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The ULTIMATE Time Management & Productivity Course - GET THINGS DONE

teacher avatar Jellis Vaes, Therapist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      The Ultimate Productivity Course - GET THINGS DONE


    • 2.

      Learn What is Killing Your Productivity and How to Fix it


    • 3.

      Being Unaware of Your Own Time


    • 4.

      How Fear Stops You from Acting


    • 5.

      Waiting for Things to be Perfect


    • 6.

      Relying on Motivation & Inspiration


    • 7.

      What is Dead Time and How to Use it Wisely


    • 8.

      Being Overhwelmed - Overworking


    • 9.

      How Distractions are Killing Your Focus


    • 10.

      How Distractions Can Be Addictive


    • 11.

      Be Smart - Final Words on the Killers of Productivity


    • 12.

      Top Productivity Techniques to Help You Achieve More


    • 13.

      The Pomodoro Technique


    • 14.

      The KonMari Method


    • 15.

      The Pareto Principle


    • 16.

      Focus on Your Strenghts


    • 17.

      Parkinson's Law


    • 18.

      Learning to Say No & The Fear of Missing Out


    • 19.

      Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking


    • 20.



    • 21.

      Best Productivity Tools to Maximize your Time and Energy


    • 22.

      Cold Turkey Blocker: Block Digital Distractions


    • 23. - Clean up Your Inbox


    • 24.

      1Password: Go ahead. Forget your Passwords


    • 25.

      Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant


    • 26.

      IFTTT - helps your apps and devices work together


    • 27.

      Phone Reminder app


    • 28.

      Voice Assistant


    • 29.

      Motivational Tools


    • 30.

      The Action Plan Explained – The Life-Changing Productivity System


    • 31.

      3 Years - The Vision


    • 32.

      1 Year - The Challenges


    • 33.

      3 Months - The Priority Goals


    • 34.

      To-Do-Today - The Tasks


    • 35.

      Using a Whiteboard Effectively


    • 36.

      How to Use a Calendar like a True Productivity Master


    • 37.

      Overview and Final Note


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About This Class

Are you looking to become extremely productive?

Great. Then let me welcome you to the course: The ULTIMATE Time Management & Productivity Course

I hope you’re ready to become extremely productive.

This is the course where you will not only learn about the killers of productivity and what to do to avoid or get rid of them, you will also learn the most fundamental productivity tools and techniques, as well as a system to put it all to use — namely, The Action Plan.

The system of The Action Plan is designed to keep you disciplined, motivated, and to give you a clear map towards achieving your vision and your goals.

This system that you are about to learn — mainly directed at entrepreneurs, freelancers, those who are self-employed, or anyone else working on big projects and goals — is one that I have designed and formed out of various systems from other highly successful businesspeople.

What makes this course different from so many other courses on productivity is the fact that it is less focused on the theoretical and more on the practical side. Yes, indeed, this is a course that you can actually do something with.

Meaning that, by the end of this course, you will know the tools, techniques, and the system that you can start using immediately to become extremely productive and to be able to start achieving your goals, projects, dreams, and the life you are trying to build.

Who should take this course?

  • Entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, freelancers, self-employed, and anyone else wanting to become extremely productive and efficient and to increase the value of time in their work and life.
  • Those looking to enjoy a productivity course with high-quality videos, stunning animations, and helpful illustrations.
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by life.
  • Those eager to shift their life around and start realizing their dreams, visions, and goals in life.
  • Those looking to enjoy a productivity course with high-quality videos, stunning animations, and helpful illustrations.
  • People curious to learn what exactly productivity is all about and how it can improve quality of life.
  • Those managing a busy schedule and looking to gain more time and achieve more in their day.
  • Those who struggle with how to structure their visions, goals, and dreams.  For all of you, The Action Plan can help!

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

  • You will come to learn the most fundamental productivity tools and techniques that exist.
  • The system of the Action Plan that will help you create a personal plan to start building and achieving your visions in life.
  • Gain more time, money, and a better quality of life.

With that, let me not waste any more words here. Let us begin. The course itself will speak loudly and clearly enough of its own value.

Note: The Action Plan is a highly efficient system to help you along the process of achieving your goals and dreams. Obviously, though, you still have to sit down and do the work yourself. It can’t do that for you. Nothing can. Only you

Throughout the course, be sure to take notes so you can more easily review everything you have learned.




If you would like to connect with me on social media, you can find me in the following locations:

Facebook: Jellis.Vaes
Instagram: Jellisvaes
Youtube: channel/UCSN058GSqdV5ndLbubY3AlQ

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jellis Vaes

Therapist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.


Hey! I am Jellis Vaes , a mental health coach , adventurer, and founder of The IPS Project , an educational platform on life.

The platform was formed out of my struggles with my own demons--loneliness and suicidal thoughts. In essence, I created a platform I wish had existed when I was struggling with my problems.

Through practical articles, online courses , events , and a regular podcast , the platform provides knowledge about life topics such as mental health, relationships, the workings of the mind, etc.--topics that many of us learn little to nothing about while growing up .

When I am not holding therapy sessions or working on The IPS Project, you'll likely find me out in the mountains or traveling somewhere with a camera in hand. I am an avid adventurer... See full profile

