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The EASY 5 Step Guide to Listing Your Space on Airbnb!

teacher avatar Ravi Jaipaul, Founder of Yoke Wellness, Optimist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Teaser Video: The EASY 5 Step Guide to Listing Your Space on Airbnb!


    • 2.

      Meet Ravi - Your Airbnb Superhost!


    • 3.

      Becoming an Airbnb Host!


    • 4.

      Create Your Listing - The Basics


    • 5.

      Create Your Listing: Set The Scene


    • 6.

      Create Your Listing: Launch and Get Ready for Guests!


    • 7.

      It’s Time to Become A Host!


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About This Class

Join Airbnb SuperHost Ravi Jaipaul for an informative 25-minute class on creating the perfect Airbnb listing and getting your first booking!

Has the world of Airbnb Hosting appealed to you, but creating the listing seemed too daunting?

I thought the same, until I jumped in and made my own listing last year! 

Hi, I'm Ravi, the teacher for this class and Airbnb Superhost (this means that my listing rules!),  have met amazing people, make a great second source of income that pays for my holidays and and made plenty of mistakes. 

Learn from my mistakes and realize how easy it is to gain a little more freedom in your life! 

This 20 minute-ish class will teach you what Airbnb is, why you should host, and how to create an epic listing for your space. 

What Will I Learn?

  • A beginners guide to Airbnb!
  • Create an eye-catching listing that will attract bookings from week one!
  • Earn Money! Up to $100 per night for a spare room
  • Learn how to price your listing to get the most bookings
  • Identify the amenities that draw guests to your place
  • A Photo Sells! Take great photos that earn bookings.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ravi Jaipaul

Founder of Yoke Wellness, Optimist


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. It is that we are powerful beyond measure."

This is my favourite quote because unlocking people's potential is something I believe in is a great way to give back. 


Managing a hospital as a nurse in a refugee camp in South Sudan with Doctors without Borders To motivational public speaking and lecturing To being a sustainable business creator...

My career reflects who I am: a passionate lover of life who is guided by the ethos of 'Giving. Something. Back.' 

I am passionate about learning about our lives, and teaching what I know to help others. I've been an Airbnb Superhost, Founder of a Start-Up and currently live and breathe Yoke WellnessI

