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The Ultimate Logic Pro x Electronic Music Production 2022

teacher avatar JWILLIAMS -

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About This Class

The Ultimate Logic Pro x music production

If you want to become a Music producer and DJ and like the sounds of Diplo/Calvin Harris/Marshmello/MK/Kaytranada This course course is for. 

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1. 1 Intro: Hi, guys. Welcome to my lecture with Jimmy Williams. In his course, we're gonna be looking at Budget Pro 10. How to pro 10 on older features. Inside logic. We'll also be looking at the plug ins V. ST's arrangement. So this course also is for producers who want to become a d. J. A big producer. We're gonna be making a deep house records with the lights off em que sunny there myself and my account ful. Yes. Yeah, a part of something more reminds me of you, but I know that one day 2. 2 SETTING UP AUDIO: Welcome to this lecture, which I would be saying how to set up audio in logic. Pro X. So you want to you purchase your logic Pro fruit app store or you need to do is downloaded from the APP store, which will be in your applications voted or or your desktop you cook alleged pro. Once you open up your logic pro, you come to a menu like this so yourself for instruments is for yourself. Where sounds, which you can play with your midi keyboard or your MIDI controller Aldo, is to record your guitars off according base or recording vocals, which recording to your sound card drama is for drum sounds, which legit pro provides you with different sounds like the Abbey Roads we need to do is click on Create, which used to drama with external midi is for your external sounds is like if extendable pianos are external, since which has no USB cable, which you can just call straight through into your sound card's Qatar base is quite similar to the Audio Qatar base. This has his own presets, which is provided by logic. So for now, we're gonna use software instruments on down here is one. So one is for harmony software instruments you want to use. So if you want to use five, suffer instrumentally D's Click five and go to create. For now, we're gonna click on one we could create. So what we need to do is go to logic pro to the Preferences on and click on your Vance tools. Mild Mansell's is ticked because I'm using the Super X, But once you first opened it up, it's gonna come up blacklists, so you'll see a brown line on your left hand sides. The reason why we need to click this is so we can use the whole transport unit on order of , ah, police say it's too, so we can use as well so we make sure that's all ticks or down here we click off this. Go to the preferences we got to audio up. Here is your sound cut. So it is. So once you've downloaded your san card, a driver your driver will be here. So you got sapphire or you can use your M audio for me. I've got my multi output, which I've really clicked on one of your sound card. All you need to do is click on apply changes here. My buffer sizes one to a the reason why I used one to a because I've got a lot of sounds and I don't want to choose that the highest buffer size because if I use that, it's gonna slow my computer sites really slow. So I said to one Ta or you can sit. 2256 Recording DeLay is set in the middle if I were recorded to the left bit to the way and records is gonna be too much of a delay. So when you're recording instruments you wanna make so you recorded in real time because if I press the key or a note down, I don't want to hear it. Two seconds later, I want to make sure please straight away, so we'll make sure we try to keep it in the middle as much as possible. So let's create a sound. So if we go to 24 go to stereo, it's playing out. So we know we've got sound coming out because we chose in the white drivers. Also later, one, we'll be talking about the menu bar in this venue bar we were going in a bit. Minor details and bit more on debt off how to use the menus and features in the menu bar. 3. 3 ARRANGEMENT VIEW: welcome to this electoral in this lecture will be showing you how to use the arrangement view. So the arrangement view is this view here. So this view is to you, make music record your sounds of record audio. So the first, what thing you want to do is get a plug in. I'm gonna get the logic Pro electric piano. So he is Georgia, them in you, which has aled different sounds. So if I choose a, it's try the bright my foot mount to, so you can choose all your sounds for here. Also, you can go into your library, the library, which is here. Andi, you can choose your sounds for here also is all we clicked on a vintage electronic piano which we have here on that has order sounds over here in this section as well. If you don't want to use the drop down menu, you can click in your sounds. Here I tend to use the drop down menu because it's more easier to use. So you expect are is this window here? So I always leave my inspect own because I like to control the volume on also I like to put in the fix on that You read your touch on Also, you got your buses as well. So are saying to use your inspector Always make sure you leave that on. This is your help Button You help by in. So if you using logic Pro for the first time I say to you this for about month. Leave that alone. So you get used to pro If you go away and let your play button your call button, it just shows you what? Um what? Ah, but it does what? One here. So I'll say to try Leave that one if you can. It's your drop down menu bar. So you talked. That menu by is literally a customised tool bar which you can discuss demise each but in yourself. So if you wanna have a bounce button where you combat your MP free on export, your project really to do is go customize. Click on bounce and you see, we got bounced over here. So if we click on OK on, say we record this court records section So we've called out and we want a bounce it or we would need to do is go Teoh bounce which is here goes and be free. Don't your desktop on DCI's logic sung? It can be any name, but we're just gonna choose Legit song because that's what you want to do and click on Bounce and what that does that bounces that to your desktop. So if you got your desktop, we've got logic, some care, and also we can customize this toolbar. But I'll be going the a bit more detail on how to use it because this is quite advance. So if you take off that on, we go here, here's your smart controllers. So you're smart controllers, which adds effects to your sound on your channel. So if we press play, so this just sounds, um, fixed to it. So if I that tends to be every allowance, so it's quite useful to use your effects, I tense. Uses sometimes depends. Um, what? Plug it I'm using. Just so you wanna come off that we dio just click off that I didn't go into a mixer. Your mix are is literally it's the same vote is to sink, um, China, which is over here. You see, if we come off that again on we go