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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Making Glue


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      Sending Love


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About This Class

Getting a fancy envelope in the mail used to be pretty exciting, but now, it’s even more special! It's like getting a little treasure from the outside world! Beautiful and handmade with love, just for you! Sunshine in an envelope!

In this class I will show you how to create 3 different kinds of envelopes.
1. A small square flap envelope
2. A pointed flap envelope with a liner
3. A padded bubble mailer envelope

I will also show you how make your own jar of remoistenable envelope glue, and how to create your own set of lick & stick labels.

You can create envelopes out of anything; scraps of papers you have around the house, old maps, book pages, magazine pages, paper bags, sheet music, wrapping paper, you name it, anything can be turned into an envelope!

You can download the 3 envelope templates, the 2 sheets of printable labels and the lick & stick glue recipe in the project & resources section.

I can’t wait to see your envelopes, please share in the project section or find me on instagram and tag me at @lucieduclos

It’s a great time to connect by mail with family and friends! Try it, snail mail rocks!


Meet Your Teacher

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Lucie Duclos

Design + Mixed Media


Hello, I'm Lucie and I am a graphic designer and mixed media artist. I work with a lot of different mediums and techniques from pen and ink to watercolor, monoprints, encaustics, collage, acrylics and bookmaking. My work experience is in publishing, packaging and textile design. I have done packaging and illustration work for Harry & David, Smith & Hawken, UPPERCASE magazine, Danone and Salesforce among others.

I grew up in Montreal, Canada, then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, then to Port Townsend, Washington to finally end up right back in Canada, but on the west coast, in Victoria, British Columbia.

Thank you so much for watching my classes and for sharing the projects you create!

I am looking forward to create new fun classes for you!

... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: 2. Materials: So to make aval apps, you can use any kind of paper you have around the house. You can use, um, maps. You can use book pages. You can use magazine pages, sheet music, anything you have laying around. You also will need some vinegar, rice, vinegar, white vinegar. You'll need some sugar. Also some gelatin, the one pack of gelatin. And also you'll need a little jar to mix you glue annually the little brush. If you have some bubble wrap, that would be awesome. And scissors and a glue stick. And also, uh, Exacto knife in a cutting mat and a pencil, an eraser and a ruler. It could be a metal ruler or any kind of ruler, so, uh, already go. 3. Making Glue: Yes. I'm going to show you how to make an envelope Glue. So for this, you'll need some vinegar. I use rice vinegar because I think it smells. It doesn't spell a strong as regular vinegar, but you can use any kind. I use gelatin and you sugar. So I'm gonna ah, warm up my vinegar in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then I'm going to put my absolute of gelatine in it, and then I'm going stir until it's all melted. Shouldn't take very long. Looks pretty good. And then I'm gonna use one a teaspoon of sugar, and I am going to stir it until it's all melted. So you'll see. It's gonna be like, almost like consistency of maple syrup on You could see and that's it. Okay, so you can use one of those top to store it when you don't need it, and that's it. You're done so you can download the recipe and all the instruction in the project and resource section. So further labels. I printed this sheet of labels and I want to create some self stick label something I can lick like a stamp and put it on my antelope So I'm gonna use my I want to print this on this page that's in their project and resource section, and then I'm going Teoh, apply this glue on the back, a nice, generous layer and, um, and then I'm gonna let it dry, and when it's dry, I'm going to cut it up and then I'm going to, um, when I want to use it, I can just reactivate it with water and put it on my envelope. So when it's dry, you'll see it's like a little bit shiny, and that means it's ready. You can cut it, and a little bit later you could just cut their labels, and then a little bit later, you will be ready to put him on the envelopes. You'll have a series of stickers. You can make your own stickers and getting some full stamps you. So there you go. We have a series of labels that are ready to use, and you just have to with the back and then apply it to anything you want. So I make a big stash of them, and I just keep it on a little envelope. But I'm always ready to go 4. Envelopes: So the 1st 1 we're gonna work on is the square flat envelope. So you can print your template in from the project and Resource section and what I did as I use a little bit victor and cardboard, and it's easier to create your template and trace it around. So for this one, I actually use paper that I printed on my prince stamp and roll costs, and I was just trying some stuff on there, but it wasn't like, big enough to actually do a whole envelopes. I just stitch apiece another piece here on another pace you can see on the back. You can just glue it if you want, but I think it's kind of fun. Toe have that little details and what I do is like, I think this is the top off my at Globe. I can't decide where I'm gonna be, where I'm gonna trace it. So there's there's two ways you can do this. You can put it there and then trace around it. Or, uh, it might be easier to do it this way, so I kind of when I decide where I want is to be the gun. When I wanted to be right there. What I'm gonna do is put my template here, I think is out. And then I'm just gonna trace around it because I find it a little bit easier to do it that way. So I just trace it. And that's why you need like, um card stop. That worked a little better. Because if you just do it on paper, it's going to be hard to trees around it. You carry it doesn't have to be perfect, so I can have my tablets. I'm just going to cut it out. Okay, so now I have my envelope, and I need to do now is turn it around and fold it. So you see here, I want to fold it on this line. And don't worry about you're lying here because you can always erase it. Leader. Mm. Okay, So these going first and put this one on top. So that's it. So now I'm going to do I'm just kind of blew it. And this is going my absolute It looks pretty cool. This is the back, and then we're gonna put your Are we gonna put our sticker here later? But now I'm gonna use or you can use if you want. You can use this Glue this with a glue stick if you want. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use my, uh, blew my absolute glue for this. So if you see if you've made your travel a little bit earlier than you'll see that it's gonna get harder because they're gelatine in it. So what you want to do is put in the microwave for 32nd and I'll be liquid again. It's magic. So I'm gonna just use this'll flew here. Actually, I want to just put myself enough. Make a mess. There you go. So what I want to do is just put some glue right here and let it dry. And then this is the, um when I'm going to reactivate later when I want to see all my envelope. So there you have it. So envelope number one. So the second envelope we're gonna do is appointed flat antelope with a liner, and I have loved liner, and this is where you can kind of bring, you know, a little story into the whole thing. For this one, I used again nautical chart and then I have put little fish as a liner in here. You know, you could find any kind of paper and then just just find something that Tenet relates to for the inside for the envelope. So I'm gonna use this paper here. I was rice paper with little birds, and inside I'm gonna do some sheet music. So I think it's gonna look with acute because little birds sing. And so the same thing, You don't know your template. And then, uh, I did the same thing I actually cut it out with. Exactly. And, um, I will do exactly the same thing that I did for the first time. This is my liner, and I'll just trace my liner that and then just gonna show at the top so that would be like that, or you could trace it around. But this one works pretty well because there's enough border around it, so I can use it as a as a template for this one would be a little bit harder because it's a little flimsy. So I am gonna put it right here, and I'm gonna be tracing it around like I did for the other ones So now I cut my liner and my and Liu, and I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna fold really nicely this rice paper through the night, my fold. So I'm gonna check to see that it's it works because I can adjust my folds. So this will fall like this, and this will fold over like that and I'll get go in right now. And you erased my my lines. Okay. Super cute. So now I want to put my liner, which is kind of be kind of line it up with the bottom here and then, um maybe increase this right now. Just like that. So what I want to do before I blew my envelope, I'm gonna glue my liner in the same thing. I'm gonna use my blue. I have Luke. Luke, you can use for any of that. You can use a broomstick. So when I'm gonna do is just kind of applies on that You don't have to glue it all the way down. Really? Because that's going to stay in place pretty well once it's folded. Yes. And I'm just gonna glue this in. Yep. And then I'm going to glue this of my envelope and then it's really pretty. Oh, so now we want to put put some blue here Some have a look blue that you can reactivate, leader and you just let it dry. So there you have it for absolute number three. We're gonna do a padded and lose, so you'll need some bubble wrap. And I always have bubbled up because I save everything and you're going to download the two sides of the envelope 12 pages so you can put them together like this in the middle. So the night before this one, I just cut it and this is my template. So when I would have cut it because my absolute and then I want the same thing I am going to hold. So for the bubble wrap part, I'm just going to measure, uh, piece that's gonna want to give myself maybe half a niche on each side because they're going to be an overlap, but maybe, like about 13 by eight and 1/2. But I don't really measure it. I'll just kind of I just kind of wing it here and okay, so have my piece of bubble wrap and I'm just gonna glue this, uh, this piece here so it doesn't move around too much, and you can use a glue stick if you want. I'm just gonna use my and a little blue for this that glue it down, bubble down, okay. And leave the flat part on the outside here, and then you just go ahead and fold it and glue Glue it all together on the last step will be to just put the strip of glue right here. Let it dry, Wala. 5. Labelling: Somehow my envelopes are dry and I can react to date this blue any time I want. When I'm ready to put something in the envelope saying here and I'm gonna address them, I'm gonna put my labels on them. So I have a little three food labels, and then I'm gonna just kind of decide which one would work best for that. I think maybe this would look nice there. And I'm thinking I would just do this one there, and then you can, either Your foot one of those. You can pick a different one to put on the back for your return and your turn address right there. So all you need to do is you just kind of like it. And that's what we put sugar in that and not a little glue because it tastes a little bit better. So you just like it's like a stamp, Ellen Swallow. Same with this one. Just going to lick it. This one is not working, either. You put didn't put enough. You didn't lead it enough or you didn't put it on glue. So one of those two things, I think I just didn't like it enough and you could just use put your finger in water and do it like that, too, if you don't want to lick it. But it just tastes like vinegar and sugar. Fabulous. So there you have it. And then I'm gonna show you how to do the bigger one for the larger absolute. What I did is I got you some maybe some larger labels that you can put on the here. And then you can do the but this one out for you so you could do your from and to address on the same label instead of doing it like the smaller at smaller and look and also made a few ing french. Those two here. So for this one, I didn't put glue on the back right away because kind of a large surface to Nick. But you could do that. What I'm going to do is I'm just gonna apply my blue straight on there and put it on. And, um yeah, your glue. If you glue gets because it gets hard pretty quickly because of the gelatin, you just need to put in the microwave for, like, 10 seconds or just run it under hot water. It was Close it running on hold water and then you'll be fine. You'll melt my label, and I'm just gonna apply it to center. And so you have three little envelopes 12 and three. 6. Sending Love: What do you do with all these leftover pieces of papers from the envelope? Well, you cut little hearts out of them and you put them in your envelopes and send them to your friends. But I can't wait to see your Avalos. Please share in a project section below. And don't forget to follow me on skill share. If you want to know about new classes or give away and also for more inspiration you can follow me on Instagram at UC to clothes and I hope to see you in my next class Vietto.