Life is worth living,&... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Teaser Video: The EASY 5 Step Guide to Listing Your Space on Airbnb!: Hi, I'm ready on Airbnb Super host over 55 star produced in this class. I'm going to show you in five fun and easy lessons. How to list your space on Airbnb. We will be going over what Airbnb is, what to think about when you're looking at hosting and give you a step by step instruction guide. How to create ballistic. A lot of people have said that it's really difficult to list their place on Airbnb, and I'm here to teach you that. Actually, it's really, really easy to do, even for someone who only has the basics and technology way. We'll also talk about the best amenities to provide guests an easy guy to create photos that show off your space in the best light. How right enlisting that will extract beavers and a second presence so that you get bookings within the first week. Throughout it all, I'll be shared by all personal anecdotes, stories and lessons that I've learned along the way. At the end of this class, you will have the skills and knowledge to create a great listening for your space, ready to host Well, let's get started 2. Meet Ravi - Your Airbnb Superhost!: Hi, everyone. My name is Robbie and I'm on Airbnb super host and your teacher for this class. I started off traveling with Airbnb a few years ago, staying in on Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. A great riad in Marrakech. And I even proposed to my wife while staying on a rooftop apartment Airbnb in Italy. Now don't get me wrong for some trips. Collapsing into a hotel bed, putting on a fluffy bathrobe and calling room service is all I want to do. Personally, I traveled with them when I'm looking for an adventure and when I want to find a place that's just is unique as I when looking into hosting, though, the whole process seem too confusing, too difficult and, frankly, too much work. However, from what we're gonna learn in this class, I'm going to teach you how to overcome those fears and list your space on Airbnb. Take it from me, someone who had no experience of posting in the past. It's actually really simple, be with someone would have taught us how to list our space on Airbnb sooner. We started hosting 2017 when we realized that our place is empty when we went away on weekends and holidays. We are extremely passionate about where we live in a lovely ocean side town and wanted to share with more people. So I decided to try it out one time just to see how it worked. Since then, we've been hooked. We met incredible people and families from around the world paid for our holiday to the spare income, even paid for a lot of our bills. Now we've become super hosts because of hosting. We've been able to travel more, have an extra income, and it's given us confidence to be more of interest in our lives. If we can do it with two people with very little business skills, so can you. We're now esteemed super hosts for Airbnb have over 55 star reviews and regularly show up is one of the most desirable places to stay in our village. But that first step, going from thinking listing your space to actually list in your space was the hardest step ready to get started. Excellent 3. Becoming an Airbnb Host!: welcome to video lesson to becoming an Airbnb host. For Travelers, Airbnb is an online platform that allows people who want to travel by hosts who had extra rooms, entire homes and unique accommodations throughout the world. On Airbnb, Host is simply someone who post travelers through Airbnb. Why did we host? Well, we live in a remote part of the country and a small cottage near the ocean, and our family and friends live very far away. So whenever we left our place, we left our home. It probably took us about a year to realize that we could make use of that space when we were gone, and we chose Airbnb because of the positive experiences that we had is Airbnb travelers. We looked at our house and said, Yeah, we love living here. Why wouldn't other people love staying here since then? We took the plunge in July 2017 and never thought what's as popular as it was going to be. And the host You will make money when people book your place to stay. The money will be transferred to Airbnb upon booking and you will receive transfer funds when the guest checks in from Airbnb. One of the first questions that people ask when looking to host on Airbnb is your place safe on Airbnb? Well, firstly, the platform is built on trust, with all Air Man V travelers submitting a profile photo verifying their phone and there through the system. Most people who are traveling through Air Baby recognize that it is your space. It should be respected. 95% of our guests are amazing people. They're easy to chapped. Lips are usually coming down to our place for pretty cool reason and understand that our space is not a hotel. For the other 5% of guests, there was Airbnb support. I found any issues I've had to do with Airbnb. Support has always been very accepting and understanding of the hosts position. 95% of our guests are amazing. They're easy to chat with their usually coming to the cottage for a really cool reason. They understand that our space, it's not a hotel. For the other 5% of guests, there is Airbnb support. I found any issues that I needed to deal with. Airbnb support has always been so helpful and understanding of the host space and the position. You can also rest assured that your space is guaranteed. Airbnb provides a $1 million host guarantee for accidental damage and a $1 million host protection insurance in case your guests get hurt or caused property damage. My experiences with hosting over 50 different guests from half a dozen countries has never led me to claim on this guarantee. But it's really nice to know from my safe that it's there and available if I ever need it. Airbnb also recommends getting insurance that it's appropriate for a house or space that is hosting other people. You should feel like I feel of the host protected and supported. Remember, along with potential of meeting fantastic people sharing space in the world we live