here. This is your channel on your channels Here is well, if we're going to your mix song, you see the channels there. So if we press play So this is your volume on which on this channel here weaken pin effects . So this is like your audio effects here you media effects as well. So this is your mixer. And when we go free discourse, we're going to be getting more channels head because we're gonna be Ellen sounds that drums bass effects as well. So we will be building up a swell. So this is that your piano roll? So we recorded these notes, which is in here is all your notes. I must leave that for now. I don't know. You have your rewind. You have your forwards on this button here is to go straight to the beginning. So say, if your plane over here, you press play, they'll be playing over here and say You want to go straight to the beginning We need to do is press stop on go diver and then went straight to the beginning. That's the play button and thats your call button, which we use earlier on this cycle. is your loot button. So it this cycle is this the you can create how many bars you want or how small How long you want. So if I want to create that smaller, what I would do is go here, make it small for to make it long. I'll go here or if I want to move it I just move it to each place on when I move to you. So if you press play, they will play from that beginning off number 11. So if we go over here first, this is your mission in So this much it on here. This what keeps you in time? We are making music on this 1234 gives you a one bar. In truth so free Delete this analysis, press records and you're gonna hear clicking noises I don't want to do is go to Quentin's Over here is the quantity Is this what makes you say in time on just leading up needing up your your notes So you got cough? Half notes you go One aves, you go 1 16 I want you to Most music is once in 16 If left dark for that house musically hip hop. So we tend to use 1 16 which I'm going to use. Andi, you got your 1234 You're counting. If I didn't have that one and I take that off and I I want Overholt, it's gonna call straight in. So that is too quick for me to record. So what, I would need to do you express that, then make sure the purple zone. And also make sure that mature runs on time in time. Impressive court and I have one bar. So we're in time for that. Okay, this So it's your tempo to make it faster. You go up to make it slow. You go. What a right then on we will be going a bit more debt with this toolbar section as well. So hey, is your editing button I tend not to use this section a lot. I'll probably use it sometimes I from doing saying tracks or live performances. But if we go to your piano and click this strike that competing so notes so over here on the first line is your first night when the 2nd 1 is the second on the Fed . One is your friend night. Why I tend to do what you do is use your piano. I feel like using a pen involves a bit more easier so you can make it small on or make it longer by using your piano. But if you don't, when you use your piano, you go into your edit button. Over here, you can take in a note and change left off the which I think is a longer way to your work. But some people like it and also you can change the velocity. Oh, down downs to make it less volume up is to make it ladder. And over here is our signature and your temple in your market. So what is that for? So that is for this section over here. See, with Diane Aires, you cook or not, you have arrangement. You have your mark. Are you have a signature? I have your tempo, which is this section over here. So what you will need to do if you click on your arrangement and you kick on the plus button, that saves intrude. So this section here is to arrange your song. So if you wanna do a bar first you could do eight Barbara s. If we make it longer, you could make it longer safe or to make it longer. Why do we need to do is drag it up or drug then? And if you want to take a diverse where you would do is click on Prospero and then traverse there. So if you're making a song is quite handy to have This is why I normally use because I make it makes the structure of the song just a bit more easier. And yours, Marco, is Why don't really tend to use the my home People use the market as well, which you can record what you condemn. Quiet. It's quite similar to the arrangement you can whack your mark. All right. In you enjoy a legal by verse biting to use arrangement to write in your sickness. Oil is is what QE so you can see he's got See you got see major here, but you can always change the key of the song as well. By going over here, you can choose a B minor, and that can change is well, it's empire is your temper. Over here is 1 20 that's 1 20 here. If I tried up one for a free, that's maybe 1 50 free. So let's kick off that, Andi, We will be going to a bit more details on how to use this bar here in the light of widows. But for now, this is what you need to learn where you're making music in your arrangement for you. So I will be show you late one in the videos on going more into death on how to use arrangement, view in more depth. 4. 4 Time Stretch: Hi, guys. Welcome to lecture on house Used logic Pro X. Any section We're going to be looking at time ships in Time section if the quantities audio . So it's in time with your project. So if we got to supplies and drag a drum loop with the drum loop it say's 94 BPM, which is over here, our project is that 100 to. So if we play this drum loop, it's not gonna be in time. We're dimension on, which is this? So you know that's off. That's not in time. So what we need to do is go to the project, go to 94 b p m percent r. And then we need to go to our flex time, which is this. Pick this and we want to choose polyphonic. Now we know that's in time. So if we come off the polyphonic and just make a little loop and we played the project, that should be in time. If we want to speed up 210 ppm, his pressed 110 bpm or you could destroy, get up on drug it, then percent all now it should be in time, So that's in time. So this will work in the same way. If you want to use a vocal for remixing So it evoke Was that hundreds 30? Or you know you would have changed the BPM. This is the same way you need to do so. For example, if we go to if we choose that vocal if I put it down down, you can take it. Maybe you can take it. If I put it down down, you can have it. That's quite cool. Vocal. So if we distracted into logic so we know it's at 90 bpm Just type in 90 bpm on what we're gonna do. We gonna go to Flex, go to point a phonic. Andi, come off the polyphonic Strike that back in Andi If we want to choose a BBM with this, go here and choose. I'll be PIMS. I'll say 98 repair my son. Great. So it just percentile and play the drum. Andi, vocal to give up. But put it down. Down. You can take it. Maybe you can take it. If I put it down. Down, You can have it. You can have it, but put it down. Down. You can take it, We can take it. Put it down, down You can have it So we know they're both in time So even 50 220 bpm It will send a bit fast but it should be in time But with a dumbed down you can take you can take it Put it down, down you can rabbit. You can have it Put it down, Down You can take it, baby, Can you take it? Put it down, Down You can have it You can have it So that's what you need to do You guys use will make sure your flex time is pressed on And make sure you choose polyphonic for your drums Loops on all the audio files on your vocals So this comes in handy So we're do remix in Sometimes we do a remix You might have a vocals or the project might be at 1 30 you will never change that tempo This is the only way to do it I've seen other ways on how to, you know, use time searching But this is the easiest way and the most effective way on how to quantifies audio files 5. 