now, let's say I also don't want it to show me coming back and click his stuff right. We'll show this mawr and later and a later lecture. But what you would do is this. So you go back to timer and you drag the line from the end to where you wanted to stop recording. Someone said it's somewhere in the middle. Okay? And then I have my timer, and then I'm a click. Start recording. Okay? Some will get rid of this last clip, Click timer your middle, and this is what happens. Okay, so you beg. So what happens is that it on Lee recorded up until that part. And that is very useful, because now you never see me go here. Click record, go back and stop the recording. Now, if you have the sound and you record all the way to the end is going to stop recording. So never gonna show you clicking the record button to stop. But if you only recording a clip and you want to stop the recording, the only way is to set on a timer where you want it to stop and it's gonna stop on its own . And if you don't like that, take you go back here, click on this in L A race that take Okay, So that's how you record, um, and adjust that. The next thing I'm gonna show you guys is this camera. So in the top, right you have here, it says flip well, flipped us is it changes a camera from the front, facing camera to the back facing camera. So if I click on this now is showing this camera over here, which is a back camera which shows my ring light shows the rest of my living room, And if I flip it again, it shows me. Okay. Now, some people say, hey used the back facing camera because it's higher quality than the front facing camera. But the way that Tic Tac is designed like people don't really care about, like how sharp the quality is. They care about the content. And now how good the video is my recommendations. Just make sure you have enough light. Because whether using the front facing camera, the back facing camera on their low light, the quality is really bad. So I have my ring light here or turn on all the lights. A lot of people shoot in there bathrooms, and if you see a lot of bathroom clips, if because the bathroom has the most light, the light on a bathroom is usually the brightest. The kitchen is also very bright, but people don't seem to shoot in their rooms or in their living rooms as much because that light is in a strong, so the brightest room is always better. So that's just one little tip. Personally, I like the front facing camera like everybody else because you could see yourself. You can make sure that your within the frame and you're not like recording over here and you're actually centered and such. So that's a when it comes to, uh, which camera to use and you have your timer. Three seconds. 10 seconds. Let me show you three second. 132 way. So that's it. So you have your time, or for three seconds, 10 seconds. You have the speeds here, which we'll talk about in another clip and another lecture how to use these? No, there is several ways you can start recorded in case I'm going to get rid of these. Okay? so you can do this. If you wanna record a clip, you can click on the red button and it's gonna record. So that looks like this. I tap on it. So you beg thing, and then I tap on it again. That's one way. The other way is you can hold on the red bun. So I hold on it, it's gonna record. And when I let go is going to stop recording That's different than tapping mint. Okay, so let me show you what that looks like. So I was holding it, and then I let go. That's a second way. And then the third way is when you click on the timer, you click start countdown, and it's going to start recording on its own. You already saw what that looks like. So this is the three ways you can record your clips. Okay? You can record clips with sound or without sound, so I haven't would sound. I am going to get rid of the sound, so I have no sound selected. If he just says, sounds on the top, that means no sound this elected. And then what it's gonna do is on the bottom you have here says 15 seconds. You have 60 seconds, 15 seconds and templates. Okay, if you do 15 seconds. The TIC tac is going to stop recording at 15 seconds. Now, if the sound is less than 15 seconds and you have a selected before you record it, then it's gonna record up until the sound stops. If the sound is 15 seconds or longer, is only going to record for 15 seconds If the sound is longer than 15 seconds, you want to switch this to 60 seconds? Don't forget to do that. To do that, you go on the bottom and slide that to the right. Now have a set to 16 sex 60 seconds and I'll show you here with 15 seconds. Is and tick talks up. They want to be 15 seconds is where most sounds air like 15 seconds. It's a good length of sound. Anything past 15 seconds, people's attention spans might be gone. And then you might not get as many views. So is recommended to record for only 15 seconds. But you want to go like 20 seconds and such you said it to 60 record as much as you want And when you're done, just click on the check mark on the bottom. Right. Okay. I'm gonna show you what templates looks like real quick under templates. What happens, Teoh? Green videos based on pictures with two pictures together, the next one, Thetis and so on. So this is not as popular. You almost never see a tic tac would one of these templates, But let's just make one real quick so you could see what that looks like. So I'm gonna click on the first click, select photos, then I'm gonna open up your pictures. So I'm going to click on this picture, this picture, and then it does this. I can click on sounds and change the sound. I'm a lower this. So what is doing This is doing this little, like, uh, sequence with the pictures. Okay. There's not much you can do with that. It's kind of boring, but that's how you make, like, a little slideshow of pictures. Then you can add any sound. You one on the bottom left here. Thank you. We had the volume up big. Thank you. So that's how you mess with templates. Like I said, it's not that popular It's just an extra feature on there. On that. You could do you want to slice shows, and that's it when it comes to recording a tick tuck. 22. Uploading Clips: okay, In this lecture, we're gonna be talking about creating a tic tac with clips that you have already recorded on your phone. So let's say, on your phone you have video files that you want to turn into tick talks or you've been recording through your phone because you were gonna make them into a tick tuck later on. Or, you know, you just felt more comfortable recording it on your phone on, Not on tic tac. Now the benefit of recording from your phone rather than on tic TAC, is because you are. You can have these files to later on. Create more complicated tick tux because if you shoot on here, those individual clips won't be saved on your phone. And if you're creating a complicated tick tuck, sometimes it's better to shoot on your phone, then to shoot on the tic tac up because you might lose the files. Let's say you publish it. You didn't like a take. You want to go back, you can go back and grab just a clip and added it and and replace it so we do something more complicated. Sometimes it's better to record it outside the Tic Tac app and then just put the clips on here and then added the clips to the sound and so on. So let me show you guys how to do that. Uh, right now we're gonna be recreating this tick tock. Okay? Can you do that? So I made this tick talk or ready, and I am going to show you how to do it. So this is a tic tac that I have the clips for on my phone. Three ways. This is the sound. Do but do Badu. Okay, So this is how you do this. You go to create a tic tac, and then you click on upload and you grab your file. So I have here my files. It is. Ah, he's so it would be this one. Ah, this one and this one. You don't have to put him in the right order. You just put them on their the three clips. Click next. Don't you wear the right sound. So go to favorites. Um, and then I go to the sound booth. Now, there's two versions that, uh, Tic tac has to edit your clips. There is sound sync and the fault. Sound sync. What it does is it grabs the sound and tries to guess where the cuts should be. Denna grabs your clips, grab cuts, trims your clips down and then puts it all together. So let's say I had the clips in order, like their meat on then at a need you to. So in order to rearrange the order of the clips you hold down on the clip on the bottom and then you drag to the right or the left. So this is the last clip. So I'm gonna drag it to the right and now have them in order. If I were to put this and sound sync, this is what the apple do You think it's in the book It there. So it grabbed the clips and then distributed them. Um, it looks like almost evenly. But the problem with that is that that middle clip needs to go on all the longer so that it shows my hand getting to the end and opening up. And then her appearing so sound Sync doesn't I don't think sounds like ever works. In my opinion, unless the clips are just random clips and you want to create a compilation video. Then you can do sound sync and let Theo app Just distribute the sinks evenly to the music. You could do that, but if you're creating something professional, you're probably going to switch it to the fault. So once you have it on the fault, three clips will show in the bottom and I'll show how long they are. The 1st 1 is 14 seconds. The next one is 29.2 seconds and the next 1 to 4.5 seconds. So let me show you how this clip looks like in this entire E. These are all the clips together. Then we go like this like this. And then I need you to move out of the way. Who were hand? I said we just grabbed her. Then we go like this. We shake your hand a little, so it looks like she's trying to get out. We point straight down at us walking. I'll get mothers that you can come over here and we wait there. But then we go like this. Okay, so those are the three clips together. Now, that is a really long and boring looking tic tac. So I'm gonna make it better. So first thing you want to do is, um we're gonna go back. I need you to move out of the way back and we got to go to with sound favorites. Okay? I've confirmed that this tick tuck is 15 seconds. Um, is very important that you know how long the soundness of the sound is 20 seconds for you have the template to 15 seconds, then you're gonna do it wrong. But if you have the ticktock, ticktock could be seven seconds. And you think it's 15 seconds and you edit these clips to be 15 seconds long. And then when you're done editing, you realize that the sound was actually seven seconds long, So we confirmed. That is 15 seconds. It shows here 15 seconds would put the clips again. So we have, uh, this one, This one This one Click on the sound things like that. But I think click on the fault now. We added them, so we put him in the right spot. Okay, now we're hand. I said we just grabbed her. Then we go like text. This one goes were hand. I said we just grabbed her. You get a clip. So now what we do is this. Right now all the clips together are 47.7 seconds long. We want this to be 15 seconds long. Right? So we grabbed the first clip, and then what we do when we have the first click selected is we dragged the ending to where the hand does this. So we're gonna go here, we drag the slider, and then when they hand close this, this is where it has to stop. You're gonna drag this over here, tell my hand is closing so right about there, and then we let go. Then we go like this, and that's it. So that's my first click clip. And then we click on the check mark on the bottom, right? Okay. Also of your clip a sideways you can clicking right here and rotate the clip. Then we go like this. Okay, so that's how you rotate a clip. So we click on the check mark on the bottom right now, it looks like this. Then we go like this. Who were hand? I said we just grabbed her. Now the second clip starts, right? Looks like we just grabbed her. Okay, so that looks good. And now we gonna make the second clip. Um, better so it transitions well between those this second clip in that they're clip. So all we have to do to the second clip is make it go faster because right now there's middle clip is 29 seconds long when the whole TIC tac has to be 15 seconds. So we'll grab the middle plan. I said we just grabbed, and what we could do here is we can adjust the speed of it. So to justice, Speed would click on this speed adjuster right there. Pan the little, and then we make it three times speed. I think three times speed would work. Well, says is about 30 seconds, three times speed will cut this clip down to about less than 10 seconds. So we'll click on that and now is 9.7 seconds long. So now the clip looks like this. This your hand a little. That was like get out, down looking. I was here and wait there. And that's it. 9.7. That looks good with a quick check mark. Then we go like this. Now, here's a problem that we have between the first clip, this metal clip and the last clip where? 