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The Photoshop Series: Faux Watercolor Lettering

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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      Choosing your Font and Editing


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      Faux Lettering Effect I


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      Faux Lettering Effect II


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      Adding to it


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      The End


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About This Class

Are you a blogger/designer/artist who loves typography and lettering but absolutely sucks at it? (I'm positively atrocious at it, despite my teachers hardwork). Well this class is for you then. As the title suggests, in this class we will learn to create Watercolor Lettering from scratch, without using watercolors. Seems magical?

Don't worry it's really easy. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and you're good to go. We will be learning not one but two techniques to achieve this, and they're both super quick and super easy! Along with this, I will also be giving you a series of resources for you to use including: watercolor textures, splashes, brushes, script fonts etc. So enroll and let's get started! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to my class. Full watercolor electric. The guy on I'm a graphic designer from India. So I have a confession to meet on. That is other absolutely sock at hand lettering. I just Cano hand letter to save my life. So this class is basically for all of you who like me who really love watercolors and really love hand you know, like hundreds and watercolors takes but do not know how to make them are just are not good enough for the sin Today's classy going alone Four watercolors lettering on As the title suggests, It's not water gallantry. We will be doing this entirely digitally. So into this last, I'm gonna teach you about what type of phones to use, how to use them, how to give your composition off. Oh, you know, watercolor paper texture on. We will not be loaning one but two techniques about how to go about this on. Then we'll also learn how to add some splatter and some background to it so that your final product looks something like this. Are this again? This has also been made using the same technique. So during the course of this class, I will. There also a lot of freebies included, like watercolor brushes, lectures, phones, everything inside. I think this is one technique not every person with ingested in design should have in their arsenal. Because what color is that? Everywhere, In fact, a majority off blocks on, you know, letters and everything. You scaly graffiti on what color lettering. So if you find the class blow of interesting, do press on the enroll button on, let's see in the next video. 2. Software: So before we continue guys away, quick introduction to the South ferry will be using. So we would primarily be using Adobe for the shop. I have used Adobe CC to shoot this past, but you can also work with this. If you have a low question off adobe for the shop, all these phones on Dax, is it such a are totally compatible with even lower versions up for the shot. In case you do not have a door before the shop, you can actually also goto adobe site on take a monthly subscription instead of downloading on buying this software. The whole software is sometimes quite expensive to buy on. If you're just a student or you're just starting out, maybe you're not interested in that. So they actually have a way. Ah, simple $10 monthly subscription plan which you can use for this. So that is all about the software on. I have also included the hyperlink in the notes below, in case you want to check out their monthly subscription plan. So yeah, senala to one 3. Class Project: So, guys, let's just quickly discuss about your class project, so the class project is fairly simple. So all you have to do is to choose their favorite coat and canned me anything by anyone on simply make all excited in watercolor phone like this. So I have done extravagant. It would like, added the federal and the background etcetera, but doesn't idea to you at the end when I want to see is your final coat on high rooted in water color if you want to. So in the studio. Really, I'm actually posting to ah, type of effects that you can use on. I would really love to hear, which was your favorite effect on if you really, really want. You can just try to courts with Put the fax and show me ah, what the difference is and what you late move. So now in the next video, I'm gonna quickly talk about choosing the correct forint. So let's is going to that 4. Choosing your Font and Editing: Okay, guys. So let's begin by discussing the kind of thorns people use for this exercise. Something is that most people are the first mistake you do while doing four watercolor lettering is not choosing the Terek phoned. If you do not have the current phoned, no matter how good your technique is, it will just not look natural. So for this for this kind of the next size, ideally, you should find either brush formed or a calligraphy phone. Now, how brush and calligraphy phones different from your normal serif fonts, is that these phones are usually 100 in my people and then digitize on given to you. So although the still