in. You'll also get to gain confidence, learn new skills and earn a second source of income. Hosts around the world are using their income toe, say for their future finance their next trip and pay their bills. Are you ready to create your listing me to on the Lesson three. Creating your listing 4. Create Your Listing - The Basics: Welcome to Video Lesson three. Creating your listing. So let's get started with the basics. The following videos will be really helpful for you to either follow along now or come back when you're ready to complete your class project to create your listing, which is the Air B and B page on which your space sits. We need to first set up on account head to Airbnb dot com slash hosts, and it will take you to the local equivalent of your site. So because I'm living in London, my site comes up as Airbnb dot co dot UK. It talks about what I could earn from London just to get you thinking of some of the great parks. This is a great site to start off of. So, for example, if I had a place in London on entire house that could hold four guests, Airbnb is estimating that I could make £1631 per month. Keep in mind this is a very, very rough estimate is it's based on 50% occupancy. So if you were looking to list your space more than 50% of the time, say you were away for a few months, you could be looking at a lot more. Regardless, an extra £1600 or 2800 American dollars is pretty darn sweet. Depending on where you're taking this class from, this will show up is a location closer to you. Uh, put in what you're looking to list and think of what you could do with that money. So now that we've had a look of exactly what we could be earning, it's now time to get started. So click the get started button. It will take you to a lock in page if you do not yet have an Airbnb account. Um, this is where you would create your account, so don't have any kempt sign up here. You'll fill in your email address your first name, your last name and your password to sign up. You must be 18 or older. Uh, I've you know, other people don't see your birthday like definitely attest to that. But in your month, your day and your year, whether or not you'd like to receive marketing and then sign up So because I've already signed up, I will just go on to London and log straight on in. So I will be filling out this pages if I were creating a listing for my own place just to give you a real life actual example of how to complete this page. Obviously, these are going to be the answers that I'm putting it from my space. So make sure when you go ahead and complete your class project, you're putting in things that are applicable for the place that you're going to be listing . So the first question is, what kind of a place you have. Do you have on entire place a private room or a shared room? If guests have access to the whole place, including a bathroom, a bedroom in a kitchen, it's the entire place if it's their own private room for sleeping. But other areas that could be shared like a kitchen, it's a private room. If guests sleep in a bedroom or common area that could be shared with others, it's shared place, so our house is an entire place. Our house can hold four guests. Just put that in there, put whatever you think is appropriate for now. We'll talk about that a little bit later, and then the location of your place so you can type in wherever your location is here for us. We live in ST Agnes. What kind of place? Where you listing. So now it's starting to get a little bit more narrow. So you've got a number of different options there. Uh, most of us will choose home here or, uh, possibly flats, which might show up. It's apartments. But maybe maybe you have a very unique home that's in a tree house. Or maybe you are unofficial bed and breakfast. Or maybe your boutique hotel. So Aris the home. And now we can choose, Ah, little bit more of a narrowing down of what that home is. You could have things from a dome house to a townhouse or like us. You can have a cottage. It'll describe it right after you choose the property type. So cottages are cozy homes that they're often located in rural areas or near a lake or beach, and so that for us that perfectly describes her very cozy cottage that's located on the North Coast, very close to a beach. And and the notion the next question is a repeat from the last page. So what we're guests have I think this is a way to just let thm list the definition. So choose the one that is fitting to your space that you're going to list and pick that one off of the list. So for us, it's the entire cottage. The next question is this Set up is a dedicated guest space. So this is just to make potential guests aware that you may have things like family photos on the wall or kids toys tucked away again. It doesn't matter if your space have has thes things. It does matter, though, that you're honest and your in so that your guests are realistic about expectations. Some people really like The Holiness and protect that space better. Other people feel like it's their space for the time that there they're still others just don't really carry the weight. So honesty's the best policy here for our space. The guests have the entire space where you see out of town or out of country when hosts and guests, so they have access to everywhere. But we've also experienced when people are home and it's a shared space. Each listing in your listing should be unique. Some hosts want to be there and be sociable with their guests. Others let their guests experience their trip on their own, and there are a whole host of options in between again. This isn't gonna make or break your listing, so pick one. You can always change later, moving on to the next step. How many guests can you replace? A comedy? So a single bed and a sofa bed is generally one person and a double better. Bigger will be two people. One of them steaks we learned, was that we were trying to put too many people in our place. Off start. We have our main bedroom bed for two. People are smaller bedroom, which has a single bed and one that can be pulled out for four people. But then we also put the sofa