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The Pilates Practice: Uncovering the Basics

teacher avatar Robyn Whale, Artist | Pilates Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      The Benefits of Pilates


    • 3.

      The Pilates Principles: A Voice of Encouragement


    • 4.

      The 6 Pilates Principles Defined


    • 5.

      PRACTICAL: Applying the 6 Pilates Principles


    • 6.

      The Importance of Breathing


    • 7.

      Posterior-Lateral Breathing


    • 8.

      The Pre-Workout Meditation (Audio)


    • 9.

      Imprint & Neutral


    • 10.

      Rib Cage Placement


    • 11.

      Scapular Stability


    • 12.

      Head & Cervical Spine


    • 13.

      10-Minutes of Stretching


    • 14.

      Warm Up


    • 15.

      Beginner: Basic Core 1


    • 16.

      Beginner: Basic Core 2


    • 17.

      Beginner: Basic Core 3


    • 18.

      Beginner: Basic Core 4


    • 19.

      Beginner: Basic Core 5


    • 20.

      Beginners: Basic Core 6


    • 21.

      Beginners: Basic Core 7


    • 22.

      Intermediate: Power Core 1


    • 23.

      Intermediate: Power Core 2


    • 24.

      Intermediate: Power Core 3


    • 25.

      Intermediate: Power Core 4


    • 26.

      Intermediate: Power Core 5


    • 27.

      Intermediate: Power Core 6


    • 28.

      Intermediate: Power Core 7


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About This Class

Welcome to RewbyPilates!

This course has been created to share the fundamentals of Pilates with you and then to put it all into practise in a safe and engaging way. Pilates has the potential to be life-changing with the many benefits it offers, including improved health and well-being. It challenges the practise of a slow and gradual strengthening, not only in our bodies but also in our minds, constantly testing our endurance and commitment to self.

Before engaging in workouts or classes, it's essential to learn the basics. This course offers a thorough exploration into the fundamentals such as the Pilates principles, breathing and correct body placement through movement. It then moves on to the importance of stretching and warming up before and after a Pilates session. It will then take you through a selection of the Pilates repertoire, breaking down each exercise, one step at a time.

Once completing the course, there will be a greater level of confidence in approaching new group classes with ease. Similarly, online workouts will be that much more effective and safe. And on top of that, there is the added benefit of seeing your body transform for the better! This course will really add value in terms of developing a healthy body, mind and spirit in setting up your Pilates foundation from the start.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robyn Whale

Artist | Pilates Instructor


Hey there, I'm Robyn:-)

I am an artist and Pilates instructor. I was born and raised in sunny South Africa, although I'm now living in Kent in the United Kingdom. My little home and studio sits on a farm, nestled deep within the English countryside.

Over the years, I’ve travelled globally and have gathered inspiration from all I’ve seen, experienced, sketched, filmed and photographed. During those travels, creativity was in my pocket and wellness on my mat – my companions on every journey.

If you've signed up to one of my courses. whether it be art or Pilates, my hope is that you'll gain something really beneficial from it, and that it'll add a little extra to your knowledge on your own special journey of discovery.