digitize but they managed to give you are more ah 100 sort of feeling because they are handwritten rather than using normal serif fonts. So over here I have a document. It's a simple 1600 by 900 pixel document. I have used actress you because that is what skill show usually uses. So and as you can see, these other two funds that I have used not performed on above is Brahma. Low on this is a brush formed on the one below is a brush. So for the for the for interviews about, which is kind of my favorite form for this, I have included a link in the notes pillow. Or you could also go to the Class Project Gallery on. I have attached a link for this, so you simply have to go on this analogy from that point, and you can now load it. Ah, so before using any form, you should check if it's available for personal and commercial use. So over here, the saunters free for personal and commercial use. So you simply as you can see these are have the letters look on, you can simply downloaded from over here. Since I already have it downloaded, I'm just going to show you how we can up like this. So once you open this, simply click at the TD of document on present stole. Since I already have it installed, I don't need to replace it, but yet that's how you do it. So before using any foreign, just check. It's personal and commercial license. If it's free or a lot of them for commercial use, you have to buy them so that you can see on yet So this is the kind of foreign we will be using now. Another thing you have to see is that as you can see in the foreign below the Russia formed , you will see that the alphabets are quite Take the stroke, asswipe. Tick now for watercolor. Ideally, if you use off formed, which has tick stroke, it looks better because if you're using a foreign, which is a 10 in this case, it's fine because it's scaled up on the strokes are still take. So yeah, it's it's better if you avoid using her tense. True now, occasionally if, for example, this stroke is not taking up for you So this small trick that you can apply So once I have the selected Oh, sorry. I'm going to quickly go to this layer and just open up the stab You can go to windows on simply take on character for this so character. Okay, guys. So one time opened my character Ah box You can see What is this? This is basically the water cooled spacing night is between alphabets. Now if I just quickly changes to original, you will be Oh, it I don't have my last selected site. Yes, so this was work, my setting wars as to see the moment I turn it into zero. The decks kind of comes a lot closer on in watercolor lettering. Usually see it's quite widely spaced. So that's what I have. Disaster 25. Now another thing is that this is how so, Basically, this is like stretching your point. So this is that. 100% were simply changing it at 110 person. My stroke seems a lot ticker on my handwriting. It's a little more natural. So any fun that you choose, you can try playing around in the car the tab, and then seeing what works better for you. So in case on the rush of the wrong phone, this is what I like. So these are the two basics you need. Toe Keep in mind while choosing your form. First, it has to be a brush calligraphy for And second, it has to have a white straw. Third, if it is not exactly a point where then you can play around in foreshore on kind of fix it as you want to Sanaa In the next video I teach you a march was indicated back show for this 5. Faux Lettering Effect I: Okay, I So these are the basics off. Choosing your phone for watercolor lettering. I will advise you to Google on at least have three or four phones that you'd like stored in your laptop for future use on the phone. Doesn't like good sites this on. You can also check out Pixel botha. Even they have some really good funds. Now let's get down to the essential off. Making your normal phone to look like a watercolor. One other stories of doing this oneness by applying watercolor pictures, which is away quick will. Doing this on the second method is using watercolor brushes. Now I personally love using watercolor brushes more than textures. Bird. For a quick job, you can use four to color. Texture is also now I'm just gonna quickly point out what ah, small problem with using watercolor textures is so OK, so these are the water villa textures and I'm using for this exercise This I got from the golden May block sport on Once again, I attached the link below. So these are the watercolor lectures on As you can see in this life weren't only so This is a slight X shoe off the paper that's appearing. I mean, I don't know. I personally think it does not make the watercolor forint look very next. So there's some of the high res a Texas that will be available to you on, as you can see. So these are the pictures that over here. So once I have my phone should turn over here. I'm gonna quickly skin this up once again while scaling up anything. Always You shift. So there you go on. I'm going to quickly apply it, actually here and show you how it's done. So let's go with this because it has two colors that's happening. And I kind of like that. I'm just gonna be in this to my photo shop. Yeah, so I So I am just gonna bickley skin this out on since I won the range on the violet effect to come in my tex, I'm just gonna shoot my picture. I want to do this. Have your life selected on go to layer trade clipping mask. At the moment you do that, you can