bed as a space for one other person. The next questions were then is a worth it to have five people in one bathroom. Our place is tiny as it is with four. Is five going to be too much? Where do we keep the sheets of where do the guests keep them when they're awake? So we back down to four people, and it was the right call. We just You just want to make this very manageable for you. How many guests can your place accommodate? So this is where you add the number of guests that you're able to host comfortably. How many bedrooms can guest use in our house? They can use two bedrooms, but you just added by clicking this drop down menu, how many beds can guests use? And the total number of beds for our cottage is to put in What's appropriate for you for the sleeping arrangements Bedroom one. You can label them whatever bedrooms you would like. So in our first bedroom, we have a king size bed. The options are double queen single sofa bed king, but that's not all. Click this button and you'll be able to find anything else that I'm sure that you'll need. So we have one king size bed that's done in our second bedroom. That's correct. We already have two beds in their and their two single beds and common spaces, so this might be, for example, a living room with a sofa bed or a floor mattress. So whatever you're going to list in your space. Put that in there and hit done, so whatever your sleeping arrangements are, as long as you're honest and up front, they shouldn't be an issue. You'll probably get a different type of traveler, depending on the sleeping arrangements. For example, as a trap for myself, I would be OK booking a shared space on the sofa bed, floor, floor, mattress. However, if my wife was with me, we would only book a space with a nice full bed and probably an entire space. Neither is wrong or right, and I'm the same person both times. I'm just taking different trips. Then click the next button. Next is the bathrooms, so the number of bathrooms that you have it over here, it says if you have a toilet separate from the shower, counted as 1/2 bathroom. So we have one bathroom in our place. The next screen here. This is where you will list of the location of your listing so you can put in your country in your region, your street address, your town, your county and your postcode. Don't worry. Your exact home address won't be shown two people until or unless they confirm a booking. So unless they book space in your home, so feel free to put in your information there and hit the next button. The next screen is is this pain in the right place. So if needed, you can drag the pin to adjust its location to exactly where your house is. Simple map feature. Here you compress the plus button to close in to make sure that it is exactly on the house that you want. If it's not on the house that you want, it is easy to adjust by just grabbing the else and moving it to wear your houses. And then you can double check by closing on in and then hit the looks. Good button. So on the next page is the what amenities do you offer page. So this is where you really get to personalize your space so some hosts will provide breakfast or just coffee and tea. None of these things are required, but sometimes they add a really nice touch to guests. Um, from July of 2018 Airbnb will be asking that everyone provides the essentials. So towels, fresh bed sheets, soap and toilet paper that will be required for the guests. Everything else is optional. So for our place, we have WiFi shampoo. We have closets, we have TV. If heat, we have how we offer coffee and tea. But we don't up for breakfast. So I'm going to leave that UnTech. So we have a work space. We have a fireplace. We haven't iron. We have a hair dryer. We don't have pets in the house, but we do have a private entrance. Just a quick note on the Safety amenities section year. Just make sure that you check with your local laws, which may require a working smoke detector in every room as well. Check with your local laws for the carbon monoxide detectors. Some countries require a working carbon monoxide detector and every room again with all of the safety stuff. It's just good to check, but your local laws and rules all say the last part of this section is a relatively simple answer. What spaces come guests use so include whatever you would like your guests to be using. If, for example, if you don't want your kitchen to be used by your guests, let them know that's completely fine for example, when I was staying in a place in central Bangkok for three weeks, I knew that there was no kitchen. But the street food was far better than anything I could have made anyways. And so it didn't bother me. So make sure you take off exactly what you I feel like your guests should be able to access other state and then click finish. So that's phase one who we are through. Step one. We're well on our way to creating our listing. It's not that bad, right? Next step easy, quick photos. 5. Create Your Listing: Set The Scene: welcome to video lesson for setting the scene. In today's world, pictures speak louder than words. The great thing is, you already have what it takes to take some really great photos. The step here is to show travelers what your space looks like, so we'll start by clicking the continue button when thinking of photos to take for your place. Put yourself in the mind of an arriving guest. What would you want to see if you were coming to visit your place? This includes taking photos of all the areas that guests will have access to, including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. You just don't want guest to be surprised, even if your house has flaws in it. When looking at taking photos for your space, I think having at least eight photos is very important for people to at least get a sense of what your home is like. Some other key tips when taking fotos is to give the space of very good clean ahead of time to turn on all of the lights toe open all of the curtains to open all of the doors. You'd be amazed at how much lighting changes a picture. Uh, Also, another key tip would be to take shots and to take photos from