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The Process of Writing an Article from Start to Finish

teacher avatar Alexandra Cote, Digital marketer and content writer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Selecting your topic


    • 3.

      Keyword research


    • 4.

      Creating a structure


    • 5.

      Writing Part 1


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      Writing Part 2


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      Takeaways and class project


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About This Class

Are you looking for a quick course to watch in one go and improve the way you write content?

If seeing others work and relaxing typing sounds are your thing, this course is a must.

I have created this brief course as an engaging way of improving your writing and staying productive while creating written content.

I'll take you through my complete process of writing an article from choosing your topic, to doing the research to find out what will make your article better, creating the article’s structure, and finally, writing the article.

I'll also run you through all the modern tools needed to create better content (you'll love this).

This content writing course targets all kinds of writers, combining both fundamental tips and advanced hands-on content analysis.

The Process of Writing an Article from Start to Finish is a perfect choice for anyone involved in web writing, content writing, copywriting, content marketing, and even for digital marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who are looking into creating better content for a personal project or to promote your clients' brands.

See you inside the course where you can fundamentally change the content you write from day ONE. Let's stay in touch!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Cote

Digital marketer and content writer.


Hi there,

Alexandra Cote here - SaaS Marketer and Growth Consultant.

Thank you for checking out my courses!

I've built them with YOU in mind, so you'll definitely enjoy them.

I'm a growth-oriented digital marketer and freelancer with a passion for content marketing, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, and keyword research. I strongly support permission marketing and earned media. More than anything, I love working with online communities in order to find new and unique ways to develop businesses through growth hacking.