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1. The Ultimate Productivity Course - GET THINGS DONE: About three years ago, I was traveling around the world, figuring out myself and my life. This photo that you see right here was taken in New Zealand on my 21st birthday, having no clue or any idea at all what I wanted to do with my life in a span of three years, I've become a successful photographer, work with various companies, shelf thousands of photos for my stock portfolio, create a two top selling photography courses, became self-employed and bill at a startup inner picture stories and educational platform about life. Having written hundreds of articles for it, I'm in the process of writing a book. I've created a widely viewed both guests work on multiple movie projects and studied. Honestly, though, that is just that the of everything and not even touching upon what has happens in my personal life where I became a dive master, climbed various mountains under more block and traveled to over 40 countries. Why am I saying this? It's not a show off, but the proof one voids. People. Mostly underestimate what they can achieve and accomplish in one year, no matter how old you are, no matter what position you currently are in your life, working on your dreams and making them a reality. Creating the life day you want to live is a 100% realizable for anyone often, however, the problem is that many of us don't know the right tools and techniques. And most importantly, don't have a system in place to keep them accountable for their course and keep track of their progress. But those things are exactly what you will come to learn here in this course. If you are looking to become extremely productive, this is d course focusing on real practical tools, techniques, and a system called the action plan, which will keep you accountable, motivated, and on track. The action plan itself can actually be used to achieve editing as it is highly customizable for any sort of goal. More specifically, this whole course is more focused on the needs of entrepreneurs, the self employed to creatives and anyone who has big goals, objectives and project's goals and projects can be extremely overwhelming. But by knowing the right tools, techniques, and by having a system in place like the action plan, you could turn that around. And B, instead of extremely overwhelmed, become extremely productive. I hope you are ready to jump exactly that. 2. Learn What is Killing Your Productivity and How to Fix it: Let's start by talking about the killer's off productivity. Now, why start with this? Because this happens to many that they are unaware off what are in fact killing their productivity. These killers can easily pass by unseen if you are not aware of them. Having said this, let me say that I don't want to give you any hard feelings. If the following are infect things that you do, we are all human beings, meaning we all make mistakes. But we all can also learn to address any problem. Awareness is first needed. Therefore, let us start by bringing awareness to what I call the killers off productivity for each killer, I will provide a small, quick and easy solution. Note that throughout the course where we touched upon productivity tools and techniques, we will obviously come to learn about many more solutions. This part is mainly aimed at making you aware off those productivity killers while giving you a hint about the solutions 3. Being Unaware of Your Own Time: time is, without a doubt the most important assets in anyone's life. Everyone has been given the same number of hours in a day, the same number off base in a week, the same number off weeks in a month and the same number off months in year. Everyone has been given the same amount of time. But why do some accomplish so much more than others? The answer is easy. They are simply better at managing their time because they are aware off how they spend their time. Now. This is important for everyone to understand and let me repeat one more time. What I just sit. People who accomplish more are simply better at managing their time because they are aware off how they spend their time. They cut out all the meaningless time wasters. If you complain that you don't have enough time, it simply means that you don't know where your time is going. Let's go over a list off activities many people waste time on without even knowing it. The reason why I want to go over this list here with you is to make you aware and to make you realize that maybe some off. These activities are not really adding anything to the satisfaction off your life, but instead have become habits. Let's start with the first and biggest one consuming media. Now you need to be honest here if you think about your day and you truly look at where your time has gone. Is it in line with what you want to accomplish in your life? If we take a look at some of the more recent statistics off what the average person spends their time on during a day, it looks something like this. The average person sleeps 7 to 8 hours a day, works also 7 to 8 hours a day and consumes media, on average, five hours a day. This includes watching TV ends or Netflix playing video games, being on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera. Now this is staggering. Five hours. Most people sleep, work and then spent the rest off their time in the day consuming media. Okay, let's talk about this for a moment. Take a look at this and think about what you want to accomplish. Reach a certain goal, finish a project, built a company, work towards the life you once or simply spend more quality time with your friends, family, Children or even bets. Most people instead choose to spend the remaining precious time off their day, consuming up to five hours off media every day. I have talked with so many people, all of whom have complained about not having enough time. But each time when I asked them more about what they do during their day, it always comes out and shows that they do have time. They are just not aware that they are spending it all on consuming media. Now, does this mean that you can watch a movie play a video game? Go on Facebook off course you can. You just need to keep it balanced. Awareness of how much time you spend consuming media is the first step towards a solution. Be honest, taking moments and ask yourself, Is my behavior mapping towards the life? I want the leads. If not you need limits your media consumption and simply flip it around. Instead. Do something else, but do something that will move you further in life or your career. Instead of watching a mindless YouTube video, listen to an audiobook or pot, guests about relationships, business, creativity, etcetera, Easy adjustments can change everything. Of course, wasting time happens in more ways than consuming media, but it's definitely the biggest one. Other things many people spend precious time on. Our texting is something many people spent an enormous amount of time on its highly distracting and Congar oh on forever set a side, a dedicated moment for texting people back. For example. We're on the bus on the train, etcetera for me, and this will sound funny, but I only takes people back when I am on the toilets. Of course, if it is an emergency or something, importance, I will think spake right away. Otherwise, I wait for the right moments. What's the point in checking your emails every 30 minutes? Nothing much at all rights, however, checking emails every so often can easily become a habits. Check your emails only once in the morning and one more time in the evening. For most people, that will be plenty enough time to not miss anything important, giving the same results and gaining heaps off time. I have heard so many people complain about a certain person in their life. They spend time with with whom they don't enjoy hanging out. However they still do, and this makes very little sense. The number off people I spend time with has only become smaller throughout the years simply because I only have so much time in a day and this given life and at much redder spend time with friends and family members who understand me and who I understands and who are truly there for me and vice versa. Indians. It isn't about the quantity off your relationships, but the meaningful quality. Once start spending more time with people who add to the satisfaction off your life and spend less time with those who do not. If you're no longer happy spending time with your old friends, it is simply time to start meeting new people. 4. How Fear Stops You from Acting: our brains are designed to keep us safe, not just physically, but emotionally. Your brain will always try to keep you out of any uncomfortable situations. It does this automatically out of primal survival instincts. Why is it important to understand this? Because whatever you set out to do, the chances that you will feel a degree or fear pulling at you is very likely. Be aware that your brain is trying to protect you from fierce that are not the same as back in the day. If I had listened, do those fears I would have accomplished nothing in life. We fear what we do not know. We fear the unknown. However, the more you start to do something that less scary, it becomes if you think about the moments in your life when you learned the most about yourself and when you accomplish the biggest triumphs, those were moments where you had to confront your fierce Don't let fear stop. You try to confront it more often. It will only lead to something good. It's only the feeling that fear brings that feels uncomfortable, but that is all there is to it through practice and by facing more off your fierce. That feeling will only become easier to cope with it. But the only way to get more comfortable with fear is to do things that you fear. A great quote that I like about this is do one thing every day that scares you. If you do that, whether it is something small or big, fear will start to become something very different. It will be more than just an uncomfortable feeling. It will be gum, but the get a list for better opportunities. 5. Waiting for Things to be Perfect: unproductive people are great and waiting for the perfect moment. I'm sorry, but it's true. The perfect moment will never come as it simply does not exist. The hardest part off anything is simply getting started. However, once you set yourself to do something, objects, emotion will stay in motion. Simply realized that there is no such thing as the perfect moment. So if no such thing exists, what do you really waiting for your Onley throwing away valuable time that no one can ever give back to you? 6. Relying on Motivation & Inspiration: motivation and inspiration on their own are bull shits. If you want to chief something and reach your goals, do not rely. Oh, motivation and inspiration because they will eventually let you down. If I had worked on Lee when I felt motivated, I would have gone nowhere, and this course might have taken another 2 to 3 years instead of four months to finish. This is where having a system in place is key to getting things done. The hardest part is simply getting started. It truly is. A system such as the action plan, which we will soon come to learn, will help you to keep going, despite motivation or Dilek of its. Also, once you know that motivation and inspiration our only but temporary feelings that will fade away and that the feeling off resistance is normal and part off the process, you could start working on a solution. To turn this around here is a great quote that I love lots about what distinguishes amateurs from professionals. Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work. What this quote underlines is very simple. Inspiration is bullshit. It's sitting down and starting that really matters. Seek more practical advice and tips instead of inspirational and motivational ones. That's why this course is 90% focused on practical tools, techniques and a system as this are applicable right away and will be there all the time for you. Motivation, faiths, practical advice and a system that's nuts. 7. What is Dead Time and How to Use it Wisely: that time is time spent sitting on the bus train, car waiting room, etcetera, moments where you have to wait for something to happen. What do you do during moments like this? Simply sit and waits, sleep, listen to music, play a video game or your phone. Watch a YouTube video or scroll to your Facebook and Instagram feed. It is this way for many. Why not use this time instead to be productive? Spend this debt time wisely on taking notes, learning, doing research, getting work, done reading, Reviewing your calendar priorities. Catching up with someone There is so much you could be doing and so much you can get done during that 40 minute bus, right? Every day if you add it up. That's a lot of time you could spend building your business, your projects, your career, the life that you once or that our long drive to work or when you go shopping instead of listening to music or doing nothing at all. Why not listen to a but guest episode or an audio book on a subject that will help to improve your life? Guard drives are perfect moments to do some serious brainstorming. You could easily record yourself using your phone's voice recorder, and when you get back home, you could review your thoughts and write them down. Furthermore, if you go to www dot yells fast dot com slash productivity, which is a small extension off this course, you could find a few good audiobooks and podcasts that could potentially be of interest to you. In the end, I'm not saying that you can shake Facebook, of course you again. But just remember, if you're going after something which you most likely are, if you're following this course, take responsibility for your time and use it wisely. Make use off that time, everyone has it in some way or at some points in their life. 8. Being Overhwelmed - Overworking: everyone needs time to recharge their brain. Your brain is like your muscles. If you over train and keep lifting weights every day, you won't become much stronger. As you do not allow your muscles to recover and regain strength. Same ghost with your brain. You need to give it time to recover else it will not function to its fullest potential. Working seven days a week from morning until late evening without any breaks or days of rests might indeed help you to get a few more things done. But at some point during the day or week, the quality off your work and the amount of focus you have will drop dramatically in the ends. Pushing yourself will just stress yourself out more while not gaining you. Anything off rheal value. By this I do not mean that you should just hang around the whole day, no far from it. What I am saying is that being overwhelmed and feeling overworked, even if you are doing something that you like, comes from not giving your brain minds and body enough time to rest and recover. Understand that you will run out of fuel if you do not take any breaks. Your brain is not designed to be pushed and pushed without any recovery time where you are working and we will touch on this in more depth. Throughout the course. Take a break every hour or two. Separate yourself from your computer or whatever you're working on. Go outside to get moving. Do something known technology related for 15 to 30 minutes. Go back to work for another hour or to take another break and repeat this cycle. Also, take at least one day off to simply recover. And for those who have a hard time doing that like me, it's mostly during times when you give your brain the chance to recover that those ah ha moments happen. So even though you might be thinking that it isn't very productive to take breaks, it infects ISS. You're Onley, creating more opportunities to capture those Ah ha moments Plus recovery time also rehearses learn skills and helps, of course, to recharge your willpower. Personally, I even have a hard time taking one day off, but I know that by doing so, I will be way more productive in the days that follow 9. How Distractions are Killing Your Focus: when you are working at home in an office or in a coffee place, it might not always be entirely quiet or easy toe work without being disturbed. Other people might be talking. Their phones might go off because they didn't put their phone on flight notes. Someone might drop in for a CHET all sorts off. Other noises and distractions might be happening around you. It can be quite distracting, completely killing your productivity. You can't always control your environment. However. Certain solutions can help you be productive no matter what environment you might be in background, music can significantly help you forget those noises and put you in a hypnotized state off pure focus. Of course, it does the bends on what kind of music you listen to. Songs with lyrics are best avoided as warts are distracting. In general, it has been shown by research that music treks with sounds of nature or classical music, such as Beethoven relaxes the minds and helps optimize and boost moots and focus. Additionally, if you combined, use off headphones or earphones with no skin insulation. This can let you forget about your surroundings and any noises placing you in an almost trancelike states off focus. Having earphones or headphones on also indicates to others that you're busy and that they should leave you alone. So it doesn't only help you forget against sel out these distracting noises. It also helps you to work undisturbed. I worked like this all de time with my earphones or headphones on and listening to relaxing background sounds. Sometimes I just listened to nothing and just use earphones or headphones to lower any noise levels and to show others that I'm working and I don't want to be disturbed. 