the corner of the rooms as they allow you to get a really good perspective on some of the spaces. If you have a clean space that's well lit and a smartphone, you have all you need to take great listing photos. Now it's time to upload your photos, so to do that, all you have to do is closed down that little window there, click on upload photos, and it will take you to your desktop, which then you'll be able to open up any photos that you would like to add to your collection. Hit the open button and then it will start loading them. So I've gone ahead and uploaded some of my own photos for my own listing. As you can see here, the shutters air open, letting in the natural light. The lamps are open, the fires lit, the TV is on. That's a personal preference thing, but as you can see, it's letting more light into the area. The doors are open. Um, everything is very everything looks very open and spacious and warm and inviting. And so that's a great place for you to start when you're taking your photos. Ah, once they load, the cover photo will automatically be the first photo. But if you do want to change and adapt which photo you want to go first, all you have to do is drag and drop, and it will replace your cover photo with whatever you would like it to be. Most likely it's going to be the photo that you want to attract people the most is it's the first thing that potential guests will see when they visited your space. The last thing that you want to do on this page before heading on is to add a caption to each photo. So a simple caption is, is something that you'd want your guests to know about this space. So, for example, this is the living room with a fully stocked fireplace. So when people come to this first photo, they're like, Wow, that's a That's a great living room. I can see that the fireplace is fully stocked. That must mean that that we can have a fire, uh, kitchen with cooking set. So you would be able to know that that the kitchen comes complete with a cooking set so you're able to cook out or decking space with barbecue facilities just to give people a greater sense of what each photo is. So main bedroom with high vaulted ceilings. He's just help accentuate your listing and show off each different side of your listing, so I would do this for all of the photos. So when we completed the photos for our listing, we used an old iPhone. We didn't really know any of these tricks, like, You should leave the lamps on You should like the fire should open the doors. But our photos still worked because they still showed every single space in her house. And they were good enough quality with our phones that people could see every space people booked. People still loved coming to visit. So eventually, when you have some guests come in and you're making a profit. Maybe it's something that you'd want to invest in better photos, but that's completely optional. Once you've finished uploading all of your photos and Oliver captions hit the next button and you'll be taking to the description page, so the summary should be a simple sales pitch. Think of you. Why would you want to stay in your home? There are so many ways to write a summary page. But after tinkering and figuring this out too long, we've kept our short detailed in action. Focus. Break your summary down into three simple sections. One a tagline to a description and three a call to action. Let me show you exactly what I mean by copying and pasting the summary from our listing to start off your summary page. We always start with the tackling, which is three key points why people visit your home. Hours are sandy beaches, soaring cliff paths and great adventure. Hours could also be soft pillows, warm fire and great pubs. Think of your space and the three things that would attract people to your space. Maybe yours is nightlife, foodie heaven and urban jungle. Play around with a few words and see with what you come up with. The next section. This big section here is the description, So keep your description simple. Have the name of your place, have the location of your place and have a few key features of why people would visit. So for us, the house cozy sand. Cornwall comes with a fully stocked fireplace, and it's perfect for cool winded evenings after a hike or a notion dip. It also talks about an extra space that they may not have realized could be really important to them in their state. Lastly, the last point is to include a call to action. So now that they've gotten three of this short summary, what do you want them to do us. We're always looking forward to hosting great people, and we want people to book today. The last point to fill in here is what is your place great for? So our place is great for families are places not great for big groups because we can only hold four people and our place is great for furry friends. We love pets. The rest of this page actually is optional, and if clicked, the little optional tab to show that this is they are all optional. So Airbnb says only 30% of people actually fill this out, which probably means a very low percentage of your guests are actually reading this far into your listings. If they like your photos and they like your description, that is most likely what's going to drive, whether or not they book. So I wouldn't worry about this for this part of the course. I would just work on getting your listing up with the information that's most relevant. After that, you just want to click next. Naming your place should be quite easy. So the general rule of thumb is to include a few descriptive words, then the location. So, for example, ours is charming, quaint cottage in Pitra ST Agnes. A few descriptive words. Location. Other popular Airbnb titles include Quirky and Modern Flat in Downtown L. A or spacious home for Families opposite Play Park. So with all of these examples, few descriptive words, then location. Take a few minutes, brainstorm your ideas and throw one down one to have thought and written down. You are amazing title for your place. All you have to do is click the next button and that's it. That's all for this video lesson. We'll see you in the next lesson. 