18.9 seconds. And the sound is 15 seconds long. So we got, uh, cut it down. So let's grab that middle clip and get rid of the ending a little. Okay? So it will. And right there. And we don't have all this time here where I'm just hovering my hand around. So you go to that clip and dragged the ending. Tell about how dare 7.3. So that just saved us a couple seconds, and then we had a little flick on the check mark on the bottom. Right? Looks like then we go like this. We have a little That was like, Now, the problem with this is you can't hear the sound and the added at the same time. Right? Um, so you just have to keep editing till the end and note that it has to be 15 seconds. Okay. Odd. When you're doing clips, it's not gonna work every trying to sync it to actual sound. Um, so if you're if you actually have a sound and you want to sink your clips to the sound Exactly is better to record on the app because the APP has the timers and you can record clips that are as short as you want, and they will sink to the sound better Then, if you're on here or you added the clips later, so it's better to do it. They were trying to sync perfectly to the sound. But if you're just trying to make all the clips, go together and be 15 seconds and you could do it like this so there's pros and cons to editing this way. So now let's keep going where? 16.5 seconds. We gotta find a way to save 1.5 seconds. So let's see how that looks like nothing over here. Okay, so the ending is very long for no reason. So we're going to cut 1.5 seconds of the yet. So we click here and it is 4.5. So let's make this three seconds. So we dragged the ending. So about 3.4, we're a 15.4. I think this is the last clip. He had three seconds, so there's did 2.9. Then we go like this. Handle it with like get out! And just to be safe, safe I do 14.9 rather than 15 seconds. I don't want any of the clip. Do not have any sound and and sometimes it's just better to be safe at 14.9. So now that we're done with this, we click next and you're gonna be able to see the final results. Then we go like this. You got your hand a little bit with like you was looking. Now we've gotta add the sound so weird I goto volume and a click Original sound. I direct us down all the way to the left. Original sound is the sound of you talking to me talking And anything that was recorded from my phone is the original sound. At its sound is the sounds of sounds that I've added from tick tock Right now is great out because I haven't added a sound. So I go here toe added sounds click More click favorites. Click Do but do what do you think? The way drag it down. So now at a sound could be dragged down the volume of it from 0 to 100 If you have original sound and added sound. What you want to do is make original sound 50 and at its sound 50. But if you have, if you don't want to use original sound, don't leave at its sound to 50. Make Addison 100. You want to make both numbers equal to 100? Okay, um, at least 100. You can have both of them at 100. That's fine, but it's better. 50 50. So I'm gonna add aside making 100,000 way. Thank you. And that said, that is a final clip. That is how you add clips to tick Tuck and added, using those clips to a sound. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 23. Adjust Clips: Okay, you guys and this lecture, I'm gonna show you guys how to use DEA. Just clips section off, making a tic tac. Some of you guys might have just shot tick talks. And then I realized that when you were shooting clips that you go and a Justin I'm gonna show you guys had adjust them so you can smooth out some clips that you might have messed up the endings or the beginning off and get these clips looking just right. So in order to do this, I'm gonna show you guys transition of me switching out of this sweater into different sweaters and then and when I just these clips, So I don't have to, like, pause it and stop it perfectly, OK, so that these transitions look more smooth, So check this out first. What we're gonna do is I'm gonna click record, right? And then I'm gonna do something like put my hoody over my head. Okay, I'm gonna do this and then I'm going to stop recording, right? So I have that part now I'm gonna switch my hoody. Okay, so now that I got this hoody, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do the last transition, plus out of transition so I can get to the next. So I'm gonna do the same thing. I did like that. I'm gonna react to it saying I don't like this study, and then I'm gonna create a new transition. So something else and I'm gonna do, and then I'm gonna change into another hoody. Okay, so here we go Click record, and then I'm gonna do so. That's it. So it's me spinning and I'm gonna spend into the other Huddy. Okay, I got my third hoody on. Now, you're probably wondering how this all gonna work out. You'll see in a moment. Now, what I have to do is click, record, spin around and then reacted. Say that I like this one and then go on my way. So here we go. And then I just stopped recorded. Okay, Now I have three clips that don't make any sense. So this is what it looks like. If I didn't just eclipse, click here, right? And then I'm gonna do something like put my hoody over my head. Okay, I'm gonna do this and then I'm going to stop recording, and then I'm gonna do. So that's it. Someone clear. Right, Right. So now what I want to do is I'm gonna click just like they did. I put my right. So I click where it says just something like and I havent between clips. Right. Okay, so I click on the 1st 1 right? And then that's what I do is I trained the profanity and end of that clip was trimmed its sound To where? Stop talking thing. Like, put my hoody over my head. Okay, I'm gonna do this. It's all right. Hey, I'm gonna do this and then I would stop right there. I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do this. I shouldn't have been talking there, but doesn't matter. Was showing you how to use this effect. I'm gonna do this. This I'm gonna do this. And now I have that first part. So now grab the second clip and I trim it down to the point where I put my hoody down to sell right about there. And then I start spinning and then I'm a trim the end to the part where start spinning about there just been there. And then I grabbed that last clip and I trim it to where I'm spinning right about that and then me walking away. Trim it there. Now, when I click the check mark and put it all together, it's gonna look it. Here we go. Now we watch this from the beginning. I'm gonna do this. And it didn't It didn't go smoothly with the first clip, so the second transition was good. So those fixed. I want to do this. I didn't stop that one currently. That's so my term. It down more till about there. I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna do this. I think this to. There we go. We saved that this. Then we put a sound on it. So that's good. Two more, and then we go to trending Let's pick way, way, way. And that's how you use the I just clips tool on tic tac to trim out the beginning ending so that the transitions look more smoothly. You can fix the clips out and get it just right. So now we're gonna move on to the next section 24. Texts: okay, in this lecture, we're gonna be looking at texts we're gonna grab. Ah, the clip that we recently created and we're gonna add text to it. I'm going to show you all the things you can do in the text editor and how to at tax and some suggestions on adding text So and some suggestions on adding texts. So let's get started. I have here my clips thing through the use, So I've lowered the volume all the way down so you can hear me talk, and we're gonna be adding text to this clip. Now, here's some of the things you need to know right away. When adding text, when you're adding texts, the clip is gonna play in a loop and you have to add tax on this while the videos plane and you're not gonna be able to really stop the video and adjust. So I'm gonna show you some tricks for that. But it's not like you would think how you add text to any other software. So the first thing you want to do is ask yourself what is the texture and add for this clip ? I'm gonna add a text aid when you want your roommate to hang out with you, so I click on the button on the bottom. This is text and then I type in when you want your real mate Teoh, hang out. Okay, so that's typed in by the fault is gonna type in and white and I can change the color of the text. So from white to black to red to, uh, purple two blue and so on all these different colors. Now there is different types of funds. So this one's classic. The next font is called typewriter. It looks like that the next one is called handwriting, which is cursive or script. And it looks like this. The next one is called Neon, and it looks the next one is called Neon and it looks like this. And then the next one is called Serif and it looks like this. Okay, so those are the funds that are available, there's no other fonts, is just those. The next thing you can do is this, um, to the left of that there is this adjustment of where you want to text to be so you can have the text to be centered, which is it the fault. You can have the text to be on the left side, so aid puts everything evenly on the left side. Or you can have the text to be on the right side. So it pushes everything to the right side. And it makes the last letter of both lines to be lined up so you can have it lined up on the right, lined up evenly in the middle, are lined up to the left side. Okay, I'm gonna leave it on the middle. The next thing is this background. So you see that a with little box on it. What that does is it adds a background to your text and then the colors underneath doesn't become the color of the font. It becomes the color of the background. So if I click on that now, the background is white and then the fought is black. So if I click another color like black, then the background is black. If I click on this color now, the background is Ah, the red, the purple, the blue, the teal that green, yellow, orange and so on. Right. So Ah, the the foreground color becomes What if finds to be best on this case, White. But the background is whatever color you pick on the bottom. So I am going to do this white one. Um, the reason why you might want to add a background to your text is very popular. To add a background to your text is because then the text stands out. You don't want the text to blend into other backgrounds in the video. So by adding