I have embarked on the odyssey of online marketing thank to passion for social media, viral content, psychology, writing, and advertising. I am Inbound certified and I love participating in industry disc... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi guys again. Welcome to this new course where I'll show you my process of writing an article from choosing your topics to doing the research to find out what will make your article better than those of your competitors creating the article structure. And finally, I will take you with me through the actual process of writing the article. I have often received similar questions from my past students and even other professionals in this field who are looking to improved aircraft. What is your writing process? How do you do it? People are very curious mostly about how writers find and keep their motivation to develop long length content repeatedly and simply to finish that 5000 plus word article when they might think they already have enough contents to get their message across. Now I believe riders have different motivations, and my personal main reason for one thing to create long content every time is to get its to rank high in Google's search results so I can get my toss and ideas in front of as many people as possible. So I talked. I would take this skill share opportunity to show you how I personally structure my writing process. Now, I'm sure this will be very helpful for any beginner who is just getting started with their own block or content marketing in general, and even for the best riders who might find it interesting to see how a collie from their own branch creates an article. If you want to share your own writing process, I would love to hear about it. And don't forget to participate in the class project I've prepared for you by sharing an article you've written as discourse progresses or a length through a block post you've published after learning maybe a few tips and tricks from this short courts. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. You can reach out to me on Twitter. Lengthen on my law. I am on pretty much every available platform, so let's get started right away. 2. Selecting your topic: Now, before you start, you need to pick your topic for this article. I've chosen the following topic why people take burnout so like and you can see I've already decided on a headline to now I'm going to be writing what I call spontaneous content. That is, when you're writer article around it topic because you know you have a lot of ideas and opinions to debate around it. This technique, however, Onley, works when you're writing an article for your old block. If you're going to write something for a client, which is much more common, you need to put in some competitors and topic research. Now there are multiple ways in which you can do it. Let's assume yet response, an email service provider is our compactor. The most obvious thing you can do is check out the content they create on their blawg. So let's see so examples developing your own like marketing strategy for YouTube. What is marketing automation? Eight ways to get more email opt ins from your blam how to ride effective follow up e mails . These are all topics that are likely to convert well for you to, and we can safely assume they have already done the research to find out the best potential topics. And, of course, you can check out other competitors to like male Gym, for instance, and see what common topics and issues they use in their content marketing strategy. For example, Here, under the Marketing Tips section, you will find maybe some topics that both get response and mail Chimp have targeted. You can also take their belong and added into a tool like S E M Rush or a traps for this course and your class project. We're going to use Neil Patel's uber suggests, which is a free tool. And here you can analyze your competitors domain, or just use the tool as the keyword research tool. You can go to traffic analyzer top pages and see some of their best performing content, based on estimated visits and back wings and even social media sharing as a quick tip. If you're not familiar with a topic or industry you have to write about, you can also use Ella Siggraph to see related keywords, end top performing content for those specific keywords and then just research each term individually to expand your knowledge. But the best way to pick a topic is to anticipate a need, a trend, a trending topic even and write about it before your competitors do. We've got here. Two basic must have and use Google trends. You can just insert your topic or cured of interest and see interest for that specific keyword over time by subregions and even related topics and queries, for instance, you can see that cold email is starting to get more interest from people, and you can just click on that keyword and analyze its evolution. Also on a daily basis. You can also use the Twitter trending topics spark Toro's trending, which is a very smart topic as it basically aggregate all of the content that has been shared on Twitter and put it in an order according to how many shares and buzz. It has nothing. And also there's this new tool called Exploding Topics, which works in a similar way to Google trends but has topics and keywords that are better suited in a business environment. And of course, you can just click on any of the topics and get more detailed insights and just go to the world friends. If you want to compare the data on our popular to is but Simo just adding your keyword or topping of interest, and you will see a bunch of articles and Web pages, even videos ordered according to how often they are shared on social media and their engagement ring. Or you can use it to further researcher topic. You already have in mind, like job burnout in my case and see if it's really a good opportunity. And if it's not something like an over popular topic that way, too many news outlets and logs have written about all right, and even from these five results you get for free, you can get some ideas like Can job burnout be cured with a vacation? Or how does living for the weekend correlate with the effects of job burnout? And then, of course, another way of finding topics is to look for what people ask on reddit Quora blonde comments linking replies in roofs, Google answered a public which takes every question that's been asked in the search engine regarding a hop like went to quits jumper now wind up Bernau. His job burnout. The medical condition is job burnout real. How does job burnout different from discouragement and salon. In this way, you can provide information people will truly wants to know. In other words, it won't be sharing specific opinions and facts that are not as popular or useful for an audience as you might think. If you want to make sure you write the right content for the right people, you can also create buyer personas. But I'm not going to go into this topic as I've already detailed it in my other courses that you can final school shirt. As you can see, there are several ways for you to pick the right topic for your audience. So it's fairly easy for us as writers never get that writer's block when you simply don't know what to write about. 