6. Create Your Listing: Launch and Get Ready for Guests!: Welcome to video Lesson five launcher listing and get ready for guests. Walk into the last video in this class. In this section, we will talk about booking settings your calendar, which allows you to set the dates you are and are not available to host and what you should appropriately price you're listing at, said it begin click to continue, but the next page that it takes you to is a review of Airbnb. Ease guest requirements. So these are things that Airbnb guests must provide. When they book, you're you're home. To stay in, they must provide an email address, a confirmed phone number and payment information. This is so that you feel confident with every reservation before booking your home east. Each guest must agree to the house rules, which will create in this video lesson message you about their trip as a welcome message. Let you know how many guests are coming and confirm their check in time. If they're arriving within two days now, at the bottom of this page, you can add any additional requirements if it's going to make you feel safer as being host . So two options their government issued i d submitted to Airbnb, Or you just want guests who are recommended by other hosts and have no negative reviews. It does say at the bottom that more requirements can mean fewer reservations. But the most important thing here is that you, as a host, feel safe in hosting. So if these requirements, or something that you feel would make you feel more comfortable than just tick these boxes , and that's what your guests will have to provide when they book your place. Then, when you've chosen whether or not you want the additional requirements, you hit the next button. This will take you to the House Rules section. So this is the page where you set the house rules for your guests. Guess and must agree to all of the house rules before they book. So setting these are another example of you being safe and feeling safe as a guest. So is your house suitable for Children suitable for infants? Pets is smoking allowed an R events or parties allowed, and you can click yes or no to each of these. I just want to show you something here. If you click no, on the 1st 2 you're going to explain why your house is unsuitable for Children. So, for example, what features of your space might be dangerous to Children or easily damaged? If your house isn't suitable for Children, it's completely fine. Just the little explanation in those boxes will help as well as your house suitable for pets. Is smoking allowed or parties allowed? So for our house, we have set the rules so that there's no smoking and no events or parties allowed. We've never had any problems with anyone breaking our rules. Are there any additional rules? Like perhaps, Ah, this house is in a quiet zone from 11 PM to 87 a. M. Perhaps you live in an area that has a quiet zone, and so that's something you'd want to add. When you scroll down, the bottom section is details. Guests must know about your home, so just like you want to keep safe as a host in the area above, very just trying to gain some safety by knowing what's going to happen or what is in your home. So, for example, in our home you must climb a set of stairs. There are 10 stairs, one plate. Do you have potential for noise. Do pets live on the property? Is there parking? Are some spaces shared? Are there limitations on the amenities that you provide? Are there any recording devices on the property, weapons or dangerous animals? So tick these boxes, and you may have to provide a little bit more information for each category. For example, describe any weapons, their locations and how they're secured, and that this is just strictly, strictly a safety thing. So the more information that you can provide on all of these points, the helpful it's, the more helpful it's going to be for guests who are booking. Once that's done, you can click the next button, and it will take you to this page. The next stepped walks you through a little bit of what we talked about in lessons one in two. So here's how guests will book with you. Qualified guests will find your listing so people will have a look online and find your listings. You can then set the controls for who you book. If you want to review every request that comes in to book your place, you can click that button once a guest books, you'll get notified, so you immediately get a confirmation email with, ah, welcome message of why they're coming when they're arriving and who they're coming with and then at the bottom. It reminds you that you're protected with a £600,000 or $1 million host guarantee and completely free cancellations. If you're uncomfortable with the reservation. I think that that pages just for information so you can just click next here because guests are available toe instantly. Book your place. It's very important that you keep your calendar and availability settings up to date. So if you are, if you are not going to be in a place, it's easy to set up your calendar to make it so that it would be unavailable to book. As they mentioned here. If you cancel because your calendar is inaccurate, you'll be charged a penalty fee, and the dates won't be available for anyone else to. So you have to confirmed that you will keep your calendar up to date and then click the next button. So some more questions here Have you rented your place out before, and how often do you wanna have guests again? It's okay. The state's not to know they're going to tailor their responses to you so they can recommend different settings for you going forwards. Um, have you ever rented your place before? Just be honest. Here I have. How often do you want to have guests? Most likely the stage? You're not going to be sure yet, but if you know that you're just going to be away on holidays three or four weeks a year, you can put part time. But if you want your place rented out as much as you can, you can hit the as often as possible. Then you're gonna hit the next. It's going to be adjusting and getting settings for you based on your answers. If you scroll down