a background, you're gonna make sure that it stands out. Okay, so now that you have this, the next thing you do is you can drag it around so you click done on the top, right, And you grab the text and you can drag it anywhere you want. Now, here is some advice on texts. Um, I found in another tick talker talk about this, but he said that the best place and I agree to at text is between somewhere around here, to somewhere around here, and that this is the highest part. And this is the lowest part, and on the right side is shouldn't pass. You see right here where it shows your, uh your what? I drag it to the right is going to show my profile picture the like button and the text. But you don't want it to pass. Like right here on the right side and on the left side. You don't want it to pass, like right here. So from left to right, you have this much space I'll make a smaller so you could see what I'm talking about from left about this much from right about this much. And from the bottom about this much and from the top about this much, you don't wanna be appear. You don't wanna be down here. You don't wanna be over here. You don't want to be over here and let me explain why, Okay, you don't want to be on the edges for the reason that, um, due to how the final video and so becoming it was crop a little bit off the edge. So if you're Texas right here on the edge, is gonna end up cropping it, and then you might end up losing the are. So the text was right here on the edge in my crop it in and then you might lose the are so you don't want it on the edge. You want a little bit of space. So about this much space from the edge on the top, you have information about, ah, the user that uploaded this and that information will cover your text so you don't want it on the top that far up on the bottom, you have the caption of what you write and that will cover your text so you don't want it on the bottom. And on the right side you'll have the, um the profile picture like comment share and that will cover your texts. So it's best to beat. Keep it right here in the center and why that's important to note. Ah, had a time is when you're recording your videos, you want to leave space for your texts and you know you're gonna add text. You want to leave space above the head. Um, you know, to the left somewhere where you can add text. So right here I have space right here to add text, right, because their space on top of her head, and that would be a good spot to add text. So that's how when it comes to positioning of text now, I'm gonna talk about this ice so you can make this bigger or smaller. All you have to do is grab the text with two fingers and then drag pinch it out or pinch it in. So when I pinch it out, it makes a bigger When I pinch it in. It makes a smaller okay, so I picked the size that I want to text. So let's say about this size and I want it right there. And then what I have to do is decide if I wanted to show throughout the whole video or wanted to show for only part of the video. If I wanted to show for only part of the video, then I will have to do this. I would have to click on the text and click separation now before that. Another thing I want to note is that the text cannot move during the video. You can't have it. Start in one corner and have it move across the screen to another quarter. That's not a feature of tick Tuck. As of now, wherever you leave your text, that's where the text is gonna be. You can add additional texts, but you can't have the text move. Okay, So if I want this text to disappear after that first clip ends and the second clip is happening, then what I will do is this. I will click on the texts and click recess separation. Okay. And then well, you would do is drag this red markers this highlighted red portion of the timeline and make it smaller. The red shows how how long the Texas gonna show and where the Texas gonna show right now is showing that from zero seconds to 14.9 to Texas showing if I grab on the edge on the end of the video and I dragged this out to the left, this is what happens. I dragged us out and is showing me a preview of the screen where that is on the timeline on the video. So I dragged us all the way to where that second clip is about to start. So that is at right there, 4.7. So I let go my finger of 4.7. And what that means is that the text is on Lee going to show, um, from the zero second marker to 4.7 and then it's going to disappear. So if I click play, you can see it in action. No tax is showing, and then it's gonna loop around to the beginning, and you're going to see that the tax is showing. So there it is, showing in the beginning. Then it disappears. And no more text for the rest of the video. Okay, so that's how you have the text. Um, disappear. So what if I want to add a text for the middle part? So I clicked the check mark. Then I click on texts. Um, and I write what tax I want in the middle. So I'm going to say, um, when you want your roommate or hang out with you, you drag her out of bed, so that would be my second text. Then I add this and I position it. So I wanted to show, uh, in the bottom this time. Okay. But I only wanted to show for the second clip. I make sure that's a good position. Okay, that's a good position, in my opinion. So what I do is a click on the text and I click separation. And this time I wanted not to appear in the beginning, So I dragged this from the left to the right all the way to 4.7. That's 4.7, and then I drag it on the right side all the way to, she appears said, right there at 11.9. Then I click the check mark on the bottom right, and now we have this. Okay, now let's say I want to edit any one of those texts while the video is playing. You can tap on the text, but the text has to appear on the screen in order for you to tap it. So if I'm trying to edit that first text, I can't because it's not showing now that is showing. I can edit it, but I want to add it the second text. So I wait for that to show up. Then I tap on it and I click at it and then I can do something else. I can change the text. I can change the position. I can change the color. So let's say I wanted to be orange okay, said Clint Dunn was gonna put it back in the same position, and then this is what it looks like. Okay. And now we add a text for the last part. So put, then there she ISS drag her out of bed, put her on the couch, and then we make the blue. They would click done, and we positioned this right there would make it bigger right there. So we click on that text would click separation, and we drag this till the third clips going to start right there, all the way to the end and we click the check mark, and this is what it looks like. Now I'm gonna add the audio so you can hear with audio three ways. Now, the software was sometimes glitch on you, and then you will not have the, uh it won't preview it correctly when you're editing the length of how long you want the text to be. So just be aware that that happens. You can just, like exit the editor of the text and go back on their and edit it again. Uh, other glitches that I found is sometimes when you save the clip as a draft and then you come back later on and published a draft, the text will be gone. Um So my recommendation is that before you published a draft, you watch the video again, make sure the Texas there of the Texas gotten. Then you make sure you add the text again. Um, so those are some things that I found will happen on the app when it comes to text. So just be aware of that. Um and that say when it comes to adding text to videos and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 25. Speed: okay. And this lecture. And when we talking about speed, So right here, there's a button here that says speed. You can use this when you're shooting your video. Okay, Now, what this does is it makes the recording go in slow motion or sped up. You can be shot at one time speed. So one X means that everything will be recorded at a normal speed. If you do two X, it means everything is gonna be sped up in the final video. If you do three times speed is gonna be three times as fast. In the final video that we do, 30.5 is gonna be cut in half. So it's gonna be slow motion about half speed and then 0.3 a b about 1/3 of the speed. So what that means is that if you wanna include a clip where it is in slow motion, then you would have, uh, 0.5 or 0.3 If you want a clip that is sped up, you would do the opposite two times and three times. Now, here is the interesting part about it. When you are shooting in these formats, the video's gonna either start recording really slowly or really fast so that the motion is that translated to two time speed or half speed and so on. So let me show you an example of that. OK, so I am going to record it clip in normal speed of me doing this. Okay, now I'm gonna record that same clip in three times. Speed. Okay, so this is the extreme three times speed record. I'm doing this again, and now I am going to do it in 0.3 speed. And here we go of me doing this. Okay, Okay. So as we're watching this video clip of the final video, this is a normal speed. And then the next clip right here is fast motion. And then this last clip is in slow motion. Okay, so this first clips normal, And in this next clip, you can see that has been sped up, okay. And then this last clip, you could see that it was slowed down. Now I did thes and relatively the same speed. But it does at the end, converts it to a fat, sped up video or slow motion video. Now I'm gonna show you guys what that looks like when you include sound in it. So that's what it looks like when you don't have any sound in it. And it's kind of hard to use this effect without any sound. I think the sound really helps because you can follow along with a sound better then without any sound, because you don't know how fast is gonna be or how slow it's gonna be. So we're gonna add a sound now. So I'm gonna erase all these clips and I'm a click. Uh, this out So you beg. So we have this sound here. Now what a lot of people are doing on TIC tac is that the gravity sound that they like? And if it involves a dance or talking or emotion or something, they would play with one of the slow motion Zehr sped up. And when they click record, the audio is gonna be slowed down or sped off so that you can record in those speeds. And then at the end, the sound is gonna play normal. But the video is gonna play either sped up or slow down. So we have this song Savage. If I click record so you beg, you beg. Okay, so you saw that clip. It was a normal speed to the sound. Right? And this sound has a trendy dance to it. I can't dance. And even if I wanted to, I would probably play this at two times speed with two times speed or three times speed allows me to do is catch up to the sound. Okay, so let me show you what that means. OK? So if I were to erase that clip and I click it on two times speed, what that's gonna do is when I click record, the sound is gonna play in slow motion. And now I can follow along with the dances slowly and then at the end is gonna play it a normal speed. Okay, so now I'm gonna click recording to see what that looks like. I you way. Okay, So you like you have many options. You can dance a slow motion to be in sync with the slow sounding sound so that at the end it looks normal. That will look like this. So you beg sped up. I danced slowly and then a sped up knife, our to dance and regular speed, It will show up, sped up. So I'm gonna do that clip again and show it to you guys at three times speed. I'm when I just, like, move normally. And then, uh, I was gonna happen is that this song is gonna play very slow. So that 15 seconds, it's gonna be actually 45 seconds. Okay, Uh, and I'm gonna dance for 45 seconds