see at a clipping masses created over your front. Now you can either shift your worn down woods. Oh, you know Ah, your image to get a better idea, you can also scale up your image. Um, there you go. So these other this is the basic off. Applying a water color texture to point. It is really easy. It just took five minutes when Lee, any issue with this is that, as you can see, you can see this watercolor people make sure that's coming on the dock off your point. This thing like, Oh, this texture that you having Actually, if your whole image was texture like even if your background was texture, it won't stand out that much. So, for example, I created this layer. I'm just gonna quickly fill it with the baton, which is this plane pattern over Hell, I'm just breast. OK, now, the moment have applied this pattern, as you can see, the whole of like, the whole images pattern. So now this pay protections not stand out that much. So this is a great quick method of doing this and preferably when you're doing this, do not keep a plane. Bagram. All this keep of my ground with a slightly lecture. Okay, so I'm just gonna play around with this little bit on I'm gonna change its level to make its likely later. Um, there you go. So water gonna texture on phones is really easy. I was just like that. Just apply your have your picture. Have it done in layer. You can shift your layer and position it as you want on simply go to layer. Uh, I am s I So since this is clipping mask is already own, it says release clipping mask. Once again, let's create clipping mask. So this is a just remember that whenever using this, always, always have a textured background. Now, in the next video, I'll quickly show you how to download watercolor brushes and then apply it on your watercolor formed. 6. Faux Lettering Effect II: Okay, guys. An al It's more warned. The second effect, which is using watercolor brushes. You have high res watercolor brushes that are again available on the Internet before downloading any of these. All this checked er license. So I would say is that it may be useful Commercial artwork on no credit is required. So simply you download this. Let me to show you the purview first. Yeah, so these are the kind of splatter brushes that are available to you as you Gugu. You'll find a lot of different varieties off brushes that you can watercolor brushes under available you can use for several one to want. So currently, I have this downloaded and it's gonna download as a sick. So this is my tip. So what do you do? The moment you have this, simply click on the a b R file on just prestes On the moment you do that, all your brushes lowered into your for the show file on its own, so have put the shop open on simply click on the A B R file says you'll see all these brushes in the dark picture. This would just added so yeah, on these brushes are comeback. Also, before downloading, do check their compatibility. So the silks of 40 shops seven or higher motions. Okay, so now I have my texts, and I'm gonna quickly apply my watercolor brushes affect with some Never simply have a new layer on. As you can see, I have all these different text shows on before trying like before, actually putting it on the text you can see. Like how they look also in case you want to dark, and they just keep clicking on it or Yeah, the only thing with this brush is is you can't use it in one go, because the effect is just atrocious. So yeah. So this is my phone now. My size my breast side is quite big, actually. Time just quickly to do with this. Um oh, I'm gonna have a series of palate like I'm gonna have three color palettes that I'm gonna be using for this. Salah Mrs. Quickly draw my palate. What colors I like to use So just gonna quickly draw three shapes. I mean, cystic. That tangled tour. Ah, I wanted Sedin do with this color. Okay, So, sigh, I'm knows this quickly. Make my color palette. Still, the reason I'm doing the same things that I want to three colors. And I'm gonna be using continously for making my watercolor effect. If you have any water confirmed, he would realize it's not just one color. It's usually to all three colors. So since we have ah, foreign color as blue life now so I'm gonna go with something that's like dog blue. Ah, a shade of green on a shed off yellow. So I'm gonna just could say duplicate the sick tangle the short good for the system control pills. J um just gonna slide it along on. Then once again, I go to the look, Daniel Tool, and I'm gonna choose the fill fellow. So probably discolor books. And then I'm gonna go to district anger again. Go to the rectangle to and then to the fiddle, which is slightly yellowish. Oh, are Wait. Maybe weariness for to do so. This is my basic color palette, and I'm going to start drawing on this cloudless gonna quickly group all of these. So I'm gonna plus shift, choose my the Westin highest layer. Like the ones I want to group together. Wrest Control Does G and then over here, I'm gonna have a new layer on the top. And this is I'm going to start painting. So the first color I want is this blue, which is selected. And then I'm gonna go to the brush to never select my Slatter or brush that I want to choose. Um, I haven't wanted to be the 60 200 fixes. I'm so I want this to be slightly dark. Bluish on the talk on, then. Yes? You think this I'm going to quickly put my splatters? Maybe I want this to be blue again. I'm gonna use some other