10. How Distractions Can Be Addictive: getting a text message while you are working might appear to some as not really a distraction. You pick up your phone, you reply, you get back to work. It doesn't seem like a big deal to many, however, we do more than just reply to a text message. At many times more than just once a day, many district themselves continually and unconsciously, because there isn't any system in place to help him temporarily remove these distractions for a predetermined amount of time. We live in a time and age off continues distractions that come from everywhere. The Internet and your phone are the biggest of them all. The danger is that many people are infects, addicted to their phones and addicted to social media. Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are designed to keep your attention and to be addictive. There is deemed off people behind each one of these companies, constantly putting their heads together and trying to figure out the best ways to hold your attention. This platforms are made in such a way that small portions off dopamine are released in the user's brain each time. Dopamine is the feel good hormone that is released during pleasant experiences, such as having six hugging someone, seeing your favorite sports team win or getting alike on your Facebook or INSTAGRAM post. This fact is important to know. Many people waste heaps of valuable time without being aware of the fact that they are addicted to discount. Stint needs off wanting to receive this small bursts off dopamine. When I look at some people on their phones, I get blown away by how many notifications they have on each icon. It's not Onley overwhelming because it never ends, but it's almost so highly distracting. Like I said, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Snapchat, etcetera, work like slot machines and our designs and build to keep your attention on them. These notifications are one way they hold your attention, and it works marvelously, as each time you see a notification from an EP, you feel this little excitement that something has happened. Something is waiting for you, and then you click on it. And, oh, it's Julia's birthday weight. Was Julie again turned those notifications off? All of them? Yes, All off them are distractions every person's birthday on Facebook, every new post or comment you don't need a notification for dose on your phone. This is hugely distracting, and they can wait until you're done working for today. Instead, shake your social media platforms ones in the morning and once in the evening, that will be more than enough for you to be up to date with everything, and that goes for any other application to. Secondly, when you are working, put your phone in flight. Moz, your phone is one of the most useful but equally distracting tools that you have near you almost all the time where you're working, your main focus should be work. Nothing else. Turn off any possible distractions like your phone, which is simply done by putting it in flight moat. 11. Be Smart - Final Words on the Killers of Productivity: time in the end, is precious to everyone, however, consciously deciding where to spend. It is off fair amount importance as you only have so much time in the ends. If any off this points make you angry or annoy you in some way, it's likely that that specific point is true for you. It's easy to blame others and say that it's their fault. We have all our problems, these struggles in life or the lack off time. We have to focus on our goals. But just as you have to win back time and become more productive, you also need to point the finger at yourself first and take responsibility. As only then you can truly change certain aspect off your life. Luckily, through discourse, we will come to learn some of the most effective tools and techniques ends a system, the action plan to help you win big time and become consciously more productive. Let's go and explore them 12. Top Productivity Techniques to Help You Achieve More: let me share with you a few handy techniques that will, for sure increase your productivity. But 1st 1 important matter what you know doesn't matter. It is what you do that matters. Without action. There are no results. Without action, there are no results. Why do I say this? It is because a nun off these techniques will work. None of them will give you results. None will result in you being more productive if you do not act upon them. With each technique that I touch upon, ask yourself the following question. Am I already doing this? The likelihood that there might be a few techniques that you've already heard off is high, but there is a huge difference between knowing a technique and using it. So ask yourself this question. With each technique M I already doing this One more thing. Through the years, I've heard hundreds off productivity techniques from people, books, articles, other courses, but the techniques that I'm going to show you our infect on Lee, a handful off them. The reason is because there's Onley, but a handful off techniques that will really dramatically increase your productivity. In the end, it's not about knowing the most techniques but knowing the most effective and useful off these techniques and mastering how to use them. The following are what I would consider the most useful and effective productivity techniques, not only from my personal experience but also from what many other productive people seem to be doing. So let's go and dig into them. 13. The Pomodoro Technique: the bomb. Adora, technique is truly one off my most favorite techniques. It has dramatically increased my focus and therefore my productivity. I'm sure many of you have heard off the bomb. Adora technique, if you haven't, it is really very simple. The Pom Adora technique is a time management med it developed by Francisco Jerry Lowe in the late 19 eighties. The original concept off the bomb Adora technique is to sit a 25 minute timer, and within that period, you focus solely on a single desk ones. The time is up. You take a short break like 5 to 10 minutes, and then you sit another 25 minutes on the timer and repeat the process. I've made some modifications. Studious. Instead of using the original concept off 25 minutes, I said, a 45 minute timer. I find 25 minutes to be too short to get me into the flow states and the feeling that I'm getting something done now. You should experiments a little bit with this, but for my own personal experience, I recommend 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute break. Now let's break district need down step by step. set a 45 minute timer. Within this time, you focus solely on one single desk to use an example of my own. Let's say, riding this course. Once the time is up, I take a 15 minute break during the break. Go away from your computer screen or whatever you are doing. Use those 15 minutes to rest your eyes. Eat something. Prepare coffee or tea. Go for a short walk. Meditate, take a shower, etcetera. After those 15 minutes are up, return to your work, said another 45 minutes on the timer and work on another desk. Or continue with same one. Now. Once this second timer goes off, take a longer break instead, off the 15 minute one every two hours. That's every second time the timer goes off. Take a break for 30 to 40 minutes. During that longer break, I recommend you to go for a walk or jog, or do some stretching etcetera to get your body moving. This does not have to be for the whole hour. Going for a 10 to 15 minute walk or jog is more than fine. The effects moving has on your body and brain are just too remarkable to not do this exercise increases your focus, sharpens your short term memory. Helps your long term memory elevates stress, reduces and anxiety in proofs, moods, increases energy and a whole lot more reason enough to go for a walk or a little run. First of all, it sits artificial deadlines. The moment the timer starts, you know you'll have 45 minutes or any amount of time that works well for you to work on that desk. This pushes you Maurin to getting the most amount off work done because you haven't endpoints a deadline for that desk. Secondly, you are breaking everything down into portions. When we take away the action plan, we will come to learn more about how this works. Breaking tasks down helps to make them feel and look less overwhelming. For example, let's take my working on this course again. If I write down on my to do two day list work on course, it would seem enormous, like an endless desk. But when you break it down into smaller portions, such as write one hour on the course, then take a break, then right one hour again and repeat that tree to four times so that in total I work treat four hours on the course, it will become less overwhelming and it will feel like I am achieving something. Certainly. When you use the Pomodoro technique and the timer is running, you know that you're so focused. Should be on your work on that single desk alone. And because there is a deadline, an end point where you can take a break, it gives you that much more encouragement to take those 45 minutes to focus solely on your work. Because, you know, there will be a break once the timer rings. 14. The KonMari Method: having a organized closet house. Best etcetera will increase the quality off your life tremendously. I'm sure there's some of you who might have heard or even read the book. The life changing magic off Tiding Up by Murray Condo This is quite a famous book, and there's even a med it going around called the Corn Money Minutes. I will share steps over the minute here. But first, let me just touch upon why you should tidy up and be more organized. What the benefits are off doing it. My desk is extremely well organized. There is nothing on it that does not serve a purpose, and every item has its place this way. I don't need to search endlessly for a pen, my credit cards, my car keys, etcetera, as there is nothing on my desk that shooting not be there, and each item is always placed in the same location. Now I do not only tidy up my workplace, I'm tidy with everything. My clothes, my photos, my video footage when I'm writing an article. Even in creating this course, structuring and organizing is the first thing I always do. I'm sure you've heard the following quote before. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the 1st 4 sharpening the X A quite famous quote from Abraham Lincoln. But what does it mean? It means that being well prepared and planning effectively will save you hours of work. I am way more productive when I organize and structure everything at the start, as I can easily find that photo. I am looking for that specific video footage that part off the course I was working on those Spence. Not that I have so many pair off pence, but you get the point. I do not need to waste any time at all searching as the system off organization is in place , saving me lots off hours spent unnecessarily searching for what I need and the good thing ISS ones. That system off structure is in place. You only need to follow its a clean and organized kitchen, workplace or bedroom reduces stress and brings peace off minds. You will feel more relaxed and your overall health will improve as a result. If you are a messy person and have not yet given really organizing and tiding a try, do try. It's you will notice the dramatic effects off the peace it will create. As Marie Kondo states in her book, The Life Changing Magic Off tiding up from the moment you start dieting, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change. So if you want to bring a change to your life, simply start with cleaning and organizing your space. Speaking off my re condo, let me introduce you to the Connery minutes. This is more of a summary off the med. It's as it only lays out the basic principles for the full context I have placed a link in . The resource is for you to access d Book the life changing magic off tiding up. You could also find it at www. Don't yell ease vass dot com slash productivity Now the point off this med it's It's not that you have to keep tightening up all the time. If you do this effectively, it only needs to be done once. It's pretty much a system off structure, you said in your house or workplace, which once put in place, will be easy to follow. You simply have to keep following it. The first step is to visualize the life you wish the half with a clutter free space. What is the life free of clutter mean to you? Maybe it means hosting more parties for your friends, adopting a pets, raising a baby, having a more creative home life or a more productive office. Mrs. Condo say's that tiding up should be done in the following order. Clothes, books, papers and then miscellaneous items to begin tidying. Collect all off the same things from around the house. Beat clothes, books or pots and pens. Don't society each room individually, but go true each room and collect the same category off items, for example, all your clothes. Afterwards, you place them all in a pile in one single room and you start organizing that category. Try to commit yourself to tiding up everything in that category all at once. This is important. Ah, lot off times when you start and then stop in the middle, you will not be able to continue. And that huge pile of clothes just remains in the room where you left him. So make that commitment to tidy up everything at once. Once one category is finished. Commit yourself to tidying the next category like books. For example, once you have collected all the items off one category from your whole house, here is where you move to the next step with each object redder. It's a piece of clothing, a book or a miscellaneous item. Hold it in, boat off your hands and ask yourself, Does this spark joy? Everything that does not spark joy should be disposed. Let it go. It's not serving you any more. On the other hands, everything that dust spark, joy should be kept. Mary Condo states that you will feel difference If something sparks joy, your body will go up. If you can say without a doubt, I really like this no matter what anyone else say's. And if you like yourself for having it, then that item is a keeper discards everything thirst before you think about storage, create two separate files, such as close, for example, one pile for the items you will keep and an utter for the clothes you will discard. I know so many people with way too many clothes just hanging there, taking up space. If you are having trouble throwing something away. Think about why Condo say's that we hold onto things for one off, too emotional reasons, a fear of the future or to preserve the best. By discarding things, however, we are freeing up space for the things we truly love now. We also have a habit for keeping things we think might come in handy. But a scandal writes in her book. It never will. You will be better without it. If you do end up needing, it's, you can always buy a new version that will give you joy. Don't put anything away until everything you are going to discard is removed. Often we have a hard time throwing something away as we remember that we experienced joy with it in our best. Donating our items or selling them second hands are great solutions as you are giving your items the chance to provide joy to someone else. This way it will be easier to discard him as you won't feel you are throwing them away, but rather giving them new life. That is the summary off the co Marie methods again. 