That is gonna be sped up and cut to 15 seconds. So it's gonna play really fast. What? That looks like way. Okay, 45 seconds. A long time to dance to this song, This plane really slow. But I was just moving around and stuff, Not Let's watch what that looks like and sped up three times. Speed. I know you back. Big head back. So that's what it looks like. Sped up three times speed. So your options are you can dance low to be in sync with the sound, or you can dance and normal speed, and then I'll just play really fast. Now, let's go the other direction. We're gonna erase this, and we're going to go to 3 1/3 speed. So what that's gonna do is gonna play the song really fast, and I am going to dance regular speed and then it's going to, uh, play it slow motion. The song's gonna play really fast dancing regular speed. Then it isn't a convert to a plane in slow motion. So here we go. So you beg, you beg. So as you saw there, I was barely able to fit anything in that 15 2nd clip because it's playing the song really fast. And then when a place at regular speed, it was in slow motion. This is 15 seconds, so that 50 seconds actually converted in five seconds and out. I have to dance in five seconds and then spread it out to 15 seconds. Then it was very slow. Okay, so let's say we have a clip right here. Way had this way back in a big head. It's another. We have these three clips. Another thing we can do is we can slow down a section off the video. In order to do that, you click down here, we're assess effects. Then you click time and then you collect slow motion. You see where it says slo mo the third option, You go to a part that you want slow mode on a slow motion off. So let's say this clip. I want slow motion. So this part when I do this, Okay, so you can go to just this part right here and then whole. Will you click? Wears a slow motion, you tap on it and it is gonna add the slow motion effect to that part. So now it looks like this. This is slow motion. And then it continues said now are clip looks like this, right? So we put it with sound stupid. So you beg back in a big head. My So you beg. You guys notice that when we first shot this, we shot less than 15 seconds. So we had, like, maybe one or two seconds left in the 15 2nd sound. So when it was a normal speed, the whole sound plate. But since I slow down part off the video with that ended up doing is made the video actually longer. And since the videos longer than 15 seconds once up happening is that the sound stops at the 15 2nd marker and the video keeps plane passed a sound. That's why when you heard it. Right now, this video kept playing, but the sound stopped. So that's something that you have to look for if we're gonna be slowing down stuff to make sure that it doesn't slow down past the sound. You know, you're gonna slow down something and you have a 15 2nd clip. You might want to switch it to 60 seconds or use. Or make sure that slows down. Stop recording before 15 seconds to give yourself enough time to slow down in clip. So that's something you can do as well on. The other thing you can do is if we discard this. We discard this. Start over and then we upload clips. So I've added the three clips on their these air three clips. They don't add up to a minute or 15 seconds, actually, longer than that, I'm gonna click under fault. And what that's going to do is allow me to adjust each clip and if I wanted to a clip in slow motion or sped up, I can. So we're gonna go here and the little so looks like and this is our clip here. Right? So we're going to grab looks like this clip Read a little clip and I want this clip of me walking. Ah, sped up. So what I will do is that we just grab this click on this little then we going this this little speed thing over here, we click on that. And now we can make that clip in slow motion sped up and such. So it will look like this. So this is normal again. I said we just grabbed her. Then we go like this. We shake your hand a little, so it looks like she's trying to get out. And then I was such a to three times speed this handle. It also looks like right down, I think, and make their way. And then that's it. It sped up. So that's how you can change the speed to if you're doing clips. If you have, ah, clips that you've uploaded, there's are different than if you recorded clips. But if you uploaded three clips and you're adjusting it in this editor here, then you can speed up each individual clip, OK or slow it down. So that's it when it comes to adjusting the speed two clips and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 26. Beauty Mode: and this lecture. We're gonna be talking about the beauty filter. You can find the beauty filter right here, right now. Have it off. I have it off with most videos because I feel like the beauty filter is really strong. Unless I'm trying to play a certain effect on a video. But if you click right here, you're gonna see what it does to my face. Okay, When I turned on beauty mode, what it does is it blurs my face a bit to get rid of wrinkles and imperfections. This is an effect that you can find on most APS. When you have the video plain and stuff, you can also find it in editing software. After you added a picture, a lot of photographers will use a similar effect to pictures. And if you are doing anything with beauty, close up in your face. You can see if this works for you. If not, then just leave it off. But I just wanted to show here what this looks like. Said this is what it off. And then I mean, this is what it on. And then this is what it looks like when it's off. You can see everything. I have my ring light here so you can really see what my skin looks like. It's kind of subtle, but at times I found that it is very strong. So if it looks very strong and it feels like your faces and really look like your face anymore, it looks unrealistic. I wouldn't turn it on, but if it's very subtle and you like it and have it on, so that's it when it comes to the beauty mode, and now we're gonna move on to the next election. 27. Filters: in this section. In this lecture, we're gonna be looking at filters. Filters can be found right here. Now, you can add filters after you're done recording your video or before your recording while you're recording your video. So if I added right now, it's going to record the video with that filter. If I don't add a filter after I'm done recording my video, I can add a filter so we'll look at it before and after. Right now, I'm gonna show you what the filters look like. So when you click right here with those filters, you have all these filters. Now these filters are categorized in four categories. We have portrait last scape, food and Viiv. Now portrait are those for people. So these filters are supposed to make people look more pleasing or interesting. They're supposed to blend in with natural skin tones. Landscape are great for those that you're recording a landscape, nature and so on. Food are good. Every recording, a video that has food in it and vibe is just like black and white and just something different. Kind of think of it like everything else. Okay, so when you go on here, you're going to see that normal is the 1st 1 enabled. Normal means there is no filter on the video. And then as you click on all the other ones, you're gonna see all the filters being added. And then if I scroll, if I scroll left, I can see the rest of the filters. And if I go far enough, I entered the landscape, our filters. You can also see that the portrait wants have a picture of a face on it. So it tells you that this is a portrait filter. It has a picture of a face on it. This one's have pictures of a building in it, which is for landscape. And then these have pictures of food. And then these air just vibe, which is like I said, everything else. So now when you click on a filter, you see this I clicked on F one and then it shows the filter being applied F one in this case made everything very blue. So when you first put it on, it's gonna set a certain percentage in this case assess it to 80%. So at 80% it's applied to this video, and I can slide this left and right, which means less of the filter is added or more of it is added. So if I slide this over from 80 to 50 you see that it looks my skin looks a little bit more normal than it was at 80 80. It's like more blue Go back to 80. It's like, brighter and more blues shown because of the filter for go back to 50 is a little bit less . If I go to 25 it almost looks like the original. And then if I go to zero, this is the original. If I go to 100 this is the most. This, uh, filter can be added on there. Okay, so 80 is a default. Now, um, I'm gonna go back to normal, and this is a normal one. Now, all of these filters have a letter and number next to them so you can tell them apart F one f two F three F four and then asked one as to s three. These letters don't really mean anything. Don't worry about trying to figure out what F stands for. What s stands for. Just a way for them to distinguish them apart. Now, the interesting thing about these So once you get to ask 13 then it goes to B B R. Landscape filters the G or food filters and V is the vibe once. Okay, now, if you click where it says management, it shows all the filters and everything, but f normal F one F two F three F four under the portrait category has an option to uncheck it. What that does is I'll show you fired check s one and s two and go back. And then you see right here where shows the little, um the little, like crossed off circle this this right here, she will show all the filters minus the ones that you unchecked. So if I click there and I go toe portrait, we have F 1234 and then asked. One and two are missing because under management, I unchecked them. And then I can in check other ones. So why would you? And check them, supposedly is so that if you want to get to your filter faster, you don't have as many on there. There's really no purpose to it. So I'm going to check them back on and we're just gonna go through all of them so you can see what it looks like. This is F one after two F three at four. That's one as to as three as for as five as six at seven, as AIDS as nine s, 10 as 11 as 12 as 13. And then we go to the landscape once, which you're not supposed to look good on people so you can kind of see how it looks. Be one be to B three before B five b six b seven b eight b nine b 10 11 and then g one g two g three g four, g five g six g seven. Those of the food ones, then the by one's really, like, changed things up. So V one makes it slightly black and white. There's a little bit of color in their V two is all black and white. V three is a different type of black and white, with a different contrast before it's kind of de saturated. Every five is another one. V six is kind of like very saturated. Then be seven v eight b nine. Return. The 11 Now some of you guys would be like saying that a lot of them looked the same. And, honestly, who can tell which one to add? In my opinion, when I make a tic tac, I just click on one of the first few and added on their, In my opinion, it makes the ticktock look a little bit better. Some of you guys can live perfectly without ever adding one. Some of you guys like myself with it. Photography and video editing and color correction and stuff like that likes to add these to make them look a little bit better. This is similar to instagram filters. When you make an instagram, you could add a filter and change the mood of the picture. So that's it When it comes to filters, play around with them after you're done with your tick talks and see if you like them. If you want to add any of them and then, you know, maybe you have your favorite once that you always use, and then that can be your