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The YouTube MasterClass: How to Set Up Your Channel for Maximum Views & Easy Filming/Editing

teacher avatar Dana Garrison, Business and Social Media Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the YouTube MasterClass


    • 2.

      0.1 Why YouTube, Why Now, Pt 1


    • 3.

      0.2 Why YouTube Why Now Pt 2


    • 4.

      1.1 Choose a Niche


    • 5.

      1.2 Niche Keyword Research


    • 6.

      1.3 Photo and Channel Art


    • 7.

      1.4 Canva Tutorial Pt 1


    • 8.

      1.5 Canva Tutorial Pt 2


    • 9.

      1.6 Canva Tutorial Pt 3


    • 10.

      1.7 About Section


    • 11.

      1.8 Channel Trailer


    • 12.

      1.9 Channel Settings


    • 13.

      1.10 Upload Defaults


    • 14.

      2.1 Content Pt 1


    • 15.

      2.1 Content Pt 2


    • 16.

      2.2 Creating a Script


    • 17.

      2.3 Filming


    • 18.

      2.4 How to BE on Camera


    • 19.

      2.5 Film Just Your Screen & Voice


    • 20.

      2.6 Film Picture In Picture - Web Cam and Screen


    • 21.

      2.7 Basic Editing Techniques


    • 22.

      2.8 Edit 1 Take Videos


    • 23.

      2.9 Edit Backgrounds for Intros and Transitions


    • 24.

      2.10 Cropping, Stabilizing, Background Noise


    • 25.

      2.11 Edit Picture in Picture


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About This Class

Learn How To:

Set Your Channel Up Properly So You Get The Most Visibility and Views for Free 

Film Videos Tons of Ways: Without Your Face on Screen - Just Your Computer Screen, or With Your Face, or Picture in Picture - with Your Face on Top of Your Computer Screen Image

Edit Videos in Minutes instead of Days Using Smart Filming and Editing Techniques 

Add Intros, Outros, Background Music, Crop Your Video, Stabilize It, and Get Rid of Background Hissing

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Garrison

Business and Social Media Consultant


Dana is a Business Consultant with specialities that include Social and Live Video. She grew her show on live video, monetized and got a sponsor within 2 weeks, started getting free products in the mail, landed brand deals, all expense paid trips from sponsors, and consulted with business and brands on organic, free, social media tactics to drive traffic and grow communities using YouTube and Live Video. 