Wishing you all the very ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Welcome Teoh parties. My name is Robin. I am a certified Pallotti's match work instructor, and I studied at the South African Academy and the mental ship off Catch Akin Skis. I've been practicing Pallotti's for about seven years now and stumbled across the practice G to hip condition that I had cold for moral s a tabula impingement. Now the same condition is extremely painful and debilitating. And in fact, I had three different surgeons advise that I operate on birth hips, which would have taken me out from six months to a year. I decided to research alternative options a large. He's being one of them, and not only the LRT is resolved. My hip issues altogether. That's it improved my strength, flexibility and balance and transform my body as a result. So you can imagine that pill Artie's has become a lifestyle for me. I try to practice it every single day, but as a traveller on the road, I find this to be a challenge. And so I quite quickly realized I would need to come up with some workouts that will fund fresh, adaptable and that I could practice any time anywhere. And that's what I would like to bring to you today. All you'll need is a mat, a small towel and an open mind. But first things first. Before we move onto any sort of workhouse. I believe that it's really important to have a foundation in the basic knowledge of plotting so that you can practice it correctly and safely with a year and absolute beginner , or you've bean practicing Pallotti's for a while. We've all had to start some way, and in this course I create it to be a set of building blocks that you could learn at your own pace and in your own time. It will start with an overview of the benefits of parties and then move on to the fundamentals such as the Politis Principles breathing on and correct alignments in the body . I will then move onto a selection of the classic Pallotti's repertoire, which I will be teaching you from a beginner to intermediate level, and I will guide you through that process step by step. When she feel you understand the basics and are a lot more knowledgeable in your Pallotti's practice, you'll be able to approach any new group class a lot more confidence and ease, and you'll also be able to practice online workouts effectively and safely. So if you're looking to learn about parties and are searching for a realistic route in investing in the long term health of your body, then you come to the right place. This is the right course for you. 2. The Benefits of Pilates: form of exercise that focuses on postural alignment. It helps to improve the strength in the body flexibility and balance. And not only does it strengthen the body as a whole, but it also has a very strong mind components. So there's a focus on the mind body connection. Pallotti's caters for all levels and ages, from the absolute beginner to the pro athletes. It is rehabilitative in nature. In fact, I had a Pallotti studio in Cape Town, and I've practiced out of a car practice practice. And together we worked on trying to solve his patients ailments through the use of his medical treatment, but also with Phil Artie's, and we ended up seeing the most incredible results. Apart from that aesthetically polite ease will have an amazing effect on your on the look of your body. So you will noticed increased muscle turn in your battle ax and your thighs in your tummy, in your shoulders and in your back so you will notice your body start to change. And if it's used in combination with healthy diets in and as well as an aerobic activity, such a Z, swimming or cycling or running, you will start to notice the most amazing results in your body. With that comes increased confidence and an overall sense of well being and contentment. And so, because of that mind body connection in Pallotti's, you will notice that your entire being feels better for it. I truly believe that pill Artie's with with time. It's very slow and progressive. But with time, if you really start to notice the quality of your life change, I think it should be used in terms of the longevity of your life and to really see the amazing benefits unfold long term. 3. The Pilates Principles: A Voice of Encouragement: It's one thing reading about the Pallotti's principles and attempt to try and understand them. And it's another putting them into practice when first encountering Pallotti's. It can feel quite intimidating with everything that needs to be learned and practiced simultaneously. The coordination of movement can throw a personal entirely. But I would like to be the voice of encouragement here and to let you know that we've all seen there, including myself. I remember a time way. I found Pallotti's to be very challenging indeed. But over time I was able to moss to the process and even an attitude Barnes level. Now I am still growing and learning from my practice. There are some days where I feel fatigued, and I really struggled with certain movements and exercises. We all have our bad days. I would like to suggest that you are kind with yourself and learn the most important skill of all, which is learning how to listen to your body. It is an incredibly wise tool and has ALS the answers. If we just allow it to speak normally, there isn't. There are very good reasons as to why one day we're feeling fatigued and able to perform exercises to another feeling completely competence and strong. This normally has a lot to do with the diet, so I would really advise on keeping a close eye on watching, eating alongside, performing and learning the Pallotti's. I like Teoh. I always like to encourage my students to focus on the breathing and to enjoy the practice and to lets the process and fold as it will. If you show up to your practice, you will learn. I would just like to reiterate the time patients and consistency of yet, and before you know it, you'll be able to practice your Pallotti's without even having to think about it. 4. The 6 Pilates Principles Defined: 5. PRACTICAL: Applying the 6 Pilates Principles: way are now going to be applying the party's principles in a practical sense. And the two exercises that I have selected today at the cat storage and the Shoulder Bridge , the first thing we're gonna do is we're going Teoh, talk about the six principles I'm going to name them. It's gonna be control precision centering concentration float on breathing. Let's get into old for position. I'm already starting to concentrate. Teoh. Think about everything that I need to do to ensure that I get this right. So one of the Pallotti's principles has already been activated. I'm now moving onto precision, ensuring that my positioning is correct. To begin with, My hands are directly under my shoulders. Facing forward, the elbows are slightly rotated backwards. They aren't hyperextended, they soft and my knees are directly under my hips. Hit with the pot. I'm going to inhale here. I'm moving onto breathing and I'm going Teoh, really squeeze my belly button to spine activating century. Part of the principles inhale to engage and exhale. I'm going to run with it in a controlled way. I'm rounding through the spine. I'm squeezing my belly button to my spine and I'm following my gaze is following my belly buttons, so my head is a continuation of the spine. That's all precision, and with squeezing of the belly button again, it's centering. Inhale toe, hold breath and exhale. Come back down to your neutral position, neutral spine. And again, let's let's move into flow of the exercise. It's quite difficult to demonstrate the flow because normally lead refers Teoh plot a plot sequence with the number of exercises where you fling from one exercise into the next. That's the practice, but I will try with to do it within the movements, using the brace back and tall Oh tabletop position. You guys inhale here, making sure the form is correct. Thinking about a precision add exhale round, not on the inhale. I'm going to extend forward, looking up and exhaling back on, looking forward on exhaling back and as I exhale back and going to rock towards the hills, that showing even more with flow because I've transitioned to one variation in the exercise to the other as you can see and I'm inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling, continually holding in my center and back to a neutral stein. The second exercise they're going to be thinking about here. It's the shoulder British lying without back, and I think about foot placement. So your feet hip distance apart. You have a neutral spine. I'm gonna talk about the spine and positioning and shoulder place of a replacement on the cervical spine and son in the next section. Off the course, I will cover that, so you'll have a better idea. But for the purpose of this exercise, I'm just gonna speak very briefly were lying on our back, our hands on extra all sides for this. For this position, I would suggest getting a small cushion that you can place under your kids because you always want to make sure that you are lengthened through the back of your neck and your attacking your chin forward. So imagine you have a little plumb, a soft plan that you're trying to keep underneath your chin. You always let then lengthening through the back of your neck. I'm concentrating immediately. I'm in the moment. I'm concentrating on what I'm doing. I've thought about my form, which is precision and precision. Carries through, carries you the movement as well, and my steps, my feet hip distance apart. I have my neutral spine. My shoulders are really depressed. So they lurid my shoulder. Gold girdle is relaxed, its its stable on the mat, the hands at the sides. China's forward. Now I'm going to squeeze my abdominals. So I'm starting to engage my abdominals and my center. I'm great. Inhale talking about the breath and on the exhale, I'm gonna think about articulating the spine. Articulation is very important here as well. On the Exhale, that was a movement of precision. I am now really squeezing my glutes, which is part of the same part of the powerhouse, and I'm actually digging my heels into that. To further activate, Inhale here, breath and exhale down, articulating, inhale to prepare, exhale, happy go continually thinking about my shoulders because what tends to happen is the shoulders got towards the ears naturally. So again, it's keeping those shoulders down and on the exhale, something inhale in this position and on the exhale, I'm going to take the leg up to the ceiling, pointing. Now there's absolute control in this movement. No limits lift its own devices. You could see that my tourist even pointed. My knee is completely type isn't loose. It's it's It's absolutely tight on. I'm going to inhale here and exhale. Take a leg down to the back to the original position that it was in. Inhale here and exhale up with the other leg left leg. Point that turd. Look at me. Inhale hold, exhale down and again up. Inhale down. Exhale up flow, Inhale down. Exhale up. Now you can start to see that I am creating that floor, and if I were to work and move on to another variation, I would go. I would take my leg up, extended, inhale, flex the Fort Foot and exhale down to the knee. Inhale at point and exhale down again. I'm thinking about my shoulders. I'm thinking about my hips. What Wentz up something to Dio is to drop the hips in this position so it's keeping those hips stable. Inhale, hold, exhale down, low the leg, inhale and always go back to your starting position. Teoh end off the movement. That's very thoroughly. I heard that makes sense again. There are a lot of levels is a lot to remember when thinking about the polite ease principles. But as I mentioned it will come with time. It will come with practice, and before you know it, you'll know exactly what you're doing without thinking about it. 6. The Importance of Breathing: so welcome, Teoh like to six. We could be talking about breathing and breathing correctly. There are two types of breathing I'd like to talk about. The first is posterior lateral breathing, which is polite. He's breathing and mindful breathing, which is mindfulness. We're firstly going to talk about posterior lateral breathing. This is a method of breathing that allows Thea abdominals to contract fully during movement . A lot of us brief from our Billy's, and if we breathe from this place, we are able to contract our abdominals. So what will actively do is learn how to push that. I'll breathing into our cage into the back and sides of the rib cage. Hands hysteria, meaning back and lateral meaning signs what the stop does. Is it it? It expands the ribs upwards and outwards to be able to accommodate that movement of a and so it's a lot more controlled and stabilized. If we're able to breathe from this space in the ribs, as opposed to the belly in polite ease, the breath proceeds the exercise and the insulation. Is Justus important as the ex elation. What we'll do is we'll initiate the breath so well, inhale at the start of the movement to prepare and on the exhale that will be the exertion off movement. So we use the exhale to move as we progress to a more advanced level. We will start to reverse the breathing, but for now, we won't focus on that. Well, just really focus on hearted. Direct that breast up into the rib cage. When we talk about mindful, breathing or mindfulness, I feel that this is a very important component off staying present to the practice so often I would have plans come into my practice and they just wouldn't be present. They would still be at work in their minds, or they were to be stressed out and they couldn't practice their plight is effectively or get the full benefit of it. And as a t r e provided I had learned the skill off learning hearts agreed to become present to a place of self regulation, and what I did is I have been applied. That's the practice so in clients would come in in the 1st 5 minutes of the session. I would get them to breathe mindfully, whether it was just closing their eyes and during a body scan or breathing in and out slowly, or even teaching people out how to breathe. A lot of people don't know heartedly breathe correctly. I would spend that five minutes, so only on breathing. And it had amazing results. People clients for a lot of presents. The practice and I was even a lot more a prison to the practice myself in my own practice. I always swear by doing a little breathing exercise before I start, and I just find that it's prepares the way for a very effective Pallotti's sequence. 7. Posterior-Lateral Breathing: way dio a little session on learning hard to breathe for Syria laterally or or breathe in parties, which is, as I explained, diverting the air from the belly into the rib cage. When she tell a lie on your back with your feet hip distance apart, your shoulders just relaxed on the math, your hands next your sides and I want you to place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. We're just gonna get used to breathing here. A lot of people actually don't know how to breathe, and so it's bringing in awareness around your body and how you agree. So I want you to start inhaling through the nose for four counts and then exhaling through the mouth for four counts and we exhale through the mouth. I want you to exhale is if you were blowing out candles on a birthday cake, and so it's your Your mouth is in in in a circular shape, so inhale through the mountains through the nose. Cool counts and exhale four counts and again inhale before pounds and exhale full count. You can even exhale for six counts, so a little bit of a longer exhale to ensure that all the breath is out of you alot breath has it has come out of your lungs and I want you to start to notice. Wants to continue to breathe as I speak and start to notice how you breathe. Is your breathing shallow? Where you breathing in your body? You're breathing in your chest Or are you breathing in your belly? So start to really become conscious off the way in which you breathing is it is your chest tight? So inhale beautiful Exhale breathing in your chest more than you are in your belly Divert the breathing into Billy and feel the rise and full off the air As Aziz, you hold your hand so inhale and exhale and as she during this you'll feel that your body it will become much common Inhale on Exhale So no, I'd like you to take your hands and place them on you on the sides of your rib cage with your fingers slightly touching each other You know mid fingers and start to breathe Yes, I inhale here and in that position and on the exhale I want you to contract your abdominals So this means that it feels like a scooping sensation in your barely. Or it can feel as if If you're wearing a pair of jeans, you pulling your stomach way from your genes, you created a gap between your stomach and the back of your genes. Do you really contracting may and again inhale without using that contraction? Inhale and exhale on in this exhale position. What might happen is you would find that your fingers slightly overlap each other. I have very long fingers, and so it's definitely gonna work for me, said again. Inhale and hold the contraction. Exhale and then you will start to use that with different exercises. I know that this is a lot to take in and a lot to practice. But over time, with patients and practice, you will be able to get this right. It's very important that you do as I mentioned, because you want to make sure that you have stability in your in your pelvic London region . Full amazement 8. The Pre-Workout Meditation (Audio): Let's start by standing on our Matt with our feet hip distance apart. Just suffered through the knees. Yeah, and fill your feet, sinking into the math evenly. Distribute your weight through your feet so you're balancing between your big ter, your little ter and the heels of your feet. Actually shift your body weights until heels and then forward onto your toes and then move from side to side. It's really getting a sense off being grounded and at one with the oath year. No, I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to start to access your breath. So inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, we went to you to ensure that your inhalation is slightly shorter than your ex elation. So I would suggest to using accounts such as and inhale faithful on an Exhale with six and start to notice your breathing. Is it? Deep is a shallow. How does it feel to breathe so in through the nose and out through the mouth, and as you doing this, just visualize a cleansing off your body. An inhalation off clean crisp. Cool a into the nostrils into the body into the lungs, clearing out all the stale air and excreting it through the nose or through the mouth. Bring you away. List your spine. Really lengthen through the spine from your tailbone all the way. Act the crown of your head. Visualize you disk separating as you lengthen. Just draw their shoulders back. Let's take our awareness to the face. Are you tense in your face? Are you holding? Your job was a tight. Do you have a headache? Has moved the joe a few times from side to side and then around it motion and then from your face. Let's move our attention, your attention to your neck on your shoulders. The stuff here are your shoulders. Elevated is the attention. Let's just roll the shoulders a few times. Woods two backwards in that movement. Then draw those shoulder blades down your back, keeping lengthen spine, moving down the chest through the tummy simultaneously, paying attention to your back. Don't you pull this need your attention to your lower back. How is it feeling? Do you feel anything at old or is it a king? What sensations are they? No moving through the arms from the shoulders. We'll wait onto the forearms past two elbows and into the hands and wiggle the fingers a couple of seconds. And then let's move down the legs down thighs into the knees into the kneecaps, which should be soft at this point and then down through the coughs and the shins, just noticing. Noticing How you feeling in your body? Let's go to the ankles and to the top of the feet and into the toes. I'm back into what the Matt feels like under your feet, that spongy soft sensation. McGain. Take a deep inhalation and exhortation in the game, Missus, Wiggle those fingers one last time and open the eyes. Just pay attention, tell you feeding how your body's feeling without pressure. Just notice, without judgment, being present to what you Ah, in this moment. 