3. Keyword research: after you've chosen your topic, it's time to aim for the right key word, the one that will be most beneficial for you and your or your client's brand, as it will help you reach your marketing and strategic goals effectively. What are you wants To have a higher conversion rate? Get more views on your blog's yet recurrent readers. More use that her subscriptions and so on. Now the whole process of picking the right keywords to Target really starts with one or more keywords in line, and only you or your clients noticed you words. They are the ones that represent the company, a product or a service, and you need to know that keyword. So you again targeted right content and get leads and even sales through it. So I'm going to go back to Neo Patel's tool to put together my first list and going to search for burnout because job burnout is already too specific, and here I can see already some stats on that keyword, and we can see that the search engine optimization difficulty to rank for that specific you . It is already a bit high, so that's why we want to target he words with a lower difficulty. Now. Burnout is a very diverse topics, so you will see some key words that are not related to job burnout or born out in the workplace. So we just have to look through the list and see what might be useful for our needs. And here we have our first keyword burnout at work, and we can totally see that the possibility for us to rank 40 skewered is fairly high. And also the volume is quite decent. And I just want you to compare this burnout that word keyword with the burnout from work. Keyword. This is not the exact same Q word. So you want to add both of these keywords into your content. And for now, I'm just going to write down some of the key words from here into Google docks. Under a keywords heading. You can use Google Dogs. My first soft word any cool you normally used for writing. Just make sure you have many keywords is possible, and you try to include them as you ride your article to increase your chances of ranking forties specific keywords. It's a massive list, not at all perfect, but really, the readers are not going to see this. And what matters is the final piece of content again. You can use the Ellis I draft tool to for cured research, defying maybe some extra ideas that you might have missed on with your previous research, such as Burnham Recovery in my case or other tools like keyword tool dot io, we're Tracker or K W Finder. I've also added some of the either ideas I got during the topic research process from Google Trends and answer the public dot com. Now I'm just going to make sure all of these keywords are at the top of my document, where I'm going to be writing your article so I can see them in real time as I'm writing it . But just keep in mind, this is just my own style of work. So if you have a matter that works better for you, feel free to just go it. Then I will run a search on Serb robot for the following keywords burnout and job Burnell. Now I usually choose to analyze keywords that have the potential to rank and also something I can create. Content around this tool will give you really results on how articles that rank for these keywords are actually placed in Google's results. Normally, if you check Google without this tool, you'll get results influenced by our location and your past searches. But this tool is the way to go. If you want accurate results, I usually look at more than just the 1st 10 results, but it really depends on what those results are and on the key word. So in the next part of this course, we'll look closer at what elements you need to pay attention to when building your article structure based on what your competitors are doing. 4. Creating a structure: onto creating a structure. The best way to motivate yourself to get your content as high in the rankings as possible is to just consider everyone here as a direct competitors because you essentially have to write an article that's better than theirs. And not just better, but 10 times 100 times better as much as you can improve it so that it will keep its ranking in time. Just because an article of yours is on the front page of Google now, it doesn't mean it will still be there in two or five years. So let's start with having a look at the results for burnout Now. First, you've got this Google snippet giving the definition of burnout. If you remember one of the suggesting keywords we had previously waas, what is burnout? Burnout? Definition? So this will only emphasize the importance that giving the definition has on readers. Then for more ideas. You can check out the questions that really people have asked around this topic, like water to five stages of burnout. What's another word for burnout is burnout disorder, and from these very first results, we can already put down some ideas in our structure. After my introduction, I'm going to maybe give out the definition of burnout. And then I want to make sure I cover this idea whether burnout is a disease or not, and from the very beginning, in accordance with the stages of burn out, I want to show and tell people how they can recognize job burnout or what burnout looks like I get. I have a question on the same idea as recognition. What does burnout feel like? How do you know if you're overworked? All of these are issues that people are concerned with and are looking to find a solution. For now, this very first result is the one we had the snip it for. Normally, I don't fool. You read these articles. I just look at the main ideas a target, for example, here to give a definition. Here they help you with a nice little highlight recognized If burnout is something you are going to experience and basically how you can prevent it before it starts happening Here you have some signs, physical and emotional, a section to help you tell the difference between simple stress and burnout, which is more seriously, and stress causes of burn out, what to do if you are facing burnout and some