She’s been featured in places like Huffington Post, AdWeek, and Inc. Magazine, and she’s worked with brands like Microsoft, Intel, and Oculus. She consults individuals and brands on Business and breakthrough Social and Live Video strategies. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to the YouTube MasterClass: Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Dana Garrison here, coming to you as Dana Kitty. Now, if you're brand new to me, I started out, um, wanting to start my own business. And I was able to grow a sold out consulting practice in a month and 1/2 leave my toxic day job and then break through six figures in nine months while I had a chronic illness and while I was traveling the world. So I built a business that was digital, that let me have freedom so I could travel the world as much as I wanted Teoh while still running my business. So that's how I started out in business. And then I discovered social media and my world also changed from social media. I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a minute. Now I got started myself on live video, So YouTube is generally pre recorded video. Now they have their own live platform. I got started on something called Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. It is live video, and ah, when I first got started, I discovered the platform and I started stuck being it for 100 hours straight, and I mean I slept, but 100 hours straight. Otherwise, my background is in business and psychology. And so I used my understanding of business and psychology to figure out how to grow on that platform. I created a strategy. I figured out a lot of tactics. I created a full on strategy, and then I hit the ground running and I started using those strategies every day. I was implementing those tactics every single time. I created a live video. And lo and behold, within the 1st 2 months, I got 10,000 targeted followers following me. When I say targeted, what I mean is there's the exact people that I wanted to be following me, those the types of people that I wanted to be following me, Um, and they were in my niche. Right is another way to say that within the 1st 2 weeks I'm monetized, which means I started making money from my live videos, and within the 1st 2 weeks, I got a sponsor. I got a sponsor that actually sent me free stuff in the mail. For those of you that love the idea of getting free stuff, free gadgets, free gear, free tech, free beauty supplies free whatever. I started getting free stuff sent to me within the second week, plus free gifts to give to my audience, plus affiliate relationships that I was making money in to get a different way on my live video streams. And then within the first month, I broke through 2.5 million hearts on the platform, which is similar to 2.5 million. Likes is another way to say that, and ah, and all of that happened because I took the time to grow. And then I started working with brands. Large brands, started reaching out to me and wanting to work together like Microsoft like and tell like Oculus. And they wanted to actually do collaborations together, but also where they paid me to collaborate with them on my live videos. So how good does that sound? Would you like a large brands to reach out to you and pay you to make some of your videos on do collaborations together? Now, when I grew on periscope that actually grew my other platforms so my other social media platforms started to grow just because of my time. On one platform, I grew my Twitter account really at the same time as periscope, and they both went up to 20,000 and it grew my other social media platforms to because people would say, What what's your Snapchat account? I want to follow you on Snapchat And so next thing you know that's growing over there Now The time that I took to learn how to grow on social media has paid off time after time after time, I've gotten asked to speak and invited to speak on all these different stages around the world on podcasts around the world. It's gotten me featured in Huffington Post on Happened in Post Live Inc magazine ad week in New York. Brands have reached out to work with me like Microsoft and tell Oculus I got I got taken by a brand to South by Southwest Interactive. They paid for my experience there. They gave me free stuff to give way to my audience. They let me frolic and roam free, and, um, I got to speak at South by Southwest on the future of social media. Now, other cool things have started to happen as I've taken the time to learn YouTube as I've taken the time to learn the YouTube strategy. Other brands have started to reach out, and I started to work with other brands on their YouTube strategy. So I've worked with Ghirardelli chocolate, uh, starting to teach them their YouTube strategy at work to somebody At Go Daddy started to teach the YouTube strategy. I've worked with somebody who has a social media software company. I've worked with somebody at Mattel. I work with somebody at a virtual reality company. I work with somebody who owns a digital marketing agency in another country. So so many wonderful things can happen when you take the time to learn and grow on just one social media platform even, and so many of them are wonderful there. They all have freeways to grow. YouTube is one of the best ones to grow on because it's one of the easiest ones to get discovered on its one of the easiest ones. To be able, Teoh, get new viewers, have strangers who happen upon you and meet you would become your subscribers and followers have brands find you like all of it. It is the second largest surgeon gin on the planet, second only to Google Google owns YouTube. And so not only can you be found on you tube through YouTube. You could be found on you tube through Google, so you might as well maximize that. 2. 0.1 Why YouTube, Why Now, Pt 1: all right, So why YouTube and why now? Why is it so important to be on YouTube and have a presence there? Let's go over some stats and some facts and figures, so you understand just how integral YouTube is. YouTube and Google are the two biggest search engines in the world, and Google owns YouTube. So your YouTube videos when you rank them, they show up on Google as well. When somebody searches on Google, your video control on the first page, your video control on the videos tab, and when somebody searches and YouTube it can find you there as well. So you might as well maximize on that because YouTube and Google are free advertising. And you? No, that everybody's on their that the two most frequently used search engines. So that's where everyone's going. You should have a presence there so they can find you now. Your content is always up and always searchable. 24 7 365 days a year. This is like having a bunch of employees that are actually doing work for you. With YouTube. You just film it once, put it up and it works for you for the rest of your life. It just keeps on going and going, getting you exposure, helping you reach more people, helping people discover you. And it leads to so many amazing things. Right now, five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. That's at a month. That's a day people are hungry for YouTube. People are hungry for entertainment. They're hungry for knowledge. They're hungry for motivation and inspiration. And YouTube is where they're going. YouTube has 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors unique. That means different people, 1.5 billion different people. Come on, Do you do every month now that's important, because when it comes to exposure, it's not that they have, AH, 100,000 people watching videos, and they all kind of rack up. So many videos totals to one point 5,000,000,025 1.0.1 point five billion different people . That's amazing. And YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. I'm telling you, people are hungry for video education and entertainment, and you know where they're going Now. YouTube also gets two million views. Her minute. It's kind of mind boggling, isn't it? Like as you're looking at these numbers and we're getting into the millions and billions. It's kind of mind boggling. Just how many people heart on YouTube looking for videos? Now get this. I love this. Eight out of 10 18 to 49 year olds watch YouTube, as in in the whole planet on the whole planet. Of all the 18 and 49 year olds, eight out of 10 of them watch YouTube. Everyone is pretty much on their and the total number of hours. A video that air watched on YouTube each month. 3.25 billion hours. So much videos being watched now. The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes. Now people are really starting to favor mobile and cell phones, toe watch YouTube and so you can see that people are staying on there even though it's their cell phone right there. Not like Washington, their television at home. There's still watching a long time, and it's up more than 50% year over year. It just keeps growing. Everybody's moving to mobile. The number of hours that people spend watching videos on YouTube is also up 60% year over year. So really, it just keeps growing and growing by more than double. And the thing that's great about all this mobile viewing. People have their cell phones married to their pockets and their purses. They've always got it with them, so you have a way of reaching them wherever they are, whenever they're bored, whenever there at home, you're in their homes, you're in the palm of their hand. And that does some serious magic. It doesn't interesting thing to the human psyche, cause once people see you on a screen right, a television screen, a computer screen, a tablet screen, a cell phone screen, there's a bit of magic that happens. You get a little bit of this celebrity status and you're just being you. What, you Nothing's different about you. But I know what happened for me. Once I started getting on video and on social media, there was an elevated status. There was like a celebrity status, and when I went places I would get fangirls and Fanboys. In fact, there was this, Ah, really large speaker that was in some random pub in Philadelphia, and this lady was wearing this lady that was a server. She was, ah, serving them dinner. Um she was wearing cat ears. So there's really great speaker that ended up discovering me and finding me because of my time being on video on social media. I said to her, Oh, hey, Yeah, um, you're Britain carriers like Dana Garrison, Dino, Dana Garrison. And she lost her. You know what? She started going all crazy bonkers, like, Oh, my God. Dana Garrison. Yeah, I love her so much dead. It ended up and one of the people that were sitting with this big speaker, they were doing a mastermind. One of the people said I was just hanging out with Dana yesterday. You want to talk to her and he pulls out his cell phone and starts to call me. This girl starts to have a meltdown. They told me, and they dialed me in on face time. They handed it to the girl and she was so nervous. Bless her heart. She was completely fangirl, and she couldn't speak. She was shaking. And I said to her, like, you know, tell me about you and tell me about your channel. She's like, Oh my God, I just I don't even know what to say. I want to say something stupid. Can I? Can I tell you in an email? She just couldn't even talk and it was so adorable. But it's just me, right is just the same old me that I've always been. But being on a screen does something. It changes people's relationship and perspective with you, and it elevates you in an interesting way. And so after I got off the phone with her, that really big speaker got on the phone with me. He said, Dana, what did you do to this girl? She came to pick up our plates and the silverware was rattling on the plates. She was shaking so hard. And that's part of the magic of being able to reach people and be in people's homes in the palm of their hand, on their television screen on their laptop, entertaining them or making their day brighter or happier, or teaching them or inspiring or motivating them. You have an effect on people, and it's happening 24 7 Film it once, and your impact on the world continues to grow. So by 2020 85% of the Internet is gonna be people watching video. That's a study that Cisco did. 85% of the Internet is people hungry for video. We are all moving to a video medium. The whole Internet is moving to a video medium, and people are, as you can see, all go into YouTube for their entertainment, for education, for inspiration, for ideas, for whatever. 3. 0.2 Why YouTube Why Now Pt 2: now get this. Only 9% of us small businesses use YouTube. Only 9%. That's not even 10%. What that means is businesses aren't on there yet. There's a lot of people that aren't even on there yet. Which means you have a golden egg, a golden opportunity right in front of you, which is get a foothold. Get in there, start to grow your channel and start to build a presence because you're gonna get there before all the other people dio all these other businesses and you're gonna have a corner on the market. Now, YouTube is totally free exposure for you to grow your channels. And when I say channels, I mean not only a YouTube channel, but inevitably, when you grow one social media channel, your other social media channels grow as well. So YouTube is totally free exposure for all of your social media channels, plus your business if you have a business and if you don't have a business, there's so many ways to make money from YouTube that you're gonna have a side business that brings you some income. Now having a YouTube presence can also mean getting all kinds of free products. You probably heard me speaking about that before. I've gotten everything under the sun because of taking my time to be on video online. So I've gotten cameras, microphones, lights, tripods. So all kinds of tech and gear and gadgets, some really great stuff for actually filming all these like gear and rigs and extra lenses and stuff like that to film with my cell phone and all kinds of interesting lenses and gears and gadgets that go with my cell phone. But then I've also gotten stuff that isn't necessarily even in my field or my niche. I had people sending me all kinds of delicious food and snacks because they wanted me to represent them. And I've gotten clothing. I've gotten makeup. Oh my gosh, the list could go on. Do just start getting all kinds of stuff, People reaching out to you because they know that you have a presence or they like your energy or they know you have an audience and they want to work with you and they want to do a cool collaboration with you are a sponsorship deal, and so, and not only that people have given you free programs free software free stuff online. You know, free access toe conferences, free access to events. I mean, it really just keeps going now. Being on YouTube can also get you featured on blog's and in magazines. Just because I had a video presence online, I've been written up in Huffington Post magazine, and I've been on Huffington Post Live. Their television show. Um, I've been in I've been featured in Inc Magazine Inc has not the tattoo one, but ink I N C. The Business one I've been featured on the Lincoln Hub. I've been featured on Adweek, which is a really, really big advertising and marketing organization. You can also get all kinds of speaking engagements, like on podcasts, on radio shows, at conferences on different kinds of television shows and just kind of a different events all over the world where they want somebody to come in and talk about what you normally talk about. So if you've been wanting to get more speaking engagements, it's fantastic for that. It's really fun to get invited to places to just share your knowledge, to go there and talk to people or just be on a podcast. You could just be in the comfort of your home. Hop on Skype and somebody tripped, chats with you and then they put it up online and and that all of that goes right back around a building, your YouTube channel. And if you have a business or you've monetized your YouTube channel, that's more business for you. More customers, more money. You can also make money and have a lot of fun, the re sponsorships and working with brands. Now, by the way, coming back to this, I've been asked to go to speaking engagements all around the world. I've been invited to all kinds of podcasts. I've been on radio shows, the regular radio conferences. I've been on the television shows of different brands, and I've been to events all over the world. All of this that I'm sharing with you actually happened, right? Uh, and so when it comes to making money and having fun through sponsorships of working with brands, you heard about that as well. Probably sponsorships were really cool because different companies will send you free stuff , but then they'll also possibly, depending on the deal, pay you to make a video like a demo video or an explainer video or maybe a review video. Sometimes they pay you to do certain featured shows create certain content, and brands come up with all kinds of really fun collaborations. I mean, it's it's because of working with brands that I got flown to cool events and the events were paid for right and all expenses paid. So starting to get those relationships with businesses and brands where you could do really fun collaborations, where they start to open doors for you to other really cool fun things that are completely unexpected stuff you could probably never predict the stuff that's happened for me. I never would have guessed it just happened. You could also make passive income through your videos, and then you can, um, have a lot of fun with brand and sponsorship deals. And a lot of that is really passive. What is passive mean? It means you don't have to do any extra work and you're making money now that some of the sweetest money you can get as you know your videos live forever ongoing Lee on YouTube like it's like having different employees working for you. And those videos could make money in a number of different ways. So just imagine sleeping, waking up and suddenly you have this email that you've got extra income used. There's, ah, there's, ah commission check that just came in. You've got a payment through PayPal That is one of the funnest. Can I say funnest? I know it's not a word things to wake up to in the morning, And not only that, brands and sponsors might actually pay you to have done a video for them, but then they can continue to pay you month after month to keep that video up on your channel. So there's all kinds of really fun ways to be able to make money passively on YouTube. You can also get taken to really cool events, like I said, flown around and the red carpet treatment because you have a YouTube following. So you've heard a little bit about my cool events. I got to go to places like South by Southwest. A brand flew me out there, got to go to Vidcon Vid Summit. I mean, there's so many fun events that I've been Teoh because of having had an online presence and because people saw me on video it's different than just seeing your typed words on Twitter or a photo of you on Instagram. It's much more connected, much more engaging, and people want to then work with you because they have a sense of you. They can feel you. So getting flown around is really awesome sauce in that respect and the red carpet treatment is really fun because it's unexpected. You normally are used to go into events and just kind of being a participant. Here. It's all about people walking up to you and willing to take photos with you wanting your autograph. People fan, girling and fan and dying out on you and being so adorable and so cute and so excited to meet you. And they have so much to share with you about how you've impacted their life. It's super fun experience to know that you've had this impact, that you've connected with people and that you've made their lives happier or better or easier or more knowledgeable. It's it's really a blessing. That's just some of the beauty of being on YouTube. So many great things that come from it. It's such a vast channel. It's just so the place to be. And I'm so excited for you to be able to start building your channel and doing it right rather than doing it the wrong way, wasting a lot of time not having things go anywhere and then having to kind of start over and read. Do it again once you learn how to do it, right? So it's really nice to be able to just start learning now what to dio so that you can from here forward really start impacting your channel. And if you have some older videos, it's pretty easy to go back and make the changes that we're talking about and then I'll be teaching you. So you are in the right place, my love, and this is so exciting to get to share all of these tips and secrets and tactics and strategies with you. I totally think you're gonna love the heck out of all of this and have so much fun and meet so many cool people because of your time on YouTube. And I'm super excited. Let's dive in 4. 