5 ADDING DRUMS: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro 10. In this section I'm gonna show you how to create a kick on how to use a kick in a song. So 1st 1 we need to do is create a create market so you can even grab kick from splice slice is probably best site to go and get your sounds. So if we click if we typing kick in spice, that's a kick over here. So you need to do you just drag it into a channel? What? She's over here. Okay. And if you wanted this move that this channel over move the kick over well, you need to do is to every single bar to create a loop. Also, you congrats. A folder in legit pro 10 for your kicks. So, for example, if I want to create a photo to logic pro, 10 of different kicks all over do you go to new photo And I would create for the whole drums where Welcome to all my drum sounds in it and my snares of my hats. I already have one already, but misquoted Drums too. Drums so drums to fold our is empty. I don't We need to do it is add some drums inside. So if we go in tickets on drums, you can add that one in here. The district here, you construct that like that. So if we minimize this eso This is your father here where you can save all your drum sounds on and, um, dragged it into your legit protein here. So, for example, if you go into a pseudo and you wanna have this in your hard drive or you need to do is create a drum folder on put that into your hard drive and use your own drum sounds. So I already created my drum sounds which we need to do is go in here and choose your drums which defaulted that you created on desktop. So I've really craved my own drum which is here important. So when it says import, that means you want to import the tempo. So the tempo off this drum kick loop is 1 to 2 on over here is 1 to 2. So you can see your transit transcends over here. So at the moment there's nothing which is in here. The first drum starts from here. So what we need to do, we need to cut that so we can put it on to the first bar. So quite here, delete that. Now we need to drive that drum loop over. I always like to create a loop like a four by loop on in this place play. So this kid is your low kick on when I'm was making drums, always that have two kicks. So I always have one few lows on one for your highs. So and also for another example, I like to use order when I'm doing drums. I just like the drug dual deer in on this slice the drum sounds that I want. I find that the most eat this way. But people also like to use midi to create their own drum packs in the samplers. So if you want to create your own sample are going to do is go to the plus sign, but create and shoes X 24 which is your drum sampler. Go to stereo and you go to edit. But so now this is your Sam plan, which is over here. So what you want to do? You want a drug a sound which is waiting to drag you into here and that you have to put into the keyboard here. If I pressed any of these noted no sound, which is gonna come out because there's no sound what you're putting in so free don't displace or your desktop wherever your drums hands are. You construct it into here. So if we click on a drum, the freak it is strong over here that we've put our drum sound in. It's gonna create a long bar like this. So what we want to do is go to see one. We wouldn't stuff and see one. So you need to do. You could see one now we got me d So that's what some people like to do. Some people like to play with the MIDI, and some people like to use the audio on. If you want to add some more jump sounds or you need to do is made this fuller and drug another sounded. So this drug a clapping free drug that clapping we need to do is me is me this to this morning's point, so free moved over there to the left on we drag that to saying, Say, See to instruct Ivo and you press C two, which is here because he too is there prissy to So where was? Make sure that your pitchers ticked on and the one show is off, because if we don't click the one shop, if you leave on, it's going to delay the time off playing your drums. So once you get your your drum kit, which you like, that your high hats and your drums, your collapse, which you create your kick, what you need to do is click on this button here on go to save and save as drums what or whatever name you want to call it. So I don't know. What you need to do is press safe. So we really dragged this drumming, which is the drum bleep, which is four buzz. So if we want a drug that another former bars or you need to do it, just press all and direct the over. So listen, drank a high drum. So if we drive a drum in here on, and if you wanna for solo, so solo is is to solo each channel. So if I pressed silent for this first channel. You're not gonna hear any other channels If I pressed solo on this channel here. Thanks. Very stop. So if we sleep to start on here so we can hear this strong and just drag that drum onto each bar, What do you like that jumped on? So we're doing to drug is Pressel. I'm just very strike. We're just regular into each bar. It cause on house music. Every drum is on each bar, so let's have a listen. That's quite a thick drum. So if we take off that solo and this here brainstorms to give up, we know that's gonna make a difference. Because we had in two drums together, Andi, when we great drums always like that of a compressor under the drum to make it this a bit more thick. And also they were to compress on It helps to keep the fresh hold and the volume So it doesn't, you know, lose its volume when it's playing, which means to give up that with them, the compressor willing to do it. It's sellers from and have a listen. Bring the fresh whole done. 2 30 Bring the type 1.4. Yeah, so this fate embrace give up. That's its well. So this is how to create your drums were added a compressor onto the drum with this drum here, the low kick. We don't need to add a compressor on that Loki, because it's quite low in the mix. But with the high drum is quite punchy. And with the bass and a drum, you need to put a compressor onto the base, and you also need to pick a copper salt into the drum so it doesn't clash when it's in the mix. 6. 