other tips, and I'm just going to right now, some ideas from here is burnout stress or what can you dio? And then I'm going t just take some of the other ideas I have from my past keyword research and add them where I find as fit and simply continue my research from here. Next, we have a more accredited source, since Mayo Clinic is a medical health research organization. So I'm expecting more emphasis on the health aspect of burnout. But I want you to notice Is that even for burnout, the simple keyword you already have a job Burnout in the heading and throughout the article . So this guide here already targets boat of the keywords and again, we have a definition. Symptoms causes risk factors, consequences and tips basically the same aspects that were debated in the previous topics. So all of these are important things for readers. Since these articles are ranking so high onto the next article, we have again, and definition signs and symptoms risk factors that most of these articles are actually structured roughly the same. You also have this article on Lee on the signs of burnout, and then you have a few more it articles debating what burnout is held to recover from bone out and the top stories around job Burnell in the news. And honestly, all of the articles are pretty much the same. So let's move on to the next cured job burnout. You'll notice that many of the articles and even questions here that ranked for a burnout also appear here because they essentially referred to the same thing. So it's only normal that their rankings will be similar. So again, the first articles are the ones we've already looked at. And if you have a look on the right side of the screen, you will already see that guru has created this snippet around those important factors of burnout, from the definition to aspect. Science solutions and consequences. Basically, this is the structure of most of the articles you O. C. That rank for burnout and job burnout. And along with these guides like articles, you will sometimes see an article such as this 11 Burnout is a sign you should leave your job, which tackles one main idea and just debates this true out the whole article. Honestly, this is the way I've also imagined my article toe look like. And from here on, you can just take a look at all of these results and see if you find any ideas. You haven't thought of any experts that have talked about this subject and refine your structure around those ideas and your own unique in front. And from here on the rial process of writing, the article starts as we will see in the next video. 5. Writing Part 1: and moving on to the actual writing. I am just gonna go to my structure. And first I will have my introduction, which I will ride on Lee at the end when I have the rest of my article. And I know exactly what to point the attention to in the introduction. I'm just going Teoh change the order of my headings so that they're a logical. This idea of living for the weekend is what I'm going to keep in the introduction. Then, instead of the burnout definition, I am going to go with a question and just changed this to heading to that this idea of his job burnout. Really. I'm going to continue discussing, probably along with the definition. Then I am going to keep the how to recognize job burnout heading and maybe move it upwards again, having to notice how I am adding the keyword to several actually, all so far headings. Just because it's a good practice for ASIO and honestly, it is so important then this idea of stress is probably something I'm just going to mention briefly. I want to keep the What can you do? Heading vacation is going to be discussed under this heading, and instead of how to prevent, I'm going to go for a question. The Jazz can you prevent Job, Vernell turning it into adding to And this will be my structure in terms of hangs Now I just want to add some white space in between these sections, just so I have more space to write in case I have any ideas while I'm at one section and really will get to writing in the next step. So if you want to, you can take this time to write your own article. As I write this myself. Now, I'm just really going to go back to writing the definition. Remember that we want to rank for as many of these key words here as possible while also keeping the text as natural for our human readers. In not just Google's robots, they're usually when I give the definition, I want to start with a very simple definition that anyone can understand. But this time before that definition, I want to emphasize this idea that job burnout is not omit, and instead it's riel. And then after this, I am adding in my general definition for anyone to understand. Also, in case something is not clear enough, like in this case, work related situations. I'm just going to clarify this in one more sentence. I also want you can do this at the end or now to highlight the most important part of this paragraph, and I just always highlights the definition, just in case people want to see it's faster. And then I'm going to go into some of the other factors that can cause burnout in this case , stress. Another thing I want to really emphasize is house Pasha. Lists always just talk about this, but people really seem to overlook how serious this issue is, so I really want to have this detailed as much as I can, and then I just want to keep this definition section as short as possible. Honestly, I usually add this whole thing mostly for ASIO, because for any keyword, really, there will be someone who's going to search for What is this? What is the definition of this? What does job burnout mean? What is the meaning of job burnout so this can help with those intense? We are going to move on to a heading that's going to be of top interest to our readers, and that is how to recognize job Burnell and I just want to start out with mentioning that it's a problem that most of us have already experienced in our life. So in this way, the readers will keep reading this article because it is something they can relate to, and either at this point or in the interaction I love giving some stats, either a report, a study, anything like this and just always mention the source of your data and next, starting from this existing research, I want to give something you needs to our readers something they can learn from and just apply right now. So what I'm going to do is give them this list, which I usually share to help other people find out if they're getting closer to burning out that work. And, of course, if you have a standard list you always share, just make sure you change the words of it so that