style for your video. So that's a now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 28. Skits: okay for the next tic tac. We're gonna be you doing this skit that I found on tic TAC. We're going to recreate it just like this. My roommate's gonna play one part. I'm gonna play the other part, and I'm gonna show you how this is created. Using tech talks we're gonna be using the timer were gonna separate each sound bit so that we can record it over and over again till we get it just right. And then we're gonna at the end, it's gonna be put all together, and it's gonna look perfect. So let me show you the clip that we're gonna be recreating their hold. Explain your sneeze. I'm sorry. Do you have allergies? No. Is there too much pepper on your salad? I don't put backbone silence. I've heard enough. Sit over there. Okay, so that's the one we're going to recreate. Very simple. Once you find it something that you want to recreate a sound bit, you could make it your own. We're gonna recreate it almost exactly the same. But the whole point is to practice using cuts on tick tock. So once we find when we like, we go to the sound, so we click this on the bottom at two. Favorite, make sure you always add a sound. Two. Favorite If you don't add it, sound to favorite and you could lose this sound and beach and struggle to find it. I've made that mistake in the past, so I know it's very important to add two. Favorite. This is all the people that recreated tick talks using that sound. So once we've added two favorite just to be safe for not loser, we're gonna click. Uses sound okay in order to do the skit. Once you have selected the sound and you're on this page where you record the skit, first thing you want to do is to make sure you switch it from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. And the reason for that is because sometimes he sounds are longer than 15 seconds. If you know for a fact that the 15 seconds tick tuck or you only want to make a 15 2nd tic tac, then you clicked 15 seconds. But if you're using a sound for a certain skit that's longer than 60 seconds, or you might want to go over the 15 seconds that you wanna make sure you switch it 60 seconds on the bottom. You slide that over to 60. Now it says here on the top, shoot up to 26 seconds. What that means is that this tic tac, this sound has 26 seconds of it. So it was gonna happen is that when you start recording at the time it hits 26 seconds, is going to stop. So this is a template for 26 seconds, because that's how long? The soundest. So now you that you serve switched it to 60 seconds. Next thing is that you were gonna be doing the skit and you re playing different characters . You want to set timers for each character? And what that means is that this when we click on timer So that's this button right there with click on timer right there. We're gonna find where the sound stops from character. One character, too. I'm going to draw a line right there. And what that does is that it records up on it to there, and I'll stop recording on its own to that point that allows us to play the character and not have to worry a bust pressing record and stopping the record button exactly at that moment is going to stop on its own. It also, when we're playing with the timer, uh, feature. We can hear the sound So we know where to find the point where the sound is supposed to switch the character to, Supposed to switch. So let's open this up and find a part where the first character says his line. And then the second character says the next one. So here we go. So we click on this hold, explain your sneeze. So here. Right about hold. Hold, hold. Hold way. Grab your little lighter. Here. Explain. Wait, Stop right. Where? Old expletive for the what? Hold Hold whole about. Go back here said the 2.9 seconds we can see that he says hold all the way through. And then after that, the next character is going to say what? So, um so, actually, before that hold 1.41 point four. The 1st 1.4 seconds of the tic tac Is Raj the first character sneezing. Okay, so we actually stop it at 1.4 and then we'll do the sneeze part Okay, so I'm gonna do it right here. And then I'm going to show you the final one that we recorded so you could see how that looks like. So we do one point for way. Have timers right here. 10 3 start the countdown. So all I have to do there was niece because that's what happens in that 1.3 seconds of the recording. Now, once you set, the timer is gonna counteracted. 3321 Then it's gonna start recording. Then the sound is gonna play. I'm a follow along with the sounds like sneeze at the same time as a sound place. And then it's gonna stop recording on its own. Now if I messed up, right If I did this wrong, I did this wrong. Then all I have to do is click right here on the little X, pointing back when I click on that a show's discard The last clip I click confirm And it a racist. That last clip and then I could do it again. I want to set my timer to 1.3 and then click, Start, wait for the 321 and then I would um, record myself sneezing. So that's how you do it. And then we set the timer for the next part. So the next two point hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. And that's it says I follow along with the hold and then we have that part. So the main thing you want to remember when you're doing this is that you wanna remember the times that these switches happen? The reason you want to remember this is because if you mess up and you have to erase it, then you have to find the time where the switch happens. But if you remember, that is at 2.9. Where the next which happens, then if you mess up and you click this button here and discard the last clip, you can go back to the timer and put it back to 2.9. So I'm like, OK, 2.9 is the next 10 I messed up. I discard the last clip. And then I go back to timer, and then I put it to 2.9. And then I start the countdown and do it again. And you could repeating this process until you get each clip right, I would do one more clip. Explain your what? What? What? What? What? What? What? So at 3.7 seconds, I have what, all the way through without Sheldon, which is the next character saying his part at four point? No, I have what? And a here Sheldon's voice in the next part. So that means that I've went too far. So I went back to 3.7 because that's where I hear what, and I don't hear Sheldon. So I find where I hear Sheldon and then I go back like 0.1 or point to and then I know I'm doing this right. So once you do all these clips right, it will look like this. Hold, hold, hold. So so that's how those clips I just recorded look like you want to make sure that you get all those clips right? You can flip the camera on over here and do this with the front facing camera. If you have another person and that person can record you with the front with the back facing camera and look at everything kind of be like a cinematographer director, and then be doing all these buttons and then counting you down. If you do in a front facing camera and you're playing both characters, you set this up somewhere, understand? Or a tripod. And then you record yourself. Then you pretend to be the other character than you. Record yourself again. And thanks to the timer feature, whether you have three seconds or 10 seconds, you can said, put yourself in position started, and then, um, record yourself. So now we're gonna move on to the final one that we did so you could see the full thing, and then we're gonna add some text on it. Okay, I have my final clip here. Now, when I had text to it, I'm gonna put on here sneezing during Corona Corona virus sneezing during Corona virus. And I'm in a place that appear. Okay, let me make sure it looks good with their heads. So doesn't cover anything. Okay. When it said it, I'm gonna set the move it a little bit over. Okay, here's the final clip. Check it out. Hold. Explain your sneeze. I'm sorry. Do you have allergies? No. Is there too much pepper on your salad? I don't put Peppone silence. I've heard enough. Sit over there and I'm at a filter. Mus Eva to draft 29. Duet: okay, in this lecture, I'm going to show you guys how to do a do it. A duet is when you have a video that you like, and then you do that video next to that video, and then the software will grab a video, make it smaller, and then fit your screen next to it. And then when you click record will play the original video that you're doing a duet for, And then you can do a duet. You can record your video next to theirs and then play together all in one video. I know it doesn't make sense if you just hear the explanation, so I have to show it to you. So I am going to do a duet to this video, so check this video out way. We mean it's his turn to popup you. Can people held up when you mean city job? No way. Way. We mean it's his turn to. Okay, So in order to do do a sweat, you have to click on the share button right here, Click on that and then on the bottom, you click. Do it right here, and then that will open up the camera to start recording. Okay, so here I am wearing close to the same outfit that I could find to what she was wearing. So I am gonna recreate the video I have here. My, uh, my door set the framing. Okay, there's my wife door closer and I gotta do is the same effect. So we have the big head effect. Let's do beauty mode. And then I put my hand on my face. Get in position. It's like the cameras a little bit lower pointing up. Damn. Get this just right, I guess. Like this. Okay, that is like this on. I want this speed half speed so I can react to it at the same speed. Here we go. And you, You, you, you, you you Yeah, I know it's his pure, pure, pure, pure compu held up when you mean city job. No, no, but but women, it's his turn to you Don't compute. Okay, so there is my first take attempt at this. It was very choppy, but I think it came out pretty good. It looks really cool. So that's basically what you do for a duet. You grab a video and then you click duet on the When you click a share on the bottom click do it and then I'll grab that video you click record next to it and then you would play. And if you don't like and you go back and you do it again you can also duet another duet video So this video will show up And I could do a duet to that. Um once this is posted, of course, you have to post it first and then you can do it. But it is really funny, I think. And yet so that's it when it comes to making duets and now we're gonna move on to the next election. 