6 CLAPS: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro 10. In this section, we're going to be looking at collapse on how to create your own collapse on how to use collapse in your project. So from the video before was the drums, which we have here, which is just straight floor to the floor. Now we're gonna add, Captain. So what we need to do is create a channel we're gonna add to collapse. So what we're gonna need to do is press the plus button, I'm press to which we're gonna create two clips. He's your channel. Here. You got Channel three and channel four, which is gonna be for the collapse. So we need to do is find your collapse, which you have Say that to you, even to your desktop, or you just wanna drag it straight from splice onto the channel. So my folders on desktop So click into here on these Your collapse here, so free to strike some claps over my collapse are over here. So Chris is a loop. We just need to cut it Custody. We don't need a section so expressed elites only to do. It's dragged over here. So this place play So with this clap is quite a low clap. So I'm gonna never clap just a thicken up sound on the clap So that's why I like to do You saluted the collapse on and then we can put a b e que onda compressor on it. So this here have a clap it struck. That will happen here. Same thing. Just let the channel on Drunk driver. So this caps Morva effects. It's more fickle than in the first clap, so if we hear the first lap, it's very subtle. But if we had this crap on together, we know that's more of ah, figure sound. So we need to do for us all on drugs ever. So let's listen to the drums on the collapse. So with the collapse would, it's when a technique you make sure it's not peak in. So what we need to do is cooking unique you and make sure it's not peeking. So let's have a listen to this first clap I was. This we need to do is clicking here just about 48 db and let's take her any off the noise that is unnecessary hitting back together. So the reason why we put us the 48 db Andrea bring this Stan is because there's a lot off space with the collapse. So when you recorded clap, it might have a bit of reverb, which is over here, Andi, it's just gonna be unnecessary. So when you're playing the whole mix together, it's just gonna have a bit of you know it's gonna clash with your base in your kick, so it just sounds a bit more cleaner. That's why we was pe e que on collapse on a late if we dough, Are we showing you how toe mix your whole track and we're going a bit more debt on how to mix each channel with your accuse and your compresses and your river. So, for this video is that you just will about the collapse on how to connect your caps with your drums. On the next few days, we were looking at the hi hats 7. 7 OPEN HATS: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro 10 X in a sec. Soon we're gonna be looking at open hats with open hats. You always need to use that when you're making house music because it just fills in the gaps on. Also, it gives a good sound to your drums, and it makes your drum swing. So for this one, I'm gonna use ultra free, which is in logic, a logic. It has its own own drum sounds, but I tend to not use the ultra Bree because some of the some of the sounds son reverie poor and they don't sound too good. But for example, if you haven't got no sounds to use and you need t lose logic Pro, just open up the ultra free. You go down here, go to your drum kicks, you choose whatever drum sounds that you will use. So, for example, were to use the deep house, which is here on your midi keyboards. You just person it down way. No, we got sound. So you just choose the sound that you want to use. Yeah. I'm gonna use that found hair, so I know you signed out When they use you make sure your metron undone. So you're in time on what we're going to do. We're gonna record this sound for my keyboard into your logic. Pro 10. So let's press records. So we recorded some open hats. It's press solo. I'm kicking to the piano roll. Have a listen. I want you to do its first height is press Quintiles first Let's put that to 16. Swing A. I'm good. Delete that because I don't like the way it sounds. I'm gonna drag this over here. What? I like the way swings. And also with the velocity I was Teoh struggle just a little bit and have one stand more The reason why I drag the velocity down on each No eso we have one higher one No, while higher one. It just gives it sort of good dynamics when you listen to your drums So we bring this but to them free on we just Krystle and drag Would you just do you hear this? Pulled it down in the mix and listen to how it sounds with the drums on your collapse 8. 8 SNAE ROLL: Hi, guys. Welcome to lecture on how to use logic Pro 10 X In this section, we were looking at looking at snare rolls. So snare rose is the filling gaps that every one bar or every four bars just to fill in the gaps. So it brings another instrument in, or I just wanted to fill the gaps in So the drums concerned Quite full. So, for example, if I went to slice on out, typed in low on bring that difference navels, which you can use, for example So that's more on the line that you would need to use. Um, Younis, these suffered at that. Just a feeling that sort of gaps s I keep your music just a bit more interesting. I've really got my own several. So our goal here tomorrow to stop on guy dragging my snare bro, just gonna cut this. And now we need to do to bring this plate. We'll go do this place. That's never where you feel like, you know. It sits well in the mix. So if we drag that right to left Andi press play, so I mean, so it's mawr. Very skip here affects sort of feel to it. So it's that when you hear that, it's like, Oh, it sounds really quiet. Interesting. If you don't have that, sometimes it sounds a bit bland, but we won't bring it on. Every bar were just put in some of the bars, so it keeps your track more interesting. So, for example, I am umbrella pit that that's never onto the onto the knife. So if we highlight that, we dragged out of all I've got 16 bars on what we can do. It's just probably connected to the half. So it just pays half of this name roll on snare role play the 41 here on 13 on the section here. So let's have a listen to it. - So yeah, it sounds so much better already. Just putting that stairwell win it. Just give it a bit of more sound and more depth to the track. Um, and also, you know, once that kits with the base and your sim pads, you just hear the whole sound off the trumps coming together. One thing about house music, you have to make sure your drums are very tight. Make sure it is enough going on in there Because if we don't make sure music on the dance floor signed a bit boring. And he needs to make a drum sound really full because it makes you wanna dots. So you got people in festivals. They want to hear the big snares. Big collapse that they want to hear fix coming in certain sections, take out the fix, put more fix in on and I late one out. We show you how to be effects in your tracks to make it sound interesting to make it sound like it can be played on radio, so look out for that. 9. 