9. Imprint & Neutral: Wait, guys. And welcome to this lecture today I'm gonna be talking about and imprinted and neutral spine to the difference between imprinting neutral and these positions are very important because they have to do with stabilization off the public lumber region as well as protection of your lower back ensuring safety around your lower back in preventing injury. I'm going to be referring. Teoh imprinting neutral quite often throughout the course. And so it's very important that you know how Teoh access it and how you know, to perform those those positions in the spine. And so what I'm gonna do now is, um, isn't gonna demonstrate that relaxing on our backs. We're gonna place our feet hip distance apart, and our knees are bent and our hands are next, our sides And let's just come into our bodies now by breathing. Let's give ourselves a big inhalation and exhalation and just soften into this pose, sir, inhale through the nose and exhale through the through the mouth, inhale through the nose again and exhale and inhale and exhale. I'm going to start talking about the spine and if you notice your spine has a natural curve to everyone has it has occurred to their spine. Some people's curves are much more exaggerated than others. It doesn't matter as long as you know that there's that natural curve ins in in in everyone . And if you go Teoh your base of your spine, where where you're actually resting on the mat, there's a There's a bone called the sacrum, and it's a few Spohn. It sits just above your cock. Six. And if you think about where the dimples are on your lower back, your sacrum sits about there. And so it's just interesting to know or understand what bones are relevant and when and where they are in the body. Do you know, talk about neutral? That's the first position I'm going to demonstrate if we take our hands and we place them in a diamond shape. So be firms are together and the index fingers are together. For the full fingers are together and creating that diamond shape, you're going to place the hills off the hands on your hip bones, and you're going to place your fingers on your pubic bone right now. What I want you to do is to imagine that you have a tray that's placed on top of your hands . And on top of that trade there's a glass of water, full glass of water, and what do you want to ensure not to do is to spell that water, and so your tray has to be completely flat and so, therefore, your hands have to be completely flat. And in order for your hands to be flat, it would mean that your pubic bone and your hip bones would have to be level. Therefore, your hands would be absolutely parallel to the match. When that happens, when you access that position and therefore your your your trailers flat and the and the water is completely stable on that tray and you feel the curvature of your spine. In this position that is cool neutral to get to an imprinted spine, you'll take your hands in your place and backwards your pelvis, and what you do is you will talked your pelvis towards you, and as you're tilting your pelvis towards you, you will notice that your lower back and the mat that that gap between the lower your lower back and the map closers so there's no space between your lower back. And that and what happens if you'll probably feel this is there will be a contraction of your abdominals and your obliques will be firing. So essentially your lower back will be. Lend the name, your abdominals will be contracting and your pelvis will be tilting towards you and what will happen? The tray will move to an angle and the water will spill. And what happens in this position is that the abdominal? Because the abdominals are contracted, they are protecting your lower back. They are creating the stability in your pelvic member area for movement. So when we actually decide to lift our legs off and move them around in different ways, this is called open kind of chain. You will do it from from much safer place where there's absolute control, one of the party's principles, absolute control and safety in your movements, and then gradually you will be able to move into a neutral spun. There are some exercises where you won't need to use imprints such as the abdominal print, which which I will, which will come later, where your feet are underground. You're not having to lift your limbs, and so you can perform your exercises, and it's particularly important to perform you exercises from this from this neutral spine . Because you're able. Thio Thio activates a muscle cold. Be transfers of Dominus, which is it's similar to a course. It think of the course it surrounding your entire body. It's a It's a very deep McCool muscle, which will then be activated by being in a neutral spine. And so it depends on what exercises you doing. But for now, for the protection off your spine, I would definitely suggest in any movements where your legs are lifted off the mat that you are in that imprint imprinted position. So what I would like to do now is to move from neutral to imprint in something that is quite an exercise that is called pelvic tilts and just place the hands back on the pelvis and starting our neutral spine. So we know that our trailers completely flat off our pubic bone and our hip bones are in alignment, and what we're gonna do is we're going to inhale in our neutral spine to engage to initiate the movement so inhale, and on the exhale, we going to close that gap tilt that pelvis towards you and contracted the abdominals. Feel them tense up in your stomach and inhaled back to the neutral spine and then exhale. You coming back to imprint and inhale to neutral and exhale I can and go back to your mutual spines. I really hope that that has being explained in a way that you really understand it and you're able Thio Thio access those positions. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. But now we're actually gonna go into our our next lecture, which will be based on rib cage basement. 10. Rib Cage Placement: Hi there. And welcome Teoh Lecture 10. Today I'm going to be talking about rib cage placement. Now the ribs are lower, groups are attached to the abdominals and special attention needs to be paid to the ribs because they have a tendency to just out or to extend forward. And this normally occurs when we take our hands or our arms over hit or it happens on the inhale. So I'm gonna go ahead and demonstrate how this happens. It's lying on backs and just settle into the mat. Relax your rib cage for the time being, and I want you to have your feet hip distance apart and your knees a bent and your arm searcher sides. Your palms are facing down lecture shoulders. Ninth and three, owner, and you're gonna have that neutral spine. And let's start, Teoh, inhale and exhale. So we're gonna inhale for four just normally and exhale out for four. Remember, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, and I want you instead of actually, instead of having you on your arms. Next, your sides. I want you to place them on your rib cage and starts inhale on the Exhale keep going, inhale and exhale. And as you're inhaling and exhaling, I want you to start noticing what's happening with the rib cage. So inhale my books are most likely. Your rib cage will be flaring up on the inhale. Now, the intention with Pallotti's is remember how I spoke about in a previous lecture about posterior lateral breathing? Well, we're going to be doing that. So we're gonna be diverting that air from the Billy into the rib cage. And with that. So we were moving that air into the sides and back to the rib cage. And with that might come a flare up off the rib cage. We want to prevent that from happening. So placing her hands back in our ribs, Here we go. It's inhale. And on the exhale, I just want you Teoh contract so that you can dive it that a inhale keeping the a D. A in the rib cage. At the same time, I want you to feel place your fingers together so that so that they almost overlapping, and I want you to feel on the inhale that the ribs are staying. It makes sorry the fingers are staying in the same position, and as you exhale, the fingers might come a little closer together to really trying to contain your rib cage. So let's try that again. Inhale and exhale. Concede that my rib cage? Well, I can certainly feel that my rib cage is coming closer to give it. It might expand a little on the inhale, but my ribs aren't adjusting ups. That's the difference. Let's try that one more time. Inhale, contain and exhale. I really feel that containing of your your rib cage as well as your abdominals at the same time. The second exercise I would like to demonstrate here to illustrate a bird cage placement is to do with taking the arms overhead if we have to inhale the arms up to the ceiling and then take them up over our heads. What tends to happen is when we have limited shoulder flexibility, limited range. We out our rick aged, intensive jets out with the movement, and so it's catching ourselves before we do so. It will reveal your feel range of flexibility in in this position. So if you inhale, inhale your hands to the ceiling and exhale. Keeping that containment as matches, you can start to notice when your rips move. When they do stuff they that will be the position in which you can go to when you're taking those hands overhead. Don't take them any further because then you're going to full extension and you'll you'll lose cept that that containment off your ribs. It's important to know that sometimes the rib cage placement or that the contraction off those ribs isn't is necessary and some exercises as it is with others. For example, if you are lying on the firm earlier and your intention is to open the chest and to bring the shoulder blades closer together, you're going to be in full extension. You're not gonna be worrying about that rib cage too much. You're gonna be focusing on hard gravity is assisting you to really get you to heck those shoulder blades around the roller. Where is there will be other exercises that you'll practice, such as taking the arms overhead, where that containment is very important and and knowing the balance off between extending and knowing how far to extend without losing that rib cage placement. Let's now move on to our next lecture, which has to do with scapular stabilization 11. Scapular Stability: hi, guys. And welcome to this lecture on scapula stabilization. Now, Because the scapular is extremely mobile and can move around in six different directions, it is very important for us to be able to stabilize a scapular as well as to keep it flesh against the rib cage. Now what tends to happen without postures is we tend to run forward in the condition Marinus Kaif versus which we then have to correct or are shoulder blades wing out? They stick out on what I'd like to talk about today is our two types of movements. There is per attraction and retraction and elevation and depression. Now, I don't expect you to expect you to memorize thes terms. I would just like to talk about them, too, to explain to you the different types of movements and what to bear in mind when thinking about our posture and making sure that we're stabilizing that scapula. So let's turn to the side now and show you pro traction retraction If you hold that the hands up to shoulder height and shoulder with the pot. If you move the the arms forward in a forward movement that is known as pro traction. Now, if we have to move the arms backwards, this is narrowness Retraction. Now what we're trying to do is we're trying Teoh Hope in the chest and and so we're trying to promote retractions. If we get onto or force our hands are directly under our shoulders. Our knees are directly under our hips with finding that perfect buck shape. What I'd like you to do is keeping your your your elbows lucked. I would like it to inhale to prepare in your neutral spine, and I want you to exhale and drop your chest down towards the mat. And I want you to feel your shoulder blades really coming together towards your spine, squeezing together and you can come back up again. So let's inhale to prepare here and exhale. Draw those shoulder blades together. You'll actually really feel them working Now. There is a lovely parties exercise called Spine Twist and that that encourages the shoulder blades to open. Let's get into an all four position again. I'll show you how to do that. We're going to make sure that our body weight is over our hands and you're going to inhale in your neutral spine. you're going to inhale your hand your right hand to your right rib cage and almost hold onto your rib cage. And if you're really gonna draw your shoulder in towards your side on un exhale, you're going to twist bringing that shoulder blade as close as you can towards the spine. Gonna look up and out and lengthen through the neck so there's a squeezing sensation. Good inhale to hold the position and exhale down, let's go to the other side. Inhale up left hands, lip left, rib cage and exhale and squeeze. So this exercise is brilliant to try and promote those with shoulder blades coming close together. The other thing that I would like to talk to you about the other movement is elevation and depression. Innovation is moving, the shoulders actually is, and depression is gliding them back down. Essentially, what we want to try and be doing is to retract the shoulders and bring them down, glide them down and you can actually imagine if if you're a good exercise to start getting into the habit of off. Using is surrounding the shoulders up and back and down, up elevation back and down. Retraction and You can even start to move them one at a time. But it's getting into the habit now, so we think about precision being the one of the party's principles. It talks about preventing yourself from getting into bad habits from the stocked. So if you building awareness around your shoulder stability and how you hold yourself and get into the habit off really bringing those shoulders back and depressing them down and bring in bringing that scapular flash against your rib cage, you're doing yourself very, very big favor. Long term. I would now like to demonstrate how we tend to hold our shoulders or 10 south shoulders in positions such as the bridge, the shoulder bridge. Let's get onto out back stop from our neutral spine off Ito. Hip distance apart and our knees are bent. Hands are by the side and we're lengthening through the back of the neck, attacking action forward. We're going to inhale here and on the X elation. I want you to roll up through the spine now, notice if your shoulders are sitting up towards your is or if they're sitting down your back most of the time you'll notice that they're already sitting up towards your ears. So before I even start a position like that, I like to elevate and a press the shoulders a couple of times inhale in this position. So gonna inhale this The shoulders, actually. ISS and exhale. Glide them down the back and again inhale up and blige them down. No keeping them in that position. Inhale and un exhale. We now going to articulate through the split spine moving up into out bridge positions. Notice of your chin is tact, which would be wanted to be Your shoulders are still lowered and you're going to inhale and take the right leg up into a 90 degree angle. Inhale down and exhale up. And as we're moving, I want you to notice whether or not your shoulders are moving up toward your ears. That is the main practice here to get into the habit off really paying attention to the shoulders and where they placed. I hope that this is seen helpful. We are not going to move into our next lecture, which is the head and cervical spine 12. Head & Cervical Spine: Hi guys. Welcome, Teoh. The last lecture in the section. We are going to be talking about the head and cervical spine. It's obviously you know, that the head is there, that the cervical spine is just your neck, the top part of your neck. And quite often, if you go to Pallotti's class, the instructor will advise you to imagine that there is a piece of fruit such a Z, a ripe peach or plum that is positioned and your chin, and you have to hold it there throughout the duration off the movement on. The reason why they ask you to do this is to ensure that your neck is lengthened and your chin is attacked throughout the movement. So often we forget about the placement off our head and cervical spine. Just because we can't see it and what tends to happen is we will tilt our heads back. We'll fit it, forget about it completely and so wear moving through the exercises and aren't engaging our next to help with the facilitation off moving, particularly with things like the taps exercises like sit ups. And the other thing that we tend to do is to engaged the neck muscles too much. We recruit them instead of the abdominals for movement. There's just very important have will create awareness around the head and neck. And I would suggest, for the beginning stages of your Pallotti's practice, to place a small Christian underneath your head and neck, and that will just alleviate some pressure or take away something else that you having to think about when you're performing your exercises. You'll notice that in the classes that I teach that are coming up, that I quite often remind you to place that that's cushion and your your head and neck. So that is the hit and cervical spine. We're now going to move on to Section five, which has to do with warming up for our sessions as well as stretching. 13. 