1.1 Choose a Niche: in just the first thing you want to do is choose a category or a topic you want to specialize in on your channel. This is called Choosing a Niche or nation down. And yes, you can actually have more than one niche on your channel, so long as it's serving the same audience. So, for example, on my channel, I actually help people with business, but I also helped them with mindset, the success mindset. But that's still for entrepreneurs and business owners, and I help them a social media. But that's still for entrepreneurs and business owners. So the population, my audience, is the same. I'm serving people who are in business or they're entrepreneurs, and I know that I'm going to get professionals that follow me and people who are just wanting to grow on social media who follow me. But it's all around the saint serving a similar population, and that's what you want to do. So first you want to double check using the search bar if the topic you want to do actually gets searched. So if that's food nearing a check, and of course we know that fruit is popular. So yes, there's stuff about food here. Fantastic. And you can just type in the word itself. You could type the word tutorial afterwards, see if the list pre populates. You want to see that there's a drop down here that has lots of stuff that to say about that topic as well as go ahead and click on it and see if stuff pops up and see if it has a decent amount of use. Now, if a topic that you're choosing does not have a decent amount of use on here, one of two things one, it's either something that isn't really searched for that much on YouTube and may not be a great topic. You may need to, you know, ask me questions about that. And two, it may be that you have a corner on the market and you can start a channel on that topic and you'll totally own it. So other things, you know, you might be searching. Oh, I'm gonna do a beauty channel. Oh, I want to cover stuff with tech. Oh, I want to do something. Like tech reviews. Two people search for this. Yes, they dio. So you're just double checking and choosing a niece choosing a topic that you want to specialize in, or a couple of topics that you want to specialize in that one audience would care about. So if you're gonna have more than one topic, you need to make sure that your audience is singular, meaning ID entrepreneurs care about this. Or people who craft care about this or gay murders. Care about this. And if you're gonna try to do something like a blogging channel, I know that, uh, with blogging these days on YouTube challenges is one of the thing that's that's popular. So of course you'd look up challenges and want to be on top of what challenges air happening if you want to do blogging. Ah, but even if you want to do blogging, I'm still gonna recommend that you actually teach something. So, for example, if you're a singer or an actor and you want to get discovered on YouTube, that's great. Fantastic. Put your singing and you're acting on here. However, you're going to get more of channel views if you also teach something. So, uh, how to act? Um, you're gonna want to put some tutorials up as well, so I'm gonna highly recommend that you do that If you're going to do something like try to be discovered on here for eight talent, music, singing, dancing, acting that you also teach the talent. So all right, First things first. Choose a topic. Choose a category all same thing. Choose a niche and write that down. That is step number one. 5. 1.2 Niche Keyword Research: This is one of the most important steps you're ever gonna do with the YouTube and learn about YouTube. Actually, all the social media channels which is re con You're gonna do some re kon ninjas and figure out what's actually working or one of the search terms that actually work for your niche for the topic you've chosen. So the first thing let's pretend that we're opening up a food channel. We're gonna use this as, ah, as the as the model. So first, I'm just going to start typing into the search bar All the things that I think somebody might type in in order to find a channel that's about in this case food. So look at what pops up in the suggestions. Food Tutorials for tutorial, compilation food tutorials, Buzzfeed. Now we're not going to choose that one because we are not buzzfeed but the first to actually work. Food tutorials, videos that works, food tutorials, step by step that would work for my channel. Fruit tutorials, deserts. Yeah, I'll cover desserts, food tutorials, instagram. Now that's not what my channels about food tutorials compilation. Maybe I would do a compilation food tutorials that are tasty for details that it easy. So you want to copy or write down all the ones that actually would work for your channel, So food tutorials and food tutorial compilation could work. And you're just gonna write this down on a document? Now, when you leave the screen, it actually goes away. So just delete one. And, um, it'll pop back up again. Delete one letter. So few tutorials, videos, food tutorials, step by step through tutorials Desert. So we've got videos tasty and easy, and all I'm doing is just reminding myself that food tutorials comes before those words. And then you just keep on going. So I tried food tutorial that time. Now, let's just try food. So we get food review. Maybe that would work out of all of these. That looks like the only one that would work for a food channel where I'm gonna be teaching recipes. So food review. Now I'm gonna teach you a method of finding other search terms on here, which is to put an underscore in front of the word on. What it does is it will pop up things that have a word before the word you've just written so blank food, buzzfeed, foods, street food, how animals eat their food. So it's giving me ideas and suggestions based on putting a word in front of my keyword. Keyword is the word I'm actually searching for so street food. Will I cover that? Yeah, I'll do some tutorials on street food. That sounds fun. Chinese food, Korean food, Indian food. That sounds fun. I'd like to do ethnic foods so Korean Chinese ethnic, and then you can do the opposite as well. Food space underscore. And now we've got ideas that have a word after the word food. So let's see if any of these work for me. Food review, food recipes, food hacks, those air nice and what you want to do is just want to keep going. Think of every idea that you can with, ah, your basic words that you would think somebody would search for. So what else would somebody type if they were looking up? How to cook something on YouTube? Maybe food recipe. So we got food, recipes, food recipes, easy food, recipes for dinner and you just keep going. Taking those notes, right? Food Recipes for kids, Food RECIPES Indian vegetarian helped just copy all of that down and keep thinking, What else would somebody type? Maybe they wouldn't even type food. Maybe they were just type recipe. All right. Recipe recipes for dinner Recipes for kids Recipe Kodak THAT doesn't WORK Kendrick Lamar THAT doesn't work. Recipes for breakfast that works Recipes with chicken that works. So this is where learning how to think about what somebody might type to find your Tepe content becomes really important. This is a super powerful skill toe. Learn and get better at type in here, everything you can think of right down every idea you can think of. And ideally, at the end of it, you'll have a list that's maybe 100 things long. If you can get there maybe 50 things long. If you can get there, you might want to actually help each other out in the Facebook group and ask each other. Hey, what else can I search for? This is my topic and get some ideas from other people if you like. Try to get as long of a list is possible because not only are you going to use this list for your about section and your playlists and your Siri's your official Siris on YouTube. You're also going to use this list for content ideas as well as your titles. Your thumbnails, which is the cover image of your video, your descriptions and your tags. So this list is gonna be super important. You want to keep adding to it as many new ideas you can, based on what pops up in the YouTube search bar. Popular search terms on YouTube and Google is how to. So please also include how to and then start to type some stuff after that related to your niche, how to cook and then boom, look at all that pops up. You wanna write all that down? But in my category for food, it would also be how to make possibly. Now the things that popped up don't have to do with food here. So how to make? And then you got to start trying some stuff. Now I put in just a few letters just to see what pops up. So even if I just put in one letter how to make let's start. In fact, let's start with a how to make do any of these have to do with food? Yes, a cake. How about be baby food? I might cover that. Ah, what else works for me? Bread that would work. Brownies work banana bread that works for my channel. See how to make cake, how to make cookies So you can actually just go through the alphabet and look for what pops up for your channel. But you can also add letter combinations like ch. Now we got Chinese food, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cheesecake, all this stuff that came up. In fact, everything on this page commit for food. How lucky is that for a food channel? So how to is a really important one. Make sure to include that in there. And ah, another one that's popular are things like reviews. So you might type the word review of and then start to try something and see if what you're looking for comes up. So review of and in this case, I was thinking of, like, a chocolate cake or this or that. But a lot of times reviews have to do with products in specifically product, specifically. So in the field of cooking, you might try like cookware. All right, so nothing popped up her for review of cookware. Um, so that might you might say yourself. All right, Maybe that's not a really popular thing that's being searched. Maybe I'll skip that one. You might actually think of the name of a particular product that you have in the cooking field. So Cuisinart is one of the popular products, but cruise ships and cruise lines is what came up. Not, uh, eso. I started Czech cuisine, so review of cuisine came up. We could take a look at what actually comes up. And that's actually it looks like different types of cuisine. Here are, um this is actually kid cuisine. So this is actually a product on the market that somebody reviewed that does have to do with food. So that gives you an idea right there. You can do something like, ah, pre made meals, reviews of different kinds of pre made meals on the market. So this is how you'd really start getting ideas, reviews, demos, right? Demo of this demo of that. How to this How to that those or something Extra search terms. You definitely want to look for 6. 1.3 Photo and Channel Art: Now let's set up your photos and your channel art to change this. Look, I right here, you need to go to my account dot google dot com. Once you're there, click on the little thing here and then see where it says change. Click on that guy and then just select the photo from your computer that you want to use for that image. Upload it and you want to use the same photo across all of your social media channels. So here, they're gonna let you actually make it bigger, Smaller. Now I have a recommend that you don't make it all big like that too much unless I mean, if you have a close up like this, that's fine. But also, you can make it smaller so that people can see your face bigger, right, cause if you make it bigger, your face is smaller. So said his profile photo. And again, this image should be the same across all social media platforms. So it's gonna take a little bit of time for your photo to populate. Here. Let's go do change your channel art. So let's go to ah, my channel and then customize channel and Like I said, I'll take a moment for your photo to show here and here. So let's actually add channel art. If you click on this, you'll see that it actually gives you the dimensions right here that the art should be. I'm gonna teach you a hack for building all of your social media art, but you use, which is a free service called canvas dot com. So sign up for an account at Canada dot com, and then when you land on the home page, it's gonna let me actually get to the home page. When you went on the home page, it looks like this. This is your other stuff you've already worked on. But go here, tomb or and you'll see that as you scroll down Teoh social media and email headers. There's the YouTube channel art and look those of the dimensions that they just said. So click on that guy and it opens up the correct size item that you need right for you. And then you need to upload the channel, our template that I have put inside the membership site and put that on the page. So this is gonna be your guide of where you want to put what actually shows up on your header. Also known as a banner or channel art on YouTube. You can go ahead and stretch it so that it fits. And then you're only gonna design in this dark area, this dark area. I mean, technically, you're gonna design all over, but the first thing you need to do is just put the words and photos that you're gonna put here in here first. And then we can put some background colors. So let me show you what I mean. You can grab a photo of yourself and put it on here and then some words. - And it will show you when this 2nd 1 is aligned right in the middle so that that line that showed up right there lets me know. Alright, it's centered with this Fantastic. Now that I got my words on there, let's put some background color on there so we'll go to backgrounds and boom. So that takes care of all of the background. And this is the main part that's gonna show up on YouTube right there. Now we can't see the guide anymore because this background has covered it. But just download this as it is, save it somewhere on your computer, where you can find it easily. I actually have a folder called Graphic Design, and inside that folder I have a folder called YouTube, and inside the YouTube folder, I have a folder called Header. So name it something that you know so that you know what it is. Go back to YouTube and again to find where you actually do this, you would click on your photo click on my channel, click on customized channel and add channel art. Upload it from your computer, the thing that you just saved and boom! It's displaying properly on desktop and mobile because we stayed in that little guideline that I showed you. And this is what it looked like on TV, cause that's just how they do it. I'm selecting it, and so now it's gonna put it up for me. Boom! Done, and it's up 7. 1.4 Canva Tutorial Pt 1: I just quickly want to show you a tutorial on canvas. So you understand the basics of how to create any social media image, really On here, I'll choose YouTube thumbnail, cause we'll be doing that in the future. And so we got a blank canvas here, and we've got all these layouts. So in this layout section, you can choose a layout that you like. There's free ones, they say free. If they cost money, it'll say that they cost a dollar, and then you have to pay for any elements you use that cost money as you go. So just notice whether or not it says free, or whether or not it says that it costs. So all right, this one actually costs. You can tell because there's crosshairs on it and words on it. Let me move the one that's free. Now you can actually use the elements that are on screen like this that come with it. Everything that's in here moves around, so you just click in dragon. Everything moves. If there's something that you don't want, just ah, highlighted hover over it basically, and when you get the crosshairs, basically the crisscross sign like that click on the dotted line, then click Delete, and it'll delete that particular element. Click on the dotted line. Click Delete. Oops, I missed it. Dotted line Delete deletes that element so you could move things around wherever you want, and one of the first things you might do is go to the upload section and upload your own images. And so let's say that we want to create an image for our thumbnail or an image, and let's get rid of that guy. All right, whole explain all of that in just a second. So we've got our photo here that we've added, and you have all kinds of elements that you can put onto the page. So the first thing we did was we went toe up loads and we uploaded some photos. We just dragged it in, expanded it. If you want, you can add a new page down here. Ah, all right. So background. You could do a solid background just a color, or you can use some of the backgrounds that they have if you like. Completely up to you. Photo wise, you can get you can make cutouts of yourself and had it on top. Now, in terms of text, you can just drag text over to where you want it and start typing and then place it where you want it. But getting the crosshairs and moving it the's air, just different size text, so it's just bringing in already smaller. But it really doesn't matter because you can take this and just select a larger size. And then it's larger. If it starts being funky like that, you just make it longer like that so that it's all in one line if you want it to be. And then I just triple selected it. I hit Thea Mouse button three times, and then you can change the font. So here's changing font. Here's changing size, and you can also type in the size so you can literally type in a number you want. You don't have to use the number that they give you. You can change the color of it here. There's preplanned colors right there, but you can also go to the plus sign and choose exactly what color you want, including the hue of the color so you can absolutely customize quite a bit. Some funds allow you to bold and italics, and some do not. This one allows you to bold andan bold. But these did not. You can also choose this, uh, all caps or regular upper case. Lower case. All caps regular upper case. Lower case. This this one is gonna let you justify left middle and right. If you want to add bullet points, you can click it again. Clickety gonna turn it off. Spacing is a nice one. So let's say I've got so I can select all of this click spacing and I can change the letter spacing in terms of the space between the letters as well as the line height, how much space there is between the lines. Now, let's say you wanted to, uh, put a color bar behind this so that it pops so that it really stands out. That's something that's done in elements. So you would use something like this. Make it smaller? No. Put it where the Dana G is, and then go to arrange and push it back. That puts it behind the day energy. If you pushed it back, push it forward is in front. Back, it's and back. So that's just a way to make text even more visible, which is to put a color bar behind it. I call it a color bar, and you could also work with transparency. So maybe I want to make this a little more transparent. I don't know why I would, but, you know, that's where transparency is located. You could do the same with these elements as well. The transparency. You can take it down. So if you wanted something that was lighter Boom, that's how you do that. You can actually create a hyperlink in here if you wanted to. And those are the basic elements up here. 8. 