9 ACAPELLA: Welcome to this lecture on house use logic Pro X In this section we're going to be looking at vocals and how to use a Capellas for your songs. So when it comes to vocals, now you can download sample packs which comes of low the vocals on door unity Just drag and drop him into your logic. Sometimes I use singers difficult vocals Or if I don't have a single around I would just go to the sample packs on and find some great vocals Andi make attract around that So free government displace which is here and we kick into winning the vocals Oh, sports So you sienna sores Reminds me of you. Uh, hey, these are some call vocals, relentless vocals. So I already have my vocals which I've taken already form Displace little that for the same thing you need to do or you need to do it Just dragged the vocals in I you can play Sienna sores. You can play it show way like that, but I really have my vocals, which is in my sample pack, which I really downloaded. So we need to do is kicking to the desktop and dragged your vocals in, So I Have to Cut my Vocals. So I compare it on to the first bar, which is number one. So get your sister at game. I don't eat that, and then we need to drug it to the number one. Let's listen to this Okonjo myself in our account for guests. Yeah, I'm brought. Get the doors closed in on. I'll be a part of something more than this of Lost. Unsure of lost control, I feel that this is a really cool pop soar vocals, which is scrapped, right everything for, you know, for your track. Eso we wouldn't get a few vocals on. Do we want to drag them into your project so we can pulls up Philip the song so infrequently? Never. Three more vocals, I'll say, which already have here really instructs of more vocals in We Just Quiet From the Moon I in So what is dragging on vocals now so we can hear what sounds like on Beacon List rearrange vocals. All these vocals are on one twin, 1 to 2 BPM, which is 1 to 2 bpm on your track, so we just wouldn't get the vocals. Mix each other and see what it sounds like. So with the vocals, I always I have a clap which I like to have, um, on the vocals so I could hear what it sounds like Drug over a clap So let's play the project with the collapse on Do some vocals so I can tell myself and can't ful Yes, Yeah, I'm brought the doors closing on a re A part of something more in this of Dustin. Sure. Lost control. Sienna sores. Reminds me of you. Uh huh. So we can tell the difference between the volumes in the the vocal on the 1st 1 on the bill Quit 61 So what we need to do? It's just struck down that local when a 2nd 1 So we can try make it similar to the 1st 1 on . Also, we have a snare over here, which we don't need it to come in. So it's just dragged it over to the drum section. I Let's hear that. How? The book was also okonjo myself and account for yes. Yeah, I'm brought the doors closing on a re a part of something more in this of Boston. Sure. Lost control. CME sores Reminds me of you. Uh huh. But I know that one day. See it through a see through offering. That's quite catchy. Um, the way. All six together with the vocals It's always lying So you know Devo. Come on. The first vocal is, you know, is the introduction. Second vocal is that the middle? The third vocal is Morva. Catchy, quite repetitive. So things that these even know that she's not, you know, saying any words. It's just a catchy vibe, which, when it's on the dance law or in festivals, it just sounds so right. So when you do get vocals or you need to do it is final catchy vocals. Make sure it's in time. Andi, we need to do like I say this. Track it into your budget. Pro X chocolate, the vocals. If you need to chop him up or sometimes you know what, you don't need to stop a month. It just sends, you know, brilliant. So that's what I normally do. Just drug him in on it. It's It's well together 10. 10 PIANO: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro X 10. In this section, we're gonna be the connect cords. I have recorded some chords earlier some piano chords from the M one to go along with this track. So if I open up the cords here, you notice that there is some called here. I am using the e flat major scale. So if you don't know your Fury, what you will need to do is type in piano scowls on which it comes with loads of skulls on . Then you just choose what scale you wanna working. So you got be major E e B flat major, on the A flat major, we're using the E flat major here. Eso order notes down with a pay is in this girl here. So if we look at the blue notes order, blue notes are the ones you're gonna play. So the white ones, black ones you're not gonna touch. And it's quite easy to use if you're using the pianist girls because a lot of people make music and they don't know the theory. And I always have to say to people always use the pianist girls, which is, or unity is going type in Paris cars online dog. And I'll give you list off scowls so you would never be our two were making music. So if we have a listen to what already dumb Just put your loot Brunt. Yes, it was so I made a catchy verse which is not over. It's not overdone, for that's the thing. House means you don't overdo it with too many notes. You just want to leave a few spaces for the verse. When it gets to the core is then you add more notes in So where this is the f minor court So however my calls are so if Andi I will show you from scratch. So what? You any thief? You're in that scowl. The first night was F minor. So or you need to do is get your pencil drug it long. I don't want you when I do, you want to go up by free, then for them free. Okay, so we need todo, uh, free for then the last one will be free. And let's call the F minus Cow on a little people don't spread the notes out when you're making house music, especially. You need to spread your notes that, like these are notes. These notes are all spread that so there's a big, massive gap between them. Some people have notes that lease on, and you can hear the difference when I play it. Now, almost it sounds terrible. So the trick is his highlight, these notes here, your root note is the f Get this like this, you go up by one active. I like the trick, and you wanna spread your notes as well? Yes, you can hear the difference between the notes, so the next No, uh, is a flat. Say, if we go back to that piano scowls there. Is that a flat, which you can use, which is there. So that's not a flat major. So with women, these notes it's a flat major. So when it's safe at Major, what you would do is you go up for free for unless the key notes what you need to do when you're making a flat major. So in the notes you have a a flower. You see if the shop energy, so you want to try and keep it in the same arrangement as well. You don't wanna be playing notes up to highlight. Let's hope because it gets too high for the