it's not really the briquettes content. I always tend to add in something extra. Maybe another tip on under thing you need to pay attention to, and this will just always add on more value to the content you produce. So you're not talking about the same things over and over again After this. I'm actually going to tell people how they can interpret their results because, as you notice, they can easily say that I relate to this. I do not relate to this. I can see that I am not motivated at work and so on. So let's say they can relate to most of these. Then their situation is a fortunate one, and they don't really have to change that month. However, if this list perfectly describes their situation, I'm going to advise them to make a radical change starting today and just not postponing it . And of course I'm also adding a disclaimer because I'm talking about the serious situation here. So I can't just advise people to do this or do that and just tell them that this is the right way to go. Instead, I will also guide them to a different professional who can diagnose their issue and further help. And I'm also going to emphasize why this is important. We can't have bolt the mantle issues and problems I've mentioned here as well as physical ones, so these can be underlying causes of more serious issues. Next, I'm going to move on to this very imposing question I put is job burnout disease. And I'm just going to give them an answer straight away. An answer with a yes, which is really unanswered they might not expect. Now here he wants to give accurate data but still keep the article very interesting. So they will want to further read it. And I'm actually going to explain why I've decided to classify it as a disease and adding some really data, such as, in this case, the fact that the World Health Organization has added burnout to its list of diseases. So this proves my point from the very beginning and next. I also want to present my point of view on the fact that job Burnell can be contagious. And obviously, after making any statement, you also have to explain why you claim that in this case, job burnout is a disease. And basically, if you go into any workspace where people are happy, giving your best and creating customized work schedules to add in some fun hamis and free time with their families and friends. You'll be a cured of job burnout in a couple of weeks. Now here. I will also explain why these people are happy at work and what they prioritize in this case, mental health over anything else. And I am also going to quickly mention why it is important for people to stay happy at work both from their own point of view and that of their companies, because that employees bringing said profits. I'm going to turn to the other side of this scheme, and that is the sad employees and look at the opposite thing that can happen. And that is that once you're surrounded by co workers who just spend their whole days in a chair looking to go home at all times and just do nothing falling into the same routine with nothing exciting in your lives, then you are obviously going to be quite do yourself taking this into account. I'm also going to turn the page to organizations and why they need to put more effort into guaranteeing the mental well being of their employees for the rest of our headings. And of course, our conclusion. We're going to write that in the next video, so staging for death 6. Writing Part 2: now, after setting the stage with the definition ways of recognising burnout and just the theory around all of the factors that can cause jobber. Now we are finally looking at some actual things you can do to prevent job burnout and to find a cure from the very beginning. I'm just going to give in some straightaway obvious tips like you don't have to apply to a company that doesn't offer amazing benefits or that you just have to simply say no to bed offers, then any people to focus on the overall goal when choosing a new job. And that is not getting more money but keeping your mental health and check. I really don't want people to have the wrong expectations. So I first start by mentioning that there's no such thing as work life balance and mentioned one of my past articles. And as you notice, I have briefly resumed my reasoning for thinking that there's no such thing as work life balance. And then here I am going to add in my is vacation, a solution idea, and here you have two options. You can either just say that task vacation is good and you need to take them as often as possible and enjoy them. But this is what everyone says, and it's not really the solution. So instead and going with my own solutions and disclaiming that vacation is not enough but that you need brakes, although they won't really cure you unless you identify and solve the burnout causes first . So I'm really emphasizing the importance of discovering the cause and fixing that before just jumping into anything that you think might solve your problem then below. I want to keep explaining this idea that it's really impossible to disconnect yourself from work and anything else that will support. Why I don't think a vacation is enough Now. I'm actually writing this article for announcements, so I am adding here and there some other articles from their website so you can do that interlinking of articles and create the content clusters that will help you rank better in Google and just connect your readers to the essential information they need. Across the website. Nextel takes something I've heard so many people talk about. They really just give advice like you need to recharge. But honestly, I don't believe in this, so I'm going to explain why this is not good enough advice and and taking this opportunity to introduce the importance of choosing the right career and workplace for you. So this is my next hip or preventing jobber now. And obviously I'm going to develop upon this and really just explain to people that if you have the right activities and goes to work on, you don't need to feel like you need recharging. And instead you have to take breaks even when you don't feel like you've had enough just because you want to do something else other than work and focus on your own self, on your hobbies and so on. And to strengthen this like any other story I'm trying to write, is to share my own experience in struggles. So I've chosen this topic in particular because it is something I've struggled with. So I definitely know what works, what doesn't work and what other people can do to fix it. So I'm really just going to present my story here and briefly tell what I did. But don't make it too