10-Minutes of Stretching: okay, - way . Okay. 14. Warm Up: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture. I am going to now be demonstrating how todo a warmer before your polite e sequence. It's extremely important to get the spine moving to warm it up before you move into the exertion off movement. It's equally as important. Teoh Cool down after a session, I have put this little warm up together as a general warm up looking at the bigger muscles that we use throughout the Pallotti's repertoire, and so please feel free to use this Prior to any were cut that you're about to engage in standing with your feet hip distance apart. Make sure that your toes are spread evenly and you're leaning into the back of your heels. We tend to lean forward a bit. I just noticed that, and we'll start by inhaling those shoulders absolute years and exhaling down the back. He's still engaging the cool, and it's almost as if you're sweeping those fingers across your thighs from the front of your thighs all the way back. Teoh very back of them. Andan ap. You'll probably do about 10 of these. I've lost count, to be honest, and it's reversed. The movements taking the shoulders backwards and forwards. This is too full. Five billion. Six and nine and 10. Now let's take the shoulder. One of the time it's rolled a shoulder one at a time. So you're literally going. Teoh, roll the shoulders back like this. Notice that I'm gliding my hand from the front of the thigh. It's not lifted. My fingers are lifting off my five. I'm gliding that hand away, Teoh, my hamstrings see really opening up here, opening this chest, moving that scapular around, warming up on. Then let's make a forward. So in nearly one side and exhaling the other, it's really exaggerating movement. Great. Now what I'd like to do is to stretch your neck, interlace your hands behind your back, and I want you to pull them down your back. Your palms are actually facing upwards. Using those had your stretching up. You're locking those elbows, which is essentially opening the shoulders and bring the shoulder blades together. And in this position, and hold that, we're gonna stand with your feet hip distance apart, and you're going to inhale your head down to one side and then on the Excelsior already feel stretched on the upside of the neck. You will round the neck forward, looking at the ground and up at an angle on the exhale. So when you get up to the other side, you grains inhale and exhale round. This is a lovely stretch for the neck and getting it moving, waking it up, too. Just feel free to do as many of these as you would like. Perhaps you're holding tension. You Nick. This is a great exercise for relieving that on the Exhale. Do two more and when more. Okay, The last exercise in this Frankel standing position is placing the feet hip distance apart . I just want you to inhale the arms up to the ceiling. Stretching is if you can attach the wall with your fingers. Take those arms up. Now, If you're spreading the fingers and reaching out as far as you can, you're most likely going to feel a mural stretch. It's a very strange sensation. It's it's different from a normal message stretch. You'll feel difference, but this is This is really good for your for your body and just inhale feeling that stretch stretching are taking those arms to the ceilings on Exhale Down Again. Your palms are facing down and you stretching those fingers towards the wall, lengthen through your spine. I feel most about here. Where is it? In your body and you're gonna take it away down, and it loses that sensation as I get closer to my legs. Let's do that again. Inhale up and exhale. I'm still that love neural stretch. Know their shoulders in length and three or nick. It stayed one more time. Inhale up on Exhale down you go away to your starting position. Let's now move on to you outside to the edge of the match. So we now standing at the back of the mats out feet are hip distance apart. What? You just stuff in those knees, it will up through your spine, length and your arms or just sides just trying to through that. What body? Weight on your heels again. Living through that neck feels and you really been called up towards the ceiling. You will been inhale here and you will exhale and you will roll your your head forward first. Then you will move through the shoulders, you starting to round the shoulders through the spine, articulating from the top of the spine all the way down to the sacrum and then rolling down to drop the head, relaxed the head here, squeeze the belly back into spine. Inhale, hold, exhale And now, using the abdominals to lift you, you will then articulate from the base of the spine all the way up your your for Essex, find cervical spine planning to the shoulders. Take those shoulders back and inhale Here. Exhale. Let's go down again. Use that breath. Activate those abdominals. Inhale. Hold here and exhale round backup. Been those suffering the knees Onda become You could unknowingly up movement. You can actually place the hands on the thighs in between and thighs and use them as a way of opening the shoulders. You pushing against them to Then pull the shoulders back, drop the hands side again and exhale. This time we're going to stay down here and we're going to hold onto each Alber, Relax your head. Relax. Your arms feels if you like a bit of a ragdoll here flop around and then I want you to just rock from side to side, inhaling toe one side exciting to the other, just twisting around your legs to the sides of the room. Okay. Stew enough that you feel good. Here. Come to the center. Drop the arms, Inhale and exhale. Come up into your standing position, pull their shoulders back. We're not gonna inhale. Drop those arms at the sides and then exhale. I want you to come down and then move into and all four positions. Gonna walk those hands into your awful position off. Hands under shoulders, remember. And your knees are under your hips. Right. So now you're going to inhale from this position and exhale into street. So pushing through those hands looking towards Billy, inhale your squeeze Excel, move into extension. Look at push the battle on the exhale around and forward Excel round You helped forward excel around It's on rock towards our hills Inflection So with a rounded spine always breathing through the movement Look towards your baby backing heat that flexion Keep that lovely line in the bottom of your spine Away up to the crown of your head Really helps with where you're looking Now come to the center And now I just want you to where it's hate your pelvis around yourself Drawing it around circle or Better yet, imagine a big ball surrounding you and you're trying to touch all sides of that bull. You're really stretching through the side of the body here and then it's reversed. The movement after the swim add reverse. So you're exhaling round towards here. The hills exhale on its U two more here and when more on Come T Santa. Now what we're gonna do is stupid. Thread the needle. Love some love Easter, Just one of my favorites and I want you to inhale your arm up tin ceiling. Let's take our rights on and hands on a next tail. You gonna take that arm through with your palm facing up to the ceiling and drop the shoulder to the mat. You can then take the opposite hand and extend it in front of your head down the mat and hold this fool a few breaths deep inhalations and exhalations, really, and enjoying the twist through your spine. Let's take one more inhalation on the next X inhalation. I want you to come up taking head up to the ceiling on lowering it down movement. Inhale up with the other arm. Exhale threaded through loath shoulder TV. Matt and take the arm overhead. Really? Try and keep your your hips square here. You don't twist too much. You want to keep your form again, Really Enjoying this twist? If it feels more comfortable holding your hand here, please do so. I like to extend it forward. Okay, so then I'm inhale. You're going to come up again towards the ceiling. Exhale lower that hand and pushed back into shell stretch or child's pose or restrict any one of those three tombs really pushed back. Use your hands to push you onto hills further and breathe and then roll Absa Quinn Shinn through the spine, mentioning through the neck. Just energy one side breeding. So placing your right hand next direction on the mat on the exhale, I want you to take the opposite hand both in your body for a side stretch. So I'm gonna take it to the corner of the room on the exhale and down, and I want you to feel if you're twisting through your upper body. So the left my left shoulder. I'm trying to twist it round to touch the match. You'll feel a levee stretch there and hold that and push through this hand that's on the map because it will Roots hate you. Fair that and take a few breaks yet and come up. And as you come up, come up through the side of the body, go to the other side. So left hand to lift shin and exhale take the right hand over twisting through the right side of the body. They're pushing through that hand. That's on the maps. I really feel that stretch taking your breaths. Yeah, Any breathing through it. Great. And inhale and exhale. I become greats in teal states position. 15. Beginner: Basic Core 1 : sit on the mat with your feet hip width apart with bent knees. Case the hands behind the thighs for support. Lengthen through the spine and feel as if you have puppet strings attached to the top fuel head, pulling you up towards the ceiling from the starting position. Inhale to prepare and exhale. Rolling off those sitting bones, engaging the abdominals. Inhale toehold here and then exhale to roll back up into your neutral spine. This is a wonderful exercise or stretching us fine and for preparing it for movement. We're gonna start by doing age rips, so let's get into our starting position. Let's go ahead and roll the shoulders a few times. Three. Trying to draw the shoulders down the back before we start. Lengthen, inhale. Place those hands behind the guys and exhale round down, Inhale hold and exhale up. We're going to go for two now, really flexing through the spine. Want to really stretch? Use those thighs to assist you with the movement. Just be careful that your shoulders don't come too far forward, but they stay in alignment with your make so you can see there's a real stretching through the spine and Exhale Round five holds Exhale become it's go for another three. It's really focused on control through the movement, engaging those abdominals. Let's go for our last one. Exhale round down, inhale holds and exhale. It's now fold forward for a hamstring stretch if you can hold onto the feet. If not, use a tall help assist you place it behind your feet on, hold onto it and pull forward and green. Enjoy that lovely stretch behind the makes lying on the back. Your feet are hip distance apart. The knees are bent the arms and extend sides with the palms facing down. You'll have your neutral spine, and I would suggest getting a small cushion that you can place under your head. It will just help you with your neck and ensuring that its lengthened inhale to prepare and exhale. Curl up off the mat, making sure that you maintain that neutral spine Inhale toe hold and exhale come back down . So the most important thing here is to maintain that neutral spine and to ensure that you don't come up too high. Otherwise you will disengage your very deep core muscles. We're gonna go for 10 reps. Yeah, it's getting top position and think about our form, so ensuring that they is that gap between the lower back on dmat. Inhale, prepare here and exhale. Curl up. Inhale hold, exhale down. It's got for cheap. Exhale up, inhale, hold the position and exhale down. You can see that there's a real focus on breath work here as well as your precision so touching into the Pallotti's principles, they're starting to overlap. Ensure that when you come up your arms, a parallel to the mat and in mind with your body. And what helps with the movement is to look at the belly button. Morehead is a continuation of your spine, so when you called, you want you to be lost. Coming up now for eight. Inhale hold, Exhale up and on our last count, going to stay up and hold the position, inhaling and exhaling, really squeezing the belly button to spine, engaging the core muscles. Ladies well done. Take them. Used to the chest. It's rock from side to side here mass. Ah Jing sign lying supine on our backs and taking the legs up to a tabletop position with the feet now being off the match we're going to push our back into imprints of closing that gap between the lower back on the mat, arms on all sides, palms facing down there to options of James exercise. The wen is staying down as is, and the other is curling up. I will be demonstrating curling up option. If you do decide to stay down, you can place a cushion behind hid Nick, and this will just prevent the hit from tilting backwards during exercise. There is a pumping action off the arms here, and we're going to do 10 6 of 10 rips of breath, which equals 100 you're going to be inhaling for five counts and exhaling for far five counts, and that will equal one sit and the arms are quite rigid. But you don't want to luck your elders. You want to keep them soft at your side, so it's a very controlled movement. Get into position. We're going to inhale here and then exhale the legs up. Teoh Tabletop position. Inhale again to prepare and exhale. Cool about yet inhale and exhale. 12345 Inhale 2345 Exhale 2345 Inhale 2345 XL 2345 and you'll continue to pump the arms like that for your Siri's off 10 sets, making sure that you're pushing your lower back into the mat, maintaining that imprinted spine and the positioning of your form, make sure that the shoulders don't creep up to the ISS as they have a tendency to do so. In this position. I need to go for our last set except she drink five in hell on release the next down stretch the arms way, going to be in exactly the same starting position as with the previous exercise 100 lying supine on the back with knees at the table. Tough position. Except this time we will be curling up towards the knees. And with that, placing the hands on either side off. The need to begin with says, you can see here the hands on next to the bank me and the opposite leg is extending forward to a 45 degree angle. You can also take it to a 60 degree angle. Just ensure that with lowering the leg, you don't lose your imprinted spine. You're also looking at the timing of the movement using the breath, so inhale, Exhale, inhale Exhale. We're gonna go for 30 rips 15 per side Taking those legs up. Tar tabletop position Inhale to prepare and exhale. Curl up with the hands next to me Inhale and exhale Extends Exhale, inhale, exhale, Inhale. You really are using the legs here the quads and hip flexes as well as having to stabilize through the most movement. And so you using those deep core muscles, as well as your obliques and rectus abdominal ists. Great work out and just keep going. 12. Inhale, Exhale, inhale Last one Great and just released down. Extend Stretch our take the arms overhead and it's stretched those Netflix is out. 16. Beginner: Basic Core 2: And so on. Lying on the back, the feet are in alignment with the hips, the knees are bent. We are in a neutral spine. The arms are by the sides. If you tend to round forward naturally in your posture and your shoulders, turn the hands to face the ceilings. The palms are facing the ceiling and place a small cushion underneath your hidden Nick. This will just help stabilize your head and cervical spine during movement. In hell to prepay and on the exhale, I want you to push your lower back into the math and then tilt your pelvis towards you. And leading with your pubic bone, you going to articulate your spine all the way up to you, don't overextend at the top that ensure that straight line from your knees down to chased. And you'll glitz and your hamstrings should be firing it in half. And then you're going to exhale down, starting from articulating from the top of the spine all the way down through imprint once again. And then back to your neutral spine. Let's default rapeseed hands makes the sides in how to prepare and Excel. Let's roll that Paulus app and then inhale to hold and exhale, roll back down. Notice thoughts, articulations through the spine. It's very controlled. Moon movement, inhale, exhale round at the isn't an extension. Get ready flat when you get to the top. Inhale, hold, Excel, roundup. Notice your shoulders. Don't forget the race to feel buddy whilst you moving through this. This is a great warm up full any LacI sequence that you're about to take part in. And it's good for the last one. Exhale, inhale, hold and exhale, roll back down on top of the spine, back down to the sacrum. We're going to roll the pelvis up to the top. And we're going to maintain that position which is known as the shoulder bridge. Once you add them the bridge, she going to raise your knees up into a 90 by 90 degree angle? The most important thing is to ensure that the hipsterness drop. So keeping those hips level throughout the movement. Inhale in the bridge position and exhale, take that make up. So we're leaving that me into that 90 by 90 position. Exhaling and inhaling the foot down to the Met, exhale left and inhale down. Notice holiday is stability in the pelvis, hips maintained throughout the movement. The shoulders are also stable, as you can see, that there's a concentration on the body as a whole. Let's go from ninth one, Emmanuel down and exhale up full of tenth rip, inhale and exhale, articulate down through the spine to handle the movement. And then take those knees had Freeman TO chaste and rock from side to side. Just written BY saying that spine and back. Before on nixed exercise. In the bridge position, you're going to be extending the lake at Timmy height, pointing the toe. We going to exhale to extend inhale down. Exhale to extend inhale down. It's good for our ten grips. So extend for one, inhaled down, extend for two, inhale down. Keep moving through this. Notice how stove the hips off. One is very little movement. Isn't an overextension of the spine. So you really trying to keep that straight line from the tops of your knees to your chest. And it's got to the last when inhale, exhale, extend, inhale down and roll back down through the spine. One small hugging the knees. In the bridge position you're going to be the lowering the hips slightly to then pulse up and squeeze the buttocks. You really want to feel them phi? Yeah. So I would suggest pushing your heels in to the Met. It's now get ready for this exercise. We're gonna go for ten reps. Yeah. Facing the hasNext asides and exhale the pelvis, F2 shoulder bridge and stopped to tell CIA too. Three, squeeze when you get to the top. I really want you to consciously think about squeezing. It really does make a difference to how much you felt like you've had a workout. And once you get to your tenth count, you know, hold this position, breathing