40 more in Dept. Context, off tiding and organizing. Please read a book which is only about 200 pages. It will give you the full explanation, although this summary should already get you started on its As with everything in this course, you do have to invest some time first before gaining the benefits. However, repeating the quote from Abraham Lincoln, give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the 1st 4 sharpening the X tiding up . And organizing your life is an investment that, in the long run will make your life more stress free and more productive. 15. The Pareto Principle: the parrot principal, better known to many as the 80 20 rule, is a principal suggested by management thinker Joseph M. J. Rain. It was named after the Italian economists Ville Freddo Pareto, who observed that approximately 80% off the land in Italy was owned by 20% off the population. The 80 20 rule states death for many events. Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% off the Costas. Let me give a few examples of how the 80 20 rule works, so you can get a clear understanding of it and how you get applied's not just to your business or your projects, but even in your life. I am currently selling a bunch of items second, hence the whole pile off. Everything together is the 100%. The items that I'm selling second hands consists off old comic books, clothes, DVDs, some toys, video games leaped up on iPhone, a TV, a printer and a few more other things. Now, taking photos off every item than putting everything directly online together with information about him might not be the thing to do per se. It will take me a lot of time to put everything a line. Plus I will get bombarded with messages from many different people. The amount of work I need to put into it against the return on investment will be low. Instead, if you apply the 80 20 principal before doing anything, you can gain a better return on investments both financially and time wise. In this scenario, what is the 20% off everything that I'm selling that will bring me 80% in return and for this example, the most money old DVDs coming books and toys will so far less than my iPhone leapt up and TV. So with the 80 20 rule in minds, I take that 20% consistent on my iPhone leaped up in TV but de malign first, resulting in 80% gain with the least effort for most of us, 20% of the friends that we have provide for 80% off the happiness and satisfaction in our life. Instead of making an effort 40 water, 80% such s when you spend time meeting them and chatting with them, but only get 20% off the expected happiness and satisfaction doing so, then it might be wiser and better to focus more on a fewer number off your friends. That is the 20% who give you 80% off your happiness and satisfaction. One last example. My income increases by 80% when I create come tins such as discourse. When I write for inter picture stories, when I do my photography and so on, those are fun things for me to do. They don't feel like work, and I only need to put 20% effort in doing them while I gained 80% in return On the other hands, when it comes to bookkeeping doing Google, Edwards and Google analytics, although they are important, I do not enjoy doing them that much they arm or about numbers than creativity. In the beginning, I had to spend a fair amount of time learning about Google at words, S, e O bookkeeping and Google analytics because they are important. However, they took up 80% of my time and Onley moved me 20% off the way up. Why? Because I just didn't enjoy doing them. They weren't. My strengths here is we're having a dynamic team can be effective. It is where you can delicate those desks that you spend 80% off your time on but only gained 20% in benefits toe others who can do them more efficiently. Many people do not think about this and thus waste a lot of time when you only have so many hours in a day. It's important to focus on the vital few strings that you have. The 20% which will move you 80% forwards leave the rest to people who are good at the tasks you spend. 80% time on that is the 80 20 rule as applied to productivity. If you pay attention to your business or to your personal life, you will start to see that you can apply the 80 20 rule to almost everything. Start looking for ways to do that as it will make you more productive. 16. Focus on Your Strenghts: we talked a small bit about this in the 80 20 rule. Let's now go more in depth. Width is here, as is a huge productivity booster. Instead of wasting your time doing things you're not good at or simply do not enjoy doing such as Lao Ndri shopping, cooking, cleaning, etcetera. Why not look for people and services that can do this for you? Take a piece of paper and ask yourself the following questions. What are the things that others are better at than me? What do I feel I'm wasting time on that could be done by someone else. Don't stress yet about money. It might be that at the moment you do not have the financial means to make all of these a possibility. Yet that's fine. It ISS, however good to be aware of the possibility and to know what you would ideally delegate to someone else when the budget is available. Also, the amount of money needed is very often far less than you might think, but more on that in a second. So take a moment and boss this video and write down the things that you do not enjoy doing boat personal life that could be doing laundry, shopping and business wise as bookkeeping doing Google analytics, Google AdWords, social media promotion, etcetera. I trust you did, boss this video. Now let me share with you a few services and platforms that could give you some possible suggestions. I do not like shopping for food. It takes a lot of time to get there, do the shopping, wait in line to pay drive back home. It just isn't something I enjoy. So I let someone else do the shopping for me. There are numerous supermarkets that allow you to shop online all across the world, where you either have to pick your groceries up or someone delivers them to your home. When I am in Belgium, I make use off this all the time, even when I am abroad and living somewhere else for a longer period. I always look to see which supermarkets offer this service off course. There will be an additional service feet, however, for the time it saves me time that I can spend creating a course like this year, I will, in the long run, generate more revenue as I'm making better use off that time plus the service fee is often not that much at all. When I'm really busy, I use services like uber eats or delivery route that deliver prepared foods right to my door. This is a huge timesaver, leaving you that much more additional time to be productive. Of course, I don't do this all the time as the gusts obviously are higher. However, like I said in moments when I'm really busy, this is a lifesaver, as I don't even have to cook anymore, giving me more time to focus on my deadlines. Of course, I shop online, the same as we shopping for foods. I simply don't enjoy it. Therefore, I use websites like Zalando or Amazon, for example. This saves me tons off time, cutting out the need to go to different shops, trying to find something I like with online stores like Zalando, I can simply browse through their catalogue on evening with a cup of tea, seeing what is it stuck and what it's not. And then if something takes my fancy, I can order it with a single click. If you are afraid they won't fit you. Most of these big online clothes stores will allow you to return items for free and refund your money. Why not shake for any laundry services in your area that pick up your clothes and liver them back washed and Iran's at your door? I always make use of this when I'm a brought and depending on where you are travelling, this can be extremely cheap. Even if you do not have an enormous house, it can be quite a time saver to let someone come by every week or so to clean your place. If you have a big house, I would most definitely make use of a service like this. If you want to get far with the business that you have to start up your building or the projects you are working on, having a dynamic team is fundamental. Why? One reason is that you simply can't do everything at the same time, and secondly, because you can't possibly be good at everything but you and I. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some things you're good at some things. You just aren't some things you enjoy some things you don't. Instead of trying to become good at everything, it this far wiser and smarter. The work with others who are good at certain desks and skills that you are not good at doing this. You can focus your fullest attention on the desks that you excel at and enjoy, which in turn produces better work and hones your skills. Further, as this is such a huge productivity boost, I'll go into more depth with this. Let me share a few more things about working with these platforms and with freelancers, especially up work. If you are looking to assemble a team, I currently have a team off six people working with me. True up work for inner picture stories. Proof reader, Web developer, cometh and rider, audio designer, animator illustrator. There are huge benefits to using up work and working with people on a freelance basis. Here are the main ones. I'm not being all six of them. A monthly wage. They are working for themselves. But Whitney, under a freelance based contract, I paid him for the work I sent to them to complete, which they deliver back to me. This way I can build a bigger team without having to spend tons and tons of money every month. There will be months, for example, when I might not need my Web developer or my animator, in which case they don't cost me a penny. It's smart to hire someone who is on the other side of the world, So when it is night where you are, it is daytime where they are when you're sleeping there, working on the desks that you send them with my proof reader. For example, when I sent an article or something that needs to be checked the next morning, I have beg and can continue to work with its. This is extremely smart and extremely productive. As this way work is happening continually and never stops. I am from Belgium. The gust off living there is higher than in Asia or South America. For example, if I worked with an animator from here in Belgium or the US or the UK or anywhere, for that matter with a similar cost of living, I would end up being a ton of money. However, because of this amazing thing called the Internet and platforms like up work, we don't have these boundaries anymore and can work with people from all parts off. The world's people living in Asia have a significantly lower cost of living. Therefore, the amount of money they will ask for will very likely be much lower. Yet their skill sets will be the same this way. I paid him a fair amount of money, but from my point of view, it is still relatively cheap compared to what I would be forced based on one from the UK or US. It's incredible that we have this opportunity toe work so easily with people from all over the globe helping each other give value and work opportunities. Make use of its if you were to simply type virtual assistants into up work or any other platform for freelancers, you'll receive a list off 1000 plus candidates. Instead of looking through each one, make use of the filter tool to search candidates that met your specific needs and requirements. The goal is to reduce the selection from 1000 plus candidates to only 10 or 20. Always check their reviews so you can get an honest idea how other people enjoyed working with him. Do check their portfolio as it will give you a taste of what kind of work they deliver. This is just a handful of services and platforms that could help you be more productive and get more done. Always think long term. In the short term, you might indeed be losing some money to the additional fees for the services. But in the long run, it will earn you more if you spend this freedom time wisely in finishing your project sooner. 