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The ultimate travel packing course

teacher avatar Grace on Tour, "Travel is to live"

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Lesson 1 - Luggage & Bags


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      Lesson 2 - Packing Techniques


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      Lesson 3 - Packing Essentials


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      Lesson 4 - Bag Security


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      Outro - Thank you for watching


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About This Class

In this class we will be covering everything you need to know for travel packing in the best way possible. We will go through what type of luggage you can use, packing essentials, bag security and packing techniques. By watching this class I hope you will feel more comfortable in your preparations for your text trip, and hopefully my tips and tricks might be helpful to you. 

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Grace on Tour

"Travel is to live"


Hi, I´m Grace on Tour and travel is my biggest passion. 

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to the ultimate trouble packing course. Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip in this course, I will go through how to pack for your next trip and the most efficiently, smart, safe, and prepared way possible. I will go into all the details involving different kinds of luggage and backs, backing techniques, packing essentials, security, and keeping your bag safe. I'm always on tour and I will be your teacher for this course. As a frequent traveler, I've been to 17 countries to the state and have a lot of experience with travel packing. If you wish to see more of my travels and tips, you can follow me on my social channels which will be linked in the description of this course, but without further ado, let's get started. 2. Lesson 1 - Luggage & Bags : Welcome to Lesson 1, luggage and bags. The first step and the trial packing process is choosing the right luggage and bags to suit your trip. Firstly, you look into what kind of trip that you are going to be taking. Is it a backpacking trip along culture weekend? Do you have to pack light or heavy? Do you have check-in or only Hamburg? As you can see, there are lots of different bags that you can consider and choose from depending on the type of trip you're doing. Oh, be sharing for different types of bags that you can consider depending on your type of trouble. The first one is a backpack. If you are a backpacker and are okay with packing very light and want to be able to travel very easily and just carry around all of your stuff, then a backpack might be your best choice. We then have a carry on like this one. This is great for a weekend trip, for example. Or if you are only troubling with Hamburg edge, you can fit everything you need for a trip in one of these. And then we will look into the checked in luggage. And you then can have a soft keys like this one. I would recommend something with very, very sturdy wheels just like this, because it enables you to easily drag the bag around. And also the benefit with having a soft case is that you will be able to adjust the size like this depending on how much you pack. Also, this bug specifically is a hybrid, which means that in the back here, you can actually make it in a backpack because it has straps. So if you'd like to carry it as well, this is perfect. And this bug has been very good for very rigid trouble as it enables me to drag it everywhere, also carry it with me. And usually for longer trips, I will need more stuff with me, then I can fit in. For example, this bug. If you are more on the luxurious trouble side, only staying in one place, not moving around so much, but still wanted to bring quite a good amount of stuff. Then of course, a hard shell bag just like this one, might be your best choice. Also note that with these kinds of bugs, you, you can also pick between four wheels and two wheels. And usually it will be easier to have a four wheel one because it makes it much easier to drag. Also, I carry with me a backpack wherever I go. And this one specifically also have laptop compartment because they bring that two compartments on the sides here for if, for example an umbrella and a water bottle, and also adjustable straps. So a backpack, It's always great to have. If you have a checked in one newton, bring this on the fly, or you can usually bring it to Hamburg edge items, then a backpack always comes in handy. But the very first step is that if you are flying or going on a train or a boat or anything, check what the luggage restrictions are and what the policies are for bringing luggage. What type of luggage and how many kilos are you able to bring on your specific ticket? Because this will also determine which kind of bite you can bring and how many. In addition, I like to carry with me a hand back. Just like this. To be able to carry my essentials and valuables that I will need to have easily on hand while traveling. For example, my passport, tickets, phone, earphones, and he thing so that you easily have it accessible and not have to go into a backpack, for example, to reach it. Always carry with you in luggage scale to be able to weigh your luggage and avoid any additional costs due to. 3. Lesson 2 - Packing Techniques: Welcome to Lesson 2, pattering techniques. And of course, when we are packing for our triangles, we want to be as efficient and smart with the limited space that we have through my years, I have noted that the best technique for folding your clothes is by rolling them. This will make them take less space in your bag. Another thing that I use is packing cubes. However, this is not something that everybody likes. But I do really like the idea and thought of organizing and compartmentalize in your bag so that not everything is mixed together. But that's just a personal preference. I do think that if you do not use packing cubes and roll and really think like Tetris with your bag. That of course also will be more efficient with your space. But if you have a space for packing cubes, I definitely recommend it because it makes the whole process easier if you're traveling around, because you'll just then have to take out your packing cube from your bag on the same node with organizing and categorizing, I do have different bags and cubes for different things. So I have one for my shoes. And this way, the your shoes won't damage or make any of your things dirty in your bag because you'll have it in a separate one. I also like to have a separate packing cube for underwear and socks. And then I like to have small different kinds of bags to organize my different kind different stuff. So I'll have one for chargers and electronics, 14 snacks. Yeah. So just have different wants to just categorize