through it and squeezing the glutes as hard as you possibly can. And then lower down to the math again, Lisa chest. Well-done, that's being great. And I hope you have enjoyed it. Okay. 17. Beginner: Basic Core 3: getting onto all fours, your knees will be hit with the part. Your hips will be directly above the knees and your shoulders will be directly above the hands. The elbows are soft and they are slightly rotated towards the back of the room. Therefore closing the armpits. You will have a neutral sign here as your head is an extension off your spine. Lengthen through the back of the neck, and a good line of gays would be just in front of your fingertips. On the mat. Inhale to prepare and exhale browned through the back, tucking the pelvis and pushing through the hands on the mat. Inhale toe. Hold on an exhale you're going to extend forward, looking up and pushing the batch ox out, Inhale toe hold and exhale round again. You can see it. I'm slack key leaning back there for the stretch through the spine and how forward and exhale around. We're gonna do three reps and move into rocking. That's inhale to prepare here, and then we're gonna exhale, pushing through the hands and we're going to inhale forward and then exhale round inhale forward, pushing the mattocks out, extending that head and neck and rounding, and we're going to just rock towards the heels a few times just to further deepen that stretch. And when she completes it that you're going to turn up back into your neutral spine again, we're going to get onto all fours and have exactly the same alignment as we did in the cat stretch. So ensuring that those hips are dug, unease and the shoulders are above the hands on. We have our neutral spine inhaling to prepare, exhale the opposite hand and lake up. No notice that the hand the palm of the hand is facing in wits and is lifted to pretty much the height of the shoulder and the opposite leg is up to hip heights. Now what tends to happen in this position is the hip tends to lift too high, and so I would encourage you to actually practice this move in front of the merit if you can, to ensure that your alignment is correct. It takes a lot of practice, and sometimes you just hold the position. They, for a couple of counts to really get used to what it feels like. What I'd also like to suggest is to round the spine towards the ceiling a little bit to almost be in imprint. And this will just prevent you from dropping in your lower back during the exercise. Okay, lets go for our 10 reps here. Five beside inhale to prepare and exhale. The right arm left leg up inhales a hold. Exhale down, Inhale here and excel Extend that left arm right leg up in hell Holds and exhale down. Not going to go up full three. What's happening here is you really are utilizing the glutes and hamstrings to lift the legs and the deltoids and the upper back muscles to lift the arms. Special attention is paid to your scapula. Make sure it's sliding down the group cage in this stable and again just focusing and not dropping in back. But keeping that imprint it's fine. This is a movement of balance. And so you really are firing your abdominals pip, particularly your obliques go down and we're gonna your last two exhale up for H Inhale. Hold and exhale down. Watch those hips. Make sure that they're stable. Extend for nine here, inhale down and excel extend for our last count. No, your loans to the mat and just pushed down into a child's pose and stretch out all those back muscles that have been worked so hard spreading through this position. Well, inhale here and then exhale. Just roll up through the spine, seated on your heels, getting into the same starting position as the two previous exercises, the cat stretch and swimming. You will be on all fours just remembering your form here. The only difference is is that you will be taking your toes under inhale to prepare and exhale. Lift those knees off the match by about two inches. What's important here is to make sure that you don't lift the knees too high or too low, but they are lifted to the same point every time. Concentration needs to be paid to the lower backs and not dropping in the lower back and rotating those elbows toward the back of the room to the stabilization arms as well as your scapular. So let's go for 10 reps here. Get into your position and it's took those toes. Inhale toe hold, exhale up for one, inhale down, and for two, notice that the knees air same position every time, and Justin share that your back is in light imprint, if you can to avoid that dropping in the back and it's exhale up so five nail down and exhale up so constantly thinking about our linemen tear. You can see that there's a real sucking in off the barely day contraction up the abdominals in an attempt to really control the movement. It's good for our last two here and our lost one. Exhale up and released down Great getting Chart Child's pose. Let's summarize our position. We are on all fours. The knees are hit with the part, and the hips are directly over the knees. Shoulders are directly over the hands. We have a neutral spine here, and just remember that the elbows are rotated slightly toward the back of the room, and they are soft. Close those armpits lengthen through the neck, keeping the eyes close to the body. I want you to lower your body down to the matter as far as you can go without losing your form. So it's very controlled here and with your gods to your breathing. You will inhale down to the Met and exhale back up to your original position. Let's go for 10 reps. Remember, we are learning on the inhale and exhaling up for one stuff to inhale down. Exhale now, Just ensure that your only lowering your body to a point where you aren't losing your form or control off movement, ensuring that your arms are always close to the sides. All those are rotated to the back of the room and you're not losing your lower back. Let's go for our loss, counselor. Inhale down. Exhale up last way. Inhale down, make sail act and pushed back now for your child's pose, catching a breath, stretching out the body. 18. Beginner: Basic Core 4: Welcome to the side liquid Siri's. I'm now going to be unpacking this starting position in detail, as it will be used in every exercise, moving forward in the Siri's, lying comfortably on our side, resting the head on the extended arm and usual hand to hold you up here. It can feel very unstable in this position, so utilize the hand to do so. The hips are stacked, the feta stacked, and if you look closely, you'll see that there's a little gap between the side of the stomach, the side of the body and the match. That's very important that you want to try and maintain that gap. Zip up, contract your abdominals and maintain it throughout any sort of movement. You don't want to sink down into the mat. You want to engage the core at old times. The other thing I want to explain. It's quite difficult to see because we're looking at a frontal position. Here is the angular shape of the body. If you think of a banana that the curve off a banana, the body will be in that curve so your feet in your head are slightly further forward than your pelvis The deepest part of the angle of the curve is the pelvis. There's an almost hollering out there, so it's very important that you remember that these positions and you constantly come back to them, and with time you'll be able to then get stronger and lift that hand off the mat and place it on your fight and be able to conduct your exercises with much more control and balance. Up and down is a lifting and a lowering of the leg with a flexed foot. Notice how the form in the course stays the same. So you retaining that gap, using the hand to balance and you just pulsing the leg up and down to hip height. Going to be doing often rips eso zipping up through the side that's flicks the foot and exhale up, inhale up, exhale up, inhale up. You want to slow the breathing down. We are going to do 10 reps here, but please feel free to do more inhaling the top leg up to hip height. You will then join it with the other leg and then bring both legs down together. So inhale up, inhale after exhale down. It's one inhale inhale, Keep inhaling and exhale lower both legs to match with, Control says. You can see there's a real engagement off the cool day and in lifting through the side off the body. Now for 10 Reps said, pointing the toe. We're gonna meet the leg up in hip height. So inhaling up for three, exhaling down, inhaling up, exhaling down. We gotta go for six year. I really want to try and squeeze the guys together. It's an active movement. You'll really notice your of leaks working here. It's good for our last one up, up and release. In this exercise, you're going to be exhaling both legs up to her piped. Is there going to inhale down and movement and exhale at pointing those toes, squeezing those thighs, lifting up through the side of the body and trying to keep the upper body still here, Engaging the cool now until 10 rips left eager. Exhale, inhale down. Exhale, inhale down with absolute control, Try and keep those feet stacked on top of each other, so squeeze the heels together and the toes together. Let's go for eight down. Exhale up for nine Last 1 10 The last exercise of the Siri's is to circle the leg. Imagine that you're drawing circles on the opposite wall with the tire. You don't want to take the circles too high, just a little bit higher than hip heights, and you will be reversing the movement as well. It's getting tired exercise here. We're gonna circle that foot forward 10 times and then reverse the movement. Ensure that your circles are consistent. They all the same size me. Stretch that leg out point. That's her. So for our last two forward here, think about your breathing. It's reversed the movement and exhale. Exhale in him. Exhale, inhale. There's a lot of stabilization that's going on with all the movement in the leg, the last two on release to spend that knee and stretch over for a side stretch, hold the need down with the hand look in the opposite direction to the band. Me. We've turned onto the other side about bodies. Let's think about our starting position here. So from the previous discussion, think about your form and we are going to perform the full Siris of exercises one after the others, the full full exercises and this is going to demonstrate flow, one of the very important Pallotti's principles that have been discussed in previous lectures. Let's give this a go. Get into your position and inhale to prepare to exhale the flexed foot absolute pulsing With that leg, you can place the hand on the hip if you would like or keep it on the ground for stability . 10. Now point the toe and take the other leg up to meet it. Exhale down in hell at Exhale Down. It's one inhale app in and exhale down. So ready, making sure that you aren't closing that gap between the side of the body and the match very easily happened. Yes, we're moving on to our last two one and exhale both legs up and inhale down. Exhale up. You really are using your core stabilizers here to balance. Let's keep going. Exhale up, inhale down. Exhale up. Keep those feet stacked. Let's go for our last one. Now lower and take the top leg up and circle forward and to think about your breathing. Yeah, and it's good for our last two for weight and then reverse the movement. Think about the size of your circles being consistent and then and let's go for our last two here. Last one and release Well done. I would now like you to get into a side stretch. So stretching out those glutes in spine side of the body, it's taking that me over and holding it down with the hand and stretching over to look at the opposite side to bend me. 19. Beginner: Basic Core 5: in the starting position, you'll be seated. Your hands will be holding on to your shins or at the back of your thighs. I would say Hold on to your shins Here we're just assist with keeping the legs in the same position. Your feet are off the mat, toes are pointed and you'll be rounded forward into what we call a seeker of. Now. If you notice there is a consistent line that runs all the way from your sacrum app to your head. And if you gazed down at your quotes Constant key, you will be able to maintain that curve throughout the movement. Once you've established your form, you will inhale the body down to the mat and exhale the body up to the original position, utilizing a little bit of momentum here. The most important objective is to maintain the C curve through the spine, the relationship between the head and knees and the distance between the feet and the pelvis. Until 10 reps here, let's get into our starting position so we can inhale down to the mat and exhale. Inhale down, exhale up. This move takes a lot to get used to, and so I would say relax and have fun with it. Get the hang of it And instead of trying to do too many rips, rather just practice the exercise itself. Looking at your foam and the precision of movement, Let's go for our last two here. Inhale down and exhale. He's like utilizing those abdominals to stabilize through the movement. The royal up is one of my most favorite exercises because it gives you an awesome abdominal workout as well. A stretches you through the body, particularly your hamstrings. If your legs are straight and knees are locked now we're lying on our backs here for the starting position. In this image, you could see that the knees are bent as I mentioned, you can straighten them, but see how you feel. Start with bent legs. The arms are over hit. You can take them back as far as you can without touching the ground. But just remember to watch the rib cage and show that the ribs aren't jutting out. The palms are also facing each other here. Bear in mind. You want to lengthen through that neck and tuck the chin. This exercise follows on from the roll down the previous exercise, we learned to repertoire. It's coming up now. If you lengthen through the spine and exhale to roll off the sitting bones there it iss all the way down, taking the arms over hate. Now inhale the arms up to the ceiling and on the exhale, use your breath. Help lift you or Fermat. Rounding forward between the knees, you're gonna use your thighs as a support. Inhale, lengthen and exhaled. Round off those sitting bones and take the arms overhit. There's another variation on this to help support the movement. As you can see on the box up on the right hand side corner of the screen, it shows you that there is a usage off the leg to help news. So if you're struggling to get up, utilize the leg. Andi, articulate down off those sitting burns and release on top 10. Rip CIA. Take the arms behind you. Get into position, inhale the arms up to the ceiling and exhale. Round up between the knees, Inhale, lengthen through that spine and exhale roll of the sitting bones back down to you. The original position So really focus are not using too much momentum here to lift you up off the mat. There's a tendency to want to really force the arms over you to be able to lift the body. Rather, activate the glutes and use the breath to facilitate the movement. Taking those arms overhit, inhale up to the ceiling. Exhale, use the breath round up. Inhale, exhale, roll, articulate through that's fine. Also, pay attention to your neck at times. We will also use our neck muscles more than our our abdominals to move and remember to only take your arms as far down as you don't lose your rib cage. Placement Scott for seven here in Hell and exhale have become. You can also straighten your legs here to get a further hamstring stretch as you come forward, but that will come at more of an intermediate stage. So let's just keep the knees bent and focus on our form here and lifting to appoint with his minimal effort. Exhale round, inhale, lengthen, exhale, roll down. Let's go for our last one here, inhale up. Exhale round in lengthen and down you go. The starting position for single leg circles is to lie on the back. We have our neutral spine here are palms are facing downwards, tucking the chin, therefore lengthening through the neck. Both our legs are gonna be bent when foot is placed on that and the other foot is taken up to a 90 by 90 degree angle. Let's start with the right leg, moving it over to the midline of the body. Circle the leg away from you. Essentially, the movement is originating from the hip a supposed to meet, so there's a rotation through the hip joint, and what's important is to keep the pelvis and hips absolutely still throughout the movement, you can place your hand on your opposite hip just to ensure that that isn't happening. Let's begin with the right leg. 10 rips beside five in each direction. Move that neutral spine and you'll inhale the lakes, the midline of the body and exhale, taking it in a circular direction away from you. Three. Exhale full. Hold on to the hip if you need to. Five. Let's reverse the movement and one exhale. Make sure that you don't take your circles too large because your pelvis and hips will become unstable. Just remember that control. Let's take the other leg up. Exhale inhale to your midline and exhale away from you to exhale three full and five. Reverse the movement to really controlling the size of the circles, your pelvis, your hips. This exercise is a lot more difficult than it seems on release. Take those arms above head stretch through the hips. Released those hips there with all that irritation with lying on our backs. Here, the legs are up at a table top position with pushing the lower back into the max we have out imprinted spine. The arms are resting at our sides with the palms facing down, lengthening through the neck. I would actually advise using a small cushion here that will just ensure the stability and alignment of the head and cervical spine During movement. From the starting position, you will know a one leg at a time to the mat and just tap that toe to touch it and your swap your legs in mid air. Your breath will be used to facilitate the speed of the movement Seal Inhale for one. Can't exhale for the other in health. One count. Exhale for the other. Let's give that a try. 20 Reps. 10. Besides lying on the back in health care. Teoh. Exhale the legs up to tabletop position. Inhale against prepare and excel. Drop the right leg and two legs. Swaps will equal one rip. So think about the control of the legs pointing right through the toes, keeping those shoulders stable, pushing the lower back into the mats and focusing on your breathing. Pull that baby back into spine. Really engage the abdominals on the exhale. Let's go for our last one here and release low those legs down to the mat. Extend them forward and arms overhit. 