notes. So once you got your you're happy with your melody of your notes or you need to do Is this drug over but this high like that on drugs removal? Yes. So with this night with a drug at, I let again drag you over and drug a river. So 1 to 17 is your verse 17. We're gonna do your pre chorus, and then we get a drop in at number 25 for the chorus. So that's what you need to do now. I have made some notes for the course on, And if you look over here, the notes for the verse is the same notes for the chorus, but it's played differently. So well, you need to do is go to the chorus, which is here, which are really done on. And if you look at the notes here, they're all cut up differently. So if you're here to hear the chorus, so we'll all have done is you just take the diverse. So, for example, you, um, just a little blue brown hair, so if we take the first note, it's a first silversmith, right? You need to do drug it. Then I make the note smaller, and then we try and make that night. Okay? Okay. Yeah. And then the second note is here I know you need to do is to strike over. What you're doing is dragging it to the fastball, which is dead on number 18 on the same thing. What we thought of these notes we want to do for here for the same pattern. So what you do is bring in, have a listen? No. Huh? So that's that. That's all you need. Todo it is dragon notes. Make them small. Are I put my ropes in to make it more cool. So that's what you hear. We're not when NK does his music, so they tend to keep diverse the same and a chorister saying the same notes. But I just played differently with the chorus you need to make small notes on were diverse to me to make big notes in the next section. I'm gonna show you how Teoh pick your base with the with the chorus and the verse. Uh, but for now, what we want to do is just brought up this song with your piano notes. So from 17 de traverse, that's what we have here with the piano notes. And then what we want to do is have your vests over here. So if we delete these here and you got your verse here Hey, just copy and paste that copy and paste this because we're using the same notes in our verse in the chorus. So if we have a listen on the next section, we're gonna be looking at the base. I'm gonna put the basic ever with diverse pianos on. Did you hear the difference between the base with the base and without the base? 11. 11 BASS: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro X in this section, we're gonna be looking at the base. So this extreme we're gonna be looking on how to other base to your track. So what we're going to do is grab a V S t plug in for your base, so I'm gonna use them, actually, synth, which is provided in logic, pro. So we just go and choose a bass sound from the synth bass which is here. I'm gonna choose this space, which is here. It sounds quite simply e on. And it's quite a sub, a sound which is quite great for a verse. So the trick is when you're doing your base or you need to do it has followed the notes that the same as ever. So remember, we have these notes here, which is the best. The trick is highlight. One section I bring them to your base. These are your top notes, which is out which are called. You can play the chords of the base busy because it will clash because of the frequency. So all you need to do is highlight the top press daily and what we want to do. We wanna transpose that base one more active than to give it more of a basic sounds. So we just got here. Go to number 12. I just listen to it reminds me of you. You can tell how much for it sounds s o what I tend to do when I'm doing my tracks. I like to have an empty I like to have it quite empty from 1 to 9 for the foot of part first part divers on the second part of verse that I like to have the base which comes in so it's bit of more of a journey. So when you're making music every eight bars, you need to make it sound interesting wherever you put slaves in high hats in or put a basin just to give it more good field trip. So all you need to do is just highlight the section and drug over here. So we've got eight bars off your base, eight bars with no base. So if we played from the start, I know. So I'm gonna at these claps in as well fearlessness it from the start. Yes. Reminds me of you But so now the track is starting to build up its start. This I'm great on the next part we need to do is the chorus, the chorus We're gonna use a different type of weeks. We're not going to use the same base because this base is more of a century base. We want to get to be a bit more sub beyond more punchy. So what we want to do is go to the plus sign and grab a never base with this one. Attend to use e f and one which is quite great. Quite good base on with this. You don't need to really do anything ever. It's kind of set or the attack releases quite settled. Good standard for base. So you can you can hear that rule punching us in the in the base. So what in the clubs that's gonna really stand out when you're having that bass sound so the same from what we've done for the verse we want to do for the corpus as well. So all we need to do you drag the notes from the chorus dragon right down. I didn't highlight it to lead it highlight again we transfer is that one more than And then what we want to do? We want to drag it along too. 41. So from 17 to 4 to one is your chorus and I listen Listen to her in the mix So that corpse decided Really punchy. Already on, we know even add It'll defects in yet But if we hear it from the start to the finish on the next section, we're going to be adding some affects inside. And also some snail is to give a bit of more for full or track. So let's listen to it from the start. Yes, reminds me of you, but 12. 12 FX: Hi, guys. Welcome to this course on how to use logic Pro X in a section. We're going to be looking at effects. So when you're making house music, you always need effects with your tracks, so it makes it in, makes interest in on it, makes your track buildup. There's also a distance that one saw off element. So with their fix already made a folder on desktop, we need to do you from the make holding this stop. Because it earlier it was a lovely does that did show you what you gotta do is go to find out, go to desktop. And this is all your fault is that you have to. You there. Stop. I know you gotta do is go. Good new photo. Go on, Dwight. Affects effects folders here on If you want to add fix or you don't need to do just drag and drop your fix into your phone out here. I already made a photo you to stop. So what I need to do is go in here. My father is really here onto the desktop. So this is your stop here, which was all your folders. And if you go over here. That's for your external hard drives. So that's my external hard drive day, which I also have my, um, plug ins and have my samples on. But for its toll, we're gonna have it to the desktop, and we need to do is kick in here, but that stop and then you go Teoh have called it new una me