30. Visuals: okay. And this lecture, we're gonna be talking about another post effect effect. The you can add to your take talk. So once you're done making a tic tac, you can add visuals to your tic tac. And this is under the effects panel on tic tac When you're done shooting a video and these effects are different than the effects found right here, as I described in when we're talking about effects is right next to effects under effects. Very confusing effects is used a lot in this platform. So try not to get a confused. There is these effects right here. Wish you use when you're shooting tick talks and then the effect that you use after you're done shooting take a tic tac. Now I'm gonna record myself talking. And then afterwards, I'm gonna use this clip to add a visual which is under effects. So you'll see that in a second I'm gonna record myself talking, and then afterwards I'm gonna use this clip. OK, so I'm gonna get rid of the audio so you can hear me talk and then right here, where it says effects, we're gonna add the visual to this. So you can see the different ones available. So I click recess effects, and then we have here effects again. We already talked about effects in the previous lecture. Now we're gonna be talking about visuals. So visuals are all these options right here. We have six different ones. Now, in order to do a visual, we need to hold on the visual that we want and then let go. The six options that we have is gold powder, flower smoke, heart, neon and rainbow. So I'm gonna hold on each one for a second or two and then let go of its You can see all six of them in this video. Okay, so all six have been added and what they do, and tic tac is the color code, each one when you add them. So every time you add one effect, it chooses a color. And then when you add another effect that chooses a different color so you can stick, distinguish between them, okay. And then if I added, um, it again, on top of it is going to stick the color. So you know that you're adding, um, for example, Rainbow Rainbow has been assigned to purple if I had more Rainbow is gonna be purple on. The little timeline could get rid of that. If I add Ah, heart is gonna be yellow because yellow has been assigned to heart. Okay? And then to get rid of them, I have to click. Undo. That's this button right here. If I click on that is gonna undo the last one. Then I can add it again. So that's how you get rid of them. You have to get rid of them in the order in which the last one was put on. So the last one was the one that gets rid off, and then you click on Do to get rid of the one before the last one you click on Do to get rid of the one before that one. Um, until you get to the one that you want to get rid off and then you have to add that back on . The best way to add a visual is to find where in the video you want to add it moved a slighter to that part once you got exactly to the party, one added. Then hold down on the visual that you want to add for as many seconds as you want to add it . If you went too far or you did it too short, you click. Undo, and you do it again until you get it right. You can drag these visuals and trim them down or make him longer. You just have to get it right, so but you get unlimited tries until you get it right. Sonam. When a press play from the beginning, so you can see all of them. This is gold powder, flower, smoke, heart, neon and rainbow. So let's look at it a little bit slower. This is gold powder, which is like these little Golding's on the screen. This is flowers, which is just flower petals falling down. This is smoke, which you can see on the bottom is smoke on the screen. This is hearts, which is just like hearts on the screen. This is neon, which is just neon lights, and this is rainbow, which is kind of like a rainbow glare on the screen. Okay, so that's how you add visuals. You add them afterwards. Um, if you're making a funny video or skin or whatever part of the video you want to have an effect? A visual on top of it, you can add it for, um, a few seconds or however long you want it on the video. And then you could make that part of your tic tac. So that's a when it comes to adding visuals, and now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 31. Post Effects: in this video, we're gonna be looking at effects you can add after you're done shooting your tic tac. So once this is different than these effects right here. Once you shoot your TIC tac, whether you have an effect or you don't have an effect and you used everything else that you can use on here, then you go to a fax again and you have different effects and you add those later. So now I'm just going to record a clip of me talking. And then from this clip, I'm gonna add some effects so you can see what kind of effects are available after you're done shooting. So now I'm just gonna record a clip of me talking, and then someone get rid of all the audio on this so you can hear me talk, and I'm gonna show you the effects. So once you're here, you're gonna click where it says effects. Then you have all these different effects. The ones we're gonna look at are the ones that say, uh, effects. Okay, so we have these different effects that you can add to your video, and some of these might be similar to effects that you see that you can add while you're shooting, but these are added after you does shooting. So on Lee, one effect can be applied, so you have to pick which affect you want. Okay, so let's say let's look at the 1st 1 is called Time Warp. And then that's what this does to the video. I can drag this over and say I only wanted here so it would look like this is normal, normal, normal. And then it would go into a time warp where it freezes everything. And then it like, um, starts to, like, move like that. I can, I don't know what the best way to describe this, but it's called time work. Okay, so then I have to get rid of this. All I have to do is click on time warp again and then is gone. Now the next one is called nine cameras. Okay, if I click on that now, I have nine cameras. But the weird thing about this effect is that it's not plain on nine videos. At the same time, they're timed out so that the first video is moving, and then the next one and then the next one, then the next one. So they're all I to sink. So the first ones on the top left and then every video afterwards is following and repeating what? The last one. That and I could drag this and make the shorter and then to get rid of it, I just tap on it again. The next effect is the triple screen, which is this one, and it simply looks like that, and there isn't really other versions of it. You just have that this this effect. Now, the weird thing about this effect is that, um, two of those are mirrored. So, um, so what's happening is that the top and the bottom ones are correct, but the middle one is mirrored. So you see, my right hand is always on the right side in the original video. Well, the middle one might write. My right hand's actually on my left side on that video. Um, and they're also like their turned a little as you see, the bottom one in the top one there turned a little bit, so the bottom ones turn a little to the right on top one, turn a little to the left Okay. The next effect is his long face wasn't If I click on that one, then my face looks like this is this weird face. And then I can add in certain parts so I can say only want to hear and dragged this year I'm talking. Then I have the long face. Then I'm back to normal face. Some of these effects are available when you're shooting. But these air done like I said after you're done shooting in case you just decided we fund here to have a long face on somebody. Long face will find the face on the screen and turn it into a long face. Next one is called color Contexts. So if I click on that, A shows that I have color contexts. Okay, I'm gonna think that went off. The last one is called Black Pupils. That makes my whole I black. And if I put like you saw there my finger in front of my face, it kind of like looks weird. So right about, uh, there? It doesn't know where to put my eye because my finger is over my eye. So these infects aren't perfect, but they're just extra fun. things you can add to your tick talks. If you're creating a scared three, create a funny video or whatever you think this matches your video, you could add that in there, make it more interesting. So that's when it comes to effects, and now we're going to move on to the next lecture. 32. Voice Effects: Okay, everybody in this lecture, I'm gonna show you guys how to use voice effects. Voice effects are something that you can add at the end of your video. After you're done recording, you can add a voice effect, which will change how your voice sounds in the video. This is for those tic tac's that you make where you're talking, you're not necessarily using a sound or your have a sound, and you're talking something like that. But the talking part is gonna be changed in how it sounds. So now I'm going to record me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're going to go on mass with the voice effects so you can hear all the different ways I can manipulate my voice, bring me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go on mass with the voice of facts so you can Okay, I lower the volume of this talking so you can hear as I describe this. So what we want to do is go where assess voice effects right here on the right side. We click on that, and then we have, um, different voice effects that are available, so the voice effects available are chipmunk, baritone, vibrato, Elektronik, echo, mike, helium and giant. So what I'm gonna do is go back, raise the volume off my of this, uh, tic tac so you can hear me talk. Then I'm gonna go back here, click on voice memos and then click on each one so you can hear how my voice changes when I add a one of these voice effects on top off my tic tac. So I'm gonna go back here, raise the volume and then change the voice effects. You can hear all of them. But a volume heard me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go and mess with the voice effects so you can hear me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go and mess with the voice effects that you can hear all the different ways I can manipulate my voice, bring me talking. And then with this clip, we're gonna go on mass with the voice effects so you can hear all the different ways I can When you blew my voice, me talking and after then, with this clip we're going to go on mass with the voice of fax to you can hear all the different. I don't know where the second when we blew it, my voice, me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go and mess with the voice effects so you can hear all the different ways I can manipulate it. My voice heard me talking. And then after I'm done with this going on with voice of next year, all different way top home. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go and mess with the voice effects so you can hear all the different ways I can manipulate my voice talking. And after a number of different ways, yes, I can manipulate my voice, heard me talking. And then after I'm done with this clip, we're gonna go on mass with the voice of facts to you. Okay, So those were all the options available for voice effects. Some of them don't really sound like it's very different, but it is slightly different. Some of them are very different. Some of them are very funny. If you really practice and play with these voice effects, and you see a tic tac that you want to recreate or create, or you have a funny idea. Maybe you can add a voice effect and make it funnier or more entertaining. So that's it when it comes to voice effects. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture. 33. Split Effect: and this lecture. We're gonna be talking about the split effect. Now, this is in effect, you add after you're done shooting your video, that's different than dese effects right here. Do you have while you're shooting the video? So this is a post shot effect. So once you shoot your video, I'm gonna start recording right now. You go into effects and you click split, and we split us is allows the screen to be split, and then you could have multiple versions of you or just a split in the middle. So I'm gonna show you what that looks like. Now, start recording. Right now you go into effects. So I have here my video of me just talking, and then we're gonna click on effects on the bottom here, and then we're gonna click where it says split. And this is now These are effects that you can add to the final video that you created. These effects could be on top of other effects that you have that you shot while you were making your video. This is for editing at the end. So now that you're here, what you want to do is you find a part. Do you want to add the effect on or you compress play and then added that way while the videos plane. But I recommend it's best to find a part where you want to add the effect and then your options are fuzzy mixed 2346 So I'm gonna start in the beginning and I might add a little bit of each. So to add in effect, you hold down on the effect that you want and then you let go when you're done adding it Okay, I'm a hole down on Fuzzy. Let go. Hold on and mixed Let go, Hold on on two Let go, Hold on on three Let go! Hold on four, Let go And then hold on on six Let go So now I'm gonna play this from the beginning And you can see all of their from once. So this is fussy mixed to three for and six and then back to normal so you can choose how long you want each effect to be. If you want to get rid of them, you have to click the undo button, which is this button right here. And it will get rid of the last one. You added Onley. The last one. If you're going to get rid of the 1st 1 of the one in the middle, you have to keep pressing that button until there the leads, um them in order from the last one to the one you want and then add the ones you want afterwards. So voting to get rid of the 1st 1 believe all the other ones have to delete all of them and then at the other ones. So it's not that good, but that's the only way to do it. Okay, now we're gonna scroll and look at each one. So this was the fuzzy one. What the fuzzy one is is the middle of the video is shown, and then the top and bottom parts are cropped off, and what is showing is a zoomed in version of the top and bottom part and his fuzzy. I really don't know when you might want to do this. The only time I feel like you might want to do this is if you have a video that you've added on here that is shot horizontally and then you want the top part in the bottom parts that is all in black, shown in Fuzzy. So I will show you what that looks like. An obit when we add a video like that. The next thing is, um, this effect here, which is make. So the top part is cropped up and it zoomed. Did with black and white. The bottom one is zoomed in black and white and his fuzzy. This is splitting the video in to eight crops off a little bit to fit everything. And then it shows the video equal size on the top in the bottom. Then we have three is cropped even more, and then it shows the video three times. Um, Then we have this one, which is shows the video four times equally showing the full video. So nothing's cropped here. Then we have this one. This one is cropped on the left and right side, but is showing, uh, six times and then we're back to the original one. So that's it when it comes to using the split effect that now we're gonna move on to the next one 34. Transitions Part 1: So in this section we're gonna be talking about transitions. That is an effect that you can add to a tic tac. After you finish recording that, you can do it in between clips or in the middle of a clip wherever. So I'm just going to record this section right here. And then when this is done recording, I'm going to go into transitions and just start adding random transition so we can look through the ones that we have available. And then later we're gonna record a tic tac and use the transitions. So I'm just going to record this section right here. And then when this is done recording, I'm going to go into transitions and just start. Okay, so I have here my tick talk of me just talking, and then I'm gonna add transitions. So to add a transition, you go down here where it says effects, you click on that, and then you go toe where assess transitions. Now, when you go to transitions, you have several options. So you have turn on TV, Turn off TV slip, scroll, horizon, vertical. So let me admiral one of each, and then you could see what It looks like someone a press play and then tap on each one at the videos plane. Okay, so I've clicked on one of each, and then it's going to reset, and you can watch it. So I'm gonna press play, and you can see the transitions happen as, um, they happen on the video. Okay, so that's all the transitions there in order. Turn on TV. Turn off. TV slips, Girl horizon vertical. So that green bought the green spot. Right there is. Where? The turn on TV. Oneness. The blue part is a turn off TV. The red 12 slipped a yellow one to scroll the purple ones horizon. And the other red one is vertical. I guess the 1st 1 was orange, and this is red. So now what you can do is if you don't like a transition to get rid of it, you have to undo. Okay, So in order to get rid of a transition yet to press this button right here, this arrow back is the undo button. You press on that and it erases the last transition. So if you want to erase a certain transition, um, you have to I'm do up with toe that transition and then add the other transitions. You can't go to the first transition and get rid of that one. You have to undo all of them and then put him on there. That's one thing I found on the app that you can really fix. You can also put transitions and top of transitions, but there's no point in doing that. Um, so I don't recommend doing that. So let's say I'm on the green one right here and then I add Horizon. I have both transitions next to each other, and that just looks weird. A double transition. Someone do every single transition. Now the best way to add transitions is don't just add them as the videos plane, but actually scrolled this slider here and find the part that you want to do the transition . So let's say I want to do the transition right here as my finger goes over my face for no reason, just just for the heck of it. Let's say that's between two clips. Then I would pick the transition Big horizon and tap on it, and that's it. Um, you can tap on him multiple times And then what that would do is l at the transition back to back to back. But I don't see why anybody would want to do that. So that's how you add transitions on a video. Now, the next part is, we're gonna create a tick tuck that we feel will be good to add transitions to. And then we're gonna add a transition, and I'm gonna show you the final result. Okay, you guys, for this effect, I'm gonna be showing you guys. How did transitions, and in order to show you transitions, I found a cool tic tac that involves transitioning between characters. So we're going to use our transition effect on this one. So this is a tic tac toe. We're going to recreate Theo. - Theo . Okay, that is the talk we're going to recreate for this transition tutorial. So once we now that we have the selective, we're going to click on the sound Super smash Brothers there some Mellie remix shoes. Your character. Okay, this is the sound saying as we have the sound, we're gonna add it to favorites, and then we're gonna use this sound. So we have this sound selected and let me show you are set up. So we have Here are different props there we're gonna use for a characters. We have our gamer in our assistant. Little focus. I think we're okay. So what if that was a character just dug? Okay, so now the first thing you want to do before you start recording is you want to set your template on the bottom from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The song, It's actually longer than 15 seconds. When we set it to 60 seconds, the bottom here is gonna let me shoot up to 21 seconds. And the reason for that is because that's how long this sound This this sound is 21 seconds long, so I can use all 21 seconds by switching this to 60 seconds. If I have it at 15 seconds is going to stop at 15. So 60 doesn't mean we're gonna record 60 seconds. We're just gonna record up to the sound is over. Okay, so now that we have to set up now, we can start. So we set our timer here. There we go. That was okay. Now we set up our first character no longer logo. Doritos Sponsor s We'll do this. Gardener. Where you go, you go. 12 So it has a little, you know, because you you turned them new games. No. Yeah. I can't move. I won't let this help already know trip or something. Okay, So way, way. Go there. First club of our eater and next iss our spiritual Wait. So she finished actually eating the transition from one character to the other yet? So let's that our timer in the way. Okay, so now we set up for the next one. That's gotta strip for this one at them. Can't see this way. Way. Okay, e think. Look. Fantastic. There's the behind the scenes to take creating guys. Okay, that was okay. It's now we are going to do another three seconds timer from 11. Three Teoh one. Okay. And now we wait. Wait a second. Hey. Okay, So now we move on to the last part where she picks her character. So since you're I was thinking picked that one, let me move this. You're gonna grab your controller and then be like, we like, yeah, like you just decided that you like that one. Okay, so we'll do, Timer. Okay, there we go. And then is going to cut Teoh her being here goes the last bit. 35. Transitions Part 2: Okay, let's watch this. We have the ad text, so we have Ah, eater Neon. We put that there we click. Set duration. Okay. We're not gonna put it there, because that's where her head us, all right? No, but it's Timmy. Bigger can make you bigger And put Obama links by your feet. You know, snack Caesar. And this was snacker. Click at it. Well, disappeared causes during that duration. Okay, so now at another text And we have Ah, it was the second character. It's, um, the cards spiritually. Here. How did it spiritualist then? We do neon separation. You're further away. Can you get closer? That's a big one. Waas. I can't get over whether that there uh oh. And then we to check Mark. Then we do texts on We have work out, ni Honest. Work out. Sure separation. And when you hover, you can see the last text. One word. What do you mean? There was work from Homer that someone replacing all right there work out. It's gotta be an ear that's describing a person That's a action. So we're gonna edit it and at an e r at the end at it in separation. So this is right there. Teoh. Dare 2.8. And we had one more clip. Neon, and that ifs, uh, aholic netflix it that Let's sir, separation. It's cutting off. But to be 10 to three seconds, you can fix it so it doesn't in the last one. Oh, go. Holiday. We have, um there 14 to 17. Okay. We gotta fix the last one cut. Comes over to the next one sniper. Fine. This fun. I'm on at it. And this one, I want to make a bigger don't make a bigger and shorting out Netflix. So you can't really posit in an edit text. You have to, like, wait till it shows up, then click on it. And then at a time, you know, for a fact that feeling Netflix separation. So that was going to 14.2. It can see there in the time I have to stop it at 14. Like it started at 11. 11.1. Okay, so now that we have that, now, we gotta adder transitions. Okay, so we go to effects, we're gonna pick a transition. So we go to the transition tab and we can look through them so we can drag two apart right about there. And then we can do, um, waken look at different ones. So we have turn on TV. We have turn off TV slip, scroll horizon vertical. So I like the slip one. Someone do the slip. One for all of them. Some will go back, back, back, back, back, back. Wait till I get to there on the back, right there. And then I'll do slip. And then I waited there. And this slip. No, I better to stop it and then slip. Stop it there and then slipped and then stop there. Slip. And then there I got this lip from there to that. And then we're gonna transition. So we'll do a different transition for that one. We'll do. Ah, vertical down, which is the last one. There you go. And now way next and saved. So that's it when it comes to transitions. And now we're gonna move on to the next lecture 36. Disco: okay for this effect, we're gonna recreate this. Yeah. Okay, so we just click on the sound. If you hear an original sound by somebody, you can just click on that. And we have that sound in there. And now we click. Uses sound. We have this sound. Okay, so this is short, uh, tic tac. So Well, we're gonna do ISS. We're gonna create timer, and we're gonna set a recording limit. Yeah, we're gonna drag this right there. What that does is it reports up until that spot and stops recording way. Won't accidentally record into the part where she has to cut and start dancing on a chair way dragged us up to there. Click start. I guess that is that We re do it and then I'll cut you down. Okay. 33 What? Okay, there's me thinking about and then I go back, and now you get on the chair, be careful, do for way. And then we click a fact. And we put that, uh, light effect, which is, like, your party set this up on this try part, get closer. And do you have Yeah, three Teoh. And then that's a final. Yeah, way Blue on there in the corner, checking out what the heck's going on here. What is she thinking? And that's it's a simple Is that Okay, so that's it when it comes to that effect, and now we're gonna move on to the next effect. 