1.5 Canva Tutorial Pt 2: one of the things that you can do when you select a photo is when you select the photo. Let's try this one. So I selected this photo I could go to filter, and I can actually, I've got a few built in filters here that will change the look of my photo. By the way, you can also change the intensity of the filter. You got quite a bit of control here, going to advanced options. You can change. This filter already has presets. If you just do normal, it's all centered. And then you can change the brightness on your own mess with Easter. These things see exactly what you want to dio Vignette is gonna darken the edges. But that's gonna look a little silly because you definitely now see a square around me. The vignette is more useful when you're doing something like this will just do it down here so you can see it's when I select the photo. I've got lots of choices for filters, like we said earlier, and to see what vignette looks like. It does that. So it kind of really brings your eye into the center so you get all these address mints here to mess with. Let's say you find something that you like. Here's a filter code so you could just copy that filter code. And if you created a new page and let's say we put a different photo in, but I want the same filter that I was like, Oh, I like that filter that I created. I want the same filter you can just go to filter, go to advanced, paste the code click enter, and it brings in the your exact same stylings that you found before. So that's a way to have things have a similar look and feel. Once you find a setting that you like, you can also use flip now flipping verdict vertically Most people probably don't need, but flipping horizontally can be useful. Same with this one. So that lets you have a little bit more choice as to where the words appear. And then once your design is ready, Oh, let me actually go through the other things. So we've gone through backgrounds in terms of text. You can use the text that they have a swell, which is sort of a built in text that has a certain styling. And then if you don't really like that styling Ah, you know you can You can make some adjustments to it. But I find that it's a lot harder to work with because it's kind of preset, so you can try some of these things out if you like. Um, I prefer usually just making my own just designed like this usually. But it's up to you if you find something here. And you're like, Who I really like the way this looks, you know? I want to use this. Ah, then you can absolutely do that. All right. They've got some things that are pre designed for you. All right, elements. Now, this is a useful one. Ah one take you through each of these. They got free photos. So if for some reason you needed a background image groups, I just covered my own. Oh, I see what happened. Because it duplicated again. You can use one of their images. There's free ones, but make sure look for the paid ones. If you don't want to pay, come to grids. You may still decide that you want to actually do something that's got to images side by side. So you just click on this, Um, you're able to actually bring a photo in the one of them at a time. So that is what grids will do for you. I don't tend often. Use that. But you might find use for that for Ray names is pretty similar. All right. I also don't tend to Hughes this. This is when you, you know, I feel like mawr like kids. I mean, as an artist, you might find a good use for this. If you really want to get into it, um, you might be able to find some really fun stuff you can do with it. I don't tend to use that as much. I do tend to use shapes, though, so sometimes I might like to put a color bar at the bottom because I want to write some words down there like maybe a website, the bottom of the image. So maybe I want something like that at the bottom of my image. Uh, if you need to inch it up, just click on the dotted line, and then you can actually use the arrows two inch it so you can get it just right now, if you want it perfectly centered, moving around until you get that center. Purple dotted lines showing up. You just saw that pop up there. There. Now it's centered. So it actually gives you grid lines. I'm not sure if you saw that earlier L I'll show you with a different element in a moment. Um, actually, let's see if I could just show you with this element. So if I want to center it on the page Bam, there's that line letting me know where in the center of the page, Um in terms of side to side. Now let's get get it centered up and down. Boom! Now you see the crosshairs. Now it's well, that doesn't actually Oh, it is centered cause this is the bottom. So those hairs let you know when it's centered, and it helps you to really put things in alignment. So, for example, let's say that you put some text here and you want to center the subheading underneath that it will let you know when you are centered. Bam! That way there's no guesswork. It's literally centered for you. It's really nice, right? This is free. All right, so That's how you might end up using shapes. I often use color bars like this. You might end up deciding to put a you know, the information in a bar. Like we said earlier, push it back and push it back again so that we've got the words in there. 9. 1.6 Canva Tutorial Pt 3: if I had made myself an element on the page like a Diz, you wouldn't really do this design. But, um, then you can actually put a halo behind your head, right? I am in front of the moon, so all right, now you're learning how to use the shapes, and there's all kinds of shapes you can get very creative with it. For example, you can actually use this. Um, you find a different one to put this on here. You got this little swivel here so you can swivel that and then put it over on the side, stretch it out. And now you've got this nice diagonal right there that gives you a little bit of new interesting shape happening on your image so you can actually use the shapes to create different, um, lines and aspects to your images. Now, lines could be used to decorate, so you might end up deciding that you want, you know, something like this happening along the edges. You've also got this blank one here in case you wanted, you know. But this one's not as versatile as this square that I normally showed you how to use. Right. So those airlines. There's all kinds of crazy stuff in here. Um, there's elements in lines like arrows, which you may definitely end up using a different times. Ah, for whatever. Um, so there's just take a look and kind of get familiar with what elements are in here so that you can design with them easier. Illustrations are gonna be a little, you know, aspects that you could include. Sometimes it as you scroll down, it takes time for it to populate. So you have to like, Wait, um, but there's different things that you can design with. By the way, I'm not designing this in any particular way. I'm just showing you that these elements exist because this is definitely not a design that I would publish Male. Ah, All right, so that's illustrations. Icons is pretty similar to illustrations. So just kind of take a look around, see what's in what, And if you ever need to search, you can just search right here, heart enter. It's gonna bring up all the different hearts, and then you can choose your favorite heart. So any time you are looking for an element, you can also just type it in that search bar. But then you need to delete the search bar in order to make sure that you're getting back toe the everything. That's icons. Now we got charts in case you want to, you know, include a pie chart in your image. And then I love Canada, which I'm not exactly sure why is here. It's, um, got some Canada elements about loving Canada. I think this is a little bit of a self promotion for them. Um, here's some overlays. So you got stuff to play with. That's the basic functioning of the elements, and any time you're in layouts, it's gonna have those pre defined layouts for you. But like I said, you can simply just at a new page that's blank and start from scratch as well. Then you don't have to deal with what they got going on and have to get out of the way. Now, once you've decided like okay, um, I've designed a bunch, and this one's my favorite. By the by, I should teach you one of my tricks, which is let's say you've got this one. You're like, OK, well, I like this, but I want to see a variation of it, Click copy and then you can you can just make certain variations on it to see by the way, if you want it change the color bar, you have to move the words first to get to it, maybe want to try a different color, see what that does. Sometimes I end up trying to click on the photo itself. All those Uh huh. That's it's getting in my way. Click on the photo itself, and sometimes I want to check what it looks like with a different filter. So I'm like, OK, which one's better? This one? This one? This one, This one. And I'm like, All right, I like this one. So once you figure out which one you want go to download and ah, if you're gonna print it, do pdf it's recommended that you do PNG or J. Peg Ah, Either of these tends to be pretty fine. P. J pegs are smaller files, if I remember correctly, and then if you only want the one that you want If you do all pages, it's gonna give you a zip file. Of all the things that are in here, it's a bigger file. If you just know the one that you want, just put the number this one's number one, then click download. It's going to save your design and then it's gonna let you save it to some folder on your computer. What I usually do is I have a folder called Graphic Design and then inside that I have a folder called YouTube and inside that I have a folder called Thumbnails or header images or whatever it is. And that's how I keep things organized. So let's see, if you want a number three and that was your favorite, you'd go to download either PNG or J. Peg. Most likely. And then down here, you choose number three and download. Name it something that you can remember easily because canvas gonna automatically name it. Whatever the initial ah layout was that you choose that you chose so you can rename it here so you can remember what the heck you were doing here. This was YouTube thumbnails. And then any time you download anything from here, it's gonna automatically name it YouTube thumbnails. So do remember it. Remember to rename it whatever is gonna work for you in your mind. to remember which image this is. That's the basics of can va. One thing that I've forgot to mention is you haven't undo and redo button here. So whatever you were last adding to your design, you can just click, undo multiple times. And if you want to come, I don't remember where we left off. Was it here and then re dio Yeah, it was on this one, and it will keep redoing and undoing. Now, sometimes it screws up, and it doesn't seem to undo as much as I wanted to do or redo as much as I wanted to do what kind of stops halfway through. But other times it seemed to work. Well, as you can see, it's doing right now. And of course, you can also just delete the element yourself, Um, rather than undoing. But at least you've got choices now, 10. 1.7 About Section: fill in the about section of your channel. This is part of your channels S e o search engine optimization That's helps you get found and discovered on YouTube and on Google. So that's at a channel description. And then this is where all the words that you chose earlier that were part of your, um, keywords that you discovered. That's when all of these come into play. So you want to actually write your about section based on all of these words that you found that apply to your channel. So try to fit as many of these words in, even if it's written a little bit repetitive Lee and not in total natural language. That's all right now. You do want to use full sentences, but it's OK if it sounds a little bit repetitive. So you're really just going through your list and looking at what else? Step by step, his desserts tasty, Easy. You can see that I'm just mixing up the different phrases that I found in here, even just like copy and paste and and think about how to add them So they're all on the same page. So do you see how I am mixing up all the different stuff, and I'm making it into sentences so you could go back and correct it later. So, basically, just keep doing that with all of these different words that you found find creative ways to mix and match them into sentences. You only need to use it once. You don't need to use any particular phrase twice, and that's how you feel that your channel description. Now here's a place for business enquiries, and you can add an email address where you don't mind being found. You can add your country here and then over here you can add your links. Now, this is where you can add your social media links one by one. So see it populates into a link like that. You can keep adding, and so you want to go and find your different You URLs toe, add you on each platform, and now you got all your nice little links. Their twitter ends up. If you want the little bird to show up, you gotta put it http S and then, boom, they're all on there. You can add more if you want. You can add anything else that you got on there, You can actually add website as well. All right. And you can see it shows up right here. So the 1st 5 show up. If you want to change what shows up, you'll need to change the order of this. So, for example, if you wanted your website to show up and you don't care as much about linked in, then you can actually move your linked in and move your website up. And now appear we got website first. And then these 1st 4 right there so that shows up right over your channel aren't That's another way that you can get more link juice, little more followers across other social media platforms. And that's how you fill out your about section. 11. 1.8 Channel Trailer: it's Get your channel trailer up. This is your welcome video for people who land on your channel. So go over and click on my channel. Um, actually, even you click on that, you can click on upload and you're gonna upload a video whenever you upload a video. Always change it toe unlisted or private while you work on it so that YouTube doesn't start trying to rank it. Ah, and then go and upload. She's one of your videos to upload. Ah, whatever is you're welcome video. And then as it's uploading, choose a title and ah, you're gonna use all of the practices that we just learned about our keyword research. So this whole list of keywords is the same kind of thing that you're gonna be putting in your channel title. And you could even sleep at the welcome to dating garrisons Bottle blonde. You can just say, Ah, food recipes channel. Um, you know, something like that and what I'm doing is I'm choosing one of the words here Maybe one of the phrases here, or maybe even two of the phrases to put it here like that. Right? Food recipes channel few tutorials and then in here you can. Technically, if you wanted a really quick shortcut, you can actually go to your about section and just copy what you put in your about section . If you wanted to copy what's here and paste it here, you can change it up a bit if you like, as well. But this gives you a nice start because you want all of those same keywords that we just did. The research on here, in your description and then in the tags, you're just gonna make tags out of the different keyword phrases. So food recipes is one of the phrases food tutorials was another phrase. Chinese food was another phrase. Korean food was another phrase, but we also had things like So maybe I'm going to specialize in ethnic food. Or maybe all specialize in Asian foods. So this was another keyword phrase. Step by step food tutorials, food tutorials that air easy. And what was the exact keyword phrase? Their food tutorials? Easy. So it was. I think you can go back and double check on that fruit tutorials. Tasty. We did food reviews, food recipes we already have. And my secret. Okay, food hacks was the specific keyword phrase And what's that? One came with a period in it. We don't want the period there. Now you have 500 characters that you can use here, so use them all up. You're gonna have a longer list than this. This was just for demonstration purposes. So use all the words here, put them in here in the description and put them in here in the tags until you run out of space. Ah, favor the words that are the most common that air towards the top of the YouTube suggestions. So when you actually type something in here Ah, favor the words that are up here in the first half rather than words that air down here. These get less views, these get more views or these get mawr search, I mean, and these get less searched. Boom! It goes right in here. And, ah, when you're done with that, then you can click done, and it's gonna continue to upload. And that's it. You've got your first video up on your channel at it and make it your channel trailer. So go to my channel customized channel, and you want to hit this cog, and make sure that customized the layout of your channel is turned on that allows you to have a channel trailer. Ah, you can allow your fans to comment on your channel right here. That's the comments actually work and then in terms of privacy, when you like other people's videos, Do you want to keep that private or public when you want to subscribe to other people? Do you want that private or public? When you say things to your playlist doing a private or public when you actually say things to play list, it lets you choose one by one, because sometimes you might have playlists that are just the videos. Your collecting for your own private watching, like maybe you are watching the competition so you make a playlist called Food Recipes, and then you start adding other people's food recipes in there to give you ideas. But you don't want the whole everyone of your subscribers seeing that have a playlist from other channels. Food recipes. So you make that private same in terms of subscriptions and videos. It's up to you how you want to do this part. I have this one on in this one on, so you'd want to make sure these two were on and then, ah, you want to go for new subscribers and then you want to add a, um it's gonna look like this when you get to it. So click on channel trailer. We just uploaded a video clip video or whichever video it is that you want to make your channel trailer. You can also add the YouTube u R l hear if it's if you have, like a bunch of videos and it's hard to find and then click save. And now this is your channel trailer. When new visitors, people who are not subscribers land on your page, they see the channel trailer for people who are already subscribed. The first videos, they're going to see our whatever your recent up loads are. So that is how you create and upload your channel trailer. 12. 1.9 Channel Settings: get to your videos. When you're on this page, you just click on videos and caused all your videos. You can also go to your creator studio. Your videos are all gonna be listed here. Click on a video and you're gonna be able to edit it. So when you click on a video from this area, the title, you're gonna go straight to edit. If you clicked on the video from the video and you want to edit it, there's a blue button here which is edit video takes you to the exact same place. So let's go to advanced settings so I could show you per video things that you can do for every video Number one, choose which category you're gonna be in. So which of these best fits what you dio? You might. If you're teaching something, you might be in education or how to. But choose whichever one of these categories you feel best fits you and then stick to that category For every single video you do, do not change the category. Always stay in the same category that helps you rank as an authority channel. Alright, starting from the top over here, allow comments. Do you want to allow comments? Ah, that's up to you. You conduce all you can do all except potentially inappropriate ones you can do on Lee approved. Now, if you choose approved, none of the comments will show up underneath your video unless you go in and one by one click approved. Some of you may want to do that because you want to be selective of what comments show up, but it does create a lot of extra work for you. So Ah, I like leaving it on all or all except potentially inappropriate comments. And then it kind of checks for spam or things that are rude. Ah, you consort comments by newest first or top comments top comments is whatever gets the most likes, usually or most activity responses or just newest. First, um, for viewers, for the viewing population, it's probably nicest toe. Have top comments shown first, but for you to actually go back and answer your comments, it's nice to have newest. First, you can leave it at top comments first, and then one of you get to your channel. You can when you're going to the comments under a specific video you can actually switch it two newest first, and then answer all the new people. Um, you do you want users to be able to be ratings for this video? You could make that private if you want to. Ah, as well as licenses on an ownership. Um, YouTube standard licenses. What most things are, syndication. It's gonna be when you're a brand new channel, it's gonna be everywhere. You're gonna start out with everywhere now. Caption certification. This content has never aired on television in the US is probably what you're gonna be. And now here's this one. This one's up to you. Do you want to allow embedding? Do you want to allow other people to put your video on their website? One good side of this is you get more traction, you get more views. If someone decides to do that, you get more discovery. Bility. But if for some reason you don't want somebody doing that without your permission for whatever reason, then you can leave it off. Notify subscribers your subscribers will see. Ah, that you also have a new video uploaded. You want to leave that on? Generally, I don't know why you would want to turn that off. Aid restriction is if you've got some sensitive content on there, So if it's you know, not meant for people under 18 then you should definitely do aid restriction. Video location. You can actually put the place where you filmed it or where it took place. Video language. Choose the language. Ah, you can allow viewers to contribute translated title descriptions and subtitles, if you like, so that if anybody decides to be helpful and help you transcribe or translate than they can , you can add the recording date. You can just click today if you want to see if it's today. Ah, you can put the actual date if you want. Teoh Video statistics make video statistics on the watch page publicly visible, so it's up to you. If you want to allow the world to see that or not, most of you probably won't want to. You can just turn that off. And then if there is a sponsorship deal in this particular video, you'll want to do this paid product placement, sponsorship deals or endorsements. You want to click on that and then just save. You're also going to want to go and fill out some of the things on your channels. You know, turn certain things on so certain things, depending on how many subscribers you have are allowed, and certain things are not allowed based on the age and growth of your channel. If you want to live stream, go live on YouTube. You can do that. You'll need to actually get verified, um, with a voice message or a text message in order to do that. So that's how that's done. You want to enable videos well up to you? Actually, they knew time now is you're able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Um, I would definitely say do that. If you know that you're gonna have videos longer than 15 minutes. Same thing you need to be able to verify with a phone number. Really? The longer videos in the live streaming if your brand new channel is what you want to be sure to turn on here went toe live streaming video, and I actually put in my telephone number. They texted me a verification code. Once I entered the verification code, all of these things became enabled automatically, and they do. Once you verify your account, 13. 