rush. Yeah, I think to 50 picks is as the breast size is the average every work for this. As you can see, different splatters have different effects. So probably one this whole letter to be this actually. And then I was gonna quickly randomly put sound him there. Yeah, I mean it. Quickly. Choose my second culo. I want the base to be greenish over here on, you know, so you can immediately go from blue to light a green that there's always start green that comes so that ugly is gonna be that fellow color, so yeah, and I'm gonna quickly shift my color to dark. Three on here is just experiment with brushes. Like, choose any Slatter you warned on. Just let on that. That's the beauty of this that you know, you can just choose any London's letter that you want on Param. So this is it. I'm gonna have some plain blue showing through. I want to have this. I'm just gonna go to layer on again. I'm gonna create a keeping mask on. There you go. Now you can see whether some office defects like there's the seems way. Inconsistent. Say, Mohit so and scientifically start putting my splatters now. Uh, side, this is excites. Just gonna introduce this still seven Eastern on Just finally start the saying so let me just quickly finish this on. Get back to you. Okay, guys. So there you go. This is your final result. I'm gonna just quickly delete Oh, hi. I was gonna quickly turn off this group and you can see other advantages of using brushes is as you consider you. No matter how much I do win the texture still say is as watercolor. It is not the paper texture that's emerging out of it. So this is the main reason why I love watercolor brushes. Moreover, as you can see, this is a more authentic feel because thinking, changing the colors as you want, like a kim quickly change on color whatever alphabet I want in whichever color. So here you go. Once you're done, you can even play along with this layer. Maybe change its color. Everything you do with that simply go to adjustments on play along with the human saturation. So, you know, change the color slightly. So this way I get a blue unpopular fit. This is reddish in open. Oh, anything. So I actually really like the blue and purple effect. So there you go. So this is the basics off doing watercolor, actually on. Also, you can play along and just create any time for political lettering that you want. 7. Adding to it: Okay, guys. So your phone stun. But now you want to add a little extract with, maybe have some splatter or, you know, have a globe below. So how do you do that? So I'm gonna simply select this to less first on. Then I'm gonna shift them. Do it's a top because I don't point to ship them separately on. I'm just going to quickly make the new layer. And then I'm gonna stock being tingling this. So I have a dog blue selected on. I'm just gonna go to my pain to on initially. I'm gonna add some Slatter. So going to to the size like 75? Yeah. Looks quite decent. Maybe decided to start over. Hell probably won't make it look slightly bigger somewhere. Mm. Yeah. So there you go, citizens. Some splatters on, then I'm just gonna add a blow. A blow. Another thing is that you need to realize tied watercolors only looked really nice. Then you have a lot of seeds happening If you make your globe or your tax using just one color who are to color, it won't look very nice. No, I'm just gonna quickly add So this is actually quite dark. So maybe I just want to do this on another layer on. Later on. I came to use the opacity off this. You'll realise that some brushes like I have to type of Russia's selected on this brush is naturally lighter by the one we just downloaded are naturally darker. So maybe while walking with these, you want toe changed capacity of these layers that you're working on. I'm gonna take the lighter blue, just, you know, randomly making this on. Probably have a little published INGE also happy and just reduced the opacity. I'm peppered. This is smaller ships, you know, like some lighter, lighter brush to give it two more like give it a better effect also. So in guessing me to clean this up, um, you know, like you want to clean the south's in a blob only. So how do you do that? So now this is a trick. So when you're using your Raisa, you can actually shape it like a brush. Only psychological of brush on simply was that to clean it up? So this is like brush, and I want the darker one. So, you know, this kind of looks like It's a watercolor ting only on if I want to slice eve of work on this spot where the opacity is darker Just going to use this. So, uh, So there you go. This is how you add a little extra to your phone or working a blow on on. If you really want to refine it, you can even try putting a water color texture on the top off it. And the fact looks even better. Survive example. I have this force flew over Hill, and it was quickly gonna put this on. Talk on. I'm just gonna slightly increase the size on, then just gonna create layer mask on. Probably change the you a little bit. Maybe just quickly. Last raised this. So there you go. 8. The End: So with this guy's, our class comes to an end. I'm really looking forward to your class project on seeing your favorite goats. If at any point off if at any point during the class you had any doubts, simply go to the discussion time and skill share on post about it. I'm I will get back to immediately. I really hope you enjoy the class. Thank you so much. Bye bye.