37. Big Head: okay for this effect, we're gonna be using the big head effect. So that's what this is what that looks like. P appeal. Wait a minute. Wait. 22. So is a chapel. Grab the sound when I click uses sound and then it automatically because the automatically said something big head effect. The reason it sets it up is because I'm using the sound. But I'm also grabbing the sound and the effect from that video. So grassy effect. The effect is right here. That's the big head effect. Normal big head, which suits me well because I think I have a big head. OK, ok, so set this up here. We, uh, set up my little tripod show you right here. A little tripod, my ring light. But this on the tripod put it on the tripod. I flip this with this chair and then we do a few. I hope that here we go. Standers So turned this higher. A little angle like this is a little bit better, I think. Okay, here goes. I'm gonna do it a slow motion because I haven't practiced with the beat or the sound or anything. There's a first take two times speed. Meaning is a slow motion that sounds selected. The effects elected my head's big everything. Physician lighting tripod. Now we click timer because I have to click record and go back. So I said it. Three seconds. Start countdown. No bear. You have a minute. 20 Peel, peel, peel. Wait a minute. 22. It's not a good at other people's, but I did it. So that's how you do the big head effect, and now we're gonna move on to the next effect. 38. Time Warp: in this lecture, we're gonna be using the time warp effect. So I'm going to show you this tic tac so you can see the time warp, in fact, in action. Then I'm going to recreate it step by step. This ticked up so you can see how to do it. So let's check this out right now. Okay? So very simple. We're gonna time this out. Um, we're gonna make a really short tic tac. It's gonna We just have to click on the sound and then do this effect. So we're going to click on the sound, then want to click on use. This sound and the time were perfect is selected, but we don't want this effect to be used for the first clip. We want that for the second clip. So we're gonna, uh we have it unchecked, so it's not being used right now. Then we're gonna set our phone on tripod. I have here little stand now to do this. This has to be perfectly still. So let's set this up looking at the bathroom here and anything to creep out over there. Okay, bring this down a little bit, Okay? So after we have the whole set up set up like this. We have this on a tripod and everything. The first thing we're gonna click on is timer. So we're gonna set this timer right about okay, 12th timer on way back over there, or I agree. Okay, so we got our first clip of us walking out, and now we're going to do the second clip. So Okay, we gotta add the effect. So that's how the effect looks like I'm gonna walk out of the bathroom so you can see what it does. That's what the effect looks like when I'm walking. I'm gonna walk and try to make the weirdest, like smell like, um, body shape I could make. Okay, so that's what I'm gonna do. And now, still, in the time warp, I am going to click timer so myself off, watch it go back and discard the last clip. Because I want to go faster. Okay, But we do it again. - I am going to do one last time, but start walking as soon ass is going to start. - Okay , there's my clip. Um, add a filter and I'm at a text when you poop and smell follows you. We put this right there. There goes my tick tuck. And now we're gonna move on to done next lecture. 39. Freeze Frame: okay for this effect, we're gonna be using the freeze frame effect. So in order to find this effect that we already have a favorite. So I go here to my favorites, then I go to effects scroll down, and I have here freeze frame effect so I can see other videos that were made by the freeze frame effect. If I click on freeze frame, I'll show me other video that other people have made. Okay, so let me show you the video that we're kind of trying to recreate. We're doing this video. So once I selected freeze frame, I can go to record and it opens up the freeze frame effect. Now, if you didn't have it favorite before and you open up this, uh, editor to shoot videos, what you would do is you go toe effects. You go to trending effects. You have to look for this green one with the head sticking out off like a brick wall. That is the freeze frame effect. And then if you don't have it favored, um, you want a favorite? This effect you would click right here. This button right there makes it a favorite. And then you can click right there to find your favorites. So when I click there, I have all my favorite effects. So there it is, right there. Selected Now, when I click on it, it's s tap the screen to freeze the frame. So the way this of fact works is like this. I I could do this before every court or while I'm recording. If I do this while I'm recording was gonna happen is that as soon as I tap on the screen is gonna freeze everything, okay? But what's interesting about this effect is that even after a freeze, everything is still gonna find a human person. So the algorithm the software is going to find a person so me is gonna crop me out, my full body in my arms and everything, and it's gonna allow me to walk around on the frame over that frozen picture. Okay, I know that's a little confusing. So let me show you an example. So as soon as I tap on the screen, right, if I put my hand out like this and I tap on the screen that's frozen and I can walk around that video of me with my hand like that. And then if I want, I come over here, stand on this and now I'm standing on my hand. So that's how that effect works. Now, to get rid of that frozen frame, I have to tap on the screen again. Once I tap on the screen, it freezes another thing, tap on it. It freezes, tap on it again in freezing somewhere else. So to kind of get rid of that effect, I go to effects and tap on the effect. And now it's gone. Okay, So one thing to note about this effect is that when you're not recording, if you free something and you walk up to it and then you click record is gonna erase the effect the effect would be done before you record to practice. But when you click record is gonna give rid of the fact and then you have to tap on the screen again. So let me show you what I mean. If I freeze this by tapping on the screen, I haven't clicked record yet. I'm standing there as soon as I clicked record it erases everything. And then if I tap on the screen, Dennett does the effect. So the effect is there. Go back, erase the last clip. So if once the effect is selected and is right here and we click record that the effect is saved and ready to be used in that clip, you can't have two effects in the same clip. You can only use one in fact, at a time. So I'm doing this effect. I will have to click record and use that effect. Now if that video is gonna have that effect shown throughout the whole video, which is usually what's gonna happen, you have to record is all in one clip. So, for example, if I do this, I clicked record. I do this freeze myself. I walked to it is still recording. I started dancing and then I stop it. And now less. I decide I want to change things up. I want to have another person jump on when I click record again, it's gonna erase the effect. And then that background of me with my hand there is gonna be gone. So you have to kind of record this whole clip all the way through. Every gonna be using this effect. That's something we learned when we were making this effect. So that sums up how to use this effect. You click record, do the action, tap on the screen, walk in place, and then do something with that background. Now we're gonna end up doing is I am going to do the handing and then my roommate is gonna jump onto my hand and start dancing. But I'm going to step back. Okay, so I'm gonna put my hand there, freeze it, step back. It's gonna be frozen in place. Me doing this, she's gonna jump on it and dance the radically. I could just keep my hand there and not move and show dance on my hand, but to show you guys the effect, I am gonna freeze it and step back and she's gonna jump on it. Um, And then the other good thing about doing that is, if I were to put my hand here and she jumps, um, my hand will be over her legs so she would be dancing back here like this. But by being a green screen Now when she dances, she's dancing on top of my hand. So that's why you use a green screen because the body is over the background rather than than my hand. That's closer to the camera being a top of her, Lex. Okay, that's a long explanation about a uses. Now I'm gonna show you behind the scenes off us making that tic tac. Okay, you guys. So you have everything set up. We have this song, we have the effect clicked right here in the corner. Left. We have the freeze frame effect. And now we do is we set up the scene we have seen set up here and now we click record. But I am going to do this in times to that way I can have enough time to move around and run and everything. Okay, here we go. Three way. - There is my finished clip right here. Go to sound second. Okay, So there's my finish. Clip is playing in a loop. I'm reviewing it, and I want to cut out the ending part where I'm running back and stopping the video. So what I do is I click right here with as a just clips and then a crop out the ending so it ends right there. Click save and that's it. I can ask the filters and I'm done with this effect. Now, we're gonna do this, uh, with somebody else so that we can, um, try to do this a little bit better. Okay, so now we're gonna try this again. So in order to do this, we're gonna do is I have the free three frame effect enabled. Here we have a song. Pick this one, put it in half speed so I can run and get to the effect sooner. I don't waste so much time in the seconds that I have to get to it and let's see how this looks, OK? My light set up right here. I'm gonna send myself in position. I want to dance in my hands so I place my hand but this far away from the, uh, camera. And then I'm going to start it. - I think. Try it with your policies. It's, uh you did you like stuff. You know what you can do? It could stop record. Freeze frame. No thinking. No, thank you. No taking calls. No small talk. Which I'm taking, Charles. No small taking calls, no small talk time taking cause no small. Here. We got the hand covering most of the and down there you got. That's how you do it for you guys. Quality content right there for tick talkers everywhere. That doesn't get you a 1,000,000 followers. I don't know what will. Okay, so that's when you're using the green screen. Now we're gonna move on to the next effect.