20. Beginners: Basic Core 6: Let's start today's workout with a woman cat stretch, sir. Non neutral spine. Inhale to pay and exhale rounding through that spine. Just get the body moving here, stretching out the vertebra and extending forward and opening the chest. We'll rock here towards those heels, lengthening through the arms and come back at the game, lying on the front of your body. Here you are propped up on top of your four arms. Your shoulders are stacked above the elbows and you're really lifting up through the front of the body. The glutes are squeezed here, and you're pushing the pubic bone into the mat, which is really lifting those hip bones up. Remember that your shoulders are depressed and the blades are gliding down the back along the rib cage and the feet are behind you. The legs extended behind you, and the feet are externally rotated to the width of the mat. Theo way exhale. You want to be bending your left leg towards the batter ox and pulsing it twice. So exhale. Pulse the upset leg now and you going to alternate legs, ensuring that you don't drop through the waist and keep the glutes absolutely engaged. at all times, maintaining the positioning off your pubic bone. So exhale. Pulse twice extent, inhale and exhale to the other side. I came for the exercise. Now it's just lengthen through the stomach. They're pushing the pubic bone into the mat and extend the left leg up and exhale to the other side. Inhale, exhale. Pulse twice. Inhale, exhale, inhale, Exhale. Notice how the top of the body stays. Absolutely still. Your gaze is just above your hands. We're going for our last to here. Exhale down last one. Exhale and release Lying on your friend. Your legs are going to be extended behind you, with the feet externally rotated to the width of the matter or slightly wider. The arms and hands are going to be at the side of the body and next to your head and shoulders. The most important thing I want to talk about is the basement off the pelvis and the lower back, and you want to try and achieve a bit of an imprinted spine through the movement. And in order to do this, you will squeeze the glutes and push the pubic bone into the mat, and that will naturally lift the hips up off the ground, and you can see it creates a little gap. They and from that position, you are going to push through the arms and lift the body up. It's almost like you're hinging from the hips as opposed to a rolling up action. Inhale, Exhale, inhale to hold the position and then exhale. You'll lower yourself down. So really trying to maintain the positioning off the lower back that imprinted spine. I just want to try and protect your lower back. It's not just possible. Let's go for six reps. Inhale to prepare, lift up through the waste there and exhale. Push yourself up so your gaze needs to be just in front of the mat there because you want to be lengthened through your back. You don't want your head to drop down, but to be straight and in alignment with the spine so really pushed through those hands pushed through the pubic bone. Lift up through the waist and down and exhale up for full inhale holds and exhale down. You'll really feel the glutes firing here. Every time I'm lowering, they I'm repositioning my pelvis and lower back into imprint and exhale up for our lost one and he'll hold the position, watch the shoulders and then stretch back into child's pose. You'll really need the stretch with this exercise. Contracting stretch Well done thing is a bit of a fun exercise. We're going to lift the legs into tabletop and push the lower back into the mat on, and what you're going to do here is you're gonna have to use a little bit of momentum to get the legs over the head. So it's similar to rolling like a ball, except you're trying to attempt to get the legs further over the head gradually. So let's start here, and I'll talk you through how to do the exercise from the legs being in the tabletop position. You will. Then, with a little bit of momentum, take the legs overhead. So I want you to have fun with this movement. Unlike rolling like a ball, where you having to maintain your form at all times? I would like you to just familiarize yourself with the ruling process, so finding your balance and building your confidence in the smooth you will get to a point where you will actually take those feet all the way above your head to touch the ground. So for now, just get used to it. Please just bear in mind that you want to protect your neck and so only roll up to the shoulders with the head resting on the mat and enjoy yourself. You might want to do more than 10 rips. Yeah, but let's do this for the purpose of the exercise. Very willing, for one. And you really just want Teoh find the balance more than anything through the smooth intermediate roll over is a lot slower because you are taking the lakes of Hit. But this is a lovely exercise to warm up the spine, to massage the spine and to have a lot of enjoyment and fund with. It's good for our last one. Great stretched over. 21. Beginners: Basic Core 7: sitting on a mat. The legs are extended in front of you, the feet of flex the knees on luck, and you are lengthened through the spine. Sometimes there is difficulty sitting in this position because of tight hamstrings or hip issues. I would suggest elevating yourself slightly with a block or something similar, and that will just help ease this positioning. The arms are taken up to the shoulders at shoulder height, and the palms are facing forward. Really feel like you're putting up through the head, and I've had to really slow down the video. In order to explain this exercise correctly, rotate the body with the hips remaining forward to the right side. Take the left hand to right foot, fold forward on the Exhale It back arm has rotates that the fem faces the ground. You'll then inhale to roll up sequentially with the backhand, returning back to its original position and exhale to the center. Inhale to rotate to the left, right hands to left foot, fold forward, rotate the back on on the exhale Well, then inhale rolling up to your seated position. Let me through the spine, returning the hand back to where it Waas and exhale to the center. This movement. Actually, it's quite fast, but go at your own pace. Remember, the precision off the movement is far more important than the quantity of rips. There is a variation on this exercise where you simply twist the body to the side without lowering to the foot. This is actually a very good place to start before you move onto the next step of the exercise. Let's complete how exercises preparing ourselves in our initial position. We going to rotate UN inhaled on the Exhale fold forward. Taking that hand to foot retaped back on, inhale opportune on back to its original position. Exhale. Same test. Let's talk about the breathing. Exhale falls, inhale, lengthen, exhale, cente, inhale, Exhale, folds, inhale and Exhale Center. There really is a lot of coordination here through this movement, and it's a very tricky movement because off the placement of the legs and the folding forward, I must say I struggle with this exercise myself because of my past, his hip issues. But with that black or being on an elevated surface, it really does help so center twist to the right and lower exhale, inhale lengthen. Exhale Santa over to the other side and fold forward. Watch where the hitters looking out well behind you. Rather, let's go for our last two and come to the center. Last one, rotating to the left fold forward, Inhale, lengthen and exhale center. Well done. This exercise is one of my personal favorites lying in the back to get your starting position. You'll take those legs up into tabletop. You will be pushing that lower back into the mat, and you will interlaced those hands behind the head technician. Just ensure that at all times you're able to see those elbows so they constantly in your peripheral vision. From here, you'll inhale to prepare to exhale, to cool the body f inhale again, and on the exhale, you'll rotate your body to the left side, ensuring that those arms are staying in position. What normally happens is the arms were closed slightly towards the direction in which you're going. The most important thing is to keep the structure in the arms, twist from the sides and the leaks, and exhale so you'll inhale through the center of the movement and exhale to rotate lifting up through the torso Let's begin 10 ribs, five beside inhale. To prepare, Exhale to take those legs up to tabletop position into lazing the hands behind the head and exhaling to curl up. Inhale toe. Hold and exhale. Twist for one. Inhale through the center and twist for two. You can see that there isn't a change in any of the structure of the body, so the arms are staying in position as well as the legs. The movement originates from the torso. It's good for our last two here. Inhale, exhale and hold this now for 10 seconds, squeezing that billy back into spine, engaging your core and breathing through it. And great load done well done. - Supporting yourself on your forearms with your hands facing down your spine is in what we call a posterior. Pelvic tilts so it's rounded and the Elbert elbows are directly under the shoulders. It's very important that you have that support their through this movement, and the legs are brought up to the table. Tough position with feet pointed. Look straight ahead of you. Well, then drop the needs to the side with control. So rather you rotating the pelvis to the side. Andi, you will then extend the legs. Let's go to the left chair. You'll extend the legs from the knees. You will then bring them in, maintaining that landing flexion, and you'll come to the center again in whether God's the breathing. It's inhaling to the side, exhaling, extending those legs and then inhaling. Come back to the same time all the way over to the other side. On Exhale. Extend pointing those toes and inhale. We're take to the other side and exhale, extends and then come to the center again. The movement is a lot quicker than this. I've slowed it down for purpose off explaining this exercise correctly. UN. Chart in rips We're getting into position stacking on top off those all those inhales prepare and exhale rotates to the right. Extend, exhale. Inhale the legs back over to the other side. Exhale, inhale. Bend the knees. Andi, Exhale. Do you see the absolute control in the movement? Really wanna squeeze those thighs together as you move, always trying to maintain that tilt in the lower back and pelvis. Let's go over for eight. Exhale, extends bend, inhale all the way over to the other side and exhale for nine Last one. Come to the center and release the lakes down, trapping yourself up on the side of the body. You'll be resting on your hip and on your forearm. Your shoulder should be sitting exactly on top of the Elber, and the palm is facing down. It's very important to maintain this structure as when you're lifting those hips, often that which we will be doing most of your body weight will be resting on your upper body. The opposite arm will be used to assist the movement in terms of balance. Don't use it to actually lift you up. We lift your hips up, but to rival help with the stability off the movement, particular in the beginning, with regards to the legs, the top leg is crossed over the bottom legs at the ankles, and the legs are forming an almost triangular shape. You are lengthened through the body, you know, slouching down towards the mat, so always ensure that you are lengthening through the spine and lifting up throughout the movement. When she established your positioning, you're going to take the hips up toward the ceiling and you're going to look down towards the mat so there's a rotation in the body here. Inhale. Exhale up. You can see that the Knicks are straightening somewhat and using the top arm to support the movement because you are now looking down towards the mat and then returning back to your original position. You'll notice here that once we moved down to the mat, you don't completely come down. You can actually just hover above the math slightly. Let's move on to the rips. Gonna do 10 of them getting into position stacking that shoulder of Albert in helps prepare . And then on the exhale, you're gonna lift those hips up for one you really see of pushing up through the legs and through the abdominals, and you really are looking towards the mat utilizing that hand. Justices support through this movement. Text a little bit off getting used to, but she will do quickly. And eight. Exhale, Inhale down, exhale up, lengthen one more on the exhale great and lo it down. Get into your figure of full and stretch that shoulder and the side of the body. You're a lot. A few times we've now turned the body around, and we are doing exercises on the other side, so exhale up, inhale down. Exhale pushed through those legs and feet. Inhale down the controlling yourself through the movement, going as fast or as slow as you need to. I'm giving you a pace here, but if you'd like to go slower and feel more comfortable doing that, please go ahead. Seven. In example eight. That here this low, just above the hand they last won. Exhale up and release down. Let's take a stretch to the other side. 22. Intermediate: Power Core 1: the starting position is gonna be exactly the same as the starting position in the beginner roll down exercise. The difference is is that your arms are raised to shoulder height and there at the width of your shoulders, with your palms facing each other to prepare and exhale roll of the sitting bones keeping Those aren't at the same level Inhales, Prepare, exhale, squeeze The abdominals rolled on, flexing through the spine and come epic game inhale Exhale down, inhale hold and exhale up Okay, we're gonna go for 10 reps here. Let's take those arms to shoulder height and we're gonna take a big inhale. And on the exhale, we roll up those sitting bones, flexing through the spine and then lengthening through the spine. So inhale, exhale round, inhale hold, squeezing the baby back into spine and exhale. Come up doesn't show on the way up. Whilst you lengthen you really trying to achieve that neutral curve through the spine. It's a great exercise to start understanding the concentric and east centric meaning be shortening and lengthening off the hip flexes and the abdominals without the use of our fires to support us. So we really are utilizing those muscles for movement, and it's a great exercise just to prepare us for other rolling exercises to come and become inhale and exhale. Down you go zip up through the politik floor. We're gonna come down for nine, excel in the hold and exhale. Lengthen up. And for our 10th 1 we are going to hold the position with every exhale. Feel like your belly button is going to tax your spine. You're going. If you come, just take those legs out in front of you. Stretch them arms of the head. I mean a stretch out those hip flexes by rotating the pelvis. I'm side to side, I think this intermediate version off the 100. The legs are at a 45 degree angle with your feet in party starts. That means your heels together and your toes are apart. The legs are strong here, the knees are locked and you will be using your hip flexes a lot. Now, if you have hip flexor issues, I would suggest not putting your legs at this 45 degree angle, but to rather take them up towards the ceiling, extend them to the ceiling. Alternatively, if you feel that your hip fixes a strong and you abs is strong. You can take your legs down towards the mat. At eye Level 100 there is a pumping action off the arms. Remembering that it's a controlled movement is a rigidity to the arms, but the elbows aren't locked their slightly bent or soft rather, and you're going to inhale for a count of five and exhale for a count of five, which will make one set. Because the legs are at a 45 degree angle. There's gonna be a lot more pressure to keep that lower back on the mat. So if you feel like your lower back is lifting and you're and you're not used to your your abs on strong enough to maintain that position, then I would say Bring the legs up closer towards the ceiling. Let's go for our 10 rips. Now we're gonna exhale those legs up to tabletop and kill the body up with the arms parallel to the mat. Get your starts and extend those legs to 45 degrees. I'm gonna start pumping the arms. Exhale 2345 In health 2345 Exhale 2345 and just really ensure that you don't lose that lower back at a later stage. When you become more advanced, you can work in neutral. But for now, to protect your lower back, it's very important that you push down midst of the next count. Inhale 2345 Exhale 2345 Inhale 2345 XL 2345 Really noticed the arms Control off the movements. Very important here. Great. And then bring the knees in after the status finished. So being the knees, blow the body first and then lower the legs one at a time and stretch out. This is our last exercise in this lecture. The double leg stretch. This exercise has a lot of coordination with the arms and the legs, and so it's very important that you concentrates. I'm really outlining the Pallotti's principles here. The other thing is that it's a long leave the movement where we are extending those legs and arms to a 45 degree angle, and so it's very important that you pay attention to him. Fixes. If you have issues with your hip, flexes rather abstain from this exercise together help to prepare, Exhale to extend the arms and mix and obtain hisley at that 45 degree angle. You're going to extend the arms and round them towards your body to end over the palms facing down. Noticed that they face each other on the extension and then come back to face the Met. There should be a real concentration on the breathing yet Exhale, Inhale, Excel to extend and inhale to end. We're gonna do our 10 reps. Yeah, it's getting to our starting positions of taking the legs up to table tough position and curling the body up with the arms facing parallel to the mat, and it's go for inhale. To prepare. Exhale, extend for one around those arms and to and run to inhale. Exhale for three. Extend 45 degrees round and full. Exhale browned. Just really pay attention to that. Lower back here. As you can see on the extension, there's a pulling off the belly button to the spine so you're using the X elation to assist the movement and round you have two more exhale. Extend palms, facing each other around the floor one more and round and lowering the body and then the legs and then extending the arms and legs at the same time. This rotation through the pelvis is great, which is stretching out those hip fixes. 