on this page, when can guess, check in. Guests can check in whenever you're available for them to be there. So for us, it's three PM for people to check in, and it's till flexible so they're available. Check in any time from 3 p.m. which essentially means our check in our check out Time is going to be around 11 a.m. As it takes us 2 to 3 hours to turn a place around so that the next people can come in also were very flexible. We can meet guests. We don't have to be home for guests as we have a lock box. So when people show up to our house, they just enter the code and they're able to get keys. That's no possible with a lot of different listings because of a number of different reasons. Maybe it's in an apartment and you're not allowed to keep keys outside the place. Or maybe it's a secure facility. So depending on where you live, you'll have to adjust this toe whatever you're able to commit to. And the next question is how far in advance congest book. Most of our bookings happen 1 to 3 months in advance of them arriving, however, because our listing is very popular in the summer. Or maybe you live in a place that's going to have a big festival or a big conference, or it has many festivals in many conferences. You'll want to book. You wanna have that those bookings. You want to be able to accept those bookings as early as you can, so our summer bookings have gone six or seven months in advance. So the earlier that you can set this or that you have no your space will be available, the higher chance that it's going to be booked more. The next question is how long can guess. Stay. So there's a minimum and a maximum that you can choose again. This is personal preference. When we first started out, we started out allowing ah, one minimum night stay. And I would recommend that because it gets people into your place, it gets them leaving reviews. And the more reviews you have off the start, the more reputable your place seems. So if you can handle one night stays, I would I would recommend that now we've gone up to two nights days. Ah, which allows us to do exactly this, uh, turn over our space less often because it's it's more commitment. I guess two days is is ah, lot less work. Turning over the space than one day is in terms of maximum. That's a personal preferences. Well, we put our maximum to I believe it's 28 days. However, no one's ever stayed in air space more than 10 days at one time. When you're done there you can click the next button. The next question is, do you want to sink your Airbnb calendar with other any other calendar? So if you list on home away or V, R, B O or possibly Trip Advisor, you couldn't click these buttons, and it will automatically sync with that calendar. The key benefit here is this prevents multiple guests from booking the same date. We also list our space on Trip Advisor Um, and our calendars air sink. So that would. That's really helpful so that both platforms no. When our space is available and when a booking has come in, we've never had any problems with with a double booking per se. When you're done there, you can click the next button, and it will take you to your calendar. This is the calendar page, a page which you'll become very, very familiar with as you continue your Airbnb journey. A good way to learn how to use the calendar pages. Click that little light bulb there, and it's just click and drag to block days when you don't want guests. So all of the's light areas mean the guests can stay. Let's take April, for example, and say, I'm only going to go away for two weekends. Here. 6th 7th 8th 13th 14th 15th I don't want guests for any other day other than those six days . What I would do is I would click this button that says Block this month, meaning no one can stay for any of the days in April. But for the days that I want people to stay, I'll make it available for booking. Another example would be if I was going away for a week. Five is going away from seventh to the 13th of May. I would do the same thing Click block this month, meaning no one can stay in any of May. But people are able to book these states, and I would do that for the rest of the months that are available, and you'll be able to go is far ahead, as you said it in a previous setting there. So just continue to keep going ahead, and if you're not sure, just block out the entire month, you can always come back to it, and when you're done there, click the next button and we'll talk about pricing essentials on the pricing essentials page. It essentially shows you you're allowed to choose a price range, which allow you to factor things like where you are, what you offer and anything extra that makes your home unique. It tells you that demand changes and your price should, too. So during popular times of the year, you should have higher prices during lower times. You may want to lower your prices, just like hotels do, and that Airbnb is there to help. So they offer tools to help you do both of these things and that their tool, their main tool, is called smart pricing. Here it's a very telling feature that hosts EU Smart pricing earn an average of 39% more than hosts who don't you can set up smart pricing. Next, let's click the next button. How do you want to set your price? And so you have two options here, and that's priced adapts to demand, and that means you tell smart pricing toe automatically. Adjust your price to match demand, but Onley within a price range that you set. This is how we run our listing, and it's very, very simple, so we you'll see in the next slide that were allowed to set a minimum price in a maximum price. But the price will always go up or down, depending on things that are happening in your area, local supply and local demand. The second option is setting a fixed price, and that means you can set a price regardless of what's happening in other parts of the market, and you can always go in and change your price. And that's something we've tried for a while, too. But most of the time, our choice is to adapt demand. Keep in mind, you can change both of these at any time. This is completely within your control. But to start