17. Parkinson's Law: Cyril, Nor Code Parkinson, a British historian and author who is most widely known for Islam. Barkin since La Parkinson's Law states that work expense to fill the time available for its completion, meaning If you were given 24 hours to complete, let's say an article, it will thank you 24 hours. If, however, you were given only five hours to write that same article, it would get completed in that time. Basically, if you have a longer window to get a test completed, your time off working will expand to because for most people that additional time we are given isn't spent busily working. Instead, we either procrastinates, get stressed or increased the complexity off our desk. If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or self employed, you are your own bus. There is not always someone giving you deadlines. However. Deadlines are very useful as they invoke Parkinson's law and shorten the amount of time you can work on tasks or projects. If there is no end date, no deadline those desks and projects will take forever to complete moving. You know where here is. We're learning to assign yourself the right amount of time to a desk will result in you gaining back more time and getting tasks and projects done in a way shorter time that you initially thought possible. Off course, you need to be realistic. Moving a big project that would approximately take six months to finish into a deadline of one week might not be manageable. However, you would be surprised at what you could accomplish if you go for it. Slicing it in health say three months in this example, is most likely possible as spark concerns. Law suggests work expense to fill the time available for its completion. Mostly, we give ourselves more time that we need to complete a desk because we either like to have more leg room or because we have not learned to set reasonable deadlines as we have an inflated idea how long the desks will take to complete the idea that the longer something takes to complete, the better quality it must be is just not accurate. Most off those extra hours, even days would be wasted as the absence off any pressure to complete the task results in procrastinating, putting it off for later losing the remaining time off the day week month, even year, doing nothing until the very last minutes and the pressure kicks back in. Deadlines are incredibly important. Become aware of this law and learn to set appropriate deadlines. These are a few examples that might help you to understand Parkinson's law. Clear in 10 hours, you have time to fall twice as far behind your commitments as you do in five hours. If you wait until the last minutes, it only takes a minute to do. We will come to talk and see how to set effective deadlines in the action blend, but now you know the principal off Parkinson's law. 18. Learning to Say No & The Fear of Missing Out: learning to say no is honestly an enormous productivity booster and can even determine success or failure. Let me share with you three quotes off highly successful people simply to underline the importance off. Learning to say no, but you don't do determines what you can do. The difference between successful people and very successful people is that the very successful people say no to almost everything. Focus is about saying no. Focus is about saying no. This last quote underlines exactly what the other ones mean to. If you constantly say yes to projects off other people, you do not have a clear focus. You are always doing something else, always speaking up another project taking time away from your goals and your own projects. I had trouble with this in the beginning, However, once you start to understand this fact that the more times you say yes to other people and their projects, the last time you will have for your own projects through focus returns week, that's of course, it doesn't mean that you should never say yes anymore, but it is about stepping back a little and giving it some proper consideration. Instead of immediately saying yes to everything. Therefore, carefully select each project or idea that someone comes up with using the following rules . Money, portfolio relationships You should Onley say yes to an opportunity. Not when you can check one box off, but where you can check two or all tree off them. Otherwise it's no, it isn't worth the time. Also a very handy tip. Try not using the word. Maybe anymore, it's either a yes or a no. Why not say maybe, Because in the end, in most cases, when you say maybe you want to say no, it's just a postpone. No use clear communication now, a big reason why many have a hard time in saying no is the fear off missing outs also refer to s foam. Oh, you want to say no, but your mind you are thinking. But what if what if something get would have happened with that business idea or project someone proposed to you that I am about to turn down, even though you are not that interested or driven in doing it? But you say yes because of the fear off missing out. Now, some of those projects from others might turn out to be goods, but I can promise you most of them will nuts. Or what if your friends ask you to go on a trip with him, but you would much rather focus on your project and finish it off. But the thoughts off missing out, its lingering around in your head. So you go. Some of those strips might turn out to be fun, however, most off them real nuts. Why? Because if your answer was no or maybe which is no, it most likely meant that you're picking up a project or going through some destination that you do not care too much about or do not feel too passionate about. And because you aren't there for the right reasons, but only there because of your fear off missing outs. Most off those projects you pick up or those destinations you travel too well, feel quite empty and meaningless because you don't fully want to be there. Faux mo is a compulsive desire to experience something or be somewhere motivated not by what you gain, but redder by the fear off what you will potentially loose. And this idea off loss is almost always imagined. This is something a lot of people suffer from now. I'm not saying this is the reason why everyone might have a hard time in saying no, but it is one of the most common reasons. You simply need to understand that you can be everywhere and do everything at the same time and understand that this is true for everyone. You are always missing out on something, but so is everyone else. Therefore, spent your time wisely, as you only have so many hours in this given life. Spend it with friends that truly means something to you or a project that you will do with passion. If it's not a hell, yous, it's no or use the checklist off money portfolio relationships. If only one, or indeed none of them apply. The decision to say no will be a smart one. The sooner you can let go of the fear off missing outs, the sooner you can give yourself focus on developing your projects and goals, or will be able to spend time with friends and people that really matter to you. 19. Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking: long term thinking is important not only when you truly want to build a successful career, but also where you want success in life. Before I explain why this is such a critical way off seeing. Let me first explain short term thinking versus long term thinking. Let me explain this, using a scenario off someone who thinks short term and then let's play out that same scenario, but with someone who thinks long term, this is Stephen. Stephen sells second hand cars that he has bought and fixed. Now, when Stephen fixes the parts of a car, he doesn't fix everything for some parts that need replacements but are too expensive. He just leaves them as they are, because the way he sees it, it saves him money. A few days later, Stephen sells a car to a customer, will call him Bump the car, looks great and works all right at first. So Bob buys. It's a few months in Bob Scar stops Working Bump goes back to Stephen, and Stephen tells him that for a certain price he could fix the car. Bob says yes, not knowing where else to go, and Stephen once again earns some quick money. However, even though Steven has earned some quick money, he isn't thinking long term at all. He is on Lee after the short term gains, and while it might seem in the beginning that he earned more in the long run, he is infects losing money because Bob has a daughter who wants a car, too. But after all the trouble, Bob Head with a scar. He doesn't want to go to Stephen anymore. He looks for someone else who sells second hand cars. This car seller, Let's go on. Frank sells a Fidesz stick car to Bob's Daughter without any problems at all and with great customer service to back it up. Nothing like what Stephen offered. While Stephen might have earned some quick money in the short run, the other car seller will, in the long run, come to earn way more. How, because Bob has friends and other family members, and his friends obviously have friends, too. His family members obviously have their own family, too. His daughter has friends as well, and her friends have friends, and so on. The truth gets spread around both beds and the gut's next time of friends or family member asks Bob about a scar and where to buy a car. But real direct them to Frank Nuts to Stephen. When the friends of his daughter ask her, she will direct them not to Stephen, but to Frank ends. In this age of digital media, the truth will not spread by word of mouth alone, but also to the Internet. On social media, on Google Maps on Trip Advisor, etcetera. The bump might leave a bad review for Stephen and a good review with Frank. And that review on Google maps makes all the difference between having a new customer or working yourself to doomsday because you only think shorter to give one example off long term thinking in personal life, eating, healthy, exercising and taking care off your well being are all long term investments that you can make, which will benefit you well into the future. You can live much longer, gets sick lis and therefore be more productive as well built and create your life and your career for the long term. Doing the right thing will always be Dr Thing to yourself and to others at work, and this will play outs in the long run. Now, this is just one example of one sort of scenario. But it does illustrate the difference between short term thinking versus long term thinking . Your actions will have consequences. Whether you notice them directly or not, they will so stop focusing on those short term gains and start thinking and building long term objectives. Onley then will something truly lest. 20. S.M.A.R.T: setting goals is necessary if you truly want that chief something. But you can just said goals alone. When setting goals, you need to learn how to set smart goals. I'm quite sure some of you have heard off smart goals. If you have heard about it before, it might be good to hear it one more time. So it's refreshed in your memory. A huge part of the system that the action plan is built around consists off setting smart goals. Therefore, simply having is fresh in your minds will be handy once we take into the system off the action plan. If you have never heard off smart goals before, no worries at all. You are about to learn what it is and how it works. Your goal should be clear and specific. What exactly should be realized? What exactly do I want to a chief? Your goal should be clear and specific. Otherwise, you won't be able to focus your efforts or feel truly motivated to achieve it. When drafting your goal, try to answer the five W questions. What do I want to accomplish? Why is the school importance who is involved? Where is it located which resource is, or limits are involved. Measurable goals mean breaking your goal down into measurable elements. A measurable goal should address the questions. How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished? Is your goal attainable? Is it realistic? Your goal needs to be realistic and attainable to be successful. In other words, it should stretch your abilities but remain possible. If your goal is not realistic, you will certainly fail and feel miserable. Which off course does not mean that you can't take something that seems impossible and make it happen by planning smartly and going for It's an attainable goal will usually answer questions such s How can I accomplish this goal? How realistic is the goal? Based on other constraints such as financial factors? Are is relevance. Is this goal relevant to your life or business? Right now, this step is about ensuring that your goal matters to you, and it is aligns with other relevant goals. The main question to ask is, Why do you want to reach this gold? What is the objective Off the goal and real, this plan achieved that a relevant goal can answer yes to these questions does this seem worthwhile? Is this the right time? Is this goal time based? Every goal needs a target date so that you have a deadline to focus on and something toe work towards debt lines are what makes most people switch to action. So installing deadlines for yourself and your team and going after them is most fundamental to your goals. A time bound goal will usually answer the question When Now, to make things even clear, let me give two examples off a broad goal with the steps off Smart goals applied to it. Broad goal. I want to start a business specific. I will sell handmade jewelry. Truancy dot com Measurable. I will be ready to take my first etc. Order within three months, and I will aim to sell a minimum off five items per week. Attainable. I will get set up on Etsy first. Then I will build an inventory off 30 handmade jewelry items to sell. Finally, I will promote my business and built customer relationships. True word of mounts, social media referrals and local networking relevance. Selling handmade jewelry will allow me to benefit financially from my favorite hobby, Time based my Etsy store will be up and running within three months, and I will have an inventory off 30 items ready to sell. Broad goal. I want to write a book specific. I will write a book about modern philosophy that is a minimum off 300 pages. Measurable. I will write one chapter per month attainable. I will work on the manuscript first, and once that is completed, I will begin to search for a publisher or explore self publishing relevant writing. A book on modern philosophy will help me establish myself as an expert and get my name out . Time based. My manuscript will be completed and ready to be published in 12 months. Smart is an effective technique that helps to provide clarity and lets you stand still and take some time to draft your goals. We saw this quote from Abraham Lincoln before, but it applies here to give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the 1st 4 sharpening the X. Think first about your goals. Don't just start doing something randomly. You will come to save a lot of wasted time, be way more productive and ultimately achieve much more bias, simply standing still a bit longer and using the smart technique when riding down your goals 21. Best Productivity Tools to Maximize your Time and Energy: let us govern out some tools to increase and help your productivity. Note that just as with the techniques, it doesn't matter that you might know some of these tools. What matters is, do you use them so it each tool. Ask yourself the question. Do I already use this? 22. Cold Turkey Blocker: Block Digital Distractions: cold turkey. Now I love this software, but I do think it will scare quite a few people in the beginning. What cool turkey does is once you activated, it will block you from any distracting websites as Facebook. YouTube red. It's Netflix, etcetera. You can eat her schedule times in a week. When cold turkey blocks you from those websites or the way I use it. You can set a timer, and it blocks you from any distracting websites. During that time, The moment I start with a desk, I put my phone on flight. Moz, I activate the timer for 45 minutes on cold turkey, and I said, the 45 minute timer on my phone This way. The only thing that I can do is work. There are no distractions happening on my phone, and I'm unable to go on Facebook, YouTube or any off those sites. Of course, there are ways around this, but if you have that strong often urge to go and check your Facebook that you can't even make it to 45 minutes without shaking it than it might be a good idea for you to step away from all technology for a month and deducts a little bit. But joking aside, it can feel a bit strange in the beginning, not being able to click on Facebook or YouTube. Many off us have this little habits when we are working on a desk, and it's not flowing well off. Going to check Facebook for five minutes just to see what's happening there. We all know it always ends up being more than five minutes. Many of us have formed this habit unconsciously, so that went, all of a sudden you click on Facebook and nothing happens. It may feel a bit strange, however, if you keep doing this with cold turkey, that habit will be broken, and it will not feel weird anymore. In fact, you will turn less to YouTube, Facebook, etcetera, even when you're not using cold turkey. Mostly, we click on these sites not because we're specifically looking for something, but because we are looking for a distraction. Now the nice thing with cool turkey is that when you click on a website that is a distraction, you will be shown a motivational quotes, which I like lots, reminding you and giving you that little inspiration to return to your task. The software, called Turkey, is free, but there is also a pro version, which has more features like a scheduler, daily time limits and many more. The price is a one time cost off $25 which is not a lot, in my opinion, for the amount of time in a safe me definitely recommend it. It's a huge time saver that will result in way more time to be productive. 