effects, which is here, and you crushed delay high hats, pads and reverse. So what we're gonna do, we gonna drag in some affects. So in this section, here is the build up. But I know what I know. This section here is going into the pre course, so because it's got into the pre course, I wanna ill effects to make it sound. Last offense come in. So if we go here at a press But kids the reverse here Andi, it's not quite the temporary I went to be. Because if we make this bigger, I want I want this river to fit. I want to reverse Teoh, go onto the staff's bar. Sick theme on the slow growing capacity is going past the last 16. So what do you want to do? Is I'm here I make a Luke Bryan here for some 16 7 is of one bar, and that's what I wanted to do. Um, it's finished with this loss bar here. So easy to do is go to file. So I did Times threats, time stretch to live off locators undo that time stretch left to locate is and it does that it just makes it sink in time. So if we play it together now, it just sits well, because if we didn't have, if we didn't matter to the locators, well, what is going to do is be delayed on. Do you need to be on time? So when the effects finches, the kicks comes in straight away, so we know we got look of reverse effect. Um, what want to do is after the reverse fix, I intend to use a question because we were crashed. It brings in another sound in love instrument. So it's really quite effective. Were using the question. So struggle? Question. Let's turn the quest down from the reverse. So if we know is the crust is that 1 24 and this is at 1 22? The crush is just a little bit behind. I'll say so what we want to do? Same thing without an earlier. We just highlight a section over here from 17 to 21. And if we know is here this line, This line over here, which she here. This lion should be on this bar, which is 21 what we're gonna do. He's go to edit parents rich to locators. Now it's gonna think in time with the question. So you conduce the time search from here because if every if we go to time traits, you can do that, which you can create a loop run. But you could not do that with vocals. If your vocals is that 1 28 BPM, you can't distract your vocals or go to town just like that. You would need to flex home the vocals because you could not do it that way while he did it this way. Because you can do it with samples on because they're not too long. So let's hear it from the build up. That sounds much wrong on. And I'm gonna never reverb three rests just before the chorus to do the same thing to drive that she's over here. Um, I pad this well, so that's the number affects as well. Pads acquire Effective. You know, when you're making dots music, it's just that you just one note. It's the same key as this track, so we don't need toe pitch up or down. So what until you used the part that tend to use it for every for both. So it's hit a pad on, they say, the battering of in the foot universe. So we know that the pads not Stein on the one. So what we do, it's getting so drug it to the first point. Still, no No. One. Yes, so were the benefits. We get a pricey on the second part of the vest, which is here. And then what we do is we drag a never won, which is over here reminds me of you. But I know that one day is sporting that now. So because we added these defects him, it gives a bit of all different type of sound to your track. It gives it, but more exciting feel to it. But I would say for the chorused before, like it needs some more high. It's and you know I tend to use too high hats when I'm making a course with the first part . Of course, I tend to keep it quiet, mellow with the hats. Don't add a lot of hats for the first part. With the second part, I had more hats, so it feels a bit more moving with the track. So is had some high. It's in which I have here what we're gonna do, do a new channel Audio. Great. Drive that in here. Let's get into the start. Delete. So this is a salute with sexual in here. Andi, let's get it. Hi. Hat in time, two lads. No, I would like that. So if we strike that in here, I make a loop. Afghanistan. So you know, you can hear how it's bouncing that it's got quite a good groove through it. Absolutely a few things. So what we want to do when 1/4 starts at number 25 we want to keep that quite simple with the with the hi hats when it gets too for your free. That's when we get ad that the new high hats in. So I was gonna take that. I'm going to think that the space which is should be here base here. I will take that base because I feel like it's a bit too much on its No, it doesn't give you a good drive. You know, it's more of a chorus, that punchy base, because this section here's the pre Adam of the pre. You can put it another basin like this place here is try to space over here. Might not sound too much. I don't like to add too much of a heavy bases from my pre course. Have a listen. No, it's still gonna work. Take that on. Let's listen to it from the start to the finish. So we've added the base, which is here from second part of the vests here with the pre were taken at the base and then with the chorus, we added a base in here. Yes. Reminds me of you, but no 13. 13 ARRANGE TRACK: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on how to use logic Pro X in this section. We're going to be looking at the arrangement, so we have a we have a verse from 1 to 17 is our verse from 17 to 25 is a pre course on 1 25 to 41 Is our Horace so often? Of course, we need to do a second verse. So what you need to do is highlight this section. Here, drag this over to 41. Let's make a loop around hit Andi. What we want to do is get rid of the chorus pianos because the course profanities sounds like this. We don't want to play for the second verse because that's way too much. So what? We need to you just delete that on. We would a drug diverse piano in which is over here. So we do is drag that over this section on the base were gonna get rid of the core space because the core space sounds like this. That's too much for the second best. We just want to keep it simple, but change up a few things from the first verse to the second worst, so we just delete that tryto base. First. Put that in here. Let's have a listen already that is started. Stand like a song. That's really what you need to do for the second part. Diverse it just keep it the same. The first verse. But just, you know, either drums at the fix from the first verses, which is here. We have no drums and drums here. Careful. Yes. So that's the first verse. It's quite simple because the track needs to build up. So we What we want to do is drag that over a game. We don't do second 16 buzz I. Then what we're gonna do, we just want added like a a string effect. So if we go and do any channel, choose that he is to synthesizer, Let's go to Strings number two, Cyber cop Uh, way because I feel like that, which will be good for fix. So if we bring that down in the mix at a trick, ease way, we're gonna do some automation