off, I think getting a few bookings is supercritical, and setting the right price for those initial bookings will really help you get some momentum in your listing. The next page is how to price your space. So this next pages about pricing your spacing, and it's about setting up your smart price. And so if you did choose this option to go forward, you want to set a minimum price that suits your space and and ensures that you make a profit. So the tip that they're giving me here is to set my minimum price of £37. Well, I know that my cleaning fees will be more than that. So I actually wouldn't make a profit if I set it up £37. So maybe something for me would be more appropriate around £60 and depending on you in your area, I would just google Airbnb and my town and see what the other listings are and see what you feel comfortable with in terms of maximum price. I think of the most popular time in your town or city or wherever you live and what places will be charging for them again. A nice, easy way to check is to go on Airbnb and look at other listings nearby. What the summertime prices are. If Airbnb doesn't have any listings in your town or city, go to trip adviser or go to a different site. So setting Iraq's one price is really important, and we know in the summertime our place is very popular. So we set our maximum price quite high when you decide to turn off sparked pricing and there will be certain times that you do this will automatically go to your price. This will be a different price that it sets that that will just be your base price. So when smart pricing is turned off, this will be your price regardless of the season. Pick your currency. There are zehren, great British pounds, as you can tell, and then you can hit next. But before you hit next, I just want to show you what it looks like if you had a fixed price. So if you had a fixed price basically, you're just setting up the same base price for each night. And that price you can change between each day. You're just ableto able tohave control data day on what price you're going to charge. The next point is something special for your first guests. So why add a special offer? This is so, so important. If you're going to listen to one thing in this video, this is it. This will help attract your first guests and help you get first reviews. Have you ever looked for a place to eat, gone to a hotel or rented a car without any seeing any or reading any reviews? It is important to get reviews as people will view use more. So this the new feature to Airbnb something special for your first guest. This is really, really important. If there's one thing that you should listen to for this entire video lesson, I think it would be this I would strongly recommend you offer a 20% off to your first guest because it helps attract your first guest, which helped you get your first reviews. Have you ever tried to go to a restaurant or stay in a hotel or rent a car without reading any reviews? Getting those 1st 3 reviews allows you to get a star rating in your search results. So if I took you to our listing here, it will show you that our star rating is there. Before you have 33 reviews, you won't have a star rating, so it kind of goes to show that you are brand new listing. So the most important thing that you want to do get those two reviews quickly. The best way you can get those three reviews quickly is to offer 20% off to your first guest. This might mean that you make less of a profit or even no profit. But in the long term, this will pay off. As they say. Here you get an average of 3.6 times more booking the 1st 3 months. This is a great way to start building momentum again. You also have the choice to not offer a special offer. But you won't be able to add this offer later on. So I I would recommend this when you made that decision. Just click the next button. Welcome to the very last page here. This page just talks about the local laws and taxes. Something that we talked about in video Lesson one. Make sure that you know, your cities and towns and counties rules on home sharing. And by accepting the terms of conditions, that means you've had a look. This listing fits the fits within the laws. And when you're ready, just click Finish. It will take you to this final page. We're ready to go. Are you ready to go? Of course you Are. You ready to publish down? Go live. Congratulations. You have the skills, smarts and know how to start and complete your class project. We'll taking out to the final video If you are ready to publish your listing, congratulations, click that button there. If you do want to still make some edits, click the edit listing and we'll see you in the conclusion video. 7. It’s Time to Become A Host!: Welcome to Video Lesson six. It's time to become a host hosting on Airbnb. It's simple and easy todo. It gives you a non opportunity to share your space with so many amazing and interesting people. But to earn another source of income that can really change your life and gain skills around hosting hospitality in confidence, creating your listing is easy. It's really just three steps. Start with the basics by adding information that potential guests would need to know about your space. Ask your photos and showcase what makes your space unique and set up your calendar pricing , Choosing Wenda host and how much to charge this six video class. You have the skills to take on the class project with just the launch your own. Every I'm here to help with any questions or comments you may have, and I look forward to seeing your own listing live soon. Way started hosting in July 2017 and since then we've had over 55 star reviews, maintained a super host status and really love hosting on the platform. We find it easy to use, and it's changed the way I want the same for every single student taking this class. I'm really proud to announce that I will be doing Siris of Airbnb videos and I'm asking you for suggestions for cost topics. What other questions do you have? It's an Airbnb host. Or is someone looking to join A B till the next time? I'm gravity, your Airbnb super host, saying I'll be hosting.