1.10 Upload Defaults: Now there's this cool thing that they have, which is your under channel your upload defaults. And that means that every time you upload this is what automatically happens on your video page so you can set it to, for example, private. Choose the category that you're always gonna be in once you've chosen one. And the only tag that I leave in there is the tag that is your own tag that is just yours. So choose something that is short and is just something that makes no sense in particular. It's not like a word, but it's a little code that you can use in all of your videos, which just lets you to know that all these videos are related to each other. So you could just use your initials, for example, and then a number, right? Something like that, Um, as this sort of, um, unique tag to you that you're gonna use in all of your videos. Now, here's the same stuff that we saw earlier that you could make choices about allow all comments or all comments, except for the inappropriate ones. Um, users can vote on comments and users confused ratings for this video. This is the one that some people like to turn off video language. Choose the one that's probably gonna be in you can at let people contribute again. And the caption certification never aired on us television. Um so suggest video improvements. You can have that on or off, Aziz. Well, as ah, video location. Now this you might leave blank because the videos might change location or, if you know the locations, mainly gonna be the same for most of the videos, you can actually do one that you think that most of them will be. And then if it's somewhere else, you can actually change it later. Video by video If it happens to be somewhere else instead of your hometown, and then do what the video statistics on the watch page publicly visible, yes or no? Most people probably know there. And once you've completed that click save, there is something in some things in the description that you might want all the time. So the first part of your description might change based on whatever the current video is about. But the part of the description that might not change is things like, you know, reach out to me here, put your email address or it might be like business enquiries here. And then you might put a list of all your socials. You know, your instagram, your Facebook or Snapchat. Make a list there. Of that, you might have something like, and this is something that I recommend. Check out this video on blah, blah, blah, whatever it is, and then you paste a link there. That's a related video. So this just helps people watch more of your video's and stay on your channel, which is to just put another video that's related to this video's. If this video was on Chinese noodles, maybe I'll put some other video I created on Chinese sauces that worked really well on noodles, right? Like a related video. You can also do a subscribe to my channel here and then this is what it's gonna look like youtube dot com forward slash user forwards last year. Channel Name, Question mark sub underscore. Confirmation equals one. So when you have that link on there, when people click on it, it takes them directly to a page where it says confirm you want to subscribe. So doesn't just take them to your actual channel page. It takes them to a page that says Confirmed that you want to subscribe. So if I did it like this just to show you this is what it does. Are you sure you want to subscribe? All they have to do is click subscribe, and then they're subscribed. So it's a fast and easy trick to get you to get people. Teoh subscribe a lot easier because they only there's a pop up window and it says are, yes, you want to subscribe, So that's a nice thing to leave in your channel description. And if you want to check out some other things that you can add to your channel, you're gonna take a look at what I've got. So are you curious about hiring me? Email us here, Take a moment to subscribe. Remain channel Now. I shortened the link using a link shorter, which is bit Lee, which you can do as well. Um, I just do raffle. So I made a note here that I do raffles. What? Here's my watch, this video, this other video, right? So here's my little segment on watch this other video I've got something here. Oh, I forgot the http eso it's not clickable joined the entrepreneur in small Business Institute for free. So you can have people sign up for your email list or do this or do that. Whatever you want. Really? Share this video. I put the actual link to this video here. So you can do that. If you like people that want to send me something in the mail. Boom. It's right there. Add me on social. There's all my socials. Uh oh. I need to go back and put https in front of these. So they're clickable. Join our live video and social video. Yep. So this is just other stuff. So whatever else you got, if you could just put it there. Ah, and then I have a little FTC disclaimer. I'm not being paid by any of the mentioned companies to make this video of using this video is strictly my own. So you get the picture. Just put in here whatever you want to have on all of your videos and then it'll be pre populated for you in every video upload you dio all you'll need to do is push Enter a few times and start typing whatever your new description is for that video. But then everything at the bottom is done for you. So it's a nice little trick bear. Go ahead. When you're done, click save. 14. 2.1 Content Pt 1: All right, let's dive into content. So I've got four ease that I used to describe different kinds of great content what makes for a great content. So when you're planning your content, I want you to think, What can I do? That's educational? Education is eaten up on YouTube. It's one of the most popular topics. I'm going to recommend that everybody do something educational on their channel. Even if you're doing fashion on your channel, I want you to start talking about, like how to mix and match colors. Or which colors are hot this spring. Or how toe mix and match different styles of blouses with skirts that are in fashion right now. Somehow integrate teaching cause that's what people want and are hungry for on YouTube the next. He is emotional, and that's emotional content. So anything inspirational or motivational, anything that brings about emotions you can bring that in the 30 is entertaining. So how can you entertain your audience? Anything that's entertaining is gonna work well on YouTube and then experiential, bringing people into your experience, taking them on a journey with you, taking them out to an experience that you happen to go to all of that works. So let me give you some examples of each in terms of educational, any time you can do how to that is fantastic. People love to learn, and I want you to teach anything that you know how to teach. So whether it be something really obscure, like certain kinds of sqrat stitching or scrapbooking or something, that's not Everybody does. But it is a hobby model cars building, little ships inside a glass jar. People love how twos and hobbyists are all over YouTube looking for how to tutorials. So definitely do you do. How do the how twos do tutorials things that air, step by step, where you're teaching something all the way through do reviews. Reviews is a type of education. So when you do a review, you're actually talking about a product showing the product maybe even, and that helps a person learn whether or not they want to buy that product. You can also do demos of a product, so show how it works. Show how to plug it in, how to turn it on, how to work with the levels. Maybe you're working with a microphone and help people understand the actual use of the product or how it works. That's still educational. They're still learning. You can even do interviews, and that could be educational. So you can interview somebody on Skype and put it on split screen. Or however you want to do it. Um, you can use, you know, Facebook, live even for that and have the person you're interviewing teach something, share something. And so now you don't even have to provide the education someone else's that providing the education. You can also watch other videos, read other books. Whatever you learn from a book or a video or an online website, you can turn around and teach in a video. So now you're just helping to spread the word and share the education. Alright, what about emotional content? Here's what I mean by that. How can you inspire a lot of times you can use things like quotes to inspire. You could tell stories to inspire you might. Maybe there's something that's inspirational that happened to a friend and you share their story. You know, um, anything that's motivational. Getting people to want to move forward in life or to keep going or to pick up and start doing something. You can motivate people in a lot of different ways. You can do things with personal development and how people really grow on the inside and take them in this sort of. That's kind of a blend of inspiration and motivation. Together, you can also share your own personal story and your own journeys. Our own journeys in life are quite emotional. And don't be afraid of the entire spectrum of emotions, all of them. So that means maybe you're talking about taking care of somebody who has Alzheimer's. And maybe you've learned some tips about how to care for somebody with Alzheimer's. Now you're bringing an education, but you're also bringing in this emotional content, maybe something that's bittersweet. You're talking about how beautiful it is to work with somebody who's an elder and some of the stuff that you're learning from them. But how some of their memories being lost all of that creates a portal to the beauty of the human experience, and that's emotional content that people love. You can also bring in quotes, just look up quotes, bring an inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, quotes about any topic, just type in quotes and whatever topic you're thinking about, and you can actually create videos that have to do with quotes. And maybe you put some music behind it, and it's just Ah ah, Siris of beautiful photos with you reading some beautiful quotes or putting the quotes on screen with music, your face isn't on there. You don't have to be on their. Your voice isn't even on there. There's all kinds of videos you could make the don't even require your face or your voice. You can bring music on there, and music is emotional. We all know that. And as I just said, you can have a series of beautiful images or videos with some music, and maybe you just make something that's beautiful to watch and listen to. Maybe it's got quotes on it. Maybe you're saying quotes on it. Maybe you're telling a story or reading a story on top of it. Still, all provides to the emotional content all right now entertaining. So if you can sing, if you can dance, if you could play music, get on there and do it. If so, if that's not your forte, get somebody else to do it. you don't have to be the entertaining one. You just need entertaining stuff on your videos sometimes. So sometimes you can do that by having a relative, a friend, a child do something entertaining on camera. Maybe you're out somewhere, and you film something that's entertaining, like a car race or a car show. Maybe you yourself want to be entertaining, so it could be a blend, right? Maybe you could do some kind of performance. Maybe you could do something with acting. Maybe you could just be silly or fun or playful in your videos. While you're teaching right Some of the entertaining things that go by on YouTube. Better trends are things like pranks or challenges. There's actual tropes that happen on YouTube themes. If you will trends, if you will, that happen on YouTube that you can actually take part of just by kind of paying attention and noticing. All right, what are the trends right now? What are people talking about, or what kinds of videos of people doing it can give you ideas so that you can take part in those kinds of trends? You could create a show and your show could be entertaining you could actually have a Siri's and have that be part of what you do on YouTube and be entertaining with. And remember, entertaining can also be how you are on camera. So if you're gonna be on camera, facial expressions make things more entertaining. Smiling makes things more entertaining. Laughing on camera giggling with your audience makes things more entertaining. Body movements, gestures Makes things more entertaining. Uh, modulating your voice, having some ups and having some downs, making your voice kind of go up and down. That helps with the entertainment value. So all of those things help with entertainment. Don't don't think like, Oh my gosh, now I gotta perform a song to be entertaining. You don't have to think that big. It can literally be. Just try to be a little bit more energetic on camera tryto, have some facial expressions or modulate your voice or be a little bit silly and playful. You can even slice in something that's entertaining, so you might be teaching something, and then you crack a joke about a dog or a cat, and often you do a cut and you bring in a short video of a cat chasing its tail. Maybe you make a comment right while you were teaching it like, yeah, this is like, Ah, you know, if you try to end up doing this, it's it's gonna be like chasing your tail. It's a waste of time. You're not gonna get anywhere. And then you cut in a really short segment of a cat chasing its tail and then back to you so you don't even have to be the entertaining one you can cut in other material that's entertaining. And remember, back facing camera, you can film somebody else. It doesn't have to be you. That's the entertaining one. 15. 2.1 Content Pt 2: all right, Experiential. What I mean by this is you can take your audience with you somewhere. So if you go somewhere a conference and event I went to Vidcon. I went to South by Southwest. I went to Vince Summit. There's lots of really fun, interesting conferences. I go to lots of virtual reality conferences. There's a really interesting to people they love getting the behind the scenes with me as I go somewhere. And I've been doing a lot of social video using things like Snapchat, using live video like periscope and taking people on journeys and then downloading that content, which now I can upload to YouTube so you can repurpose your content from other social media platforms and do that would do the work on the other platform. Download that video uploaded to YouTube. Eso don't be afraid. Repurpose. It's always great, but take people with you and let them have an experience and let them experience your experience from behind your eyes. You can also bring people into your day, and that could be part of the experience. So, for example, some people do mail time and they get packages from brands or they get letters from their fans and their audience members. So, like once a week or once every couple of weeks, they do mail time and they're just taking you into their day. They're opening up male and sharing some of the stories with you are showing some of the little gifts they have gotten. That's just bringing someone in, Dear Day. But it's an experience. You're experiencing this slice of their life, this behind the scenes. But it's also fun, right? It's an experience to get really fun stuff in the mail. So you're sharing it with people. That's just one idea. It could also be behind the scenes in your life, so I've definitely done that on social video before. By the way, I'm using these terms called social video and live video. What they mean. Social video means any video that you create that's hosted on a social media platform and not on your own website. So social video would be something like video on Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube. Of course you do, and live video is there's a number of platforms that let you go live and you're just shooting live video from the platform. YouTube instagram, Facebook Periscope. Um, there's a time. That's what I mean when I say live video so you could take people behind the scenes in your life. You could use live video to do that. Or you could use pre recorded video with your cell phone camera or two point and shoot camera, whatever you got and just shoot footage while you're out doing something. I'm sorry, what time about behind the scenes behind the scenes, I'll take people into my life as an entrepreneur. So on social video, I have taken people and just kind of shown them my day. I've said, Hey, this is what I have done it This is what I'm doing right now. I just got done working with a client. We were. We were working on X, Y and Z, and now I'm about to go shoot a video doing this. So it's just kind of like behind the scenes in your life. And people get more and more curious to see the behind the scenes in your life once you've grown an audience. So that one's a little easier to do once you've already developed a little bit of a following because then people get curious about you and they want to see the behind the scenes now vlogging. That's experiential when you vlog people that blogger often taking people on their life journey, doing whatever they're doing that day. So vlogging is a bit of an experiential type content. And, as I just said, people don't tend a watch. The the stuff. It's about behind the scenes as much or, you know, even bring people into your day. The vlogging. It's a little harder to build that audience until you're known, meaning discover abilities harder because when people go to YouTube, they're searching for stuff in the search bar. A lot of the time and of Log is not about some about learning something. A lot of people go to YouTube to learn something, so they're like how to do this, how to do that or they're trying to, like, understand a product. Do I want to buy this product? Product review right. But they're not going in there and searching Virtual Reality conference San Jose 2017 blah blah, blah at random, right? That's what some random event let's just say that I wouldn't Teoh and people aren't necessarily going to YouTube to search for that. I mean, they might be, but probably not a very large population. So bigger events like they might look up south by Southwest 2017 to see footage from there , right? That's a bigger event that many people go to and they know about. So what that means is, that's why I recommend for you to definitely have something educational on your channel. Because it helps with discover ability. You'll get found more easily. If you're teaching something, then they start to get to know you and like you. Then they want to see the behind the scenes stuff and behind the scenes in your day in your life. Um, your blog's what you do. Then it's easier to get that kind of stuff kicked off. Now there are some techniques to get your blog's seen, Um, even when you're not known yet, and that has to do with using very good descriptions and titles about what you were doing that day, in case people do search for something like that, as well as doing something which is using trends which will be talking about as well 16. 