long because this is not about you. It's about helping others, and then I'm just moving on to our final heading before the conclusion. As a disclaimer, I have skipped this video. As I wrote This honestly does took solo because you need to do your research. Make sure every fact is as new as possible, checked and even find things others haven't tackled before. So it won't take just 20 minutes like these videos, it might take even five hours or more, so on to preventing job burnout. Again, I have a question, and I'm going to give the answer. But before I move on to a list of things you can do to prevent burnout, I'm just going to emphasize the first and most important thing that you need and that is just being able to take baby steps toward your main goal. That is not ever getting to job burnout or just preventing it. And next, I am going to introduce the best hips and options I have for you, and I will list all of them. You can use a bulleted list or just headings, but when you have tips like this, make sure you explain each one of them. Maybe given some more research, something hips, anything that might help readers believe first and foremost in the power of these tips, or you can even use this technique I used here. And that is, I recommended mindfulness as a solution because studies do show it can help. However, since I haven't tried it myself, I have recommended meditation as something similar that has held me focus on myself and after this section. Honestly, I can just maybe give a series of other tips like recommends somewhat sides, books or just people to talk to. Another fun part would be if I added here some expert quotes from professional people who can give advice on this topic, like psychologists or even people who have doubt with job burnout in the past. Or I can just move on to my conclusion like I'm going to do says This is such a motivational topic. I want people to take action right away and start planning for a better future. So I'm just going to take a few sentences to motivate them. And finally, at the end, you need to have a call to action, and it doesn't have to be just one question. You can ask a couple of more things that you're interested in. I am just guiding readers to where they can offer and leave their own feedback, and that is in the comments below. Maybe you want them to send you an email or just leave a comment below and notice how I didn't just mention leave us a comment or leave a common. I added the purpose and that is spreading the happiness to make it all a bit more personal and to help them feel like what they have to say is going to help others as well. If you mansion something like, I'll get back to you or we'll review your kinds. You can also ensure them that you will reply to what they're saying. If you ask people to leave a comment and really they're not going to get anything in return , they will be more hesitant to share their talks Now. Since we're done with the article, we can go back to the introduction. Now. The introduction is the most important part, and you really should make sure you include what you're offering in the rest of the article a benefit and something that makes readers trust you. Now I like to start my articles with a question in this case, living for the week and much. This is something they can think about. You can use this opportunity for maybe introducing your keyword like Is jobber now keeping you from living your weekend? Adding your keywords to the first sentence is a very good search engine optimization practice. But I'm honestly not writing this article for Seo purposes, so I'm just going to leave it this way, since I'm addressing the second person and technically also introducing my buyer persona. That is who my reader is in this case. Any employee who is dealing with or experiencing signs of burnout always keep the persona in mind from the beginning. Even if you don't write your introduction first, really, the needs of your readers should be covered throughout the whole article. I can somehow also at a quick answer, but I don't want to go on and off for the answer to the questions or to their problems straight away, because I wanted to read the article. Next, I want to keep presenting the problem to them the problem which I am later trying to solve with this article. Through this bullet statement, I'm putting more accent on the reason why they need to read this article. If you are doing an expert around the post, you can also mention that you're offering other expert opinions besides your own hips. Maybe the feedback of more than 100 human resource professionals or psychologist ends to finalize my introduction. I'm developing upon this issue as much as I can, mentioning some shocking facts, anything that can open people's eyes to how important this problem is Now. In my case, the introduction is a bit too long. You can definitely just keep it at two or three paragraphs and then started heading to maybe present the existing problem. And that will be it. This is your article again to review. You have your introduction with all facts and research definition ways of helping people identify where this is a problem they're dealing with or not. And then you're just going to offer solutions. And, of course, you need to add it. This whole article. Add your headings. Bold words links. Of course, you'll go on and take all of these keywords, which I usually also add as I write. For example, if you search for burnout at work, you'll see that I'm already mentioned this cured in one place. So you can do this as you ride or at the end. And this is it really? 7. Takeaways and class project: congratulations for finishing this course. You don't have to worry if you don't usually do something I did as writers. We all have different styles, and it's really up to you to find out which techniques and schedules work better for you to showcase your own unique style and make use of the tips as presented to you. Feel free to participate in the classroom project, where you'll have to put together a 2000 word article. You'll find all of the details under the video under projects, and resource is so best of luck. Thank you for joining me for this writing session. You can also check out my previous courses on writing and digital marketing strategies. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me as I'm on pretty much all social media networks. He also drove me online with your best take away from my course. If there's anything you didn't know or that open your eyes to new possibilities, I hope you could take away some good tips from it and see you in the next courses. Have a drink bait