23. - Clean up Your Inbox: going through all your emails can take a lot of time. Here is a free tool that's bound to save you more time when checking your mailbox unroll dumped me. What does it do and how does it work? Unrolled up me lets you unsubscribe from any unwanted emails very easily. Try to remove as many as you can. I'm sure that for many there are a whole bunch of emails and newsletters coming in every day which aren't relevant to you anymore. Removed them. They are of no value and Onley take space and time away from you. Then you can decide which emails you like. The half in one rep up daily email, which is awesome. You could still decide which emails you like to have your inbox, all the dollars just put them in the daily email so that instead of having to open a bunch of different emails, you only need to open one 24. 1Password: Go ahead. Forget your Passwords: How many different accounts do each of us half? There are so many websites that require an account even as a few off the many social media profiles are already counted together. Most likely. You also have a few different best words here and there On each one of these accounts, I'm sure it has happened to you. You go to a website you want to look in and you can't remember your password. So you click. Forget the passports. You go to your email, you put anyone in and you're good again. At least until the next time you forget your password for the same or a different websites . Easy solution. Install one bass words. One password is volts on your computer that you can unlock with one best words for each new website. You sign up for one password will ask you if you'd like to remember to sign in details so that the next time you can log in using one password. It remembers the user name and password for that account and it will, with one click, automatically enter it for you very handy and a huge time saver for not having to reset to a space worse, you for guts. Now, one password is, of course, not the only option out there. It's simply the one that I use and prefer. There are many other ones, too, just Google the best, best work managers, and you will find various other options. 25. Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant: Graham early is a tool used by millions of people. Maybe you already use it to. If not, Graham Early is a very powerful and effective tool to help you type clearly and mistake free with an easy to install chrome plugging Graham Early is active anywhere on the Web where you're using G mill Facebook WordPress lengthen, etcetera. You can also install Graham early as an ad into awards or as a standalone typing program on your desktop. Now, why is this a productivity tool? Simple, because you no longer need to waste time double checking for Mitt Stakes when you type or if you've spelled award incorrectly, Graham early will easily mark any words you're typing wrong, and you could fix them with one click. 26. IFTTT - helps your apps and devices work together: e f D T t stands for if this, then that's if you've never heard of this. You are probably thinking, What in world is this? E F D. T. T. Is a free Web based service that allows your apps and devices toe work more fluently together. You do this by using so called EPL. It's let me give you a few examples off EPL. It's to give you a better idea about what they do. Here are a few that I use launched Google Navigation 50 minutes before your next meeting with directions to get there. Thank your friends for wishing you a happy birthday. Publish any photo added to 500 b X Do flicker automatically change your Twitter profile picture when you update your Facebook photo post. New Facebook page message to LinkedIn. Synchronize your new INSTAGRAM photos to a Pinterest board. These are but a handful off the hundreds off different templates. There are new ones are coming out all the time. Invest a little bit of time in them. I'm not saying all the plates or handy, but there are some that could help you automate a few things to make you more productive. 27. Phone Reminder app: having an application such as Google keep to help remind you off certain things like call Mom Beck. Don't forget to buy a present for Sarah. Email. Jum Pick up laundry. Etcetera is quite handy. It helps to keep your mind away from the stresses off, forgetting small things during the course off your day, so you, in turn, can simply focus on being productive. Google Keep is my all time favorite application forties. It's easy to use and not complicated at all. Toe work with another great alternative forties job will be with Little East. 28. Voice Assistant: Yes, they are not flawless, but they are improving dramatically and are already very useful. I use OK, Google all d time, and I would suggest you start using your phone assistant more as he can help you hugely in being more productive just to give you an example off a few actions that I use a lot, said a 45 minute timer. Put phone in flight mode. Open application Spotify audible Google calendar etcetera Searched For a definition, off wards spell a specific wards. Look something up on the Internet. Send a voice message using what Sepp call someone as the traffic status to a destination. Call an uber find restaurants nearby said directions. Take notes. These are just to name a few handy ones that I use often. But there are way more actions available and mawr and more to come play and experiment with your phone assistance. The more you use it, the more you will come to see the potential value off using it. For the full options, ask your phone assistance about what it can do or look on the Internet for water handy actions 29. Motivational Tools: in the first part of the course, when we touched upon the killers off productivity, we talked about effect. That motivation on its own is bullshit. And it is indeed if you Onley rely. Oh, motivation alone. This is the problem with a lot of self l boots. Many Onley tried to motivate you, which works temporarily but fails in the long run because you don't have the practical advice. However, the combination of boat motivational and practical advice are the best self help and the best ingredients for anything in life. We all need motivation sometime. Therefore, let me cover a few tool sear that will help motivate you along the way. I mean, if we are looking at our phone and desktop so much, why not let it greet us with a motivational or inspirational wallpaper? Also, you could do the same in your house. Print a few quotes out to help remind you off some specific things that you're currently facing and hang it someplace where you can see it often on your fridge. In the butt room, you're sleeping room in your work area, etcetera. Every day come rain or snow. I go on what I call a morning walk to get my body moving and my blood flowing. What I often do on these walks, it's listened to a speech from one of the many motivational videos there are on YouTube. I simply download the audio and put it on my phone, or I listen to a podcast. Episodes related to business or creativity. Dis combination off moving and hearing something highly motivational in the morning helps me greatly to start my day. All fired up. Give it a try. In the end, it's not hearing a motivational speech. One time that's going to make a difference. It's hearing it every day, the same one over and over again until it sticks. That's what's going to make an impact. 30. The Action Plan Explained – The Life-Changing Productivity System: Okay, here I will come to explain to you the idea off the action plan. What, exactly? It is how it works and most importantly, how you can use it in your life. I'm going to start by simply introducing you to it. And then we're going to break each stage down and talk in depth about each one three years division. The tree year vision is the mountains up you're looking to climb one year. The challenges the year challenges are those you take on this journey to strengthen and help yourself to the top off the mountain. Three months, the goals, the treatment goals are like the mountain hurts on the mountain. You're trying to a sense. Each one is higher and higher and closer and closer to D mountains. Up to do today. The desks to do to day tasks are the single steps you take every day towards those three month goes those mountain huts leading you forwards with each step and each huts to the tree year vision Dietz up. It works because you can't climb a mountain if you don't know which mountain you are men to climb or if you keep changing the mountain. You also can't reach the top if you don't make a start, or if you don't see any progress on reaching the top. The action blend simply gives you a clear map tailor made by you for your own unique goals and objectives. In effect, it breaks the mountain up into smaller and smaller challenges. Now letters dive into each one separately to learn more about how to set each stage at the end of the course, will have a final overview off the action plan and every part of the system all put together. 31. 3 Years - The Vision: This is the vision you're working towards in life, the top off the mountain. Why three years and a five for 10 years? Because three years from now is quite some time. But it's not exceptionally far eater. It's in between these good middle grounds. You can still set quite a big vision. Yet at the same time you will feel a slight amount off pressure that will give you this push forwards. This pressure will only become lesser if you set your vision further away, such as 10 or 20 years from now. However, this doesn't mean that your grand vision off life can be 10 to 20 years from now. It is simply better toe work your way there every three years. Would big milestones to mark your way towards its life is long. You live itself and that grand vision you have right now, we'll all change slightly between today and then to 20 years from now. Therefore, setting three years for your vision and working towards them every three years will not only be way more practical as you will more likely reach this milestones, but also you can steer your ship more often in the right direction every three years. Doors that grand vision off yours. If you have one, let me start explaining and making it clearer by giving you an example, using my own tree year vision. My current three year vision, which started when I was 22 years old. Which means that indeed, this is my last year to reach it. Includes the following earn 3000 euros on passive in gun Create the E P ISS Drive program. Do sit visions that will challenge you. When I said those visions, earning 3000 euros on passive income seemed huge as I was not even earning anything at all , let alone knew how to it waas a challenging vision for the GPS tripe program. It was just the same I first needed to build the blood form in her picture stories, which took me a lot of hard work to ultimately create the GPS tripe program and reach this vision, a program where I will take people who are suffering from loneliness, depression or suicidal thoughts into the wilds of nature and teach and showed them practical tools and techniques. Once I have fulfilled this three year vision while not having said Down and being ah, 100% decided. But it is very likely that my next three year vision will be earned 10,000 euros on passive income built the EBS housing. Tripling my income will be quite a challenging vision. Yet with the right focus and by using the action plan, I know it will be more than possible. The GPS housing is the next grand plan and vision I have for inter picture stories. This will be an medication Centrum, a school to teach lessons on life. As you can see, each vision should be a new milestone towards a life or change in the world you want living . And as I've mentioned, even if you don't have a grand vision, I'm sure you have at least a vision right now, an image of a future life. You would like to have simply said this as your vision and work towards debts. While working through this tree year vision, you will more than likely true the years see anyone arising out of the horizon. When setting your vision, I would suggest setting a maximum off two visions. More than that, will Onley draw your focus away now discourses about productivity, not about how to know your purpose in life or how to know your vision. That subject deserves a course on its own. If you have no idea at all what your vision is, try looking for a course that touches upon this topic. Of course, there are also a lot of great books and but guessed that could help you, along with finding it to give you some idea. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself that could potentially help you find the answers. What life do you want to have lift at? Age 2030 40 50 60 70 and 80? What do you believe your capable off in life? What already most significant things you could accomplish given the right circumstances, resource is and motivation. What do you wish you could change about the world? What could you contribute to the world that would make you feel proud and content when you die? What would you want people to see and remember about you When you reach your three year vision, take a two week recovery time to first of all, unwinds and relax, but also to reflect on the last three years to stand still and see the mountain you have just climbed. You should be proud of yourself after those two weeks. Take a few days to think about the next milestone in your life that you want to reach the next three year vision. You see for yourself when we delve deeper into the one year challenges and the tree month priority goals, we will come to talk more about this there, too. It can certainly happen. What to do, then simply re calibrates. Reflect on your journey and decline. See what when wrong. And if you did, gave it everything or not after that, simply correct your mistakes and try better with the next three year vision. One thing is certain. If you did indeed do your absolute best and fully went after everything in your tree year vision, there should be, first of all, no shame. And secondly, you undoubtedly will have come far closer to your vision than ever before. Long term goals require time and planning. True, each step that makes up the system off the action plan. You can far more easily track and map out a clear bat to your three year vision. Now let us go and dive deeper into the next stage of the action plan. The one year challenges 32. 