2.2 Creating a Script: All right, let's dive into your script. So when it comes to scripting when it comes to working with a script, the first thing you want to do is research number one. You want a researcher, a video topic. So make a list of 50 to 100 topics that you could make videos on. I already had you get started on that in module one, which is doing that research in the YouTube search bar and looking for all these different things that people are searching for to give you ideas of what to make videos about. That's what I mean by make a list. Try to give it a try to get it up to maybe 50 things if you can. And maybe maybe if you have a bigger niece, you can get up to 100 things. Don't worry about having all 50 to 100 right now. Keep your list someplace safe on your computer. As you're going, you're gonna think of more stuff. You're going to see more stuff. You're gonna see somebody else, made a video on YouTube, give you an idea. You can add it to the list, then number two. Look up related keyword phrases. This is all what you gonna do before you come up with your script related keyword phrases. So once you choose one of those key word phrases from your list been, look up related keyword phrases. So if the if the one phrase that I chose is how to bake a cake, I'm gonna look a related keyword phrases like how to bake a chocolate cake, how to how to bake a cake from scratch. How to bake a cake at home. How to bake a cake, um, easily those air, all different keyword phrases that are similar and related to the thing that I'm gonna make the video about. So collect all of those, uh, and then you want to decide on the title of your video. This is all done before the script for the filming. Decide on the title of your video. Then you're going to write the script. And as you write the script, you want Teoh. Use the title and some of the key word phrases in your script. You want to include them. Now let's talk about different types of scripts. First of all, you could just use a bullet point script. Meaning you're not going to write down a word for word exactly what you're gonna say. You're just gonna write a series of bullet points that remind you of what to say throughout the video. That way you're just speaking naturally. In fact, I'm doing that right now. Use bullet points, right? It reminds me of what to say. So then I speak natural, and I just tell you what I'm supposed to say or what I wanted to say. While that point is what I'm looking at and then I could move on to the next bullet point. That's a bullet point style of script. Some of you, though, might actually want to write a word for word script. Ain't nothing wrong with that. There's definitely videos I've made. Where I didn't want the pressure of remembering all the different points that I needed to remember to say while I was teaching, because maybe something had more details or more complexity or more points. So I actually wrote a word for word script, and I put it on a teleprompter by my camera so you can write a word for word script as well . Don't be shy if That's what you want to dio. Once you have your script, that's word for word or even the bullet points. You can upload it into a teleprompter app. There's free ones out there. You can put it on a tablet, right? Just put it on Ah, ipad or something like that, and you're gonna be able to look at that. IPad. You put it above your camera where you're filming, so you can just kind of glance up at your notes. You can actually keep your script on your laptop and have your laptop near your camera as well as on your cell phone screen and have your cell phone screen above your camera. Or maybe you're shooting from your cell phone, so there's lots of different options there. Then step for is to actually write the script, and what I meant by that was, after you choose whether it's bullet point or word for word, then you can go ahead and write it. Now what to put in the script Number one. You want to say what the video is about right away, like the very first thing that you do in your video is something like, Hey, you know. Hey, in this video today, I'm gonna teach you how to use Facebook Messenger Day. It's a full tutorial, right name? What you're doing in this video right away. People need to know that you didn't use Clickbait, meaning you didn't fake them out by putting a pretty image as your thumbnail or your cover image on your video and then use a title. That's kind of interesting. People click on it to start to watch, and the video is actually about something else. So they need to know right away that you're fulfilling on your promise that the video is actually what the title says. And actually with the thumbnail, which is the cover image also shows the video's gonna be about So stay with the video is but right away. That's the first part. Your script. Next. You don't have to do this next, but you can do this next. You definitely want to do it somewhere in your video, which is ask people to subscribe and tell them why they should subscribe. So don't just say, Hey, guys, hit the subscribe button. Become a subscriber. Tell them why they should subscribe. Hey, guys had that subscribe button to make sure that you get all the videos on blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, don't make sure Make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don't miss a video on the bubble bubble. Block three, you can do your intro, which is your video intro, right? You might actually use just, Ah, an image, a still image that has, like, for example, if it were my business. Maybe I have a still photo that says Dana garrison dot com, and I place a music over it, and that's my intro. And then it goes back to the video of me teaching. Or maybe I have somebody make a video for me. That's like Dana garrison dot com should like moving letters a little short three second video clip, and I put that into the video. You can do an intro if you want. You don't have to. You can leave that part out right or your intro might be. Hey, guys, my name is Danny Garretson, your favorite, you know, social media strategist, and let's dive into the content today may be your maybe your interest, something you just say and then you go to the main content, Whatever the main content is, whatever you're gonna teach, whatever the point of this video is boom. Stick it in there now. Number four. Throughout your whole video, you want to have calls to action. They're called C T. A's. So if you ever hear that language when people are talking, especially when it comes to business or marketing talk, you'll hear C. T. A's. It's calls to action, the record video peppered throughout it. You want calls to action number one called Action is to comment, But don't just tell them. Hey, guys, leave a comment below. I'll talk to you. The comments don't just say leave a comment. Tell them what to leave a comment about. Hey, guys, leave a comment below. Let me know. Um, some, you might say something like, Let me know what videos you want in the future. Let me know what you want me to cover. Next. You might say something like, I just had you had a bigger chocolate cake. Let me know the comment. If you have any follow up questions or let me know in the comments, what's your favorite flavor of cake? So tell them what to comment about. Tell them toe like the video and tell them to share the video somewhere in the video. We don't tell them. Ask them. Hey, guys, hit that like button. If you like this video or hit that like button, if blah, blah blah, you can get creative with that. Hit that like button. If you love chocolate cake, too, and then share this video. So remember the call to action to share the video. Hey, guys shared this video out on Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends know or share this video out to any of your friends who might like to know how they can bake a chocolate cake themselves. And then you got your outro again. You don't need an outro. Most of the time, most people's out tro zar just wrapping up the video. So at the very end, after they're done teaching or doing whatever they're doing, they might say something like, Alright, guys, thank you so much for watching. Be sure to hit that subscribe button so that you don't miss any future videos. Remember to leave me a comment so you kind of like kind of going over the calls to action again. At the end, you could do that as your outro. Sometimes people do out takes in their outro all the time that they messed up when they were practicing their like, Hey, guys, do you want? Oh, sometimes that's in the outro. You could do whatever you want. An outro. You don't even have to have an outro. Your video gets towards the end, but it's nice to leave about 10 to 20 seconds at the end right now. At the time of this filming, YouTube allows 20 seconds at the end where you can have end cards, little clickable buttons that show up on top of your video, where people can click on stuff. So it's nice to have content at the end where they're still not learning or doing whatever you're doing in the main part of the video. It's a little bit like extra footage where you can have these these these buttons on top of the video at the very end that people can click on, you might even say you're after Hey, guys, there's a button on screen right now to subscribe to me. Please click on that. If you haven't yet. There's a button on speed right now to find, you know, ah, this video. Click on that in order to find this video. There's also a button on the screen to find my latest video. So you haven't seen that yet. Click on that so you could do whatever you want with your outro. Um, it's nice to have. Like I said, YouTube gives you 20 seconds at this moment in filming. Teoh have these clickable buttons, so it's nice to use that time, so All right, that's the Outro. 17. 2.3 Filming: All right, now, filming this is when we actually going to do how to film your video. So I know I'm gonna get these questions. All right, Camera, I'm gonna tell you straight up. Use what camera you have. Do not wait to buy a new camera. Use whatever camera you already have and start shooting with that cell phone. Cameras work point and shoot cameras work those old point and shoots. I still have older point and shoots. We don't buy point and shoots anymore because we all pretty much use our cell phones these days. But a lot of us still have older point and shoots. You can film with that. They're fantastic. Um, point shoot cameras that have video on them. You can also use your webcam, which is when I'm using right now, which is part of my laptop. Your desktop. Your laptop often has a built in webcam. Or you can buy a webcam online, add it to your computer. Done. Uh, Now I am going to give you a gear guide so you can actually look a camera upgrades when you're ready to upgrade or if you already have the cash right now to upgrade, you can upgrade the reason I say, Use what you have is don't let anything slow you down from starting to get the practice of making videos, right? Me? Oh, don't put it off. Start with what you got. And if you're going to buy a camera great by it using the gear guide. If, um, you need to wait to do that, wait until you save up some cash, then take a look at the year guy. Don't let a trip you up right now. Now, one thing you may want to get right now is a tripod. So if you're using a point and shoot camera or your cell phone or something like that or you have some other kind of camera, you might not always want shaky footage. If you're always holding it out with your hand, it's gonna be a little bit shaky. So one thing you might want to invest in is a tripod right now. And I have got coupon codes and discount codes for you four tripods in the gear guide to take a look at the gear guide. Get yourself a tripod. They're not that expensive. You can get the better fancier ones, and you can also get the cheap ones and just start. Start what you can dio when it comes. Delights. Same thing, my love. Use what you have that means. Use the ceiling lights in your house. Stand by a window when it's daylight. Daylight is one of the most beautiful lights to film in. If you're outdoors, you can use the outdoor lighting from the sun, but if you're indoors, you can still be by a window during the daytime. You can also set up any lights you have in your house. You could take a flashlight, turn it on and aim it towards you and sit a little bit further back from it. You can use lamps standing lamps in your house. You can use desk lamps, the kind that have like a like a neck that moves where you can also aim the head. So when I was actually filming in the YouTube crash course and there was a point in time that I was in New York, I turned on all the seal that was an Airbnb Turn on all the ceiling lights turned on every lamp in the room. The lamps whose heads I could turned. I aimed the lamps at me. There was also some desk lamps. I turned the desk lamps on, and I turned the head and aimed it at me from a distance. So I was being flooded with light, and I actually used one over here and one over here. So it was even because if you just use one on one side, you got some shadow on your face. So you kind of need a little bit of both sides so that your evenly lit now see the gear guide for upgrades. If you do want to buy some lights, there's some inexpensive options on there. And then there's some more professional options on there as well. So if you have only if you already have the cash, don't start being like can't shoot video until it by lights. No use what you got, but when you're ready to buy some lights, there are some upgrades on there that are really nice, not only for your cell phone that you can travel with, but stuff that you can put in your house. That's also really pleasant, really wonderful when it comes to microphones. Same tip. Use what you already have. Most of our cameras these days have built in microphones, so our cell phone has a built in microphone. Um, your camera often has a built in microphone. Your laptop. Your desktop often has a built in microphone. Use what's already there. If you want to upgrade, you got already already got the catch flow, or you want to start saving up for it. The Gear guide has some microphones in there as well that you can actually use, um, and upgrade into Now in terms of laptop recording software, use what you've already got. Apple gives you quick time. Quick time is already part of a lot of apple laptops and desktops, and it's free and it's included. And it's what I'm using right this very minute to record this video. It's your able to record your laptop screen. That's why you're able to see my power point, and you're able to see my talking head on video because you can do that, too, and it's free on PC's. You can use Windows movie maker, and that's built in a swell. You can see the software guide for other free software that you can get. That's free, but also upgrades ones that are paid that you can pay for as well. There's some really nice ones in terms of editing. Um, I'm sorry, recording software out there. That's really wonderful to help you record with. And then let's talk about my fast shooting method. So I told you that when I first got started shooting video that wasn't live video. It was taking me days to shoot just a short video. So many takes, so many takes doing it over doing it over. Don't like how it came out. Keep doing it. Um, but then toe edit was taking forever as well because I was shooting it poorly. I didn't know how toe to create shortcuts and how I was shooting so that the editing went even faster. So I'm gonna teach you what I figured out. My fast shooting method one is use a teleprompter or used notes if you want to shoot even faster rather than trying to memorize all the information you got to say, have some notes near you. Have a teleprompter near you have bullet points on there, or write it out word for word and remember, put it above the camera, not below the camera. So, for example, if I have a camera right here, don't put uh uh um cell phone screen or a tablet screen down here under the camera with your notes. Put it up here because when you look up above a camera, people can't tell us much. But if you look down below a camera, people see your eyes moving a lot more, so it's a lot more noticeable. All right, fast shooting method Before you can push the play button, start with a smile on your face, a clap before you start talking. Now, what this does is it creates a spike of very visible spike in the audio recording. When you goto edit later, you're going to see the video. And underneath the video, you can see the little lines that represent the audio. Every time you clap, it creates this really tall spike in the audio. That marker is gonna help you edit way faster. I'm gonna show you later when I show you the editing tutorial and you'll see exactly what I mean. So before you start talking, you clap, and when you make a mistake, you can clap and just start that one sentence back over, or you can clap and start all the way over at the beginning if you were trying to do a one take video. Sometimes I try to do a one take video because I don't want it to look like I've had any cuts in there. I wanted to feel like I'm just talking all smoothly for about maybe one minute. So I'll just if I mess up halfway through, I just start over at the beginning because I want all one smooth tape. So this is what that looks like. First, you turn on your video camera, you make sure your centered on the screen you make sure you're sitting where you where you're like in the screen view. Make sure it's in focus, and you kind of get yourself ready. It's all right. It's all right to the cameras already running because you can cut that out later. And then you start with a smile on your face. You clap before talking, and then you start which looks like this. Hey, guys, my name is Dana Garrison, and in this video, I'm gonna teach you so that's a bit looks like then If you make a mistake, you can just start over in that one sentence. So let's say have been talking for a full minute, and then I go And if you want to turn the cat, all right. If I was trying to say, if you want to turn the camera around, right, And I messed it up, so I got And if you wanted to the camera. And if you want to turn the camera around, all you need to do is flip the switch on the back and you're gonna be able to turn the mechanism around and the camera. Right? So all I'm doing is stop a club. I go one sentence back and just start that sentence over. Or like I said, if you're gonna start away from beginning scraps that reset, smile, clap, start at the beginning. Hey, guys, my name is Dana Garrison, and in this video, I'm gonna teach you That is the fast shooting method. Now, when you make mistakes, sometimes during the video you may want to take notes. Every time you do a new take, you may want to take notes. So if I was trying to just shoot a video may be trying to shoot a five minute long video and my plan is if I make a mistake, I'm gonna clap and just start that one sentence over One thing you could Dio is have a timer nearby so that when you start talking, you start the timer. We have a clock nearby. So you look at the clock when you start talking, and then when you make a mistake, you could if you needed to make a note, you can actually pause on a piece of paper that's near you. Take a quick note. You know, three minutes in. You need to do this or need to do that. Whatever you're editing notice. Come back to camera, smile, clap and continue. You may, if you're doing multiple takes, which is what I normally dio. I'm not doing it with this one, but for, um, videos that I'm trying to like I've got I'm either trying to do everything in one go, and it's meant to be a video that needs to be really short and concise, and I need to nail it the first time I might do mm 15 to 20 takes, or maybe 10 to 15 takes. Even if it's a five minute video, I might do multiple takes of the different segments of that video. If I'm like, All right, I will do a five minute video the first, you know, minute, I'm talking about this the next couple of minutes of this, and I'm gonna do multiple takes of the segments. Now, the reason for multiple takes is the more repetition you do, the better you get at each take. So my first takes, I almost never used in the video. My first takes were practically practice, but I still recorded in case I nail it. And then by the eighth, take the ninth take. I'm like, Oh, that was a good one. So you just keep score on a piece of paper next to you and your, like looking number eight. That was a good one. Look at that one. That's my 1st 1 that I felt solid about. All right, take number nine. I do take number nine. I screwed up halfway through. Take number nine trash. Just write down. Trash it, you know. All right, take number 10. I did it. Oh, that's another good one. All right, I'm gonna Write that down. Take number 10. Consider that one. That way, when you look at your video later, you don't have to watch all because if you do multiple takes, you might end up shooting an hour of footage, even though in the end it's only supposed to be a five minute video. So you don't have toe watch through all of those videos just to find the ones that were good again. Your notes tell you that you can quickly count for every clap, which is a brand new take. You're like, Oh, I didn't Didn't even get good until number eight. You just count all the spikes. Spike. 