and organize and not mix everything up and yeah, just make the process easier. I also have a separate bag for my swimwear. And this you can also use for girls, like day trips to not make the rest of your stuff well, if you have wet swimwear because this one is a waterproof bag. And then of course I bring a laundry bag to separate my dirty clothes from my clean clothes. Then I have a separate bag for my liquids. And I really like these kinds of liquid bags. This will, using one of these will avoid you using one of these Ziploc bags, which you often have to throw away after some time because they get destroyed. And this is more environmentally friendly way of compiled lysine your liquid, but it's still ensuring that they don't bleed into your other things. And you can find these on Amazon. And they are carry on, improved as you can see here. If you have a check-in back, there is usually no limit in the amount of liquids you can bring. But if you are having liquids in your carry-on bag, please note that you are only allowed to bring maximum of 10 items, each, maximum a 100 milliliters. So just note that because otherwise they will ask you to throw away your liquid. And that can of course be very costly if you have to keep purchasing new liquids. And then a little extra tip when it comes to packing techniques is to have some kind of centered bag or send that you can put in your p.sit, keep your bag smelling nice and fresh. I always also trouble with my grease onto our pandemic kit. And here you will get face mass disinfectant gel wipes and all the things you might need to protect yourself and others from viruses and bacteria. 4. Lesson 3 - Packing Essentials: Welcome to Lesson 3, packing essentials. I will now list a number of items that I always bring on my trips depending on what type of trip. Of course, a foldable shopping bag, by always carrying it around, you won't have to pay for a shopping bags and also avoid any unnecessary plastic waste. So yeah, it's very small and you can just bring it wherever this use so much, but it's really, really a great thing to bring a power bank, luggage scale, packing tubes, laundry bag, a troubled towel, a lunch box. With all the essentials like cuts 3 and MOG in a chopping board, then you can make your own food wherever and you always have your utensil. I always bring Whitney traveled kettle. This way I can make oaths in my room or hot pot noodles or T. It's always great to have a travel catalog and I use it on all my kids. This way. You also been in my costs. If you're trying to do on a budget, a swimwear back async plug. This will help you if you want to do some laundry in your room. Some places they won't have the plug for you to able to do that. And if you're applying a lot, you might want to have one of these laundry lines where you can just use these to stick to the bathroom wall. And you can hang your laundry, a sleeping sheets, not full hotel rooms or trains or modes of transportation have clean linen. And that's why I like to bring this trouble sheets with me just in case there are any like bed bugs or anything like that, you can still have a nice and comfortable sleep with some clean linen, an umbrella, a torch or a torch, head, lung. The pandemic Trello. 5. Lesson 4 - Bag Security: Welcome to lesson 4, bag security. You will often bring them, of course, your stuff in your luggage. And of course you want to keep it safe. And when you're traveling there is a risk of losing luggage or luggage being stolen. And that's just the reality of trouble. It does happen. And of course, then you can take some measures to be prepared and to minimize the risk. First thing is to always mark your luggage. One of the things that is very common is that when you are at the arrivals hole and the luggage comes in, a lot of luggage do look very similar to each other. And if yours doesn't have a significant identification point, many people will think it's their bag and take it and not think twice. So my advice is to put something on your bag that makes it unique. It can be like a sticker or a ribbon or something that you well, immediately know that it is your bag. Also, I always have a luggage tag on all my bugs with my contact information just in case anything happens with the bag. Also, another very common thing with travel is that your luggage gets lost or delayed. That's why I always like to have a tracker in my check-in luggage and in my carry-on luggage if have many truckers. But this just helps you to see where your luggage is. And that can be the same if your luggage has been stolen because then you can provide the police or any kind of security purity information and where your bank actually is. And these truckers work in many different ways you can use usually just usually they're linked to an app and yeah, you have to make sure that the truck is charged. But this is a great form of insurance and security to just kind of No worry about is at all times. Another point is padlocks, IK padlocks on all my bags, even the carry-on bags. But it's important when you do that, especially when flying flying is that you have the airline or security approved padlocks. It looks like this because security has to be able to open it in case they have to check through your luggage. But then any other person that's not security will not be able to get into your bag. I also have the kind of wire that for the bags that I carry with me. If I want to lock several bugs together or lock bag to a piece of furniture or anything that makes the baggy stay in one place. You have to go somewhere or if you're like in a hotel room and don't want it to be taken from the hotel room. You can take the wired lock and attach it to a piece of furniture or anything like that. Just for your own kind of reassurance that your bag is safe in your room. I would also advise you to have a valid travel insurance that will cover, for example, stolen luggage or lost luggage, because that will ensure you that if anything happens, you will be ensured and you'll be compensated for any goods that is taken or and destroyed. Also, then you will get compensation if your luggage is lost or delayed, and you'll be able to be necessities needed for the time being without your luggage. 6. Outro - Thank you for watching: And that was the ultimate shovel packing course. Please let me know if you have any additional tips or essentials that you always bring on your trips and please feel free to leave a review on this course. I would really appreciate to hear your feedback and input also to make these courses better for you. And also note I have two other courses here on Skillshare. One of them is the ultimate trouble planning course. And the second one is how to create an eBook using Canva. So if you're interested in those, please feel free to check those out. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you have enjoyed it and I'll see you next time. Bye.