1 Year - The Challenges: this one year challenges do not have to do something per se with your tree year vision. They certainly can, but they don't directly have to as long as they eater and to your personal life or your career bets. The way I see the one year challenges is that they are the challenges you pick up on this mountain you're climbing. These challenges strengthen and improve you in any way possible, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually etcetera to help you on this journey, not alone towards your tree year vision, the mountains up your climbing but also on this continuing journey off life. Here are a few examples off what a one year challenge could be. Learn a language. Climb a mountain, run a marathon, make a public speech. Complete a course or a study. Follow a diet, reads X amount of books. Learn a new skill piano, guitar singing, etcetera. Have X amount off new followers or YouTube Loose X amount of weights. Quit smoking. That would suggest setting on Lee a maximum off one to treat challenges more than that will be too much. It will only take your focus away. As obvious as this might sound, do set a challenge you once actually to accomplish. Too many of us allow outside voices, the media, a friend or a family member to influence certain choices at times. Now, this will be different for some, depending on where you are from. But I would recommend setting your one year challenges the day after you celebrate New Year . Why? Because first of all, it is easier to trek. But also it is a good moment, as the day itself is when everyone is celebrating the New Year a new start. You will automatically be brought into this reflective mood about your best year, because on that day, everyone in some way does now. Of course, the chance you will be watching this course precisely on New Year's Day is unlikely. If you want to start using the action blend, you will need to write your one year challenges, but that is no problem at all. Simply write 12 tree challenges that will still help you along this journey for the remaining time off this year do also give the technique off smart in minds and set smart challenges that you can trek If, for example, one off your one year challenges is to run a marathon. Track your progress using a running application such as Run Keeper. If your challenge is to read 50 books that year, track your progress using good reads or by making a paper charts with 50 boxes and marking each box every time you finish a book celebrates It's a New year and Joe yourself have a good time in meat. I'm just, as with the tree year vision, reflect back on your year. I do this often with a good friend of mine where we sit down together and talk about our year and objectives, goals and challenges we wanted to accomplish that year. It's a fun thing to do, and at the same time it helps to hear the thoughts off someone else on how you did that year. Try finding someone you can do this sweet authorize. Just simply reflect by yourself. I know I am repeating myself from the tree year vision, and I will come to do this one more time. When we touch upon the tree month priority goals. However, this is important to understand, so I'm trying to tell you the same thing, using different words. If you did not achieve or reach your one year challenge. Ask yourself why you did nuts. It is important that you're honest with yourself. Did you give it your all or you nuts? Life does not always work in our favor. Sometimes something can happen that prevents us from reaching our vision, our challenges or our tree month priority goals. But dont, however, make up excuses as your Onley bullshitting yourself at the same time. If you did give it your all, but you still did not reach your one year challenges. It's also important to learn not to be too hard on yourself, something I at times have a problem with. But like I said, life might sometimes slightly interfere with what we have set out to do, and that may not be our faults. Learn to assess yourself in both cases, and that is ultimately done by being 100% honest with yourself. Simply said other challenges or the same ones, and do your best for that year 33. 3 Months - The Priority Goals: your three month priority goals are the mountain huts on the way to the top. Off the mountain you're climbing. While each stage of the action plan is fundamental in its own right, the tree Mongols, along with the to do to day tasks, are most important. The tree mon priority goals are your objectives, the necessary points and steps you need to take to reach your yearly challenges and ultimately achieve your tree year vision. When setting your to remind goals, I would suggest setting three priorities. Three goals more isn't always better. In this case, it holds true as well. Mawr only means less focused time less Entry on the altar hence might be too few. Overall, the number tree seems to work for a lot of things. It is an excellent middle ground between not too many, enough to few. First of all, look at your three year vision and ask yourself, What are the steps that I need to take to get me there? Secondly, look also at your one year challenges. In what way do you want to improve yourself This year, as we have seen in the productivity techniques, we will set three priorities using the smart goals guidelines. Let me summarize one more time. What smart stands for s is specific. Your goal should be clear and specific. M measurable. How can I measure this? A attainable? Is your goal attainable? Is it realistic? Are relevance Is this goal relevant to your life or business rights? Now, the time based, does this goal have a time spend take the time to sit down and really think about which priorities which steps will be best to tackle this mountain you're climbing. This could take some time, especially if you're just starting out the bed to the mountains. Up, however, will become more evidence the longer you've been climbing after you've ridden. Now your goals according to smart, right, your start date and the deadline or the end date in tree months, right is down not only on the paper off the action plan, but also on your calendar. Don't set new priorities yet. The objective is to complete all tree priorities you have set for those tree months, So simply focus on the remaining ones until each one is finished. If you do finish all of them before the deadline in Q B that the goals, you said, were a bit too easy. Be sure to set goals that challenge you to complete them under those three months. The point. Offsetting those goals as priorities within those three months is for you to be able to achieve goals that might otherwise take you 4 to 6 months to accomplish. If the tree month priority goals use it were too easy, set more challenging ones next time. Or if they were way too hard to finish, you might have to set slightly more manageable once. Next time. Don't worry if this happens, it is quite reasonable in the beginning to make errors in judgments. You learn by doing what if you do not reach your tree month priority goals. Well, let me tell you what could happen with the following Promotes. Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars. The objective is, of course, the reach and accomplish all your treatment goals. But if you were not able to complete one or even all of them, one thing at least is certain. You still came a lot closer to completing those goals than before a last but most important notes be sure to reward yourself for the accomplishment off each tree months. Goal after three months off, sitting down each day and working on your priority goals, treat yourself and reward yourself a week off recovery time. What you ultimately do that week is up to. You. Do, however, make a plan and set something permanent in your calendar for the accomplishment off your tree months goals. The reward can be going on a city trip, taking a vacation somewhere, doing some honor. Fun activity with friends, etcetera. Whatever you like to do, set this before you start with your tree month. Priority goals. Why? Because it will be a motivator for those days when it gets harder to sit down and work on your priority goals, knowing that by the end of those three months you have a week to relax and do something fun . Such as going on a short trip somewhere helps enormously during those days and encourages you that much more to reach and finish all your priorities. You know a reward will be waiting at the end. After your week off recovery and reflection about the past three months, it's time to set new priority goals take a day to sit down and carefully craft and draft your map for the next tree month climb. Simply ask yourself the question again. What are the best steps to take from here on to reach your one year challenges and your three year vision? 34. To-Do-Today - The Tasks: All right, let's dive deeper into the do today. List off the action plan. Your to do today list is a fundamental part of the action plan. They are the small steps that will eventually lead you to the top off the mountain. They can be at times the hardest because they might feel microscopic compared to the gigantic mountain you're climbing. However, it's on Lee by forging on every day, taking small steps each time that you will eventually reach the mountain hut after three months of climbing, and there you will see progress. A. You will feel that you have accomplished something already. It's all about taking small steps every day. They do counts in the long run. Let us talk here about how to make an effective to do today list. First of all, use di Pomodoro technique to set up deadlines to your tasks and to set aside resting points to take a break. I would recommend setting a 45 minute timer and taking 15 minute breaks after the first break, set a 45 minute timer again. But this time, when the timer goes off, take a longer break, as in 30 to 40 minutes every two hours. Take a longer break, then repeat this cycle until every to do to date esque is done. The three month goals that you said are the main priorities. You should be focusing on every work day. Work for a minimum off, one hour on each one off those priority goals, No question to give you an example off my current tree month. Priority goals creates a course on productivity, film and edits. Build YouTube channel, yells files at five quality videos, creates a Pius tripe program, find a location and promote the e p ISS Tribe program. I write down on my to do today list course. One. Our YouTube channel one. Our GPS program one hour. Obviously, there are more things going on during a day that need to be done and worked on. Besides your priorities, let's take a real life example From my work. I have a boat guest, the inner picture story spot guest, where I create a new episode every month. It takes a few days to write out an interview. Afterwards, there is putting the interview together, cleaning up the audio, adding the music to it, riding show notes, etcetera all of it takes time, or there might be an article that I need to write for the platform in her picture stories. It takes me a few days to complete that as well, or I have to put together a block, finish a movie, take a photo and a bloated at Sidra. How do you manage this for your to do today list by breaking it down every day into blocks of one hour, just like your priorities. Let's go over how that would look. Course one hour PBS Try Program one, Our YouTube Channel one. Our podcast Episodes. One hour article one hour block, one hour photo, one hour every day. Just work at a minimum off one hour on each one. Off these desks, it might not seem like a lots, but if you some of the five work days you will have worked five hours that week on each one of these desks. If you count up to a months, you will have worked 20 hours on each one off those desks. That's a dawn of time to get something finished by Onley working on. It's a minimum of one hour every day. Now let's say you're 80% close to finishing one off those desks such as, for example, my own work. I'm 80% close to finishing the editing of a podcast episodes. When you reach that point, it's time to go for the sprint to the finish line instead of working just one hour on my podcast episode when I've reached 80% completion, I spent three hours working on it for the next few days, just so I can finish and close that desk. How would that look? Course one Our E p A stripe program one Our YouTube channel one. Our Guest episode one hour but guest episode one hour. Both guest episodes. One hour photo. One hour Because there's always something in the process of being created, and then when something is 80% close to being finished, sticking with its until it's done can help you get a ton of work done without it Ever feeling too heavy? Schedule your to do to daily ist either the evening before or first thing in the morning. Boat half plus points. If you schedule it the evening before, it might help to clear your minds before sleeping, so you're not laying awake in bed, thinking about not forgetting about a desk for tomorrow on the other hands. Writing them down first thing in the morning gives you the benefit off, planning everything with a much fresher and more well rested minds, possibly helping you to decide better how to set the tasks for that day. Play around with this and see what works best for you. A to do today list isn't just effective. It can also become something fun and even addictive in a good way, of course, how and why. When you complete a desk, take a green marker or any color you prefer and put a check mark next to death desk. Dopamine is released during pleasurable situations, such as having six enjoying foods, having someone or checking a desk off. And it stimulates us to seek out those experiences more. Because checking off a desk leaves a satisfying feeling and is a pleasurable experience, we will be driven to check off those other desks to as dopamine. It will be released when we do. Eventually. This to do today list will become something we look forward to doing and completing. In addition, I would highly recommend that you start your to do two day list with something very easy every day, something you simply can't fail at doing. For example, the for first thing that I write down every day on like to do today list is morning walk. What that includes is me going on a short 15 to 30 minute morning walk first thing when I wake up. Now, why start with something easy every day Because it will get you into the flow for you to continue. Dopamine gets released and you feel driven toe work on crossing off all the other desks to . Additionally, I would suggest writing something that also improves your day at your life in general. Going for a morning walk, for example, benefits me tremendously as I get my body moving and my blood flowing, increasing my focus for when I start working. The last thing in setting an effective to do today list is when scheduling your desks for the day. Start with the hardest, asks first Why? Because your willpower will drain throughout the day. Therefore, I always do my writing thirsting in the morning as it requires much more energy from me and I leave editing photos, editing podcast episodes, editing of lock for later in the day as it requires less energy from me. So applying all that together, these last example is the definite way might do. The dailies looks like Morning Walk course. One hour article, one hour, PBS. Try program. One hour Boat Guest Episode one Our YouTube channel. One hour of lock. One hour photo. One hour. This is ranked from the most energy draining to the least energy, draining that right there is how to make an effective to do today list. Now what do you do after you've completed all your desks? That's when you can eat her. Call it a day, or you can do none. Scheduled desks. That is, anything else you might be in the mood toe work on that needs to be done. Don't over schedule your day. Try to keep your desks somewhere between 5 to 7, which is 5 to 7 hours off. Scheduled work. I mostly do around that number off schedule desks per day. The rest of the day I work more freely on anything else that needs to be done or that I'm in the mood to do else things can become do structured, leaving no space for anything else that might happen that day, whether it's for creative ideas, toe happen or simply for time to rest your brain and unwinds for today. 