23. Intermediate: Power Core 2: Comfortably on the mats are lakes on lengthened in front of us. Now, arms are now sides we can to enhance the pan on the exhale. Take the right arm that he had and inhale, swap the arms over. Your palms are facing inwards. As u soldier on. We're gonna do five rapes. Yeah. But please feel free to do more if you so desire. We are going to go ahead and warm the spine up with some pelvic Coase said in how to prepare and exhale, roll up through the spine and able to hold and Excel rural down. It's good for us they can when peak sail up with precision in Ale hold, squeeze down. Let's do one more here. Excel Raul. And we can make our way down. You can do as many as you would like here. Let's begin by getting into our shoulder bridge. Once he found out bridged position, we're going to inhale and men on the exhale, extend the leg up to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale, inhale down, and excel at ensuring that the hips don't drop, particularly the hip that is opposite to the lake that is extending. That tends to happen in this position. Let's get into a bridge position for our ten rips in, our leg extension is extended up to the ceiling. Inhales On and excel at 5'2, inhale down. And Excel. Just to remember to really stretch out that lake and luck the need pointing TO. Remember with peripheral movement, if you are the fool me a correct key. No, lump is lifted. Its own devices. Inhale down. Excel F. Let's go for our last one. Know the leg and roll back down through the spine into neutral. Lying on our backs, neutral spine, arms, necks beside palms facing down, lengthen through the neck and technique Chin. This time, knees are going to be a part. And now hills are going to be to give an NFC. Tomatoes are going to be slightly externally rotated, very psyche. And that will be obvious. Our starting position. Yeah. So inhaling and our starting position, we're going to roll into our bridge from maintaining the open, nice. And you simply going to open and close the legs. So pulsing without dropping the hips. You also going to squeeze the thighs together when you bring the legs together in the middle of the position. So open, exhale. In how squeeze, open, squeeze. Open, squeeze. We're going to go for 30 rips. Yes, with open means even TO bridge position in how the legs together to screens and exhale, inhale, exhale, squeeze, exhale, and let's go for a full exhale. Notice that with every opening of the knees, the pubic bone seems to lift slightly. And that's because there is a concentration on really activating those glutes and hamstrings to retain the position of the pelvis in this position. The deep core stabilizers are also working very hard because there is a lot of movement. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. So just keep moving through this, know sing your entire foams to thinking about learning those shoulders, lengthening through the neck, checking the chin. And we are going for our last 21 mole, squeeze and x together and roll down through the Paulus, meaning into your bridge position. Even to take the right, they got to the seething pointing the toe. And you're going to draw a five circles on the ceiling with that point to turn. Once you've completed that, you're then going to reverse the movement and draw another five circles until you then learn the leg and repeat that on the other side. Now going for our ten rips pose side with five circles forward and five circles backwards. Pointing the CHO, we're now going to stretch that laid out to the ceiling. And you can make the circles as big or small as you would like to. As long as you don't move the hips here. And you're going to exhale as the flip moves away from you. So that's exhaled app to the other side. And inhale, exhale for one. Exhales, exhales The Three, and try and keep the consistency in the size of the circles without dropping the hips. Last 15 and bringing them make DOM in households and exhale, wrote down through that Spine unit, bring the nice with chess. Now we've finished that little series of shoulder bridge exercises. It's a really good workout for the Greeks and the hamstrings. And lastly, just stretch out, stretch the body off 23. 24. Intermediate: Power Core 3: way, way in a started a station with a cat stretch in a variation of it, said It's going told Force and inhale to prepay and exhale round through the spine, pushing through the arms and inhale forward extended in the cup and exhale for two. We're gonna take four reps. You inhale forward and exhale back, flexing through that spine, stretching it, moving it. We're gonna go see one more Rick. And would you go now? What I'd like you to do is I would like you to rotate your body or round your body is if there's a big bull surrounding you and you're trying to touch all sides off that bull with your body. We're going to do full rips on the one side and then repeat and reverse the movement on the other way. Go Weaver Ghost. The movement just really enjoying that? Stretch down the sides of your body. Remember your head. It's continuation of your spine. Saluted. Follow the movement. Since our last wreck, we're gonna come to the center and pushed back into a child's pose, lengthening those arms in front of us and stretching through the back, lying facing down our legs are gonna be extended behind us with the feet externally rotated , so irritated outwards and they're going to be placed Teoh the width off the mat. Our hands are going to be next to our shoulders, facing down and the arms at our sides. Not really trying to lift through that Billy by squeezing the groups and pushing the pubic bone into the mat. Inhale to prepare this movement and exhale. Come up hinging from the hips and you're going to inhale the arms forward and exhale them back to the original position, almost catching yourself. So as you move the arms forward, your legs are extending in the air as well. So we'll be in full extension and catching yourself once again sweeping the arms forward, taking the legs up and catching yourself on the exhale in him. Floyd Exhale back. Inhale forward. Exhale back. It's do 10 reps here took an inhale to prepare and exhale. Up you go the arms. Inhale the arms forward, exhale up and how four. Exhale for two such a stra member to constantly notice if your arms and your shoulders are coming back to their original position. Really pay attention to lengthening through the chest and shoulders, so don't round the shoulders forward, particularly when you come up. Let's go for our last two and one. Exhale and release the body down well done, Pushed through the hands into child's pose. Just contract this exercise with a lovely stretch. Three. Smooth How starting position is going to be in a plank position. Just ensure that those shoulders are directly above the hands and the feet are hip distance apart. Make sure that you aren't dipping through your lower back and that your back is reasonably flat in this position. Inhale that rightly got to hip height. Exhale round Ford Nature knows Inhale. Hold this position and then exhale. Extend the leg again. Learn it, then down to the mat. Inhale. Take the left leg. Exhale, flexing through that spine, Inhale. Hold the position and exhale. Extend back, pointing that term so you'll notice that there's a lot of coordination of movement here and in order for the pelvis and spine to be stable, the abdominals are really firing here, and so if we speed it up to a realistic timing, it's released the leg back pan down, inhale up, exhale round, inhale hold. Exhale Back. No, the foot Inhale up. Exhale round, inhale Hold, Exhale Back So it's quite a fast movement. It's good for our 10 rips and how hold the position. Exhale. Take that right leg up, Ron Forward Exhale, Inhale hold and back and down. Let's go for to inhale up, Excel forward and he'll holds Exhale back below the foot. Theo Gang. Inhale at Exhale Ford Me to nose Inhale hold, exhale back and just keep going like this. Really noticing the stability of your stunts, really concentrating on your breath and ensuring that your your stable through your shoulders if you have shoulder issues, I would say abstained from this exercise. A lot of pressure on the shoulders here to maintain the movement. Let's go for our last to inhale. Extend Exhale Round Inhale holds lease and the last one round Exhale, inhale, Exhale and Back and take the news stone and stretch back into child's pose. This exercise is pretty much exactly the same as the leg pull front the previous exercise. The only difference is is that when you round forward round the knee forward, you'll be taking it towards your armpit. You can see they? It's affliction to the side of the body. Do you really going to be engaging your obliques here? Inhale up. Exhale round, inhale holds and exhale. Extend again. Point that toe. Inhale up with the left leg X L round, just rounding with the head, but its movement is towards the armpit and release its speed up the movement. Inhale. Exhale round, inhale, hold, Exhale Extend opposite side up and exhale. Inhale, hold, exhale, bring ease to finish the last 10 reps here. Let's take that leg up on the inhale and exhale round for ones and back and down and up and exhale to hold and back and down and three. Exhale, inhale, hold, exhale back, hand down and inhale up. Excel round inhale hold, Exhale Back, lower leg. There's a lot to think about in this exercise. A lot of coordination of movement and breathing and form and stability. Let's go to seven and round, you know, hold, exhale, release and eight and round really feel the engagement off your obliques and side of your body. Let's go for our last one and round and hold and extend and down no the knees and then push back into child's pose 25. Intermediate: Power Core 4: thing is an intermediate level in the side. Legwork. Siri's and I would like to remind you about your form in your starting position before we begin remembering that the hips a stacked the feet are stacked. You're lying comfortably with your head on your extended arm. You're lifting up through that waistline. You can place your hand in front of your body, but I would suggest at your intermediate level that you challenge yourself by placing it on your top five, and you're really activating the stabilizers. Teoh control the body through movement to balance you through the movement, remembering that your body is also in that banana shape so your kids and your feet are slightly further forward than your pelvis, and you're lying in that angle, raising those legs on the exhale. We will inhale the top leg forward and exhales, swapping the legs over to take the top leg back. So inhale the topic forward and exhale back. You'll notice that the forward movement is much smaller in the backward movement, so there's a real concentration on activating the glutes on the follow through. Let's go for our 10 reps. Yes. Oh, we're going to get ready and are starting position. Inhale to prepare, and then you can exhale those legs off the mat. Inhale the topic forward and exhale it back. Inhale explored for to exhale back. Now what she can concentrate on is actually externally rotating the back foot as you go back into extension, and what that will do is it will activate your glute even further. So let's go for six. In health forward. Exhale back. Noticing that I'm not dropping in the body, you really lifting yourself up through the body and stabilising through the core. It's a lot of movement there. Let's go for our last to be nailed forward and exhale back. This is pasta dig a shade and their three movements here. The 1st 1 is to draw the toe along if I towards the pelvis extended to the ceiling and then flicks the foot back down to the original position. So in with the leg, extend and release and the breathing is inhaling here all the way after the top and then exhaling the flex foot back to the other one. Oh, taking the leg up, extending it and flexing the foot down. Inhale, Exhale down, drawing up with that foot exhaled on history, so make sure that you're not dropping that way. Slime. Stabilizing yourself with your core muscles. In this case, it's a little difficult to get that hand on the hip because you're reaching the legs so high. Let's go for our last two here. Exhale in hitting the neck up to extend and exhale down. Starting position for the clam is a little different. The upper body is exactly the same as previous starting positions, but the legs are bent here. The knees are squeezed together as well as the feet, and the knees are up to hip height and the feet are angled off the mat so the knees are lower than the feet on. Just simply going to open and close the legs. Here is if you're a camp and so you're going to inhale down. Exhale open without dropping those feet, trying to keep them really stable. Let's give that a bash. 10 reps. Get ready in your position in hell to prepare and exhale. Open in hell. Close, exhale open. It's meeting through this, keeping the upper body as still as you possibly can. Those feet are in the same position. There will be a little bit of movements, but just try your best to keep them. Still. You really gonna feel this in your top better. Let's go for our last two here. Open exhale, inhale, close, exhale, open and in close side kick is our last exercise for the Siri's, and the only difference in the starting position here between the clam and this one is that the bottom leg foot is on the mat and the top leg is angled even further up towards the ceiling with a flexed foot because you're going to kick out behind you, demonstrating this, that is exactly what happens. You'll kick up behind you, flexing the foot and then bring the new back to its original position. It's a really angle backwards with your kick. Let's go for our 10 reps. S a flexing the foot and kick for one in and to. So your breath is that you're going to exhale to kick inhale to bring that need back to its original position. Just ensure that you are keeping your form here this precision on Let's go for eight kick inhale and nine pick Let's go for our last one and kick and release. Okay, Well done. You finished the series and now just go to a side stretch here. So taking the knee over the body and stretching out looking in the opposite direction T o me, we're not gonna work the other side of the body. And instead of pausing through movements were gonna link them all together and move from exercise to exercise with fluidity touching on the Pallotti's principal off slow. Think about your form. Here you'll start in position. Your feature stacked your hips a stacked. You are resting your head on your extended on and you're slipping up through that waistline . Your also in that angled banana position. It stopped this exercise sequence with side leg kicks and we're going to get held to prepare. Exhale, take those legs up to him heights, then inhale the top lick forward, exhaling it back for one and to exhale. If you extremely were, take that top leg, particularly when you go back into extension. You were really activate your glute trying. Point that toe towards the ceiling. Notice the control in the movement. Exhale for seven. Inhale forward. Exhale for eight. Prevent yourself from dropping in the waste here. Let's go for our lost one. Bringing your mix together. Parsa dig a shade. Let's go for this. So extending the leg up and down, drawing it in, extending it up and exhaling it back down to the math. Let's go for three in how act and four Exhale. Keep moving through this and release it down, Drawing that leg up and release. Let's go for eight. Brilliant nine. Exhale and 10 up Exhale. Fantastic. Next exercise clown. So getting into your starting position and open the thighs. Exhale to open. Inhale too close. Keep going full size halfway. They keeping that upper body really still keeping those feet stable. Feeling that glute. Let's go for our last one here. Brilliant. Keeping the legs in the same position for side back kick. You're gonna kick behind you. Extend that leg and kick on the exhale. Go for three in and full. Inhale in and exhale out flexing that foot, ensuring that you're keeping your form at all times. Let's go for two more here. Nine last one 10 and these well done. Been the top leg your side stretch and twist over to the other side, looking behind you, enjoying this 11 stretch 26. Intermediate: Power Core 5: The starting position for seal is very similar to that of rolling like a ball seated on the mat. We will be in our flexed spine, so from the sacrum all the way up to the crown of the head, you'll have that lovely curve through the back. Your knees will be open and the soles of your feet will be placed together. You will. Then we've your hands through the opening in your legs and hold onto your ankles, ensuring that your gaze is constantly at your knees. This will be your starting position on the inhale. Roll down to the mat, exhaling up, and when you get to the top, clap your feet together three times, so inhale back and exhale if you come clapping. 123 Please avoid rolling onto your cervical spine, your neck and roll. Teoh. Just about the top of the shoulders. Be very careful of that. As you can see, there's a lot of control in this movement again. Have fun with it. It's trying. 10 rips eso getting into position. You're going to inhale down for one. Exhale up, find your balance and clap your feet. Let's go for Choose the movement is quite fast and absolute. Three. Ensuring that you're constantly looking down actual knees to ensure that lovely curves the continuation of the curve through the spinal, the way up to the head. You might find yourself a little and stable in this position. It's okay. It will come with time. Just keep practicing. Let's go for our lost to inhale back and exhale up tapping three times when more I've become, Find your balance clap Andre Lease Come out of for a hamstring stretch here. Lie back on. Extend out. This is the starting position for the intermediate version off world lying on your back. Stand your legs in front of you and flex your feet. Luck those knees and you're going to extend your arms behind you as far as they can go towards the ground without extending through the rib cage and losing that placement from this position, you'll inhale the arms up to the ceiling and use the Exhale to lift you up to roll over, holding on to defeat and stretching the heart strings inhale up to extend through the spine , palms facing each other roll back down, taking the arms overhead again. Inhale the arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, articular through the spine. Hold into the feet. Pull forward, inhale. Extend up and exhale. Roll off those sitting bones unto out in rips. Get into position. Take the arms behind you and let's inhale them up to the ceiling and exhale. Come up and over, stretch through. Inhale, extend. Exhale Rome down. Just make sure that you're using your abdominals as opposed to you. Momentum in this exercise is a tendency to want Teoh use arms to lift one's self up. But that defeats the purpose of our objective here, which is to engage the coal and use those muscles. The breath is the best way to facilitate this movement. Extend role of the sitting bones. Take the arms over. It's a very fluid movement. Stretch, bullet, inhale and exhale down. We now going on Teoh sixth Rip Stand on and back. Do you really seeing a bit of a flow taking place through this movement? Once you get into a rhythm of it. 8 20 Caylee now moving on TV 93 so two more to go. Inhale the arms up. Exhale. Think of your articulation through your spine and down and one more. Get those feet flexed around for witch lying on our backs. We have a neutral spine here. We've lengthen through the back of the neck. Please place a small cushion and your head if you feel you need to. Your left leg is extended down the mats and the right leg is extended up towards the ceiling. Both knees are locked and both feet are pointed, so there's a real precision in your form here, even before you have begun the exercise. This exercise is performed in exactly the same way as it waas in the beginning version. So taking the foot on the inhale to the midline of the body and exhale to circle the leg away from you. Now your circles can be as big or a small as you would like them to be. The obviously the bigger the circles, the more challenging the exercise. Please ensure that you don't lose your hips on the stability in your pelvis. If you do decide to enlarge the circle of the leg, it's different. 