1234567 Delete. All right, here's number eight spike number eight. This is the good one. You and you. Will you watch it first to make sure you found number eight correctly before you delete the other stuff. But most editing software. If you delete stuff you can undo, lead it easily. So no worries. On that front, you find tick number eight year like that's good and you look at take number nine. Note. We trash that one. Take number 10. That's another good one. I'm gonna take the first part of number eight. I'm gonna take the last part of take Number 10. Put them together because the first part of eight was my favorite and the last part of 10 with my favorite boom. There's my video done editing, done editing. That's a fast shoot method. That's why we use the collapse. And that's also why we do multiple takes because you get better each time. All right, the no face method of shooting video. You can use your back facing camera on your phone and film things while you speak. So take your phone instead of filming your face film outside in the world out there and narrate So you could be at some kind of car show and you're showing the cars while you're talking. Wow, I love this cherry red Corvette. Don't edit IEDs from 1963. Look at the detail on the fender. This was only something that was in 1963 right? So you could be narrating. You could also make a power point with words, which is exactly what you're looking at right now. This is a power point. It's got words on the screen I'm teaching my face doesn't have to be on screen. I could literally have deleted or not even taken a video of me talking. And it's just my voice with the words on the screen. People love being able to read while they learn, so it's not a bad method whatsoever. It helps the information go and better. You can also make a power point with images and then have a script with bullet points off to the side or a script that's literally word for word off to the side. And this is what I mean. So here's a Here's a PowerPoint slide, but instead of words on the screen, I have my own photo. So maybe for this part of the video, it's an introduction. You say, Hey, guys, my name is Dana Garrison, also known as Dana Kitty. That's why I'm wearing the kitty ears. Hear the cat ears, remind me to stay bold, to be playful and two step out of my comfort zone, right? You're doing like an introduction to yourself. You just have a photo of yourself, but you don't have to have a moving video of your face. That's one way to do it. You can also have images on screen that represent what you're talking about. So maybe what you're talking about right now is teamwork, collaboration, cooperation. So you choose one of the free stock footage images that I gave you in that extra bonus that I gave you, which is a bunch of sites with free stock photos. And you choose something from there. You put it up and you use that to demonstrate what you're talking about. Using imagery, you would have to have words on the screen. You can also use the method of just having beautiful things on the screen. Maybe you're telling a story. Maybe you're reading a poem. Maybe you're doing something that's inspiration or motivational in what you're saying and you're just gonna flip through some beautiful video. I mean beautiful photos in your power point while you talk just cause it's beautiful. You can also use stock video footage. So there's free stock video footage out there so that instead of just a still image of the ocean, I can actually be playing a free stock footage video of the ocean while I'm talking. Uh huh. That's another option. You can also use Can va, which I showed you in module one to have, um, photos on screen and words on top of the photos. So any time you want to have words on top of photos, bam use can va. And not only that, but can VA allows you to make presentations in Can va. So instead of using Power Point, you can also use something like Google Drive. Google Drive has a presentation free software on there where you could make presentations and you can use Canada all over work. Well, all of them are free. I'm sorry. PowerPoint is not free, but there's open office, so you got lots of options, and as I mentioned, stock video you can absolutely use. 18. 2.4 How to BE on Camera: Alright. How you are being on camera, how you're being on camera notes on that number one remembered a smile, and that's something that took me quite some time to learn. Um, I got better at it because of live video, because on live video you have to look at your own face while you're talking, and it reminds you that you're not smiling. So just, you know, maybe have a smiley face sticker next, your camera to remind you to smile. Maybe write the words smile on a piece of paper next to your camera to remind you you got better and better at it over time. Also, modulate your voice. Get used to doing some ups and doing some downs. Don't be afraid to take pauses now. Sometimes I talk really fast. Sometimes I slow down and then I also pause to make a point. You can do that as well. It just takes practice as you do multiple takes. You could go. You know what I did that whole take, But I didn't pause. I just was rambling, going to do the same thing over again. Take number eight. And this time I'm gonna try to pause a few times. Yeah, that's a multiple. Takes us four. You're like, Oh, I didn't smile enough. I'm doing another take this time. Smile, smile, smile. Smile. Okay, here we go. Hey, guys. You know. Hey, you guys. Dana Garrison here. Right, Um, be your version of animated and energetic, So don't try to be my version of animated Energetic. This is what Dana Kitty is like when she's hyped up when she's animated or energetic. Every person has a different variation on animated and energetic. Do whatever your version is. Don't force it. Don't fake it. You know, if you need to do something before you get on camera to help you feel a little bit more energetic exercise jumping jacks dance around, practice some extra facial expressions and gestures. If you tend to be a little bit more serious while you're talking, you don't tend to move a lot. Try to move a little bit more. I mean, sometimes all I do is change my, um the way I'm leaning and turn my face Sometimes it's just a matter of that. I'm not even like dressed. Ring on my arms. Now you happen to know I just You're a lot. I've been that way for years. If you want to get better at it, just, you know, just throw a couple in there doesn't have to be all over the place like I am. I'm constantly gesturing. But if you want to get better at that, if you like that when people are more animated than just work on it slowly over time it will become more and more natural. And then don't be afraid to laugh on camera, especially if you mess up. Just laugh, and sometimes you leave it in the video. You don't take it out. The audience loves that stuff. They love when you make mistakes, because it shows that you're a real person and they love that. You laugh on our playful with it because people enjoy playfulness. So don't be afraid. The laugh on camera. Bring your giggly self on board, and it's okay if you mess up. You can edit it out later, or you can leave it in. Like I said, have the giggle. Let the audience should know that you're a real human and get playful. When you mess up, you could be entertaining about it. You can trip on your words ago. Who? All right, let's try that again. Right. You could be entertaining with the way you mess up, like, Oh, my gosh, guys, Did you hear? I just said that word and her train mint, enter train mint. Right. Um, I think I did that. One of my videos. That's on YouTube right now. Now, before you go on to help you get more energetic, right now, sometimes you're filming at night. Sometimes you're filming and you are alone in the house. There's nothing to be energetic about, so you gotta heip yourself up a little bit. So jump up and down, turn on some music and dance. Be still. You watch some comedy, do some jumping jacks, do some push ups, running place. Whatever you need to do to get a little bit of energy in your body. You can also warm up your voice when it comes to warming up your voice. I'm gonna teach you something with a little bit silly toe watch, but it's actually very helpful right before you go on. And I've even done it only once or twice. And it's helped my voice out. There's a big difference even though I do the exercise only once or twice. But when I have time, I'll do it a lot more often. So this is what the exercises you're going to make the burr sound Or like the, um, boat sound right? Like a motorboat sound. And then you're gonna move your voice all the way up to your upper range and all the way down to your lower range and back up and back down, right? So you can just start low and go all the way high. That might be an easier one. Or for some of you might be, start high, go all the way low, and it sounds like this is gonna sound a little funny, but it actually warms your voice up really nicely. Okay, here we go. Uh, that's it. Lower register all the way to upper register. It warms up your voice, and it's much easier to modulate your voice after that. It cracks less after that. Really wonderful. All right. As I said earlier, do multiple takes because each take gets better and then secret sauce get through your 1st 50 videos as fast as possible. Think of it this way. Your 1st 50 videos. Think of it as practice. Don't try to make it good. Don't try to make it perfect. Think this is just practice? This is just practice. I need to get it up. Get it out there. It needs to just be good enough. I need to be consistent in creating my content. If that means once a week, if that means once a month, if that means twice a month, if it means a couple times a week. Whatever schedule you set for yourself, that's doable. Remember what I said in the YouTube crash course? Do not overwhelm yourself by giving yourself a schedule that's too intense, and then you just get so overwhelmed you stop and you don't do anything at all. Don't do that. Just back off your schedule. If you made your schedule too intense, don't stop. Lower your schedule. So if you try to do every week and you're like, Whoa, I just can't do that. Do twice a month, do once a month, but stay consistent with a twice a month or once a month in the beginning until you get the ball rolling and things get better. Now, the 1st 50 I want you to think of it as practice because I don't want you to put the pressure on yourself. For them to be quote unquote good, you need them to just be good enough. Get it out. Good enough. Get it out. You could always turn the videos toe unlisted or private, so they're not visible anymore in the future. Right now, you really need to start getting stuff out there. Get practiced at shooting videos, get practice. That editing videos If you're gonna edit, sometimes you don't edit it all. You just shoot and you put it up. Get the rest of the group of the masterclass to give you feedback to give you ideas. You want to just get that practice? Because once you get through your 1st 50 you're gonna get the hang of this a lot more, and then it's gonna be even mawr exciting and even easier you're gonna find your flow. It's gonna be so much even more fun. And then you're gonna be able to start working on much more, um, nuances. Right. So in the beginning, yes, I told you, Tried. Remember to smile and facial expressions and gestures and stuff in the beginning. You're probably not going to do that as well. Don't sweat it. My my early videos when I was talking to a camera. Right now I'm alone in my home. Okay, I'm used, is talking on stage where there's a live audience and they react to what you're saying. They smile at you, they nod, it gives you feedback, It gives you energy back. Right now, I am talking to a circle on my laptop, which is the camera, which means I'm alone in my house, which means I'm talking to nobody. I'm talking to you in an adamant object. Well, when I first got started, I was so awkward on camera, I looked so uncomfortable and it was so forced and I had trouble being myself with just the camera. So all my really early videos are really kind of, uh I'm like a robot. I'm kind of staccato. I'm kind of stiff time stiff, and that's OK. No one's expecting you to be uber comfortable out the gates. But after you get through your 1st 50 you're gonna be like, all right. I'm starting to like, get the feel for this and you start relaxing. Mauritz easier. Remember to smile more all that good stuff. So just get through your 1st 50 as fast as possible. Think of it like All right, my riel first video is Video 51. I got a racist. Fastest possible to get to video 51. My true first video. Get through all the all the practice ones, get to my first video. So think of it that way and try to get through your 1st 50 as fast as possible. Don't overdo it. Remember, if you're like I'm gonna do these, all of my videos are gonna be 10 or 15 minute videos. I'm gonna teach all this stuff and then you find out. Wow, it's taking me so long in the beginning here to do 10 minute videos. I feel so stiff and clunky. Then make it one or two minute videos like, don't don't overdo it in the beginning, just make it simple enough so that you can actually do it and follow through. And then later on, beef it up. You know, if you're able to do the 10 minute videos, 15 minute videos right away. Great. Don't back off. But anything that slows you down change it. Do not keep it. Change it so it gets easier And take the pressure off so you'll actually do it. Is this seat right? Be unstoppable. Let nothing stop you change the schedule. If you need to change the schedule, change the length of the video. If you need to change the video, change your niche and category and topic. If you need to change that change whatever you need to change so that you stay in action. That is the secret to success. Stay in action. Just keep going. In the famous words of Dori, keep Bonds swimming, Swimming. All right, that's some the secrets of how to be on camera. 19. 2.5 Film Just Your Screen & Voice: Let's say you wanted to film a slide show without your face on screen. You could just open quick time player on a Mac and go to file new screen recording. And you want to make sure that the microphone that you're gonna be speaking with this selected I have, ah, microphone plugged in. But otherwise you would use the internal microphone that's built in, and then you would just push record and it says Clip to record the full screen or dragged a record only part of the screen. I'm gonna make this full screen on the power point, so I'm just gonna click anywhere on the screen. It's gonna start recording. It's only gonna start recording when you see this circle up here, the circle with the black Don in it, that means it has started. If that circle is not filled in and dark, that means it hasn't started yet, just by the by. And then you can go to your PowerPoint slide show, you know, play from the beginning, and now it's recording my screen while I'm talking and I can use the arrow buttons Teoh progress through my slides and continue to talk while I'm teaching. And then when I'm done, I can push escape. And then I just go to the corner here with this circle with the black dot in it, click on it, and that will stop the recording. And here it is. Then you just go to file and save, and you're going to save that new recording and then edit it. 20. 2.6 Film Picture In Picture - Web Cam and Screen: So now I've got a screen recording running, and it's gonna be recording my screen here of my slides. And then let's say I want my talking head. So then I just go to new movie recording and then you make it smaller. Pull it down just off to the side, right, and you push Start right there. Start recording. All right, Now, both the recording, right, the videos recording of me and the video of my screen. So, in order to match them both, you gotta remember the class when you first start talking. And so let's say you come over here to your slideshow, and once you're in your slideshow, you can no longer see yourself on screen anymore. And you might say, All right, go ahead and start playing and then remember, you gotta clap before you start talking because you know you need to match the audio from the screen casting as well as you're talking head later in editing. So then you and then you start talking, and that's how you can record a two videos at the same time on a Mac on a PC. You're gonna have to do it a little differently. 21. 2.7 Basic Editing Techniques: Hi. Let's learn how to edit. I'm gonna teach you how to edit using I movie. I don't have a PC that has Windows movie maker, but a lot of times, most editing software is pretty similar. You might need to look up just in the own menus up here with the different shortcuts are, um, but appear where the shortcuts are. Uh, I'll teach you that in just a second. So it might be a little bit different based on, um, basically, which program you're using. But the tools are the same. Just the shortcut to the tool. The thing you push on the keyboard could be different. All right, First of all, um, let's pretend like you need to import your material, Your videos. I have already imported it here. But you'd go in this case, Stofile import media, and then you'd fish around on your computer, find the videos you're looking for. You can actually choose more than one by holding down the command or control button and selecting more than one if you need to. In this case, I only have one in here that works. But imagine if I wanted to select more, I could and then you just click import selected. I'm gonna close this because I already done that. Boom. They show up here. So let's say I drag this one down cause that's the one I want to use. Great. It's got my video and my audio down here. You can see the audio is these little bumps, right? And you can see these high spikes here Those of the collapse Remember, I taught you the clapping method. That's why the collapse are so powerful and useful. You can quickly see even when it's this small exactly where the mistakes are are the things that you know you want to edit are already let me show you The basics of this one is this is zoomed all the way out and this zooms in So the more I drag it this way, the more zoomed in it is. And you can see that the sound also ill Lift this up so you can see it bigger. The sound becomes more zoomed in. So this way, when it's all the way zoomed in, you could make really precise edits, and then you zoom back out so you can find it a little bit easier to find where you want to be in the whole video or the whole clip, so that zooming in and out most every program, every program's gonna have a zoom in and out thing right here, a little slide bar. And next thing is the basics. The basic tools that you would probably use, Um, that most of you will use the 1st 1 is the cut to make a slice. So to find what it is in the program you're in, you probably go to something like edit or modify in this case. And this one did modify so unmodified you can actually split the clip. So if I put my play head, this is called the play head the play head. If I actually move it somewhere where I want to make a split, let's say I want to make a split right here. I could go to modify and split clip, and it would do it. See, it made a cut right there. But that's a really slow way to do it. To have to come to the menu and come and push this thing a little silly. So instead, let me just move my cursor over here. I'm gonna use this shortcut You saw The shortcut is command. That is the command button on an apple Command B B stands for blade. It's like a razor blade. It cuts the film. So if I move my play head here and I push command be same thing happens. So I suggest write down all the shortcuts that you use all the time on a piece of paper. Post it note. Keep it by your computer until you memorize it and you no longer need to look at it. That's how you make cuts. If you made a cut or if you do anything that you don't want, you can always undo it. So don't freak out. Don't fear. Just go to edit. Undo. And as you can see, there's a shortcut for that too, Which is Command Z, which is pretty standard across PC and Mac Command or control. Z undo. Does someone I'm gonna push it on my computer keyboard right now, Command Z. See how it even undid that one. Let's say I went too far. I undid too many things. I actually want to read. Do something that I did. You've also got to re dio wait, put that back in. No way put the next thing back in so you got undo and undo. Now it's all one long video again. And then, um, Redux. There's the cut again and redo. And again, you can use the shortcuts on the keyboard. The shortcut for redo is shift command Z Shift Command Z on PCs. It's usually, uh, control. Why is redo control? Why? But just look inside the app that you're using it will tell you what the shortcuts are. And if you're using an app that's on a tablet or a cell phone, read the instructions of the APP. It will tell you how to do the cuts and do the undoing and the redoing. It's all in there. All right, so that's how you make a cut. Let's say that I liked this part of my video. I did not like this part of my video, and I like to this part of my video. I want to take this part out. So after I make these two cuts here and here, I just select this So it's highlight and I could just push delete. Boom takes out the part I don't like if I made a mistake. Commander Control Z brings it back Now. You can even leave these cuts here. The cuts when you play over them, they don't make. There's no like pause or anything. When there's a cut like that, I could make a 1,000,000 cuts and the video will still play smoothly. Watch. All right, so we put the play head right here because this is where the cut is. Then I'm going to zoom in and Noble Zoom and exactly on that part now on to put the play head here and I'm gonna push the space bar. Space bar usually means play. You're sharing if they so you see, there was no pause when it went over that cut, so you can just leave if you make a mistake and cut. You can leave a cut in or, if you want to, you can undo it. It's up to you, but that's how you make a cut. That's how you also delete a portion. So I'm going to show you again. Put my play head here, command or control be makes another cut. I select this piece by clicking on it when it's highlighted. I pushed elite and it goes away. Command Z brings it back. If I made a mistake, all right, that's the basics of cutting. Now let's say I had another piece of video I wanted to put in. So let's say, by the way, do you see how this empty space here, this is me kind of getting ready and like thinking, Before I start speaking, you can put your play head here command be, and then delete this cause that's just dead space. And then your video begins with you smiling and you begin talking, All right, so that's cutting out the dead space in the beginning. And let's just pretend that this is my intro with pretend This is like a little