on this. So if we recall that in just pretty much a no none e Buzz Kwan ties that someone 16 that way, we need to do. We don't want to sign like that. So what we want to do is at a single band EQ you put on there, make sure you have your high corn on what you wanna go is press a for automation or you could go automation, which is here on. We just added a single week you, which is like a low cop. Oh, you can have a local art. You can have a high class high classes here on your local. It is here. So you need to do is go to single week you what were chosen and go to frequency. No, you have a line which is here. If I go up, you can tell when the left inside off that high cop we badly Q You can see it's going up borderline on what we just want to do. We just wanna leave it right. I'm a public to run back there and then we just take this time so it gradually builds up. We just don't want it is just jumping straight away because that will for you off. And you just went to gradually build up like affects way. What? So we're gonna do cough alternation, and then we want to drug that dined in the mix and I just have a listen. And also what we're gonna do is take down that it's really basically in this one on the string. So I just wanted to take that down so you can tell this is peeking up. So we need to struggle across. What, Come off that pay that take the volume down here again. So also, we need some effects and fixes Wells already to do just highlight their fix that we used earlier, which builds into the chorus or you need to do destructed the bar before the chorus. Let's have a listen and also we want take out a drum. These we have these drums here on before the before the second part of us. We're just gonna take that drama because we want to give it different feeling to the truck was Take that over here and then let's have a listen. - So that's all you need to for a pre second walk second verse. You don't need too much because the vocal is gonna be you're gonna be using the vocals and you know you don't need so much on the second part of us. So also, what, you want to do it at the prion as well, so that the plane pre what we had, we just want to add up to you. Number 57. So what we need to do it's just literally drag up Andre over here to 57. So when you keep your high hat scurrying Sunday, but it's gonna delete that high hat on what she's in the way with the strike over these heights over here on for this one for on the first pre chorus. It has a kick, but we want we want to take this kick out. Um, then we could Assam collapse in. But we will change the collapse. How we normally play there on the first pre course. So let's take out the drums needs. And then we have these open hats in here. And then what we can do? Have a listen. You know what, That sounds pretty quite cool. Actually, I do like the way that sounds. So if we'd assistant at from the second verse into the pre Yeah , see, now it started to fall like that sort of M k that's off deep house vibe. So just before the pre, I'm just gonna think at some of the drums I was gonna take this snare because we don't feel like we don't need it. Uh, no. So I'm gonna take it, take out the kickers role, so if we just take at this kick so it has a bit of time to breathe on this and it's over, It's not overdone. So I would say, because we're taking out the kick, we want ads effect. So the reverse that we had, we just wouldn't you just drink over just Bob before? So that fixed discos in there on also, I fall out What needs? I've reckoned that we need a snare buildup. So that was just Hey, this Yes, we do need the state buildup in there. So we have a little house music. They have a snare which builds up on and a lot off a lot of house produces. Just use loops for snowboard ups because you that is really great snowboard apps that you can get that from slice. So I'm gonna go have a look on, but for some snare buildups on dsi what we have here as perfect. That's the sort of vibe Damn I'm gonna go for. Just make sure we got the white tempo. So they say, is 1 24 which we know is gonna be to farce, because our tempos in 1 22 so we need to do is PR locators my 61 65 I. Then what we need to do is just do times threats. So it's due time ships to the level. Okay, is let's have a listen, Andi. I feel like it's it's a good sample loop, but I reckon that we still need Taper e que single bands on this time we're gonna do the local up. So what we're gonna do, you gonna way gonna start from 174 and they were we need to do is press a or we compress automation on there. So I'm set for us a and then go to my single week you and go to my frequency. And then what will you do put dot here on dot There is where we put dots because if we don't put a dot there, it's gonna be all over the place. So, for example, if I didn't pay a dot here. If I go up, it's gonna move the whole thing. I don't move the whole thing. I'm gonna start from 174 and then gradually build up. So is dragged up. That's a bit too much up. So if I tracked that Dan and then drive the section over here this in now, let's have a listens with music as well. Yes, that sounds great. I love that sort of wide. It just gives that good atmosphere. And we on the dance floor. You're feeling happy, you know? Ever. You know, you got a big subway forn festivals when they something about the slayers, the build up with the fix on the vocals. It just gives you that good feeling, so we know that we're gonna pre here and already to do it. Just do a chorus over here, or you gotta do is distract the same chorus from 25 to 41. Let's strike the evil 65 on and what we want to do. We wanna drag kick because some of the kicks has been taken off. So we tried to kick over there. Andi, I'm sure that so we just delete that drug the kick again, trying to kick again over here. So you're keeping it the same for the 16 bar course. Listen to the course game. - So we're just snow, which is over here, The feelings in there I'm gonna drug over to simply free. So it goes. Every eight bars on also decide the cyber cup, which I really like, which is here. I'm gonna drive that to 65 on the chorus so you can hear the effects. And when you do automation and drag it to another section, you always makes you do copy because it will complete the same automation which you have here over there, which is just done for, say again to close it. Andi this happiness in. So let's hear the whole song from start to finish on. Then what we can do? We can ads a few evermore fixed if you want to add more effects on. But then what would An exception we're gonna do is looking at how to mix the tractor, because at the moment, all the levels all off and it's classroom with the base. And one thing you don't want is to clash with the base especially when you're playing it and speakers. Because what's gonna happen is the class with a base. The base is gonna distort your song. That's gonna stand Not great. So let's hear the song from start to Finish. Yes, Reminds me of you.