10 reps to the legs up, and we're going to take the leg of its the midline of the body on inhale and exhale to round the leg away from you. Number to exhale three full and five Exhale. Reverse that movement. It really does help placing that hand on the opposite hip just to ensure that you're not moving too much. It's a lot more challenging with straight leg. He was struggling with that. Let's just first go to the other sides and lower the leg. Inhale and exhale the opposite leg up to the ceiling and helps the midline and exhale round away from you. As I was saying, you can either make your circles smaller to make the exercise a little bit easier, we'll just go back to the beginning option. It's just it's good. It's reversed the movement. Excel for one to three, maintaining that mutual spine throughout for last one on five. Brilliant. Bring the leg down and stretch the arms out. Starting by lying on your back, you will exhale your legs up into a tabletop position as the feet are off the ground and you have an open kind of change. You will then be pushing the lower back into imprint, then interlace your hands behind your head in hell to prepare and on the exhale. Curl the body up off the mat, looking at the belly button, and you always want to ensure that you can see your elbows out of the corners of your eyes in your peripheral vision. And from here you will low of both legs to the ground, sleeping them bent and keeping the exact angle off the legs as you do so, just like tapping those toes to the mat. It's really important that you keep that imprinted spine to ease the pressure on the lower back and to engage the abdominals instead of the hip fixes because they will want to take over hitting Thio starting position. We're gonna do 10 reps. Let's exhale the legs up into table tough and then interlaced the hands behind the head. Inhale to prepare, exhale, come up, kill the body up, inhale toe hold, and on the exhale, you'll drop those lakes down to the match. So inhale up, exhale down, inhale up for three and exhale down. So really maintaining the position off the legs. They're staying at the same angle, and you can see your elbows in your peripheral vision and you're looking at your barely battle. Let's go for our last two. Exhale, inhale, exhale, Inhale. Okay, so the top of the body first, then lower the legs, stretched them out, arms overhead and just contract the movement that we've just seen in with an extended spine so you can see the little pulses and hyperextending spine. 27. Intermediate: Power Core 6: lying on your front when she have placed the towel and your pubic bone, you will squeeze your glutes here and pressure pubic bone into that towel. Your legs will be extended behind you with the feet externally rotated to with the. From that, you'll be resting your kids on your forearms and you'll be zipping up through the tummy so you would have created that imprint of spine. Want to try and maintain this position so really lifting through the Betty whilst you move the legs way, taking legs up to hip heights on the inhale, exhaling the heels together, Squeeze them, flexing the feet, inhale to extend and exhale. Bring them in again. Notice how the legs are angled away from the body and the knees remain off the mat. The upper body isn't moving at all, or you really concentrating on here is lifting up through your torso, squeezing that barely backing to spine and pushing the pubic burn into your towel and inhale to extend. Let's get into position here for our 10 ribs were lying on that rolled up tell pushing the pubic bone into it, head on the forearms and inhale those legs up tip height. Exhale. Squeeze the heels together. Flex the feet in hell. Point the food. Exhale. Bring them in. Watch the knees on. Take the feet out again. Exhale industry inhale, Extend. Exhale, squeeze the fit together and inhale extends. Pay attention. Teoh your upper body, relaxing the head and the shoulders in the full arms and sipping up through the abdominals . Squeeze those glutes. She's squeezing the legs and the glutes throughout the movement. It's very controlled. So for our last two here, extend on Exhale, squeeze, inhale extend point. Squeeze the glutes again. Last one and back you go. Not likely to pulse. Bring your feels back into position and pulse the feet up to the ceiling. Really going to feel your glutes firing? Yeah, 10 counts. Two more. Hold them up. They hold the position, keep going and release the next down. Well done. That was great. Just pushed back into a child's pose and stretch out those glutes lying in the back. Your arms are gonna be at your side. You're gonna have an imprinted spine with your legs extended to the ceiling. With luck, knees lengthen through the back of the neck. Attack the chin I loathe. Legs down to 45 degree angle in inhale and then on the exhale. Use your abdominals to round over the top of your body, taking the legs over your head to touch the ground, if you can, with your toes. Now your feet will be at the whips off the mat. You'll then inhale to point them together and bring the legs together. And then on the exhale, you will round down very, very slowly with straight legs all the way back to the 45 degree angle. Let's try that again. Inhale here to prepare. Watch the Hlavac you're pushing. Exhale. Take those next overhead. It's the width of the mat. Full those toes inhale. Bring the legs together, squeeze them, point the toes and then exhale. Slowly round down through your spine, taking the legs with you back to the 45 degree angle. Point through those legs and again happen over. Inhale here. Bring the legs together, squeeze them, exhale slowly, roll down, watch the shoulders. Don't come up too high. It's getting now starting position for our eight rips. So you exhale those legs into the tabletop position, pushing the lower back into the Mets are getting into imprint and then extend the legs, taking them down to the 45 degree angle on the inhale and exhale round took the feet. Overheads tapped the toes on the ground in hell to squeeze the thighs together and then, slowly with control, blow the legs to the 45 degree angle and over again for the exhale, the feats of the whips off the mat. Squeeze those thighs and over you go for to inhale. Here, exhale. Take the feet over. Try Teoh. Bring the legs as close as you can to the face on the way back down to the 45 degree angle . So inhale here. Exhale over. So at this point here, as you moving back, keep the legs close to the face. Point those toes. Watch the shoulders. They like Teoh, Take over Yeah, and come up off the mat. That's keeping them stable. Teoh, right, Let's go for us. 661 and exhale over. Flex those feet. Inhale. Squeeze the thighs. Point doctors and slur. Early round back down. Two more lovely rounding infliction through the spine. Here. This is a great stretch with the back and a great workout for the abdominals at the same time, and its release, Our last Rick Well done. Lower the legs to the mat. Extend the arms up over your heads. Just move the low back and pelvis way sitting on the mat. You extend your legs in front of you and your flex your feet and luck your knees. We will lengthen through your spine and your Banjul Albers and place your hands on your forehead, overlapping them. And in this physician with the arms, you just want to ensure that there is scapula stability. And in order to do that, we want to make sure that you can see your elbows in your peripheral vision. Inhale to lengthen and prepare and exhale. Roll off those sitting bones all the way down with your head on the mats. Inhale and exhale. Roll back up and forward. So, unlike the roll up, where you going to extend up again towards the ceiling? We're going to keep flexion in your spine. Exhale up you come round forward towards your feet, stretching hamstrings and then exhale to roll back down. Notice that the arms are French off my face. If your if your elbows go back, your shoulders will lift and we want to try and keep the shoulders stable in this position . Exhale down, inhale to prepare and exhale up again using the abdominals rather than my momentum to lift you lengthening through the spine. Inhale here and exhale Roll of those sitting bones and back with a heads and exhale You come use six X elation and your abdominals To facilitate the movement rather than the head and the arms We tend to want to use momentum here. Back down with absolute control. Exhale up and over Stretch Oh, exhale Watch those shoulders Ensure that you can see those elbows out of the corner of your eye On Julie Start Exhale over. Flex the feet. Lock the knees with control Lower back down for seven. So this is like a sitter, except you're rolling along the way forward over the hamstrings, over the thighs. Let's go for two more. Here, exhale over stretch round down When more Exhale on, Come down slowly, Teoh, Release. Well done. That was great. Way to be learning how to do push ups. Unarmed knees. Today To get into that position, you will start in force and walk the hands forward until you reach a point where your body is in a straight line at an angle from the back of the neck away. Two knees. You will then round the spine slightly towards the ceiling. So think about your imprinted spine. And this is important to keep stability, particularly when moving into the push up, because we tend Teoh, dip or drop in the waist. Please also ensure that the shoulders are directly above the hands, which will be facing forward, as they will be at shoulder width apart. Your elbows are irritated toward the back of the room, therefore closing the armpits. From this point, we will load to the mat on the inhale and then exhale up again, so inhaling down towards the match and using the Exhale to lift up with absolute control and precision through movement. Notice also that the head and the neck lengthened and in alignment with this fine. And with that, let's do our 10 rips. So getting into position, we're going to inhale down to the mat and then exhale apso, go for one and inhale down. Exhale up now, what tends to happen with push ups is that the back dips when the load is too heavy on the arms. And so I would just suggest going down to a point where you feel that you can maintain your form. Let's go for eight yet inhale down, exhale up, see this slightly imprinted spine at all times one more and exhale and release back. 28. Intermediate: Power Core 7: line in the back. You're going to extend those legs up to the ceiling, and as your legs are up there, you will push that lower back into the mat, your arms at your sides, palms facing down. You lengthening through the back of the neck on your chin is tucked really engaged. Those abdominals squeeze that barely baton to spine way up from the macula, who then going to place your left hands around your left thigh and extend the opposite leg down to the mat. You're gonna twist towards the thigh that you're holding on to, and you're going to swap sides on the exhale and you're going to pulse the leg twice. That's closest to the Met. So pulse, pulse and exhale to the other side house pulse. So you really are getting a lovely stretch through your leg here that's extended to the ceiling, using your upper body strength to really pull it towards your head and through the twist, your working their obliques as well as they have hip flexes and abdominals. Let's go for it. 10 rips bringing the legs up into extension, curling the body up, holding onto the thigh and lower that leg downs the matter. It's parallel and exhale to the other side, pulsing the leg for one swap. So it's a double breath. It's a double exhale as you reach for the side and you will inhale in the centre off the movement as you're moving through to the opposite leg. Nine. Last 1 10 and really sit down is a lot of coordination in that movement. So might take a little bit of time, but it feels absolutely wonderful when you get it right. Stretch it out thing. I really do love this exercise obliques. Let's talk about the starting position, so it's exactly the same as the beginner version. So lying on the back you have you imprinted spine. Your legs are in a tabletop position with the feet pointed, and you called up through the body, and you have your hands into laced behind your head. Just remember your shoulders and to keep those elbows in your peripheral vision. Theme difference in the movement between the beginner's version and this version is that you're going to be twisting from side to side with the use of the leg. So in the beginning version you were just using the upper body. Now you are bending your knee and you will twist the body to that. Me So you will twist in this case if we rotates to the right, you'll be twisting the left elbow to the right knee right over, although to lift me. So you really are utilizing the obliques. Here. Teoh dominate this movement, ensuring that those arms are remaining the same throughout. Let's go for it. 16 rips eight beside so inhaling and exhaling those legs up to tabletop position, taking the hands behind the head into lacing them there. Inhale here and exhale. Co up inhales for pig and exhale. Twist spending that knee and over for two and exhale. So you inhaling in the middle of the movement to exhale to the side. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale and your listing up through the body. You're not leaning on the arm that's on the Met. You constantly contracted in every way here. That was our last trip when so quickly. Okay, let's drop those knees from side to side. Stretching through the sides of the body was releasing those obliques. This exercise hip twist is very similar to the can can version in the beginning. Siri's now the starting position is exactly the same, except that the legs are extended to the ceiling. So you still in that posterior pelvic tilt. Your shoulders are depressed and really lucking those knees and pointing those feet. Remember, you want to maintain the structure in your arms and in your forearms so the shoulders are stacked on top of the elbows and the palms of facing down, and that's going to be the way in which you prop your body up. From this starting position, you will rotates or circle your legs away from you all the way up to the center, and then you will reverse the movement, circling as far down as you can go with the legs without losing your form. So if you find that you're struggling rather than make your circle smaller and gradually build up once your core is a little stronger, your exhale the legs away from you and inhale to the center and exhale reversed the movement. Notice how the shoulders continue to be stacked and you really trying to maintain that posterior pelvic tilt at the same time, moving on to exercise its take those legs up, extending them to the ceiling. Inhale and exhale round for one and up and reverse for two and up. Exhale three round to the center, just gradually moving through it with absolute control. Slow the movement down. If need be thinking about precision here, Let's go for our last two. Exhale nine up and last one release. Take those lakes down, stretch it out. Getting yourself into a side plank on the hand, your top foot or your top legs. Foot is for it on the bottom legs. Foot is behind it and they're in line with one another. And in this position again, you want to protect your shoulder joint and so you will stack your shoulder on top of that hand. As much as you can hear, you'll lengthen the opposite arm down the body and you'll really lift up through the side off the body. Your head is an extension of your spine, so keep it in alignment with the positioning up the spine with a curve of the spine. From this position, you will know your hips without touching the mat so your hips will hover just above the Matt and your arm will sweep through over the head and down again in front, off the body. See pushing up through those feet and legs and then rounding down, taking that arm in front of you. There's a real sweeping motion here taking place. Watch that shoulder stability and ensuring that you just supported through that lower arm day. Let's begin our exercise. So we're on the side of our bodies. Let's get onto the left side of our body. It might be the right side of the party for you. We're gonna start here, get our positioning correct and lower, and then take the arm overhead. Notice how the head does follow the movement of the spine. So as I'm going up, he can see that there is a curve which goes all the way to the crown of the head. Exhale up and inhale down so they differently is a flow to this movement. Exhale and down, Not touching the mat last year and exhale for your lost one here and released, own and figure full. Take that side stretch Just releasing that shoulder on the side of the body that you just used Roll the shoulders Well, way Wait, what is done to the one side has to be done to the other. Let's go up. So we've changed sides. We're finding our form here, and you're gonna lower down and exhale the arm overhead and you're gonna find you'll slow, inhale down, exhale strong through the body and over try and squeeze those thighs together. Feet are positioned in the same place throughout the exercise and you really lifting up through the body through the waistline. It's goingto our last trip at the nose well done, and let's go over to the other side for a stretch. 29. Conclusion: wave come to the end of our course. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey to help. I hope that you've enjoyed it and that you had fun. But more importantly, I hope now you can take away a skill that improves the quality of your life. And it's something you can build on and grow in. Remember, polite eases a practice that you can use for the rest of your life given you take care of yourselves. The fact that you've dedicated time to this course as well as learning about your bodies is a massive thing in itself. And so I encourage you with the momentum that you have to continued on this road, whether it's with me or with someone else who will guide you through the process to your ultimate strength and self mind, body and spirit. Wishing you an amazing day, Take care of yourselves. And I'm looking forward to hearing from you