video clip . And then it says, you know, dana garrison dot com, And that's my intro that I want to spice in to my video for you Tube. I would go find wear on my video. I want to have my intro coming, so pretend this is a video for you. Tube. It's not, but pretended is pretend in the first you know, 15 seconds, I say, Hey, my name is Dana Garrison and in this video, I'm gonna teach you how to do X, Y and Z, And then I want to have my intro poppin dana garrison dot com. So I make a cut right where I want that to happen. Command be and I just grab this clip and drag it and hold it until the other side of my movie clip makes space for Then I let go when I drop it in. If you drop it too soon, sometimes it goes funky. So wait until this thing moves out of the way and then let go. Now, when I play, it's gonna play, and it's is gonna go right into my intro, and this is a bit of a bit of a longer clip. When it's done, it goes back into me talking again. So that's how you bring in an intro some of the tricks for Let's say you want to speed this up. You just click on this clip so it's highlighted. You go to the speed dial and I'm gonna change the speed too fast. And then it has a little bunny here and now it only takes 5.7 seconds. I can adjust this by holding this little silver circle here to how fast I wanted to speed up or slow down. How long do I want this clip to actually take in full? Now, if I play it, it's going a lot faster. So that's how you could speed something up. If you wanted to put some words on the screen, you'd go to titles, and then you can put your mouse over this, select it and then drag your mouse around so you can see what the title looks like, How the words move how the words move, and then you can choose one that you want. So where do you want the words to appear now? The way that I use the titles for my fast editing technique is I use them to remind me what is happening on which clip. So let's say I've got this long clip here, this long video, it's It's an hour long, right? It tells you right here. It's an hour long and let's say that I am going to I want to take certain stuff out of it. So I'm gonna I kind of watched the whole thing through, and I'm gonna make notes as I go, I'm gonna teach you two quick ways to make notes. One, let's say I watch this piece, and I'm like, All right, that's the intro. Now, in this case, I probably wouldn't put a note here because I know the first things that intro. But just to show you the technique, I'm gonna grab this guy. I want to hold it down. Select it, drag it on top of this clip and let go. Now, there's words on top of this clip. Look over here. Triple click. I'm gonna ride myself that this is the intro. Now, if we zoom out All right, do you see how when I wrote the word intro on the screen over here, it also says intro down here. Now, I have a quick way to recognize what's happening in this clip. Oh, that's the intro. Let's say I watch this part. I go okay. Up until here, I'm talking about my first tip. I'm gonna drag this down. It doesn't even matter where I put it somewhere here. Right. I'm gonna come over here. Tip number one. Once I write it here, I'm gonna click down here and boom, It turns into tip number one down here. So this is how I'm Mark, what's happening in each video. Come over here, Make a new cut. This this one is where I'm covering Tip number two. Double click down here and boom clip number to tip number two. So this is just away from me to organize all the different segments I'm creating in case I want to move him around in case I need to do something with them. Now, you may not need to use this method for anything, but any time you do get to a point where you want to remember which what you're doing in which clip what you're doing in which segment of video you can use this. So now that you know how to use this as a technique, you can figure out what way you want to use it for your own organization in your brain. Um, sometimes I have multiple takes Now, in this particular video, I don't remember if I did multiple takes, but let's pretend I did. Let's pretend I did tip number one here and then I made a mistake, and I'm like, I'm going to re record tip number one So I clap. Let's pretend that I clapped here and I clapped here right before I did both takes museum in Put the play head here, zoom in a little bit. Yes, we don't lose our spot. And you got a place. The play head. So this sharp spike that would have been right here in the audio tells me. All right, here's one take and then there would have been none. None. There would have been another sharp spike right here in this audio and like, All right, here's take number two. So instead of tip one, this would say, tip one, take one. And this one would say tip one, take two and maybe I, like, take to better. So maybe I do this and I put some stars there so that I know this is the one that I prefer . I like this one better. It's up to you how you want to do it. You might just decide that you say, Ah, tip one. And then over here, you say tip. One mess up you like. All right, this is tip one. This is the one I'm keeping. This is tip one mess up, and if This is too short and you can't see all the words. Just click on it. And then when you get towards the end here, it'll let you drag it out So you can see everything that you wrote there. So you can use these little titles as notes. Right? So this is tip one mess up. This is tip one. So far, my favorite tip one take. Let's say this is also a tip one take after I get to him like, Oh, the right. We got another tip number one and maybe I I remember to say with explainer. So maybe in this take of tip one, I said it really shortened quick. And this take of tip one. I made it longer. I explained it further and it goes all the way out to here. Let's say so. This is short tip one. This is tip one with explainer and maybe I don't know which one I want. I want to know which one I want to use, yet some like All right, well, keep this one in here. Keep this one in here. This is Tip one mess up. You know what? I'm just gonna delete it now done now tip one and tip of an explainer. I'm gonna decide later which one I want to keep. And then I'm gonna keep editing so I keep going over here. So that's some of the ways that you can use this now, of course, when it comes time, Teoh print your video when you're going to export it and it's the final. You don't need these notes anymore. So you come in and just delete. And of course, between this one and this one, you would have chosen which one you want to keep. Let's say I don't like the longer one. So I kept this one the shorter one, and I just delete that. And then later, when I go to export the video, there's no random titles on their You know, I don't need my reminders anymore. That was just for me, and that is working with the titles. Now you can actually use a title on a video clip like this member. I said I wanted this to say something like Dana garrison dot com and this scene sec. How long this extends it extends over my next clip. Here, click this dragged back so that it fits and it usually snaps into place. So then this is now your intro, right? If you don't like where the words are positioned on the screen, you need to choose a different one. So if I don't like the way that this is positioned here, I need to choose one of these other ones to change the positioning, so that would be like your interest. But now you're like, Wait, there's no sound during my intro. How do I bring in sound? You can goto audio and they come built in with some sounds. A lot of these are, you know, like door closing. So there is some jingles in here, um, that you could use as your jingle. There's also sounds that you might use for sound effects just to be comical during your video so you could just grab it, drag it underneath. Well, I suppose you could get dragging on top as well. And that's how you could bring a sound in. So I might come down here to a jingle some like, All right, I'm gonna grab this jingle. I wanna make this my sound for my intro, but you're gonna come over here, drag it back so it doesn't cover the other parts of the videos. And now we got sound for are untrue. Now this sound, of course, doesn't belong here is going to take that out. Maybe I want my sound from my intro to extend a little bit into this. And maybe this takes too long for me. Maybe I want to go here and blade the sound so I bladed it. Get rid of this first part and take this part back, extended out a little bit until it snaps into the little you. Did you see how it snapped into the end right there? And then this is now my intro. Right now let's say I want my intro music to kind of go into this clip a little bit. I can do that. But when I'm talking, it covers my talking quite loudly. Even so, I might want to come here and grab this little circle and just Brit fade it back a little bit. So then when I play, it starts to fade out the sound for you. All right. That's if you wanted to do that. But that's how you bring sound in. You've noticed on some of my videos. I actually have sound while I'm talking here not in the masterclass videos cause I'm being educational. But if I wanted Teoh, I could take a sound. I could take a sound I could take. All right, So I'm gonna select it, bring it down under my video, and then if I play it, you can't hear me talk. So you go to this line here and you drag down the volume so that it becomes background music. You can also do the same with your audio and drag it up. Actually, it's already at the highest at 400 right now. If it was too loud, though, I could drag it down and make it softer. So that's how you can adjust volume in the clip. You got these fade outs right here as well. If you needed to fade out your volume for some reason. So that's how you can add music while you're talking 22. 2.8 Edit 1 Take Videos: show you this fast editing method really quickly. So I shot this video where I'm trying to do a Facebook ad and I'm saying the same thing over and over again. And in between as I mentioned, I do collapse so you can see right here there's a spike that's a clap, and that lets me know it's a new session. Right here is a spike. That's a clap. I've already cut those, but you can see here Spike, Spike to collapse. And then this is really short. And there's another spike. And then there's talking and another spike. That means that this is a mess up and this is a mess up because I was trying to talk for longer than that so you can see that Spike equals clap. And then I went till here, messed up Spike again a little bit longer, messed up. So here's the next spike. So I'm gonna do is cut right here before that clap, and I'm gonna delete this. I'm gonna delete this. Those are both mess ups, this one, as you can see, nice and long no mess ups. And then there's a break here so we can cut and Then here's a clap. And then here's another long one. So that looks like I actually completed that one. Here's a break. And then another clap and then another long one clap. Here I start and you can see there's another clock right there. That means that this was another mess up so I can go right here in front of that clap. Cut that. Come back here. Cut that. So this is the trunk that doesn't That isn't anything. Hey, Dana Garrison here, also known as Dana Kitty, was social and business. Yeah. Ah, there's the mess up. Delete that sucker. So this is the really quick way to edit. And, um, that's why the clock method is so useful. And, ah, once you go through and you've cut out all the parts that are the mess ups now all you have left are the parts that are decent. What I recommend is you re watch the parts that are decent and I come here now I'm using final cut pro. You can use whichever program you're using, but I in final cut pro. I'm taking a title. I'm using the custom title and I'm dragging it over here and I'm writing on on top of it. What, some words? Basically that remind me what this clip is about. So this particular version, when I'm first talking, I start to talk about that. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. And then in this version, I start talking about the first thing I opened with his flow of customers. Like, Do you want a steady stream of customers in your business? And over here, this one? It's about study full of customers as well. That's how I started this one. So you can take little notes using words that you can put on the screen and that will just help remind you like what's there? So this one actually talks about only 9% of businesses are on YouTube. Uh, I think that was the 3rd 1 there, so I'll go back and review, but just put little notes on there, so it helps you remember which one is which. You could re watch all your clips and then figure out which one is your favorite. Once you've got your favorite, you're good to go. You're editing is done. Unless there's any kind of bits you need to kind of cut out of it. Right. Then you just go in here and slice other little bits out, and that's it. You're done with your editing. Bravo! 23. 2.9 Edit Backgrounds for Intros and Transitions: All right, now, up here, we've also got backgrounds. So sometimes when it comes to creating your titles, you want them to have a background. So there's some backgrounds here that you can already choose from. And we could stick that in there. And maybe we want our intro. Who? San Francisco like this. And we want our title to be on top of that on. This is going to say hello in a garrison dot com. And then we had our music that we used, and now we have an intro. Right. Um, so they give you some backgrounds here for your titles to be on top of This is the world map. Um, here's I'm just gonna drag this over so you could see what it looks like. That's how easy this program is. Just drag and drop. So you got backgrounds down here, you know that? You can try them out, see which ones you like. Ah, try the different sounds that come built in. You can always import sounds. It's nice, right? You can import sounds you can import, um, backgrounds. You could. You know, you for a background. You don't have to use one of their backgrounds. You can use an image. You can goto my media. Um, you can import your own photo, just some kind of photo, put music there and put your you know, whatever words you want on top and boom, You've got all kinds intros, right, All kinds interest you can use. So that's backgrounds and then transitions. Transitions is, Let's say, between this clip in this clip, I want there to be a transition. Maybe I wanted to fade the whites. I'm gonna put this little transition in there and then right. So now there's a transition between the scenes. You can If you don't like it, delete it. Try something else and test amount. See which ones you like heart. But that's for the transitions were located. Um, you can always see what they look like just by dragging your cursor across them. You're like, Oh, I like that one. That's like a nice little sliding. All right, all these transitions in here that are fun for you. So that is the basics 24. 2.10 Cropping, Stabilizing, Background Noise: All right, let's talk about if you needed to crop the image, so select the clip that you want to crop, and then this is the crop tool right here. So we've got fit, which is fit to the whole screen. We've got crop to crop to fill, Um, and so we can zoom in. In essence, let's say I just want to make this the full screen. So once I choose exactly what I wanted to be I just pushed return and it zooms in. So now this clip is zoomed in This clip is zoomed out All right. Then we got our intro And then we got the next clip and it zoomed in. If you need to zoom in, that's cropped to fill And if you want a zoom it back out I'm gonna do it Blade there, Go back to crop, Pull it back out, Enter. And now we go in from zoomed end to zoomed out again so you can zoom in, zoom out using the crop tool. That's part of the fun. Um, you also have a couple things I want to show you Here. One is to stabilize shaky videos Now. I had this on a tripod. But let's say that you were doing a hand held camera. Then you can use this to stabilize, and that's nice. And then you condone. You kind of move this around to stabilize it more or less. And then here, this was for noise. So let's say you're recording and there's this is very common. Um, there could be a hiss in the background, just a slight and so you can actually reduce the background noise. And then this is also a little thing right here that will help you if you want ITM or if you want it last take. You know, listen to how it looks. There's also an equalizer here and you can actually try out changing. You know, to some of these other things. I tend to find that I if I remember correctly, I think I like flat the most. Right now, the audio is connected to the video. But you can right click on this and detach the audio. In which case it looks like this. It's down here because this music was already here. So this is the audio for this clip now and then you could, you know, do stuff with it if you wanted to. Some people I don't know, they like toe separate it out, do stuff with it. Um you know, you don't you don't have Teoh. You can Ah, Oops. I didn't mean to do that. You can control Z your way back into having it in there. And as you can see, there's a lot of different things here that you could dio and I'm not gonna teach you every single thing that you can do. I'm gonna teach you just the basics because, really, when I edit my videos, the things I'm teaching you are really the only things I use. There is not. I don't need to get super fancy on this because I'm trying to edit quickly and just continue to put content out there. So I'm just teaching you the very most essential pieces of editing 25. 2.11 Edit Picture in Picture: All right. Now, let's talk about how to edit or create a picture in picture experience. Take whatever the main image on screen is gonna be him. Drop that in here first. And the thing that you want to be the smaller window drop that on top. Then you double click on the top one and you go and do picture in picture. Now it makes it small, and you can drag it where you want. Bam. Simple is that now both of these have audio on them. As you can see, if you look at the bottom, both tracks have audio on them. So you would go and look for where the claps are in order to find, um, you know where it begins. So here's one clap. I'm gonna just show you real quickly and blade there. Here's a clap blade there. I didn't blade properly you to select the one that you want a blade and then blade. So now I'm dragging this over so that my to collapse match each other. I'm gonna put the play head here and zoom in to see that they actually match and they don't pull this one a little bit more for them to match. And then you can play and you can hear that they match if they were mismatched. You hear a little bit of separation, right? You heard you heard that separation. But if they're matched, they happen at the same time. And then we're golden. There were close enough right now for our demo, but you can fiddle with yourself until they're both in the same place. Now that clap helps you match the audio. That way your slides actually move exactly when you wanted them to. Because if I started talking right here on my video clip, and I've started talking right here on my screen clip, that means that both videos air now sink. And when I actually tell the slide to add new words on the screen, it's actually matched up to when I did that in real life in this video. And that's why we have the clap there. That's what the clap is so important, especially for picture in picture. Now, of course, you're not gonna leave the clap there once you've got it matched up nicely. Then you're gonna blade from them both. And then now they're still matched up and then you would choose which audio you want to keep. For me, this one is the better sounding audio. This one's the worst sounding audio, so I'm just gonna drag that one down. So I just keep the good sounding audio great. And that's that. Now you got picturing picture. If you wanted to change this guy, you could always change its size. You can move it around on screen. Let's say that you want to get your photo or your video out of the way, because in a moment it's gonna cover the words like right here. The video covers the words, So what you can do is right before those words pop in, you can blade the video and then for the section where you want it to be out of the way in a different space goes up until here, Right? And then here we're back to just one word at the top or one line at the top so I can come here and I can blade again. And then just this segment here. I want to move and get it out of the way so I can double click on it, then just move that up. So now what happens is when we hit this part, still jump out of the way. And then when you get to the end, it'll jump back out of the way back to where it waas right here. End, boom, back of the bottom again. So that's how you can move the image in between different slides. And then one quick thing I wanted to show you is you can actually make blade cuts on, um, multiple things at once just by holding the command or control button and then selecting that way, they're both highlighted. And then if you do command B in this case with his blade, cuts them both at the exact same place, just a heads up there that you can do that.