35. Using a Whiteboard Effectively: now the white board can take any other form. It doesn't have to be a really physical white boards. I understand very well that not everyone has the space for one or that maybe it isn't possible at the current moment, perhaps because you are travelling or living somewhere a brought where the Lent Lord doesn't want you to drill holes in the walls. The White board is the boards where we will pinpoint every part off the action plan in one area. How will give you different alternatives besides a physical white boards? However, if you do have the space, using a wide board is pretty awesome. I love using it at home, or even when I'm living somewhere for several months. When I lift in Barcelona, I bought one for 20 euros, and when I moved back to Belgium, I simply gave it away. You can find some very cheap ones, which will do just fine. Nonetheless, when a do travel from place to place, I do use other alternatives, which I will talk about in a second. But first, let's touch upon what to put on the white board to do to day list what we need to get done that day. The action plan to complete action plan with the three year vision, one year challenges and the three month priority goals You can, by the way, find a template off this speech on www dot Yalies fast dot com slash productivity that you can easily download and print outs. One motivational quotes, one motivational or inspirational quote to help support you. Keep it there for three months until you update your action plan. The only way for something to stick is to see or hear it every day, over and over again. Skype. Chet's. This is a customizable field that you could choose to fill with something else or just leave blank. I have dedicated this spot for Skype jets. As for me, those are important for my pot guests. But you, for example, could also put any business or coffee meetings here. If you don't want to use an actual white boards, you are some water alternatives. Placing the framework of the action plan is easy in Google. Keep other alternatives will be asana or wonder list, depending on your personal needs and taste. Asana or wonder list might be better options. Check them out and experiment. I like Google key way more because it has fewer options and possibilities, therefore, fewer distractions. If you would prefer to stick to using a notebook, no worries, you can easily implement the action plan. There to the framework is the same. 36. How to Use a Calendar like a True Productivity Master: the killing. There is a massive part off the system off the action plan. It's a valuable asset to help you not miss any appointments and dates and to keep you aware of your three month priority goals in this lesson, I will delve deeper into using a calendar efficiently. I personally use Google calendar. It works smoothly on any device. It's free, and there are a lot of customization possibilities and settings to play around with. All in all, it's an excellent calendar. Any other killing. Others, such as Outlook or Apple Calendar, will work similarly and have mainly the same functions I will be talking about so in the ends, use what feels the most comfortable for you. But I would highly recommend Google calendar to anyone. Other options will be to write down your agenda on paper or to print out calendar months and hang them up or your wall. You can apply the fundamentals that I'm going to touch upon on these other options, too. All right, let's talk about how to get the most out off your calendar. I will be demonstrating this point using Google calendar. Most of what I'm going to show can be applied in any order calendar application or can be done using printed calendar months or a paper agenda. I see most off them. But not all this is where technology has a few additional benefits. Let's take a look at a month out of my calendar. There are a few things you may notice. First of all, let's talk about the colors. I use these colors 40 following desks. Threats, flights, meetings, appointments, gray, the action plan, orange hotels, Airbnb places, hostels, maker, manager and flexible light green for maker light blue for Manager Purple for flexible. I'm sure maker, manager and flexible may invite a few questions. Don't worry, they'll be answered in a while. It will give you a beautiful overview instead of when they all look the same. Of course, you can sign whichever color for which ever purpose you like, but I would recommend using the same colors for the same type of events. Also, Onley use a handful of colors so things don't become over complicated. As you can see, every red highlight is for when I have to head off somewhere a flights, a meeting with her business or with friends on appointment a trip that I'm making etcetera . It's for the times when I have to go meet someone or do something gray is 40 action blend. It is very important to have it is written down in your calendar as well. Why? Because you can see then how much time you still have to work on your priorities, and each day or whenever you check your calendar, you can be aware once again off your priorities. Orange is used for any place where I am staying. Such s a hotel or an Airbnb place. Now you will see maker, manager and flexible written down for these. I used the colors green and blue, and then there is also flexible, highlighted with the color purple. So what are they about? What do make her manager and flexible stand for? With all the desks you need to do every day, raging through a whole bunch of different things, such as answering emails, making appointments, trying to write, trying to program, trying to edit a video or a photo, etcetera it can be overwhelming. Instead of having one schedule, we'd boat creative and business work mixed together, maker and manager lets you create to schedules one for creative work. The honor for business related tasks. Assigning yourself to a different priority role every day can be hugely effective in making you more productive and less anxious. How it works is, in fact, very simple maker. On this day, you prioritize your creative work as in writing, editing photos, creating a course programming, painting, writing, music, etcetera. Anything creative on that day should be your focus manager. On this day, you pick up the manager role and do all business related desks, as in answering emails, doing social media promotion, taking care off any paperwork, attending business meetings, etcetera. All the business desks are your main priority that they flexible. These are flexible base where you can choose which role you want to pick up. Or you can decide to do boat that day. Now a maker and manager, this will not be of use to everyone, and that is fine. But even this try experimenting with its If you are an entrepreneur or a founder or co founder off a startup, you will certainly pick up. More than one roll were more than one hits, especially in the beginning. That is, until you built everything up and gas flow starts to happen. For you to be able to finally assign these rules to other team members, using to schedules to divide your rules helps in that start of scenario. Quite a lots. The best days to apply the maker and manager schedule are the following sundae maker. Why, For most people, Sunday is their day to relax, which makes it a perfect day to do your creative work, as you less likely be interrupted by any business calls or emails. Monday. Manager Why the start off the week is an excellent manager day, as you likely will receive more business skulls or e mails Tuesday. Flexible. Why Tuesday can be flexible as it is good to have one maker day at one Manger Day, followed by a flexible day to see if any off the desks in each category need a bit more attention. Wednesday Maker Thursday Manager Why? Thursday is a great day to be a manager because it is the day before Friday before the weekend. If you need to send any emails and scheduled any meetings, you still have Dad day and Friday to get any reply. So Fordham Friday through Saturday. Flexible these days, I consider as my weekend I still work. But for less hours and without a set schedule, you can apply this calendar productivity tips above on any killing their type, whether it is an application or a paper agenda. The upcoming tips, however, will work on Lee for calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar Outlook, etcetera. All these EPS should be able to fulfill your needs will and in similar wastes extremely handy. Whenever I book a flights or a hotel or Airbnb place, this will automatically be updated and set as an events on my Google calendar. Let me show you how whenever I opened Google, Crume or any Web browser you use will also do the following Bages open automatically the Google Google calendar. Google keep ends ever, Notes Bages. I most frequently use that will put me directly to work. You can, of course, choose your own Bages, but having your calendar among them is quite handy so that you can receive an overview off your plans every time. This can be very handy if you're working with people from a different time zone when creating and events, let's say meeting someone for coffee. It is convenient to add guests and ordered person. You're going with Phil in Hiss for her email, and they will receive this request or invites. When they accept it, it will be confirmed and notice on your Google calendar. The same will happen if the other person creates an event, say, for coffee with you and adds you as a guest. You will receive an email invitation, which will be posted directly on your calendar. Also. If anything changes, say with the time boat off, you will be up to date with just a quick modification on your calendar. I like to get a reminder from my phone for planned events else. I likely forget about them. I used to notifications. One is for two hours before an event, and the other one is for one day before the events for UN events, where I need to do some briar preparation. I used the notification setting for one day in two hours, and for an event such as a coffee date or a meat of that, I am a simply attending etcetera. I just said the two hour notification You can, of course, set us many notifications as you once, but these two served me well. It is really quite useful when you make a habit off adding the location off wherever you're going. When you are on your phone and shaking your schedule, you can direct yourself to the destination with a simple click using another implication. Such s gallantly or schedule once can be particularly handy in saving time for you and the other person wanting to schedule a day or time with you. When someone wants to schedule a meeting with me, what I often do instead of texting or emailing back and Ford with them, I simply send them a link to my schedule once where they can pick a time and day when I'm free. That also works for them with the free slash busy feature in Google Calendar or any other killer application. My contacts can easily see when I'm available and when I'm nuts. This can save quite a lot of time, especially if you have frequent meetings. Also, this does not have to be for business meetings alone. It can infect be useful for simple coffee meetings, too, Having learned more about using a Killinger effectively and some additional tips, let us move on to the next lesson off the course 37. Overview and Final Note: let us put the whole structure of the action plan together one last time. We have filled in the tree year vision, one year challenges and the Tree month priority goals. Each one has a deadline written next to it. Don't forget, you can find a template off the page on www dot Yalies fast dot com slash productivity. Then we have our to to to day tasks on a white board or our notebook or phone whatever you prefer to use and next to its one motivational or inspiration. Quote to support you and Leslie. One customizable area for Skype gits or meetings. Or you can leave it blank. That's the framework. The system that all together makes up the action plan. It's very easy, but ghosts, as we have seen very deep, I very much hope that you enjoy the course and as a result, will at least become a little bit more productive because of its Please note that not everything in the course might be relevant to you. In the end, you need to take what works for you and leave what dust nuts, however, do give each of these tools, techniques and the system of the action. Blend a try for at least a couple off months on Lee. If you try something, will you know if it works for you or nuts? Know that whatever you're after, where it is building a business or achieving a personal goal, there is one thing you should remember will consistency. If you go to the gym for just one day, you will see zero results. If you go once a week, you might notice the slight effect, but not much. However, if you go every day, do what you need to do and you keep going, not looking back, not stopping. You will see tremendous results even before a year is over. People grossly underestimate what they can accomplish in a year just like me. Everything that I have so far built has been achieved under tree years by simply being consistent and doing the work that needed to be done every day, over and over again. The hardest part is getting started, but once you get the ball rolling and you start seeing progress, you will Onley want to keep going, so use the techniques, the tools and the system off the action plan. We have covered throughout discourse to help you in building a consistent habit. The habit is more important than the behavior. Once the habit is there, the behavior will follow. I would like to thank you once again for and rolling in this course and for making it's all the way to the ends. Feel free to ask me any questions related to productivity. I'm always here to help you out. Or, of course, share with me and everyone else. Any tools, techniques for adjustment, studio action blend that you found or that would better for you. That way we can all keep learning and becoming more productive. Do also have a look at www dot yells fast dot com slash productivity, as it is an extension off this course where you can find all the resource is I have mentions and numerous other things all to do with productivity. With that, I wish you nothing but a pleasant and most productive day. Let's GOP